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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 3348

Chapter 3348 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Weightman, R.M.; Forge, C.D.; Quandalle, C., 2001:
A rapid viscometric screening tool for measuring feed wheat quality and the relationship between the quality of hybrid wheats and their parental lines

Yeo, S.F.; Zhang, Y.; Schafer, D.; Campbell, S.; Wong, B., 2000:
A rapid, automated enzymatic fluorometric assay for determination of D-arabinitol in serum

Hernandez Sevillano, E.; Villarroya, M.; Chueca, M.C.; Alonso Prados, J.L.; Garcia Baudin, J.M., 1999:
A rapid, sensitive bioassay method for sulfonylurea herbicides

Knoll, A.; Stratil, A.; Schroffel, J.; Moser, G.; Dvorak, J.; Cepica, S., 2000:
A rare PCR-RFLP within intron 2 of the porcine TSHB gene

Battistin, E.; Righetto, N., 2000:
A rare Russula, R. veratilis Romagnesi

Ishii, H.; Mukae, H.; Inoue, Y.; Kadota, J.I.; Kohno, S.; Uchiyama, F.; Nawa, Y., 2001:
A rare case of eosinophilic pleuritis due to sparganosis

Rivals, A.; Rouquet, R.M.; Recco, P.; Linas, M.D.; Leophonte, P.; Didier, A., 2000:
A rare cause of asthma exacerbation: systemic strongyloidiasis

Moal, G. le; Paccalin, M.; Breux, J.P.; Roblot, F.; Roblot, P.; Becq Giraudon, B., 2000:
A rare cause of parasitic myositis

Gulmahamad, H., 2000:
A rare find: the capture of a primary queen of the western subterranean termite

Sudershan Ganguly; Lal, M., 1998:
A rare phenomenon of ovoviviparity in Helicotylenchus egyptiensis Tarjan, 1994

Bernd Souza, R.B.; Sa, M.F.G. de; Ellis, D.D.; McCown, B.H., 2000:
A rat pancreatic ribonuclease fused to a late cotton pollen promoter severely reduces pollen viability in tobacco plants

D.Alessandro, U., 1999:
A rational approach to malaria control in pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa: the need for a link between scientific research and public-health interventions

Osakwe, J.A.; Ikpe, F.N.; Adeniji, M.O.; Folorunso, D.O., 2000:
A rational utilization of scarce planting materials in cassava (Manihot esculenta)

Kahn, B.; Leskovar, D., 2001:
A ratoon cropping system for fall bell pepper production

Lane, G.P.F.; Koivisto, J.M., 2000:
A re-assessment of the potential of sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia Scop.) as a forage crop for the United Kingdom

Blackstock, N.; Ashton, P.A., 2001:
A re-assessment of the putative Carex flava agg. (Cyperaceae) hybrids at Malham Tarn (v.c. 64): a morphometric analysis

Albrecht, D.; Symon, D.E., 2000:
A re-evaluation of Cassia oligophylla var. sericea Symon (Caesalpiniaceae)

Gusta, L.V.; O.C.nnor, B.J.; Gao, Y.P.; Jana, S., 2001:
A re-evaluation of controlled freeze-tests and controlled environment hardening conditions to estimate the winter survival potential of hardy winter wheats

Carlson; Chourey, 1999:
A Re-Evaluation of the Relative Roles of Two Invertases, INCW2 and IVR1, in Developing Maize Kernels and Other Tissues

Strömpl, C.; Tindall, B.J.; Jarvis, G.N.; Lünsdorf, H.; Moore, E.R.; Hippe, H., 1999:
A re-evaluation of the taxonomy of the genus Anaerovibrio, with the reclassification of Anaerovibrio glycerini as Anaerosinus glycerini gen. nov., comb. nov., and Anaerovibrio burkinabensis as Anaeroarcus burkinensis [corrig.] gen. nov., comb. nov

Hunt, T.E.; Higley, L.G.; Pedigo, L.P., 2000:
A re-examination of economic injury levels for potato leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) on soybean

Dai, K.; Richter, D., 2000:
A re-examination of exchangeable acidity as extracted by potassium chloride and potassium fluoride

Alexander, E.B., 2000:
A re-examination of serpentine soil redness-bedrock specific gravity relationships

Shamseldin, A.Y.; O.C.nnor, K.M., 1999:
A real-time combination method for the outputs of different rainfall-runoff models

Rich, T.C.G., 2000:
A reanalysis of the mistletoe (Viscum album L.; Loranthaceae) survey data from the 1970s and 1990s

Gusman, J.; Malonne, H.; Atassi, G., 2001:
A reappraisal of the potential chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic properties of resveratrol

