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Addition of phosphorus to soils with low to medium phosphorus retention capacities. I. Effect on soil phosphorus sorption properties

Indiati, R.

Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 31(9/10): 1179-1194


ISSN/ISBN: 0010-3624
DOI: 10.1080/00103620009370506
Accession: 003352081

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Twelve soils with low-medium phosphorus (P) retention capacities were equilibrated for 3 months with soluble phosphate at a rate of 100 mg P kg-1 soil. The P sorption properties of these soils both with and without added P were studied, including equilibrium P concentration (EPCo), standard P requirement, soil P sorption capacity, maximum buffer capacity, and P sorption index. In general, the soils with no added P showed low values of all the above parameters.

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