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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3373

Chapter 3373 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Abdel Aal, E.S.M.; Sosulski, F.W., 2001:
Bleaching and fractionation of dietary fiber and protein from wheat-based stillage

Cho NamSeok, 1999:
Bleaching of hardwood kraft pulp by xylanase pretreatment

Singh, J.N.; Ranjan, A.; Archana Kumari; Chandramoni, 2000:
Bleaching of wet casing for preparation of plain catgut

Morita, S.; Okamoto, M.; Abe, J.; Yamagishi, J., 2000:
Bleeding rate of field-grown maize with reference to root system development

Bekele, J.; Ahmed Hassanali, 2001:
Blend effects in the toxicity of the essential oil constituents of Ocimum kilimandscharicum and Ocimum kenyense (Labiateae) on two post-harvest insect pests

Atuahene, C.C.; Donkoh, A.; Ntim, I., 2000:
Blend of oil palm slurry and rice bran as feed ingredient for broiler chickens

LaPotin, P.; Kennedy, R.; Pangburn, T.; Bolus, R., 2001:
Blended spectral classification techniques for mapping water surface transparency and chlorophyll concentration

Anderson, A., 1999:
Blending management and instruction to foster participation in the study of movement

Shen, Z.; Birkett, A.; Augustin, M.A.; Dungey, S.; Versteeg, C., 2000:
Blending of milkfat with hydrogenated coconut oil

Kamoun, B.; Fourati, M.; Feki, J.; Mlik, M.; Karray, F.; Trigui, A.; Ellouze, S.; Hammami, B.; Chaabouni, M.; Ayadi, A., 1999:
Blephritis and Demodex: myth or reality?

Griffin, G.J., 2000:
Blight control and restoration of the American chestnut

Palma, L. de; Novello, V.; Tarricone, L., 2000:
Blind buds, fruitfulness and balance between vegetative and reproductive growth of grape cv. victoria as related to bud load and pruning system during vine canopy establishment

Watt, G.; Saisorn, S.; Jongsakul, K.; Sakolvaree, Y.; Chaicumpa, W., 2000:
Blinded, placebo-controlled trial of antiparasitic drugs for trichinosis myositis

Thomas, B.B.; Oommen, M.M., 2000:
Blinding induces copulatory activity among inactive males of South Indian gerbils

Baxendale, F.P.; Heng Moss, T.M.; Riordan, T.P., 1999:
Blissus occiduus (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae): a chinch bug pest new to buffalograss turf

Dutta, U.; Gupta, N.M.; Nagi, B.; Singh, K., 2001:
Blister pack ingestion resulting in esophago-pleural fistula

Weinshenker, D.; Wei, A.; Salkoff, L.; Thomas, J.H., 1999:
Block of an ether-a-go-go-like K(+) channel by imipramine rescues egl-2 excitation defects in Caenorhabditis elegans

Roslov, N.N., 1999:
Block-module units for storage and processing of potatoes and vegetables

Schwemmer, M.; Sommer, O.; Bassenge, E., 2000:
Blockade of angiotensin signaling improves myocardial function in hypercholesterolemia independent of changes in eicosanoid release

Villegas, E.N.; Wille, U.; Craig, L.; Linsley, P.S.; Rennick, D.M.; Peach, R.; Hunter, C.A., 2000:
Blockade of costimulation prevents infection-induced immunopathology in interleukin-10-deficient mice

Hosler, J.S.; Smith, B.H., 2000:
Blocking and the detection of odor components in blends

Klausen, J.A.dresen, L.; Barfod, K.S.rensen, V., 2001:
Blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibodies against Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 6 in pig serum

Springob, G., 1999:
Blocking the release of potassium from clay interlayers by small concentrations of NH4+ and Cs+

Bouda, J.; Dávalos-Flores, J.L.; Núñez-Ochoa, L.; Paasch-Martínez, L.; Quiroz-Rocha, G.F., 2000:
Blood acid-base and serum electrolyte values in red deer (Cervus elaphus)

Keskin, E.; Kececi, T., 2000:
Blood acid-base balance, some blood gases and plasma electrolyte levels in Angora goats

Ok, M.; Birdane, F.M., 2000:
Blood acid-base status, some blood gases and electrolytes levels in premature calves

Ceballos, A.; Wittwer, F.G.; Contreras, P.A.; Quiroz, E.; Bohmwald, H.L., 1999:
Blood activity of glutathione peroxidase and its correlation with blood selenium concentration in grazing dairy cattle

