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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3351

Chapter 3351 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fauquet, C.M.; Pringle, C.R., 1999:
Abbreviations for invertebrate virus species names

Fauquet, C.M.; Pringle, C.R., 1999:
Abbreviations for vertebrate virus species names

Dennis, S.; Nichols, P.; Marley, N.; Senapati, A., 2000:
Abdominal actinomycosis presenting as psoas abscess

Campo, J.M.; Rubio, T.T.; Churchill, R.B.; Fisher, R.G., 2001:
Abdominal actinomycosis with hydronephrosis in childhood

Kacem, C.; Puisieux, F.; Kammoun, A.; Morched Abdesselam, M.; Zaouche, A., 2000:
Abdominal actinomycosis. Report of three cases and review of the literature

Bjornson, S.; Raworth, DA.; Bedard, C., 2000:
Abdominal discoloration and the predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot: prevalence of symptoms and their correlation with short-term performance

Wu, Y.J.; Valdez-Corcoran, M.; Wright, J.T.; Cartwright, A.L., 2000:
Abdominal fat pad mass reduction by in ovo administration of anti-adipocyte monoclonal antibodies in chickens

Tartes, U.; Kuusik, A.; Hiiesaar, K.; Metspalu, L.; Vanatoa, A., 2000:
Abdominal movements, heartbeats and gas exchange in pupae of the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata

Oldenburg, B.; Pijl, H., 2001:
Abdominal obesity: metabolic complications and hepatic consequences

Ruohoniemi, M.; Kaikkonen, R.; Raekallio, M.; Luukkanen, L., 2001:
Abdominal radiography in monitoring the resolution of sand accumulations from the large colon of horses treated medically

Delvare, G., 1999:
Abdominal structure in the Podagrionini (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Torymidae). Implications for the phylogeny of the tribe. Relationships with the constraints of access to the host

Barata, C.H.; Pinto-Silva, R.A.; Lambertucci, J.R., 2000:
Abdominal ultrasound in acute schistosomiasis mansoni

Brillet, C.; Tian Chansky, S.S.; Conte, Y. le, 1999:
Abdominal waggings and variation of their rate of occurrence in the social wasp, Polistes dominulus Christ. I. Quantitative analysis

Damen, W.G.; Tautz, D., 1999:
Abdominal-B expression in a spider suggests a general role for Abdominal-B in specifying the genital structure

Dicle, N.; Cuce, M.; Sayhan, S.; Hanhan, M., 2000:
Abdomino-pelvic actinomycosis

Takeuchi, Y.; Akagi, H.; Kamasawa, N.; Osumi, M.; Honda, H., 2000:
Aberrant chloroplasts in transgenic rice plants expressing a high level of maize NADP-dependent malic enzyme

Dyke, G.V.; Pearce, S.C., 2000:
Aberrant data in field experiments

Graybosch, R.A.; Gang Guo; Shelton, D.R., 2000:
Aberrant falling numbers of waxy wheats independent of alpha -amylase activity

Dallai, R.; Fanciulli, P.P.; Frati, F., 2000:
Aberrant spermatogenesis and the peculiar mechanism of sex determination in Symphypleonan Collembola (Insecta)

Schoeters, E.; Ito, F.; Miyata, H.; Billen, J., 1999:
Aberrant venom glands in Amblyoponini (Formicidae, Ponerinae): morphology, ultrastructure and histochemistry

Sondge, V.D.; Sontakke, J.S.; Shelge, B.S., 2000:
Aberrations in monsoons in assured rainfall area of Parabhani. I - Meteorologic characterization

Setoguchi, A.; Sakai, T.; Okuda, M.; Minehata, K.; Yazawa, M.; Ishizaka, T.; Watari, T.; Nishimura, R.; Sasaki, N.; Hasegawa, A.; Tsujimoto, H., 2001:
Aberrations of the p53 tumor suppressor gene in various tumors in dogs

Allred, S.; Gaud, W.S., 1999:
Abert squirrel (Sciurus aberti) as a soil excavator

Salazar, R., 2000:
Abies religiosa (H.B.K.) Schlecht. et. Cham

Ohtsu, H.; Tanak, R.; In, Y.; Matsunaga, S.; Tokuda, H.; Nishino, H., 2001:
Abietane diterpenoids from the cones of Larix kaempferi and their inhibitory effects on Epstein-Barr virus activation