Cheung, C.C.; Thornton, J.E.; Nurani, S.D.; Clifton, D.K.; Steiner, R.A., 2001:
A reassessment of leptin's role in triggering the onset of puberty in the rat and mouse

Robbins, J.B.; Schneerson, R.; Gotschlich, E.C., 2000:
A rebuttal: epidemic and endemic meningococcal meningitis in sub-Saharan Africa can be prevented now by routine immunization with group A meningococcal capsular polysaccharide vaccine

Silva, N.; Rouamba, A.; Seck, P.A.; Coly, E.V., 2000:
A recent experience for co-operative horticultural research and development in Africa (Radhort)

Tofinga, M., 1999:
A recent technique for measuring root activity of small crops in mixtures using lithium

Abdelhadi, A.W.; Hata, T.; Hamad, O.E., 2000:
A recession-forecast model for the Blue Nile River

Ward, S.M., 2001:
A recessive allele inhibiting saponin synthesis in two lines of Bolivian quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.)

Rezende, G.S.P.; Souza, C.L.J., 2000:
A reciprocal recurrent selection procedure outlined to integrate hybrid breeding programs in maize

Nader, S.; Robinson, K., 2001:
A recognized risk factor. Homocysteine and coronary artery disease

Chung, J.Y.; Bahk, Y.Y.; Huh, S.; Kang, S.Y.; Kong, Y.; Cho, S.Y., 1999:
A recombinant 10-kDa protein of Taenia solium metacestodes specific to active neurocysticercosis

Liang, H.; Narum, D.L.; Fuhrmann, S.R.; Luu, T.; Sim, B.K., 2000:
A recombinant baculovirus-expressed Plasmodium falciparum receptor-binding domain of erythrocyte binding protein EBA-175 biologically mimics native protein

Bland, K.P., 1999:
A record of Ectemnius ruficornis (Zett.) (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae) and its anthomyiid cleptoparasite (Diptera) breeding in southern Scotland

Besprozvannykh, V.V.; Ermolenko, A.V.; Shed' ko, M.B., 2000:
A record of Exorchis oviformis (Trematoda: Cryptogonimidae) from the southern Primor'ye

Tremewan, W.G., 2001:
A record of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner, 1808) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) reared from roses imported from Kenya

Lavhe, N.V.; Nimbalkar, S.A., 2000:
A record of predation of Mallada boninensis (Okamoto) on citrus blackfly

Anikin, V.V., 1998:
A record of the moth Cephitinea colonella (Erschov, 1874) (Lepidoptera: Tineidae) in the Lower Volga region

Wilson, R.B.; Davis, D.; Enloe, B.M.; Mitchell, A.P., 2000:
A recyclable Candida albicans URA3 cassette for PCR product-directed gene disruptions

Estebanes Gonzalez, M.L., 2000:
A redescription of Forcellinia faini Delfinado-Baker and Baker, 1989 (Acari: Acaridae)

Nelson, J.M.; Sifner, F., 2000:
A redescription of Norellisoma flavicorne (Meigen, 1826) (Dipt., Scathophagidae), with an account of its biology and notes on other members of the genus

Kruger, A., 2000:
A redescription of Simulium (Edwardsellum) mengense Vajime & Dunbar, 1979 (Diptera: Simuliidae) and designation of a lectotype for this species

Makol, J.; Wohltmann, A., 2000 :
A redescription of Trombidium holosericeum (Linnaeus, 1758) (Acari: Actinotrichida: Trombidioidea) with characteristics of all active instars and notes on taxonomy and biology

Kostadinova, A.; Gibson, D., 2001:
A redescription of Uroproctepisthmium bursicola (Creplin, 1837) n. comb. (Digenea: Echinostomatidae), and re-evaluations of the genera Episthmium Luhe, 1909 and Uroproctepisthmium Fischthal & Kuntz, 1976

Smit, N.J.; Van As, J.G.; Basson, L., 1999:
A redescription of the adult male and praniza of Gnathia africana Barnard, 1914 (Crustacea, Isopoda, Gnathiidae) from southern Africa

Smit, N.J.; Basson, L.; Van As, J.G., 2000:
A redescription of the adult male of Caecognathia cryptopais (Barnard, 1925) (Crustacea: Isopoda: Gnathiidae) from southern Africa

Schouten, A.; Kanters, J.A.; Kroon, J.; Looten, P.; Duflot, P.; Mohamed Mathlouthi, 1999:
A redetermination of the crystal and molecular structure of maltitol (4-O- alpha -D-glucopyranosyl-D-glucitol)

Collet, R., 2000:
A reduction in working hours: an opportunity to improve the organization of production and to improve productivity

