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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3362

Chapter 3362 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lugardon, K.; Raffner, R.; Goumon, Y.; Corti, A.; Delmas, A.; Bulet, P.; Aunis, D.; Metz Boutigue, M.H., 2000:
Antibacterial and antifungal activities of vasostatin-1, the N-terminal fragment of chromogranin A

Karaman, S.; Digrak, M.; Ravid, U.; Ilcim, A., 2001:
Antibacterial and antifungal activity of the essential oils of Thymus revolutus Celak from Turkey

Dgrak, M.; Alma, M.H.; Ilcim, A.; Sen, S., 1999:
Antibacterial and antifungal effects of various commercial plant extracts

Wachter, G.; Hoffmann, J.; Furbacher, T.B.ake, M.; Timmermann, B., 1999:
Antibacterial and antifungal flavanones from Eysenhardtia texana

Kalemba, D., 1999:
Antibacterial and antifungal properties of essential oils

Recio, I.; Visser, S., 2000:
Antibacterial and binding characteristics of bovine, ovine and caprine lactoferrins: a comparative study

Khallouki, F.; Hmamouchi, M.; Younos, C.; Soulimani, R.; Bessiere, J.M.; Essassi, E.M., 2000:
Antibacterial and molluscicidal activities of the essential oil of Chrysanthemum viscidehirtum

Hosgor, M.; Ermertcan, S.; Erac, B.; Cosar, G., 2000:
Antibacterial antagonism between ciprofloxacin and fusidic acid

Watanabe, T.; Katayama, S.; Matsubara, M.; Honda, Y.; Kuwahara, M., 2000:
Antibacterial carbohydrate monoesters suppressing cell growth of Streptococcus mutans in the presence of sucrose

Aranishi, F.; Mano, N., 2000:
Antibacterial cathepsins in different types of ambicoloured Japanese flounder skin

Lindsay, E.A.; Berry, Y.; Jamie, J.F.; Bremner, J.B., 2000:
Antibacterial compounds from Carissa lanceolata R.Br

Tanaka, Y.; Kikuzaki, H.; Fukuda, S.; Nakatani, N., 2001:
Antibacterial compounds of licorice against upper airway respiratory tract pathogens

Ulubelen, A.; Oksüz, S.; Kolak, U.; Bozok-Johansson, C.; Celik, C.; Voelter, W., 2000:
Antibacterial diterpenes from the roots of Salvia viridis

Odensvik, K.; Grave, K.; Greko, C., 2001:
Antibacterial drugs prescribed for dogs and cats in Sweden and Norway 1990-1998

Amit Ghanaksh; Kaushik, P., 1999:
Antibacterial effect of Rhynchostylis retusa Bl. (Orchidaceae) a study in vitro

Mourgues, F.; Chevreau, E.; Brisset, M.N., 1999:
Antibacterial effect of cecropins on Erwinia amylovora/pear cells interaction/a preliminary study

Ho, S.P.; Hsu, T.Y.; Che, M.H.; Wang, W.S., 2000:
Antibacterial effect of chloramphenicol, thiamphenicol and florfenicol against aquatic animal bacteria

Basm, H.; Yegen, O.; Zeller, W., 2000:
Antibacterial effect of essential oil of Thymbra spicata L. var. spicata on some plant pathogenic bacteria

Asahara, T.; Shimizu, K.; Nomoto, K.; Watanuki, M.; Tanaka, R., 2001:
Antibacterial effect of fermented milk containing Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus against indigenous Escherichia coli infection in mice

Hatvani, N., 2001:
Antibacterial effect of the culture fluid of Lentinus edodes mycelium grown in submerged liquid culture

Agina, S.E.; Olaolu, A.O.; Husaini, S.W.H., 2000:
Antibacterial effect of the ethanolic testa extracts of seeds of some leguminous plants

Velázquez, L.D.; Escudero, M.E.; de Guzmán, A.M., 2001:
Antibacterial effects of different food-related phosphates using Aeromonas hydrophila

Hanan, M.S.; Riad, E.M.; el-Khouly, N.A., 2000:
Antibacterial efficacy and pharmacokinetic studies of ciprofloxacin on Pasteurella multocida infected rabbits

Velikova, M.; Bankova, V.; Tsvetkova, I.; Kujumgiev, A.; Marcucci, M.C., 2000:
Antibacterial ent-kaurene from Brazilian propolis of native stingless bees

Nagashima, Y.; Sendo, A.; Shimakura, K.; Shiomi, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Kimura, B.; Fujii, T., 2001:
Antibacterial factors in skin mucus of rabbitfishes

Vairappan, C.; Daitoh, M.S.zuki, M.A.e, T.M.suda, M., 2001:
Antibacterial halogenated metabolites from the Malaysian Laurencia species

Glinski, Z.; Jarosz, J., 1999:
Antibacterial immune response and biological control of agricultural insect pests

Lin, C.M.; Preston, J.F.; Wei, C.I., 2000:
Antibacterial mechanism of allyl isothiocyanate

Stevens, C.R.; Millar, T.M.; Clinch, J.G.; Kanczler, J.M.; Bodamyali, T.; Blake, D.R., 2000:
Antibacterial properties of xanthine oxidase in human milk

Darwish, A.; Ebrahim, A.; Gergis, A.; Sultan, H., 1998:
Antibacterial residues in meat

Ben Hamida Ben Ezzeddine, N.; Abdelkefi, M.M.; Aissa, R.B.; Chaabouni, M.M., 2001:
Antibacterial screening of Origanum majorana L. oil from Tunisia

