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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3369

Chapter 3369 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Boll, R.; Geria, A.M.; Marconi, A.; Migliore, O.; Salles, M., 2001:
Banker plants against aphids in cucumbers

Rogel Gaillard, C., 2000:
Banks of major DNA fragments

Tynan, K.M.; Scott, E.S.; Sedgley, M., 2000:
Banksia propagation. In-vitro multiplication of Banksia species

McLean, R., 2000:
Banksia. Cultivation and propagation

Hutter, I.; Grotkass, C.; Harnischfeger, G.; Lieberei, R.; Feldmann, F., 2001:
Baptisia tinctoria (L.) R. Br.: from collection to in vito propagated field crops

Wheeler, C.C.; Gealy, D.; TeBeest, D.O., 2001:
Bar gene transfer from transgenic rice (Oryza sativa) to red rice (Oryza sativa)

Borjesdotter, D., 2000:
Barbarea verna and Barbarea vulgaris as host plants for the pollen beetle (Meligethes aeneus)

Seo, B.; Yun, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, M.; Hwang, K.; Kim, J.; Min, K.R.; Kim, Y.; Moon, D., 2000:
Barbarin as a new tyrosinase inhibitor from Barbarea orthocerus

Creasey, S., 2001:
Bare necessities

Rao, M.S.; Reddy, P.P.; Nagesh, M., 1999:
Bare root dip treatment of tomato seedlings in caloptropis or castor leaf extracts mixed with Paecilomyces lilacinus spores for the management of Meloidogyne incognita

Karlik, J.F.; Schuch, U.K.; Becker, J.O., 2001:
Bare-root rose production with underground drip irrigation

Martin, L.; Paarlberg, P.L.; Lee, J.G., 1999:
Bargaining for European Union farm policy reform through U.S. pesticide restrictions

Hombergh, H. van den, 2000:
Bargaining for biodiversity and citizens' participation; a political process perspective on a Costa Rican environmental campaign

Vetlugina, T.G.; Lotova, L.I., 2000:
Bark anatomy of Fraxinus species (Oleaceae) in connection with their systematic position

Milos, K.; Petr, Z., 1999:
Bark and wood boring beetles in the pine stands

Burrows, N.D.; Ward, B.G.; Robinson, A.D., 2001:
Bark as fuel in a moderate intensity jarrah forest fire

Ciglar, I.; Baric, B., 2000:
Bark beetle (Scolytidae) in Croatian orchards

Senguttuvan, T., 2000:
Bark borer - a polyphagous pest on agroforestry trees

Menard, N.; Qarro, M., 1999:
Bark stripping and water availability: a comparative study between Moroccan and Algerian barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus)

Muhairwe, C.K., 2000:
Bark thickness equations for five commercial tree species in regrowth forests of northern New South Wales

Orze, S.; Kulej, M., 1999:
Bark thickness of larches of various Polish provenances in an experimental area of the Forest Experimental Station in Krynica

Petras, R.; Mecko, J.; Nociar, V., 1998:
Bark thickness of poplar roundwood, clones Robusta and I-214

Requena, L.; Bornemann, S., 1999:
Barley (Hordeum vulgare) oxalate oxidase is a manganese-containing enzyme

Signor, M.; Danielis, R.; Barbiani, G.; Snidaro, M., 1999:
Barley 1999: superficial loss and yield

Minella, E.; Arias, G.; Linhares, A.G.; Silva, M.S. e, 1999:
Barley BR 2: malting barley cultivar resistant to net blotch caused by Pyrenophora teres

Murai, K.; Taketa, S.; Islam, A.K.; Shepherd, K.W., 2000:
Barley allele-specific amplicons useful for identifying wheat-barley recombinant chromosomes

Signor, M.; Barbiani, G.; Snidaro, M., 2000:
Barley and wheat varieties for autumn sowing

Gustafson, G.M., 2000:
Barley as catchcrop of soil nitrogen after grazing sows

Serizawa, N.; Nasuda, S.; Endo, T.R., 2001:
Barley chromosome addition lines of wheat for screening of AFLP markers on barley chromosomes