Sillett, S.C.; Pelt, R. van, 2000:
A redwood tree whose crown is a forest canopy

Ohishi, T.; Ohtuka, A.; Fuzita, R.; Kurokawa, H.; Matubara, K., 2000:
A reexamination of the methods for converting coffee residue into poultry feed 1. Effects of a boiled and filtered coffee residue diet on the performance of laying hens

Xing LianXi; Maekawa, K.; Miura, T.; Kitade, O.; Matsumoto, T., 2001:
A reexamination of the taxonomic position of Chinese Heterotermes aculabialis (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) based on the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase II gene

Merisio, G., 2000:
A reform that goes well for ENSE

Stowers, A.W.; Keister, D.B.; Muratova, O.; Kaslow, D.C., 2000:
A region of Plasmodium falciparum antigen Pfs25 that is the target of highly potent transmission-blocking antibodies

Hoppe, P.E.; Waterston, R.H., 2000:
A region of the myosin rod important for interaction with paramyosin in Caenorhabditis elegans striated muscle

Herring, M.R.; O'Brien, L., 2000:
A regional adaptation analysis of oats in New South Wales and southern Queensland for grain yield and dry matter production

Rutter, H.; Berwert, A., 1999:
A regional approach for tourism satellite accounts and links to the national account

Henriquez, P.; Carnap, M., 2001:
A regional approach to agrobiodiversity: the Mesoamerican Network of Plant Genetic Resources

Guillen, B.R.; Lopez, L.T., 2001:
A regional experience in institution building for agricultural trade policy management

Cater, E., 2000:
A regional survey by continent

Lin Na; Hong JianJi; Lin JiaLu; Huang RuiPing, 2000:
A regional yield trial of new kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) varieties in Fujian Province in 1997/1999

Rogers, J.D.; J.Y.Ming; Watling, R.; Whalley, A.J.S., 1999:
A reinterpretation of Daldinia concentrica based upon a recently discovered specimen

McKenry, M.V.; Buzo, T.; Dougherty, D., 1999:
A rejection phenomenon can occur as root systems move into an alien soil ecosystem

Stafne, E.T.; Brown, J.S.; Shine, J.M.J., 2001:
A relational database for agronomic and genealogical sugarcane data: an adaptable prototype

Ali, R.M.; Ahmed, A.M., 1998:
A relationship between amino acids and alkaloid accumulation in Atropa belladonna in the absence and presence of nitrogen sources

Siedlecka, A.; Gardestrom, P.; Samuelsson, G.; Kleczkowski, L.A.; Krupa, Z., 1999:
A relationship between carbonic anhydrase and Rubisco in response to moderate cadmium stress during light activation of photosynthesis

Zhang WeiQiang; Wang YuJuan, 2000:
A relationship of fuzzy logic between fractal dimension of piston pin surfaces and traditional parameters

Yambe, H.; Yamazaki, F., 2001:
A releaser pheromone that attracts methyltestosterone-treated immature fish in the urine of ovulated female rainbow trout

Braga, F.G.; Moura Britto, M. de; Margarido, T.C.C., 2000:
A relict population study of pampas deer, Ozotoceros bezoarticus (Linnaeus) (Artiodactyla, Cervidae) at Lapa, Parana State, Brazil

Freitag, H.; Vural, M.; Adguzel, N., 1999:
A remarkable new Salsola and some new records of Chenopodiaceae from Central Anatolia, Turkey

Bird, R.M.K., 2000:
A remarkable new teosinte from Nicaragua: growth and treatment of progeny

Mokhtari, A.; Feiznia, S.; Ahmadi, H.; Khajeddin, S.J.; Rahnama, F., 2000:
A remote sensing application to produce land use and land cover maps in the MPSIAC erosion model

Javad, G.M., 1998:
A report of equine sarcocystiasis in 34 necropsied cases from Iran

Haddadzadeh, H.R.; Sheikh Abbasi, Z., 2000:
A report of prevalence and adaptability of Pulex irritans in a breeder farm around Tehran

Indrani Paul; Buddhadeb Manna; Maji, A.K.; Amitabha Nandy; Bera, D.K., 2000:
A report of the prevalence of intestinal helminths in 'Oraon' community of Bandipur, North 24-Parganas, West Bengal, India

Leake, A.R., 1999:
A report of the results of CWS agriculture's organic farming experiments 1989-1996

Goto, H.; Shimada, Y.; Shintani, T.; Shibahara, N.; Terasawa, K., 2000:
A report of three cases of diabetic nephropathy satisfactorily treated with traditional herbal medicine

Gilmour, M., 2001:
A report on BCCCA cocoa research colloquium I: germplasm characterisation using molecular tools

Liu FuMing, 2000:
A report on an experiment of chemical weed control on dry-nursed seedlings in single-crop of medium rice

Lai YanXue; Zhou YongPing; Y.L.nXiang; W.P.ngMin, 2000:
A report on an experiment on controlling pine wilt disease by spraying PEM pesticides

