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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3343

Chapter 3343 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Douglas, J.L.; Grabowski, J.M.; Keith, B.C., 2000:
A comparison of seed cleaning techniques for improving quality of eastern gamagrass seed

Bracy, R.; Parish, R., 2001:
A comparison of seeding uniformity of agronomic and vegetable seeders

Soch, M.; Novak, P.; Matouskova, E.; Rehout, V.; Travnicek, J., 2000:
A comparison of selected physiological functions in heifers and bulls

Gao XiWu; Zhou XuGuo; Zheng BingZong, 2001:
A comparison of sensitivity to inhibitor among acetylcholinesterase (AChE) molecular forms of resistant and susceptible strains in Helicoverpa armigera

Maruyama, S.; Minami, S.; Kaseki, H.; Ishihara, K.; Araki, S.; Suzue, R., 2001:
A comparison of serum leptin concentrations in obese and normal weight Japanese women with regular menstrual cycle

Rehm, J.; Sempos, C.; Kohlmeier, L.; Myers, G.; Thefeld, W.; Gunter, E.; Thamm, M.; Dortschy, R.; Murphy, R.; Feinleib, M.; Hoffmeister, H., 2000:
A comparison of serum total cholesterol levels and their determinants between the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States

Hobby, A.C.; Pankhurst, N.W.; Geraghty, D.P., 2000:
A comparison of sex steroid binding protein (SBP) in four species of teleost fish

Dhaka, S.S.; Raheja, K.L., 2000:
A comparison of sire evaluation methods

Porter, C.D.; Fowler, J.D.; Matte, G.G.; Johnston, G.H., 2000:
A comparison of skin and muscle for cortical revascularization

Fiore, P.; Merli, M.; Andreoli, A.; Lorenzo, A. de; Masini, A.; Ciuffa, L.; Valeriano, V.; Balotta, M.T.; Riggio, O., 1999:
A comparison of skinfold anthropometry and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry for the evaluation of body fat in cirrhotic patients

Dormaar, J.; Willms, W., 2000:
A comparison of soil chemical characteristics in modified rangeland communities

Bauer, F.; Sedlak, P., 2000:
A comparison of soil cultivating tractor driven units

Brevik, E.C., 2000:
A comparison of soil properties in compacted versus non-compacted Bryant soil series twenty-five years after compaction ceased

Saviozzi, A.; Levi Minzi, R.; Cardelli, R.; Riffaldi, R., 2001:
A comparison of soil quality in adjacent cultivated, forest and native grassland soils

Robinson, D., 1999:
A comparison of soil-water distribution under ridge and bed cultivated potatoes

Mehl Steffen; Hill Mary C., 2000:
A comparison of solute-transport solution techniques based on inverse modelling results

Smith,; Mcsorley, R.; Edwards, G., 2000:
A comparison of some arthropod groups on monocropped and intercropped tomato in Baja Verapaz, Guatemala

Huai HuYin; Pei ShengJi; X.J.anChu, 2000 :
A comparison of some commonly used medicinal plants between the Lahu people in Thailand and China

Nad, P.; Biresova, M.; Bomba, A., 1999:
A comparison of some humoral immunity parameters in conventional and gnotobiotic lambs

Lark, R.M., 2000:
A comparison of some robust estimators of the variogram for use in soil survey

Beattie, S.E.; Fernando, M.A.; Barta, J.R., 2001:
A comparison of sporozoite transport after homologous and heterologous challenge in chickens immunized with the Guelph strain or the Florida strain of Eimeria maxima

Boncina, A., 2000:
A comparison of stand structure and plant species composition between virgin forest remnants and managed forests, and result considerations with regard to forestry planning

Brodie, H.L.; Carr, L.E.; Condon, P., 2000:
A comparison of static pile and turned windrow methods for poultry litter compost production

Goodwin, P.H.; Hsiang, T.; Erickson, L., 2000:
A comparison of stilbene and chalcone synthases including a new stilbene synthase gene from Vitis riparia cv. Gloire de Montpellier

Farina, M.P.W.; Channon, P.; Thibaud, G.R., 2000:
A comparison of strategies for ameliorating subsoil acidity: I. Long-term growth effects

Farina, M.P.W.; Channon, P.; Thibaud, G.R., 2000:
A comparison of strategies for ameliorating subsoil acidity: II. Long-term soil effects

