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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3362

Chapter 3362 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lugardon, K.; Raffner, R.; Goumon, Y.; Corti, A.; Delmas, A.; Bulet, P.; Aunis, D.; Metz Boutigue, M.H., 2000:
Antibacterial and antifungal activities of vasostatin-1, the N-terminal fragment of chromogranin A

Dgrak, M.; Alma, M.H.; Ilcim, A.; Sen, S., 1999:
Antibacterial and antifungal effects of various commercial plant extracts

Kalemba, D., 1999:
Antibacterial and antifungal properties of essential oils

Hosgor, M.; Ermertcan, S.; Erac, B.; Cosar, G., 2000:
Antibacterial antagonism between ciprofloxacin and fusidic acid

Tanaka, Y.; Kikuzaki, H.; Fukuda, S.; Nakatani, N., 2001:
Antibacterial compounds of licorice against upper airway respiratory tract pathogens

Ulubelen, A.; Oksüz, S.; Kolak, U.; Bozok-Johansson, C.; Celik, C.; Voelter, W., 2000:
Antibacterial diterpenes from the roots of Salvia viridis

Amit Ghanaksh; Kaushik, P., 1999:
Antibacterial effect of Rhynchostylis retusa Bl. (Orchidaceae) a study in vitro

Mourgues, F.; Chevreau, E.; Brisset, M.N., 1999:
Antibacterial effect of cecropins on Erwinia amylovora/pear cells interaction/a preliminary study

Ho, S.P.; Hsu, T.Y.; Che, M.H.; Wang, W.S., 2000:
Antibacterial effect of chloramphenicol, thiamphenicol and florfenicol against aquatic animal bacteria

Basm, H.; Yegen, O.; Zeller, W., 2000:
Antibacterial effect of essential oil of Thymbra spicata L. var. spicata on some plant pathogenic bacteria

Asahara, T.; Shimizu, K.; Nomoto, K.; Watanuki, M.; Tanaka, R., 2001:
Antibacterial effect of fermented milk containing Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus against indigenous Escherichia coli infection in mice

Agina, S.E.; Olaolu, A.O.; Husaini, S.W.H., 2000:
Antibacterial effect of the ethanolic testa extracts of seeds of some leguminous plants

Velázquez, L.D.; Escudero, M.E.; de Guzmán, A.M., 2001:
Antibacterial effects of different food-related phosphates using Aeromonas hydrophila

Hanan, M.S.; Riad, E.M.; el-Khouly, N.A., 2000:
Antibacterial efficacy and pharmacokinetic studies of ciprofloxacin on Pasteurella multocida infected rabbits

Glinski, Z.; Jarosz, J., 1999:
Antibacterial immune response and biological control of agricultural insect pests

Lin, C.M.; Preston, J.F.; Wei, C.I., 2000:
Antibacterial mechanism of allyl isothiocyanate

Darwish, A.; Ebrahim, A.; Gergis, A.; Sultan, H., 1998:
Antibacterial residues in meat

Fung-Tomc, J.C.; Minassian, B.; Kolek, B.; Huczko, E.; Aleksunes, L.; Stickle, T.; Washo, T.; Gradelski, E.; Valera, L.; Bonner, D.P., 2000:
Antibacterial spectrum of a novel des-fluoro(6) quinolone, BMS-284756

Köhler, B.; Karch, H.; Schmidt, H., 2000:
Antibacterials that are used as growth promoters in animal husbandry can affect the release of Shiga-toxin-2-converting bacteriophages and Shiga toxin 2 from Escherichia coli strains

Smrati Dubey; Rakesh Sharda; Reddy, A.G., 2001:
Antibiogram and drug resistance of Escherichia coli from diarrhoeic goats

Bhalerao, D.P.; Jagadish, S.; Keskar, D.V.; Dangore, A.D.; Sharma, L.K., 2000:
Antibiogram and treatment of bovine sub-clinical mastitis

Das, S.C.; Kapoor, K.N.; Sikdar, A., 2000:
Antibiogram of pathogenic strains of Staphylococcus epidermidis of apparently healthy man and animal origin

Soliman, Z.I., 1999:
Antibiogram of some bacteria contaminating tilapia fish at El-Manzala lake in Port-Said governorate