Joshi, R.B.; Baral, S.R., 2000:
A report on die-back of Dalbergia sissoo in Nepal

Jai Prakash; Kasera, P.K.; Chawan, D.D., 2000:
A report on polyembryony in Commiphora wightii from Thar Desert, India

Sivaperuman, C.; Thiyakesan, K., 1999:
A report on spiders of Mannampandal area of Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu with a note on its web pattern

Lin JinXiang; L.F.nSong; X.L.ngShan, 1999:
A report on the continued elimination of Oncomelania breeding areas and of schistosomiasis

Meshram, P.B.; Garg, V.K., 1999:
A report on the occurrence of Scutellera nobilis Fab. on Emblica officinalis Gaertn

Rajappan, K., 1999:
A report on the occurrence of wilt of cauliflower in the Nilgiris

Harlapur, S.I.; Mruthunjaya, C.W.; Anahosur, K.H.; Muralikrishna, S., 2000:
A report survey and surveillance of maize diseases in North Karnataka

Plamondon, P.; Delaquis, A., 1999:
A report which makes things clear. Production and management: a summary for the herd

Heinrich, J.C.; Scott, M.J., 2000:
A repressible female-specific lethal genetic system for making transgenic insect strains suitable for a sterile-release program

Roan ShiiWen; Kuo HsiaoFeng, 1999:
A reproductive recording and management system for dairy farms

Ding ZhongMing; Sun JingShui, 2000:
A research into the development of sightseeing agriculture in China

Jaros, D.R.hm, H., 2001:
A research note identification of sensory color optima of strawberry yogurt

Koyuncu, M.A.; Can, A., 2000:
A research on modified atmosphere (MA) storage of some apricot cultivars

Gunes, M.; Gercekcoglu, R.; Ozkan, Y., 2000:
A research on phenological and pomological characteristics of some plum cultivars grown in Tokat ecological conditions

Ercisli, S., 1999:
A research on the frost resistance of some rose hip types

Agiragac, G.; Kalma, M., 1999:
A research on the growth rate of the mullet (Mugil auratus RISSO, 1810) fingerlings fed different diets in cages

Cavusoglu, S.; Koyuncu, M.A., 2000:
A research on the optimum harvest dates and storage of some pear varieties grown in Van province

Zhang Hong; Xue DongQian, 1999:
A research on the structure, features and harnessing pattern of the soil erosion belts in suburban area

Ameen, A.; Brad, D.; Bennett, G.; Kaakeh, W., 2000:
A resistance management program for the German cockroach in a low-income housing project

Rossel, R.A.V.; McBraney, A.B., 2001:
A response-surface calibration model for rapid and versatile site-specific lime-requirement predictions in south-eastern Australia

Zhao, H.; Nonet, M.L., 2000:
A retrograde signal is involved in activity-dependent remodeling at a C. elegans neuromuscular junction

Musara, C.; Chidhumo, P.; Muronzi, N., 1999:
A retrospective analysis of water balance and hatchability in artificially incubated ostrich (Struthio camelus) eggs

Aldemir, O.S.; Baykan, M.; Gokcen, A., 2000:
A retrospective evaluation of hydatid cases detected in the Konya State Hospital between 1986 and 1998

Gallatin, L.L., 1999:
A retrospective look at horses exhibiting unusual clinical signs after exercising on L-NAME

Flores, E.F.; Weiblen, R.; Medeiros, M.; Botton, S.A.; Irigoyen, L.F.; Driemeier, D.; Schuch, L.F.; Moraes, M., 2000:
A retrospective search for bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) antigens in histological specimens by immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry

Saridomichelakis, M.N.; Koutinas, A.F., 1999:
A retrospective study of 10 spontaneous cases of feline atopic dermatitis

Saridomichelakis, M.N.; Koutinas, A.F., 2001:
A retrospective study of 10 spontaneous cases of feline atopic dermatitis (1995-1997)

Magnaval, J.F.; Mansuy, J.M.; Villeneuve, L.; Cassaing, S., 2000:
A retrospective study of autochthonous strongyloidiasis in Region Midi-Pyrenees (southwestern France)

A.S.di, H.I.; Basher, H.A.; Qubih, T.S., 2000:
A retrospective study of clinically diagnosed poultry diseases in Nenevha Province, Iraq

Gherghiceanu, D.M.; Giurgiu, G.; Mircean, M.; Ghergariu, S., 2001:
A retrospective study of hepatic encephalopathy in horses in the Clinic of Internal Diseases at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca

Tabatabayi, A.H.; Bokaii, S.; Firoozi, S.; Sarabneshin, M., 2000:
A retrospective study of infectious necrotic hepatitis of sheep and goats in Iran

