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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3361

Chapter 3361 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wilson, P.G.; O'Brien, M.M.; Quinn, C.J., 2000:
Anetholea (Myrtaceae), a new genus for Backhousia anisata: a cryptic member of the Acmena alliance

Druart, P., 2000:
Aneuploids and variants of apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) through in vitro culture techniques

Sene, D.; Rosenheim, M.; Bricaire, F.; Bossi, P., 2001:
Aneurysm of the abdominal aorta caused by Salmonella enteritidis in a patient infected with HIV

Chemlal, K.; Cerceau, O.; Begue, A.; Safa, D.; Ruel, M., 2000:
Aneurysms of the abdominal aorta: Candida albicans associated with spondylodiscitis

Masseron, A.; Roche, L.; Hilaire, C.; Vaysse, P.; Reynier, P.; Westercamp, P.; Seigneur, K.; Coureau, C., 2000:
Angelys pear: early results of Ctifl research

Kumar, R.V.S.; Ramakrishna, O., 2001:
Angiographic findings of demineralised bone matrix grafts in femoral fracture repair in canines

Anuradha ; Jain, R.K.; Gupta, A.N., 2000:
Angiography of renal artery with special reference to the blood supply of the kidney in camel

Anuradha ; Jain, R.K.; Gupta, A.N., 2000:
Angiography of testicular artery with special reference to the blood supply of the testis in camel

Ludwig, S.; Schoon, D.; Aupperle, H.; Reiswitz, A. von; Schoon, H.A., 2001:
Angiopathies in the equine endometrial biopsy - a marker for extrauterine vascular lesions?

Reddy, C.S.; Manoranjan Bhanja; Raju, V.S., 1999:
Angiospermic flora and biological spectrum of Jakaram Reserve Forest, Warangal District, Andhra Pradesh

Bursey, C.R.; Goldberg, S.R., 2000:
Angiostoma onychodactyla sp. n. (Nematoda: Angiostomatidae) and other intestinal helminths of the Japanese clawed salamander, Onychodactylus japonicus (Caudata: Hynobiidae), from Japan

Ukawa, Y.; Andou, M.; Furuichi, Y.; Kokean, Y.; Nishii, T.; Hisamatsu, M., 2001:
Angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory activity and antitumor activity of Hatakeshimeji (Lyophyllum decastes Sing.)

Mello, R. da C.; Harris, H.D., 2001:
Angled and serrated blades reduce damage, force and energy for a harvester basecutter

Hartge, K.H.; Bachmann, J., 2000:
Angles between cracks developed at primary shrinkage of fine grained soil material

Del Guasta, Massimo, 2000:
Angular distribution of epiphytic lichens on Tilia trees as a result of car traffic

Araujo, G.A. de A.; Zambolim, L.; Santos, G.P. dos; Pereira, P.R.G., 2000:
Angular leaf spot control in bean with calda Vicosa

Rieck, S.E.; Corte, F.D. de la; Silva, C.A.M.; Brass, K.E., 2000:
Angular limb deformities in newborn Thoroughbred foals: origin and incidence

Anonymous, 2000 :
Animal Health 1999. Report of the Chief Veterinary Officer

Singer, P., 2001:
Animal Liberation

Kaufmann, R. von; Mohamed Saleem, M.A., 2000:
Animal agriculture and watershed management: reconciling public and private good

Rodriguez-Lainz, A.; Fritz, C.L.; McKenna, W.R., 1999:
Animal and human health risks associated with Africanized honeybees

Moore, D.A.; Sischo, W.M.; Hunter, A.; Miles, T., 2000:
Animal bite epidemiology and surveillance for rabies postexposure prophylaxis

Darbutas, J.; Saikevicius, K., 2001:
Animal breeding development in Lithuania

Donchenko, A.S.; Soloshenko, V.A., 1999:
Animal breeding problems in Siberia

Tsunoda, Y.; Tani, T.; Kato, Y., 1999:
Animal cloning by somatic cell nuclear transfer

Cabanes, F.J., 2000:
Animal dermatophytosis. Recent advances

Morgan, N.; Yanagishima, K., 2001:
Animal diseases - implications for international meat trade