Mukherjee, P.K.; Saritha, G.S.; Suresh, B., 2001:
Antibacterial spectrum of Hypericum hookerianum

Fung-Tomc, J.C.; Minassian, B.; Kolek, B.; Huczko, E.; Aleksunes, L.; Stickle, T.; Washo, T.; Gradelski, E.; Valera, L.; Bonner, D.P., 2000:
Antibacterial spectrum of a novel des-fluoro(6) quinolone, BMS-284756

Asima Chakraborty; Brantner, A.H., 1999:
Antibacterial steroid alkaloids from the stem bark of Holarrhena pubescens

Martin Barrasa, J.L.; Lupiola Gomez, P.; Gonzalez Lama, Z.; Tejedor Junco, M.T., 2000:
Antibacterial susceptibility patterns of Pseudomonas strains isolated from chronic canine otitis externa

McGaw, L.J.; Jager, A.K.; Staden, J. van, 2000:
Antibacterial, anthelmintic and anti-amoebic activity in South African medicinal plants

Köhler, B.; Karch, H.; Schmidt, H., 2000:
Antibacterials that are used as growth promoters in animal husbandry can affect the release of Shiga-toxin-2-converting bacteriophages and Shiga toxin 2 from Escherichia coli strains

Smrati Dubey; Rakesh Sharda; Reddy, A.G., 2001:
Antibiogram and drug resistance of Escherichia coli from diarrhoeic goats

Bhalerao, D.P.; Jagadish, S.; Keskar, D.V.; Dangore, A.D.; Sharma, L.K., 2000:
Antibiogram and treatment of bovine sub-clinical mastitis

Das, S.C.; Kapoor, K.N.; Sikdar, A., 2000:
Antibiogram of pathogenic strains of Staphylococcus epidermidis of apparently healthy man and animal origin

Soliman, Z.I., 1999:
Antibiogram of some bacteria contaminating tilapia fish at El-Manzala lake in Port-Said governorate

Adesiyun, A., 1999:
Antibiograms of thermophilic Campylobacter and Salmonella species isolated from stray and pet animals and wildlife on Trinidad

Ekesi, S.; Maniania, N.K.; Onu, I., 1998:
Antibiosis and antixenosis of two cowpea varieties to the legume flower thrips

Triplett, E.W., 1999:
Antibiosis as a means to enhance nodulation competitiveness by Rhizobium inoculum strains under agricultural conditions

Dehority, B.A.; Tirabasso, P.A., 2000:
Antibiosis between ruminal bacteria and ruminal fungi

Ventura, M.A.; Garcia, V.; Canard, M., 2000:
Antibiosis effect caused by the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae (Metschnikoff) Sorokin variety anisopliae Tulloch, to a common green lacewing Chrysoperla kolthoffi (Navas) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

Oriani, M.A. de G.; Lara, F.M., 2000:
Antibiosis effects of wild bean lines containing arcelin on Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) biotype B (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Nanda, U.K.; Dash, D.; Rath, L.K., 1997:
Antibiosis in some rice varieties to the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal)

Rath, L.K.; Misra, D.S.; Sontakke, B.K., 1998:
Antibiosis mechanism of resistance in selected rice varieties to whitebacked planthopper Sogatella furcifera

Stein, C.P.; Vendramim, J.D., 2000:
Antibiosis of potato clones to Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Gupta, C.P.; Dubey, R.C.; Kang, S.C.; Maheshwari, D.K., 2001:
Antibiosis-mediated necrotrophic effect of Pseudomonas GRC2 against two fungal plant pathogens

Garcia Olmedo, F.; Rodriguez Palenzuela, P.; Molina, A.; Alamillo, J.M.; Lopez Solanilla, E.; Berrocal Lobo, M.; Poza Carrion, C., 2001:
Antibiotic activities of peptides, hydrogen peroxide and peroxynitrite in plant defence

Coletto, M.A.B.; Lelli, P., 1998:
Antibiotic activity in Basidiomycetes. XII. Antibacterial and antifungal activity of 32 new strains

Irobi, O.N.; Gbodi, T.A.; Moo-Young, M.; Anderson, W.A., 2000:
Antibiotic Activity of Aspergillus quadrilineatus Extracts Isolated From a Nigerian Cereal

Barro, P.J. de; Hart, P.J., 2001:
Antibiotic curing of parthenogenesis in Eretmocerus mundus (Australian parthenogenic form)

Kamphues, J., 1999 :
Antibiotic growth promoters in animal nutrition

Berild, D.; Ringertz, S.H.; Lelek, M.; Fosse, B., 2001:
Antibiotic guidelines lead to reductions in the use and cost of antibiotics in a university hospital

Mincey, B.A.; Parkulo, M.A., 2001:
Antibiotic prescribing practices in a teaching clinic: comparison of resident and staff physicians

Wiener, P., 2000:
Antibiotic production in a spatially structured environment

Hoskisson, P.A.; Hobbs, G.; Sharples, G.P., 2001:
Antibiotic production, accumulation of intracellular carbon reserves, and sporulation in Micromonospora echinospora (ATCC 15837)

Katz, S.E.; Brady, M.S., 2000:
Antibiotic residues in food and their significance

Liljebjelke, K.A.; Warnick, L.D.; Witt, M.F., 2000:
Antibiotic residues in milk following bulbar subconjunctival injection of procaine penicillin G in dairy cows

Popelka, P.; Nagy, J.; Popelka, P.; Hajurka, J.; Marcincak, S., 2001:
Antibiotic residues in milk of dairy cows after mastitis treatment

Borges, G.T.; Santana, A.P.; Mesquita, A.J. de; Mesquita, S.Q.P.; Silva, L.A.F. da; Nunes, V. de Q., 2000:
Antibiotic residues in pasteurized milk produced and marketed in Goias, Brazil

Walsh, D.D.ffy, G.S.eridan, J.; Blair, I.; Mcdowell, D., 2001:
Antibiotic resistance among Listeria, including Listeria monocytogenes, in retail foods

Smalla, K.; Gebhard, F.; Heuer, H., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance genes as markers in transgenic plants - risk of horizontal gene transfer?