Wong, P.N.; Mak, S.K.; Lo, K.Y.; Tong, G.M.; Wong, A.K., 2000:
A retrospective study of seven cases of Candida parapsilosis peritonitis in CAPD patients: the therapeutic implications

Simmons, V.C.G.; Sohan, L., 2001:
A retrospective study of the treatment of toad poisoning in dogs in Trinidad

Tiruneh, R., 2000:
A retrospective study on ruminant urethral obstruction in Debre Zeit area, Ethiopia

Mutembei, H.M.; Mutiga, E.R.; Tsuma, V.T., 2000:
A retrospective study on some reproductive parameters of German shepherd bitches in Kenya

Bago, Z.; Bauder, B.; Baumgartner, W.; Weissenbock, H., 2001:
A retrospective study on the etiology of encephalitis in ruminants

Yank, K.; Gul, N.Y.; Cecen, G.; Celimli, N., 1999:
A retrospective study on trauma in dogs and cats

Zoric, M.; Stern, S.; Lundeheim, N.; Wallgren, P., 1999:
A retrospective study: lameness in piglets reared in a conventional pig herd

Craig, B., 2000:
A return to school milk?

Ronn, A.M.; Mutabingwa, T.K.; Kreisby, S.; Angelo, H.R.; Fuursted, K.; Bygbjerg, I.C., 1999:
A reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography method for the determination of cotrimoxazole (trimethoprim/sulphamethoxazole) in children treated for malaria

Ramsay, T.G., 1999:
A review - Leptin: a regulator of feed intake and physiology in swine

Dividich, J. le, 1999:
A review - neonatal and weaner pig: management to reduce variation

King, R.H., 1999:
A review - nutritional constraints to pig performance and pig variability

Close, W.H., 1999:
A review - pig research and development: what needs to be done? Who should pay and who should do the work?

Luxford, B.G., 1999:
A review - production and processing in Australia: breeding for the needs of both

Payne, H.G.; Mullan, B.P.; Trezona, M.; Frey, B., 1999:
A review - variation in pig production and performance

Imtiaz Ahmad; Nikhat Yasmeen, 1998:
A review and cladistic analysis of Tricentrus qadrii Yasmeen and Ahmad group (Membracidae: Centrotinae) with their distribution and food plants

Stary, P.; Remaudiere, G.; Gonzalez, D.; Shahrokhi, S., 2000:
A review and host associations of aphid parasitoids (Hym., Braconidae, Aphidiinae) of Iran

Qiu RongZu; Fan JingWu; Zhan ZhengYi; Zhang ZhengXiong, 2000:
A review and prospects for research on forest road networks

Ekrem, T., 2001 :
A review of Afrotropical Tanytarsus van der Wulp (Diptera: Chironomidae)

Cheng Lei; Zhou GenYu; Shen GeZhi, 2000:
A review of Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of rice

Sanchez, H.; Bush, R.K., 2001:
A review of Alternaria alternata sensitivity

Tuan, F.C.; K.B.ngSheng, 1999:
A review of China's agricultural policy: past and present developments

Colby, H.; Zhong FuNing; Giordano, M., 1999:
A review of China's meat production statistics: new estimates and implications for trade

Crouch, G.I.; Louviere, J.J., 2001:
A review of Choice Modelling research in tourism, hospitality and leisure

Hlavacek, J., 1999:
A review of Czech Boletus fungi

Hlavacek, J., 1998:
A review of Czech Boletus-type fungi

Lee, S.H.; Chai, J.Y., 2001:
A review of Gymnophalloides seoi (Digenea: Gymnophallidae) and human infections in the Republic of Korea

Maues, M.M., 2001:
A review of Hypsipyla grandella Zeller research in Para state, Brazil

Valentine, B.D., 1998:
A review of Nearctic and some related Anthribidae (Coleoptera)

Gillingham, A.; Thorrold, B., 2000:
A review of New Zealand research measuring phosphorus in runoff from pasture

Young, G.R., 2001:
A review of Sexava research and control methods in Papua New Guinea

Cannon, L.R.G.; Sewell, K.B., 2001:
A review of Temnosewellia (Platyhelminthes: Temnocephalida) ectosymbionts of Cherax (Crustacea: Parastacidae) in Australia

Huang KaiHong; Zhu PuPing, 2000:
A review of a new model of eco-agriculture in paddy field rice-grass-poultry (fishery)

Adewale, J.G., 2000:
A review of agricultural development programmes in Nigeria 1960-1999

Stretch, R.A.; Bartlett, R.; Davids, K., 2001:
A review of batting in men's cricket

Hussein, M.H., 2000:
A review of beekeeping in Arab countries

Legalov, A.A.; Opanasenko, F.I., 2000:
A review of beetles of the superfamily Curculionoidea (Coleoptera) of the fauna of Novosibirsk province