Kouba, V., 2000:
Animal diseases introduction in developing countries through international trade

Kallio, H.; Yang BaoRu; Wang BingWen; Wang HongYing; Wang JunXian; Song J.E.; Meng Heng; Zhao H.O., 2001:
Animal experiments on the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) oils

Arkhipchenko, I.A.; Barbolina, I.I.; Derikx, P.L., 1998:
Animal farming residues used to produce biofertilizers

E.S.aer, H.M.; Kandil, H.M., 1999:
Animal feed resources from recycling animal waste under the arid conditions of Egypt: a preliminary study

Matos, C.A.P., 2000:
Animal genetic resources and traditional production systems in Portugal

Medrano, J.A., 2000:
Animal genetic resources from the centre of Mexico

Sereno, J.R.B.; Sereno, F.T.P.S., 2000:
Animal genetic resources in Brazil and traditional production systems

Jumars, 2001:
Animal Guts as Ideal Chemical Reactors: Maximizing Absorption Rates

Jumars, 2001:
Animal Guts as Nonideal Chemical Reactors: Partial Mixing and Axial Variation in Absorption Kinetics

Vaarst, M.; Thamsborg, S.M.; Kristensen, E.S., 2000:
Animal health and welfare aspects in organic dairy production systems - experienced practice during conversion to organic farming

Hamilton, C., 2000:
Animal health in organic dairy products

Jainudeen, M.R.; Sheikh Omar, A.R., 1996:
Animal health in the tropics

Kukietnan, U.; Youyuneyong, V., 2001:
Animal health management of the farm owners of the applied standard farm

Macellari, E., 2000:
Animal housing and environmental impact: a case study in Lake Trasimeno basin

Eder, M.; Kirner, L.; Zollitsch, W., 2000:
Animal husbandry in alpine organic farming - regional diversity and critical obstacles in Austria

Wang GengJin, 2000:
Animal husbandry is an important industry of national economy

Sangiorgi, F., 2000:
Animal husbandry waste: CNR research project

Cakmakci, S.; Kolak, R., 1997:
Animal husbandry, forage crop production, and pasture lands in Antalya

Segula, B.; Stopar, M., 2000:
Animal life in intensive orchards

Smolders, G., 2001:
Animal management on organic dairy farms

Dekking, A.J.G., 2000:
Animal manure in spring: profit for farmer and environment

Grohsebner, C., 2000:
Animal meal: production, use and substitute in Austria

Thevamanoharan, K.; Vandepitte, W.; Mohiuddin, G.; Chaudhry, M.A., 2001:
Animal model estimates of repeatability for various performance traits of Nili-Ravi buffaloes

Shi ChangSong; Ren AiQiao; Yao FuBao; Chen YouGui, 1998:
Animal model of cryptosporidial infection in young rats

Fenoy, S.; Ollero, M.D.; Guillén, J.L.; del Aguila, C., 2001:
Animal models in ocular toxocariasis

Boes, J.; Helwigh, A.B., 2000:
Animal models of intestinal nematode infections of humans

Paz, J.G.; Botelho, G.G.; Duque, N.A.; Porfirio, L.C., 2000:
Animal nephrology: fractional excretion of electrolytes in cattle from Seropedica and Itaguai, RJ, Brazil

Moloney, A.P.; Mooney, M.T.; Kerry, J.P.; Troy, D.J., 2001:
Animal nutrition and metabolism group symposium on 'Quality inputs for quality foods': producing tender and flavoursome beef with enhanced nutritional characteristics

Cuenca, C.L. de, 1999:
Animal nutrition. 70 years of development

Thorpe, S.J.; Salkovskis, P.M., 1999:
Animal phobias

Striganova, B.R., 1999:
Animal population of mountain soil in Western Sudeten (Karkonosze mountains)

Thapa, B.B.; Cassel, D.K.; Garrity, D.P., 2001:
Animal powered tillage translocated soil affects nutrient dynamics and soil properties at Claveria, Philippines

Zhao, G., 2001:
Animal production and utilization of straw as feedstuff in China

Inborr, J., 2000:
Animal production by 'the Swedish model'