Rodloff, A.; Carbon, C., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance in 1999. Satellite symposium, 9th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Berlin, Germany, 21-24 March 1999

Sáenz, Y.; Zarazaga, M.; Lantero, M.; Gastanares, M.J.; Baquero, F.; Torres, C., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance in Campylobacter strains isolated from animals, foods, and humans in Spain in 1997-1998

Williams, D.L.; Newman, J.L., 2001:
Antibiotic resistance in avian bacteriological isolates

Anonymous, 2000:
Antibiotic resistance in bacteria from animal origin Madrid, Spain, May 7-9, 2000

Sahul Hameed, A.S.; Balasubramanian, G., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance in bacteria isolated from Artemia nauplii and efficacy of formaldehyde to control bacterial load

Hansen, A.K.; Velschow, S., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance in bacterial isolates from laboratory animal colonies naive to antibiotic treatment

Oppegaard, H., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance in staphylococci isolated from dairy cows with mastitis - genetic aspects

Luce, J.M.; Kollef, M.; Niederman, M., 2001:
Antibiotic resistance in the ICU

Kollef, M.H.; Fraser, V.J., 2001:
Antibiotic resistance in the intensive care unit

Ricci, A.; Pozza, D.M.C.; Marangon, S.; Ponzoni, A., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance monitoring in Salmonella strains isolated in northeastern Italy

Wray, C.; Gnanou, J.C., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance monitoring in bacteria of animal origin: analysis of national monitoring programmes

Moreno, M.A.; Dominguez, L.; Teshager, T.; Herrero, I.A.; Porrero, M.C., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance monitoring: the Spanish programme

Tendencia, E.; Pena, L.-De-La, 2001:
Antibiotic resistance of bacteria from shrimp ponds

Mauriello, G.; Moschetti, G.; Villani, F.; Blaiotta, G.; Coppola, S., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance of coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from artisanal Naples-type salami

Tisa, L.S.; Chval, M.S.; Krumholz, G.D.; Richards, J., 1999:
Antibiotic resistance patterns of Frankia strains

Teuber, M., 2001:
Antibiotic resistant bacteria in foods

Hardham, J.M.; Rosey, E.L., 2000:
Antibiotic selective markers and spirochete genetics

Devriese, L.A.; D.H.rdt, P.; Haesebrouck, F., 2001:
Antibiotic sensitivity and resistance in Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale strains from Belgian broiler chickens

Sunita Shivhare; Rakesh Sharda; Reddy, A.G.; Sharma, R.K.; Varsha Sharma, 2000:
Antibiotic sensitivity of Salmonella typhimurium isolates from domestic poultry

Zielinski, G.; Piscitelli, H.; Perez Monti, H.; Stobbs, L.A., 2000:
Antibiotic sensitivity of an Argentine strain collection of Moraxella bovis

Torregrosa, L.; Lopez, G.; Bouquet, A., 2000:
Antibiotic sensitivity of grapevine: a comparison between the effect of hygromycin and kanamycin on shoot development of transgenic 110 Richter rootstock (Vitis berlandieri x Vitis rupestris)

Sala, V.; Gusmara, C., 2001:
Antibiotic sensitivity of some opportunistic bacteria in swine. A critical appraisal

Moharana, H.K.; Pradhan, R.K.; Patro, D.N.; Sahoo, P.K.; Nanda, S.K.; Mohanty, T.N., 2000:
Antibiotic sensitivity studies on repeat breeder crossbred jersey cows in coastal districts of Orissa

Nakaya, I.; Ikeuchi, T.; Tomita, K.; Torikai, Y., 2000:
Antibiotic susceptibility of Pasteurella multocida serotype A and Haemophilus somnus strains isolated from pneumonic calf lungs

Speakman, A.J.; Dawson, S.; Corkill, J.E.; Binns, S.H.; Hart, C.A.; Gaskell, R.M., 2000:
Antibiotic susceptibility of canine Bordetella bronchiseptica isolates

Aubry, A.; Jarlier, V.; Escolano, S.; Truffot-Pernot, C.; Cambau, E., 2000:
Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of Mycobacterium marinum

Peña, C.A.; Mathews, A.A.; Siddiqi, N.H.; Strickland, G.T., 1999:
Antibiotic therapy for Lyme disease in a population-based cohort

Singh, S.V.; Pachauri, S.P., 2001:
Antibiotic therapy in bovine mastitis: a double-edged sword

AliAbadi, F.S.; Lees, P., 2000:
Antibiotic treatment for animals: effect on bacterial population and dosage regimen optimisation

van den Bogaard, A.E.; Stobberingh, E.E., 1999:
Antibiotic usage in animals: impact on bacterial resistance and public health

Choo PohSze, 2000:
Antibiotic use in aquaculture: the Malaysian perspective

Tollefson, L.; Miller, M.A., 2000:
Antibiotic use in food animals: controlling the human health impact

Sheppard, M.E., 2000:
Antibiotic use in the British Columbia aquaculture industry (1996-1998): is the comparison with Norway realistic?

