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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3377

Chapter 3377 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lorite, M.J.; Tachil, J.; Sanjuán, J.; Meyer, O.; Bedmar, E.J., 2000:
Carbon monoxide dehydrogenase activity in Bradyrhizobium japonicum

Sedilot, C.; Odet, J., 2000:
Carbon monoxide, a glasshouse hazard

Rangelov, B.; Petkov, T.; Nesheva, M., 1998:
Carbon nutrition of summer fruiting raspberry cultivars - role of the root primocanes

Rangelov, B.; Petkov, T.; Nesheva, M., 1998:
Carbon nutrition of summer fruiting raspberry cultivars - transport of 14-C-assimilates from root to fruit

Carneiro, R.G.; Mazzafera, P.; Ferraz, L.C., 1999:
Carbon Partitioning in Soybean Infected with Meloidogyne incognita and M. javanica

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Carbon sequestration and paper: a carbon balance assessment

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Carbon sequestration and reclamation of severely degraded soils in Iceland

Sigurdsson, B.D.; Snorrason, A., 2000:
Carbon sequestration by afforestation and revegetation as a means of limiting net-CO2 emissions in Iceland

Vesterdal, L., 2000:
Carbon sequestration in Danish forests

Harmon, M.E., 2001:
Carbon sequestration in forests: addressing the scale question

Cathcart, J.F., 2000:
Carbon sequestration: a working example in Oregon

Murray, B.C.; Prisley, S.P.; Birdsey, R.A.; Sampson, R.N., 2000:
Carbon sinks in the Kyoto Protocol: potential relevance for US forests

Brons, J.F.; Dryla, A.A.; Pluger, E.B.E.; Vinkenvleugel, T.M.F.; Hornig, N.C.D.; Grivell, L.A.; Blom, J., 2001:
Carbon source-dependent transcriptional regulation of the QCR8 gene in Kluyveromyces lactis. Identification of cis-acting regions and trans-acting factors in the KlQCR8 upstream region

Yamada, M.; Hanamizu, K.; Kawazoe, T.; Tange, K.; Morikawa, Y., 1999:
Carbon stock in fast-growing tree species (1) Eucalyptus globulus man made forest in Manjimup, Western Australia

Yamada, M.; Hanamizu, K.; Daido, T.; Tange, T.; Morikawa, Y., 2000:
Carbon stock in fast-growing tree species (4) Acacia mangium man made forest in Madang, Papua New Guinea, and general discussion

Milne, R.; Hargreaves, K.; Murray, M., 2000:
Carbon stocks and sinks in forestry for the United Kingdom greenhouse gas inventory

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Carbon stocks and soil respiration rates during deforestation, grassland use and subsequent Norway spruce afforestation in the Southern Alps, Italy

Pignard, G.; Dupouey, J.L.; Arrouays, D.; Loustau, D., 2000:
Carbon stocks estimates for French forests

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Carbon stocks in Norwegian forested systems. Preliminary data

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Carbon storage after long-term grass establishment on degraded soils

Mayhew, J., 2000:
Carbon storage in Edinburgh's urban forest

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Carbon storage of microbes and roots and the flux of CO2 across a moisture gradient

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Carbon stores and fluxes in French forests

Hill, L.M.; Rawsthorne, S., 2000:
Carbon supply for storage-product synthesis in developing seeds of oilseed rape

Bailey V.L.; McGill W.B., 2001:
Carbon transformations by indigenous microbes in four hydrocarbon-contaminated soils under static remediation conditions

Crovetto, G.M.; Galassi, G.; Rapetti, L.; Tamburini, A., 1999:
Carbon, nitrogen and energy balance of heavy pigs fed diets with restricted protein and energy content

van der Peijl M.J.; Verhoeven J.T.A., 2000:
Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in river marginal wetlands; a model examination of landscape geochemical flows

Iyamuremye, F.; Gewin, V.; Dick, R.P.; Diack, M.; Sene, M.; Badiane, A.; Diatta, M., 2000:
Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus mineralization potential of native agroforestry plant residues in soils of Senegal

Sterner, R.W.; George, N.B., 2000:
Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus stoichiometry of cyprinid fishes

Lamb, K., 2000:
Carbon-based marketing opportunities for small-scale farm forestry

Below, F.E.; Cazetta, J.O.; Seebauer, J.R., 2000:
Carbon/nitrogen interactions during ear and kernel development of maize

Feng HongLi; Zhao JinHua; Kling, C.L., 2001:
Carbon: the next big cash crop?

