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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3374

Chapter 3374 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Beltrao, N.E. de M.; Souza, J.G. de, 1999:
Breakdown of agribusiness of cotton in Brazil and the world. II. Magnitude of properties

Beltrao, N.E. de M.; Souza, J.G. de, 1999:
Breakdown of agribusiness of cotton in Brazil and the world. III. Production and utilization of interspecific and inter-racial hybrids of cotton

Beltrao, N.E. de M.; Silva, L.C.; Souza, J.G. de, 1999:
Breakdown of agribusiness of cotton in Brazil and the world. IV. Production, consumption and principal cultivars of cotton with long and extra-long fibres

Beltrao, N.E. de M.; Silva, L.C.; Souza, J.G. de, 1999:
Breakdown of agribusiness of cotton in Brazil and the world. V. Comparison of production costs between diverse systems of cotton production in Brazil, the world, and with other crops

Beltrao, N.E. de M.; Souza, J.G. de, 1999:
Breakdown of agribusiness of cotton in Brazil and the world. VI. Productivity and principal obstacles for increase

Beltrao, N.E. de M.; Silva, L.C.; Souza, J.G. de, 1999:
Breakdown of agribusiness of cotton in Brazil and the world. VII. Global quality (intrinsic and extrinsic) of Brazilian cotton

Beltrao, N.E. de M.; Silva, L.C.; Souza, J.G. de, 1999:
Breakdown of agribusiness of cotton in Brazil and the world. VIII. Principal countries importing and exporting raw cotton and textile products

Hagnefelt, A., 2000 :
Breakdown of race specific resistance against lettuce downy mildew in Iceberg lettuce and a new approach to cultivation of resistant varieties

Bayles, R.A.; Flath, K.; Hovmoller, M.S.; D.V.llavieille Pope, C., 2000:
Breakdown of the Yr17 resistance to yellow rust of wheat in northern Europe

Sanyagina, N.A.; Legostaev, N.A., 1999:
Breakdown, migration and transformation of various pesticides in agricultural landscapes

Breazeale, D.; Neufeld, J.; Myer, G.; Davison, J., 2000:
Breakeven analysis of alfalfa seed production using subsurface drip irrigation

Halim, R.A.; Bhowmick, B.C., 2001:
Breakeven analysis of pond fish culture in Nagaon district of Assam

Smith, A.P., 1999:
Breakfast cereal consumption and subjective reports of health

Gibson, S.A., 2000:
Breakfast cereal consumption in young children: associations with non-milk extrinsic sugars and caries experience: further analysis of data from the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey of children aged 1.5-4.5 years

Herbeth, B.; Lluch, A.; Belgacem, S.B.; Siest, G., 2001:
Breakfast in the Stanislas cohort: contribution to energy, macro- and micronutrient intake

Marquez Acosta, M.; Sutil de Naranjo, R.; Rivas de Yepez, C.E.; Rincon Silva, M.; Torres, M.; Yepez, R.D.; Portillo, Z., 2001:
Breakfast influence on cognitive functions of children from an urban area, Valencia, Venezuela

Yoo SungOh; Bae JongHyang, 1999:
Breaking dormancy for early production of young leaves in butterbur rootstock (Petasites japonicus Max.)

Karam, N.S.; A.S.lem, M.M., 2001:
Breaking dormancy in Arbutus andrachne L. seeds by stratification and gibberellic acid

Nishimura, H.; Atsumi, S., 2001:
Breaking dormancy in micropropagated bulblets of Lilium japonicum using gibberellic acid4

Martinez Gomez, P.; Dicenta, F.; Egea, J., 2000:
Breaking dormancy of GF305 peach and Real Fino apricot trees during the evaluation of resistance to sharka (plum pox potyvirus)

Karp, D., 1998:
Breaking into the mainstream with cactus pears: improved varieties, marketing, and pitahaya

Melo, A.L.; Oliveira, J.C. de; Vieira, R.D., 2000:
Breaking of dormancy of Passiflora nitida H.B.K. seeds using sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid and gibberellic acid

A.Y.meni, M.N.; Basahy, A.Y., 1999:
Breaking of seed dormancy in Ducrosia anethifolia (DC.) Boiff

Wazbinska, J., 2000:
Breaking of seed dormancy in cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera var. Divaricata Bailey) in different conditions of stratification

Takagi, H., 2001:
Breaking of two types of dormancy in seeds of Polygonatum odoratum used as vegetables

Takagi, H., 2001:
Breaking of two types of dormancy in seeds of edible Polygonatum macranthum

Oba, S.; Ohta, A.; Fujimoto, F., 1999:
Breaking strength of pedicel as an index of grain-shattering habit in autotetraploid and diploid buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.) cultivars

Barros, V.R.M. de; Jardim, F.S.F.; Machado, P.F.; Ishisato, M.Y.; Cuogoo, M.M.M.M.; Collete Junior, M.C.; Salvador, G.J.; Nascimento, N.R. do, 1999:
Breaking the paradigm of quality of type C milk, received by processing factories under federal inspection, in Catanduva, SP

Harrison Hill, T., 2001:
Breaking the rules: cognitive distance, choice sets and long-haul destinations

Varadi, L.; Horvath, A.; Urbanyi, B., 1999:
Breakout possibilities in fish production

Kumar, P.L.; Jones, A.T.; Sreenivasulu, P.; Reddy, D.V.R., 2000:
Breakthrough in the identification of the causal virus of pigeonpea sterility mosaic disease

Tuyl, J.M. van; Dijken, A. van; Chi, H.S.; Lim, K.B.; Villemoes, S.; Kronenburg, B.C.E. van, 2000:
Breakthroughs in interspecific hybridization of lily