Mulamattathil, S.G.; Esterhuysen, H.A.; Pretorius, P.J., 2000:
Antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative bacteria in a virtually closed water reticulation system

Wawron, W.; Szczubia, M.; Piech, T.; Krzyzanowski, J.; Wrona, Z.; Krakowski, L., 2000:
Antibiotic-sensitivity of bacteria isolated from cases of bovine mastitis

Falkiner, F.R., 2000:
Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance associated with plants, fruits and vegetables

Mellor, S., 2000:
Antibiotics are not the only growth promoters

Ranilla, M.J.; Carro, M.D., 2000:
Antibiotics as additives in animal feeding

Janknegt, R.; Kullberg, B.J.; Broek, P.J. vd; Stobberingh, E.E.; Povel, J.A.C.M., 2001:
Antibiotics in intra-abdominal infections. Drug selection by means of the SOJA method

Majhenic, A.C.; Matijasic, B.B., 2001:
Antibiotics influence on lactic acid bacteria inhabiting gastrointestinal tract

Folly, M.M.; Machado, S. da C.A., 2001:
Antibiotics residues determination, using microbial inhibition, protein-binding and immunoassays methods, in pasteurized milk commercialized in the northern region of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

H.S.ngHua; Y.B.n, 2000:
Antibiotics residues in milk after mastitis treatment with antibiotics

Mar PingHer; Chiu ShiauYen; Chang HsiHsung; Liao MingHuei; Tseng ShuHwa; Fei Andrew ChangYoung, 1999:
Antibiotics sensitivity of pathogenic isolates: (IV) resistant groups of Gram negative bacilli during 1995-1998

Zúñiga, E.; Montes, C.; Barbieri, G.; Gruppi, A., 1999:
Antibodies against Trypanosoma cruzi alkaline antigens are elicited in sera from acute but not chronic human chagasic patients

Steine, N.O.; Melingen, G.O.; Wergeland, H.I., 2001:
Antibodies against Vibrio salmonicida lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and whole bacteria in sera from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) vaccinated during the smolting and early post-smolt period

Wellenberg, G.J.; Mars, M.H.; Oirschot, J.T. van, 2001:
Antibodies against bovine herpesvirus (BHV) 5 may be differentiated from antibodies against BHV1 in a BHV1 glycoprotein E blocking ELISA

O'Donnell, R.A.; de Koning-Ward, T.F.; Burt, R.A.; Bockarie, M.; Reeder, J.C.; Cowman, A.F.; Crabb, B.S., 2001:
Antibodies against merozoite surface protein (MSP)-1(19) are a major component of the invasion-inhibitory response in individuals immune to malaria

Chatterjee, S.; Singh, S.; Sohoni, R.; Singh, N.J.; Vaidya, A.; Long, C.; Sharma, S., 2000:
Antibodies against ribosomal phosphoprotein P0 of Plasmodium falciparum protect mice against challenge with Plasmodium yoelii

Hovius, J.W.; Hovius, K.E.; Oei, A.; Houwers, D.J.; van Dam, A.P., 2000:
Antibodies against specific proteins of and immobilizing activity against three strains of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato can be found in symptomatic but not in infected asymptomatic dogs

Narum, D.L.; Haynes, J.D.; Fuhrmann, S.; Moch, K.; Liang, H.; Hoffman, S.L.; Sim, B.K., 2000:
Antibodies against the Plasmodium falciparum receptor binding domain of EBA-175 block invasion pathways that do not involve sialic acids

Gantt, S.; Persson, C.; Rose, K.; Birkett, A.J.; Abagyan, R.; Nussenzweig, V., 2000:
Antibodies against thrombospondin-related anonymous protein do not inhibit Plasmodium sporozoite infectivity in vivo

Sukla Biswas; Karmarkar, M.G.; Sharma, Y.D., 2001:
Antibodies detected against Plasmodium falciparum haemozoin with inhibitory properties to cytokine production

Gonzalez Villasenor, L.I.; Chen, T.T., 1999:
Antibodies for growth hormone and prolactin using multiple antigen peptide immunogens

Peretz, D.; Williamson, R.A.; Kaneko, K.; Vergara, J.; Leclerc, E.; Schmitt-Ulms, G.; Mehlhorn, I.R.; Legname, G.; Wormald, M.R.; Rudd, P.M.; Dwek, R.A.; Burton, D.R.; Prusiner, S.B., 2001:
Antibodies inhibit prion propagation and clear cell cultures of prion infectivity

Tung, S.L.; Cheng, H.M.; Sam, C.K.; Sundram, K., 2001:
Antibodies of all isotypes to oxysterols in normal human sera: a parameter for in vivo oxidative status?

