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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3364

Chapter 3364 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Martinez Silvestre, A., 1999:
Application of blood chemical analysis for the diagnosis and treatment of nutritional osteodystrophy (metabolic bone disease) in reptiles

Kim NamSoo; Choi InHyuk, 1999:
Application of bone alkaline phosphatase (BALP) and percentage of BALP:total alkaline phosphatase ratio as markers of bone formation

Sota, E.; Rejduch, B.; Kozubska Sobocinska, A.; Zyga, A.; Natonek, M., 2001:
Application of bovine Y chromosome specific probe for ovine heterosome identification using FISH technique

Caliandro, A.; Cantore, V.; Musacchi, S., 2000:
Application of brackish water for orchard fruit growing in Italy

Ono, E.O.; Nakamura, T.; Machado, S.R.; Rodrigues, J.D., 2000:
Application of brassinosteroid to Tabebuia alba (Bignoniaceae) plants

Gradzki, Z., 2001:
Application of cDNA probes for detecting and differentiating TGEV RNA

Kurzok, J.; Kluczniok, P.; Kluczniok, K., 2000:
Application of caesarean section in the treatment of dystocia in sows

Neves, L.C.; Cia, P.; Rodrigues, A.C.; Vieites, R.L., 2000:
Application of calcium chloride for postharvest preservation of persimmon (Diospyros kaky L.) in cold storage

Lin HsiaoPei; Tsai TsunChung, 2000:
Application of calcium ion in reversed electroosmotic flow capillary electrophoresis to analyze the isomer of betalains from Beta vulgaris

Gooch, R.S.; Clemmens, A.J.; Bautista, E.; Strand, R.J., 1999:
Application of canal automation to SRP's Arizona Canal

Naidu, R.; Smith, J.; McLaren, R.G.; Stevens, D.P.; Sumner, M.E.; Jackson, P.E., 2000:
Application of capillary electrophoresis to anion speciation in soil water extracts: II. Arsenic

Miralles, B.; Ramos, M.; Amigo, L., 2000:
Application of capillary electrophoresis to the characterization of processed cheeses

Wei JiaNing; Kuang RongPing, 2000:
Application of capture-recapture models for estimating coffee stemborer (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) abundance

Wasner, J.; Liebhard, P.; Eigner, H., 2001:
Application of carbonation lime on high pH soils in the Pannonian region of Austria

Brachet, A.; Mateus, L.; Cherkaoui, S.; Christen, P.; Gauvrit, J.Y.; Lanteri, P.; Veuthey, J.L., 1999:
Application of central composite designs in the supercritical fluid extraction of tropane alkaloids in plant extracts

Juhasz, G.; Mathe, A.; Mach, T., 1999:
Application of change management methods in the transition process of Hungarian agricultural enterprises

H.Z.You; Guo ZhaoHui; Zhou ZuoMing; Zhang YangZhu, 2000:
Application of chemical fertilizer and the loss of nitrogen and phosphorus in paddy soils in Hunan

Jain, C.K., 2000:
Application of chemical mass balance approach to determine nutrient loading

Chai ZhenLin; Zou JingQuan; F.Q.anTang, 1999:
Application of chromatographic techniques in forestry

Babula, D.; Kaczmarek, M.; Ziolkowski, P.; Sadowski, J., 2000:
Application of chromosomal map and gene probes of Arabidopsis in studies on Brassica genomes

Luo Hua; X.Y.ngChao; Liu YuePing; Zhong ZhiHua; Qian JinLai; W.J.Liang, 2000:
Application of cladding technique in Phyllostachys praecox f. prevernalis in Fuyang

Zhang Qing; Wang DingCheng; Liu ShuLin, 2000:
Application of colourable Candida culture medium in the examination of vaginal candidiasis

Jiang,; Zhu, H.Z.en; Zhou, J.; Chen,; Dai, Y.R.n, 1998:
Application of comet assay in plant protoplast apoptosis detection

Walsh, K.B.; Guthrie, J.A.; Burney, J.W., 2000:
Application of commercially available, low-cost, miniaturised NIR spectrometers to the assessment of the sugar content of intact fruit

Choi, Y.J.; Cho, K.K.; Yin, Y.H.; Kim, S.C.; Kim, J.Y.; Sohn, K.S.; Park, Y.W., 1999:
Application of complex carbohydrates (oligosaccharides) in animal production

Fukuda, T.; Jayadi, R.; Nakano, Y.; Kuroda, M., 1999:
Application of complex tank model for evaluating performance of water operation in a reused water irrigation system

Jackson, M.; Line, M.; Wilson, S.H.therington, S., 2000 :
Application of composted pulp and paper mill sludge to a young pine plantation

Dimandja, J.M.D.; Stanfill, S.B.; Grainger, J.; Patterson, D.G.J., 2000:
Application of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) to the qualitative analysis of essential oils

Bubnik, Z.; Kadlec, P.; Starhova, H.; Pour, V.; Hinkova, A., 2000:
Application of computer image analysis for evaluation and control of the sucrose crystallisation process

Shang HangQiu; O.Y.ngGang, 2000:
Application of computer image technology on principle of sugarcane detrashing

Fabirkiewicz, A., 2000:
Application of computer method for recording and analysis in investigations on animal response to stress-creating stimuli

Baszkiewicz, Z., 2000:
Application of computer technology for calculating parameters of the tyre ground interaction

Cai JianRong; Fang RuMing; Zhang ShiQing; W.S.ouYi; Zhang JianPing, 2000:
Application of computer vision technique to research on classifying system of tobacco leaves

W.C.angGao; Luo XiWen, 2000:
Application of computer vision technology to analysis of root pattern and architecture

Kosina, R., 1999:
Application of computerized image analysis for description of fossil plant remains

Garcia, P.M.; Picchio, D.;, E.B.; Paladino, G.S.; Waldhorn, J.G.; Castillo, V.; Glait, H., 2000:
Application of computerized tomography to Cushing's syndrome in dogs

Lai YanXue; Zhou YueSong; Zhou YongPin; Q.X.nKang; Wang ZuFei, 2000:
Application of contact-breaking release microcapsules by aerial spraying for pine wilt disease control

Y.JinFang, 2000:
Application of contrast analysis between Chinese and English word order to translating forestry sci-tech articles from Chinese into English

Guario, A., 2001:
Application of control strategy in organically grown olive

Kuneepong, P.; Kongton, S., 1999:
Application of crop growth models to predict maize yield on Pak Chong soils

Reed, B.M.; DeNoma, J.; Chang YongJian, 2000:
Application of cryopreservation protocols at a clonal genebank

Boikovski, S.; Grozev, G.; Tzvetanov, V., 1998:
Application of deeply frozen semen through laparoscopy with sheep

Ferri, M.V.W.; Eltz, F.L.F.; Lopes, S.J., 2001:
Application of desiccant herbicides on native pasture composed of different species of the genus Paspalum

de Almeida, J.R.; de Oliveira, S.G.; Borges, I.L.; D'Almeida, J.M., 2001:
Application of deterministic model of isothermals for population dynamics of Synthesiomyia nudiseta (Diptera, Muscidae)

Sychugov, N.P.; Gataullin, R.G., 2000:
Application of diametral ventilators in grain and seed cleaning machines: investigation of their aerodynamic configurations

Lee, K.H., 2000:
Application of dietary self-selection by pullets and layers in practice

Zhang LiMin; Luo XiWen, 1999:
Application of differential GPS technology to the measurement of soil tillage resistance

Broussolle, V.; Fumel, S.; Peyret, P.; Vivares, C.P., 1999:
Application of differential display RT-PCR to the analysis of gene expression in a host cell-microsporidian E. cuniculi interaction

