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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3367

Chapter 3367 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Viscoli, C.; Paesmans, M.; Sanz, M.; Castagnola, E.; Klastersky, J.; Martino, P.; Glauser, M., 2001:
Association between antifungal prophylaxis and rate of documented bacteremia in febrile neutropenic cancer patients

Han, Z.; Moores, G.D.; Denholm, I.; Devonshire, A.L., 1998:
Association between biochemical markers and insecticide resistance in the cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover

Conceicao, R.O.; Oliveira, D.A.A.; Sampaio, I.B.M.; Kuabara, M.Y.; Quirino, C.R., 2000:
Association between blood group markers and first lactation milk yield in Gir cattle

Fernandes, J.I.M.; Martini, M.; Rodrigues, P.H.M.; Almeida, S.D.B. de; Margatho, L.F.F., 1999:
Association between bovine liver and hair levels of copper, manganese and zinc

Buhman, M.J.; Perino, L.J.; Galyean, M.L.; Wittum, T.E.; Montgomery, T.H.; Swingle, R.S., 2000:
Association between changes in eating and drinking behaviors and respiratory tract disease in newly arrived calves at a feedlot

Porta, M.; Malats, N.; Guarner, L.; Carrato, A.; Rifa, J.; Salas, A.; Corominas, J.M.; Andreu, M.; Real, F.X., 1999:
Association between coffee drinking and K-ras mutations in exocrine pancreatic cancer

Fung, T.; Rimm, E.; Spiegelman, D.R.fai, N.T.fler, G.; Willett, W.; Hu, F., 2001:
Association between dietary patterns and plasma biomarkers of obesity and cardiovascular disease risk

Petrova, N.; Nedelchev, D.; Todorova, D., 1999:
Association between different somatic cell count and the production, fat and protein in sheep milk

Asano, K.; Masuda, K.; Okumura, M.; Kadosawa, T.; Fujinaga, T., 2001:
Association between exogenous atrial natriuretic peptide and hemodynamics in dogs with congestive heart failure produced by experimental mitral regurgitation

Pelletier, J.; Bodin, L.; Hanocq, E.; Malpaux, B.; Teyssier, J.; Thimonier, J.; Chemineau, P., 2000:
Association between expression of reproductive seasonality and alleles of the gene for Mel(1a) receptor in the ewe

Tiberi, R.; Ragazzi, A., 1998:
Association between fungi and xylophagous insects of declining oaks in Italy

Grochowska, R.L.nden, A.Z.ierzchowski, L.S.ochowski, M.O.rzadek, J., 2001:
Association between gene polymorphism of growth hormone and carcass traits in dairy bulls

Kang ByungYong; Kim KiTae; E.H.unSeon; Lee KyungHo; Hong SungSoo; Shin JungHee; Lee ChungChoo, 2000:
Association between genetic variation of the insulin receptor gene and essential hypertension in the Korean population

Hediger, M.L.; Overpeck, M.D.; Kuczmarski, R.J.; Ruan, W.J., 2001:
Association between infant breastfeeding and overweight in young children

Lathrop, S.L.; Wittum, T.E.; Brock, K.V.; Loerch, S.C.; Perino, L.J.; Bingham, H.R.; McCollum, F.T.; Saif, L.J., 2000:
Association between infection of the respiratory tract attributable to bovine coronavirus and health and growth performance of cattle in feedlots

Cid, D.; Ruiz-Santa-Quiteria, J.A.; Marín, I.; Sanz, R.; Orden, J.A.; Amils, R.; de la Fuente, R., 2001:
Association between intimin (eae) and EspB gene subtypes in attaching and effacing Escherichia coli strains isolated from diarrhoeic lambs and goat kids

Gomes, P.R.; Emygdio, B.M.; Maia, M. de S.; Rocha, B.H.G., 2000:
Association between isoenzymes and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata W.) seed coat color

Yoon YeoMin; Song JungHan; Jung YoungSoon; Kim JinQue, 2000:
Association between low density lipoprotein subfractions and the coronary artery disease in Korean population