Adesiyun, A., 1999:
Antibiograms of thermophilic Campylobacter and Salmonella species isolated from stray and pet animals and wildlife on Trinidad

Ekesi, S.; Maniania, N.K.; Onu, I., 1998:
Antibiosis and antixenosis of two cowpea varieties to the legume flower thrips

Triplett, E.W., 1999:
Antibiosis as a means to enhance nodulation competitiveness by Rhizobium inoculum strains under agricultural conditions

Dehority, B.A.; Tirabasso, P.A., 2000:
Antibiosis between ruminal bacteria and ruminal fungi

Ventura, M.A.; Garcia, V.; Canard, M., 2000:
Antibiosis effect caused by the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae (Metschnikoff) Sorokin variety anisopliae Tulloch, to a common green lacewing Chrysoperla kolthoffi (Navas) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

Oriani, M.A. de G.; Lara, F.M., 2000:
Antibiosis effects of wild bean lines containing arcelin on Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) biotype B (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Nanda, U.K.; Dash, D.; Rath, L.K., 1997:
Antibiosis in some rice varieties to the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal)

Rath, L.K.; Misra, D.S.; Sontakke, B.K., 1998:
Antibiosis mechanism of resistance in selected rice varieties to whitebacked planthopper Sogatella furcifera

Stein, C.P.; Vendramim, J.D., 2000:
Antibiosis of potato clones to Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Gupta, C.P.; Dubey, R.C.; Kang, S.C.; Maheshwari, D.K., 2001:
Antibiosis-mediated necrotrophic effect of Pseudomonas GRC2 against two fungal plant pathogens

Coletto, M.A.B.; Lelli, P., 1998:
Antibiotic activity in Basidiomycetes. XII. Antibacterial and antifungal activity of 32 new strains

Irobi, O.N.; Gbodi, T.A.; Moo-Young, M.; Anderson, W.A., 2000:
Antibiotic Activity of Aspergillus quadrilineatus Extracts Isolated From a Nigerian Cereal

Kamphues, J., 1999:
Antibiotic growth promoters in animal nutrition

Berild, D.; Ringertz, S.H.; Lelek, M.; Fosse, B., 2001:
Antibiotic guidelines lead to reductions in the use and cost of antibiotics in a university hospital

Mincey, B.A.; Parkulo, M.A., 2001:
Antibiotic prescribing practices in a teaching clinic: comparison of resident and staff physicians

Liljebjelke, K.A.; Warnick, L.D.; Witt, M.F., 2000:
Antibiotic residues in milk following bulbar subconjunctival injection of procaine penicillin G in dairy cows

Popelka, P.; Nagy, J.; Popelka, P.; Hajurka, J.; Marcincak, S., 2001:
Antibiotic residues in milk of dairy cows after mastitis treatment

Borges, G.T.; Santana, A.P.; Mesquita, A.J. de; Mesquita, S.Q.P.; Silva, L.A.F. da; Nunes, V. de Q., 2000:
Antibiotic residues in pasteurized milk produced and marketed in Goias, Brazil

Smalla, K.; Gebhard, F.; Heuer, H., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance genes as markers in transgenic plants - risk of horizontal gene transfer?

Sáenz, Y.; Zarazaga, M.; Lantero, M.; Gastanares, M.J.; Baquero, F.; Torres, C., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance in Campylobacter strains isolated from animals, foods, and humans in Spain in 1997-1998

Williams, D.L.; Newman, J.L., 2001:
Antibiotic resistance in avian bacteriological isolates

Anonymous, 2000:
Antibiotic resistance in bacteria from animal origin Madrid, Spain, May 7-9, 2000

Hansen, A.K.; Velschow, S., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance in bacterial isolates from laboratory animal colonies naive to antibiotic treatment

Oppegaard, H., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance in staphylococci isolated from dairy cows with mastitis - genetic aspects

Luce, J.M.; Kollef, M.; Niederman, M., 2001:
Antibiotic resistance in the ICU

Ricci, A.; Pozza, D.M.C.; Marangon, S.; Ponzoni, A., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance monitoring in Salmonella strains isolated in northeastern Italy