Tabone, E.; Pintureau, B.; Pizzol, J.; Michel, F.; Barnay, O., 1999:
Ability of 17 strains of trichogrammatids to control the diamondback moth Plutella xylostella L. in the laboratory (Lep.: Yponomeutidae)

Lasbury, M.E.; Goheen, M.P.; Durant, P.J.; Bartlett, M.S.; Smith, J.W.; Lee, C.H., 1999:
Ability of Pneumocystis carinii cysts to seed cultures and infect animals

Hulina, N.; umija, L., 1999:
Ability of Reynoutria japonica Houtt. (Polygonaceae) to accumulate heavy metals

Planells, E.; Rivero, M.; Mataix, J.; Llopis, J., 1999:
Ability of a cocoa product to correct chronic Mg deficiency in rats

Mainguet, A.M.; Louveaux, A.; E.S.yed, G.; Rollin, P., 2000:
Ability of a generalist insect, Schistocerca gregaria, to overcome thioglucoside defense in desert plants: tolerance or adaptation?

E.N.zami, H.; Mykkanen, H.; Kankaanpaa, P.; Suomalainen, T.; Salminen, S.; Ahokas, J., 2000:
Ability of a mixture of Lactobacillus and Propionibacterium to influence the faecal aflatoxin content in healthy Egyptian volunteers: a pilot clinical study

Singh, K.S.sakuma, T.B.ghio, N.T.kahashi, M.N.kanishi, H.Y.shimura, E.N.shizawa, N.; Mori, S., 2000:
Ability of ancestral wheat species to secrete mugineic acid family phytosiderophores in response to iron deficiency

Niewolak, S.; Tucholski, S., 2000:
Ability of bacteriological self-purification of common carp, tench and crucian carp fingerlings reared in pond receiving the discharge from sewage treatment plant and then kept in running river water of different quality

Pierides, M.; El-Nezami, H.; Peltonen, K.; Salminen, S.; Ahokas, J., 2000:
Ability of dairy strains of lactic acid bacteria to bind aflatoxin M1 in a food model

Tsuji, H., 2000:
Ability of first instar larvae of the Indian-meal moth, Plodia interpunctella Hubner, to reach their food

Chinsangaram, J.; Piccone, M.E.; Grubman, M.J., 1999:
Ability of foot-and-mouth disease virus to form plaques in cell culture is associated with suppression of alpha/beta interferon

Drake, M.A.; Gerard, P.D.; Civille, G.V., 1999:
Ability of hand evaluation versus mouth evaluation to differentiate texture of cheese

Smith, G.W.; Constable, P.D.; Morin, D.E., 2001:
Ability of hematologic and serum biochemical variables to differentiate gram-negative and gram-positive mastitis in dairy cows

Bridges, P.J.; Wright, D.J.; Buford, W.I.; Ahmad, N.; Hernandez-Fonseca, H.; McCormick, M.L.; Schrick, F.N.; Dailey, R.A.; Lewis, P.E.; Inskeep, E.K., 2000:
Ability of induced corpora lutea to maintain pregnancy in beef cows

Gupta, G.; Cases, J.A.; She, L.; Ma, X.H.; Yang, X.M.; Hu, M.; Wu, J.; Rossetti, L.; Barzilai, N., 2000:
Ability of insulin to modulate hepatic glucose production in aging rats is impaired by fat accumulation

Campbell, K.D.; Reed, W.A.; White, K.L., 2000:
Ability of integrins to mediate fertilization, intracellular calcium release, and parthenogenetic development in bovine oocytes

Scott, G.B.; Hughes, B.O.; Lambe, N.R.; Waddington, D., 1999:
Ability of laying hens to jump between perches: individual variation and the effects of perch separation and motivation on behaviour

Romanenko, V.M.; Alimov, D.M., 2000:
Ability of representatives of Pantoea agglomerans as well as Bacillus subtilis and some species of Pseudomonas genus to inhibit growth of phytopathogenic bacteria and micromycetes and to regulate the plant's growth

Woltemade, C.J., 2000:
Ability of restored wetlands to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in agricultural drainage water

Bhathal, J.S.; Loughman, R., 2001:
Ability of retained stubble to carry-over leaf diseases of wheat in rotation crops

Brunt, A.; Schafer, E.O.kland, M., 1999:
Ability of social support to predict at-risk dietary intake and anthropometric measures in white, rural, community-dwelling elderly women

Nakama, V.; Alfieri, A.; Rodriguez Traverso, J.; Aleksa, A.; Moschini, R.; Conti, H., 2000:
Ability of soils for Eucalyptus for use in the regional plan in the province of Buenos Aires