Badaru, K.; Esan, E.B.; Williams, J.A., 1999:
A review of breeding work on disease resistance of cocoa in Nigeria

Slappendel, R.J.; Teske, E., 1999:
A review of canine leishmaniasis presenting outside endemic areas

Warner, M.; A.H.ssan, R.; Kydd, J., 1999:
A review of changes to farming systems of northern Ghana (1957-94)

Scott, W.P.; Snodgrass, G.L., 2000:
A review of chemical control of the tarnished plant bug in cotton

Crouch, G.I.; Louviere, J.J., 2000:
A review of choice modeling research in tourism, hospitality, and leisure

Ekinci, Y.; Riley, M.; Chen, J.S., 2000:
A review of comparison standards used in service quality and customer satisfaction studies: emerging issues for hospitality and tourism research

Ekinci, Y.; Riley, M.; Chen, J.S., 2001:
A review of comparison standards used in service quality and customer satisfaction studies: some emerging issues for hospitality and tourism research

Rein, P.W.; Msimanga, M.P., 1999:
A review of continuous pan development in the Southern African sugar industry

Herath, G., 1996:
A review of costs of removing phosphorus to control algal blooms in waterways

Nonami, H., 2001:
A review of crop water physiology in relation to soil, root, leaf and stem

Kuriki, G., 2000:
A review of ecological studies on oribatid mites in Sphagnum mires

Nagaike, T., 2000:
A review of ecological studies on plant species diversity in plantation ecosystems

Castillo, A.R.; Kebreab, E.; Beever, D.E.; France, J., 2000:
A review of efficiency of nitrogen utilisation in lactating dairy cows and its relationship with environmental pollution

Landman, J.; Cruickshank, J.K., 2001:
A review of ethnicity, health and nutrition-related diseases in relation to migration in the United Kingdom

Cohen, A.C., 2000:
A review of feeding studies of Lygus spp. with emphasis on artificial diets

O.Reilly, G., 2001:
A review of fire as a pastoral management tool in Central Australia

Criley, R.A., 1998:
A review of floriculture production research in Hawaii

Teske, M.E.; Valcore, D.L.; Hewitt, A.J., 2000:
A review of ground sprayer data and a preliminary analytical model

Smith, J.L., 2001:
A review of hepatitis E virus

Evers, A.M.; Linden, L.; Rappe, E., 2000:
A review of human issues in horticulture in Finland: urbanization motivates a renewed appreciation for plants and nature

Fazul Rahaman, P.; Sharma, S.B.; Wightman, J.A., 2000:
A review of insect-parasitic nematodes research in India: 1927-1997

Hamdar, B., 2000:
A review of land utilization in the U.S.: agricultural and forestry land use competition

Onkar Singh; Navita Ralham, 1999:
A review of low temperatures stress resistance in sugarcane

Moodley, J.; Pattinson, R.C.; Bennun, M.; Cronje, H.S.; Dichabe, M.; Kambaran, S.R.; Mahlasela, L.; Makubalo, L.; Mangate, H.L.; Mhlanga, R.E.; Mtsetwene, J.M.; Mulumba, R.; Nyasulu, D.; Nyathikazi, N.; Simelela, N.; Theron, G.B.; Groot, H. van C. de; Makopo, R.; Desai, D.K.; Naidoo, D.P.; Rout, C., 2000:
A review of maternal deaths in South Africa during 1998

Claite, G.; Jacquin, E.; Riviere, V.; Pyneeandee, D., 2000:
A review of mechanized harvesting of sugar cane in Mauritius

Martorana, F.; Bellocchi, G., 1999:
A review of methodologies to evaluate agroecosystem simulation models

Phillips, V.R.; Scholtens, R.; Lee, D.S.; Garland, J.A.; Sneath, R.W., 2000:
A review of methods for measuring emission rates of ammonia from livestock buildings and slurry or manure stores, part 1: assessment of basic approaches

Phillips, V.R.; Lee, D.S.; Scholtens, R.; Garland, J.A.; Sneath, R.W., 2001:
A review of methods for measuring emission rates of ammonia from livestock buildings and slurry or manure stores, part 2: monitoring flux rates, concentrations and airflow rates

Wilson, G.J.; Delahay, R.J., 2001:
A review of methods to estimate the abundance of terrestrial carnivores using field signs and observation

Mulyadi, M., 1998:
A review of nitrogen sufficiency and content in leaves of sugarcane crops in North Sumatra

Simon, B., 2000:
A review of notable yew trees in Ireland

Brumfield, R.G., 2000:
A review of organic horticultural and agriculture in the U.S

Clark, N.A.; Wynne, R.H.; Schmoldt, D.L., 2000:
A review of past research on dendrometers