Radwanska, M.; Magez, S.; Dumont, N.; Pays, A.; Nolan, D.; Pays, E., 2000:
Antibodies raised against the flagellar pocket fraction of Trypanosoma brucei preferentially recognize HSP60 in cDNA expression library

Zhang ManXin; Hisaeda, H.; Kano, S.; Matsumoto, Y.; Hao YanPeng; Looaresuwan, S.; Aikawa, M.; Himeno, K., 2001:
Antibodies specific for heat shock proteins in human and murine malaria

Gutierrez, J.; Guerrero, M.; Nunez, F.; Soto, M.J.; Piedrola, G.; Maroto, M. del C., 2000:
Antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi in European populations

Oliver, D.C.; Fernandez, R.C., 2001:
Antibodies to BrkA augment killing of Bordetella pertussis

Ramon Iruretagoyena, J.; Regulez, P.; Quindos, G.; Ponton, J., 2000:
Antibodies to Candida albicans germ tubes in two intensive care patients with invasive candidiasis

Spicer, P.E.; Phillips, D.; Pike, A.; Johansen, C.; Melrose, W.; Hall, R.A., 1999:
Antibodies to Japanese encephalitis virus in human sera collected from Irian Jaya. Follow-up of a previously reported case of Japanese encephalitis in that region

Sissons, M.J.; Blundell, M.J.; Hill, A.S.; Skerritt, J.H., 1999:
Antibodies to N-terminal peptides of low Mr subunits of wheat glutenin. I. Characterisation of the antibody response

Mushi, E.Z.; Binta, M.G.; Chabo, R.G.; Hyera, J.M.; Thibanyane, K.M.; Mkaria, J., 2001:
Antibodies to Newcastle disease virus in the sera of indigenous chickens in Oodi, Kgatleng, Botswana

Tay, S.T.; Ho, T.M.; Rohani, M.Y.; Devi, S., 2000:
Antibodies to Orientia tsutsugamushi, Rickettsia typhi and spotted fever group rickettsiae among febrile patients in rural areas of Malaysia

Rzedzicki, J.; Pilaszek, J.; Tokarzewski, S.; Szulowski, K.; Iwaniak, W., 2000:
Antibodies to Salmonella enteritidis detected by ELISA in serum, egg yolk and muscles from poultry

Yolken, R.H.; Bachmann, S.; Ruslanova, I.; Lillehoj, E.; Ford, G.; Torrey, E.F.; Schroeder, J.; Rouslanova, I., 2001:
Antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in individuals with first-episode schizophrenia

Muotoe Okafor, F.A.; Gugnani, H.C.; Gugnani, A.; Okafor, G., 2000:
Antibodies to antigens of Histoplasma, Blastomyces and Candida in HIV patients and carriers in Nigeria

Juricova, Z.; Literak, I.; Pinowski, J., 2000:
Antibodies to arboviruses in house sparrows (Passer domesticus) in the Czech Republic

Weiner, H.; Kaiser, W.M., 2001:
Antibodies to assess phosphorylation of spinach leaf nitrate reductase on serine 543 and its binding to 14-3-3 proteins

Melo, C.B.; Oliveira, A.M.; Azevedo, E.O.; Lobato, Z.I.P.; Leite, R.C., 2000:
Antibodies to bluetongue virus in cattle of Paraiba State, Brazil

Brentano, L.; Silva, B.G.; Sayd, S.; Flores, S.W., 2000:
Antibodies to chicken anaemia virus (CAV) in broiler breeder flocks in Brazil

Southworth, D.; Kwiatkowski, S.; Smith, A.R.; Sharpless, H.; Merwin, J.; Marusich, M.F., 1999:
Antibodies to flowering-plant sperm

Magnarelli, L.A.; Stafford, K.C.; Ijdo, J.W.; Fikrig, E.; Oliver, J.H.; Hutcheson, H.J.; Boone, J.L., 1999:
Antibodies to granulocytic ehrlichiae in white-footed and cotton mice in eastern United States

Shamir, M.; Yakobson, B.; Baneth, G.; King, R.; Dar-Verker, S.; Markovics, A.; Aroch, I., 2001:
Antibodies to selected canine pathogens and infestation with intestinal helminths in golden jackals (Canis aureus) in Israel

Charlton, K.G., 2000:
Antibodies to selected disease agents in translocated wild turkeys in California

Rahmah Noordin; Khairul Anuar Abdullah; Noor A' shikin Azahri; Ramachandran, C.P., 1999:
Antibodies to somatic L3 antigen not protective against Brugia malayi infection

Leonhardt, N.; Bazin, I.; Richaud, P.; Marin, E.; Vavasseur, A.; Forestier, C., 2001:
Antibodies to the CFTR modulate the turgor pressure of guard cell protoplasts via slow anion channels

McVay, C.S.; Bracken, P.; Gagliardo, L.F.; Appleton, J., 2000:
Antibodies to tyvelose exhibit multiple modes of interference with the epithelial niche of Trichinella spiralis

Dodoo, D.; Staalsoe, T.; Giha, H.; Kurtzhals, J.A.; Akanmori, B.D.; Koram, K.; Dunyo, S.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Hviid, L.; Theander, T.G., 2001:
Antibodies to variant antigens on the surfaces of infected erythrocytes are associated with protection from malaria in Ghanaian children

Nie, Y.C.; Lu, C.P., 1999:
Antibody against Testudo herpesvirus is not common in Chinese soft-shelled turtles

Kendall, L.V.; Riley, L.K.; Hook, R.R.; Besch-Williford, C.L.; Franklin, C.L., 2000:
Antibody and cytokine responses to the cilium-associated respiratory bacillus in BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice

Tang, B.; Banerjee, B.; Greenberger, P.A.; Fink, J.N.; Kelly, K.J.; Kurup, V.P., 2000:
Antibody binding of deletion mutants of Asp f 2, the major Aspergillus fumigatus allergen