Colonna, M., 2001:
Barley cultivation in Molise

Castro, A.; Ernst, O.; Hoffman, E.; Bentancur, O., 1997:
Barley germplasm characterization using agronomic and quality traits

Basgul, A.; Engin, A.; Ozkara, R.; Yucalan, T., 2000:
Barley improvement efforts in Efes Pilsen

Brugna, E.; Balduini, C., 2000:
Barley in Lombardy

Cardone, A.M., 2000:
Barley in Tuscany

Lu, M.Q.; O'Brien, L.; Stuart, I.M., 2000:
Barley malting quality and yield interrelationships and the effect on yield distribution of selection for malting quality in the early generations

Balmas, V.; Rau, D.; Saba, E.; Arba, A.; Attene, G., 2000:
Barley net blotch in Sardinia

Rashal, I.; Araja, I.; Kokina, I., 2000:
Barley powdery mildew virulence frequencies in Latvia in 1996-1999

Caffier, V.; Bousset, L.; Vallavieille Pope, C. de, 1999:
Barley powdery mildew: evolution of virulences in pathogen populations in relation to resistant varieties in France

Altpeter, F.; Diaz, I.; McAuslane, H.; Gaddour, K.; Carbonero, P.; Vasil, I.K., 1999:
Barley trypsin inhibitor CMe confers insect resistance to wheat

Tsuyuzaki, H.; Takeda, K.; Komazaki, T., 2000:
Barley varieties and its cultivation in east part of Tibet plateau

Faccini, N.; Scudellari, D.; Stanca, A.M.; Delogu, G., 2001:
Barley viruses in Emilia-Romagna

Kus, M.; Ravnikar, M.; Zadravec, D., 1999:
Barley yellow dwarf virus on winter barley (Hordeum sativum) in Slovenia

Boguzas, V.; Hakansson, I., 2001:
Barley yield losses simulation under Lithuanian conditions using the Swedish soil compaction model

Delogu, G.; Stanca, A.M., 2001:
Barley, a cereal for livestock, beer and human consumption

Doggett, S.L.; Russell, R.C.; Clancy, J.; Haniotis, J.; Cloonan, M.J., 1999:
Barmah Forest virus epidemic on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, 1994-1995: viruses, vectors, human cases, and environmental factors

Lee, C.H.; Ho, D.T., 1999:
Barn owl - field biology and rat control

Hafidzi, M.N.; Zulkifli, A.; Kamarudin, A.A., 1999:
Barn owls as a biological control agent of rats in paddy fields

Ntanos, D.A.; Koutroubas, S.D.; Mavrotas, C., 2000:
Barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) control in water-seeded rice (Oryza sativa) with cyhalofop-butyl

Mattice, J.; Dilday, R.; Gbur, E.; Skulman, B., 2001:
Barnyardgrass growth inhibition with rice using high-performance liquid chromatography to identify rice accession activity

Anonymous, 2001:
Barometer Havas Voyages American Express: evolution of the French market for business travels

Scollard, P.G.; Beresford, T.P.; Murphy, P.M.; Kelly, A.L., 2000:
Barostability of milk plasmin activity

Houston, C.; Stuart., 1999:
Barred owl nest in attic of shed

Singleton, V.L., 2000:
Barrels for wine, usage and significant variables

Peterson, P.A., 1999:
Barren mutants in maize - a case study in plant signaling

Ritter, M.K.; Padilla, C.M.; Schmidt, R.J., 2000:
Barren stalk1 is epistatic to teosinte branched1

Pratschke, K.M.; Bellenger, C.R.; McAllister, H.; Campion, D., 2001:
Barrier pressure at the gastroesophageal junction in anesthetized dogs

Hamelin, R.C.; Hunt, R.S.; Geils, B.W.; Jensen, G.D.; Jacobi, V.; Lecours, N., 2008:
Barrier to Gene Flow Between Eastern and Western Populations of Cronartium ribicola in North America

Xie ZongFang; L.J.Jun, 2001:
Barriers and approaches to affect reform of agricultural research institutes

Stommel,. Jr.;, 2001:
Barriers for introgression of Solanum ochranthum into tomato via somatic hybrids

Roth, J.; Krishnan, S.P.; Bunch, E., 2001:
Barriers to condom use: results from a study in Mumbai (Bombay), India