Tiong GanLian; Yee TekChoon; Yee LeeCheng, 2000:
Breakthroughs in the production of pesticides free vegetables - the Sime Fresh innovative approach

Szpringer, E.; Madej, B.; Kurylcio, L.; Czerny, K.; Lutnicki, K.; Gorny, D.; Maciejewski, R.; Kurylcio, A., 2000:
Breast cancer - the role of free radicals and antioxidants in pathogenesis of benign dysplasia and breast carcinoma

Hoffman, M.; Pinho, H. de; Cooper, D.; Sayed, R.; Dent, D.M.; Gudgeon, A.; Zyl, J. van; Rosenberg, L.; Shapiro, S., 2000:
Breast cancer incidence and determinants of cancer stage in the Western Cape

Fakhro, A.E.; Fateha, B.E.; A.A.heeri, N.; A.E.ri, S.A., 1999:
Breast cancer: patient characteristics and survival analysis at Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain

Shousha, S., 2000:
Breast carcinoma presenting during or shortly after pregnancy and lactation

Agostoni, C., 2000:
Breast feeding and childhood obesity

Costa Macedo, L.M.; Rey, L., 2000:
Breast feeding and intestinal parasitism in mother and child

Michie, C.A.; Gilmour, J., 2001:
Breast feeding and the risks of viral transmission

Belkeziz, N.; Amor, H.; Baali, A.; Roville Sausse, F., 2001:
Breast feeding, socio-economic level and nutritional status of Moroccan children

Hirayama, M., 2000:
Breast milk and dioxins

Furman, L.; Kennell, J., 2000:
Breast milk and skin-to-skin kangaroo care for premature infants. Avoiding bonding failure

Smit, E.N.; Oelen, E.A.; Seerat, E.; Muskiet, F.A.; Boersma, E.R., 2000:
Breast milk docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) correlates with DHA status of malnourished infants

Horwood, L.J.; Darlow, B.A.; Mogridge, N., 2001:
Breast milk feeding and cognitive ability at 7-8 years

Dryden, R.M.; Lo, M.W., 2000:
Breast milk lidocaine levels in tumescent liposuction

Nayak, S.K., 2001:
Breast milk: a nature's gift

Granot, E.; Golan, D.; Berry, E.M., 2000:
Breast-fed and formula-fed infants do not differ in immunocompetent cell cytokine production despite differences in cell membrane fatty acid composition

Godel, J.C., 2000:
Breast-feeding and anemia: let's be careful

Voyer, M.; Nobre, R.; Magny, J.F., 2001:
Breast-feeding and hepatitis C virus: a careful appraisal is needed

Shu, X.O.; Linet, M.S.; Steinbuch, M.; Wen, W.Q.; Buckley, J.D.; Neglia, J.P.; Potter, J.D.; Reaman, G.H.; Robison, L.L., 1999:
Breast-feeding and risk of childhood acute leukemia

Saarinen, K.M.; Juntunen-Backman, K.; Järvenpää, A.L.; Klemetti, P.; Kuitunen, P.; Lope, L.; Renlund, M.; Siivola, M.; Vaarala, O.; Savilahti, E., 2000:
Breast-feeding and the development of cows' milk protein allergy

Jacks, B.; Sall, M., 2000:
Breast-feeding and weaning among different ethnic groups in Niafunke, Mali

Passos, M.C.; Lamounier, J.A.; Silva, C.A.M. da; Freitas, S.N. de; Baudson, M. de F.R., 2000:
Breast-feeding habits in Ouro Preto, MG, Brazil

Gigante, D.P.; Victora, C.G.; Barros, F.C., 2001:
Breast-feeding has a limited long-term effect on anthropometry and body composition of Brazilian mothers

Dop, M.C.; Simondon, K.B., 2001:
Breast-feeding in sub-Saharan Africa: outlook for 2000

Simondon, K.B.; Simondon, F.; Costes, R.; Delaunay, V.; Diallo, A., 2001:
Breast-feeding is associated with improved growth in length, but not weight, in rural Senegalese toddlers

Gordon, A.G., 2000:
Breast-feeding, breast-milk feeding, and intelligence quotient

Akré, J., 2000:
Breastfeeding: pledging allegiance to ourselves

Nduati, R., 2000:
Breastfeeding and HIV-1 infection. A review of current literature

Onyango, A.W., 2000:
Breastfeeding and growth in rural Kenyan toddlers

Groos, A.; Leonard, D.; Gabriel, R., 2000:
Breastfeeding and infant nutrition: what more is needed to meet our targets

Michie, C.A.; Gilmour, J.W., 2000:
Breastfeeding and viral transmission: risks, benefits and treatments

Semenova, G., 2001:
Breastfeeding and weaning practices of mothers and infants in Uzbekistan

Yngve, A.; Sjöström, M., 2001:
Breastfeeding determinants and a suggested framework for action in Europe

Eden, A.N.; Mir, M.A.; Pinchi Srinivasan, 2000:
Breastfeeding education of pediatric residents: a national survey

Britten, J.; Broadfoot, M., 2000:
Breastfeeding in Scotland - statistical sources

Yngve, A.; Sjöström, M., 2001:
Breastfeeding in countries of the European Union and EFTA: current and proposed recommendations, rationale, prevalence, duration and trends

Sandre Pereira, G.; Colares, L.G.T.; Carmo, M. das G.T. do; Soares, E. de A., 2000:
Breastfeeding knowledge among post-partum women previously enrolled in a prenatal program

Chen, C.H.; Shu, H.Q.; Chi, C.S., 2001:
Breastfeeding knowledge and attitudes of health professionals and students

Sharief, N.M.; Margolis, S.; Townsend, T., 2001:
Breastfeeding patterns in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

Pool, R.; Nyanzi, S.; Whitworth, J.A., 2001:
Breastfeeding practices and attitudes relevant to the vertical transmission of HIV in rural south-west Uganda

Lutter, C.K., 2000:
Breastfeeding promotion - is its effectiveness supported by scientific evidence and global changes in breastfeeding behaviors?