Saville, W.J.; Wittum, T.E.; Smith, K.L., 2000:
Association between measures of milk quality and risk of violative antimicrobial residues in grade-A raw milk

Vagi, J.; Baranyi, M., 2000:
Association between milk protein genotypes milk production and fertility in Hungarian Holstein Friesian Hungarian Fleckvieh and Hungarofries herds

Sangita Yadav; Mandal, S.; Verma, S.K.; Muneem, K.C.; Singh, M., 2000:
Association between morphological and quality traits of chilli fruit germplasm

Balmysheva, N.P.; Solovenchuk, L.L., 1999:
Association between mutations of mitochondrial DNA genes for citochrome b and NADH dehydrogenase 5/6 in sable Martes zibellina L

Dallongeville, J.; Marécaux, N.; Cottel, D.; Bingham, A.; Amouyel, P., 2001:
Association between nutrition knowledge and nutritional intake in middle-aged men from Northern France

Reis, W.P.; Vello, N.A.; Ferreira, D.F.; Ramalho, M.A.P., 1999:
Association between parentage coefficient and multivariate techniques as measurements of genetic divergence of wheat cultivars

Hulens, M.; Vansant, G.; Lysens, R.; Claessens, A.L., 1999:
Association between physical activity level and obesity prevalence: recent cross-sectional and longitudinal data. A review

Gaudet, D.A.; Laroche, A.; Ergon, A.; Mullin, J., 2000:
Association between plant age and simple and complex carbohydrate accumulation among winter wheat cultivars differing in resistance to snow moulds during acclimation at low temperatures

Campo, J.L.; Gil, M.G.; Torres, O.; Davila, S.G., 2001:
Association between plumage condition and fear and stress levels in five breeds of chickens

Jones, J.C.; Banfield, C.M.; Ward, D.L., 2000:
Association between postoperative outcome and results of magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography in working dogs with degenerative lumbosacral stenosis

Calvert, C.A.; Jacobs, G.J.; Smith, D.D.; Rathbun, S.L.; Pickus, C.W., 2000:
Association between results of ambulatory electrocardiography and development of cardiomyopathy during long-term follow-up of Doberman pinschers

Xu, W.; Virmani, S.S.; Hernandez, J.E.; Li, Z.K.; Redona, E.D., 1999:
Association between simple sequence repeat (SSR) marker diversity, pedigree record, quantitative trait variation, and hybrid performance in rice

Manivannan, N., 1999:
Association between stability parameters in greengram

Ziv, E.; Cauley, J.; Morin, P.A.; Saiz, R.; Browner, W.S., 2001:
Association between the T29->C polymorphism in the transforming growth factor beta 1 gene and breast cancer among elderly white women

Serrano Moyano, B.; Garzon Sigler, A.I.; Figueroa Sanchez, A.; Martinez Hens, J., 2000:
Association between the genetic polymorphism and technological indexes in ovine Merino milk

Cornelio, V.M. de O.; Santos, P.G.; Soares, A.A.; Lopes, T.L.V., 2000:
Association between the incidence of blast in the field and the presence of Pyricularia grisea on seeds in rice

Sasaki, S.; Tsuji, T.; Katagiri, A.; Shimoda, T., 2000:
Association between the number of food items bought in convenience stores and nutrient and food-group intakes. A survey of first-year female college students taking dietetic courses

Lubieniecki, K.; Grzybowski, G.; ukaszewicz, M.; Lubieniecka, J., 1999:
Association between the presence of allele BL in the genome of dairy cows and their productivity

Smith, H.R.; Holloway, D.; Armstrong, D.K.; Whittam, L.; White, I.R.; Rycroft, R.J.; McFadden, J.P., 2000:
Association between tinea manuum and male manual workers

Jones, G.; Riley, M.D.; Whiting, S., 2001:
Association between urinary potassium, urinary sodium, current diet, and bone density in prepubertal children

Kassaye, T.; Becklake, M.R.; Receveur, O.; Hanley, J.A.; Johns, T., 2001:
Association between vitamin A status and lung function level in children aged 6--9 years in Wukro wereda, Northern Ethiopia