Zert, P.; Delage, J., 2000:
Animal production facing society demands. Special session, 17 May 2000

Moojen, E.L.; Restle, J.; Lupatini, G.C.; Moraes, A.G. de, 1999:
Animal production in pearl millet pasture given different nitrogen fertilizer rates

Zert, P., 2000:
Animal production in relation to the demands of society

Kaspar, H.F., 2001:
Animal production research for the shellfish aquaculture industry

Nyamsamba, D., 2000:
Animal production system in Mongolia

Restle, J.; Roso, C.; Soares, A.B.; Lupatini, G.C.; Alves Filho, D.C.; Brondani, I.L., 2000:
Animal productivity and economic return in oat plus ryegrass pasture fertilized with sources of nitrogen

Kampman, E.; Voskuil, D.W.; van Kraats, A.A.; Balder, H.F.; van Muijen, G.N.; Goldbohm, R.A.; van't Veer, P., 2000:
Animal products and K-ras codon 12 and 13 mutations in colon carcinomas

Cocchi, M., 1999:
Animal products and human health

Rogelj, I., 2000:
Animal products and human health: Proceedings of 8th International Symposium Animal Science Days, University of Osijek, Osijek, Croatia, 20-22 September 2000

Kralik, G.; Havranek, J.L.; Petricevic, A.; Juric, I., 2000:
Animal products in nutrition of human population

Wan ZhongHai; H.C.ang; Jiang Yu; Zhen Yong; Liu XiaoMing; Zhu Ping, 2001:
Animal protection experiment of the immunization of recombinant receptor binding protein of exotoxin A of P. aeruginosa

Bachmann, F., 1998:
Animal recording for livestock development experiences of the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation and of Interco-operation in India

Ilham, A., 1998:
Animal recording in Morocco: constraints and possibilities for improvement

Gursoy, O., 1998:
Animal recording in Turkey with special reference to sheep recording

Amarasekera, S.K.R., 1998:
Animal recording in smallholder farming systems. The Sri Lankan experience

Duran, P.G., 1998:
Animal recording in the Philippines

Fall, A.; Diop, M., 1998:
Animal recording schemes in Senegal

Maurya, S.N., 2000:
Animal reproduction scenario in India: role of gynaecologists

Forsberg, M.; Greve, T.; Gustafsson, H.; Katila, T.; Kindahl, H.; Ropstad, E., 2000:
Animal reproduction: research and practice II. Proceedings of the 14th International Congress on Animal Reproduction. Stockholm, Sweden, 2-6 July 2000

Lee HuJang; Lee MunHan; Ryu PanDong; Lee Hang; Cho MyungHaing, 2001:
Animal screening enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for sulfamethazine in pigs

Lee MyoungHeon; Kim SangKeun; Jung GabSoo; Park JongMyoung, 1999:
Animal species characterization by DNA hybridization

Lee MyoungHeon; Kim SangKeun; Jung GabSoo; Park JongMyoung, 1999:
Animal species characterization by muscle composition analysis. I. Histidine dipeptide content in muscles from various species

Castaneda Pasaron, O., 2000:
Animal toxins: facilitative effects on cholinergic transmission

Adu, I.F.; Omotayo, A.M.; Aina, A.B.J.; Iposu, S.O., 2000:
Animal traction technology in Ogun State, Nigeria potentials and constraints

Nakai, Y., 2001:
Animal waste management and microorganisms

Sartorato, I.; Zuin, M.C.; Zanin, G., 2001:
Animal wastes as vehicle for field infections of cultivated land

Brade, W., 2001:
Animal welfare aspects of dairy farming: definition, conditions, and criteria

Manteuffel, G.; Puppe, B., 2001:
Animal well-being in husbandry and coping with stress: introductory remarks

Moore, J.A., 2000:
Animal, agricultural and food processing wastes. Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium, Des Moines, Iowa, USA, 9-11 October, 2000

Tamminga, S.; Chen, X.B., 2000:
Animal-based techniques for the estimation of protein value of forages

Pinheiro Neto, R.; Sena, J.O.A. de; Sales, J.G.C., 2000:
Animal-drawn implement evaluation in land tilling, sowing and weeding