Welsh, R.T., 2000:
A comparison of strategies for rationing and managing use on selected rivers in the United States in 1986 and 1998

Hagstrom, J.; James, W.M.; Skene, K.R., 2001:
A comparison of structure, development and function in cluster roots of Lupinus albus L. under phosphate and iron stress

Meyers, T.P., 2001:
A comparison of summertime water and CO2 fluxes over rangeland for well watered and drought conditions

Heath, A.M.; Navarre, C.B.; Simpkins, A.; Purohit, R.C.; Pugh, D.G., 2001:
A comparison of surface and rectal temperatures between sheared and non-sheared alpacas (Lama pacos)

Breen, H.; Bull, A.; Walo, M., 2001:
A comparison of survey methods to estimate visitor expenditure at a local event

Densmore, C.L.; Blazer, V.S.; Cartwright, D.D.; Schill, W.B.; Schachte, J.H.; Petrie, C.J.; Batur, M.V.; Waldrop, T.B.; Mack, A.; Pooler, P.S., 2001:
A comparison of susceptibility to Myxobolus cerebralis among strains of rainbow trout and steelhead in field and laboratory trials

Murray, P.; Moss, A.L.ckyer, D.; Jarvis, S., 1999:
A comparison of systems for measuring methane emissions from sheep

Maslov, G.G.; Pleshakov, V.N., 2000:
A comparison of technical and economic parameters of Russian and foreign agricultural equipment

Svircev, A.M.; Gill, J.J.; Zhou, T.; Castle, A.; Chiba, M., 2000:
A comparison of techniques for assessing benzimidazole resistance in Venturia inaequalis

Constantino, M.; Christian, P.; Marina, C.F.; Williams, T., 2001:
A comparison of techniques for detecting Invertebrate iridescent virus 6

Holden, D.J., 2000:
A comparison of the 'Maxima' and the modified Ayre's T-piece breathing systems in spontaneously breathing cats

Sanic, A.; Gunaydin, M.; Coban, A.Y.; Tokac; Cetin, M., 2001:
A comparison of the E-test and proportion methods for susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Auldist, M.; Mullins, C.; O.B.ien, B.; Guinee, T., 2001:
A comparison of the Formagraph and low amplitude strain oscillation rheometry as methods for assessing the rennet coagulation properties of bovine milk

Daley, E.F.; Bootsveld, D.; Warburton, D.W.; Farber, J.M., 1999:
A comparison of the Health Protection Branch and the enzyme linked fluorescent assay methods for the isolation and identification of Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes from foods

Hansen, M.C.; Reed, B., 2000:
A comparison of the IGBP DISCover and University of Maryland 1 km global land cover products

Kawai, K.; Hayashi, S.; Imabayashi, H., 1999:
A comparison of the N-terminal sequence of the corresponding hemoglobin component between closely related chironomid species, Polypedilum nubeculosum and P. nubifer

Yu, B., 1999:
A comparison of the R-factor in the Universal Soil Loss Equation and Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation

Lawrence, T.E.; Whatley, J.D.; Montgomery, T.H.; Perino, L.J., 2001:
A comparison of the USDA ossification-based maturity system to a system based on dentition

Fulthorpe, R.R.; Schofield, L.N., 1999:
A comparison of the ability of forest and agricultural soils to mineralize chlorinated aromatic compounds

Chan LitFu; L.H.iuYing; Wei MengLi; L.C.unTang, 2000:
A comparison of the accuracy and applicability of different models for non-destructive leaf area estimation in rice

Yardley, V.; Croft, S.L., 2000:
A comparison of the activities of three amphotericin B lipid formulations against experimental visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis

French, R.J.; Sweetingham, M.W.; Shea, G.G., 2001:
A comparison of the adaptation of yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus L.) and narrow-leafed lupin (L. angustifolius L.) to acid sandplain soils in low rainfall agricultural areas of Western Australia

Wilson, A.; Evans, S.; Frost, G., 2000:
A comparison of the amount of food served and consumed according to meal service system

Goos, R.J.; Johnson, B.E.; Thiollet, M., 2000:
A comparison of the availability of three zinc sources to maize (Zea mays L.) under greenhouse conditions

Gillespie, S.H.; Morrissey, I.; Everett, D., 2001:
A comparison of the bactericidal activity of quinolone antibiotics in a Mycobacterium fortuitum model