Wijnja, H.S.hulthess, C., 2001:
Carbonate adsorption mechanism on goethite studied with ATR-FTIR, DRIFT, and proton coadsorption measurements

Zaidel' man, F.R.; Selishchev, A.A.; Nikiforova, A.S., 2000:
Carbonate concentrations in the soils of humid regions and their diagnostic significance

Khokhlova, O.S.; Sedov, S.N.; Khokhlov, A.A., 2000:
Carbonate status of modern and paleochernozems of the Sunzha Depression, Northern Caucasus

Heaney, R.P.; Rafferty, K., 2001:
Carbonated beverages and urinary calcium excretion

Nalini Pandey; Sharma, C.P., 2000:
Carbonic anhydrase activity and stomatal morphology associated with zinc deficiency-induced changes in faba bean

Demir, Y.; Demir, N.; Küfrevioğlu, O.I., 1999:
Carbonic anhydrase from Vicia canencens leaves

Amos Gaikwad; Hop, D. van; Mukherjee, S.K., 2000:
Carboxy terminal region of a chloroplast DNA polymerase accessory factor stimulates DNA polymerase activity

Benlarbi, R.; Fechtal, M.; Meziane, D.; Istambouli, A., 1999:
Carboxylic acids of Moroccan Pinus pinaster bark extract

Minvielle, E.; Gandemer, G.; Maeda, Y.; Leborgne, C.; Hirigoyen, E.; Boulay, M., 2000:
Carcase characteristics of a heavy Japanese quail line under introgression with the roux gene

Fiego, D.P. lo; Virgili, R.; Bellatti, M.; Tassone, F.; Pecoraro, M.; Reverberi, M.; Russo, V., 2000:
Carcass and cut characteristics of different heavy pig types currently present on the market

Sen, A.R.; Gulyani, R.; Singh, R.N., 2000:
Carcass and meat characteristics of three genetic groups of rabbits

Mendizabal, J.A.; Goni, V., 2001:
Carcass and meat quality determination by image analyse (Review)

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Carcass and meat quality in Simmental, Red-and-White and beef crossbred bulls fed semi-intensively

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Carcass and meat quality in finished F1 crossbreds of Polish Large White with Pietrain pigs regarding the HAL genotype

Velasco, S.; Lauzurica, S.; Caneque, V.; Perez, C.; Huidobro, F.; Manzanares, C.; Diaz, M.T., 2000 :
Carcass and meat quality of Talaverana breed sucking lambs in relation to gender and slaughter weight

Choi, Y.I.; Kim, Y.T.; Lee, C.L.; Han, I.K., 2000:
Carcass and pork quality characteristics by sex and marketing day

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Carcass characteristics and composition of cattle and water buffaloes raised on cultivated pasture ecosystem Marajo Island, Brazil

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Carcass characteristics and meat composition of broiler rabbits on different dietary levels of protein and energy

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Carcass characteristics and tissue composition of lambs finished in feedlots

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Carcass characteristics for swine at alternative market weights

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Carcass characteristics from young bulls or steers from different breed compositions of Charolais x Nellore

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Carcass characteristics of South African native chicken lines

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Carcass characteristics of finisher lambs maintained on grazing with concentrate supplementation

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Carcass characteristics of rabbits fed Morus alba leaves

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Carcass characteristics of suffolk lambs slaughtered at different ages

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Carcass characteristics, gastrointestinal tract biometry, internal organs weight and gastrointestinal fill of F1 Simmental x Nellore bulls fed diets with different concentrate levels

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Carcass components growth in water buffaloes reared with two nutritive levels

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Carcass composition and meat physical characteristics of Maremmana young bulls aged from 12 to 20 months

Goosen, G.J.; Fennessy, P.F.; Pearse, A.J., 1999:
Carcass composition comparison of male and female red deer and hybrids with Pere David's deer

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Carcass composition of Polish Lowland and Polish Merino lambs fed diets containing different protein levels

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Carcass composition of broilers fed canola meal

Wolf, B.; Jones, D.; Owen, M., 2001:
Carcass composition, conformation and muscularity in Texel lambs of different breeding history, sex and leg shape score

Zgur, S.; Cepon, M., 2000:
Carcass cuts composition of Simmental and Brown bulls

Joseph, J.K.; Abikoye, O.G., 1997:
Carcass evaluation and organoleptic assessment of the meat of giant African rat (Cricetomys gambanus) and grasscutter (Tryonomys swinderianus raptorum)