Knap, P.W.; Jorgensen, H., 2000:
Animal-intrinsic variation in the partitioning of body protein and lipid in growing pigs

Hall, K.; Boelhouwers, J.; Driscoll, K., 1999:
Animals as erosion agents in the alpine zone: some data and observations from Canada, Lesotho, and Tibet

Gustafson, G.M., 1999:
Animals in ecological farming - possibilities and limitations

Long, T.; Ellis, G.; Trunnell, E.; Tatsugawa, K.; Freeman, P., 2001:
Animating recreation experiences through face-to-face leadership: efficacy of two models

Marques, F.P.; Brooks, D.R.; Lasso, C.A., 2001:
Anindobothrium n. gen. (Eucestoda: Tetraphyllidea) inhabiting marine and freshwater potamotrygonid stingrays

Shukla, M.; Cepuder, P., 2000:
Anion exclusion during transport of chloride through soil columns

Qafoku, N.P.; Sumner, M.E.; Radcliffe, D.E., 2000:
Anion transport in columns of variable charge subsoils: nitrate and chloride

Gorokhov, V.V.; Sergiev, V.P.; Romanenko, N.A., 1999:
Anisakiasis as a growing ecological and social problem

Eskesen, A.; Strand, E.A.; Andersen, S.N.; Rosseland, A.; Hellum, K.B.; Strand, O.A., 2001:
Anisakiasis presenting as an obstructive duodenal tumor. A Scandinavian case

Abollo, E.; Gestal, C.; Pascual, S., 2001:
Anisakid infection in the European shag Phalacrocorax aristotelis aristotelis

Herreras, M.V.; Aznar, F.J.; Balbuena, J.A.; Raga, J.A., 2000:
Anisakid larvae in the musculature of the Argentinean hake, Merluccius hubbsi

Torres, P.; Moya, R.; Lamilla, J., 2000:
Anisakid nematodes of interest to public health in fishes sold in Valdivia, Chile

Aly, M.M.; Safwat, M.; Mohamed, M., 2000:
Anisakis and fish induced urticaria

Torre Molina, R. de la; Perez Aparicio, J.; Hernandez Bienes, M.; Jurado Perez, R.; Martinez Ruso, A.; Morales Franco, E., 2000:
Anisakis in fresh fish marketed in northern Cordoba

Scortichini, M., 2001:
Anisogramma anomala, agent of eastern filbert blight of hazelnuts in the USA

Dengler, 1999:
Anisophylly and Dorsiventral Shoot Symmetry

Wang Jun; D.Y.oShun; Wang JianPing; L.Q.uJun; Rao XiuQin, 2000:
Anisotropic mechanical properties of pears

Kuwano, J.; Nakamura, Y.; Hashimoto, S., 1999:
Anisotropy of small-strain stiffness and creep of Toyoura sand under various stress conditions

Javor, P.; Tomasovic, S.; Mlinar, R.; Sesar, B., 1999:
Anita - winter wheat cultivar

Thelier Huche, L.; Morlat, R., 2000:
Anjou wine growers' perception and development of natural land factors

Swain, M.B.; Brent, M.; Long, V.H., 1998:
Annals and tourism evolving. Indexing 25 years of publication

Anonymous, 1998:
Annals of the Regional Agricultural Institute: part 1 (1992) and part 2 (1998)

Carvalho, P.R.N., 1999:
Annatto: technological advances and perspectives

Wulf, A., 2000:
Anniversary colloquium - 50 years of research by the Institute for Forest Plant Protection of the Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, 30 September 1999, Braunschweig, Germany

Jach, M.A., 1998:
Annotated check list of aquatic and riparian/littoral beetle families of the world (Coleoptera)

Zervakis, G.; Lizon, P.; Dimou, D.; Polemis, E., 1999:
Annotated check-list of the Greek macrofungi. II. Ascomycotina

Acevedo Rodriguez, P.; Axelrod, F.S., 1999:
Annotated checklist for the tracheophytes of Rio Abajo Forest Reserve, Puerto Rico

Whipple, J.J., 2001:
Annotated checklist of exotic vascular plants in Yellowstone National Park

Myartseva, S.N.; Ruiz Cancino, E., 2000:
Annotated checklist of the Aphelinidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of Mexico