Mauriello, G.; Moschetti, G.; Villani, F.; Blaiotta, G.; Coppola, S., 2000:
Antibiotic resistance of coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from artisanal Naples-type salami

Tisa, L.S.; Chval, M.S.; Krumholz, G.D.; Richards, J., 1999:
Antibiotic resistance patterns of Frankia strains

Teuber, M., 2001:
Antibiotic resistant bacteria in foods

Hardham, J.M.; Rosey, E.L., 2000:
Antibiotic selective markers and spirochete genetics

Sunita Shivhare; Rakesh Sharda; Reddy, A.G.; Sharma, R.K.; Varsha Sharma, 2000:
Antibiotic sensitivity of Salmonella typhimurium isolates from domestic poultry

Zielinski, G.; Piscitelli, H.; Perez Monti, H.; Stobbs, L.A., 2000:
Antibiotic sensitivity of an Argentine strain collection of Moraxella bovis

Torregrosa, L.; Lopez, G.; Bouquet, A., 2000:
Antibiotic sensitivity of grapevine: a comparison between the effect of hygromycin and kanamycin on shoot development of transgenic 110 Richter rootstock (Vitis berlandieri x Vitis rupestris)

Sala, V.; Gusmara, C., 2001:
Antibiotic sensitivity of some opportunistic bacteria in swine. A critical appraisal

Moharana, H.K.; Pradhan, R.K.; Patro, D.N.; Sahoo, P.K.; Nanda, S.K.; Mohanty, T.N., 2000:
Antibiotic sensitivity studies on repeat breeder crossbred jersey cows in coastal districts of Orissa

Nakaya, I.; Ikeuchi, T.; Tomita, K.; Torikai, Y., 2000:
Antibiotic susceptibility of Pasteurella multocida serotype A and Haemophilus somnus strains isolated from pneumonic calf lungs

Aubry, A.; Jarlier, V.; Escolano, S.; Truffot-Pernot, C.; Cambau, E., 2000:
Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of Mycobacterium marinum

Peña, C.A.; Mathews, A.A.; Siddiqi, N.H.; Strickland, G.T., 1999:
Antibiotic therapy for Lyme disease in a population-based cohort

Singh, S.V.; Pachauri, S.P., 2001:
Antibiotic therapy in bovine mastitis: a double-edged sword

van den Bogaard, A.E.; Stobberingh, E.E., 1999:
Antibiotic usage in animals: impact on bacterial resistance and public health

Choo PohSze, 2000:
Antibiotic use in aquaculture: the Malaysian perspective

Tollefson, L.; Miller, M.A., 2000:
Antibiotic use in food animals: controlling the human health impact

Sheppard, M.E., 2000:
Antibiotic use in the British Columbia aquaculture industry (1996-1998): is the comparison with Norway realistic?

Wawron, W.; Szczubia, M.; Piech, T.; Krzyzanowski, J.; Wrona, Z.; Krakowski, L., 2000:
Antibiotic-sensitivity of bacteria isolated from cases of bovine mastitis

Falkiner, F.R., 2000:
Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance associated with plants, fruits and vegetables

Mellor, S., 2000:
Antibiotics are not the only growth promoters

Ranilla, M.J.; Carro, M.D., 2000:
Antibiotics as additives in animal feeding

Janknegt, R.; Kullberg, B.J.; Broek, P.J. vd; Stobberingh, E.E.; Povel, J.A.C.M., 2001:
Antibiotics in intra-abdominal infections. Drug selection by means of the SOJA method

Majhenic, A.C.; Matijasic, B.B., 2001:
Antibiotics influence on lactic acid bacteria inhabiting gastrointestinal tract

Folly, M.M.; Machado, S. da C.A., 2001:
Antibiotics residues determination, using microbial inhibition, protein-binding and immunoassays methods, in pasteurized milk commercialized in the northern region of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

H.S.ngHua; Y.B.n, 2000:
Antibiotics residues in milk after mastitis treatment with antibiotics

Mar PingHer; Chiu ShiauYen; Chang HsiHsung; Liao MingHuei; Tseng ShuHwa; Fei Andrew ChangYoung, 1999:
Antibiotics sensitivity of pathogenic isolates: (IV) resistant groups of Gram negative bacilli during 1995-1998