McCaughey, W.P.; McAllister, T.A.; Popp, J.D.; Shelford, J.A.; Cheng, K.J., 1999:
Carcass evaluation of cattle finished on alfalfa/grass pastures alone or supplemented with barley

Wyss, R., 2000:
Carcass hygiene: inspection of veal carcasses

Cason, J.A.; Buhr, R.J.; Dickens, J.A.; Musgrove, M.T.; Stern, N.J., 1999:
Carcass microbiological quality following intermittent scalding and defeathering

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Carcass of intact or castrated Ile de France and castrated Hampshire Down lambs slaughtered at twelve months of age

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Carcass quality of Italian Merino derived breed lambs fed with different diets

Morbidini, L.; Pollidori, P.; Sarti, D.M.; Valigi, A., 1999:
Carcass quality of Italian Merino derived lambs produced with 'organic' farming systems

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Carcass quality of Simmental, Brown and Holstein breeds and their industrial crossbreeds

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Carcass quality of corriedale, Bergamacia x Corriedale, and Hampshire Down x Corriedale lambs, finished on pasture or dry-lot

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Carcass quality of crossbred lambs expressing the callipyge phenotype born to Romanov purebred and crossbred ewes

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Carcass quality of lambs fed different diets containing full-fat seeds

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Carcass quality of pigs of different genotypes on family farms

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Carcass quality of pigs produced in Navarra

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Carcass study of Braford males weaned at 72 or 210 days, slaughtered at fourteen months

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Carcass tissue distribution and characteristics of Small East African and Galla goats, and their F1 crosses to Toggenburg and Anglo-Nubian

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Carcass traits and mineral composition of muscle and lard tissues of growing pigs fed with mineral premix Sapromin along with dry mixed feed

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Carcass traits and retail display-life of chops from different goat breed types

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Carcass traits of Charolais, Caracu and reciprocal crosses finished in feedlot

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Carcass traits of Large White Yorkshire, Hampshire and Naga local pigs

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Carcass traits of broilers fed diet containing different qualities of fish meal

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Carcass traits of pigs slaughtered at different body weights

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Carcass traits, carcass composition and fatty acid content of the Estonian local breed of goat

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Carcass traits, cut yields, and compositional end points in high-lean-yielding pork carcasses: effects of 10th rib backfat and loin eye area

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Carcass traits, ovarian morphology and egg laying characteristics in early versus late maturing strains of commercial egg-type hens

yczynski, A.; Pospiech, E.; Urbaniak, M.; Bartkowiak, Z.; Rzosinska, E.; Szalata, M.; Medynski, A., 2000:
Carcass value and meat quality of crossbreds pigs (PLW x PL) and (PLW x PL) x Pietrain

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Carcass weight and age of bovines slaughtered in Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Carcass yield and quality of broiler chicken fed varying protein levels

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Carcass yield traits of grass- and grain-finished Brahman crosses for domestic and export markets

Glinghammar, B.; Rafter, J., 1999:
Carcinogenesis in the colon: interaction between luminal factors and genetic factors

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Carcinogenic effect of gibberellin A3 in Swiss albino mice

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Carcinogenic effects of ptaquiloside in bracken fern and related compounds

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Carcinogenic risk factors

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Carcinogenicity in animals and specific organs

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Carcinoma arising in epidermoid cyst: a case series and aetiological investigation of human papillomavirus

Gudzinskas, Z., 2000:
Cardamine flexuosa with. (Brassicaceae) in Lithuania

Reddy, C.S.; Reddy, K.N.; Raju, V.S., 2000:
Cardamine trichocarpa Hochst. ex A. Rich. and Cleome rutidosperma DC. as alien weeds in Andhra Pradesh, India

Rezakhani, A.; Amiri, S.N., 1999:
Cardiac arrhythmias mediated by vagus nerve in the mule

E.Sayed, M.F., 2000:
Cardiac contractility: effects of adrenaline, caffeine and verapamil on the hearts of fishes and amphibians at different frequencies

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Cardiac hydatid cyst: favourable outcome

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Cardiac lesions in dairy cows with idiopathic atrial fibrillation

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Cardiac measurements in cattle using 2-D-Mode echocardiography

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Cardiac mucormycosis revealed on imaging

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Cardiac myosin autoimmunity in acute Chagas' heart disease

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Cardiac toxicity of technical hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) in mice

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Cardiac variability in critically ill adults: influence of sepsis

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Cardinal temperatures and thermal requirements for germination of cineraria seed

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Cardio-pulmonary filariasis in the cat: antibody seroprevalence in asymptomatic animals from northern Italy