Tappin, D.M.; Mackenzie, J.M.; Brown, A.J.; Girdwood, R.W.A.; Britten, J.; Broadfoot, M.; Warren, J., 2001:
Breastfeeding rates are increasing in Scotland

Avila, M.M.; Gazpio, M.; Liberatore, D.; Casanueva, E.; Camarieri, G.; Libonatti, O.; Peralta, L.M., 2000:
Breastfeeding transmission of HIV-1

Lim, N.L.; Cheah, I.G.; Soosai, A.P., 2001:
Breastmilk feeding status and weight gain of low birth weight infants in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Reis, J.C. dos; Morais, M.B. de; Fagundes Neto, U., 1999:
Breath hydrogen test to evaluate lactose absorption and excessive bacterial growth in the small bowel in schoolchildren

Ren HaiXiang, 1999:
Breed and apply of corn hybrid Mudan 11

Medellin, M.F.; Lukefahr, S.D., 2001:
Breed and heterotic effects on postweaning traits in Altex and New Zealand White straightbred and crossbred rabbits

Rehn, H.; Berglund, B.; Philipsson, J.; Emanuelson, U.; Tengroth, G., 2000:
Breed and management interaction for production and reproduction in Swedish dairy cows

Razook, A.G.; Figueiredo, L.A. de; Nardon, R.F.; Cyrillo, J.N. dos S.G., 2001:
Breed and selection for post-weaning weight effects on feedlot and carcass traits for the 15th progeny of Sertaozinho (SP-Brazil) Zebu and Caracu herds

Helmink, S.K.; Shanks, R.D.; Leighton, E.A., 2000:
Breed and sex differences in growth curves for two breeds of dog guides

Puigvert, X.; Tibau, J.; Soler, J.; Gispert, M.; Diestre, A., 2000:
Breed and slaughter weight effects on meat quality traits in hal- pig populations

Sanchez, L.; Fernandez, B.; Lopez, M.; Sanchez, B., 2000:
Breed characterization and productive aspects of Gallega sheep breed

Sharad Mishra; Tomer, O.S.; Kalm, E., 2000:
Breed differences through pattern ridge characteristics on the dermatoglyphics of the muzzle

Michalska, G.; Nowachowicz, J.; Rak, B.; Kapelanski, W., 2000:
Breed effect on meat quality of Belgian Landrace, Duroc and their reciprocal crossbred pigs

Laborde, F.L.; Mandell, I.B.; Tosh, J.J.; Wilton, J.W.; Buchanan-Smith, J.G., 2001:
Breed effects on growth performance, carcass characteristics, fatty acid composition, and palatability attributes in finishing steers

Holt, P.E.; Thrusfield, M.V.; Moore, A.H., 2000:
Breed predisposition to ureteral ectopia in bitches in the UK

Okumura, N.; Kobayashi, E.; Suzuki, H.; Morozumi, T.; Hamashima, N.; Mitsuhashi, T., 2000:
Breed specific mutations in Melanocortin Receptor 1 (MC 1 R) and KIT genes in pigs

Huang Quan; Zhang DongMing; Zhao Jing et al., 2000:
Breed technology of Whitmania pigra

Reichler, I.M.; Bomhard, D. von; Schiller, I.; Meisl, D.; Hauser, B.; Glaus, T.; Pfleghaar, S.; Arnold, S., 1999:
Breed-specific skin diseases in Akita Inu

Peebles, E.D.; Doyle, S.M.; Zumwalt, C.D.; Gerard, P.D.; Latour, M.A.; Boyle, C.R.; Smith, T.W., 2001:
Breeder age influences embryogenesis in broiler hatching eggs

Brennan, J.P.; Godden, D.; Smale, M.; Meng, E., 1999:
Breeder demand for and utilisation of wheat genetic resources in Australia

Czarick, M.; Lacy, M.; Wicklen, G. van, 2000:
Breeder pullet houses: the challenges of environmental control

Jordens, R., 2000:
Breeders' rights - an adequate instrument to the benefit of breeders, farmers and the society

Rajichacekicacute, T.S.; Ivanchacekevicacute, M.; Stevanovicacute, D.; Vinterhalter, D., 2000:
Breeding Brassica vegetable crops in Yugoslavia

Kuz' mina, T.; Busheva, L.; Soldatenkov, N., 2001:
Breeding Duroc pigs and crossbreeding with other breeds

Slepukhin, V.; Galpern, I.; Cherepanov, S., 2000:
Breeding Russian broilers to adapt them to the cage environment

Walker, M.A.; Jin, Y., 2000:
Breeding Vitis rupestris x Muscadinia rotundifolia rootstocks to control Xiphinema index and fanleaf degeneration

Johannessen, K.R., 2000:
Breeding in 1999

Bozzini, A.; Chiaretti, D., 2000:
Breeding a pasture and feed legume adapted to subacid Italian Mediterranean areas: the blue lupin

Bertolini, M.; Mazzinelli, G.; Sartori, G.; Chitto, A.; Verderio, A.; Introzzi, F.; Bressan, M.; Pino, S.; Lorenzoni, C.; Bonardi, P.; Motto, M., 2000:
Breeding activity of the Maize Station of Bergamo: inbreds released in the period 1989-1998

Liu, Y.F.P., 2000:
Breeding albinistic paphiopedilums: a survey of past and current developments among some slipper orchids