Magyary, I.; Hancz, C.; Bercsenyi, M.; Urbanyi, B.; Horvath, A.; Kovacs, R.; Kutrovacs, A.; Peteri, A.; Horn, P., 1999:
Application of digital image analysis in ornamental fish breeding

Lommen, A.; Godejohann, M.; Venema, D.P.; Hollman, P.C.; Spraul, M., 2000:
Application of directly coupled HPLC-NMR-MS to the identification and confirmation of quercetin glycosides and phloretin glycosides in apple peel

Liu DengYu; H.W.nQing; Zhang HongMan, 2001:
Application of dot immunogold filtration assay for detecting serum antibodies in clonorchiasis patients

Zhang EnYing; W.C.enYun; Shen DaKang, 1998:
Application of dot immunogold filtration assay for diagnosis of Schistosomiasis japonica

L.Y.Jie; Wang Min; Wang GuangYue, 1999:
Application of dot-ELISA in immunodiagnosis of cysticercosis

Xiong Yan; Peng GuangNeng; Zhang GuiQuan; L.D.Sheng; Wang PengYan, 1999:
Application of dot-enzyme immunobinding assay for detecting enterotoxin of Escherichia coli strain EL-1 from giant panda

Tong GuangMing; W.C.aoFan, 2000:
Application of double-hook screw-crane in fields and water resources engineering

Skaggs, R.W.; Chescheir, G.M., 1999:
Application of drainage simulation models

Tan, J., 2000:
Application of dynamic programming to optimum location of a forest road

Bieda, W.; Kozbia, M., 2000:
Application of earth-tube heat exchanger under broilerhouse for optimizing its thermal conditions

Mahapatra, A.K., 2000:
Application of econometric modelling in forestry planning and evaluation: a case for discriminant analysis

Stezaa, S.; Wieczorek, S., 2000:
Application of electrochemical polarization method to preparation of synthetic feed for simulated corrosion tests

Moss, S.T.; Razak, A.A.; E.S.iekh, H.H.; Zain, M.E., 1999:
Application of electronic database in fungal taxonomy

Favretto, D.; Flamini, R., 2000:
Application of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry to the study of grape anthocyanins

Zhao GuiQin, 2000:
Application of emasculation with hot water in hybridization of Poa L

Y.H.aLin; Deng XiuXin; F.C.unHua, 2001:
Application of embryo rescue techniques in fruit crops

Mohammed, K.M.E.; Ismail, S.T., 1999:
Application of embryo transfer in Friesian cows under Egyptan conditions

Rudan, D., 2000:
Application of embryo transfer in cattle

Glazer, I., 1996:
Application of entomopathogenic nematodes on plant foliage

Yamauchi, K.; Hamasaki, S.I.; Takeuchi, Y.; Mori, Y., 1999:
Application of enzyme immunoassay to fecal steroid analysis in sika deer (Cervus nippon)

Avasi, Z.; Seprenyi, K., 1999:
Application of enzyme preparation in household farming

Jarjees, M.M., 2000:
Application of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for rapid detecting of potato virus Y in Iraq

Dematawewa, C.M.B.; Berger, P.J.; Melton, B.E., 1998:
Application of expected income-variance frontier based sire selection methodology to optimize young dairy sire use

Siriwardana, T.D.W.; Bamunuarachchi, A.; Perera, P.A.J., 1998:
Application of extrusion cooking technology in the manufacture of herbal porridge and some observations on product composition and shelf life

Prasad Jagdish, 2000:
Application of fertility capability classification system in soils of a watershed in semi-arid tropics

Simao Neto, M.; Goncalves, C.A.; Camarao, A.P.; Dutra, S., 1999:
Application of fertilizers and lime to tropical legumes (Pueraria phaseoloides e Stylosanthes guianensis cv. Cook) in northeastern Para, Brazil

Tsuchiya, D.; Taga, M., 2001:
Application of fibre-FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) to filamentous fungi: visualization of the rRNA gene cluster of the ascomycete Cochliobolus heterostrophus

Chen YePing et al, 2000:
Application of film-covered cultural techniques in single-crop hybrid rice

Choi HongYeob; Jhun EunJa; Lim BeongOu; Chung IllMin; Kyung SukHun; Park DongKi, 2000:
Application of flow injection - chemiluminescence to the study of radical scavenging activity in plants

Marhaba, T.F.; Lippincott, R.L., 2000:
Application of fluorescence technique for rapid identification of DOM fractions in source waters

Jensen, T.K.; Boye, M.; Bille-Hansen, V., 2001:
Application of fluorescent in situ hybridization for specific diagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in foals and pigs

Iwanczak, M.; Reps, A.; Wisniewska, K., 2001:
Application of fluxing agent with increased potassium content in manufacture of the processed cheeses

Haggag, W.M.E.; Nofal, M.A., 2000:
Application of formulated biocontrol fungi against Rhizoctonia black scurf disease of potato

Creij, M.G.M. van; Kerckhoffs, D.M.F.J.; Tuyl, J.M. van, 2000:
Application of four pollination techniques and of hormone treatment for bypassing interspecific crossing barriers in Lilium L

Riley, M.R.; Crider, H.M.; Nite, M.E.; Garcia, R.A.; Woo, J.; Wegge, R.M.; Canaves, L., 2000:
Application of fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to perform noninvasive measurements

Smoczynski, M.; Dziuba, Z.; Smietana, Z.; Borowska, J.; Pierzynowska Korniak, G., 1999:
Application of fractal analysis to the characterization of microstructure of different food products

Cheng ChiChuan; Jan JihnFa; Hsu LiTa, 1999:
Application of fractal dimension in monitoring forest landscape structure and change

D.C.angWen; Wang YuanHua; X.F.ngSen, 1999:
Application of fuzzy cluster to plant nutrition genetics

Huang HanYing; Xiong X.; Wei MingXin, 2000:
Application of fuzzy linear programming to the software of optimizing feed formula

Firk, R.; Stamer, E.; Junge, W.; Krieter, J., 2001:
Application of fuzzy logic for oestrus detection in dairy cows

de Mol, R.M.; Woldt, W.E., 2001:
Application of fuzzy logic in automated cow status monitoring

Wang JianGuo; Yang LinZhang; Shan YanHong, 2001:
Application of fuzzy mathematics to soil quality evaluation

Rathor, A.K., 1999:
Application of gamma radiation in dairy industry

Ackman, R.G., 2000:
Application of gas-liquid chromatography to lipid separation and analysis: qualitative and quantitative analysis

Liu ZhanDe, 1999:
Application of gene transformation technology to the genetic improvement of economic trees

Shi JiuXi; H.B.ngTang, 2000:
Application of general figure instruments in afforestation design

Liu YongQing; Sang ZhengZhong, 2001:
Application of genetic algorithms in parameters optimization of a submerged reverse-rotary tiller

Moran, G.F.; Butcher, P.A.; Glaubitz, J.C., 2000:
Application of genetic markers in the domestication, conservation and utilisation of genetic resources of Australasian tree species

Madon, M.; Clyde, M.M.; Cheah, S.C., 1999:
Application of genomic in situ hybridization (GISH) on Elaeis hybrids

Ahmad Munir; Suripin ; Muh Nurdin Abdullah; Marutani, T., 2000:
Application of geographic information system (GIS-IDRISI) for assessing land use risks on sediment yields

Suresh Kumar; Mitra, D., 1999:
Application of geographic information system in soil productivity assessment and mapping

Kysel, R.; Messingerova, V.; Pacola, E., 2000:
Application of geographic information systems in the sphere of forest access