Abu-Ghazaleh, A.A.; Schingoethe, D.J.; Hippen, A.R., 2001:
Blood amino acids and milk composition from cows fed soybean meal, fish meal, or both

Correia, J.D.; Shafer, R.T.; Patel, V.; Kain, K.C.; Tessier, D.; MacPherson, D.; Keystone, J.S., 2001:
Blood and body fluid exposure as a health risk for international travelers

Rodriguez, A.M.; Aragort de Rossell, R.; Jesus, R. de; Calcagno, M.; Maizo de Segnini, Z.; Segnini, S.; Diaz, S., 2000:
Blood and culture trypomastigote forms of Trypanosoma cruzi Y. I.-Difference in the infectivity in BALB/c mice

Aragort de Rossell, R.; Rodriguez, A.M.; Jesus, R. de; Calcagno, M.; Maizo de Segnini, Z.; Diaz, S., 2000:
Blood and culture trypomastigote forms of Trypanosoma cruzi Y. II.- Pathology of Chagas' disease in BALB/c mice

Amerio, M.; Vignali, C.; Italia, A.; Gabaudan, J., 2000:
Blood and liver concentration of ascorbic acid in Sparus aurata fed Rovimix Stay C-25

Rao, T.S.C.S.; Makkena Sreenu; Naidu, K.S., 1999:
Blood and nerve supply to hip joint in buffalo calves

Altunok, V.; Baspnar, N., 2001:
Blood and seminal plasma Fe and Cu levels and relationships between blood and seminal plasma levels in different breed rams

Martinez P.R.; Scaglione M.M.C.; Luneburg F.C.; Hernandez A.E.; Araneda V.O.; Gonzalez S.L.M.; Estrada H.M.; White O.A., 2000:
Blood and sweat changes in horses submited to endurance races

Meena Kataria; Sivasankar S.; Somvanshi, R., 2000:
Blood and tissue enzymes in Polystichum squarrosum fern fed hill heifer calves

Chen, Y.C.; Pu, Y.S.; Lin, R.S.; Yang, C.Y.; Lai, M.K.; Liu, S.H.; Sung, F.C., 2001:
Blood and urine cadmium levels in relation to demographic and life style in middle aged and elderly men

Shanmugam, M.; Mody, K.H.; Siddhanta, A.K., 2001:
Blood anticoagulant sulphated polysaccharides of the marine green algae Codium dwarkense (Boergs.) and C. tomentosum (Huds.) Stackh

Aas, G.H.; Bjerkeng, B.; Storebakken, T.; Ruyter, B., 1999:
Blood appearance, metabolic transformation and plasma transport proteins of 14C-astaxanthin in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

Carlson, S.D.; Juang, J.L.; Hilgers, S.L.; Garment, M.B., 2000:
Blood barriers of the insect

Rudolph, W.G.; Gonzalez V.A.M.; Contreras T.M.A., 2000:
Blood bile acid and cholesterol concentration before, during and after fasting in the goat

Manal, G.F.; Samira, A.E.; Aly, A.H.; Sakran, M.N.S., 1999:
Blood biochemical and hormonal changes in postpartum buffaloes with some reproductive disorders during hot season

Shashi Nayyar; Sharma, K.B.; Malik, V.S.; Rajvir Singh; Narinder Singh; Rattan, P.J.S.; Sodhi, S.P.S., 1998:
Blood biochemical and hormonal composition during the prepubertal period as related to the age at puberty in buffalo heifers

Kaushish, S.K.; Karim, S.A.; Rawat, P.S., 2000:
Blood biochemical changes during lactation in different breeds of goat

Chemshirova, N., 2000:
Blood biochemical characteristics and their connection with milk productivity of cattle

Gawe, A.; Kotonski, B.; Mazurkiewicz, M.; Cholewa, J., 2001:
Blood biochemical indices in geese with amyloidosis

Rasero, R.; Fiandra, P.;, S.; E.N.hass, E.; Vincenti, L.; Cristofori, F., 1997:
Blood biochemical polymorphisms in milking Egyptian river buffalo

Domingo-Roura, X.; Newman, C.; Calafell, F.; Macdonald, D.W., 2001:
Blood biochemistry reflects seasonal nutritional and reproductive constraints in the eurasian badger (Meles meles)