Davis, J.A.; Finlayson, B.L.; Hart, B.T., 2001:
Barriers to science informing community-based land and water management

Breteler, F.J., 1999:
Barteria Hook. f. (Passifloraceae) revised

Stephens, C.; Valeiro, A., 2001:
Bartering agriculture, food and health: at the crossroads of international trade agreements and sustainable development

Rothwell, G.W.; Mapes, G., 2001:
Barthelia furcata gen. et sp. nov., with a review of Paleozoic coniferophytes and a discussion of coniferophyte systematics

Cremonte, F., 2001:
Bartolius pierrei gen. nov., sp. nov. (Digenea: Gymnophallidae) from the Peninsula Valdes, Argentina

Fischer, C.T.; Senining, R.C.; Welch, D.F.; Kiehn, T.E.; Armstrong, D., 2000:
Bartonella (Rochalimaea) quintana as a cause of catheter-related bacteremia in an HIV-negative cancer patient

Bermond, D.; Heller, R.; Barrat, F.; Delacour, G.; Dehio, C.; Alliot, A.; Monteil, H.; Chomel, B.; Boulouis, H.J.; Piemont, Y., 2000:
Bartonella birtlesii sp. nov., isolated from small mammals (Apodemus spp.)

Tsukahara, M.; Tsuneoka, H.; Iino, H.; Murano, I.; Takahashi, H.; Uchida, M., 2000:
Bartonella henselae infection as a cause of fever of unknown origin

Fumarola, D., 1999:
Bartonella henselae: clinical observations and experimental research

Boulouis, H.J.; Chomel, B., 1999:
Bartonella infections: an update

Minnick, M.F.; Anderson, B.E., 2000:
Bartonella interactions with host cells

Earhart, K.C.; Power, M.H., 2000:
Bartonella neuroretinitis

Ohl, M.E.; Spach, D.H., 2000:
Bartonella quintana and urban trench fever

Dehio, C.; Lanz, C.; Pohl, R.; Behrens, P.; Bermond, D.; Piémont, Y.; Pelz, K.; Sander, A., 2001:
Bartonella schoenbuchii sp. nov., isolated from the blood of wild roe deer

Lappin, M.R.; Kordick, D.L.; Breitschwerdt, E.B., 2000:
Bartonella spp. antibodies and DNA in aqueous humour of cats

Chang, C.C.; Chomel, B.B.; Kasten, R.W.; Heller, R.M.; Kocan, K.M.; Ueno, H.; Yamamoto, K.; Bleich, V.C.; Pierce, B.M.; Gonzales, B.J.; Swift, P.K.; Boyce, W.M.; Jang, S.S.; Boulouis, H.J.; Piémont, Y., 2000:
Bartonella spp. isolated from wild and domestic ruminants in North America

Roux, V.; Eykyn, S.J.; Wyllie, S.; Raoult, D., 2000:
Bartonella vinsonii subsp. berkhoffii as an agent of afebrile blood culture-negative endocarditis in a human

Maguiña, C.; Gotuzzo, E., 2000:
Bartonellosis. New and old

Mathews, S.; Donoghue, M.J., 2000:
Basal angiosperm phylogeny inferred from duplicate phytochromes A and C

Selvarajah, S.; Herath, H.M.W.; Bandara, D.C., 1999:
Basal application of fused magnesium phosphate (FMP) on the incidence of post-harvest internal browning of Mauritius pineapple

Verzino, G.; Ingaramo, P.; Joseau, J.; Astini, E.; Rienzo, J. di; Dorado, M., 1999:
Basal area growth curves for Pinus patula in two areas of the Calamuchita Valley, Cordoba, Argentina

Becker, P.; Hasnimulyati Kahar; Muhamad Yusran, A.J.; Siti Fatimah Petra; Ling TanFeng; Zurina Ismail, 1999:
Basal area increment in a mixed dipterocarp and heath forest of Brunei Darussalam

Shamsaddini, S.; Dabiri, S., 2000:
Basal cell carcinoma on nickel dermatitis after leech applying

Soltis, P.S.; Soltis, D.E.; Zanis, M.J.; Kim, S., 2000:
Basal lineages of angiosperms: relationships and implications for floral evolution