Montford, S.; Small, E., 1999:
A comparison of the biodiversity friendliness of crops with special reference to hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)

Valkiũnas, G.; Iezhova, T.A., 2001:
A comparison of the blood parasites in three subspecies of the yellow wagtail Motacilla flava

Baxter, C.J.; Foyer, C.H.; Rolfe, S.A.; Quick, W.P., 2001:
A comparison of the carbohydrate composition and kinetic properties of sucrose phosphate synthase (SPS) in transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) leaves expressing maize SPS protein with untransformed controls

Papademas, P.R.binson, R., 2000:
A comparison of the chemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics of bovine and ovine Halloumi cheese

Griffiths, D.W.; Robertson, G.W.; Shepherd, T.; Birch, A.N.E.; Gordon, S.C.; Woodford, J.A.T., 2000:
A comparison of the composition of epicuticular wax from red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) and hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna Jacq.) flowers

Alston Mills, B.; Iverson, S.J.; Thompson, M.P., 2000:
A comparison of the composition of milks from Meishan and crossbred pigs

Gladwin, P., 2000:
A comparison of the cost of producing wheat in North America and Europe and consideration of the long term sustainability for the UK producer farming at world market prices

Wardhaugh, K.G.; Longstaff, B.C.; Morton, R., 2001:
A comparison of the development and survival of the dung beetle, Onthophagus taurus (Schreb.) when fed on the faeces of cattle treated with pour-on formulations of eprinomectin or moxidectin

Edmonds, R.P.; Borden, J.H.; Angerilli, N.P.D.; Rauf, A., 2000:
A comparison of the developmental and reproductive biology of two soybean pod borers, Etiella spp. in Indonesia

Imbernon, J., 1999:
A comparison of the driving forces behind deforestation in the Peruvian and the Brazilian Amazon

L.GuiRong, 1999:
A comparison of the economic benefit of large plastic covers in raising ducks for meat

Ingerson, L., 2001:
A comparison of the economic contribution of hallmark sporting and performing arts events

Choi, J.J.; Klosterman, S.J.; Hadwiger, L.A., 2001:
A comparison of the effects of DNA-damaging agents and biotic elicitors on the induction of plant defense genes, nuclear distortion, and cell death

Crush, J.R.; Keogh, R.G., 1998:
A comparison of the effects of Lotus and white clover on some nutrient cycling factors

Armson, A.; Kamau, S.W.; Grimm, F.; Reynoldson, J.A.; Best, W.M.; MacDonald, L.M.; Thompson, R.C.A., 1999:
A comparison of the effects of a benzimidazole and the dinitroanilines against Leishmania infantum

Skene, K.R.; James, W.M., 2000:
A comparison of the effects of auxin on cluster root initiation and development in Grevillea robusta Cunn. ex R. Br. (Proteaceae) and in the genus Lupinus (Leguminosae)

Phipps, R.; Sutton, J.; Humphries, D.; Jones, A., 2001:
A comparison of the effects of cracked wheat and sodium hydroxide-treated wheat on food intake, milk production and rumen digestion in dairy cows given maize silage diets

Prior, S.L.; Armstrong, T.R., 2001:
A comparison of the effects of foliar applications of glyphosate and fluroxypyr on Madeira vine, Anredera cordifolia (Ten.) van Steenis

McCrea, A.R.; Trueman, I.C.; Fullen, M.A., 2001:
A comparison of the effects of four arable crops on the fertility depletion of a sandy silt loam destined for grassland habitat creation

Topal, A., 2000:
A comparison of the effects of intravenous infusion of Hetastarch and lactated Ringer solution in haemorrhagic shock in dogs

Schumacher, J.; Schumacher, J.; Graves, F. de; Schramme, M.; Smith, R.; Coker, M.; Steiger, R., 2001:
A comparison of the effects of local analgesic solution in the navicular bursa of horses with lameness caused by solar toe or solar heel pain

Kusina, N.; Tarwirei, F.H.mudikuwanda, H.A.umba, G.M.kwena, J., 2000:
A comparison of the effects of progesterone sponges and ear implants, PGF2alpha, and their combination on efficacy of estrus synchronization and fertility of Mashona goat does

Armson, A.; Sargent, K.; MacDonald, L.M.; Finn, M.P.; Thompson, R.C.A.; Reynoldson, J.A., 1999:
A comparison of the effects of two dinitroanilines against Cryptosporidium parvum in vitro and in vivo in neonatal mice and rats