Gabrielle, B.R.cous,, G.B.adbury, N.; Nicolardot, B., 2001:
Ability of the SUNDIAL model to simulate the short-term dynamics of 15N applied to winter wheat and oilseed rape

Rajendra Singh; Anjana Singh; Sharmila Pandey, 2000:
Ability of the aphid parasitoid species Binodoxys indicus to switch over to alternative host-complexes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Michalowski, T.; Rybicka, K.; Wereszka, K.; Kasperowicz, A., 2001:
Ability of the rumen ciliate Epidinium ecaudatum to digest and use crystalline cellulose and xylan for in vitro growth

Bogdan, V.A., 1998:
Ability to yield formation in soil infected with potato nematode in distributions among the regions and perspective potato varieties

Stangroom, S.J.; Lester, J.N.; Collins, C.D., 2000:
Abiotic behaviour of organic micropollutants in soils and the aquatic environment. A review: I. Partitioning

Stangroom, S.J.; Collins, C.D.; Lester, J.N., 2000:
Abiotic behaviour of organic micropollutants in soils and the aquatic environment. A review: II. Transformations

Persson, L.O.sson, S., 2000:
Abiotic characteristics of soils suppressive to Aphanomyces root rot

Bittner, V., 1999:
Abiotic damage to sugar beet. Climatic effects on sugar beet

Anonymous, 1999:
Abiotic damage to sugarbeet

Bittner, V., 2000:
Abiotic damage to sugarbeet. Damage caused by herbicides

Bittner, V., 2000:
Abiotic damage to sugarbeet. Nutritional cases of damage

Rastin, N., 1999:
Abiotic factors affecting biochemical activities in forest soils

Gurer, M., 2000:
Abiotic factors affecting forest trees

Carnol, M., 1999:
Abiotic factors controlling nitrification in acid forest soils

Osacar-Jimenez, J.; Lucientes-Curdi, J.C.lvete-Margolles, C., 2001:
Abiotic factors influencing the ecology of wild rabbit fleas in north-eastern Spain

Charrie Duhaut A.; Lemoine S.; Adam P.; Connan J.; Albrecht P., 2000:
Abiotic oxidation of petroleum bitumens under natural conditions

Barras, S.C.; Kadlec, J.A., 2000:
Abiotic predictors of avian botulism outbreaks in Utah

Sengupta, D.N.; Kakali Banerjee; Abdur Rouf, 1999:
Abiotic stress responsive elements, their binding factors and their utilization for the improvement of tolerance to abiotic stress in plants

Xiong LiMing; Zhu JianKang, 2001:
Abiotic stress signal transduction in plants: molecular and genetic perspectives

Edmeades, G.O.; Cooper, M.; Lafitte, R.; Zinselmeier, C.; Ribaut, J.M.; Habben, J.E.; Loffler, C.; Banziger, M., 2001:
Abiotic stresses and staple crops

Bohnert, H.J.; Bressan, R.A., 2001:
Abiotic stresses, plant reactions and new approaches towards understanding stress tolerance

Nzengung, V.A.; Castillo, R.M.; Gates, W.P.; Mills, G.L., 2001:
Abiotic transformation of perchloroethylene in homogeneous dithionite solution and in suspensions of dithionite-treated clay minerals

Murray, C.K.; Walter, E.A.; Crawford, S.; McElmeel, M.L.; Jorgensen, J.H., 2001:
Abiotrophia bacteremia in a patient with neutropenic fever and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Abiotrophia isolates

Ghosh, P.; Bitsanis, D.; Ghebremeskel, K.; Crawford, M.A.; Poston, L., 2001:
Abnormal aortic fatty acid composition and small artery function in offspring of rats fed a high fat diet in pregnancy

Tarantola, M.; Schiavone, A.; Bergero, D., 2001:
Abnormal behaviour in saddle horses

Dondorp, A.M.; Kager, P.A.; Vreeken, J.; White, N.J., 2000:
Abnormal blood flow and red blood cell deformability in severe malaria

Lovelius, M.V.; Grytsan, Y.I., 1999:
Abnormal climatic phenomena and productivity of phytocoenosis (a case of the Dnipropetrovs'k region)

Kamiie, J.; Shirota, K.; Yamaki, M.; Kitagawa, H.; Wasaki, M.; Ooi, H.K., 2000:
Abnormal distribution of anionic sites in the glomerular basement membrane in glomerulonephritis of dogs infected with Dirofilaria immitis