Ameno, K.; Lee SangKi; I.S.ngWhan; Yang JaYeol; Yoo YoungChan; Ameno, S.; Kubota, T.; Kinoshita, H.; Ijiri, I., 2001:
Blood carbofuran concentrations in suicidal ingestion cases

Foote, R.H.; Hare, E., 2001:
Blood catalase and haematocrit values in a breeding colony of Dutch-belted rabbits

Fleischer, L.G.; Gerber, G.; Liezenga, R.W.; Lippert, E.; Scholl, M.A.; Westphal, G., 2000:
Blood cells and plasma proteins of chickens fed a diet supplemented with (1->3), (1->6)- beta -D-glucan

Singla, L.D.; Juyal, P.D., 2000:
Blood cellular responses in Trypanosoma evansi infected and levamisole treated bovine calves

Sribhen, C.; Kasemsant, M.L.N.; Kaewmokul, S.; Sribhen, K., 1999:
Blood chemistry profile and cardiac troponin T concentration in Thai stray dogs infected with heartworms

Penteado, C.; Vaz, B.B.D.; Neto, J.C. de L.; Santana, A.E.; Summa, R.P., 1999:
Blood chemistry reference values for pregnant Arabian mares

Sakamoto, K.; Lewbart, G.A.; Smith, T.M.I.I., 2001:
Blood chemistry values of juvenile red pacu (Piaractus brachypomus)

Homswat, S.; Nimitsuntiwong, W.; Boonyaprakob, U.; Kaewmokul, S.; Schmidt, A., 1999:
Blood chemistry, haematology, plasma protein electrophoretic patterns and haemoglobin electrophoretic bands in pheasant

Sangild, P.T.; Schmidt, M.; Jacobsen, H.; Fowden, A.L.; Forhead, A.; Avery, B.; Greve, T., 2000:
Blood chemistry, nutrient metabolism, and organ weights in fetal and newborn calves derived from in vitro-produced bovine embryos

Torra, M.; Rodamilans, M.; Corbella, J.; Ferrer, R.; Mazzara, R., 1999:
Blood chromium determination in assessing reference values in an unexposed Mediterranean population

Edemeka, D.B.U.; Ogwu, A.S., 2000:
Blood coagulation activities of the leaf extracts of Ocimum gratissimum plant in man

Naito, Y.; Konishi, C.; Ohara, N., 2000:
Blood coagulation and osmolar tolerance of erythrocytes in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats given rapeseed oil or soybean oil as the only dietary fat

Deniz, A., 1999:
Blood coagulation in cats seropositive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)

Reinhardt, V.; Reinhardt, A., 2000:
Blood collection procedure of laboratory primates: a neglected variable in biomedical research

Jayathangaraj, M.G.; John, M.C., 2000:
Blood collection technique using 'supra-vertebral vessel technique' in mugger crocodiles

Lemaitre-Delaunay, D.; Pachiaudi, C.; Laville, M.; Pousin, J.; Armstrong, M.; Lagarde, M., 1999:
Blood compartmental metabolism of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in humans after ingestion of a single dose of [(13)C]DHA in phosphatidylcholine

Turunen, M.; Appelkvist, E.L.; Sindelar, P.; Dallner, G., 1999:
Blood concentration of coenzyme Q(10) increases in rats when esterified forms are administered

Meurer, D.G.; Hoppen, H.O.; Ueberschar, S.; Hewicker Trautwein, M.; Mischke, R., 2000:
Blood concentration of oestradiol-17 beta and testosterone in dogs with testicular neoplasias

Radojicic, B.; Samanc, H., 2000:
Blood concentrations of cortisol, cholesterol and lipids in calves after administration of adrenocorticotropic hormone

Jahan, N.; Docherty, PT.; Billingsley, PF.; Hurd, H., 1999:
Blood digestion in the mosquito, Anopheles stephensi: the effects of Plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis on midgut enzyme activities

Chen Long; Daugschies, A.; Wang BingYun; Mao XinZhi, 2000:
Blood eicosanoids and immune indices during fasciolosis in water buffaloes

Maltz, E.; Reinemann, D.J.; Davis, M.A., 2000:
Blood flow and oxygen concentration of teat-end tissue before and after machine milking

Roberts, JR.F.rd, BC.; Wideman, R.F.; Jr., 1999:
Blood flow to the avian kidney: the use of transit-time ultrasonic flow probes