Moncayo, A.C.; Edman, J.D.; Finn, J.T., 2000:
Application of geographic information technology in determining risk of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus transmission

Roichev, V.; Botyanski, P.; Mokreva, T., 1999:
Application of girdling in seedless grape varieties

Ding ShiRong, 2000:
Application of grafting in Rhododendron potted landscape modelling

Barwal, R.N., 2000:
Application of granular insecticides for toxicity against insect-pests and safety to fish in paddy-fish culture

S.D.Rong; Tian Yuan; Gao QianZhao, 2000:
Application of gravity and low head drip irrigation techniques in solar greenhouses

Bagis, H.; Keskintepe, L., 2001:
Application of green fluorescent protein as a marker for selection of transgenic mouse embryos before implantation

Gong JianHua, 2000:
Application of grey system theory on comprehensive evaluation and examination of new vegetable varieties

Fan HongWei; Song TongMing; Chen ShaoJiang; Duan MinXiao; Teng WenTao, 2001:
Application of grey system theory to breeding high-oil pollinators of maize

Schotte, M.; Felix Henningsen, P., 1999:
Application of ground-penetrating radar to survey the distribution and properties of periglacial layers in the Lahn-Dill-Bergland

Nishizu, T., 2001:
Application of helmholtz resonance phenomenon to volumetric measurement

X.MeiQi, 2001:
Application of high moisture resistance MDF made in New Zealand

Bhandari, S.A.; Amarisiriwardema, D.; Xing, B., 1999:
Application of high performance exclusion chromatography (HPSEC) with detection by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) for the study of metal comlexation properties of soil derived humic acid molecular fractions

Bapiro, T.E.; Egnell, A.C.; Hasler, J.A.; Masimirembwa, C.M., 2001:
Application of higher throughput screening (HTS) inhibition assays to evaluate the interaction of antiparasitic drugs with cytochrome P450S

Ramallo, J.; Ramallo, N.E.V. de, 2001:
Application of hydrothermotherapy to obtain sugarcane seed of controlled hygiene

Babinszky, L.; Tossenberger, J.; Halas, V.; Garbacz, Z., 1999:
Application of ileal digestibility of amino acids in composition of feedstuffs of pigs for improving meat quality and reducing nitrogen excretion

L.H.aBei; Pan ZhongYong; Zhao JieWen, 2001:
Application of image manipulation to cavitation analyzing

Sharma, R., 1999:
Application of immuno-enzymatic assay for the rapid diagnosis of bovine herpes virus infection

Espinoza, E.; Gonzalez, N.; Perrone, T.; Aso, P.; Hidalgo, L.; Barasarte, L., 1999:
Application of immunoenzymatic assay (ELISA-Ac/T. evansi) for the detection of antibodies against Trypanosoma vivax in the state of Bolivar

Liu XuChuan; Zhang YiFang, 1999:
Application of immunoenzyme-histochemical staining and rabbit cross immunization for diagnosis of swine fever.

Wroblewska, B.; Jedrychowski, L.; Jarczyk, A., 2000:
Application of immunometric tests for the determination of selected food antigens

H.S.iMing; Y.Z.ongHua; Feng JiAn; Wang RongFang; W.X.anZhi, 2000:
Application of immunotechnique for increasing conception rate of female yaks hybridized with cattle

Zhong TaiLin, 2001:
Application of improved bark graftage in Sophora japonica var. pendula

L.S.uang; Gan ShaoBo; Peng RuiYun; Gao YaBing; Xiong ChengQi; Wang DeWen, 2000 :
Application of in situ PCR in the pathological detection of toxoplasmosis

Matsumoto, K.; Okuno, K.; Yonetsu, Y.; Hisajima, S., 2000:
Application of in vitro citrus plants to environmental preservation. (Part 2). Optimization of micropropagation of suntara orange (Citrus reticulata BLANCO) by cost simulation

Guarino, A.; Fusco, G.; Serpe, L.; Gallo, P.; Romano, M., 1999:
Application of indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to the detection of antibody response to BHV-1 and BVDV in buffaloes in Italy

S.J.ngLiang; Huang Yu; L.Y.nLi; G.Y.Pu; Sun YanZheng; Fan LiHong, 1999:
Application of indirect fluorescent antibody technique for the detection of Riemerella anatipestifer

Wachowiak, M.; Kierzek, R., 1999:
Application of injector nozzles in plant protection

Homen, B.; Sikiric, M.; Posavac, J., 2000:
Application of international standards in laboratories for animal feedstuffs analysis

Jia KeDong; W.X.aoYan; Yang ShuFang; Zhang JingJu; Y.Z.enHua; G.L.ngYun; Gao FengLin; Xin FuMin, 2001:
Application of intravascular laser irradiation on blood in treating sequelae of neurocysticercosis

H.S.aoXing; M.C.enLin; Zhang AiWu; M.X.; Zhang Jun, 2000:
Application of kinetic image processing to measurement of seed distribution

Pitt, D.G.; Runesson, U.; Bell, F.W., 2000:
Application of large- and medium-scale aerial photographs to forest vegetation management: a case study

Sugimura, T.; Suzuki, T.; Chatchawanchonteera, A.; Sinuwonkwat, P.; Tsuda, T.; Murakami, Y., 2000:
Application of latex beads agglutination test for the detection of the antibody against virus-infection-associated (VIA) antigen of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) virus

Sibaoka, Takao, 1997:
Application of leaf extract causes repetitive action potentials in Biophytum sensitivum

Bankar, S.R.; Atre, A.A., 1998:
Application of linear programming for crop planning in watershed

Kobayashi, M.; Tukamoto, K.; Tomita, B., 2000:
Application of liquefied wood to a new resin system - synthesis and properties of liquefied wood/epoxy resins

Nishioka, H.; Taira, H.; Yoshino, T.; Taura, T.; Koide, S.; Murata, K.; Ichimaru, Y.; Yoshioka, H.; Sumi, H.; Shikimati, H., 2001:
Application of liquid fertilizer made from livestock urine to the rice and wheat

Dabkowski, J.; Roczkowska Chmaj, S., 2001:
Application of logistic regression to investigate the indices of technical advancement

Ying YiBin; Jing HanSong; Tao Yang, 2000:
Application of machine vision in identifying size and surface defect of Huanghua pear

Ying YiBin; Zhang WenYing; Jiang YiYuan; Zhao Yun, 2000:
Application of machine vision technique in automatic harvesting and processing of agricultural products

Ying YiBin; Rao XiuQin; Zhao Yun; Jiang YiYuan, 2000:
Application of machine vision technique to automatic quality identification of agricultural products (I)

Hilal, M.H.; Hilal, M.M., 2000:
Application of magnetic technologies in desert agriculture. I- Seed germination and seedling emergence of some crops in a saline calcareous soil

Hilal, M.H.; Hilal, M.M., 2000:
Application of magnetic technologies in desert agriculture. II- Effect of magnetic treatments of irrigation water on salt distribution in olive and citrus fields and induced changes of ionic balance in soil and plant

Lin RenRong, 1999:
Application of magnetic treatment in agriculture

Mulrooney, J.E.; Smith, L.A., 2000:
Application of malathion ULV in oils

Izdebski, W.; Masiuk, A., 2000:
Application of mathematical-expert method to evaluating the effect of technical-organization parameters on operation efficiency of milking machines

Tsuchiya, S.; Nagakura, Y., 1999:
Application of measurement of tree height and stand density using aerial photographs

Szulowski, K.; Pilaszek, J.; Iwaniak, W., 2000:
Application of meat juice in diagnosis of brucellosis in hares and wild boars by ELISA