Luger, D.; Shinder, D.; Rzepakovsky, V.; Rusal, M.; Yahav, S., 2001:
Association between weight gain, blood parameters, and thyroid hormones and the development of ascites syndrome in broiler chickens

Broccoli, A.M.; Burak, R., 2000:
Association between yield components, grain morphological traits and volume expansion in popcorn hybrids cultivated in Argentina

Zhang Wei; Zhang JingLiu; Liu ShuXian, 1999:
Association expression of genes encoding GST of Schistosoma japonicum and enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli

Kupriyanenko, A.P., 1999:
Association of Belorussian Sugar: results and prospects

Andersen, M.; Beever, R.; Sutherland, P.; Forster, R., 2001:
Association of Candidatus Phytoplasma australiense with sudden decline of cabbage tree in New Zealand

Loneragan, G.H.; Gould, D.H.; Mason, G.L.; Garry, F.B.; Yost, G.S.; Lanza, D.L.; Miles, D.G.; Hoffman, B.W.; Mills, L.J., 2001:
Association of 3-methyleneindolenine, a toxic metabolite of 3-methylindole, with acute interstitial pneumonia in feedlot cattle

Kumar, J.; Birendra Singh; Rajkumar, S.P.; Mahendra Pal, 2001:
Association of Ascochyta blight with morphological, biochemical and agronomic traits in chickpea

Ender, P.T.; Phares, J.; Gerson, G.; Taylor, S.E.; Regnery, R.; Challener, R.C.; Dolan, M.J., 2001:
Association of Bartonella species and Coxiella burnetii infection with coronary artery disease

Zhang, C.L.; McKinsey, T.A.; Lu, J.R.; Olson, E.N., 2000:
Association of COOH-terminal-binding protein (CtBP) and MEF2-interacting transcription repressor (MITR) contributes to transcriptional repression of the MEF2 transcription factor

Santana, D.L. de Q.; Andrade, F.M. de; Bellote, A.F.J.; Grigoletti Junior, A., 1999:
Association of Ctenarytaina spatulata and foliar magnesium contents with the occurrence of tip dryback in Eucalyptus grandis

Fonseca, H.S.; Jaehn, A.; Silva, M. de F.A., 1999:
Association of Ditylenchus dipsaci with weeds harvested after the garlic crop

Ittu, M.; Saulescu, N.N.; Hagima, I.; Ittu, G.; Mustatea, P., 2000:
Association of Fusarium head blight resistance with gliadin loci in a winter wheat cross

Daudén, E.; Vázquez-Carrasco, M.A.; Peñas, P.F.; Pajares, J.M.; García-Díez, A., 2000:
Association of Helicobacter pylori infection with psoriasis and lichen planus: prevalence and effect of eradication therapy

Dubay, S.A.; Williams, E.S.; Mills, K.; Boerger-Fields, A.M., 2000:
Association of Moraxella ovis with keratoconjunctivitis in mule deer and moose in Wyoming

Falico de Alcaraz, L.; Visintin, G.; Alcaraz, M.E.; Garcia, B.; Caceres, C., 2000:
Association of Phomopsis spp. and Phoma mcdonaldii on sunflower stems

Doucet, M.E.; Ponce de Leon, E.L. de; Milanesio, P.; Azpilicueta, C.; Maero, E., 2000:
Association of Taraxacum officinale and Meloidogyne hapla in Argentina

Hommel, D.; Heraud, J.M.; Hulin, A.; Talarmin, A., 2000:
Association of Tonate virus (subtype IIIB of the Venezuelan equine encephalitis complex) with encephalitis in a human

Hall, G.A., 2001:
Association of Veterinary Teachers and Research Workers. Current Topics in Veterinary Science, 55th Annual Conference, Scarborough, 9-12 April 2001

Afifi, S.H., 2000:
Association of Vibrio harveyi with mortalities in the brown-marbled grouper, Epinephelus fuscoguttatus (Forsskal) raised under growout culture conditions

Abraham, T.J.; Sugumar, G.; Shanmugam, S.A., 1999:
Association of Vibrio spp. in haemorrhagic ulcerative disease in cage impounded fish, Epinephelus spp