Christley, R.M.; Evans, D.L.; Hodgson, D.R.; Rose, R.J., 1999:
Blood gas changes during incremental and sprint exercise

Ganter, M., 2000:
Blood gas values in healthy sheep and in sheep with lung diseases

Couetil, L.L.; Denicola, D.B., 1999:
Blood gas, plasma lactate and bronchoalveolar lavage cytology analyses in racehorses with respiratory disease

Fukumori, Y.; Takeda, H.; Fujisawa, T.; Ushijima, K.; Onodera, S.; Shiomi, N., 2000:
Blood glucose and insulin concentrations are reduced in humans administered sucrose with inosine or adenosine

Melanson, K.J.; Westerterp Plantenga, M.S.; Campfield, L.A.; Saris, W.H.M., 1999:
Blood glucose and meal patterns in time-blinded males, after aspartame, carbohydrate, and fat consumption, in relation to sweetness perception

Corte, F.D. de la; Valberg, S.J.; Mickelson, J.R.; Hower Moritz, M., 1999:
Blood glucose clearance after feeding and exercise in polysaccharide storage myopathy

Manowar, S.A.L.; Singh, C., 2001:
Blood glucose concentration in crossbred (Friesian x Hariana) heifers and cows

Prabha, B.; Singh, C.; Murtuza, M.; Pandey, R.P., 2000:
Blood glucose concentration in crossbred (Friesian x Hariana) pregnant cows and calves

Roman Ramos, R.; Contreras Weber, C.C.; Nohpal Grajeda, G.; Flores Saenz, J.L.; Alarcon Aguilar, F.J., 2001:
Blood glucose level decrease caused by extracts and fractions from Lepechinia caulescens in healthy and alloxan-diabetic mice

Hoseth, E.; Joergensen, A.; Ebbesen, F.; Moeller, M., 2000:
Blood glucose levels in a population of healthy, breast fed, term infants of appropriate size for gestational age

Guevarra, M.T.B.; Panlasigui, L.N., 2000:
Blood glucose responses of diabetes mellitus type II patients to some local fruits

Echegaray, M.; Armstrong, L.E.; Maresh, C.M.; Riebe, D.; Kenefick, R.W.; Castellani, J.W.; Kavouras, S.; Casa, D., 2001:
Blood glucose responses to carbohydrate feeding prior to exercise in the heat: effects of hypohydration and rehydration

Akhtar, M.S.; Kausar Almas; Rehana Akhtar, 2001:
Blood glucose responses to three indigenous Pakistani vegetables viz red gourd, white gourd and round cucumber in normal and diabetic human subjects

Tambur, Z.; Kulisic, Z.; Malicevic, Z.; Mihailovic, M., 1999:
Blood glucose, plasma osmolarity and urea and creatinine clearance in rabbits artificially infected with intestinal coccidia

Lyons, J.; Rauh-Pfeiffer, A.; Yu, Y.M.; Lu, X.M.; Zurakowski, D.; Tompkins, R.G.; Ajami, A.M.; Young, V.R.; Castillo, L., 2000:
Blood glutathione synthesis rates in healthy adults receiving a sulfur amino acid-free diet

Marca, M.C.; Loste, A.; Unzueta, A.; Pérez, M., 2000:
Blood glycated hemoglobin evaluation in sick dogs

Barragan, A.; Kremsner, P.G.; Wahlgren, M.; Carlson, J., 2000:
Blood group A antigen is a coreceptor in Plasmodium falciparum rosetting

Juras, R.; Sveistiene, R.; Boveiniene, B., 2001:
Blood group and protein polymorphism gene frequencies for the large-type zemaitukai and other horse breeds

Nogaj, A.; Nogaj, J., 1999:
Blood groups and protein polymorphism in horses at the Chorzelow Experiment Station

Chukhrii, B.M.; Klevets', O.O.; Chaikovs'ka, O.I., 1998:
Blood groups of servicing bulls as genetic markers of sperm quality

Matta, S.; Garg, S.K.; Ayub Shah, M.A.; Pant, H.C.; Sabir, M., 1999:
Blood histamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine contents during pregnancy, parturition and dystocia in cross-bred cows

Ravaglia, G.; Forti, P.; Maioli, F.; Zanardi, V.; Dalmonte, E.; Grossi, G.; Cucinotta, D.; Macini, P.; Caldarera, M., 2000:
Blood homocysteine and vitamin B levels are not associated with cognitive skills in healthy normally ageing subjects