Uziak, J.; Foster, J.D.G., 2001:
Application of mechanical linkages in agricultural machines - optimizing design parameters

Zhao DingGuo; Zhang JiaQi, 2000:
Application of method of systematic study on soil nutrition state to paddy soil in Shanghai suburbs

L.Z.enGao; Zhang HuaYong, 2000:
Application of microbial fertilizers in sustainable agriculture

Wimmers, K.; Ponsuksili, S.; Schmoll, F.; Hardge, T.; Babafunso Sonaiya, E.; Schellander, K.; Horst, P., 1999:
Application of microsatellite analysis to groups of fowls according to their genetic similarity

Fraser, L.G.; Harvey, C.F.; Gill, G.P., 2001:
Application of microsatellite-based DNA profiling in Actinidia species

Susnik, S.; Snoj, A.; Pohar, J.; Dovc, P., 2000:
Application of microsatellites for detection of tetrasomic regions in grayling (Thymallus thymallus) genome

Grochowicz, J.; Zawislak, K.; Walczynski, S.; Podgorska, H., 1999:
Application of microwave energy in feed processing

Rigo, K.; Szabo, G.; Teren, J.; Varga, J., 2001:
Application of microwave-assisted ergosterol extraction (MAE) method to assess fungal contamination in plant products

Zhu MeiXiang; Zhang YuAn, 2000:
Application of milk proteins as genetic markers in Holstein cattle in Beijing

Resende, M.D.V. de; Dias, L.A. dos S., 2000:
Application of mixed model (REML/BLUP) methodology to estimating genetic parameters and prediction of additive genetic and genotypic values in fruit tree species

Davoli, R.; Dall' olio, S.; Milc, J., 2000:
Application of molecular genetics to study the regulation of milk protein genes expression

Ovilo, C.; Barragan, M.C.; Castellanos, C.; Rodriguez, M.C.; Silio, L.; Toro, M.A., 2000:
Application of molecular markers (RAPD, AFLP and microsatellites) to Iberian pig genotype characterization

Barker, R.E.; Warnke, S.E., 2001:
Application of molecular markers to genetic diversity and identity in forage crops

Lanteri, A.A., 1999:
Application of molecular techniques to population and phylogenetic studies on Curculionidae

Balmaseda, A.; Sandoval, E.; Perez, L.; Gutierrez, C.M.; Harris, E., 1999:
Application of molecular typing techniques in the 1998 dengue epidemic in Nicaragua

Jin XiaoHang; Huang WeiQuan; Xia YongJuan;; L.B.eHu; Zhang RongQing; Yao Bing; Jiang GuoLiang; Liu Yun; Yang Dong; Liu YunKun, 2000:
Application of monoclonal antibodies against Edwardsiella tarda

Grazioli, S.; Scicluna, M.T.; Agnoletti, F.; Guercio, A.; Brocchi, E.; Capucci, L., 2000:
Application of monoclonal antibodies in epidemiological diagnosis of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV)

Bruning, A., 1999:
Application of monoclonal antibodies to the characterisation and improved serodiagnosis of equine Babesia

Hamilton, A.; Gomez, B.; Jeavons, L., 2000:
Application of monoclonal antibodies to the diagnosis of tropical dimorphic fungal pathogens

Hochel, I.; Jenikova, G.; Dursi, C.F.; Pazlarova, J.; Girotti, S.; Demnerova, K., 2001:
Application of mouse antibodies to somatic antigen for detection of Salmonella enteritidis by competitive ELISA

Lunetta, R.S.; Balogh, M.E., 1999:
Application of multi-temporal Landsat 5 TM imagery for wetland identification

Bink, M.C.A.M.; Uimari, P.; Sillanpaa, M.J.; Janss, L.L.G.; Jansen, R.C., 2001:
Application of multiple QTL mapping in complex plant crosses to partial resistance to late blight (Phytophthora infestans) in potato: better insight by using a design-independent method

Kang, D.H.; Koohmaraie, M.; Siragusa, G.R., 2001:
Application of multiple antimicrobial interventions for microbial decontamination of commercial beef trim

Cywa Benko, K.; Krawczyk, J.; Wezyk, S.; Knapik, J., 2000:
Application of multiple regression equations for estimating lean carcass content in Zatorska geese

D.J.Shan; Tang ShouZheng; Wang HongLiang, 2000:
Application of natural stand growth models in subcompartment data updates

Font, R.; Guta, B.; Rio, M. del; Dominguez, J.; Fernandez Martinez, J.M.; Haro, A. de, 2000:
Application of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to analysis of acid detergent fiber in Brassica species

Facknath, S., 1999:
Application of neem extract and intercropping for the control of cabbage pests in Mauritius

Hong, F.T.n,, D., 2000:
Application of neural network and time series techniques in wool growth modeling

Dach, J.; Niedbaa, G.; Przyby, J., 2001:
Application of neural networks in agriculture

Krzyzinska, B.; Drzewiecki, S.; Narkiewicz Jodko, J., 1999:
Application of new seed treatment fungicides Sumi-8 020 FS and Sumi-8 Gold 030 FS for protection of cereals against diseases

Santos, L.P.; Vieira, C.; Sediyama, C.S.; Sediyama, T., 2000:
Application of nitrogen and molybdenum fertilizers to soyabeans in Vicosa and Coimbra, Minas Gerais

Liu PeiBin, 2000:
Application of nitrogen leaching losses mixed simulative model in tile effluent from the drained paddy rice field

Ernani, P.R.; Dias, J.; Borges, M., 2000:
Application of nitrogen to the soil at different stages does not affect fruit yield of apple cultivars

Orman, M.N.; Gurcan, I.S., 2001:
Application of nonlinear regression in biostatistics

Aradaib, I.E.; Kabour, M.B.; Karrar, A.E.; Ibrahim, K.E.E.; Cortopassi, G.A.; Osburn, B.I.; Cullors, J.C., 1998:
Application of nucleic acid amplification technology for detection of ruminant-derived contaminants in animal feed concentrates

Langeveld, J.W.A., 2000:
Application of nutrient balance sheets in analysis and design of agricultural systems: examples from the Netherlands and Poland

Iliev, F.; Kozelov, L.; Nikolov, I.S., 1999:
Application of nutrition norms for cattle and buffaloes (1995) for assessment of energy necessities for fattening of calves

Jackson, D.R.; Dicker, T.J.; Smith, K.A., 2000:
Application of organic manures in field plot experiments

Zheng QiFa; H.G.iBing; Chen DaCheng, 2000:
Application of orthogonal experiment in tissue culture of longan and litchi

Aruoma, O.I.; Jenner, A.; Halliwell, B., 1999:
Application of oxidative DNA damage measurements to study antioxidant actions of dietary components

Harris, G.H.; Dai Ping, 2001:
Application of pH-zone-refining CCC to the isolation of antifungal fermentation products

Kumakura, H.; Tsuchiya, S.; Okazaki, K., 1999:
Application of paper mulch in transplanting culture of vegetables

Hara, Y., 2001:
Application of parametrization using the Richards function to nitrogen release from coated urea and growth of rice seeds

Grega, L., 2000:
Application of partial equilibrium analysis for assessment of direct payments to agriculture and agricultural input subsidies

Mondal, P.; Bhattacharya, A.K., 1998:
Application of path analysis in quantitative nutritional profile of Spodoptera litura

Strand, R.J.; Clemmens, A.J.; Feuer, L.; Sloan, G., 1999:
Application of pc-based canal automation system at the Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation and Drainage District

Shin HyunHo; Kim WanHee; Lee ChungHo; Nam TchiChou; Kweon OhKyeong, 2000:
Application of pediatric hemodialysis system to experimental renal failure in dogs

Korzun, V.M.; Nikitin, A.Y.; Tokmakova, E.G., 1998:
Application of phenetical analysis to study spatial organization of fleas (Siphonaptera) - plague vectors

Khan, M.M.A.; Saood Husain; Azam, Z.M., 1999:
Application of phosphorus through foliar sprays improves the productivity and quality of Tukhm-e-balanga (Lallemantia royleana Benth.)