Mansoor, S.; Khan, S.H.; Hussain, M.; Zafar, Y.; Pinner, M.S.; Briddon, R.W.; Stanley, J.; Markham, P.G., 2000:
Association of a begomovirus and nanovirus-like molecule with Ageratum yellow vein disease in Pakistan

Ge, W.; Davis, M.E.; Hines, H.C.; Irvin, K.M.; Simmen, R.C., 2001:
Association of a genetic marker with blood serum insulin-like growth factor-I concentration and growth traits in Angus cattle

Griffiths, P.D.; Nickels, J.L., 2001:
Association of a molecular polymorphism with black rot resistance derived from Ethiopian mustard

Varade, P.K.; Ali, S.Z., 1998:
Association of age at first calving with first lactation yield

Xue TaiLin; Hartikainen, H., 2000:
Association of antioxidative enzymes with the synergistic effect of selenium and UV irradiation in enhancing plant growth

Khan, S.N.; Kamla Uniyal, 1999:
Association of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with different bamboo species at a reforested site

Loh, T.C.; Lean, I.J.; Dodds, P.F., 2001:
Association of backfat thickness with postheparin lipoprotein lipase activity and very low density lipoprotein-subfractions in growing pigs

García-Briones, M.M.; Russell, G.C.; Oliver, R.A.; Tami, C.; Taboga, O.; Carrillo, E.; Palma, E.L.; Sobrino, F.; Glass, E.J., 2001:
Association of bovine DRB3 alleles with immune response to FMDV peptides and protection against viral challenge

Frisch, M.; Biggar, R.J.; Engels, E.A.; Goedert, J.J., 2001:
Association of cancer with AIDS-related immunosuppression in adults

Etienne, M.; Noblet, J.; Dourmad, J.Y.; Castaing, J., 1999:
Association of cell wall constituents and fat in the lactation diet of sows. Effects on digestive utilization and on milk and piglet composition

Downer, A.J.; Menge, J.A.; Pond, E., 2008:
Association of Cellulytic Enzyme Activities in Eucalyptus Mulches with Biological Control of Phytophthora cinnamomi

Aklilu, S.; Dessalegne, L.; Currah, L., 2001:
Association of characters and path coefficient analysis of seed yield and yield components in onion (Allium cepa L.)

Singh, H.C.; Singh, S.K.; Nagaich, V.P., 2000:
Association of characters for some physiological components related to seed yield in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Ross, G.W.; Abbott, R.D.; Petrovitch, H.; Morens, D.M.; Grandinetti, A.; Tung, K.H.; Tanner, C.M.; Masaki, K.H.; Blanchette, P.L.; Curb, J.D.; Popper, J.S.; White, L.R., 2000:
Association of coffee and caffeine intake with the risk of Parkinson disease

Nagata, C.; Kabuto, M.; Shimizu, H., 1998:
Association of coffee, green tea, and caffeine intakes with serum concentrations of estradiol and sex hormone-binding globulin in premenopausal Japanese women

Anuradha, S.; Gowda, J.V.N., 2000:
Association of cutflower yield with growth and floral characters in gerbera

Goknur, A.B.; Tibbitts, T.W., 2001:
Association of dark opening of stomata with air pollution sensitivity of Irish potatoes

Vachon, C.M.; Kushi, L.H.; Cerhan, J.R.; Kuni, C.C.; Sellers, T.A., 2000:
Association of diet and mammographic breast density in the Minnesota breast cancer family cohort

Martens, R.J.; Takai, S.; Cohen, N.D.; Chaffin, M.K.; Liu, H.; Sakurai, K.; Sugimoto, H.; Lingsweiler, S.W., 2000:
Association of disease with isolation and virulence of Rhodococcus equi from farm soil and foals with pneumonia

Guerrant, D.I.; Moore, S.R.; Lima, A.A.; Patrick, P.D.; Schorling, J.B.; Guerrant, R.L., 1999:
Association of early childhood diarrhea and cryptosporidiosis with impaired physical fitness and cognitive function four-seven years later in a poor urban community in northeast Brazil