Lauder, T.D.; Williams, M.V.; Campbell, C.S.; Davis, G.D.; Sherman, R.A., 1999:
Abnormal eating behaviors in military women

Koscinska Pajak, M., 1999:
Abnormal embryos in mature seeds of Chondrilla juncea L

Beck, M.; Zelczak, G.; Lentze, M.J., 2000:
Abnormal fatty acid composition in umbilical cord blood of infants at high risk of atopic disease

Navarro, E.; Esteve, M.; Olivé, A.; Klaassen, J.; Cabré, E.; Tena, X.; Fernández-Bañares, F.; Pastor, C.; Gassull, M.A., 2000:
Abnormal fatty acid pattern in rheumatoid arthritis. A rationale for treatment with marine and botanical lipids

James, S.J.; Pogribna, M.; Pogribny, I.P.; Melnyk, S.; Hine, R.J.; Gibson, J.B.; Yi, P.; Tafoya, D.L.; Swenson, D.H.; Wilson, V.L.; Gaylor, D.W., 1999:
Abnormal folate metabolism and mutation in the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene may be maternal risk factors for Down syndrome

Nielsen, V.H.; Bendixen, C.; Arnbjerg, J.; Sorensen, C.M.; Jensen, H.E.; Shukri, N.M.; Thomsen, B., 2000:
Abnormal growth plate function in pigs carrying a dominant mutation in type X collagen

Helmer, P.J., 2000:
Abnormal hematologic findings in an African hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris) with gastrointestinal lymphosarcoma

Rojek, C., 1999:
Abnormal leisure: invasive, mephitic and wild forms

Crook, M.A.; Steger, A., 2001:
Abnormal liver function tests in a patient fed with total parenteral nutrition and treated with octreotide

Burstyne, M.; Jensen, G.L., 2000:
Abnormal liver functions as a result of total parenteral nutrition in a patient with short-bowel syndrome

Sasaki, S.; Oshima, T.; Matsuura, H.; Ozono, R.; Higashi, Y.; Sasaki, N.; Matsumoto, T.; Nakano, Y.; Ueda, A.; Yoshimizu, A.; Kurisu, S.; Kambe, M.; Kajiyama, G., 2000:
Abnormal magnesium status in patients with cardiovascular diseases

Andersson, M.; Sevelius, E., 2001:
Abnormal microheterogeneity of haptoglobin in serum from dogs with various diseases

Cheng, W.; Cheng, P.C.; Walden, D.B., 2000:
Abnormal node development in na1/na1

Kilpelainen, P.T.; Saarimies, J.; Kontusaari, S.I.; Jarvinen, M.J.; Soler, A.P.; Kallioinen, M.J.; Hietala, O.A., 2001:
Abnormal ornithine decarboxylase activity in transgenic mice increases tumor formation and infertility

Comps, M.; Herbaut, C.; Fougerouse, A., 2000:
Abnormal periostracum secretion during the mineralization process of the pearl in the blacklip pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera

Baena-Gonzalez, E.; Gray, J.C.; Tyystjarvi, E.; Aro, E.M.; Maenpaa, P., 2001:
Abnormal regulation of photosynthetic electron transport in a chloroplast ycf9 inactivation mutant

Panova, M.V.; Sergievsky, S.O.; Granovitch, A.I., 1999:
Abnormal shell shape of the intertidal molluscs Littorina saxatilis and Littorina obtusata infected with trematodes

Yu, Y.E.; Zhang, Y.; Unni, E.; Shirley, C.R.; Deng, J.M.; Russell, L.D.; Weil, M.M.; Behringer, R.R.; Meistrich, M.L., 2000:
Abnormal spermatogenesis and reduced fertility in transition nuclear protein 1-deficient mice

Cho, Y.Y.; Kang, M.J.; Sone, H.; Suzuki, T.; Abe, M.; Igarashi, M.; Tokunaga, T.; Ogawa, S.; Takei, Y.A.; Miyazawa, T.; Sasano, H.; Fujino, T.; Yamamoto, T.T., 2001:
Abnormal uterus with polycysts, accumulation of uterine prostaglandins, and reduced fertility in mice heterozygous for acyl-CoA synthetase 4 deficiency

Narisawa, S.; Wennberg, C.; Millán, J.L., 2001:
Abnormal vitamin B6 metabolism in alkaline phosphatase knock-out mice causes multiple abnormalities, but not the impaired bone mineralization