Guan ChunYun; Wang GuoHuai; Chen SheYuan; L.X.n; Lin LiangBin, 2001:
Breeding and agronomic characters of Bt transgenic insect-resistant Brassica napus lines

Guan ChunYun; Wang GuoHuai; Chen SheYuan; L.X.n; Lin LiangBin, 2000:
Breeding and agronomic characters of transgenic insect-resistant Brassica napus lines

Engqvist, G.; Ambrose, M.; Chekalin, N.; Chekrygin, P.; Kalev, S.; Mrskos, M.; Ranalli, P.; Scurtu, I., 2000:
Breeding and agronomy

L.C.angLan; Han YuZhu; Zhang XiaoMing; Zhang HanQing, 1999:
Breeding and applied research of eggplant Jinong 2

Pranckietis, V.; Pranckietiene, I., 2000:
Breeding and crop quality of Actinidia kolomikta in Lithuania

Halgryn, P.J.; Smith, C.; Mollendorff, L. von; Labuschagne, I.F., 2000:
Breeding and cultivar development for the South African deciduous fruit industry with special reference to African CarmineTM apple, rosemarie pear and the yellow plums Sun KissTM and SundewTM

Taranenko, L.I., 2000:
Breeding and cultivar testing of sour cherry in eastern Ukraine

Zhang XinQuan; P.C.aoLong; Zhou ShouRong; Mao Kai; Chen YuanJiang, 1999:
Breeding and cultivation of Trifolium repens L. cv. Chuanyin Ladino

Shen XueFang; Wang YiFa; L.Q.ngFu, 2000:
Breeding and cultivation of sugariness-enhanced (Se) sweet corn variety Jiatian 16 with early maturity, high quality and high yield

Moldenhauer, K.A.K.; Gibbons, J.W.; Lee, F.N.; Norman, R.J.; Bernhardt, J.L.; Anders, M.A.; Dilday, R.H.; Rutger, J.N.; Blocker, M.M.; Tolbert, A.C., 2000:
Breeding and evaluation for improved rice cultivars - the Arkansas rice-breeding and development program

Shukla, R.S.; Mishra, Y., 2001:
Breeding and evaluation of aestivum wheat genotypes under rainfed condition

Bourland, F.M., 1999:
Breeding and evaluation of cotton genotypes

L.C.angLan; Han YuZhu; Zhang XiaoMing; Zhang HanQing, 2000:
Breeding and evaluation of hybrid Xiajieqiu 1 of Chinese cabbage

Webster, T.; Tobutt, K.; Evans, K., 2000:
Breeding and evaluation of new rootstocks for apple, pear and sweet cherry

Ogawa, K.; Yoshida, N.; Gesunara, W.; Omumasaba, C.A.; Chamuswarng, C., 1999:
Breeding and hybridization of the benomyl resistant mutant, Trichoderma harzianum antagonized to phytopathogenic fungi by protoplast fusion using colored mutants

Chisholm, D., 1999:
Breeding and maintenance of seed-raised decorative cultivars with observations on commercial naming practice

Horn, P., 2000:
Breeding and management aspects of broiler production

Q.J.anMin; L.W.iMing; Zheng YunYu; W.W.iRen; Lin LiHui; Lin PeiQing; Wang YingJiao; Pan RunSen; Lin Na; Zhang Shi; Cai JinYue, 1999:
Breeding and popularization of Fuhong No.2, a new variety of kenaf with high yield, stress resistance and wide adaptability

Murav' ev, G.A.; Skripochenko, A.F.; Duskabilov, T.D.; Duskabilova, T.I., 2000:
Breeding and prospects of the apricot crop in the south of the Krasnoyarsk region

Wilde, P.; Sepstrup, P., 1999:
Breeding and sales of rye hybrids for the European region

Agafonov, A.F., 2000:
Breeding and seed production of alliaceous crops

Blomerus, L.M.; Littlejohn, G.M., 2000:
Breeding and selection of Leucospermum for superior cultivars: 1974 to 2000

Littlejohn, G.M.; Blomerus, L.M.; Robyn, A., 2000:
Breeding and selection of superior Protea cultivars: 1980-2000

Perez Gonzalez, S., 2000:
Breeding and selection of temperate fruits for the tropics and subtropics

Radochinskaya, L.V., 2001:
Breeding and studying maize forms with high oil content

Javor, A.; Kukovics, S., 1999:
Breeding and technology questions in the sheep industry

Rogelj, I., 2000:
Breeding and utilization of Arabian horse today

Zhou ShaoChuan; K.W.i;; Chen GuoRong; Xie ZhenWen, 2000:
Breeding and utilization of core germplasm Luzhenzhan 8 in good quality rice

Dong WenQi et al., 1999:
Breeding and utilization of new hybrid rice combination Xieyou 9516

Mechelke, W., 2000:
Breeding and variety development strategies for Cercospora resistance in sugar beet

Anais, G.; Darrasse, A.; Prior, P., 2000:
Breeding anthuriums (Anthurium andreanum L.) for resistance to bacterial blight caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. dieffenbachiae

White, A., 2000:
Breeding apple varieties for the world market

Kellerhals, M.; Wolewinski, K.; Dolega, E.; Koller, B.; Gessler, C., 2000:
Breeding apples suitable for organic growing

Ittu, M.; Saulescu, N.N.; Ittu, G., 2001:
Breeding approaches for bunt control in winter bread wheat

Manga, V.K., 1999:
Breeding approaches for increasing pearl millet productivity in arid regions

Peters, K.J., 2000:
Breeding aspects in future lamb production

Novak, J.; Franz, C., 2000:
Breeding aspects of Calendula officinalis L

Brascamp, E.W.; Bijma, P.; Groen, A.F.; Vos, H.; Bovenhuis, H.; Harlizius, B.; Arendonk, J.A.M. van, 2000:
Breeding aspects of sustainable cattle production

