Section 4
Chapter 3,368

BAS 620 H-a new selective herbicide for post-emergence control of grass weeds in broadleaf crops

Kibler, E.; Landes, M.; Heyde, J. von der; Jahn, D.; Munger, P.

1999 Brighton crop protection conference: weeds Proceedings of an international conference, Brighton, UK, 15-18 November 1999 (Volume 1): 59-64


Accession: 003367379

BAS-620 H is a new cyclohexenone herbicide containing the new active ingredient tepraloxydim (proposed ISO common name). Tepraloxydim is developed for broad spectrum post-emergence grass weed control in broadleaf crops in Europe and the Americas. At a use rate of 50-75 g a.i./ha, tepraloxydim controls all economically important annual grasses as well as volunteer small grains. Tepraloxydim, at 75-100 g a.i./ha, is particularly effective against Poa annua and volunteer maize.

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