Tomkin, G.H.; Owens, D., 2001:
Abnormalities in apo B-containing lipoproteins in diabetes and atherosclerosis

Shamina, N.V.; Dorogova, N.V.; Zagorskaya, A.A.; Deyneko, E.V.; Shumniy, V.K., 2000:
Abnormalities in male meiosis in male-sterile transgenic tobacco line res91

Gross, M.Y.; Maycock, D.S.; Thorndyke, M.C.; Morritt, D.; Crane, M., 2001:
Abnormalities in sexual development of the amphipod Gammarus pulex (L.) found below sewage treatment works

Martinez, I.M.; Gonzalez Vainer, P.; Morelli, E., 1999:
Abnormalities in the reproductive system of a female of Onthophagus hirculus Mannh. (Coleoptera Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae)

Krebs, N.F.; Westcott, J.E.; Arnold, T.D.; Kluger, B.M.; Accurso, F.J.; Miller, L.V.; Hambidge, K.M., 2000:
Abnormalities in zinc homeostasis in young infants with cystic fibrosis

Shamina, N.V.; Dorogova, N.V.; Sidorchuk, I.V.; Zagorskaya, A.A.; Deineko, E.V.; Shumny, V.K., 2001:
Abnormalities of meiotic division caused by T-DNA tagged mutation in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

Shamina; Dorogova; Goncharov; Orlova; Trunova, 2000:
Abnormalities of spindle and cytokine behavior leading to the formation of meiotic restitution nuclei in intergeneric cereal hybrids

Molkentin, J.D.; Tymitz, K.M.; Richardson, J.A.; Olson, E.N., 2000:
Abnormalities of the genitourinary tract in female mice lacking GATA5

Radev, V.; Kanev, I.; Nollen, P., 1998:
Abnormality in the male reproductive system of Philophthalmus hegeneri Penner and Fried, 1963 (Trematoda: Philophthalmidae)

Buch-Pedersen, M.J.; Venema, K.; Serrano, R.; Palmgren, M.G., 2000:
Abolishment of proton pumping and accumulation in the E1P conformational state of a plant plasma membrane H+-ATPase by substitution of a conserved aspartyl residue in transmembrane segment 6

Ogawa, S.; Chester, A.E.; Hewitt, S.C.; Walker, V.R.; Gustafsson, J.A.; Smithies, O.; Korach, K.S.; Pfaff, D.W., 2000:
Abolition of male sexual behaviors in mice lacking estrogen receptors alpha and beta (alpha beta ERKO)

Vatn, S.; Ulvund, M.J., 2000:
Abomasal bloat, haemorrhage and ulcers in young Norwegian lambs

Stengarde, L.; Pehrson, B., 2000:
Abomasal displacement - aetiology and effects of different treatments. A field study

Roussel, A.J.; Cohen, N.D.; Hooper, R.N., 2000:
Abomasal displacement and volvulus in beef cattle: 19 cases (1988-1998)

Ladd Wilson, S.; Buck, S.; Botzler, R.G., 2000:
Abomasal parasites in southern mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus fuliginatus) from coastal San Diego county, California, U.S.A

Link, M.R.; English, K.K., 1999:
Aboriginal fisheries and a sustainable future: a case study from an agreement with the Nisga'a nation in British Columbia

Simons, M.S., 2000:
Aboriginal heritage art and moral rights

Marles, R.J.; Clavelle, C.; Monteleone, L.; Tays, N.; Burns, D., 2000:
Aboriginal plant use in Canada's northwest boreal forest

Ryan, C.; Huyton, J., 2000:
Aboriginal tourism - a linear structural relations analysis of domestic and international tourist demand

Scarcelli, E.; Genovez, M.E.; Cardoso, M.V.; Bersano, J.G.; Souza, C.A.I.; Torres, A.P.; Carrasco, S., 1999:
Abortifacient bacterial agents in herds of pigs from the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1985 to 1998

Parvanta, M.F., 2000:
Abortion in a dairy herd associated with Bacillus licheniformis

Puran Chand; Sadana, J.R.; Anshu Sharma; Verma, P.C., 2001:
Abortion in mares due to Streptococcus zooepidemicus infection

Jauregui T.D.; Viera D.J., 1999:
Abortion of reproductive structures in Canavalia ensiformis (L.) DC. I. Buds, flowers and fruits

Jauregui T.D.; Viera D.J., 1999:
Abortion of reproductive structures in Canavalia ensiformis (L.) DC. II. Ovules and seeds