Yun, J.S.; Kang, W.J.; Seo, D.S.; Park, S.S.; Hong, K.C.; Lee, C.Y.; Ko, Y., 2001:
Association of endocrine factors (insulin-like growth factor-II and binding protein-3) with litter size in pigs

Lee, M.H.; Lee, C.W., 2000:
Association of fallout-derived 137Cs, 90Sr and 239,240Pu with natural organic substances in soils

Sourdioux, M.; Brevelet, C.; Delabrosse, Y.; Douaire, M., 1999:
Association of fatty acid synthase gene and malic enzyme gene polymorphisms with fatness in turkeys

Koehler, K.M.; Baumgartner, R.N.; Garry, P.J.; Allen, R.H.; Stabler, S.P.; Rimm, E.B., 2001:
Association of folate intake and serum homocysteine in elderly persons according to vitamin supplementation and alcohol use

Hansen, S.A.; Folsom, A.R.; Kushi, L.H.; Sellers, T.A., 2000:
Association of fractures with caffeine and alcohol in postmenopausal women: the Iowa Women's Health Study

Karale, A.R.; Wagh, A.P.; Pawar, B.G.; More, T.A., 1999:
Association of fruit characters in Tamarind

Nascimento, A.S.; Matrangolo, W.J.R.; Barbosa, C.J.; Marques, O.M.; Habibe, T.C., 2000:
Association of fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) with the sticky disease of papaya (Carica papaya L.)

Ogawa, K.; Tasaka, Y.; Mino, M.; Tanaka, Y.; Iwabuchi, M., 2001:
Association of glutathione with flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana

Muhammad Basheeruddin; Sahib, K.H.; Govinda Rao; Bhattiprolu ; Rao, S.S., 2000:
Association of grain yield with different phases of reproductive period in sorghum

Atwill, E.R.; Johnson, E.M.; Pereira, M.G., 1999:
Association of herd composition, stocking rate, and duration of calving season with fecal shedding of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in beef herds

Ott, S.L.; Novak, P.R., 2001:
Association of herd productivity and bulk-tank somatic cell counts in US dairy herds in 1996

Xiao BinNan; Jiang Juan; L.Z.iChai; Chao ZhiJian; Yan HaiFeng; W.X.aoLin, 2000:
Association of heterozygosity at plasma protein loci and phenotypic variation of growth performance in cattle

Tohidfar, G.; Abd Mishani, C., 1999:
Association of high molecular weight glutenin subunits of wheat with some important quality traits, using multivariate analysis

Descamps, V.; Valance, A.; Edlinger, C.; Fillet, A.M.; Grossin, M.; Lebrun-Vignes, B.; Belaich, S.; Crickx, B., 2001:
Association of human herpesvirus 6 infection with drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms

Huckelhoven, R.; Kogel, K.H., 2000:
Association of hydrogen peroxide accumulation with expression of PR-1 during defense of barley against the powdery mildew fungus

Seo, D.S.; Yun, J.S.; Kang, W.J.; Jeon, G.J.; Hong, K.C.; Ko, Y., 2001:
Association of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) gene polymorphism with serum IGF-I concentration and body weight in Korean Native Ogol chicken

Gonzalez, C.A.; Pera, G.; Agudo, A.; Amiano, P.; Barricarte, A.; Beguiristain, J.M.; Dolores Chirlaque, M.; Dorronsoro, M.; Martinez, C.; Navarro, C.; Quiros, J.R.; Rodriguez, M.; JoseTormo, M., 2000:
Association of lifestyle factors and dietary intake with abdominal obesity measured by anthropometric variables

Kanda, A.; Hoshiyama, Y.; Kawaguchi, T., 1999:
Association of lifestyle parameters with the prevention of hypertension in elderly Japanese men and women: a four-year follow-up of normotensive subjects

Eichholzer, M.; Stähelin, H.B.; Gutzwiller, F.; Lüdin, E.; Bernasconi, F., 2000:
Association of low plasma cholesterol with mortality for cancer at various sites in men: 17-y follow-up of the prospective Basel study