Vuylsteke, D., 2000:
Breeding bananas and plantains: from intractability to feasibility

Suputtitada, S.; Adachi, T.; Pongtongkam, P.; Peyachoknagul, S.; Apisitwanich, S.; Thongpradistha, J., 2000:
Breeding barriers in the interspecific cross of Oryza sativa L. and Oryza minuta Presl

Warner, G., 2000:
Breeding better apples. The chances of producing a successful new apple variety are slim, but efforts continue

Calvo Bado, L.; Challen, M.P.; Elliott, T.J., 2000:
Breeding biology and species relationships in the genus, Agaricus

Brooker, M.; Brooker, L., 2001:
Breeding biology, reproductive success and survival of blue-breasted fairy-wrens in fragmented habitat in the Western Australian wheatbelt

Ivanov, B.; Karaivanov, N.; Nonev, S., 1998:
Breeding bird communities in the steppe habitats of Dobrudja, Bulgaria

Rodier, A.; Devesse, C.; Rousseau, T.; Vedie, R.; Imbernon, M.; Olivier, J.M., 2000:
Breeding brown hybrids of button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) from a factorial cross

Berzonsky, W.A.; Ohm, H.W., 2000:
Breeding cereal small grains for value-added uses

Ruemmele, B., 2000:
Breeding colonial bentgrass for drought, heat, and wear

Corning, S., 1999:
Breeding company view

Reinsch, N., 2000:
Breeding concepts for udder health

O'-Leary, N.S.ith, M., 1999:
Breeding corn for adaptation to two diverse intercropping companions

Abdel Hamid, A.M.; Esmail, R.M., 2001:
Breeding cotton for water stress conditions. 2. Fiber properties

Cianzio, S.R., 1999:
Breeding crops for improved nutrient efficiency: soybean and wheat as case studies

Rowe, P., 1999:
Breeding disease resistant bananas and plantains: crucial developments and their implications

Michel, V., 2001:
Breeding disease resistant wheat and triticale varieties

Nsarellah, N.; Nachit, M.; Lhaloui, S., 2000:
Breeding durum wheat for biotic stresses in the Mediterranean region

Josephides, C.M., 2000:
Breeding durum wheat for grain yield and quality

Koshelyaev, V.V.; Serkov, V.A., 2000:
Breeding early maize lines in Penza province

Xue ShiYu; Liu JianWei, 2000:
Breeding effectiveness of improving agricultural traits of hybrid rice by convergent backcross

Ganai, T.A.S.; Khan, M.Z., 2001:
Breeding efficiency and reproductive losses in Rambouillet

Zazulina, N.A., 1999:
Breeding evaluation of black currant initial material

Genova, I.; Genov, M., 1999 :
Breeding evaluation of mutant maize lines

Janiszewska, J.; Ciesla, A.; Tabiszewska, I., 2000:
Breeding exploitation of stallions in SD obez in 1987-1997

Kozumplik, V.; Martinic Jercic, Z., 2000:
Breeding field crops and vegetables in Croatia

Gaudin, M.; Simonnet, X.; Debrunner, N.; Ryser, A., 1999:
Breeding for a high-yielding, dieback tolerant variety of St. John's-Wort. Results of two years of research

Buirchell, B.J.; Berlandier, F.A., 2000:
Breeding for aphid resistance in yellow lupins (L. luteus L.)

Rao, G.S.B.P.; Nagarajan, K., 2000:
Breeding for combined resistance in FCV tobacco for black shank and tobacco mosaic virus

Csosz, M., 2001:
Breeding for complex resistance to leaf diseases in wheat

Santalla, M.; Fueyo, M.A.; Rodino, A.P.; Montero, I.; Ron, A.M. de, 1999:
Breeding for culinary and nutritional quality of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in intercropping systems with maize (Zea mays L.)

Wagoire, W.W., 2000:
Breeding for disease resistance in wheat in Uganda

Yadav, I.S.; Dinesh, M.R., 1999:
Breeding for dwarf genotypes in mango

Chan, Y.K.; Lee, H.K., 2000:
Breeding for early fruiting in pineapple

Berglund, B.; Philipsson, J., 2001:
Breeding for fertility - the Scandinavian experience

Lespinasse, Y.; Bakry, F.; Laurens, F.; Audergon, J.M.; Kervella, J.; Duval, H.; Salesses, G.; Chat, J.; Germain, E.; Claverie, J.; Saunier, R., 1999:
Breeding for fruits

Tzoneva, E., 2000:
Breeding for high fruit quality in apricot

Shetty, N.V.; Wehner, T.C., 2000:
Breeding for high fruit yield in cucumber

Furst, C., 2000:
Breeding for high milk production

Funnell, D.L.; Matthews, P.S.; Vanetten, H.D., 2008:
Breeding for Highly Fertile Isolates of Nectria haematococca MPVI that are Highly Virulent on Pea and In Planta Selection for Virulent Recombinants

Erskine, W.; Kusmenoglu, I.; Muehlbauer, F.J.; Summerfield, R.J., 2000:
Breeding for increased biomass and persistent crop residues in cool-season food legumes

Crump, R.E., 1999:
Breeding for increased disease resistance

Sandha, M.S.; Tarsem Lal, 1998:
Breeding for insect and disease resistance in muskmelon: a review

Sharma, R.K.; Munshi, A.D., 1999:
Breeding for multiple cropping systems - a review

Agrawal, M.K.; Fageria, M.S.; Dhaka, R.S., 2000:
Breeding for multiple disease resistance in vegetables : a review