O'Donnell, R.A.; de Koning-Ward, T.F.; Burt, R.A.; Bockarie, M.; Reeder, J.C.; Cowman, A.F.; Crabb, B.S., 2001:
Antibodies against merozoite surface protein (MSP)-1(19) are a major component of the invasion-inhibitory response in individuals immune to malaria

Chatterjee, S.; Singh, S.; Sohoni, R.; Singh, N.J.; Vaidya, A.; Long, C.; Sharma, S., 2000:
Antibodies against ribosomal phosphoprotein P0 of Plasmodium falciparum protect mice against challenge with Plasmodium yoelii

Hovius, J.W.; Hovius, K.E.; Oei, A.; Houwers, D.J.; van Dam, A.P., 2000:
Antibodies against specific proteins of and immobilizing activity against three strains of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato can be found in symptomatic but not in infected asymptomatic dogs

Narum, D.L.; Haynes, J.D.; Fuhrmann, S.; Moch, K.; Liang, H.; Hoffman, S.L.; Sim, B.K., 2000:
Antibodies against the Plasmodium falciparum receptor binding domain of EBA-175 block invasion pathways that do not involve sialic acids

Gantt, S.; Persson, C.; Rose, K.; Birkett, A.J.; Abagyan, R.; Nussenzweig, V., 2000:
Antibodies against thrombospondin-related anonymous protein do not inhibit Plasmodium sporozoite infectivity in vivo

Peretz, D.; Williamson, R.A.; Kaneko, K.; Vergara, J.; Leclerc, E.; Schmitt-Ulms, G.; Mehlhorn, I.R.; Legname, G.; Wormald, M.R.; Rudd, P.M.; Dwek, R.A.; Burton, D.R.; Prusiner, S.B., 2001:
Antibodies inhibit prion propagation and clear cell cultures of prion infectivity

Tung, S.L.; Cheng, H.M.; Sam, C.K.; Sundram, K., 2001:
Antibodies of all isotypes to oxysterols in normal human sera: a parameter for in vivo oxidative status?

Ramon Iruretagoyena, J.; Regulez, P.; Quindos, G.; Ponton, J., 2000:
Antibodies to Candida albicans germ tubes in two intensive care patients with invasive candidiasis

Sissons, M.J.; Blundell, M.J.; Hill, A.S.; Skerritt, J.H., 1999:
Antibodies to N-terminal peptides of low Mr subunits of wheat glutenin. I. Characterisation of the antibody response

Mushi, E.Z.; Binta, M.G.; Chabo, R.G.; Hyera, J.M.; Thibanyane, K.M.; Mkaria, J., 2001:
Antibodies to Newcastle disease virus in the sera of indigenous chickens in Oodi, Kgatleng, Botswana

Rzedzicki, J.; Pilaszek, J.; Tokarzewski, S.; Szulowski, K.; Iwaniak, W., 2000:
Antibodies to Salmonella enteritidis detected by ELISA in serum, egg yolk and muscles from poultry

Yolken, R.H.; Bachmann, S.; Ruslanova, I.; Lillehoj, E.; Ford, G.; Torrey, E.F.; Schroeder, J.; Rouslanova, I., 2001:
Antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in individuals with first-episode schizophrenia

Juricova, Z.; Literak, I.; Pinowski, J., 2000:
Antibodies to arboviruses in house sparrows (Passer domesticus) in the Czech Republic

Weiner, H.; Kaiser, W.M., 2001:
Antibodies to assess phosphorylation of spinach leaf nitrate reductase on serine 543 and its binding to 14-3-3 proteins

Melo, C.B.; Oliveira, A.M.; Azevedo, E.O.; Lobato, Z.I.P.; Leite, R.C., 2000:
Antibodies to bluetongue virus in cattle of Paraiba State, Brazil

Brentano, L.; Silva, B.G.; Sayd, S.; Flores, S.W., 2000:
Antibodies to chicken anaemia virus (CAV) in broiler breeder flocks in Brazil

Magnarelli, L.A.; Stafford, K.C.; Ijdo, J.W.; Fikrig, E.; Oliver, J.H.; Hutcheson, H.J.; Boone, J.L., 1999:
Antibodies to granulocytic ehrlichiae in white-footed and cotton mice in eastern United States