Krishnamurthy, V.R.; Satyanarayana, V.; Rao, C.B.B.; Shaik Mohammad, 2000:
Association of macrometeorological factors on maturity phase and yield of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) genotypes under varying environmental conditions

Ibadin, O.M.; Airauhi, L.; Omoigberale, A.I.; Abiodun, P.O., 2000:
Association of malarial parasitaemia with dehydrating diarrhoea in Nigerian children

Eijpe, M.; Heyting, C.; Gross, B.; Jessberger, R., 2000:
Association of mammalian SMC1 and SMC3 proteins with meiotic chromosomes and synaptonemal complexes

Karakas, B.; Bianco, R.L.; Rieger, M., 2000:
Association of marginal leaf scorch with sodium accumulation in salt-stressed peach

Chambers, J.C.; Fusi, L.; Malik, I.S.; Haskard, D.O.; D.S.iet, M.; Kooner, J.S., 2001:
Association of maternal endothelial dysfunction with preeclampsia

Lee, S.H.; Lee, C.S.; Lee, K.Y.; Park, T.S.; Han, J.Y.; Kim, S.K.; Sang, B.C., 2000:
Association of microsatellite polymorphisms of BoLA-DRB3 intron2 with economic traits in Holstein and Korean cattle

Rajesh Chahota; Katoch, R.C.; Arvind Mahajan; Subhash Verma, 2000:
Association of pasteurella haemolytica with bovine abortion - a case report

Shamrao Jahagirdar; Siddaramaiah, A.L., 2000:
Association of pathogens in foot rot complex of black pepper in Karnataka

Bunney, T.D.; Watkins, P.A.; Beven, A.F.; Shaw, P.J.; Hernandez, L.E.; Lomonossoff, G.P.; Shanks, M.; Peart, J.; Drobak, B.K., 2000:
Association of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase with nuclear transcription sites in higher plants

Orenstein, S.; Franck, A.; Kuznetzova, L.; Sela, I.; Tanne, E., 1999:
Association of phytoplasmas with a yellows disease of carrot in Israel

Wong, W.R.; Tsai, C.Y.; Shih, S.R.; Chan, H.L., 2001:
Association of pityriasis rosea with human herpesvirus-6 and human herpesvirus-7 in Taipei

Davis, C.R.; Marty, G.D.; Adkison, M.A.; Freiberg, E.F.; Hedrick, R.P., 1999:
Association of plasma IgM with body size, histopathologic changes, and plasma chemistries in adult Pacific herring Clupea pallasi

Bogdan, J.; West, K.; Clark, E.; Konoby, C.; Haines, D.; Allan, G.; McNeilly, F.; Meehan, B.; Krakowka, S.; Ellis, J.A., 2001:
Association of porcine circovirus 2 with reproductive failure in pigs: a retrospective study, 1995-1998

Park, H.B.; Yang, S.H.; Seo, D.S.; Kim, K.D.; Ko, Y.; Park, S.S.; Hong, K.C., 2000:
Association of porcine estrogen receptor locus variation with litter size in Yorkshire swine

Roy, A.; Ramachandran, P., 1998:
Association of poty and carlaviruses with mosaic disease of Hippeastrum stylossum

Bhattacharjya, T.K.; Gandhi, R.S., 1998:
Association of production efficiency traits with lifetime milk production in Karan Fries cattle

Gangaidzo, I.T.; Moyo, V.M.; Mvundura, E.; Aggrey, G.; Murphree, N.L.; Khumalo, H.; Saungweme, T.; Kasvosve, I.; Gomo, Z.A.; Rouault, T.; Boelaert, J.R.; Gordeuk, V.R., 2001:
Association of pulmonary tuberculosis with increased dietary iron

Giroux, M.; Talbert, L.H.bernicht, D.; Lanning, S.H.mphill, A.M.rtin, J., 2000:
Association of puroindoline sequence type and grain hardness in hard red spring wheat

Dwivedi, A.K.; Mitra, S.K., 1998:
Association of quantitative and quality traits of fruits in litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.)