Pecor, J.E.; Jones, J.; Turell, M.J.; Fernandez, R.; Carbajal, F.; O'Guinn, M.; Sardalis, M.; Watts, D.; Zyzak, M.; Calampa, C.; Klein, T.A., 2000:
Annotated checklist of the mosquito species encountered during arboviral studies in Iquitos, Peru (Diptera: Culicidae)

You LanShao; Chen LiangChang; Yang HongQi; Xiao ZhiShu; Luo QingHuai; Tong XinWang, 2000:
Annotated list of Braconidae (Hymenoptera) in Hunan province

Braun, U., 2000:
Annotated list of Cercospora spp. described by C. Spegazzini

Kuznetzov, V.I., 1999:
Annotated list of Tortricidae recorded from Vietnam (Lepidoptera)

Perez Gelabert, D.E.; Flint, O.S.J., 2000:
Annotated list of the Neuroptera of Hispaniola, with new faunistic records of some species

Hilbig, W., 2000:
Annotated outline of the plant communities and their higher syntaxa in Mongolia

Anonymous, 2000:
Annual Report - Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres, 1999-2000

Anonymous, 2001:
Annual Report - Indian Institute of Pulses Research, 2000-2001

Anonymous, 2001:
Annual Report - Morley Research Centre, Norfolk Agricultural Station, 2000-2001

Anonymous, 2000:
Annual Report - National Dairy Research Institute, 1999-2000

Anonymous, 2001:
Annual Report - University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, 1999-2000

Anonymous, 1999:
Annual Report 1998-99 - Department of Conservation and Land Management, Western Australia

Anonymous, 1999:
Annual Report 1999 - State Teaching and Reasearch Institute of Viticulture and Fruit Growing, Weinsberg

Anonymous, 2000:
Annual World Bank Conference on development in Latin America and the Caribbean 1999: decentralization and accountability of the public sector. Proceedings of a Conference held in Valdivia, Chile, 20-22 June, 1999

Sadek, L.A., 1996:
Annual aboveground primary production and mineral dynamics of Juncus rigidus in a salt marsh of the Mediterranean coastal region of Egypt

Bottau, D., 2001:
Annual and seasonal frequency of irrigated drought stages in the Emilia-Romagna plain

Ponder, F.Jr; Jones, J., 2001:
Annual applications of N, P, and K interrupt alternate-year nut crops in black walnut

Xu, X.M.ncino, C., 2001:
Annual bluegrass and creeping bentgrass response to varying levels of iron

M.S.ydur Rahman; Takemura, A.; Takano, A., 2000:
Annual changes in ovarian histology, plasma steroid hormones and vitellogenin in the female golden rabbitfish, Siganus guttatus (Bloch)

Zairin, M.Jr, 2000:
Annual changes in ovarian maturity of female Thai catfish (Pangasius hypopthalmus) reared in a culture pond

Chowdhury, I.; Joy, K.P., 2000:
Annual cyclic variations in some biochemical constituents of seminal vesicle and testis of the catfish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch): a study correlating plasma testosterone level

Allison, D.B.; Fontaine, K.R.; Manson, J.E.; Stevens, J.; VanItallie, T.B., 1999:
Annual deaths attributable to obesity in the United States

Schreuder, H.T.; Lin, J.M.S.; Teply, J., 2000:
Annual design-based estimation for the annualized inventories of forest inventory and analysis: sample size determination

Matsuo, K., 1998:
Annual difference in leaf colour and specific leaf weight of new shoots in first crop of tea plants, cultivar Yabukita

Cruz Vazquez, C.; Bautista Hernandez, J.; Vitela Mendoza, I.; Ramos Parra, M.; Quintero Martinez, M.T.; Garcia Vazquez, Z., 2000:
Annual distribution of Haematobia irritans (L.) (Diptera: Muscidae) in three dairies in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico

Hyatt, L.A.; Evans, A.S.; Baskin, C.C., 1999:
Annual dormancy cycles in Lesquerella fendleri (Brassicaceae) seeds stored under both field and laboratory conditions