Meulen, K.M. van der; Nauwynck, H.J.; Pensaert, M.B., 2000:
Abortion, neonatal death and nervous system disorders diagnosed as equine herpesvirus 1 infections in Belgium in 1999

Subhash Verma; Katoch, R.C.; Mandeep Sharma; Parag Nigam, 2000:
Abortions and infertility in domestic livestock due to brucellosis in Himachal Pradesh, India

Turutoglu, H.; Iyisan, A.S.; Ozturk, M.; Gulyaz, V., 2000:
Abortions related to Chlamydia psittaci and Salmonella abortus ovis in a sheep farm

Pinazza, L.A.; Alimandro, R., 2001:
About GMOs

N.Guo' ai, 1999:
About a model of agricultural auditing

Brossier, J., 1999:
About a negotiated management of an environmental problem. Some epistemological considerations about the relation between science and action. Agricultural practices and water quality: an example from Vittel

Litvinovich, A.V.; Pavlova, O.Y.; Lavrishchev, A.V., 1999:
About calcium and strontium leaching from dernopodzolic loamy-sand soil limed with conversion chalk

Atazhanova, G.A.; Dembitskii, A.D.; Yakovleva, T.D.; Mikhailov, V.G.; Adekenov, S.M., 1999:
About composition of essential oil from Artemisia filatovae

Schlienger, J.L., 2001:
About effects of a moderate and regular consumption of beer in prevention of cardiovascular risks

Roostalu, H., 2000:
About land use in Estonian agriculture

Kiiman, H.; Kaart, T., 2001 :
About methods reducing somatic cell count in milk

Kulesh, N.I.; Maksimov, O.B.; Fedoreev, S.A.; Denisenko, V.A.; Glasunov, V.P.; Pokushalova, T.V.; Glebko, L.I., 1999:
About native components of extracts from Maackia amurensis wood

Petkov, Z., 2000:
About new methods for mulberry vegetable resources investigation

Tempest, A.M.; Bergmann, E.C.; Faria, A.M. de; Penteado Dias, A.M.; Imenes, S.D.L.; Guerra, T.M., 1998:
About the Ichneumonidae in a rubber-tree crop (Hevea brasiliensis)

Etinne, C., 2000:
About the complexity of emergency aid

Feher, A., 2000:
About the cumulatively disadvantageous regions

Teesalu, T.; Kuldkepp, P., 1999:
About the effect of nitrogen fertilizer on the yield of different varieties of spring wheat on pseudopodzolic soils

Riemann, T.; Bergmann, A., 2000:
About the epidemiology, pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of bovine acute coliform mastitis, a review

Szazados, I.; Szazados, M., 2000:
About the history of pork consumption

Buskies, W., 2001:
About the importance of gentle strength training based on the subjectively perceived load

Mench, A., 2001:
About the methodology of recording natural forests with permanent sample plots

Kispal Vitai, Z., 1999:
About the new generation of cooperatives

Bachev, H.; Labonne, M., 2000:
About the organization of agrarian innovations

Dikumbwa, N.; Mbenza, M., 1999:
About the origin of the dry evergreen forest islets of the South Katanga

Angeli, A., 2000:
About the production of high quality sugar beet

Leteinturier, B.; Malaisse, F., 1999:
About the reclamation of sites polluted by copper mining in South Central Africa

Trinajstic, I., 2001:
About the taxonomic status of Chamaecytisus dalmaticus Vis. (Fabaceae)

Tuchin, S.V., 1999:
About thermodynamical state of water in tissues of drought-resistant somaclones of wheat selected in vitro

Ishbirdin, A.R., 2000:
About two parallel approaches to the analysis of vegetation

Ushachev, I., 2000:
About urgent measures for improvement of the Russian AIC management system

Alaru, M.; Jaama, E.; Laur, U., 2001:
About yield stability of winter triticale in different climatic conditions

Hunter, I., 2001:
Above ground biomass and nutrient uptake of three tree species (Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Eucalyptus grandis and Dalbergia sissoo) as affected by irrigation and fertiliser, at 3 years of age, in Southern India

Wang JianRang; Letchford, T.; Comeau, P.; Kimmins, J.P., 2000:
Above- and below-ground biomass and nutrient distribution of a paper birch and subalpine fir mixed-species stand in the Sub-Boreal Spruce zone of British Columbia

Shepperd, W.; Bartos, D.; Mata, S., 2001:
Above- and below-ground effects of aspen clonal regeneration and succession to conifers

