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A new pattern of lignin degradation in the fungus comb of Macrotermes carbonarius (Isoptera, Termitidae Macrotermitinae)

Hyodo, F.; Azuma, J.I.; Abe, T.

Sociobiology 34(3): 591-596


ISSN/ISBN: 0361-6525
Accession: 003344997

A hypothesis on the role of the symbiotic fungi in fungus-growing termites was examined using Macrotermes carbonarius, whose fungus comb has an appearance different from those of other Macrotermes species reported so far. Chemical analyses of fungus comb of M. carbonarius indicated that decline of lignin concentration within the fungus comb, which has been observed in some Macrotermes species, was not observed, but the decrease was detected between the fungus combs.

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