Heath, P.T.; Booy, R.; Azzopardi, H.J.; Slack, M.P.; Bowen-Morris, J.; Griffiths, H.; Ramsay, M.E.; Deeks, J.J.; Moxon, E.R., 2000:
Antibody concentration and clinical protection after Hib conjugate vaccination in the United Kingdom

Uttenthal, A.; Larsen, L.E.; Philipsen, J.S.; Tjornehoj, K.; Viuff, B.; Nielsen, K.H.; Nielsen, T.K., 2000:
Antibody dynamics in BRSV-infected Danish dairy herds as determined by isotype-specific immunoglobulins

Green, L.L., 1999:
Antibody engineering via genetic engineering of the mouse: XenoMouse strains are a vehicle for the facile generation of therapeutic human monoclonal antibodies

Feldmesser, M.; Rivera, J.; Kress, Y.; Kozel, T.R.; Casadevall, A., 2000:
Antibody interactions with the capsule of Cryptococcus neoformans

Sheoran, A.; Nally, J.; Donahue, J.; Smith, B.; Timoney, J., 2000:
Antibody isotypes in sera of equine fetuses aborted due to Leptospira interrogans serovar pomona-type kennewicki infection

Juvenale, M.; Del Negro, G.M.; Duarte, A.J.; Benard, G., 2001:
Antibody isotypes to a Paracoccidioides brasiliensis somatic antigen in sub-acute and chronic form paracoccidioidomycosis

Nishi, S.M.; Kasai, N.; Gennari, S.M., 2001:
Antibody levels in goats fed Toxoplasma gondii oocysts

Marcipar, I.S.; Risso, M.G.; Silber, A.M.; Revelli, S.; Marcipar, A.J., 2001:
Antibody maturation in Trypanosoma cruzi-infected rats

Muller, G.; Kohler, H.; Diller, R.; Erler, W., 2000:
Antibody reactions after aerogenous or subcutaneous immunization of pigs with Pasteurella multocida antigens

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Antimycin A resistance in a mutant Leishmania tarentolae strain is correlated to a point mutation in the mitochondrial apocytochrome b gene

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Antimycobacterial and antiplasmodial cyclodepsipeptides from the insect pathogenic fungus Paecilomyces tenuipes BCC 1614

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Antimycobacterial ergosterol-5,8-endoperoxide from Ajuga remota

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Antimycotic activity and phagocytosis effects of econazole in combination with ibuprofen isobuthanolammonium against vaginal strains

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Antimycotic activity of eugenol against selected water molds

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Antimycotic activity of the essential oil of Artemisia nilagirica

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Antimycotic therapy in otomycosis with tympanic membrane perforation

Alen, Y.; Nakajima, S.; Nitoda, T.; Baba, N.; Kanzaki, H.; Kawazu, K., 2000:
Antinematodal activity of some tropical rainforest plants against the pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

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Antinemic studies of the chemical constituents of the leaves of Murraya koenigii (L.) Spreng

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Antineoplastic effect and toxicity of 1,25-dihydroxy-16-ene-23-yne-vitamin D3 in athymic mice with Y-79 human retinoblastoma tumors

Bittar, M.; Souza, M.M. de; Yunes, R.A.; Lento, R.; Delle Monache, F.; Cechinel Filho, V., 2000:
Antinociceptive activity of 13,118-binaringenin, a biflavonoid present in plants of the Guttiferae

Vamsidhar, I.; Mohammed, A.H.; Nataraj, B.; Rao, C.M.; Mullangi Ramesh, 2000:
Antinociceptive activity of Euphorbia heterophylla roots

Reddy, Y.S.R.; Sama Venkatesh; Suresh, B., 2001:
Antinociceptive activity of Malvastrum coromandelinum

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Antinociceptive activity of and clinical experience with buprenorphine in swine

Mullangi Ramesh; Rao, Y.N.; Kumar, M.R.; Rao, A.V.N.A.; Prabhakar, M.C.; Reddy, B.M., 1999:
Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activity of carumbelloside-I isolated from Caralluma umbellata

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Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of Elaeagnus angustifolia fruit extract

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Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of Tanacetum parthenium L. extract in mice and rats

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Antinociceptive and antiedematogenic effects of the aqueous extract of Hyptis pectinata leaves in experimental animals

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Antinociceptive effect of some Argentine medicinal species of Eupatorium

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Antinociceptive effect of the essential oil from Cymbopogon citratus in mice

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Antinociceptive effect of vitamin K2 (menatetrenone) in diabetic mice

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Antinociceptive effects of Nigella sativa oil and its major component, thymoquinone, in mice

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Antinociceptive effects of intrathecal 5-HT agonists in sheep

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Antinociceptive effects of the tubercles of Anredera leptostachys

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Antinociceptive mechanisms of Dipsacus saponin C administered intrathecally in mice

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Antinociceptive profile of hodgkinsine

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Antinociceptive properties of extracts of new species of plants of the genus Phyllanthus (Euphorbiaceae)

de Souza, M.M.; Bittar, M.; Cechinel-Filho, V.; Yunes, R.A.; Messana, I.; Delle Monache, F.; Ferrari, F., 2000:
Antinociceptive properties of morusin, a prenylflavonoid isolated from Morus nigra root bark

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Antinociceptive properties of the methanolic extract and two triterpenes isolated from Epidendrum mosenii stems (Orchidaceae)

Souza, M.M. de; Madeira, A.; Berti, C.; Krogh, R.; Yunes, R.A.; Cechinel Filho, V., 2000:
Antinociceptive properties of the methanolic extract obtained from Ipomoea pes-caprae (L.) R. Br