Goudar, S.B.; Srikant Kulkarni, 2000:
Association of rhizosphere microflora with Fusarium wilt infected pigeonpea

Mehla, I.S.; Waldia, R.S.; Singh, V.P.; Lather, V.S.; Dahiya, S.S., 2000:
Association of seed mass groups and seed yield in kabuli chickpea

Virtala, A.M.K.; Grohn, Y.T.; Mechor, G.D.; Erb, H.N.; Dubovi, E.J., 2000:
Association of seroconversion with isolation of agents in transtracheal wash fluids collected from pneumonic calves less than three months of age

Barling, K.S.; McNeill, J.W.; Thompson, J.A.; Paschal, J.C.; McCollum, F.T.; Craig, T.M.; Adams, L.G., 2000:
Association of serologic status for Neospora caninum with postweaning weight gain and carcass measurements in beef calves

Seo, D.S.; Kang, W.J.; Yun, J.S.; Lee, J.H.; Hong, K.C.; Ko, Y., 2001:
Association of serum insulin-like growth factor-I and egg productivity with growth hormone gene polymorphism in Korean Native Ogol Chicken

Ding, L.; Candido, E.P., 2000:
Association of several small heat-shock proteins with reproductive tissues in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Ariey, F.; Hommel, D.; L.S.anf, C.; Duchemin, J.B.; Peneau, C.; Hulin, A.; Sarthou, J.L.; Reynes, J.M.; Fandeur, T.; Mercereau-Puijalon, O., 2001:
Association of severe malaria with a specific Plasmodium falciparum genotype in French Guiana

Lyu, L.C.; Yeh, C.Y.; Lichtenstein, A.H.; Li, Z.; Ordovas, J.M.; Schaefer, E.J., 2001:
Association of sex, adiposity, and diet with HDL subclasses in middle-aged Chinese

Sousa, E.M. de; Pinto, J.C.; Santos, M.N.; Gomes, A.A.; Bonifacio, L.F., 2000:
Association of soil macro and microelements and cork oak decline in Portugal

Patel, S.T.; Anahosur, K.H., 2000:
Association of soilborne fungi infecting chickpea and correlation coefficient between frequency of fungi and other factors

Geater, C.W.; Fehr, W.R.; Wilson, L.A., 2000:
Association of soybean seed traits with physical properties of natto

Wormser, G.P.; Liveris, D.; Nowakowski, J.; Nadelman, R.B.; Cavaliere, L.F.; McKenna, D.; Holmgren, D.; Schwartz, I., 1999:
Association of specific subtypes of Borrelia burgdorferi with hematogenous dissemination in early Lyme disease

Roy, T.K.; Begum, N.; Majumder, S.; Rahman, M.H., 2000:
Association of strongyle infection in Bengal goats with season and geographic location

Shariflou, M.R.; Moran, C.; Nicholas, F.W., 2000:
Association of the Leu127 variant of the bovine growth hormone (bGH) gene with increased yield of milk, fat, and protein in Australian Holstein-Friesians

Krenkova, L.; Kuciel, J.; Urban, T., 1999:
Association of the RYR1, GH, LEP and TF genes with carcass and meat quality traits in pigs

Iida, H.; Kaneko, T.; Tanaka, S.; Mori, T., 2000 :
Association of the developing acrosome with multiple small Golgi units, the Golgi satellites, in spermatids of the musk shrew, Suncus murinus

Botelho, P.S.M.; Parra, J.R.P.; Chagas Neto, J.F. das; Oliveira, C.P.B., 1999:
Association of the egg parasitoid Trichogramma galloi Zucchi (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) with the larval parasitoid Cotesia flavipes (Cam.) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) to control the sugarcane borer Diatraea saccharalis (Fabr.) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)

Rodrigues, M.L.; D.C.sta, T.H., 2001:
Association of the maternal experience and changes in adiposity measured by BMI, waist:hip ratio and percentage body fat in urban Brazilian women

Tsui, S.; Dai, T.; Warren, S.T.; Salido, E.C.; Yen, P.H., 2000:
Association of the mouse infertility factor DAZL1 with actively translating polyribosomes

Custodio, R.W.S.; Coelho, A.A.D.; Savino, V.J.M., 2000:
Association of the sex-linked late feathering gene (K) with the endogenous ev21 virus