Schumacher, J.; Schumacher, J.; Graves, F. de; Steiger, R.; Schramme, M.; Smith, R.; Coker, M., 2001:
A comparison of the effects of two volumes of local analgesic solution in the distal interphalangeal joint of horses with lameness caused by solar toe or solar heel pain

Griffiths, L.G.; Sullivan, M.; Reid, S.W.J., 2001:
A comparison of the effects of unilateral thyroarytenoid lateralization versus cricoarytenoid laryngoplasty on the area of the rima glottidis and clinical outcome in dogs with laryngeal paralysis

Offer, N.W., 2000:
A comparison of the effects on voluntary intake by sheep of either dietary or intra-ruminal addition of silage juices

Fairweather, J.R.; Mayell, P.J.; Swaffield, S.R., 2000:
A comparison of the employment generated by forestry and agriculture in New Zealand

Macarthur, D.J.; McGee, P.A., 2000:
A comparison of the endophytic fungi from leaves of Banksia integrifolia at three sites on the east coast of Australia

Ahn YoungHee; Choi KwangYool, 2000:
A comparison of the germination characteristics of native Taraxacum spp. and Taraxacum officinale seeds

Torner, C.; Arco, M.J.S. del; Satorre, E.; Fernandez Quintanilla, C., 2000 :
A comparison of the growth patterns and the competitive ability of four annual weeds

Nimbkar, C.; Ghalsasi, P.M.; Walkden Brown, S.W.; Kahn, L.P.; Gray, G.D., 2000:
A comparison of the growth performance and worm resistance of lambs produced by diallel crossing of three Indian sheep breeds

Raisis, A.L.; Young, L.E.; Blissitt, K.J.; Brearley, J.C.; Meire, H.B.; Taylor, P.M.; Lekeux, P., 2000:
A comparison of the haemodynamic effects of isoflurane and halothane anaesthesia in horses

Cole, C.A.; Brooks, R.P., 2000:
A comparison of the hydrologic characteristics of natural and created mainstem floodplain wetlands in Pennsylvania

Aumeier, P.; Rosenkranz, P.; Goncalves, L.S., 2000:
A comparison of the hygienic response of Africanized and European (Apis mellifera carnica) honey bees to Varroa-infested brood in tropical Brazil

Kolesnichenko, A.V.; Zykova, V.V.; Voinikov, V.K., 2000:
A comparison of the immunochemical affinity of cytoplasmic, mitochondrial and nuclear proteins of winter rye (Secale cereale L.) to a 310 kD stress protein in control plants and during exposure to cold stress

Newton, P.N.; Chotivanich, K.; Chierakul, W.; Ruangveerayuth, R.; Teerapong, P.; Silamut, K.; Looareesuwan, S.; White, N.J., 2001:
A comparison of the in vivo kinetics of Plasmodium falciparum ring-infected erythrocyte surface antigen-positive and -negative erythrocytes

Wyk, J.A. van, 1999:
A comparison of the infectivity of cryopreserved versus unfrozen infective larvae of Haemonchus contortus, Trichostrongylus colubriformis and Trichostrongylus axei. Results of the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute and collaborators from 1977 to the present

Kral'ova, I.; Hanzelova, V.; Scholz, T.; Gerdeaux, D.; Spakulova, M., 2001:
A comparison of the internal transcribed spacer of the ribosomal DNA for Eubothrium crassum and Eubothrium salvelini (Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea), parasites of salmonid fish

Nye, K.J.; Turner, T.; Coleman, D.J.; Fallon, D.; Gee, B.; Messer, S.; Warren, R.E.; Andrews, N., 2001:
A comparison of the isolation rates of Salmonella and thermophilic Campylobacter species after direct inoculation of media with a dilute faecal suspension and undiluted faecal material

Stanger, T.K.; Shaw, M.J.P.; Braunstein, R.; Nikles, D.G., 1999:
A comparison of the kraft pulp properties of P. elliottii and the P. elliottii x P. caribaea var. hondurensis hybrid grown in Queensland, Australia

A.K.ayat, J.A.; Jones, D.A., 1999:
A comparison of the macrofauna of natural and replanted mangroves in Qatar

Lloret, F.; Mari, G., 2001:
A comparison of the medieval and the current fire regimes in managed pine forests of Catalonia (NE Spain)