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Antinociceptive substances from Incarvillea delavayi

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Antinociceptive, anti-inflammatory and acute toxicity effects of Zataria multiflora Boiss extracts in mice and rats

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Antinuclear antibodies (ANA) in the dog

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Antinuclear antibodies in mice exposed to pesticides

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Antinutrient profile and chemical composition of custard powder produced in Nigeria

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Antinutrients and digestibility (in vitro) of soaked, dehulled and germinated cowpeas

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Antinutrients and toxic substances in legumes used for human consumption

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Antinutritional and toxic effects in albino rats of rapeseed protein products added to standard diet

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Antinutritional constituents and their deleterious effects in feeding

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Antinutritional factors in the plant proteins of diets for non-ruminants

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Antinutritional factors of the hull and dehydrated pulp of coffee (Coffea arabica L.) stored in different periods

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Antinutritional factors present in plant-derived alternate fish feed ingredients and their effects in fish

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Antinutritional factors: proteinase inhibitors and lectins

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Antinutritive and toxic effects of nitriles from rapeseed meal on chickens

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Antiobesity activity of extracts from Lagerstroemia speciosa L. leaves on female KK-Ay mice

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Antiobesity effect of a polyherbal formulation, OB-200G in female rats fed on cafeteria and atherogenic diets

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Antioestrogenic effect of trans-dehydrocrotonin, a nor-clerodane diterpene from Croton cajucara Benth. in rats

Chae HanJung; Kang JangSook; Kim JongHwan; Kim ChulWon; Yoo SimKeun; Shin TaeYong; Choi Bom; Kim HyungMin; Kim HyungRyong, 2001:
Antiosteoporotic activity of Dae-Bo-Won-Chun in ovariectomized rats

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Antioxidant Supplementation in Atherosclerosis Prevention (ASAP) study: a randomized trial of the effect of vitamins E and C on 3-year progression of carotid atherosclerosis

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Antioxidant ability of broccoli flower buds during short-term storage

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Antioxidant action and potential antidiabetic properties of an isoflavonoid-containing soyabean phytochemical extract (SPE)

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Antioxidant action of Tinospora cordifolia root extract in alloxan diabetic rats

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Antioxidant action of curcumin

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Antioxidant action of extract of the traditional medicinal plant Rhazya stricta Decne. in rats

Valle, K.; Diaz Cruz, A.; Avila, E.; Guinzberg, R.; Pina, E., 2001:
Antioxidant action of piroxicam on liver, heart and lung in broiler chicks

Sant' Ana, L.S.; Mancini Filho, J., 1999:
Antioxidant action of rosemary extract (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) in Pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus Holmberg) fillets

Hsieh ChiuLuan; Yen GowChin, 2000:
Antioxidant actions of Du-zhong (Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.) toward oxidative damage in biomolecules

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Antioxidant activities of allspice extracts in rapeseed oil

Naguib, Yma, 2000:
Antioxidant activities of astaxanthin and related carotenoids

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Antioxidant activities of buckwheat hull extract toward various oxidative stress in vitro and in vivo

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Antioxidant activities of carotenoids: quantitative relationships between theoretical calculations and experimental literature data

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Antioxidant activities of lignans in the frap assay (Ferric reducing/antioxidant power assay)

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Antioxidant activities of natural 9-cis and synthetic all-trans beta -carotene assessed by human neutrophil chemiluminescence

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Antioxidant activities of natural phenolic components from Dalbergia odorifera T. Chen

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Antioxidant activity and general fruit characteristics in different ecotypes of Corbarini small tomatoes

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Antioxidant activity and inhibitory effect of Gamazumi (Viburnum dilatatum THUNB.) on oxidative damage induced by water immersion restraint stress in rats

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Antioxidant activity and phenolic contents of oat groats and hulls

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Antioxidant activity and protective effect on DNA cleavage of extracts from Cistus incanus L. and Cistus monspeliensis L

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Antioxidant activity and radioprotective effects against chromosomal damage induced in vivo by X-rays of flavan-3-ols (procyanidins) from grape seeds (Vitis vinifera): comparative study versus other phenolic and organic compounds

Zielinski, H.; Kozowska, H., 2000 :
Antioxidant activity and total phenolics in selected cereal grains and their different morphological fractions

Wang, S.; Lin, H., 2000:
Antioxidant activity in fruits and leaves of blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry varies with cultivar and developmental stage

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Antioxidant activity in human faeces

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Antioxidant activity of Argyranthemum spp. aerial parts

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Antioxidant activity of Artemisia douglasiana Besser extract and dehydroleucodine

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Antioxidant activity of Bacopa monniera in rat frontal cortex, striatum and hippocampus

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Antioxidant activity of Centaurium erythraea infusion evidenced by its superoxide radical scavenging and xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity

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Antioxidant activity of Cichorium intybus ethanolic extract

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Antioxidant activity of Hypericum androsaemum infusion

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Antioxidant activity of Ilex paraguariensis and related species

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Antioxidant activity of Nigella sativa essential oil

Wang XueJiang; Feng Ping, 2000:
Antioxidant activity of Qizhu Tang

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Antioxidant activity of berry anthocyanins

Kahkonen, M.; Vainionpaa, M.; Hopia, A.; Heinonen, M., 2001:
Antioxidant activity of berry ellagitannins

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Antioxidant activity of brahma rasayana

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Antioxidant activity of buckwheat leaves