Boissier, J.; Morand, S.; Moné, H., 1999:
A review of performance and pathogenicity of male and female Schistosoma mansoni during the life-cycle

Ooi, V.E.C.; Liu Fang, 1999:
A review of pharmacological activities of mushroom polysaccharides

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A review of the progress and results of the sugar harvest production in 1999/2000

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A review of the situation on the Russian grain market and a forecast for its development

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A review of the status of sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) aquaculture in Atlantic Canada in the year 2000

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A revision of the genus Apsil Malloch (Diptera, Muscidae, Coenosiinae, Coenosiini)

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A revision of the myrmecophilous genus Aspidobactrus (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae)

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A revision of the striatella species group of the genus Rhagoletis (Diptera: Tephritidae)

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A revision of the subtribe Hippomelanina, part II: Gyascutus (Gyascutus) LeConte (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)

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A revision of the tribe Colpurini (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Coreidae) from Sulawesi

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A revision of the tribe Histerini (Coleoptera, Histeridae) in Taiwan

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A revisit of agribusiness education by an original critic

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A revolving-style woodworking machine

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A rice culture with many faces

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A satellite system for tourism in Chile

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A screw pump for transporting manure on cattle farms

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A scuttle fly (Diptera: Phoridae) new to Britain caught in a net suspended 200 metres above the ground

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A search for pattern and form

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A secretory structure in the petiole of Polygonum convolvulus L

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A semi-mounted hay/straw carrier

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A seminar for the mechanics and energy experts at the Kruszwica-Kobylniki beet sugar factory

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A simple and rapid method for the routine assay of total ascorbic acid in serum and plasma using ascorbate oxidase and o-phenylenediamine

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A simple colorimetric method to screen drug cytotoxicity against Leishmania using the dye Alamar BlueReg.

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A simple composting system using flowerpots and garden soil for disposal of household organic waste

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A simple fracture mechanics approach for assessing ductile crack growth in soil

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A simple framework for determining the fundamental agricultural-use value of Michigan farmland

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A simple infiltration method for estimating soil hydraulic properties of unsaturated soils I. Theoretical analysis

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A Simple Method for Determining Aphelenchoides besseyi Infestation Level of Oryza sativa Seeds

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A simple method for estimating the return of nutrients in sugarcane trash

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A simple method for evaluating the virulence of the brown planthopper

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A simple method for orienting very small specimens for paraffin sectioning

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A simple method for preparing reference slides of seed

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A simple method for quantitative estimation of rhizosphere pH along root axes through visualization

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A simple method for rearing of thrips (Thysanoptera) in laboratory to study their bionomics

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A simple method for testing freezing resistance based on chlorophyll fluorescence in tea (Camellia sinensis L.)

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A simple method for the phenological evaluation of new cereal cultivars

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A simple method for the simultaneous determination of various preservatives in liquid foods

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A simple method of assessing growing stock and annual increment for preparing JFM plans

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A simple method to compute global solar radiation using satellite imagines. An application to evapotranspiration estimate

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A simple method to determine leaf angles of grass species

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A simple method to diagnose nut weevil incidence in mango

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A simple model for predicting transpiration of greenhouse cucumber

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A simple model for simulation of water content, soil frost, and soil temperatures in boreal mixed mires

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A simple model of potato growth and yield

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A simple model to predict time of maturity for Impatiens 'New Guinea Hybrids'

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A simple modelling approach to identify processes controlling stream nitrate in an agricultural catchment

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A simple modification of the Baermann method for diagnosis of strongyloidiasis

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A simple performance-based index for assessing multiple agroecosystem functions

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A simple protocol for transient gene expression in ripe fleshy fruit mediated by Agrobacterium

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A simple routine method for assessing SO42--remobilization potential of forest soils for sulfate-sulfur from atmospheric deposition

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A simple sequence repeat-based linkage map of barley

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A simple snow-atmosphere-soil transfer model

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A simple staining method for the visualisation of metacercariae in small fish and tadpoles

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A simple technique for preserving Sphacelia sorghi honeydew inoculum

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A simple technique for rapid colonization of Anopheles quadrimaculatus using adults aspirated from livestock barns

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A simple technique to concentrate the protozoan Mikrocytos mackini, causative agent of Denman Island Disease in oysters

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A simple technique to estimate, in situ, population densities of an entomopathogenic nematode (Heterorhabditis indica) in sandy soils

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A simple technique to identify Nile tilapia females (Oreochromis niloticus) incubating eggs orally

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A simple technique used to filter and quantify the actinospore of Myxobolus cerebralis and determine its seasonal abundance in the Colorado River

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A simple test for the serological verification of Borrelia infection

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A simple test to determine cellulolytic activity as indicator of compost maturity