Ludolph Hauser, D.; Rueff, F.; Fries, C.; Schopf, P.; Przybilla, B., 1999:
Basal mast cell tryptase in serum and risk of insect venom allergy

Taguchi, M.; Higuchi, M.; Oka, J.; Yoshiga, C.; Ishida, Y.; Matsushita, M., 2001:
Basal metabolic rate in Japanese female endurance athletes

Cruz, C.M.; Silva, A.F. da; Anjos, L.A. dos, 1999:
Basal metabolic rate is overestimated by predictive equations in college aged women of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hosseyni, N.; Ozan, A.; Kaya, Z., 1999:
Basal nutrient and hormonal requirements for direct organogenesis of Cedrus libani A. Rich

Wolcan, S.; Lori, G., 2001:
Basal rot of Geraldton waxplant caused by Phytophthora boehmeriae

Ogawa, T., 1999:
Basal studies on extending cell culture techniques in rice: overcoming varietal differences in cell culture and establishing a method for culturing isolated immature pollen

Ambrogioni, L.; Irdani, T.; Caroppo, S., 2000:
Basal threshold temperature and life cycle of Globodera tabacum on eggplant in relation to accumulated day degrees

Dooijes, D.; Chaves, I.; Kieft, R.; Dirks-Mulder, A.; Martin, W.; Borst, P., 2000:
Base J originally found in kinetoplastida is also a minor constituent of nuclear DNA of Euglena gracilis

Poluboyarinov, O.I.; Sorokin, A.M.; Fedorov, R.B., 2000:
Base density of wood and bark of the forest-forming species of European Russia

Mildner, G.C.S.; Stratham, J.G., 1999:
Baseball and basketball stadium ownership and franchise incentives to relocate

Marburger, D.R., 1999:
Baseball's new collective bargaining argument: how will it affect the national pastime?

Walther, D.; Bartha, G.; Morris, M., 2001:
Basecalling with LifeTrace

Feldblum, P.J.; Kuyoh, M.; Omari, M.; Ryan, K.A.; Bwayo, J.J.; Welsh, M., 2000:
Baseline STD prevalence in a community intervention trial of the female condom in Kenya

Siegfried, B.D.; Spencer, T.; Nearman, J., 2000:
Baseline susceptibility of the corn earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to the Cry1Ab toxin from Bacillus thuringiensis

Kranthi, K.R.; Ali, S.S.; Banerjee, S.K., 2000:
Baseline toxicity of spinosad on the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera (Hub.), in India

MacLaren, D.P.M., 2001:
Bases 2000: back to the future. Annual conference of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Koester, U., 2001:
Bases for a new direction in agricultural policy

Milgen, J. van; Noblet, J., 1999:
Bases for estimating the energy requirements for growing pigs

Torquati, B.M.; Sallusti, F.; Trastulli, C., 1996:
Basic behaviour structure in olive oil consumption: research on consumption motivation in the city of Perugia

Thompson, D.C.; Gardner, K.T., 1999:
Basic biology of Melanoplus aridus, a forbivorous grasshopper common on some southwestern rangelands

Rondon, D.; Castillo, J.M., 2000:
Basic characteristics of exporting enterprises of fresh fruits in Venezuela; their structures and trade's services

Hansson, M., 2001:
Basic characterization of two barley hemA promoter regions reveals stem-loop structures and suggests a regulatory role in Poaceae tetrapyrrole biosynthesis

Zhao Bin; Cai QingHua; Liu RuiQiu; L.D.oFeng, 1999:
Basic characters of physicochemical indices in the Xilin River, Inner Mongolia

Girsch, L., 1999:
Basic conditions for seed traffic

Essalmani, R.; Soulier, S.; Besnard, N.; Hudrisier, M.; Silva, J.C. da; Vilotte, J.L., 2000:
Basic data on transgenesis

Iizuka, K.; Nishioka, T.; Kono, K., 2000:
Basic density and duration of bud opening in the interspecies of Abies sachalinensis x A. homolepis and A. sachalinensis x A. veitchii

Hamza, K.F.S., 1999:
Basic density and some anatomical properties of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnhr., E. citriodora Hook, and E. paniculata Sm. grown at Ruvu, Tanzania