Davie, A.L.; Evans, D.J., 2000:
Blood lactate responses to submaximal field exercise tests in thoroughbred horses

Swarup, D.; Patra, R.C.; Dwivedi, S.K.; Dey, S., 2000:
Blood lead and cadmium in dogs from urban India

Arrieta, M.A.; Apartin, C.; Rosenberg, C.E.; Fink, N.E.; Salibian, A., 2001:
Blood lead content in a peri-urban population of the South American toad Bufo arenarum

Baris, D.; Kwak, L.W.; Rothman, N.; Wilson, W.; Manns, A.; Tarone, R.E.; Hartge, P., 2000:
Blood levels of organochlorines before and after chemotherapy among non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients

Al-Mannai, A.; Khalfan, H.A.; Dickerson, J.W.; Morgan, J.B., 2001:
Blood lipids and body fat in Bahraini women

Makimura, K.; Yamamoto, K.; Sugita, C.; Shibuya, K.; Yamaguchi, H., 2000:
Blood lysate staining, a new microscopic method for diagnosis of fungemia using peripheral blood

Kirstein, F.; Gray, J.S., 1999:
Blood meal identification in ticks: a promising tool in ecological research on tick-borne diseases

Ayala Oseguera, J.; Pinos Rodriguez, J.M.; Sabas Perez, J.G.; Salinas Perez, P.S., 2001:
Blood metabolic profiles of dairy cows fed diets containing lasalocid and yeast culture

Karim, S.A.; Verma, D.L., 2000:
Blood metabolites and circulating mineral profile of lambs maintained under intensive feeding and grazing with supplementation

Bertoni, G.; Bartocci, S.; Piccioli Cappelli, F.; Amici, A., 1997:
Blood metabolites and hormone changes in lactating buffaloes fed diets different for energy content and protein degradability

Mellish, J.E.; Iverson, S.J., 2001:
Blood metabolites as indicators of nutrient utilization in fasting, lactating phocid seals: does depletion of nutrient reserves terminate lactation?

Ravaglia, G.; Forti, P.; Maioli, F.; Nesi, B.; Pratelli, L.; Savarino, L.; Cucinotta, D.; Cavalli, G., 2000:
Blood micronutrient and thyroid hormone concentrations in the oldest-old

Lachili, B.; Faure, H.; Arnaud, J.; Richard, M.J.; Benlatreche, C.; Favier, A.; Roussel, A.M., 2001:
Blood micronutrients in Algeria, relationships with sex and age

Srivastava, S.K.; Sahni, K.L., 2000:
Blood minerals level affecting pregnancy rate in cows and buffaloes

Cambie, C.; Clerbaux, T.; Moreaux, B.; Detry, B.; Beerens, D.; Frans, A.; Gustin, P., 2001:
Blood oxygen binding in calves with naturally occurring diarrhea

Cambier, C.; Clerbaux, T.; Detry, B.; Beerens, D.; Frans, A.; Gustin, P., 2000:
Blood oxygen binding in double-muscled calves and dairy calves with conventional muscle conformation

Sadler, J.; Wells, R.M.G.; Pankhurst, P.M.; Pankhurst, N.W., 2000:
Blood oxygen transport, rheology and haematological responses to confinement stress in diploid and triploid Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar

Rintamaki, P.T.; Ojanen, M.; Pakkala, H.; Tynjala, M.; Lundberg, A., 2000:
Blood parasites of juvenile willow tits Parus montanus during autumn migration in northern Finland

Forrester, D.J.; Foster, G.W.; Thul, J.E., 2001:
Blood parasites of the ring-necked duck (Aythya collaris) on its wintering range in Florida, U.S.A

Gicik, Y.; Arslan, M.O., 2001:
Blood parasites of wild pigeons in Ankara District

Figuerola, J.; Munoz, E.; Gutierrez, R.; Ferrer, D., 1999:
Blood parasites, leucocytes and plumage brightness in the cirl bunting, Emberiza cirlus

L.M.; H.X.angRui; Chen ShuNing; Song XinAn; Hou WanWen, 2000:
Blood physiological and biochemical parameters and their correlations to stature traits of Junmu-1 white pigs