Young, Lawrnece D., 1998:
Breeding for nematode resistance and tolerance

Graham, R.D.; Gregorio, G., 2001:
Breeding for nutritional characteristics in cereals

Redden, R.J., 2000:
Breeding for physiological traits affecting water use efficiency, nitrogen fixation and yield in grain legumes

Henriquez, V., 2000:
Breeding for resistance

Vermoote, D.; Barlinski, K., 2001:
Breeding for resistance - a present day challenge

Labuschagne, I.; Schmidt, K., 1999:
Breeding for resistance against apple pests & diseases

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Breeding for resistance to Septoria tritici in durum wheat

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Breeding lupins for eastern Australia

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Breeding maize for the response to intensive cropping factors

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Breeding of Chinese cabbage F1 hybrid 'Zhongbai 81'

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Breeding of Indian paprika for high-value additions organic colour and oleoresin by Sarpan Dharwad

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Breeding of Lentinula edodes, through protoplasted monokaryon technique

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Breeding of Lupinus angustifolius for complex resistance to diseases

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Breeding of SaluschockeReg. - a project for the quality improvement of pharmaceuticially used artichoke

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Breeding of Wanmai 38, a new variety of quality wheat in combination with high yield and good resistance

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Breeding of a hypoallergenic rice variety

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Breeding of a new Chinese cabbage F1 hybrid - 'Zhongbai No. 7'

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Breeding of a new cotton variety - Shan 2234

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Breeding of a new sugarbeet cultivar, Kabutomaru, and its characteristics

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Breeding of an early-sprouting, cold-resistance and quality tea clone Zhenong 117

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Breeding of bisexual lines of the silkworm, Bombyx mori L., from androgenetic origin

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Breeding of disease resistant lily cultivars in the climatic conditions of the Baltic States

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Breeding of grasses and legumes in the Alps

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Breeding of honey-bee (Apis mellifera carnica)

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Breeding of hull-less seeded pumpkins (Cucurbita pepo) for the use of the oil

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Breeding of inbred lines in Taiwanese native chicken V. The field test of 4-way crosses on growth traits

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Breeding of intensive hard wheat varieties

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Breeding of low amylose content CMS line Zhenong 8010A in indica rice

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Breeding of maize for silage: yield components in genotypes with different degrees of improvement

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Breeding of mutant lines with low temperature germinability induced by mutagen 5-azaC in Akitakomachi

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Breeding of new early-maturity pepper - 'Danjiao No.2'

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Breeding of new swine lines (female parent lines) in China in the past ten years

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Breeding of new wheat varieties Huanan T2003 and T531 with resistance to scab (Gibberella zeae (Schw) Petch)

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Breeding of new wheat variety Yangmai No. 10 resistant to powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis)

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Breeding of ornamental bulbous plants

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Breeding of the Arzamas onion must be renewed

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Breeding value estimation for cell number

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Breeding value of some varieties and diallel cross combinations of garden strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch.) for the most important characters

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Breeding wheat lines for host-plant resistance to cereal leaf beetle by using the cross-mutation method

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Bridge option for forest roads: a composite timber beam and concrete deck bridge

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Buffer intensity and functional properties of low and high heat milk powders

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Buffer properties of milk treated with high pressure carbon dioxide

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Buffer zones and constructed wetlands as filters for agricultural phosphorus

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Buffer zones of different floral composition - effects on the beneficial arthropod fauna

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Buffered wetlands in agricultural landscapes in the Prairie Pothole Region: environmental, agronomic, and economic evaluations

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Buffering capacity of the forest litter on podzolic soils

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Buffering of foliar potassium and boron solutions for no-tillage cotton production

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Bug Oxycarenus lavaterae: responsible for extraordinary infestations in Paris

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Bug bash - a pyramid of teaching and learning about insects

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Bug checking for mites - from the sky

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Bugs 'n' flowers

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Bugs (Heteroptera: Coreidae) associated with passion fruit (Passiflora edulis. f. flavicarpa) in the west of Sao Paulo

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Buhid shifting cultivators adapt land use

Anonymous, 2001:
Building a better Herefordshire

Bussemaker, H.J.; Li, H.; Siggia, E.D., 2000:
Building a dictionary for genomes: identification of presumptive regulatory sites by statistical analysis

Greenberg, S., 2000:
Building a people-driven rural development strategy: lessons from the RDI

Garin, P.; Lamacq, S.; Strosser, P., 1999:
Building a representation of irrigation systems for assessing impacts of policy and management interventions?

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Building better cows for the new millennium

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Building blocks or stumbling blocks? Landscape ecology and farm-level participation in agri-environmental policy

Batt, P.J.; Rexha, N., 2000:
Building buyer-seller relationships in developing countries

McGregor, S.L.T., 2000 :
Building coalitions, collaborating, and managing conflict in the policy arena

DeGraaf, D.; Neal, L.; Tilley, C., 2001:
Building community

Timothy, D.J., 2000:
Building community awareness of tourism in a developing country destination

John, R.; Bird, P., 2000:
Building confidence in grazing

McCool, S.F.; Guthrie, K.; Smith, J.K., 2000:
Building consensus: legitimate hope or seductive paradox?