X.Y.uMing; Tang WanPeng; X.Q.Hu; Liu LiDe; Deng LanYing, 1999:
Basic density variation in provenances of exotic loblolly pine in Wuhan and its comprehensive selection

Kubera, J.; Tomczyk, W., 1999:
Basic design methods in the protection of agricultural machinery against corrosion

Abdullatif, A.A., 1999:
Basic development needs approach in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Evloev, Y., 2000:
Basic directions for increasing the utilization of agricultural resources in the Smolenskaya Oblast'

Nebe, W.; Abiy, M.; Leube, F., 2000:
Basic elements of site classification for forest conversion in the lowlands of North Sachsen

Knuttgen, H.G., 2000:
Basic exercise physiology

Uenoyama, Y.; Murakami, S.; Schams, D.; Okuda, K., 2000:
Basic fibroblast growth factor-induced prostaglandin production and its intracellular mechanisms in cultured bovine luteal cells

Barth, K., 2000:
Basic investigations to evaluate a highly sensitive infrared-thermograph-technique to detect udder inflammation in cows

Noack, R., 2001:
Basic metabolic rate (BMR) x PAL (physical activity level) = TEE (total energy expenditure). New reference values for energy intake

Shatalova, T., 1999:
Basic methodological principles for establishing the resource potential of agricultural enterprises

Korniewicz, A.; Kosmala, I.; Czarnik Matusewicz, H.; Paleczek, B., 2000:
Basic nutrient content of grains of different maize hybrid varieties

Araujo, L.H.A.; Guerra, A.A.; Herrera, E.A., 2000:
Basic nutrients content of Catolaccus grandis Burks reared in cotton boll weevil larvae

Kabral, Z.L., 2000:
Basic prerequisites for development of the agricultural sector of the Angolan economy

Komora, F.; Despot, R., 2000:
Basic principles of impregnated railway sleepers

Michalski, T., 2001:
Basic problems of maize production

Wiyono, B.; Hartoyo ; Hastoeti, P., 2000:
Basic properties of keruing oil and determining possibility on its standard

Berti, S.; Brunetti, M.; Macchioni, N., 1999:
Basic properties of some hardwoods from arboriculture in Italy

Saito, T.; Rasa, F.S.T.; Osaka, H.; Sitizyo, K., 1999:
Basic studies on the incubation of the eggs and the rearing of chicks in the ostrich

X.X.ngMing; Yang WanJiang, 2000:
Basic study on China's coastal regions taking the lead in agricultural modernization

Gejima, Y.; Nagata, M., 2000:
Basic study on Kamairicha tea leaves quality judgment system

Ishigooka, Y.; Urano, S.I.; Okada, K.; Takeda, T.; Wang XiuFeng; Machimura, T.; Horiguchi, I., 2001:
Basic study on the ecology of Anoplophora glabripennis and meteorology in Ningxia, China

Thuroczy, C., 2000:
Basic terms relating to the biology of parasitoids

Wu, K.K.; Deng HaiHua; Wenslaff, T.; Moore, P.H., 2000:
Basic theory of selecting single-dose molecular markers as tools for QTL selection in sugarcane

Jiang HePing; Huang Ren; Xue GuiXia; Xie XinNan, 1999:
Basic thinking and distribution about sustainable development of modern agriculture in Beijing

Faber, M.; Johnston, C.; Schamhardt, H.; van Weeren, R.; Roepstorff, L.; Barneveld, A., 2001:
Basic three-dimensional kinematics of the vertebral column of horses trotting on a treadmill

Armyanov, N.; Bayev, V.; Savchuk, V.; Diprose, M.; Stefanova, S.; Stoyanova, T.; Nedyalkov, N., 1998:
Basic treatment parameters in electric spark processing of plants and their impact upon its effectiveness

Cardinale, F.; Matta, A., 2001:
Basic xylanases from the fungal tomato pathogen Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici

Elfrink, E.; Thomas, M., 2001:
Basics for using an extruder in petfood processing

Zadrazil, F., 1999:
Basics of Agrocybe aegerita (Brig.) Sing. culture. Will Agrocybe aegerita be a new cultivated mushroom?