Pieragostini, E.; Petazzi, F.; Rubino, G.; Rullo, R.; Sasanelli, M., 2000:
Blood picture of lambs. Haemoglobin switching, blood parameters, and a first instance of endemic endoerythrocytic parasites in Altamurana lambs

Cam, M.A.; Kuran, M.; Kamanl, S., 2001:
Blood plasma Zn, Ca, K, Mg and Cu levels at insemination in conceived and non-conceived Jersey and Holstein cows

Schulz, J.H.; Bermudez, A.J.; Tomlinson, J.L.; Firman, J.D.; He, Z., 2000:
Blood plasma chemistries from wild mourning doves held in captivity

Cnop Filho, F.P.; Matta, M.F.R.; Matta, C.G.F.; Sanches, R.J.R.; Eligio, C.T.; Rieumont, J.; Cruz, G.M.; Vianna, S.A.B.; Silva, J.F.S., 2001:
Blood plasma progesterone from subcutaneus implant of polimeric carrier impregnated by P4

Husler, B.; Blum, J., 2001:
Blood plasma response and urinary excretion of nitrite and nitrate in milk-fed calves after oral nitrite and nitrate administration

Siani, A.; Pagano, E.; Iacone, R.; Iacoviello, L.; Scopacasa, F.; Strazzullo, P., 2000:
Blood pressure and metabolic changes during dietary L-arginine supplementation in humans

Pechère-Bertschi, A.; Maillard, M.; Stalder, H.; Brunner, H.R.; Burnier, M., 2000:
Blood pressure and renal haemodynamic response to salt during the normal menstrual cycle

Jacobson, L.S.; Lobetti, R.G.; Vaughan-Scott, T., 2000:
Blood pressure changes in dogs with babesiosis

Eno, A.E.; Owo, O.I.; Itam, E.H.; Konya, R.S., 2000:
Blood pressure depression by the fruit juice of Carica papaya (L.) in renal and DOCA-induced hypertension in the rat

Kastarinen, M.J.; Nissinen, A.M.; Vartiainen, E.A.; Jousilahti, P.J.; Korhonen, H.J.; Puska, P.M.; Tuomilehto, 2000:
Blood pressure levels and obesity trends in hypertensive and normotensive Finnish population from 1982 to 1997

Dakshinamurti, K.; Dakshinamurti, S., 2001:
Blood pressure regulation and micronutrients

Hilary Green, J.; Richards, J.K.; Bunning, R.L., 2000:
Blood pressure responses to high-calcium skim milk and potassium-enriched high-calcium skim milk

Khoo, K.L.; Tan, H.; Liew, Y.M.; Sambhi, J.S.; Aljafri, A.M.; Hatijah, A., 2000:
Blood pressure, body mass index, heart rate and levels of blood cholesterol and glucose of volunteers during National Heart Weeks, 1995-1997

Tran, T.M.; Komatsu, T.; Nguyen, T.K.; Nguyen, V.C.; Yoshimura, Y.; Takahashi, K.; Wariishi, M.; Sakai, T.; Yamamoto, S., 2001:
Blood pressure, serum cholesterol concentration and their related factors in urban and rural elderly of Ho Chi Minh City

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Blood profile of intact and castrated female rats with experimentally induced hyperthyroidism

Singh, S.K.; Singh, V.P.; Singh, N.P.; Yadav, R.S., 1998:
Blood profile of three-breed crossbred cows in estrus phase

Blaney, B.J.; Kopinski, J.S.; Magee, M.H.; McKenzie, R.A.; Blight, G.W.; Maryam, R.; Downing, J.A., 2000:
Blood prolactin depression in growing pigs fed sorghum ergot (Claviceps africana)

T.Z.engChao; Nie Long;; Wen JiKun; Zhang YaPing, 2000:
Blood protein polymorphism in B. frontalis, B. grunniens, B. taurus, and B. indicus

Harikrishnaraj, P.S.; Panneerselvam, S.; Kandasamy, N., 2001:
Blood protein polymorphism in Kangayam cattle

Valkunas, G.; Iezhova, T.; Golemansky, V.G.; Pilarska, D.K.; Zehtindjiev, P.C., 2000:
Blood protozoan parasites (Protozoa: Kinetoplastida and Haemosporida) in wild birds from Bulgaria

A.A.adi, F.M.; Khan, I., 2001:
Blood purine and energy status in rats with colitis