Krasowski, M.J.; Owens, J.N.; Tackaberry, L.E.; Massicotte, H.B., 1999:
Above- and below-ground growth of white spruce seedlings with roots divided into different substrates with or without controlled-release fertilizer

Jach, M.E.; Laureysens, I.; Ceulemans, R., 2000:
Above- and below-ground production of young Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) trees after three years of growth in the field under elevated CO2

Leonardi, S.; Failla, M.; Sciacca, G.; Rapp, M., 1999:
Above-ground biomass and nutrients in a turkey oak (Quercus cerris L.) stand on Mount Etna

Wirth, C.; Schulze, E.D.; Schulze, W.; Stunzner Karbe, D. von; Ziegler, W.; Miljukova, I.M.; Sogatchev, A.; Varlagin, A.B.; Panvyorov, M.; Grigoriev, S.; Kusnetzova, W.; Siry, M.; Hardes, G.; Zimmermann, R.; Vygodskaya, N.N., 1999:
Above-ground biomass and structure of pristine Siberian Scots pine forests as controlled by competition and fire

Bakkali, M.; Qarro, M.; Diouri, M.; Barbero, M.; Bourbouze, A., 2000:
Above-ground biomass of Argyrocytisus battandieri Maire in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco

Santana, R.C.; Barros, N.F.; Comerford, N.B., 2000:
Above-ground biomass, nutrient content, and nutrient use efficiency of eucalypt plantations growing in different sites in Brazil

Spehn, E.M.; Joshi, J.; Schmid, B.; Diemer, M.; Korner, C., 2000:
Above-ground resource use increases with plant species richness in experimental grassland ecosystems

Nissen, T.M.; Midmore, D.J.; Cabrera, M.L., 1999:
Aboveground and belowground competition between intercropped cabbage and young Eucalyptus torelliana

Bauhus, J.; Khanna, P.K.; Menden, N., 2000:
Aboveground and belowground interactions in mixed plantations of Eucalyptus globulus and Acacia mearnsii

Gladders, G.W.; Steinbeck, K., 1998:
Aboveground biomass and leaf area dynamics of intensively managed, 3-year-old sweetgum coppice

Kim ChoonSig; Won HyongKyu; Jeong JinHeon, 1999:
Aboveground biomass and nutrient accumulation in a Pinus rigida plantation

Ponette, Q.; Ranger, J.; Ottorini, J.M.; Ulrich, E., 2001:
Aboveground biomass and nutrient content of five Douglas-fir stands in France

Cardoso, E.L.; Crispim, S.M.A.; Rodrigues, C.A.G.; Barioni Junior, W., 2000:
Aboveground biomass and primary production of the herbaceous layer in an Elyonurus muticus grassland subjected to annual burning in the Pantanal

Kitayama, K.; Itow, S., 1999:
Aboveground biomass and soil nutrient pools of a Scalesia pedunculata montane forest on Santa Cruz, Galapagos

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Aboveground biomass of rural forests in Hyogo Prefecture

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Accelerating tree growth - policy consequences

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Acceleration of mercury excretion in broilers

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Acceleration of scolex morphogenesis in phylogenesis of tapeworms (Plathelminthes, Cestoda, Eucestoda)

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Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative

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Acceptance and digestibility of some selected browse feeds with varying tannin content as supplements in sheep nutrition in West Africa

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Acceptance of modern biotechnology in developing countries: a case study of the Philippines

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Acceptance of soy foods by the elderly in a long-term care facility

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Access to amenities: the issue of ownership

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Access to genetic resources: regulatory aspects and implications for development of seed production systems

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Access to health care for the rural elderly

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Access to land - innovative land reforms to reduce poverty

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Access to markets and the benefits of rural roads

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Access to the market. The case of Morocco

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Access, conservation and land ownership on open country - whose right?

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Accessibility and tourism mobility: emerging problems, strategies and transferability

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Accessibility of rural credit in Northern Nicaragua: the importance of networks of information and recommendation

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Accessing financial resources and entrepreneurial motivations amongst the female informal sector micro-entrepreneurs in Sudan

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Accessing genes in the tertiary gene pool of rice by direct introduction of total DNA from Zizania palustris (wild rice)

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Accessing other people's technology: do non-profit agencies need it? How to obtain it

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Accession of Hungary to the EU from the point of view of Hungarian sugar producers and sugar users

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Accessory cell populations in draining lymph nodes of lambs in the elicitation phase of DNCB-induced contact hypersensitivity

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Accessory nucleoli in some mutant lines of Nigella sativa L. (black cumin)

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Accident statistics for State forests: preliminary results of an analysis for the year 1999

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Accidental mass mortality of migrating mule deer

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Accidents in agriculture, a sore that needs healing

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Accidents involving dogs in relation to the place where an aggressive event took place in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Acclimation for heat resistance in Trichogramma nr. brassicae: can it occur without costs?