Cseuz, L.; Matuz, J.; Beke, B., 2000:
Annual effect on grain quality of winter durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum) in Szeged, Hungary

Anonymous, 2000:
Annual fodder crops and the environment

Juskiw, P.E.; Salmon, D.F.; Helm, J.H., 1999:
Annual forage production from spring-planted winter cereal monocrops and mixtures with spring barley

Wilmoth, G.C.; Foster, J.G.; Hess, J.L., 2000:
Annual forages for the Central High Plains

McRoberts, R.E.; Hansen, M.H., 1999:
Annual forest inventories for the north central region of the United States

Reams, G.A.; Roesch, F.A.; Cost, N.D., 1999:
Annual forest inventory: cornerstone of sustainability in the South

Prostko, E.P.; Johnson, W.C.I.I.I.; Mullinix, B.G.J., 2001:
Annual grass control with preplant incorporated and preemergence applications of ethalfluralin and pendimethalin in peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

Bataher, A.S., 2000:
Annual growth and luban frankincense extraction from Boswellia sacra the in Wadi Hadhramout

Fusaro, D., 2000:
Annual ice cream outlook

Yamamoto, S.; Kizoe, K.; Yoshino, S.; Hagiwara, T., 2000:
Annual incidence of tsutsugamushi disease caused by different serotypes of Orientia tsutsugamushi in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1991-1999

Keatinge, J.D.H.; Qi, A.; Wheeler, T.R.; Subedi, M.; Shah, P.B.; Ellis, R.H.; Summerfield, R.J., 1999:
Annual legume species as green manures/cover crops in low-input farming systems of Nepal

Cassida, K.A.; Malinkowski, D.; Pinchak, W.E.; Ocumpaugh, W.R.; Smith, G.R., 2000:
Annual legumes as reseeding components of pastures in North Central Texas

Hikwa, D.; Waddington, S.R., 1998:
Annual legumes for improving soil fertility in the smallholder maize-based systems of Zimbabwe

Kodrik, M., 1998:
Annual litter fall dynamics of beech forest with different stand densities

Alves Filho, D.C.; Restle, J., 1998:
Annual live weight and body condition variations on cows of different genetic groups. I. Cows that calved and became pregnant

Sheaffer, C.; Simmons, S.; Schmitt, M., 2001:
Annual medic and berseem clover dry matter and nitrogen production in rotation with corn

Kohout, V.; Hamouz, P., 2000:
Annual mercury (Mercurialis annua L.) - reasons for expansion on arable land

Wright, S.D.; Vargas, R.N.; Banuelos, G.; Martin Duvall, T., 2000:
Annual morningglory (Ipomoea spp.) control in cotton

Hayashi, H., 2000:
Annual prevalence and problem of speckled rice caused by insects in Hiroshima Prefecture

Gabutti, E.G.; Privitello, M.J.L.; Maidana, M.A.; Harrison, R.U., 1999:
Annual production of native grasses on Calden (Prosopis caldenia Burk.) range in San Luis Province, Argentina

Anonymous, 1999:
Annual report - Islamic Development Bank, 1998-1999

Anonymous, 1999:
Annual report 1998-99 Central Sheep & Wool Research Institute

Heath, S.P., 2001:
Annual report and accounts - Fisheries Research Services, 2000-2001

Anonymous, 2000:
Annual report of the Grains Research and Development Corporation, 1999-2000

Anonymous, 2000:
Annual report of the sugar industry society

Anonymous, 1999:
Annual review of fertiliser production and consumption 1998-99

Anonymous, 2000:
Annual review of fertiliser production and consumption 1999-2000

Palta, J.A.; Peltzer, S., 2001:
Annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) reduces the uptake and utilisation of fertiliser-nitrogen by wheat

Dana Sanchez, E.; Rodriguez Tamayo, L.; Mota Poveda, J.F., 1999:
Annual semiarid pastures of the Almeriense sector Spergulo fallacis-Plantaginetum ovatae, a new endemic plant community

Sabatier, S.; Barthelemy, D., 2001:
Annual shoot morphology and architecture in Persian walnut, Juglans regia L. (Juglandaceae)