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A simple transport system for radiation treatment of specific pathogen-free mice in lifetime studies

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A simple water washing system for collecting eggs of mites

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A simple weather driven model to determine harvest date of green beans for freezing using quantitative and qualitative criteria

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A simple, quick enzymatic spectrophotometric assay specific for dextran

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A simpler and newer method in mounting plant specimens

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A simplified HPLC procedure for the determination of glyphosate in soybeans employing postcolumn fluorescence labeling

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A simplified approach of evaluating productivity of sown pastures with uncontrolled sheep grazing

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A simplified management of diabetic pregnant women

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A simplified method for analysing the mechanics of clod: clod interactions in topsoils with a wide range of clay content

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A simplified method for sample collection and DNA isolation for polymerase chain reaction detection of Trypanosoma rangeli and Trypanosoma cruzi in triatomine vectors

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A simplified method to prepare PCR template DNA for screening of transgenic and knockout mice

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A simplified model for assessing critical parameters during associative 15N2 fixation between Azospirillum and wheat

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A simplified model for predicting malaria entomologic inoculation rates based on entomologic and parasitologic parameters relevant to control

Gedymin, M., 2000:
A simplified procedure to compute the thickness of additional thermal insulation in piggery buildings assuming self-heating

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A simplified protocol to distinguish sessile and pedunculate oaks using two foliar morphological traits

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A simplified technique for counting Varroa jacobsoni Oud. on sticky boards

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A simplified technique for non-surgical catheterization of the vena cava cranialis in pigs and an evaluation of the method

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A simplified technique to determine the ability of spermatozoa to penetrate the estrous cervical mucus in Japanese beef cattle

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A simplified way of mentioning the side-effects of pesticides on beneficials as shown on the label

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A simplified, sequential, phosphorus fractionation method

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A simulated investigation to measure acoustic emissions caused by root growth

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A simulation for the optimization of progeny test in the Italian Friesian population

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A simulation model for predicting pesticide concentrations in paddy water and surface soil. I. Model development

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A simulation model for the leaching management in non-uniform drip irrigation systems in greenhouses

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A simulation model of miombo woodland dynamics under different management regimes

N.Jian, 2000:
A simulation of biomes on the Tibetan Plateau and their responses to global climate change

L.B.Wen; Liu ShuQing, 1999:
A simulation test on relationship between multiple pollution of Cd, Zn, Pb and soil enzyme activities

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A simultaneous data collection system for several soil water release curves

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A single 3' alpha hs1,2 enhancer in the rabbit IgH locus

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A single MHC anchor residue alters the conformation of a peptide-MHC complex inducing T cells that survive negative selection

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A single rep protein initiates replication of multiple genome components of faba bean necrotic yellows virus, a single-stranded DNA virus of plants

Reed, M.L.; Peeters, N.M.; Hanson, M.R., 2001:
A single alteration 20 nt 5' to an editing target inhibits chloroplast RNA editing in vivo

Heise, M.T.; Simpson, D.A.; Johnston, R.E., 2000:
A single amino acid change in nsP1 attenuates neurovirulence of the Sindbis-group alphavirus S.A.AR86

Masuta, C.; Nishimura, M.; Morishita, H.; Hataya, T., 2008:
A single amino Acid change in viral genome-associated protein of potato virus y correlates with resistance breaking in 'virgin a mutant' tobacco

Yoo, D.; Deregt, D., 2001:
A single amino acid change within antigenic domain II of the spike protein of bovine coronavirus confers resistance to virus neutralization

Schalk, M.; Croteau, R., 2000:
A single amino acid substitution (F3631) converts the regiochemistry of the spearmint (-)-limonene hydroxylase from a C6- to a C3-hydroxylase

Zorzi; Pastore; Magno, 2000:
A single calibration graph for the direct determination of ascorbic and dehydroascorbic acids by electrogenerated luminescence based on Ru(bpy)(3)2+ in aqueous solution

Jan, F.J.; Fagoaga, C.; Pang, S.Z.; Gonsalves, D., 2000:
A single chimeric transgene derived from two distinct viruses confers multi-virus resistance in transgenic plants through homology-dependent gene silencing

Hernandez, R.; Lee Heuiran; Nelson, C.; Brown, D.T., 2000:
A single deletion in the membrane-proximal region of the Sindbis virus glycoprotein E2 endodomain blocks virus assembly

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A single food bolus stimulates albumin synthesis in growing piglets

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A single intramuscular injection of recombinant plasmid DNA induces protective immunity and prevents Japanese encephalitis in mice

Ho, G.D.; Yang, C.H., 2008:
A Single Locus Leads to Resistance of Arabidopsis thaliana to Bacterial Wilt Caused by Ralstonia solanacearum Through a Hypersensitive-like Response