Moore, LE.; Smith, DM.; Loneragan, NR., 2000:
Blood refractive index and whole-body lipid content as indicators of nutritional condition for penaeid prawns (Decapoda: Penaeidae)

Herck, H. van; Baumans, V.; Brandt, C.J.W.M.; Boere, H.A.G.; Hesp, A.P.M.; Lith, H.A. van; Schurink, M.; Beynen, A.C., 2001:
Blood sampling from the retro-orbital plexus, the saphenous vein and the tail vein in rats: comparative effects on selected behavioural and blood variables

Pamukcu, T.; Sel, T.; Yarm, G., 2001:
Blood serum concentrations of selenium and glutathione peroxidase activity in Akkaraman sheep

Gareis, M.; Rosner, H.; Ehrhardt, S., 2000:
Blood serum levels of ochratoxin A and nutrition habits

Trailovic, J.N.; Stevanovic, J.; Sinovec, Z., 2000:
Blood serum protein status of broilers exposed to prolonged treatment with a low dose of ochratoxin A

Sefer, D.; Sinovec, Z.; Markovic, R., 1999:
Blood serum protein status of broilers treated by T-2 toxin

Feitosa, F.L.F.; Birgel, E.H.; Mirandola, R.M.S.; Perri, S.H.V., 2001:
Blood serum proteinogram of holstein calf from birth until one year old

Zvorc, Z.; Matijatko, V.; Beer, B.; Forsek, J.; Bedrica, L.; Kucer, N., 2000:
Blood serum proteinograms in pregnant and non-pregnant cows

Thompson, Sn, 1999:
Blood sugar formation from dietary carbohydrate is facilitated by the pentose phosphate pathway in an insect Manduca sexta Linnaeus

Viña, J.R.; Giménez, A.; Corbacho, A.; Puertes, I.R.; Borrás, E.; García, C.; Barber, T., 2001:
Blood sulfur-amino acid concentration reflects an impairment of liver transsulfuration pathway in patients with acute abdominal inflammatory processes

Hirano, K.; Morinobu, T.; Kim, H.; Hiroi, M.; Ban, R.; Ogawa, S.; Ogihara, H.; Tamai, H.; Ogihara, T., 2001:
Blood transfusion increases radical promoting non-transferrin bound iron in preterm infants

Bauchart, D.; Durand, D.; Gruffat Mouty, D.; Piot, C.; Graulet, B.; Chilliard, Y.; Hocquette, J.F., 1999:
Blood transport and tissue metabolism of lipids in the preruminant calf given a milk diet containing coconut oil or beef tallow

Whang, K.Y.; Easter, R.A., 2000:
Blood urea nitrogen as an index of feed efficiency and lean growth potential in growing-finishing swine

Gillespie, D.; Frye, F.L.; Stockham, S.L.; Fredeking, T., 2001:
Blood values in wild and captive Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis)

Contreras, P.A.; Wittwer, F.; Ruiz, V.; Robles, A.; Bohmwald, H., 1999:
Blood values of thyroxine and triiodothyronine in grazing Friesian cows

Fontes, S.F.; Hernandes, R.; Macari, M.; Bernal, F.M., 2000:
Blood viscosity as a diagnostic parameter for ascites in broiler chicken strains of different susceptibility

Sandhu, A.K.; Randhawa, S.S.; Nayyar, V.K., 2001:
Blood, plasma, hair and tissue mineral status of healthy goats

Bodine, T.N.; Purvis, H.T.I.I.; Cox, D.A., 2000:
Blood, ruminal and fecal measures of steers fed different combinations of supplemental energy and degradable intake protein while grazing winter range

Brown, H.C.; Chau, T.T.; Mai, N.T.; Day, N.P.; Sinh, D.X.; White, N.J.; Hien, T.T.; Farrar, J.; Turner, G.D., 2000:
Blood-brain barrier function in cerebral malaria and CNS infections in Vietnam

Brown, H.; Rogerson, S.; Taylor, T.; Tembo, M.; Mwenechanya, J.; Molyneux, M.; Turner, G., 2001:
Blood-brain barrier function in cerebral malaria in Malawian children

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Breakage and betting market efficiency: evidence from the horse track

Beltrao, N.E. de M.; Souza, J.G. de, 1999:
Breakdown of agribusiness of cotton in Brazil and the world. I. Quantity and quality of cotton lint imported by the state of Ceara and others in the northeast region, for the years 1996 and 1997

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