Sangare, A.; Yoboue, P.; Bamba, V.; Aka, B.; Gbery, I.; Djeha, D.; Sanni, S.; Kanga, J.M., 2000:
Basidiobolomycosis. Clinical aspects of 10 cases observed in 11 years in the Dermatology Department of the CHU in Treichville

Khan, Z.U.; Khoursheed, M.; Makar, R.; Al-Waheeb, S.; Al-Bader, I.; Al-Muzaini, A.; Chandy, R.; Mustafa, A.S., 2001:
Basidiobolus ranarum as an etiologic agent of gastrointestinal zygomycosis

Yoo YoungBok; Kim BeomGi; Lee KangHyo; Jeong MiJeong; Park SooChul, 2000:
Basidioma development and genetic recombination of somatic hybrids with compatible and incompatible strains by protoplast fusion in genera Pleurotus (Fr.) P. Karst. and Ganoderma P. Karst

Ishizaki, T.; Yokoyama, H.; Kajiwara, S.; Shishido, K., 2000:
Basidiomycete fungal gene encoding a regulatory subunit A homologue of protein phosphatase 2A

Horner, W.E.; Hughes, J.M.; Lopez, M.; Lehrer, S.B., 2000:
Basidiomycete skin test reactivity is a risk factor for asthma

Boidin, J.; Gilles, G., 2000:
Basidiomycetes Aphyllophorales of the Island of Reunion XXI-Suite

Gardi, C., 2000:
Basin scale studies hydrology, soil conservation, fate of pollutants

Rashotte, A.M.; Brady, S.R.; Reed, R.C.; Ante, S.J.; Muday, G.K.; Muday, G.K.; Davies, E., 2000:
Basipetal auxin transport is required for gravitropism in roots of Arabidopsis

Gry, J.; Moller, A.; Preece, R.; Speijers, G.; Morgan, M.; Rhodes, M., 2001:
Basis - bioactive substances in food plants information system

Bystrov, A.F.; Bystrova, E.S., 1999:
Basis for the effective utilization of wood residues in a woodworking enterprise

Alvarenga, M.I.N.; Souza, J.A. de, 2000:
Basis for the preparation of the study of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and of the report on Impact on the Surrounding Environment (RIMA)

Nosov, S.V., 2000:
Basis of a methodological approach to selecting the regimes and parameters of mobile power units working on deformable soils

Gancic, M., 1999:
Basis of intensive poultry production

Rehak, S., 1999:
Basis of irrigation management under conditions of water scarcity

Fernandez Northcote, E.N.; Navia, O.; Gandarillas, A., 2000:
Basis of strategies for chemical control of potato late blight developed by PROINPA in Bolivia

Gasteiner, J., 2001:
Basis of the digestion process in cattle. Physiology and acidosis in the rumen

Byrne, C.; Doherty, D.; Mooney, A.; Byrne, M.; Woodward, D.; Johnson, W.; Rodgers, F.; Bourke, B., 2001:
Basis of the superiority of cefoperazone amphotericin teicoplanin for isolating Campylobacter upsaliensis from stools

Kraaijeveld, A.R.; Limentani, E.C.; Godfray, H.C., 2001:
Basis of the trade-off between parasitoid resistance and larval competitive ability in Drosophila melanogaster

Briceno G.R.A.; Sharkey, M.J., 2000:
Bassus macadamiae sp. n. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Agathidinae), parasitoid of Ecdytolopha torticornis and E. aurantianum (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Macadamia nut crops in Central and South America

Sankari, H.S., 2000:
Bast fibre content, fibre yield and fibre quality of different linseed genotypes

Wang XinQi; Han ZhiYong; Yin LiQing; Shen GeZhi, 2001:
Basta resistance assaying for the progeny of rice transformed with Ds transposon

Meena Singh, 2000:
Basutoland: a historical journey into the environment

Young, R.A.; Ford, G.I., 2000:
Bat fauna of a semi-arid environment in central western Queensland, Australia

de Mattos, C.A.; Favi, M.; Yung, V.; Pavletic, C.; de Mattos, C.C., 2000:
Bat rabies in urban centers in Chile