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Cardio-respiratory responses to moderately heavy aerobic exercise during the Ramadan fasts

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Cardioactive terpenoids and a new rearranged diterpene from Salvia syriaca

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Cardiocirculatory effects of sevoflurane used for maintaining anaesthesia in dogs, in different concentrations of oxygen and nitrous oxide

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Cardiomyopathy in captive African hedgehogs (Atelerix albiventris)

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Cardiomyopathy syndrome in farmed Scottish salmon

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Cardiopulmonary and anesthetic effects of medetomidine-ketamine-butorphanol and antagonism with atipamezole in servals (Felis serval)

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Cardiopulmonary bypass on a patient with malaria

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Cardiorespiratory effects of a combination of acepromazine/detomidine in horses

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Cardiorespiratory effects of tiletamine-zolazepan in hypovolemic dogs

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Cardiorespiratory responses of white sturgeon to environmental hypercapnia

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Cardiovascular actions of chicken-meat extract in normo- and hypertensive rats

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Cardiovascular and renal responses to a high-fat diet in Osborne-Mendel rats

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Cardiovascular and respiratory effects of epidural lidocaine and morphine administered in dogs anaesthetized with halothane

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Cardiovascular disease and nutritional phenolics

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Cardiovascular diseases and lifestyle

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Cardiovascular dysfunction in septic shock

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Cardiovascular effects of medetomidine, detomidine and xylazine in horses

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Cardiovascular effects of romifidine in dogs

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Cardiovascular effects of the aqueous extract of Chrysanthellum indicum

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Cardiovascular effects of visnagin on rats

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Cardiovascular examinations of large and giant breeds of dogs

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Cardiovascular manifestations of HIV infection

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Cardiovascular prevention through moderate consumption of alcohol? Every heart does not gain!

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Cardiovascular responses to propofol and etomidate in long-term instrumented rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)

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Cardiovascular risk factors and leptin during a change of nutrition in a group advice programme on the basis of a wholesome diet

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Cardiovascular risk factors and menopause; the influences of food intakes and fat-soluble vitamin status

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Cardiovascular risk factors in Chilean university students

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Cardiovascular risk factors in Hungarian menopausal women

Schaaf, D.; Scragg, R.; Metcalf, P., 2000:
Cardiovascular risk factors levels of Pacific people in a New Zealand multicultural workforce

Engle, P.L.; Pelto, G.; Bentley, P., 2000:
Care for nutrition and development

Melian Navarro, A., 2001:
Care for the physical environment

Mantinger, H., 1999:
Care of the soil and management of irrigation in the modern apple orchard

Garg, R.; Omwomo, W.; Witte, J.M.; Lee, L.A.; Deming, M.S., 2001:
Care seeking during fatal childhood illnesses: Siaya District, Kenya, 1998

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Career advancement comparison between ornamental horticulture associate degree and nondegree programs

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Career awareness among Xth class students in relation to socio-personal and spatial status: a case study of Punjab schools

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Career racing performance in Thoroughbreds treated with prosthetic laryngoplasty for laryngeal neuropathy: 52 cases (1981-1989)

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Career volunteering in commodity-intensive serious leisure: motorsport events and their dependence on volunteers/amateurs

Bégin, F.; Frongillo, E.A.; Delisle, H., 1999:
Caregiver behaviors and resources influence child height-for-age in rural Chad

Dunn, N.J.; Strain, L.A., 2001:
Caregivers at risk?: changes in leisure participation

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Careme: a new tool for studying the carbon metabolism of bearing trees

Szelag, Z., 2001:
Carex pallens (Cyperaceae), a species new to Poland

Reznicek, A.A.; Gonzalez Elizondo, M.S., 2001:
Carex section Porocystis (Cyperaceae) in Mexico and Central America

Cauchy, P., 2000:
Carfentrazone-ethyl. Cereal herbicide

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Caribbean reef fish mortality associated with Streptococcus iniae

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Caribou reactions to provocation by snowmachines in Newfoundland

Fisher, L.A.; Bredemeier, B.J.L., 2000:
Caring about injustice: the moral self-perceptions of professional female bodybuilders

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Caring after the crown and soil in a fruit orchard

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Carioca bean: promising cultivars identification for the northwest of Argentina

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Cariogenicity and cariostatic properties of cow, human and infant formula milk-review

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Carisma: rice cultivar for upland and irrigated agriculture

Manzanilla Lopez, R.; Suarez H.Z., 1999:
Carlos Sosa-Moss, founder of Mexican nematology

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