Fairchild, A.S.; Grimes, J.L.; Wineland, M.J.; Jones, F.T., 2000:
A comparison of the microbiological profile of poults from young versus old turkey breeder hens

Patino, E.M.; Jacobo, R.A.; Mendez, F.I., 2001:
A comparison of the milk composition of water buffaloes and cows produced in Corrientes province, Argentina

Legutowska, H.; Kucharczyk, H., 2000:
A comparison of the number of thrips on leek cultivated in monocrop and intercropping with high and low-growing white clover

Kong LingDe; Sang ZhengZhong, 1999:
A comparison of the oblique rotary blade and the national blade

King, D.J., 1999:
A comparison of the onset of protection induced by Newcastle disease virus strain B1 and a fowl poxvirus recombinant Newcastle disease vaccine to a viscerotropic velogenic Newcastle disease virus challenge

D.C.ercq, T.; Verschooten, F.; Ysebaert, M., 2000:
A comparison of the palmaroproximal-palmarodistal view of the isolated navicular bone to other views

Shih, J.; Wei YangDou; Goodwin, P.H., 2000:
A comparison of the pectate lyase genes, pel-1 and pel-2, of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides f.sp. malvae and the relationship between their expression in culture and during necrotrophic infection

Ghazavi, M.A.; Yule, I.J., 1999:
A comparison of the performance of a high speed disk plough and a general purpose mouldboard plough

Sukumasavin, N.; Sakulthong, S.; Sangthong, R., 2000:
A comparison of the potency of dopamine antagonists on spawning induction in Thai carp (Puntius gonionotus Bleeker)

Sirois, A.; Vet, R.; Lamb, D., 2000:
A comparison of the precipitation chemistry measurements obtained by the CAPMoN and NADP/NTN networks

Goudie, A.S., 1999:
A comparison of the relative resistance of limestones to frost and salt weathering

Moore, J.; Quine, C.P., 2000:
A comparison of the relative risk of wind damage to planted forests in Border Forest Park, Great Britain, and the Central North Island, New Zealand

Neuschl, J.; Nagy, J.; Sokol, J.; Popelka, P.; Conkova, E.; Sutiak, V., 2000:
A comparison of the serum level kinetics and biological half-life of oxytetracycline after long action preparations (Tetravet 20% L.A. inj. and Engemycin 10% L.A. inj.) in sheep and their tolerance

Blanch, E.W.; Robinson, D.J.; Hecht, L.; Barron, L.D., 2001:
A comparison of the solution structures of tobacco rattle and tobacco mosaic viruses from Raman optical activity

Szymkowiak, P.; Wozny, M.; Bazejczyk, M., 1999:
A comparison of the species composition of spider communities over sixty years in the vicinity of Krotoszyn

Pinnisch, R.; McVetty, P.B.E., 1999:
A comparison of the strip and blended method of seed production for pol CMS summer rape hybrid cultivars (Brassica napus L.)

Karn, R.C.; Clements, M.A., 1999:
A comparison of the structures of the alpha:beta and alpha:gamma dimers of mouse salivary androgen-binding protein (ABP) and their differential steroid binding

Hou YuanZhao; Zhao Jie; Zhang Tao, 2000:
A comparison of the timber plantations abroad

Vizard, A.L.; Hansford, K.A., 1999:
A comparison of the topmaking performance of wool from sheep selected by index and visual methods

Kessler, M.; Parris, B.S.; Kessler, E., 2001:
A comparison of the tropical montane pteridophyte floras of Mount Kinabalu, Borneo, and Parque Nacional Carrasco, Bolivia

Yoder, J.A., 1998:
A comparison of the water balance characteristics of Typhlodromus occidentalis and Amblyseius finlandicus mites (Acari: Phytoseiidae) and evidence for the site of water vapour uptake

Grant, C.A.; Dribnenki, J.C.P.; Bailey, L.D., 1999:
A comparison of the yield response of solin (cv. Linola 947) and flax (cvs. McGregor and Vimy) to application of nitrogen, phosphorus, and Provide (Penicillium bilaji)

Meeske, R.; Basson, H.M.; Pienaar, J.P.; Cruywagen, C.W., 2000:
A comparison of the yield, nutritional value and predicted production potential of different maize hybrids for silage production

Rafaelli, S.; Montgomery, D.; Greenberg, H., 2001:
A comparison of thematic mapping of erosional intensity to GIS-driven process models in an Andean drainage basin