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Antioxidant activity of carotenoids in muscle foods

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Antioxidant activity of compounds isolated from Salvia plebeia

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Antioxidant activity of dietary polyphenols as determined by a modified ferric reducing/antioxidant power assay

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Antioxidant activity of essential oils from various spices

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Antioxidant activity of extracts from Acacia confusa bark and heartwood

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Antioxidant activity of extracts from Gevuina avellana and Rosa rubiginosa defatted seeds

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Antioxidant activity of extracts from Lavandula vera MM cell cultures

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Antioxidant activity of extracts from plants growing in Sardinia

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Antioxidant activity of extracts from roasted wheat germ

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Antioxidant activity of extracts of phenolic compounds from selected plant species

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Antioxidant activity of fresh and processed edible seaweeds

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Antioxidant activity of fresh apples

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Antioxidant activity of grape seed (Vitis vinifera) extracts on peroxidation models in vitro

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Antioxidant activity of hydroxycinnamic acids on human low-density lipoprotein oxidation in vitro

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Antioxidant activity of hydroxytyrosol acetate compared with that of other olive oil polyphenols

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Antioxidant activity of leaves of Salvia species in enzyme-dependent and enzyme-independent systems of lipid peroxidation and their phenolic constituents

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Antioxidant activity of malt rootlet extracts

Kery, A.; Blazovics, A.; Fejes, S.; Nagy, E.; Lugasi, A.; Kursinszki, L.; Czinner, E.; Kristo, T.S.; Apati, P.; Balazs, A.; Szoke, E., 2001:
Antioxidant activity of medicinal plants used in phytotherapy

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Antioxidant activity of michellamine alkaloids

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Antioxidant activity of nasunin, an anthocyanin in eggplant peels

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Antioxidant activity of nontocopherol hazelnut (Corylus spp.) phenolics

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Antioxidant activity of peroxidase system in supramolecular structures of cellular nuclei in the post-embryonic phase of wheat ontogenesis

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Antioxidant activity of phenolic fraction of pea (Pisum sativum)

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Antioxidant activity of phenolics extracted from Olea europaea L. leaves

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Antioxidant activity of phenylethanoid glycosides from Brandisia hancei

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Antioxidant activity of pilot-plant alcoholic and supercritical carbon dioxide extracts of thyme

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Antioxidant activity of plant extracts containing phenolic compounds

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Antioxidant activity of polyphenols from seeds of Vitis amurensis in vitro

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Antioxidant activity of pomegranate juice and its relationship with phenolic composition and processing

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Antioxidant activity of resveratrol compared with common food additives

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Antioxidant activity of sage extracts in rapeseed oil irradiated with UV-rays

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Antioxidant activity of seafennel (Crithmum maritimum L.) essential oil and rose (Rosa canina) extract on natural olive oil

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Antioxidant activity of several commercial teas and their components

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Antioxidant activity of some foods containing phenolic compounds

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Antioxidant activity of some roasted foods

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Antioxidant activity of soya hypocotyl tea in humans

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Antioxidant activity of tannoid principles of Emblica officinalis (amla) in chronic stress induced changes in rat brain

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Antioxidant activity of the extracts from fruiting bodies of cultured Cordyceps sinensis

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Antioxidant activity of the flaxseed lignan secoisolariciresinol diglycoside and its mammalian lignan metabolites enterodiol and enterolactone

Lavelli, V.; Peri, C.; Rizzolo, A., 2000:
Antioxidant activity of tomato products as studied by model reactions using xanthine oxidase, myeloperoxidase, and copper-induced lipid peroxidation

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Antioxidant activity of various fractions of non-tannin phenolics of canola hulls

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Antioxidant activity of water soluble extracts from okara fermented with Bacillus natto and Rhizopus oligosporus

Keum YoungSam; Park KwangKyun; Lee JongMin; Chun KyungSoo; Park JeongHill; Lee SeungKi; Kwon HoonJeong; Surh YoungJoon, 2000:
Antioxidant and anti-tumor promoting activities of the methanol extract of heat-processed ginseng

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Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of Foeniculum vulgare and Crithmum maritimum essential oils

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Antioxidant and antimicrobial effects of extracts from hydrolysates of lignocellulosic materials

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Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of some Chinese plant extracts

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Antioxidant and antiradical activities of flavonoids

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Antioxidant and antitumor activity of Ganoderma lucidum (Curt.: Fr.) P. Karst. - Reishi (Aphyllophoromycetideae) from South India

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Antioxidant and antitumour activity of rosemary leaves

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Antioxidant and cyclooxygenase inhibitory phenolic compounds from Ocimum sanctum Linn

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Antioxidant and free radical scavenging effects of baicalein, baicalin and wogonin

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Antioxidant and free radical-scavenging properties of ethanolic extracts of defatted borage (Borago officinalis L.) seeds

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Antioxidant and hepatoprotective actions of the medicinal herb Artemisia campestris from the Okinawa Islands

Babu, B.H.; Shylesh, B.S.; Padikkala, J., 2001:
Antioxidant and hepatoprotective effect of Acanthus ilicifolius

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Antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects of Acathopanax senticosus

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Antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects of Anoectochilus formosanus and Gynostemma pentaphyllum

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Antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects of punicalagin and punicalin on acetaminophen-induced liver damage in rats

Reimund, J.M.; Hirth, C.; Koehl, C.; Baumann, R.; Duclos, B., 2000:
Antioxidant and immune status in active Crohn's disease. A possible relationship

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