Moreno, R.; Rios, R.; Calbucura, H., 2000:
Batch vibrating fluid bed dryer for sawdust particles: experimental results

Oss, F.W. van, 2000:
Batik route: batik and tourism

Morrell, T.E.; Rabe, M.J.; DeVos, J.C.J.; Green, H.; Miller, C.R., 1999:
Bats captured in two ponderosa pine habitats in north-central Arizona

Srinivasulu, C.; Bhargavi Srinivasulu, 2001:
Bats of the Indian subcontinent - an update

Ahmad Ibrahim, 2001:
Battling the heat in the summer months

Ruelle, S.; Malaisse, F., 1999:
Bauhinia L. in the Philippine Islands: aspects of diversity and vegetation units

Selina Parween, 2000:
Baycidal: effect on Tribolium castaneum Herbst (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) population

Lee, D.H.; Misztal, I.; Bertrand, J.K., 2001:
Bayesian analysis of carcass traits using multivariate threshold animal models and Gibbs sampling with missing records in Korean cattle

Frat, M.Z., 2001:
Bayesian analysis of test day milk yields in an unbalanced mixed model assuming random herd-year-month effects

Peterman, R.M.; Peters, C.N.; Robb, C.A.; Frederick, S.W., 1999:
Bayesian decision analysis and uncertainty in fisheries management

Stefanini, F.M.; Feldman, M.W., 2000:
Bayesian estimation of range for microsatellite loci

Wang ChuDuan; Chen QingMing; Zhou WeiLiang; Wang ZuoQiang; Han ShaoYong; L.Z.enKuan, 2000:
Bayesian inference of teat number in landrace using Gibbs sampling

Lee, C.; Wang, C.D., 2001:
Bayesian inference on variance components using Gibbs sampling with various priors

Yi, N.; Xu, S., 2000:
Bayesian mapping of quantitative trait loci for complex binary traits

Yi, N.; Xu, S., 2001:
Bayesian mapping of quantitative trait loci under complicated mating designs

Yi, N.; Xu, S., 2000:
Bayesian mapping of quantitative trait loci under the identity-by-descent-based variance component model

Pella, J.; Masuda, M., 2001:
Bayesian methods for analysis of stock mixtures from genetic characters

Jara, A.; Barria, N., 1999:
Bayesian methods in animal genetic improvement

Szydłowski, M.; Szwaczkowski, T., 2001:
Bayesian segregation analysis of production traits in two strains of laying chickens

Green, E.; Macfarlane, D.; Valentine, H., 2000:
Bayesian synthesis for quantifying uncertainty in predictions from process models

Kazacos, K.R., 2001:
Baylisascaris procyonis and related species

Saidul Islam; Nawab Nashiruddulah, 2000:
Baylisascaris transfuga from a Himalayan black bear (Selenarctos thibetinus)

Valle Tendero, F., 1999:
Baza-Granada (13 July). (The vegetation of the Sierra de Baza)

Nagy, A.; Spadaru, F.; Terec, R., 1999:
Bazna and red Mangalitza pig breeds as a local breeds of Transylvania

Leung, L.K.; Wang, T.T., 2000:
Bcl-2 is not reduced in the death of MCF-7 cells at low genistein concentration

Johnson, A.L.; Bridgham, J.T.; Jensen, T., 1999:
Bcl-X(LONG) protein expression and phosphorylation in granulosa cells

Yan, W.; Samson, M.; Jégou, B.; Toppari, J., 2000:
Bcl-w forms complexes with Bax and Bak, and elevated ratios of Bax/Bcl-w and Bak/Bcl-w correspond to spermatogonial and spermatocyte apoptosis in the testis

Rucker, E.B.; Dierisseau, P.; Wagner, K.U.; Garrett, L.; Wynshaw-Boris, A.; Flaws, J.A.; Hennighausen, L., 2000:
Bcl-x and Bax regulate mouse primordial germ cell survival and apoptosis during embryogenesis

Maas, F.; Wenneker, M.; Steeg, P. van der, 2000:
Be careful with crop cooling using irrigation

Thaler, E., 2000:
Be successful through cooperation between industry and agriculture

Harker, M.B.; Rathbun, G.B.; Langtimm, C.A., 1999:
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