Topp, E., 2001:
A comparison of three atrazine-degrading bacteria for soil bioremediation

McBride, R.G.; Mikkelsen, R.L.; Barker, K.R., 1999:
A comparison of three methods for determining root-knot nematode infection of cotton roots

Hultine, K.R.; Marshall, J.D., 2001:
A comparison of three methods for determining the stomatal density of pine needles

Bizhanov, G.; Vyshniauskis, G., 2000:
A comparison of three methods for extracting IgY from the egg yolk of hens immunized with Sendai virus

Barthram, G.T.; Elston, D.A.; Bolton, G.R., 2000:
A comparison of three methods for measuring the vertical distribution of herbage mass in grassland

Goos, R.; Johnson, B., 2000:
A comparison of three methods for reducing iron-deficiency chlorosis in soybean

Gao Lin; Peng JinSheng; Rou DaTang, 1999:
A comparison of three methods of labelling rabbit-anti-bovine IgG with horseradish peroxidase (HRP)

Nuutinen, T.; Kellomaki, S., 2001:
A comparison of three modelling approaches for large-scale forest scenario analysis in Finland

Avila, R.; Bergman, R.; Scimone, M.; Fesenko, S.; Sancharova, N.; Moberg, L., 2001:
A comparison of three models of 137Cs transfer in forest ecosystems

Niewinski, B.C.; Ferreri, C.P., 1999:
A comparison of three structures for estimating the age of yellow perch

Farrell, D.J.; Mannion, P.F.; Perez Maldonado, R.A., 1999:
A comparison of total and digestible amino acids in diets for broilers and layers

Kavanagh, S.; Lynch, P.B.; O'Mara, F.; Caffrey, P.J., 2001:
A comparison of total collection and marker technique for the measurement of apparent digestibility of diets for growing pigs

Moore, G.; Griffith, C.; Fielding, L., 2001:
A comparison of traditional and recently developed methods for monitoring surface hygiene within the food industry: a laboratory study

Dodds, K.J.; Ross, D.W.; Daterman, G.E., 2000:
A comparison of traps and trap trees for capturing Douglas-fir beetle, Dendroctonus pseudotsugae (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Wimmer, R.; Grabner, M., 2000:
A comparison of tree-ring features in Picea abies as correlated with climate

Hernandez, R.A.H.; Valera, Y.H. de, 1999:
A comparison of two anthropometry methods for the estimation of frame size in Venezuelan adults

Gray, V.M., 2000:
A comparison of two approaches for modelling cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz.) crop growth

Guzman Novoa, E.; Page, R.E.J.; Spangler, H.G.; Erickson, E.H.J., 1999:
A comparison of two assays to test the defensive behaviour of honey bees (Apis mellifera)

Chen Feng, 1999:
A comparison of two binary inactivated vaccines of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) and egg drop syndrome virus (EDSV)

Tomita, G.M.; Ray, C.H.; Nickerson, S.C.; Owens, W.E.; Gallo, G.F., 2000:
A comparison of two commercially available Escherichia coli J5 vaccines against E. coli intramammary challenge

Gordon, F.J.; Ferris, C.P.; Patterson, D.C.; Mayne, C.S., 2000:
A comparison of two grassland-based systems for autumn-calving dairy cows of high genetic merit

Cox, B.; Munn, I., 2001:
A comparison of two input-output approaches for investigating regional economic impacts of the forest products industry in the Pacific Northwest and the South

Gudrups, I.F.oyd,, J.; Bosque-Perez, N.; Orchard, J., 2001:
A comparison of two methods of assessment of maize varietal resistance to the maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky, and the influence of kernel hardness and size on susceptibility

Stevenson, F.C.; Knight, J.D.; Wendroth, O.; Kessel, C. van; Nielsen, D.R., 2001:
A comparison of two methods to predict the landscape-scale variation of crop yield

Siipilehto, J., 2000:
A comparison of two parameter prediction methods for stand structure in Finland

Price, D.T.; McKenney, D.W.; Nalder, I.A.; Hutchinson, M.F.; Kesteven, J.L., 2000:
A comparison of two statistical methods for spatial interpolation of Canadian monthly mean climate data

Melville, H.I.A.S.; Cauldwell, A.E.; Bothma, J.P. du, 1999:
A comparison of two techniques for estimating tree canopy volume