W.XiaoPing, 1999:
Application of photosynthetic bacteria to tobacco plants

Y.PengTao, 2000:
Application of physically-based distributive models in forest hydrology

Zheng ZhaoFei, 2001:
Application of plant growth regulator Baoduoshou

Clapp, J.G., 2000:
Application of plant nutrients through irrigation water

Namiesnik, J.; Wardencki, W., 2000:
Application of plants for monitoring of environmental pollution

Subodh Kumar; Arjava Sharma, 2001:
Application of platelet activating factor for influencing some biochemical parameters of cattle and buffalo spermatozoa

Szalai, Z., 2000:
Application of pollen mixing device in front of the hive entrance

Yeon, K.S.; Choi, Y.H.; Kim, K.S.; Choi, J.D.; Lee, Y.S., 2000:
Application of polymer concrete to rehabilitate damaged water resource structures

Parthiban, M.; Thiagarajan, V., 2000:
Application of polymerase chain reaction for early detection of infectious bursal disease virus infection

Park, S.D.E.; Adomefa, K.; Dao, B.; Hanotte, O.; Kemp, S.J.; Sow, R.; Teale, A.J.; Bradley, D.G., 1999:
Application of population genetic analysis of linked, mapped microsatellites to the identification of loci under selection for disease resistance

Liu MingChi; Tanaka, M.; Tanaka, A.; Chen Hang; Kojima, T., 2000:
Application of porous ceramic pipes in vegetable cultivation (part 1) - development of auto-irrigating system with negative pressure

Brackmann, A.; Belle, R.A.; Vizzotto, M.; Costa, L.C. da, 2000:
Application of preservative solutions on postharvest quality of Dendranthema grandiflora (Tzvelev.) cv. Snowdon

Lan Lan; Lin HuiHuan; Weng YaBiao, 2000:
Application of principal component analysis in blood biochemistry research in coccidia-infected broilers

Urbaniec, K.; Zalewski, P.; Klemes, J., 1999:
Application of process integration methods to retrofit design for Polish sugar factories

Huang Y.I.; Hsieh KuangWen; Cheng ChunChe, 2000:
Application of programmable logic controller for environmental control management in livestock building with evaporative cooling pad system

Wang Yan; Chen XinFeng, 1999:
Application of psychophysical method in evaluation of foreign forest landscapes

A.Y.ngJoo; Lee HeeChun; Chang DongWoo; Lee YoungWon; Sung JaiKi; Choi MinCheol; Yoon JungHee, 2001:
Application of pulsed Doppler ultrasound for the evaluation of small intestinal motility in dogs

Zadoks, R.; van Leeuwen, W.; Barkema, H.; Sampimon, O.; Verbrugh, H.; Schukken, Y.H.; van Belkum, A., 2000:
Application of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and binary typing as tools in veterinary clinical microbiology and molecular epidemiologic analysis of bovine and human Staphylococcus aureus isolates

L.M.ngChang; Pan MingJeng, 1999:
Application of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and other molecular typing methods for analysis of Streptococcus suis type II isolates

Czarny, A., 2000:
Application of pyramidal analysis in the management of a food-producing enterprise

Mckinley, P.; Lyons, D., 2000 :
Application of quality systems attributes to laboratory management

Brzozowski, J.; Brach, M., 2000:
Application of radar and optical satellite images in precision agriculture

Fang Fang; Ruddick, J.N.R., 1999:
Application of radio frequency heating to accelerate fixation of CCA in treated round-wood

Bello, N.J., 2000:
Application of rainfall-potential evapotranspiration model for determining optimum planting date of maize (Zea mays) in a tropical wet and dry climate

Gutman, F.N.rd, A.M.zrahi, Y.B.r-Zvi, D.R.veh, D., 1999:
Application of random amplified polymorphic DNA markers for identification of marula genotypes

Liu ZhenZhong; Wang XiPing, 2000:
Application of randomly amplified polymorphic DNA in fruit trees (summary)

Yoshimasu, M.A.; Zawistowski, J., 2001:
Application of rapid dot blot immunoassay for detection of Salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis in eggs, poultry, and other foods

Slosarz, P.; Stanisz, M.; Gut, A., 2001:
Application of real-time (B-mode) ultrasonography for assessing the longissimus dorsi intramuscular fat content in live lambs

Novak, M.; Ladue, E., 1999:
Application of recursive partitioning to agricultural credit scoring

Amadeh, H.; Koopahi, M., 1999:
Application of regression methods in estimating technical coefficients of linear programming models

Yasuoka, Y., 1998:
Application of remote sensing to environmental monitoring: the global wetland mapping project

Tajima, S.; Hirashita, T.; Yoshihara, K.; Bhromsiri, A.; Nomura, M., 2000:
Application of repetitive extragenic palindromic (REP)-PCR and enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus (ERIC)-PCR analysis to the identification and classification of Japan and Thai local isolates of Bradyrhizobium japonicum, Sinorhizobium meliloti, and Rhizobium leguminosarum

Apetroaie, C.; Lup, A., 1999:
Application of research results to farm during the transition to the market economy

Geary, P., 1999:
Application of research results: a case study from east Gippsland

Chen, T.H.; Lu, Y.T., 2000:
Application of ribavirin in tissue culture of green bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii Munro) for eradication of Bamboo mosaic virus

Lee MeiChu; Hwang SenYuan; Chiou WenShyg, 2001:
Application of rumen undegradable protein on early lactating dairy goats

Dursky, J., 1999:
Application of sample inventory data for prognosis, harvest planning and silvicultural improvement in a forest district

Puech, C.; Bechler, N.; Mietton, M., 2000:
Application of satellite imagery to the study of bare soil patches in the Sudanian zone (Burkina Faso)

Supriadi, A.; Rachman, O.; Sarwono, E., 1999:
Application of sawing simulation model to thinning logs to increase lumber recovery and jointed board yield

Muir, D., 2000 :
Application of sensory profiling in quality assurance

Wang HongKai; Zhang TianYu; Zhang Meng, 2001:
Application of sequencing of 5.8S rDNA, ITS1 and ITS2 on identification and classification of Alternaria at species level

Roy, A.; Tyagi, P.K., 1998:
Application of seroepidemiology in identification of malaria endemicity in Shankargarh, India

Tongol Rivera, P.; Kano, S.; Villacorte, E.; Darilag, A.; Miguel, E.; Suzuki, M., 1999:
Application of seroepidemiology in the evaluation of a community-based malaria control program in Palawan, the Philippines

Scandaliaris, J.; Magnavacca, C.; Perez Zamora, F., 1998:
Application of sewage sludge to sugarcane

Dridi, B.; Zerrouk, F., 2000:
Application of sewage sludges and properties of a soil in Algeria

Y.A.Qun; Zhang YuShu; Lin ZhiHai; Han Feng; Yan ZhuWei, 2001:
Application of shaking & fixed fluid beds and renovation of spry drying tower

Mandal, S.; Naqvi, A.A., 1999:
Application of short GC column in the analysis of some tropane alkaloids in plants