Charlton, K.G., 2000:
Antibodies to selected disease agents in translocated wild turkeys in California

Rahmah Noordin; Khairul Anuar Abdullah; Noor A' shikin Azahri; Ramachandran, C.P., 1999:
Antibodies to somatic L3 antigen not protective against Brugia malayi infection

McVay, C.S.; Bracken, P.; Gagliardo, L.F.; Appleton, J., 2000:
Antibodies to tyvelose exhibit multiple modes of interference with the epithelial niche of Trichinella spiralis

Dodoo, D.; Staalsoe, T.; Giha, H.; Kurtzhals, J.A.; Akanmori, B.D.; Koram, K.; Dunyo, S.; Nkrumah, F.K.; Hviid, L.; Theander, T.G., 2001:
Antibodies to variant antigens on the surfaces of infected erythrocytes are associated with protection from malaria in Ghanaian children

Kendall, L.V.; Riley, L.K.; Hook, R.R.; Besch-Williford, C.L.; Franklin, C.L., 2000:
Antibody and cytokine responses to the cilium-associated respiratory bacillus in BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice

Heath, P.T.; Booy, R.; Azzopardi, H.J.; Slack, M.P.; Bowen-Morris, J.; Griffiths, H.; Ramsay, M.E.; Deeks, J.J.; Moxon, E.R., 2000:
Antibody concentration and clinical protection after Hib conjugate vaccination in the United Kingdom

Feldmesser, M.; Rivera, J.; Kress, Y.; Kozel, T.R.; Casadevall, A., 2000:
Antibody interactions with the capsule of Cryptococcus neoformans

Juvenale, M.; Del Negro, G.M.; Duarte, A.J.; Benard, G., 2001:
Antibody isotypes to a Paracoccidioides brasiliensis somatic antigen in sub-acute and chronic form paracoccidioidomycosis

Nishi, S.M.; Kasai, N.; Gennari, S.M., 2001:
Antibody levels in goats fed Toxoplasma gondii oocysts

Marcipar, I.S.; Risso, M.G.; Silber, A.M.; Revelli, S.; Marcipar, A.J., 2001:
Antibody maturation in Trypanosoma cruzi-infected rats

Toyoguchi, A.; Omata, Y.; Koyama, T.; Kamiyoshi, T.; Takeda, K.; Furuoka, H.; Kobayashi, Y.; Kakuda, F.; Maeda, R.; Matsui, T.; Saito, A.; Mikami, T., 2000:
Antibody reactivity to Cryptosporidium parvum in saliva of calves after experimental infection

Butler, J.E.; Weber, P.; Sinkora, M.; Sun, J.; Ford, S.J.; Christenson, R.K., 2000:
Antibody repertoire development in fetal and neonatal piglets. II. Characterization of heavy chain complementarity-determining region 3 diversity in the developing fetus

Nicholson, I.C.; Zou XianGang; Popov, A.V.; Cook, G.P.; Corps, E.M.; Humphries, S.; Ayling, C.; Goyenechea, B.; Xian Jian; Taussig, M.J.; Neuberger, M.S.; Bruggemann, M., 2000:
Antibody repertoires of four- and five-feature translocus mice carrying human immunoglobulin heavy chain and kappa and lambda light chain yeast artificial chromosomes

Rodrigues da Silva, A.C.; Caporale, G.M.; Gonçalves, C.A.; Targueta, M.C.; Comin, F.; Zanetti, C.R.; Kotait, I., 2000:
Antibody response in cattle after vaccination with inactivated and attenuated rabies vaccines

Bandyopadhyay, S.; Singh, B.P., 2000:
Antibody response in secondary hydatidosis by ELISA using affinity purified buffalo hydatid cyst fluid antigen

Imada, T.; Tsuboi, T.; Takahashi, N.; Hamaoka, T.; Yatsuhasi, K.; Syouji, T.; Haritani, M.; Murata, H., 1996:
Antibody response of sika deer (Cervus nippon) against 4 kinds of bovine vaccine viruses