Rossi, P.; Gastaldo, A., 2001:
Building costs for biological rearing of pigs

Wolfe, W.S.; Frongillo, E.A., 2001:
Building household food-security measurement tools from the ground up

Lotze, H.; Noleppa, S., 2000:
Building market information systems for the agro-food sector in Russia

Ellringer, P.J.; Boone, K.; Hendrickson, S., 2000:
Building materials used in construction can affect indoor fungal levels greatly

Deng ShiLing, 2000:
Building modern agriculture demonstration gardens: an effective way to agricultural modernization

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Building of an expert system for diagnosis and consultation of citrus diseases and pests

Kaila, E., 1999:
Building on farms continues at a brisk pace

Martinko, E.A.; Price, K.P.; Egbert, S.L.; Whistler, J.L.; Jakubauskas, M.E.; Crooks, T.J., 2000:
Building on three decades of remote sensing and decision support: the NASA Great Plains RESAC and the Kansas Applied Remote Sensing (KARS) Program

Dinham, B., 2000:
Building resources for sustainable agriculture in West Africa

Singh, C.B.; Dixit, P.K.; Singh, R.V., 1999:
Building sustainable livestock production systems in the Asia and Pacific Region: issues and policies

Dibb, D.W.; Mutert, E.W., 2000:
Building sustainable soil productivity in South-East Asia through balanced nutrient management

Ogier, J.; Dillon, M.; Thompson, M.; Cullen, L.; Cox, J., 2000:
Building the missing link: assessing economic benefit for quality assurance in the wholesale market

Mathew Titus, 2000:
Building the regulatory framework for microfinance in India

Batt, P.J.; Rexha, N., 2000:
Building trust in agribusiness supply chains: a conceptual model of buyer-seller relationships in the seed potato industry in Asia

Eydis, A.L., 2000:
Building up a Federal fund of innovatory proposals and innovation policy in branches of the agroindustrial complex

F.Q.ang; Zhao ZeBin; Liu Dong; L.H.iTao, 1999:
Building up a mathematical model of shafts system and CAD for linked tetra-shaft and double-cantilever flat flap gate

Rattunde, E.W.; Mohan Dhamotharan, 1999:
Building upon farmers' knowledge through participatory technology development opportunities and consequences of technology transfer

Giulianotti, R., 2000:
Built by the two Varelas: The rise and fall of football culture and national identity in Uruguay

Pontin, D., 1999:
Built for but not with

Wickramasinghe, U.L.; Wright, C.J.; Currah, L., 2000:
Bulbing responses of two cultivars of red tropical onions to photoperiod, light integral and temperature under controlled growth conditions

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Bulbophyllum jiewhoei (Orchidaceae), a new species of unknown origin

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Bulbophyllum sect. Hirtula (Orchidaceae): a new species and a new record for Peninsular Malaysia

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Bulgaria: torn between North American seed producers and EU consumers

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Bulgarian Rila Mountain forest ecosystems study site: site description and SO42-, NO3- deposition

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Bulgarian bread wheat cultivars as the result of 100 years activity

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Bulgarian experience in the irrigated agriculture extension services

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Bulgur around the world

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Bulinus nyassanus is an intermediate host for Schistosoma haematobium in Lake Malawi

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Bulinus wrighti Mandahl-Barth, 1965 (Mollusca, Gastropoda): proposed conservation of the specific name

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Bulk density and porosity distributions in a compost pile

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Bulk density determined through core method compared with excavation methods. A correction proposed

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Bulk density of light soil and plant yields

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Bulk extraction of potato-cyst nematodes

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Bulk tank milk composition from Brazilian herds distributed by its somatic cell count

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Bulked segregant analysis and RAPD markers for drought resistance in wheat

Tabor, G.M.; Kubisiak, T.L.; Klopfenstein, N.B.; Hall, R.B.; McNabb, H.S., 2008 :
Bulked Segregant Analysis Identifies Molecular Markers Linked to Melampsora medusae Resistance in Populus deltoides

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Bull racing injuries in southern India

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Bull selection and management - the veterinarians role

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Bullous eruption associated with scabies: evidence for scabetic induction of true bullous pemphigoid

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Bullous eruption due to Cimex lecticularis

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Bulls semen quality of Aberdeen Angus and Brangus-Ibage breeds after experimental testicular degeneration induced by dexamethasone

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Bullying and harassment in the workplace

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Bumble bee pollination of the sticky catchfly in a fragmented agricultural landscape

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Bumble bee species and flowering plant relationships at high altitude in north west India

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Bumble bees in Tasmania: their distribution and potential impact on Australian flora and fauna

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Bumblebee foraging responses to variation in floral scent and color in snapdragons (Antirrhinum: Scrophulariaceae)

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Bumblebee pollination of understorey shrub species in a tropical montane forest in Costa Rica

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Bumblebees (Bombus terrestris L.) (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) as a potential pollinator for greenhouse muskmelon crops; a behavioural study

Svedelius, G., 2000:
Bumblebees as distributors of biological control of cucumber fruit rot

Mand, M.; Martin, A.J.; Paimetova, V., 2000:
Bumblebees as pollinators in agricultural landscapes in Estonia

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Bumblebees from the Canary Islands: mating experiments with Bombus terrestris L. from the Netherlands

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Bumblebees, Bombus spp., foraging on red oak, Quercus rubra, acorn galls in southern Ontario

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Bumper harvest of super rice in south and north China

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Bunching carrots. Summer cultivation: results of the cultivar research 1999

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Bundle sheath cells of small veins in maize leaves are the location of uptake from the xylem

Kingston-Smith, A.H.; Foyer, C.H., 2000 :
Bundle sheath proteins are more sensitive to oxidative damage than those of the mesophyll in maize leaves exposed to paraquat or low temperatures

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Bundle strength of Bharat Merino wool

Borucki, M.K.; Chandler, L.J.; Parker, B.M.; Blair, C.D.; Beaty, B.J., 1999:
Bunyavirus superinfection and segment reassortment in transovarially infected mosquitoes

Perry, R.W.; Adams, N.S.; Rondorf, D.W., 2001:
Buoyancy compensation of juvenile chinook salmon implanted with two different size dummy transmitters

Montero, J.I.; Anton, A., 2000:
Buoyancy driven ventilation in tropical greenhouses