Yamada, K.; Nakagawa, M.; Kato, T.; Shigeno, S.; Hirose, T.; Miyahara, K.; Sato, M., 2001:
Application of short-time magnetic resonance examination for intervertebral disc diseases in dogs

Yan JiZhou; Song GuanHong, 2000:
Application of simplified differential display polymerase chain reaction to isolate chloroquine-resistant related genes of Plasmodium berghei

Mizak, B.; Rzezutka, A., 1999:
Application of slot blot for detection of canine parvovirus DNA in faecal samples and cell culture

Salas, P.; Reznicek, V.; Salasova, A., 1999:
Application of slow release tabletted fertilizers SILVAMIXReg. in ornamental gardening and silviculture

Peng PingWu; Chang TingWei; Wang ShuMin; Cheng YuKuei, 2000:
Application of small sausage for ensiling forage grasses and Brewer's grain

Eissa, S.I.; Dardeer, M.A.; Abo Norag, M.A., 2000:
Application of sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) for identification of mycoplasma infection in turkeys with special reference to treatment

Hsieh, T.F.; Kuo, C.H.; Wang, K.M., 1999:
Application of soil amendments to control southern blight of snap bean caused by Sclerotium rolfsii

Albanis, T.A., 2000:
Application of solid-phase extraction disks followed by gas chromatography with mass spectrometry and flame thermionic detector to the determination of pesticide residues in environmental waters

Shehata, W.A.; Nasr, F.N.; Tadros, A.W., 1999:
Application of some bacterial varieties of Bacillus thuringiensis and its bioproduct Delfin on Synanthedon myopaeformis Borkh. (Lep. Aegeriidae) in apple orchards

Miao DeNian; Fan ShengChao; Yao HuiJuan, 2000:
Application of some enzyme agent to Chinese herbs against chicken coccidiosis

Liu ShuYan; L.Y., 2000:
Application of some main molecular biological techniques in studies on fungal systematics

Keska, W.; Feder, S., 2000:
Application of spline functions for approximation of seed shape

Antunovic, Z.; Beric, B.; Steiner, Z.; Sencic, ; Domacinovic, M., 2000:
Application of stabilized rumen microflora Eservit in lambs fattening

Shaw, J.D., 2000:
Application of stand density index to irregularly structured stands

Kormanek, M.; Walczyk, M., 2000:
Application of strain gauge measurement in shear vane tester

Salama, M.F.; Mohamed, S.E., 2000:
Application of sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners as substitutes for sucrose in apricot, peach and strawberry jams

Perez Olmos, R.; Fernandez, R.A.; Ruiz, M.P.; Merino, J.M., 1999:
Application of super sensitive selective electrodes to potassium and calcium for the analysis of bottled water from Europe

Stopa, R.; Jankowski, L., 2000:
Application of surface layer photoelastic method for exammining interaction between drive wheel's tyre of agricultural vehicle and soil

Yang ShengLin; Zhang ZhongHe; Liu ZhiZhong; Zhang QiaoYun; Zhang DaoJin, 1999:
Application of synchronization of oestrus to breeding goats

Gao DeRong; Zhang Yong; W.H.ngYa, 2000:
Application of systematic selection to improvement of modern wheat varieties

Song Qing; Xiong WenKe; Wang FengBin; Shi YouPu; Zhang QinAo, 2000:
Application of taking fluider to coat lecithin technique to soybean milk powder

Nik Khah, A.; Abesht, B., 2000:
Application of tallow in ration of Holstein male calves

Daniel, Z.; Nowak, C.; Mastyj, A., 2000:
Application of temperature measurements in the control of an ACR system

Hennig, F.; Kadner, R.; Junghanns, W.; Seyring, M., 2000:
Application of the in-vitro-screening for the fast processing of a mass production method for Origanum vulgare genotypes

Quemada, M.; Guibert, M.; Lopez, J.J., 1999:
Application of the CERES model to the simulation of soil water and nitrogen profiles under wheat cultivation

Bannon, C.D.; Klausner, S.D., 2000:
Application of the Cornell Nutrient Management Planning System: predicting crop requirements and optimum manure management

Bitsch, N.; Mazurek, S.; Korner, W.; Brunn, H., 1999:
Application of the E-Screen to assess the estrogenic activity of pyrethroids

Gagos, M.; Koper, R.; Sujak, A.; Misiak, L.E.; Kowalczuk, E., 2000:
Application of the EPR technique to examine free radicals and reduction of infected spring wheat grain with He-Ne laser irradiation

Hanibal, J., 2000:
Application of the EU farm typology in the Czech Republic

Ansumana Kawa, T.S.; Wang GuangHuo, 1999:
Application of the Elovich and Mitscherlich equations in describing phosphate rock dissolution in acid soils

Garba, H.S.; Obi, T.U., 1998:
Application of the FAO/IAEA indirect ELISA Brucellosis kit for detection of antibodies to Brucella abortus in cattle in Southern Nigeria

Bzowska Bakalarz, M.; Banach, M., 2001:
Application of the HACCP system to management of sugar beet production process

Vitale, F.; Reale, S.; Maxia, L.; Glorioso, N.S.; Vesco, G.; Caracappa, S., 2000:
Application of the IS 900 DNA sequence as a target for paratuberculosis diagnosis

Lorenzin, M., 1999:
Application of the Index of quality for Residues (IqR) to the analysis of data concerning the monitoring of pesticide residues in products of vegetable origin carried out in 1997

Denis Avila, D., 2000:
Application of the Jackknife method for the description of diet in birds

Vodyanitskii Y.N.; Rogova O.B.; Pinskii D.L., 2000:
Application of the Langmuir and Dubinin-Radushkevich equations to the description of Cu and Zn adsorption in Rendzinas

Atabay, H.I.; Aydn, F., 2001:
Application of the MastReg. Resistotyping scheme to Arcobacter butzleri strains isolated from commercial broilers

Kozubska Sobocinska, A.; Sota, E.; Bugno, M.; Danielak Czech, B.; Rejduch, B., 1999:
Application of the MultiScan computer image analysis system for chromosome polymorphism evaluation

Pollet, S.; Bleyaert, P.; Lemeur, R., 2000:
Application of the Penman-Monteith model to calculate the evapotranspiration of head lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata) in glasshouse conditions

Zhang JingQun; Wang DeXiang, 1999:
Application of the R-III equation in the calculation of combustion value and classification of 40 species of trees and 8 shrubs

Sissons, M.J.; Osborne, B.G.; Hare, R.A.; Sissons, S.A.; Jackson, R., 2000:
Application of the Single-Kernel Characterization System to durum wheat testing and quality prediction

Dubova, L.; Zarina, D., 2000:
Application of the Toxkit microbiotests for determination the different herbicides' toxicity in the soil

Ngure, R.M.; Gateri, L.M.; Ngotho, J.M.; Ndung'u, J.M., 2000:
Application of the Vettest 8008 system for the biochemical analysis of vervet monkey plasma

Reichmuth, J.; Knappstein, K., 1999:
Application of the milk ordinance on dairy farms with automatic milking systems - discussion of special solutions in cases of conflict

Holt, P.S.; Stone, H.D.; Gast, R.K.; Greene, C.R., 2000:
Application of the agar gel precipitin test to detect antibodies to Salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis in serum and egg yolks from infected hens

Jiang WenWei; Xiang QiBai, 2000:
Application of the analytic hierarchy process to evaluation and selection of garden trees in arid regions

Szycypel, B.; Perez, A.; Larramendy, R.; Mendez, G.; Carmenate, V., 1999:
Application of the anthelmintic tetramisole taking into account weight, consumption and rearing purpose

Hoffmann, B.; Lemmer, W.; Bostedt, H.; Failing, K., 2000:
Application of the antiprogestin Aglepristone for conservative treatment of pyometra in the dog