Philipp, M.T.; Bowers, L.C.; Fawcett, P.T.; Jacobs, M.B.; Liang, F.T.; Marques, A.R.; Mitchell, P.D.; Purcell, J.E.; Ratterree, M.S.; Straubinger, R.K., 2001:
Antibody response to IR6, a conserved immunodominant region of the VlsE lipoprotein, wanes rapidly after antibiotic treatment of Borrelia burgdorferi infection in experimental animals and in humans

Estrada Chavez, C.; Mancilla, R.; Arriaga Diaz, C.; Perez Gonzalez, R.; Diaz Otero, F., 2001:
Antibody response to PPD in cattle from herds with different tuberculosis prevalence in Mexico

Arif, A.A.; Gao LianYong; Davis, C.D.; Helm, D.S., 1999:
Antibody response to heat shock proteins and histopathology in mice infected with Trypanosoma cruzi and maintained at elevated temperature

Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman; Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman; Baek ByeongKirl; Lee Hwa, 2001:
Antibody responses in goats vaccinated with a new epsilon toxoid vaccine of Clostridium perfringens

Rathaur, S.; Sharma, S.; Singh, R.N.; Henkle, K.; Selkirk, M.E., 2001:
Antibody responses of Wuchereria bancrofti patients to recombinant Brugia pahangi superoxide dismutase

Semu, S.M.; Peter, T.F.; Mukwedeya, D.; Barbet, A.F.; Jongejan, F.; Mahan, S.M., 2001:
Antibody responses to MAP 1B and other Cowdria ruminantium antigens are down regulated in cattle challenged with tick-transmitted heartwater

Lee, M.S.; Greenberg, D.P.; Yeh, S.H.; Yogev, R.; Reisinger, K.S.; Ward, J.I.; Blatter, M.M.; Cho, I.; Holmes, S.J.; Cordova, J.M.; August, M.J.; Chen, W.; Mehta, H.B.; Coelingh, K.L.; Mendelman, P.M., 2001:
Antibody responses to bovine parainfluenza virus type 3 (PIV3) vaccination and human PIV3 infection in young infants

Boa-Amponsem, K.; Dunnington, E.A.; Pierson, F.W.; Larsen, C.T.; Siegel, P.B., 2000:
Antibody responses to different dosages of sheep red blood cells in lines of chickens selected for high and low antibody response to sheep red blood cells

Weisman, S.; Wang, L.; Billman-Jacobe, H.; Nhan, D.H.; Richie, T.L.; Coppel, R.L., 2001:
Antibody responses to infections with strains of Plasmodium falciparum expressing diverse forms of merozoite surface protein 2

Lathrop, S.L.; Wittum, T.E.; Loerch, S.C.; Perino, L.J.; Saif, L.J., 2000:
Antibody titers against bovine coronavirus and shedding of the virus via the respiratory tract in feedlot cattle

Vela, A.I.; Latre, M.V.; Lara, C.; Briones, V.; Goyache, J.; Dominguez, L.; Rodriguez Moure, A.A., 1999:
Antibody titres against Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria ivanovii in asymptomatic sheep

Zhuang ZhengPeng; Linser, P.J.; Harvey, W.R., 1999:
Antibody to H+ V-ATPase subunit E colocalizes with portasomes in alkaline larval midgut of a freshwater mosquito (Aedes aegypti L.)

Donohue-Rolfe, A.; Kondova, I.; Mukherjee, J.; Chios, K.; Hutto, D.; Tzipori, S., 1999:
Antibody-based protection of gnotobiotic piglets infected with Escherichia coli O157:H7 against systemic complications associated with Shiga toxin 2

Ghosh, K.; Hotez, P.J., 1999:
Antibody-dependent reductions in mouse hookworm burden after vaccination with Ancylostoma caninum secreted protein 1

Koesling, J.; Aebischer, T.; Falch, C.; Schulein, R.; Dehio, C., 2001:
Antibody-mediated cessation of hemotropic infection by the intraerythrocytic mouse pathogen Bartonella grahamii

Winslow, G.M.; Yager, E.; Shilo, K.; Volk, E.; Reilly, A.; Chu, F.K., 2000:
Antibody-mediated elimination of the obligate intracellular bacterial pathogen Ehrlichia chaffeensis during active infection