Allen, L.C.; Allen, M.J.; Breur, G.J.; Hoffmann, W.E.; Richardson, D.C., 2000:
A comparison of two techniques for the determination of serum bone-specific alkaline phosphatase activity in dogs

Genccelep, M.; Atasoy, N.; Alkan, I.; Bakr, B.; Aslan, L., 2000:
A comparison of ultrasonographic and radiographic findings of the prostate gland in dogs

Prasad, R.; Rizavi, D.M.; Surya Kant; Jain, A., 2001:
A comparison of unsupervised treatment alongwith intensive health education and directly observed treatment in pulmonary tuberculosis

Sutton, K.L.; Sutton, R.M.C.; Stalcup, A.M.; Caruso, J.A., 2000:
A comparison of vancomycin and sulfated beta-cyclodextrin as chiral selectors for enantiomeric separations of selenoamino acids using capillary electrophoresis with UV absorbance detection

Neeser, C.; Martin, A.R.; Juroszek, P.; Mortensen, D.A., 2000:
A comparison of visual and photographic estimates of weed biomass and weed control

Landschoot, P.J.; Mancino, C.F., 2000:
A comparison of visual vs. instrumental measurement of color differences in bentgrass turf

Rushton, Y.G.; Boyd, C.E., 2000:
A comparison of water-soluble fertilizer with liquid fertilizer for sport-fish pond fertilization

Parsons, G.R.; Jakus, P.M.; Tomasi, T., 1999:
A comparison of welfare estimates from four models for linking seasonal recreational trips to multinomial logit models of site choice

Awojobi, H.A.; Meshioye, O.O., 2001:
A comparison of wet mash and dry mash feeding for broiler finisher during wet season in the tropics

Albar, J.; Granier, R., 1999:
A comparison of wet or dry single-space feeders: their effects on growing pig performance, influence of meal or pelleted feed

Gasparatos, D.; Haidouti, C., 2001:
A comparison of wet oxidation methods for determination of total phosphorus in soils

Yu, Z.; Xu, M.; Santana Rios, G.; Shen, R.; Izquierdo Pulido, M.; Williams, D.E.; Dashwood, R.H., 2001:
A comparison of whole wheat, refined wheat and wheat bran as inhibitors of heterocyclic amines in the Salmonella mutagenicity assay and in the rat colonic aberrant crypt focus assay

Kightley, S.P.J.; Kean, C., 1999:
A comparison of winter and spring cropping for oilseed rape and linseed

Bauer, P.; Reeves, D., 1999:
A comparison of winter cereal species and planting dates as residue cover for cotton grown with conservation tillage

Wang BingYong; L.W.iDong; Cui YinZhu, 1999:
A comparison on forestry in Korea and China

M.X.angQing; Fan ShaoHui; Liu AiQin; Chen ShaoChuan; Lin ShangJie, 2000:
A comparison on soil fertilities of Chinese fir plantations of different generations

J.G.anSheng; Liu FengJue; Zheng ShiKai; W.X.aoChun; R.C.engXiang, 2000:
A comparison on the transpiration values measured with steady state porometer and other three methods

Takai, H.; Pedersen, S., 2000:
A comparison study of different dust control methods in pig buildings

Grieco, J.P.; Achee, N.L.; Andre, R.G.; Roberts, D.R., 2000 :
A comparison study of house entering and exiting behavior of Anopheles vestitipennis (Diptera: Culicidae) using experimental huts sprayed with DDT or deltamethrin in the southern district of Toledo, Belize, C.A

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A contribution to some of the medicinal plants of Indo-Nepal border area adjoining the districts of Madhubani and Sitamarhi

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A contribution to some wild edible plants of Indo-Nepal border area

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A contribution to the ethnobotany of sub-Himalayan region of Eastern Uttar Pradesh

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A contribution to the knowledge of the oriental Chrysomelidae: two new species of Eumolpinae with description of a new genus (Coleoptera)

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A contribution to the systematization of bovine herpesvirus 1 based on genomic mapping by restriction fragment pattern analysis

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A contribution to the taxonomy of Phyllocladus (Phyllocladaceae) from the distribution of key flavonoids

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A contribution to virus testing of asparagus plants

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A contribution towards sustainable agriculture - identification of low input sorghum genotypes: II. Nutritional aspects

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A convenient garden frame

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A difficult road ahead

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A dying breed?

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