Jacquin, J.; Aragno, M.; Rossi, P., 2001:
Application of the bead-beater technique to the extraction of bacterial DNA from cheese samples

Hansen, C.M.; Evans, M.A.; Shultz, T.D., 1999:
Application of the bootstrap procedure provides an alternative to standard statistical procedures in the estimation of the vitamin B-6 requirement

Salinas, Z.M.; Hearne, R.R., 2000:
Application of the choice selection method for analysing tourist preferences: Volcan Barva, Costa Rica

Hachua, U.; Zawisza, B.; Winkler, W., 2000:
Application of the chromatographic-spectrophotometric method for analytical control of L-ascorbic acid in pharmaceutical and plant material

Ponsuksili, S.; Wimmers, K.; Schmoll, F.; Schellander, K., 1999:
Application of the differential display technique for the detection of candidate genes

Kornacki, K.; Podolak, R.; Kebukowska, L., 1999:
Application of the enzymatic preparation from Penicillium candidum in the production of Roquefort- and Dutch-type cheeses

Turco, J.E.P.; Fernandes, E.J.; Pereira, G.T., 2000:
Application of the error determination technique in the Class A Tank Method

L.T.ngSen; Chen HerTshung, 2001:
Application of the flavonoids markers in horticultural crop chemotaxonomy

W.W.iMing; Song XiangFu; Zhou GuoYan, 2000:
Application of the floating culture method on natural water to rice root research

Montes, S.; Aldaz, J.P.; Cevallos, M.; Cabrera, J.C.; Lopez, M., 2000:
Application of the growth regulator Pectimorf in rapid propagation of Anthurium cubense

Brevidelli, M.M.; Cianciarullo, T.I., 2001:
Application of the health belief model to the prevention of occupational needlestick injuries

Dai YuYou; Zhou GuoJun; Shi CaiXian; Shen GuoQiang, 2000:
Application of the herbicide mixture of mefenacet+metolachlor+bensulfuron-methyl in transplanted rice by seedling-broadcasting

Podolak, G., 1999:
Application of the live and post slaughter methods to estimate slaughter value for cattle

Niewiadomska Bugaj, M., 1999:
Application of the logistic regression procedure to the classification of species on an example of the genus Diplostomum Nord (Digenea)

Werthern, C.J. von; Bernasconi, C.E., 2000:
Application of the maxillofacial mini-plate compact 1.0 in the fracture repair of 12 cats/2 dogs

Kornarzynski, K.; Pietruszewski, S., 2000:
Application of the methods measuring water absorption rate by the seeds of cultivated plants

Zarina, D.; Berzina, G.; Tula, A.; Berzins, A.; Viesturs, U., 2000:
Application of the microbiological preparation Trichodermine against different plant diseases

Masojc, P.; Milczarski, P., 1999:
Application of the molecular map of the rye genome and QTL analysis for the identification of genes controlling earliness of heading

Kot, B.; Wozniak Kosek, A.; Kawiak, J.; Bukowski, K., 2001:
Application of the multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for identification of pathogenic plasmid markers of Yersinia enterocolitica strains isolated from humans and pigs

Grant, G.; Anders, M.; Morgenroth, B.; Niepoth, K.; Ehrenreich, S., 2001:
Application of the new falling-film plate technology in the cane sugar industry

Glupov, V.V.; Khvoshevskaya, M.F.; Lozinskaya, Y.L.; Dubovski, I.M.; Martemyanov, V.V.; Sokolova, J.Y., 2001:
Application of the nitroblue tetrazolium-reduction method for studies on the production of reactive oxygen species in insect haemocytes

Ledgard, S.F.; Edgecombe, G.A.; Roberts, A.H.C., 1999:
Application of the nutrient budgeting model OVERSEERTM to assess management options and Regional Council consent requirements on a Hawke's Bay dairy farm

Kawase, Y.; Iwata, T.; Watanabe, M.; Kamada, N.; Ueda, O.; Suzuki, H., 2001:
Application of the piezo-micromanipulator for injection of embryonic stem cells into mouse blastocysts

Stern, R.A.; Gazit, S., 2000:
Application of the polyamine putrescine increased yield of 'Mauritius' litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.)

Luo EnJie; Uchida, J.Y.; Ohta, N.; Kawabata, M.; Ohmae, H.; Kumada, M.; Leafasia, J.; Ishii, A., 1998:
Application of the polymerase chain reaction in the detection of malaria parasites in blood samples on filter-paper disks in the Solomon Islands

Cerny, I.; Spanitz, M., 2000:
Application of the preparations Bumper Super and Agrovital upon the occurrence of brown leaf spot of beet

Gajewska, M.; Wirth Dziecioowska, E., 2000:
Application of the random amplification of polymorphic DNA (RAPD) method in genetic monitoring of inbred mouse strains

Battilani, A., 2000 :
Application of the regulated deficit of irrigation to grapevines (Vitis vinifera) in a sub-humid area

Flammang, M.K.; Olson, J.A.; Willis, D.W., 1999:
Application of the relative weight index to juvenile walleyes

Martinez Machin, L.; Marrero, Y., 2000:
Application of the response surface methodology on the study of the in vitro ruminal fermentation

Grigoryeva, L.A.; Babkin, A.V., 1999:
Application of the silver staining method for the diagnosis of the later cutaneous lesions in a human caused by the tick-borne borreliosis

Moiseev, K.G.; Ivanova, K.F., 2000:
Application of the similarity theory to the study of the shearing resistance of soils

Kuo, S.; Liu, C.; Merkley, G., 2001:
Application of the simulated annealing method to agricultural water resource management

Basta, J.; Hulinska, D.; Plch, J.; Daniel, M., 1999:
Application of the single-step polymerase chain reaction for detection of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato and their genome species in Ixodes ricinus ticks

Chen, A.C., 1999:
Application of the sweetness reducing/inhibiting concept in sugar containing product development

Griffith, G., 2000:
Application of the techniques of molecular biology to cocoa pathology

Leffingwell, T.R.; Rider, S.P.; Williams, J.M., 2001:
Application of the transtheoretical model to psychological skills training

L.C.angSheng; Sun JianFeng; W.Z.enHai; Houllier, F., 1997:
Application of theoretical growth functions for Mongolian oak (Quercus mongolica)

Vodyanitskii Y.N. (Vodyanitskiy Y.N), 2000:
Application of thermodynamic characteristics to the description of humus acids in soils

Wilkinson, D.; Reuter, S.; Zimmermann, W., 1998:
Application of thermostable enzymes for carbohydrate modification

Zhang XunZhong; Schmidt, R.E., 2000:
Application of trinexapac-ethyl and propiconazole enhances superoxide dismutase and photochemical activity in creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stoloniferous var. palustris)

Njoroge, E.M.; Mbithi, P.M.F.; Gathuma, J.M.; Wachira, T.M.; Magambo, J.K.; Zeyhle, E., 2000:
Application of ultrasonography in prevalence studies of hydatid cysts in goats in north-western Turkana, Kenya and Toposaland, southern Sudan

Lin ChengJung; Chiu ChihMing; Wang SongYung, 2000:
Application of ultrasound in detecting wood decay in squirrel-damaged standing trees of Luanta China fir

Margarido, M.A., 2001:
Application of unit root test with a structural break in economic series in Brazil in the 1990s

Crespan, M.; Milani, N., 2000:
Application of various molecular methodologies to the characterization of rootstocks and table grapevines

Ressetti, R.R.; Thomaz Soccol, V.; Kaskantzis Neto, G., 1999:
Application of vermicompost to control pathogens in composted sewage sludge