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Acclimation of plants to light gradients in leaf canopies: evidence for a possible role for cytokinins transported in the transpiration stream

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Acclimation of snow gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora) leaf respiration to seasonal and diurnal variations in temperature: the importance of changes in the capacity and temperature sensitivity of respiration

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Accommodating new narratives in a conservation bureaucracy: TANAPA & community conservation

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Accommodation - a welcome return to form

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Accord soybean

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Account statistics of organic farming 1999

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Accountability in decentralization: a framework with South Asian and West African cases

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Accountability through participation: developing workable partnership models in the health sector

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Accountable representation and power in participatory and decentralized environmental management

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Accounting and reporting of forest enterprises

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Accounting for spatial characteristics of watersheds in evaluating water pollution abatement policies

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Accounting for the effects of a ruminal nitrogen deficiency within the structure of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System

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Accounting for the rigidity of water delivery systems and spatial heterogeneity for the analysis of the impacts of existing and potential water markets

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Accounting in forming farm cooperation

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Accounting measures in evaluating top management performance

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Accounting of authorized capital and authorized funds in agricultural enterprises

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Accounting of auxiliary departments in agriculture

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Accounting of budget settlements in agriculture

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Accounting of capital investments in agriculture

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Accounting of commercial charges at agribusiness enterprises

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Accounting of labour remuneration in agriculture

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Accounting of property and land shares

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Accounting related to commercial expenditure by enterprises of the agroindustrial complex

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Accra: urban agriculture as an asset strategy, supplementing income and diets

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Accreditation for microbiology laboratories

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Accredited laboratory of the research institute of Hungarian sugar industry

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Accrediting a dairy laboratory. Part II: Financial aspects

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Accumulation and distribution of dietary uranium in lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis)

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Accumulation and persistence of flea larvicidal activity in the immediate environment of cats treated with imidacloprid

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Accumulation and transformation of sulfonated aromatic compounds by rhubarb cells (Rheum palmatum)

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Accumulation and utilization efficiency of potassium in ramie varieties

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Accumulation forms of Zn and Pb in Phaseolus vulgaris in the presence and absence of EDTA

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Accumulation in above-ground biomass and soil storage of mineral nutrients in pure and mixed plantations in a humid tropical lowland

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Accumulation mechanism of Cd and Pb in radish roots

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Accumulation of 137Cs and 90Sr in the yield of small fruit crops and measures for lowering their uptake

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Accumulation of 55Fe-labeled precursors of the iron-molybdenum cofactor of nitrogenase on NifH and NifX of Azotobacter vinelandii

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Accumulation of Al, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Cd and Pb by the bryophyte Scapania undulata in three upland waters of different pH

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Accumulation of ENOD2-like transcripts in non-nodulating woody papilionoid legumes

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Accumulation of a maize proteinase inhibitor in response to wounding and insect feeding, and characterization of its activity toward digestive proteinases of Spodoptera littoralis larvae

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Accumulation of advanced glycation endproducts in aging male Fischer 344 rats during long-term feeding of various dietary carbohydrates

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Accumulation of airborne persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in plants

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Accumulation of amino acids, proline, and carbohydrates in response to aluminum and manganese stress in maize

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Accumulation of ammonium in rice leaves in response to excess cadmium

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Accumulation of an apoplastic solute in the guard-cell wall is sufficient to exert a significant effect on transpiration in Vicia faba leaflets

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Accumulation of antibody fusion proteins in the cytoplasm and ER of plant cells

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Accumulation of astaxanthin all-E, 9Z and 13Z geometrical isomers and 3 and 3' RS optical isomers in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is selective

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Accumulation of barley stripe mosaic virus is significantly reduced in transgenic wheat plants expressing a bacterial ribonuclease

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Accumulation of biomass, physiological characteristics and grain yield of bean cultivars under irrigated and dry regimes

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Accumulation of body fat in Cuban Pelibuey lambs according to age and feeding level

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Accumulation of butyltin and phenyltin compounds in various fish species

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Accumulation of butyltin compounds and total tin in marine mammals

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