Park, J.H.; Lee, B.J.; Lee, Y.S.; Park, J.H., 2000:
Association of tightly spiraled bacterial infection and gastritis in pigs

Geater, C.; Fehr, W., 2000:
Association of total sugar content with other seed traits of diverse soybean cultivars

Cobelens, F.G.; van Deutekom, H.; Draayer-Jansen, I.W.; Schepp-Beelen, A.C.; van Gerven, P.J.; van Kessel, R.P.; Mensen, M.E., 2001:
Association of tuberculin sensitivity in Dutch adults with history of travel to areas of with a high incidence of tuberculosis

Nyeki, J.; Szabo, Z.; Soltesz, M., 2000:
Association of varieties in stone fruit plantations

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Attempts to differentiate Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli using inorganic salts

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Attempts to harmonize chemical analyses of feeds and faeces, for rabbit feed evaluation

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Attitude and motivation to participation in sport

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Attitude of female extension agents (F.E.A.) towards working with rural women in the area of crop production

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Attitude of leaders and beneficiaries towards selected development programmes of women and children

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Attitude of tribal farmers towards improved dairy farming practices

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Attitude towards CATT-positive individuals without parasitological confirmation in the African trypanosomiasis (T. b. gambiense) focus of Quicama (Angola)

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Attitude towards and uptake of veterinary services by small-scale cattle farmers in Eastern province, Zambia

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Attitudes of food and nutrition majors toward hiring older workers

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Attitudes of organic producers to different market outlets

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Attitudes of pulse farmers in Western Australia towards genetically modified organisms in agriculture

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Attitudes of woodland owners toward white-tailed deer and herbivory in Wisconsin

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Attitudes to a non-viable community-owned heritage tourist attraction

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Attitudes to biotechnology in Asia

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Attitudes toward roles in a wilderness education program

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Attitudes towards abortion among married women in Shanghai

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Attitudes towards genetic engineering between change and stability: results of a panel study

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Attitudes towards wolf conservation in the district of Scansano (Grosseto)

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Attitudes, procedures, and delivery of behavior services by veterinarians in small animal practice

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Attracting success

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Attraction of the oriental fruit fly (Bactrocera dorsalis Hendel) (Diptera: Tephritidae), to leaf extracts of five plants

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Attractive but deadly

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Attractive interactions and aggregation in food dispersions

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Attractiveness of chickens and bobwhite quail for Culex nigripalpus

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Attractiveness of different alfalfa flower colours for bumble bees

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Attractiveness of spruce for cambioxylophages as related to stand age

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Attributes of atmospheric carbon monoxide oxidation by Maine forest soils

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Attributes of maize genotype for baby corn production

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Attributes of public and private cotton breeding programs

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Atypical branching of foxtail (Setaria spp.) panicles in west-central Kansas

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Atypical erythema multiforme occurring at the early phase of Lyme disease?

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Atypical piscine mycobacteriosis in Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes)

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Atypical post-translational modification and targeting of a Schistosoma mansoni surface receptor, a member of the transforming growth factor beta receptor family of cell surface receptors

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Atypical poxvirus lesions in two Galapagos doves (Nesopelia g. galapagoensis)

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Auchenorrhyncha (Homoptera) in the vicinity of Janow Lubelski

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Auchenorryncha: potential vectors of phytoplasms associated with vine yellows

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Auditory symmetry analysis

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Augmentation of Trichogrammatoidea bactrae Nagaraja in the IPM programme for control of pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saund.) in Egypt

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Augmentation of post-partum reproductive efficiency by the use of GnRH in buffaloes

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Augmentation of Soil with the Nematophagous Fungi Hirsutella rhossiliensis and Arthrobotrys haptotyla

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Aurothiolates enhance the replication of Semliki Forest virus in the CNS and the exocrine pancreas

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Australasia-Pacific Extension Network Inc. (APEN): promoting extension as a discipline

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Australian sugar

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Australian trees for the rehabilitation of waterlogged and salinity-damaged landscapes

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Authenticity of Swiss hard cheese

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