Pellikka, P., 2001:
Application of vertical skyward wide-angle photography and airborne video data for phenological studies of beech forests in the German Alps

Makela, A.S.evanen, R.L.ndner, M.L.sch, P., 2000:
Application of volume growth and survival graphs in the evaluation of four process-based forest growth models

Wang Ping; Jiang XiaoMei; Qin TeFu; Zhang HouPei, 2000:
Application of wood-preserving technology to wood-structure building in Shanghaiguan town

Tsuruga, H.; Gohda, K.; Mano, T.; Kanagawa, H., 1999:
Application of zolazepam-HCl and tiletamine-HCl to immobilization of Hokkaido brown bear (Ursus arctos yesoensis)

Drzazga, T., 2000:
Application path coefficient analysis for assesment of effects of yield components on grain yield of spring wheat

Turowski, J.; Kapela, K., 2001:
Application possibilities of the global positioning system in agriculture

Cong YuMin; Wang FengZhen; Wang YongHua; Zhang DeQuan, 1999:
Application prospect for infiltrating irrigation in forestry

Jaeken, P.; Vandermersch, M.; Moor, A. de; Langenakens, J., 2000:
Application quality index as an instrument for dose calculation

Cao Jun; Sun LiPing; Zhang DongYan; Jiang Yu, 2000:
Application study of image segmentation methods on pattern recognition in the course of wood across -compression

Gan XiaoXian; Fan JinJiang; Ding JianZu; Shen HuiYing; Y.X.anYi; Shen LiYing, 2000:
Application study of sandwich dot immunogold filtration assay for detection of circulating antigens of Schistosoma japonicum

Irla, E.; Anken, T.; Krebs, H., 2000:
Application technique for phytophthora control in organic potato cultivation

Siegfried, W.; Holliger, E.; Viret, O.; Crettenend, Y.; Mittaz, C.; Antonin, P., 2000:
Application technique in vineyards - part 1. Balance of active ingredients for different pesticide sprayers

Siegfried, W.; Holliger, E.; Viret, O.; Crettenend, Y.; Mittaz, C.; Antonin, P., 2000:
Application techniques in vineyards - part 2. Helicopter compared to axial sprayer and sprayline

Wang Qiang; Zhao XuePing; W.C.angXing; Dai Fen; W.L.Qin; X.H.o; Zhang RenJun; Cai GuoLiang; Weng XiongZhuang, 2000:
Application techniques of bispyribac-sodium for controlling weeds in direct seeded rice fields

Zhao XuePing; Wang Qiang; W.C.angXing; Dai Fen; W.L.Qin; X.H.o; Zhang RenJun, 2000:
Application techniques of fentrazamide for the control of weeds in paddy fields

Pokharkar, D.S.; Chaudhary, S.D., 1999:
Application time of nuclear polyhedrosis virus against Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) on tomato

Terry, E.; Pino, M. de los A.; Medina, N., 2000:
Application times of an Azospirillum bioproduct in tomato growth, development and yield

Cragnolini, C.I.; Cavallo, A.R.; Novo, R.J., 1999:
Application timing and acephate and chlorpyrifos efficiency to control Listronotus dauci (Brethes) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in carrot crops

Krausz, R.F.; Young, B.G.; Kapusta, G.; Matthews, J.L., 2000:
Application timing determines giant foxtail (Setaria faberi) and barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) control in no-till corn (Zea mays)

Semidey, N.; Gonzalez, A.; Aponte, A., 1999:
Application timing for clomazone and oxyfluorfen in transplanted cabbage

Bernardi, A.C. de C.; Oliveira, F.A. de; Bittencourt, V. de C.; Carmello, Q.A. de C., 1999:
Application to ratooned sugarcane of ammonium carbonate/bicarbonate fertilizer

Woitowitz, R.; Kohler, H.; Oltmann, H.; Jonen, D., 2001:
Application trials in orchards - optimization of the reproducibility by data acquisition and automation

Schaecke, B.; Poplau, R., 2000:
Application, composition and retention of communal sewage sludges in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (M-V)

Xie ZhuJie; Cao WeiXing; Luo WeiHong, 2001:
Applications and prospects of crop growth simulation models in precision agriculture and intellectualized greenhouse in Shanghai

Rosenberg, M., 2000:
Applications for fractionated milkfat in modulating rheological properties of milk and whey composite gels

Butcher, P.A.; Glaubitz, J.C.; Moran, G.F., 1999:
Applications for microsatellite markers in the domestication and conservation of forest trees

Paltridge, N.G., 2000:
Applications for molecular biology in weed management

Beck, Rh, 2000:
Applications in sustainable production

Togashi, K., 2000:
Applications of DNA information to animal breeding programs with a special reference to dairy cattle

Skidmore, A.K., 2000:
Applications of GIS and remote sensing technology for agro-environmental issues in less developed regions

Shahid Ahmad; Rakhshan Roohi; Akram Kahlown, 2000:
Applications of GIS for the evaluation of agro-environment in the semi-arid areas of Pakistan

Rogers, G., 2000:
Applications of a GIS in program impact evaluation: lessons from the U.S. agency for international development (USAID) experience; Tan SweeNgin, 2000:
Applications of amperometric silica sol-gel modified enzyme biosensors

Yang ChunChieh; Prasher, S.O.; Landry, J.A., 2000:
Applications of artificial neural networks to plant recognition in the field

Grosser, J.W.; Gmitter, F.G.J.; Fleming, G.H.; Chandler, J.L., 2000:
Applications of biotechnology to citrus cultivar improvement at the Citrus Research and Education Center

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Applications of biotechnology to cultivar improvement in New Zealand

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Arabidopsis coactivator ALY-like proteins, DIP1 and DIP2, interact physically with the DNA-binding domain of the Zn-finger poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase

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Arabidopsis cop8 and fus4 mutations define the same gene that encodes subunit 4 of the COP9 signalosome

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Arabidopsis dth9 mutation identifies a gene involved in regulating disease susceptibility without affecting salicylic acid-dependent responses

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Arabidopsis ethylene-responsive element binding factors act as transcriptional activators or repressors of GCC box-mediated gene expression

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Arabidopsis genes encoding components of the chloroplastic protein import apparatus

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Arabidopsis thaliana

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Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. as a model for studying genetic control of morphogenesis

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Arabidopsis thaliana and Saccharomyces cerevisiae NHX1 genes encode amiloride sensitive electroneutral Na+/H+ exchangers

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Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Cvi shows an increased tolerance to photo-oxidative stress and contains a new chloroplastic copper/zinc superoxide dismutase isoenzyme

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Arabidopsis thaliana genes expressed in the early compatible interaction with root-knot nematodes

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Arabidopsis thaliana in culture: a powerful tool to decipher the mode of action/target sites of herbicides with antimetabolite activity

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Arabidopsis thaliana susceptibility to Orobanche spp

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Arachis hypogaea var. hirsuta and pre-Columbian transoceanic relationships

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Aran (hypericum and its extract hypericin testicular histophysiological changes in mice treated with crispum)

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Arbitrage-free valuation of a federal timber lease

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Arbuscular mycorrhizae effects on heavy metal uptake by corn

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Arbuscular mycorrhizal and soil fertilization on post-transplant development of outplants of seven forest species

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Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi alter phosphorus relations of broomsedge (Andropogon virginicus L.) plants

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Arbuscular mycorrhizal root infection as an important factor of grapevine nutrition status. Multivariate analysis application for evaluation and characterization of the soil and leaf parameters

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Arcanobacterium/Corynebacterium-like bacterial isolates from sheep

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