Arbel, A.; Shklyar, A.; Barak, M., 2000:
Buoyancy-driven ventilation in a greenhouse cooled by a fogging system

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Buprestidae (Coleoptera) of Roztocze

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Burden of aspergillosis-related hospitalizations in the United States

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Bureaucrat to entrepreneur: the changing role of the state in China's grain economy

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Burkholderia ambifaria sp. nov., a novel member of the Burkholderia cepacia complex including biocontrol and cystic fibrosis-related isolates

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Burkholderia fungorum sp. nov. and Burkholderia caledonica sp. nov., two new species isolated from the environment, animals and human clinical samples

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Burkholderia kururiensis sp. nov., a trichloroethylene (TCE)-degrading bacterium isolated from an aquifer polluted with TCE

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Burkholderia sacchari sp. nov., a polyhydroxyalkanoate-accumulating bacterium isolated from soil of a sugar-cane plantation in Brazil

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Burley tobacco cultivation in Campania

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Burned area in Kalimantan, Indonesia mapped with NOAA-AVHRR and Landsat TM imagery

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Burning of straw and wood chips in the small power water boilers

McCarthy, H.; Hunt, D., 2001:

Wada, T.; Yoshida, K., 2000:
Burrowing by the apple snail, Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck); daily periodicity and factors affecting burrowing

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Burrowing nematode Radopholus similis associated with banana crop in Madhya Pradesh

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Burrowing-nematode resistance of black Sigatoka resistant banana hybrids

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Bursaphelenchus abietinus sp. n. (Nematoda: Parasitaphelenchidae) associated with fir bark beetles (Pityokteines spp.) from declining silver fir trees in Austria

Braasch, H., 2000:
Bursaphelenchus paracorneolus sp. nov. (Nematoda, Parasitaphelenchidae) from coniferous wood in Germany and remarks on its biology and distribution

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Bursaphelenchus species (Nematoda, Parasitaphelenchidae) found in coniferous trees in Germany and their ITS-RFLP patterns

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Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Nematoda; Aphelenchoididae) associated with Monochamus galloprovincialis (Coleoptera; Cerambycidae) in Portugal

Jebb, M.; Andrews, S., 2001:
Bursaria spinosa: Pittosporaceae

Trujillo, B.; Esculpi, E.; Correa, G., 1998:
Bursera simaruba (L) Sarg

Gough, D., 1999:
Burundi: working towards peace

Block, A.; Behn, W.; Lucke, W.; Denich, M., 2000:
Bush chopper for secondary forest exploitation in tropical fallow systems

Kirby, J., 1999:
Bush fires and the domestication of the wild in Ghana

Michailov, N., 2000:
Business accounting as a basis for competitiveness appraisal

Marwaha, B.C., 2000:
Business approach to farming non-monetary inputs and post harvest management of produce holds the key

Fasone, V.; Privitera, D., 1999:
Business costs for ostrich production in the south

Bervidova, L., 2000:
Business efficiency as a prerequisite for a competitive agrarian sector

Bervidova, L., 1999:
Business efficiency as a presumption of competitive agrarian sector

Rosochatecka, E.; Tomsik, K., 1999:
Business efficiency of agrarian sector in North-European countries after their integration into the EU

Rosochatecka, E.; Tomsik, K., 2000:
Business efficiency of the agrarian sector in north European countries after their EU integration

Dillon, M.; Ogier, J.P.; Hannah, S.; Thompson, M., 2000:
Business excellence: establishing the cost and benefits of quality management by software tools

Lin JiaHong et al., 1999:
Business handling the market, business controlling the market and market commercialization - the significance of the Bugi Model in new levels of reform of the circulation system for agricultural products in China

Lashchevker, O.D.; Maslennikova, O.A., 1999:
Business management as an effective instrument of administration for the agroindustrial complex

Matusiwicz, R., 2000:
Business management issues

Jarvela, P.; Loikkanen, J.; Tinnila, M.; Tuunainen, V.K., 1999:
Business models for electronic commerce in the travel services

Roy, L.J.P. le; Rooyen, C.J. van; D.H.ese, L.; Winter, A. de, 2000:
Business orientation and the food security status of small scale producers in the Venda region, South Africa

Kunde, G., 2001:
Business principles for pigeonpea market linkage

Baumgartnerova, E., 2000:
Business success of private farmers in the year 1998

Knoblauch, W.A.; Putnam, L.D.; Karszes, J., 1999:
Business summary New York State 1998

Knoblauch, W.A.; Putnam, L.D.; Karszes, J., 2000:
Business summary New York State 1999

Riddle, D., 1999:
Business tourism. Niches for developing countries

Prakash N.B.; Suseeladevi L.; Siddaramappa R., 2000:
Butachlor sorption in soils of Karnataka

Rensen, I. van, 2000:
Butcher's broom - Ruscus aculeatus

Tanuma, H.; Doi, M.; Ohta, Y.; Abe, M.; Kume, H.; Mukai, H.; Katsuoka, K., 2001:
Butenafine hydrochloride (MentaxReg.) cream for the treatment of hyperkeratotic type tinea pedis and its transfer into the horny layer, with or without concomitant application of 20% urea ointment (KeratinaminReg.)

Radcliffe, R.W.; Ferrell, S.T.; Childs, S.E., 2000:
Butorphanol and azaperone as a safe alternative for repeated chemical restraint in captive white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum)

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Butorphanol/xylazine/ketamine immobilization of free-ranging Baird's tapirs in Costa Rica

Anonymous, 2001:
Butrint preserved

Mehrotra, M.D.; Arushi Mehrotra, 2000:
Butt and root rot - a threat to Paulownia root rot at new forest

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