Ojewole, J.A.O.; Ilesanmi, O.R.S.; Olayiwola, G., 2001:
Antibronchoconstrictor effects of Securidaca longipedunculata (Fresen.) root bark methanolic extract in guinea-pigs

Karthikeyan, K.; Gunasekaran, P.; Ramamurthy, N.; Govindasamy, S., 1999:
Anticancer activity of Ocimum sanctum

Kinnamon, K.E.; Engle, R.R.; Poon, B.T.; Ellis, W.Y.; McCall, J.W.; Dzimianski, M.T., 2000:
Anticancer agents suppressive for adult parasites of filariasis in Mongolian jirds

Glavas Obrovac, L.; Klapec, T.; Mandic, M.L.; Karner, I., 2000:
Anticancer effects of selenium compounds on human colonic carcinoma cells

Pradheepkumar, C.P.; Shanmugam, G., 1999:
Anticancer potential of cleistanthin A isolated from the tropical plant Cleistanthus collinus

Gill, H.; Cross, M., 2000:
Anticancer properties of bovine milk

Kallinikova, V.D.; Matekin, P.V.; Ogloblina, T.A.; Leĭkina, M.I.; Kononenko, A.F.; Sokolova, N.M.; Pogodina, L.S., 2001:
Anticancer properties of flagellate protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi Chagas, 1909

Vardar Unlu, G.; Sokmen, A.; Darc, N.; Sahin, S., 2000:
Anticandidal activity of methanolic extracts of various plants growing in the Sivas district

Hecht, S.S., 2000:
Anticarcinogenesis by isothiocyanates, indole-3-carbinol, and Allium thiols

Hasegawa, H.; Benno, Y., 2000:
Anticarcinogenesis in mice by ginseng-hydrolyzing colonic bacteria

Tazawa, K.; Ohkami, H.; Yamashita, I.; Ohnishi, Y.; Saito, T.; Okamoto, M.; Masuyama, K.; Yamazaki, K.; Takemori, S.; Saito, M.; Arai, H., 1998:
Anticarcinogenic and/or antimetastatic action of apple pectin in experimental rat colon carcinogenesis and on hepatic metastasis rat model

Kataoka, S., 2001 :
Anticarcinogenic effect of flavor components in Japanese-style fermented soy sauce

Schrauzer, G.N., 2000:
Anticarcinogenic effects of selenium

Pool Zobel, B.L., 2000:
Anticarcinogenic factors in plant foods and novel techniques to elucidate their potential chemopreventive activities

Winckelmann, U.; Lubke, G.; Brockstedt, M.; Schanz, I.; Dechent, J.; Weber, J.; Albani, M., 2000:
Anticholinergic syndrome after ingestion of Angel's Trumpet tea

Burn, A.J., 2000:
Anticholinesterase pesticides and wildlife in the UK

Winter, P.L.; Palucki, L.J.; Burkhardt, R.L., 1999:
Anticipated responses to a fee program: the key is trust

Nikitenko, V.G., 1999:
Anticipated treatment area - 60 000 ha

Jelitto-Van Dooren EP.V.dal; Denecke, 1999:
Anticipating endoplasmic reticulum stress. A novel early response before pathogenesis-related gene induction

Díaz-Muñoz, M.; Vázquez-Martínez, O.; Aguilar-Roblero, R.; Escobar, C., 2000:
Anticipatory changes in liver metabolism and entrainment of insulin, glucagon, and corticosterone in food-restricted rats

Jones, Mj, 2000:
Anticipatory long-term research for sustainable productivity

Antunes, L.M.G.; Darin, J.D.C.; Bianchi, M. de L.P., 1999 :
Anticlastogenic effect of vitamin C on cisplatin in vivo

Lamnaouer, D., 1999:
Anticoagulant activity of the coumarins of Ferula communis L

Viana, G.S.; do Vale, T.G.; Silva, C.M.; Matos, F.J., 2000:
Anticonvulsant activity of essential oils and active principles from chemotypes of Lippia alba (Mill.) N.E. Brown

Kasture, V.S.; Deshmukh, V.K.; Chopde, C.T., 2000:
Anticonvulsant and behavioral actions of triterpene isolated from Rubia cordifolia Linn

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