Renu Maheshwari; Pati, A.K.; Seema Gupta, 1999:
Annual variation in air-gulping behaviour in two Indian siluroids, Heteropneustes fossilis and Clarias batrachus

Pakkanen, A.; Nikkanen, T.; Pulkkinen, P., 2000:
Annual variation in pollen contamination and outcrossing in a Picea abies seed orchard

Knops, J.M.H.; Koenig, W.D., 2000:
Annual variation in xylem water potential in California oaks

Cruz Vazquez, C.; Martinez Rangel, S.; Vitela Mendoza, I.; Ramos Parra, M.; Quintero Martinez, M.T.; Garcia Vazquez, Z., 2000:
Annual variation of Stomoxys calcitrans (L.) (Diptera: Muscidae) infestation in three dairies of Aguascalientes, Mexico

Valentim, R.C.; Correia, T.M.; Azevedo, J.; Cardoso, M.; Mauricio, R.; Lincho, B., 2000:
Annual variation of the testis size of Churra Galega Bragancana rams

Williams, L.R., 2000:
Annual variations in the size of a population of Cardamine impatiens L

Sakagami, J.I.; Isoda, A.; Nojima, H.; Takasaki, Y., 1999:
Annuality and perenniality characteristics and variation in Oryza sativa L. and O. glaberrima Steud

Thomas, H.; Thomas, H.M.; Ougham, H., 2000:
Annuality, perenniality and cell death

Grassi, G.; Limongelli, F., 2000:
Annurca apple in Campania region

W.X.aoGang; L.G.angHan; Zhang XiaoYang; Yao Xin, 2001:
Anodic voltammetric behavior of iodide at a chitosan-modified glassy carbon electrode

Anitha, N.; Rangappa, K.S.; Rai, K.M.L., 1999:
Anodically generated manganese (III) sulphate for the oxidation of aldo and keto hexoses: a kinetic and mechanistic study

Malmo, J.; Winterbottom, J.; Eagles, V., 2000:
Anoestrus - the Aussie way

Scena, C.G.; Callejas, S.S., 1999:
Anoestrus in the postpartum period: its importance and technical alternatives to increase the reproductive efficiency of suckling herds

Hirsch, J., 1999:
Anomalies in forewing venation of some specimens of a bee Melecta punctata (Fabr.) (Hymenoptera: Apoidea)

Kumar, R.; Chakrabarti, D.K., 2001:
Anomalies in microsporogenesis in malformed mango flowers

Perfil' eva, K.S., 2000:
Anomalies of wing venation in sexual ant individuals (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) with various strategy of mating behavior

Cantoni, C.; Stella, S.; Ripamonti, B.; Marchese, R., 2001:
Anomalous colouration of mozzarella cheese

Agazzi, G.; Mutton, P., 2001:
Anomalous infestation of Anomala vitis in western Friuli

Pitel, F.; Riquet, J., 2000:
Anonymous markers and detection of their polymorphism

Foley, D.; Ebsworth, P.; Ristyanto, B.; Bryan, J.H., 2000:
Anopheles kochi in Irian Jaya detected by size polymorphism of polymerase chain reaction-amplified internal transcribed spacer unit 2

Kumar, A.; Sharma, V.P.; Sumodan, P.K.; Thavaselvam, D., 1999 :
Anopheles stephensi build-up and accelerated malaria transmission in the post bio-control intervention phase in Candolim PHC of Goa, India Goa

Neeru Singh; Mishra, A.K., 2000:
Anopheline ecology and malaria transmission at a new irrigation project area (Bargi Dam) in Jabalpur (Central India)

Manguin, S.; Fontenille, D.; Chandre, F.; Lochouarn, L.; Mouchet, J.; Kengne, P.; Guillet, P., 1999:
Anopheline population genetics

Ghavami, M.B.; Zaim, M.; Javadian, E.; Edrissian, G.H.; Nateghpoor, M.; Kanani, A.; Nazari, M., 1997:
Anopheline sporozoite infection rate in Ghassreghand, Baluchistan, Iran (1995)

Malhotra, P.R., 1998:
Anophelines of northeastern region and their role in malaria transmission, an overview

Shibuya, K.; Tajima, M.; Nunoya, T., 2000:
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