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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3378

Chapter 3378 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jyonouchi, H.; Sun, S.; Mizokami, M.; Ingbar, D.H., 1997:
Cell density and antioxidant vitamins determine the effects of hyperoxia on proliferation and death of MDCK epithelial cells

Mergler, M.; Klinner, U., 2001:
Cell density-correlated induction of pyruvate decarboxylase under aerobic conditions in the yeast Pichia stipitis

Kuroyanagi, M.; Shibata, K.; Umehara, K., 1999:
Cell differentiation inducing steroids from Withania somnifera L. (DUN.)

Raz, V.; Koornneef, M., 2001:
Cell division activity during apical hook development

de Castro, R.D.; van Lammeren, A.A.; Groot, S.P.; Bino, R.J.; Hilhorst, H.W., 2000:
Cell division and subsequent radicle protrusion in tomato seeds are inhibited by osmotic stress but DNA synthesis and formation of microtubular cytoskeleton are not

Muramatsu, M.; Miyazaki, H.; Muramatsu, S.; Yoshizawa, M.; Fukui, E.; Ishida, N.; Utsumi, S., 1999:
Cell division cycles of equine lymphocytes cultured in vitro

Zhang ZhongMing; J.C.engJun; Yang Xiong; L.Z.engLi, 1999:
Cell divisions during microsporogenesis and development of the male gametophyte in Ginkgo biloba

Kutschera, U., 2000:
Cell expansion in plant development

Hsieh TzeChen; Wu, J.M., 2001:
Cell growth and gene modulatory activities of Yunzhi (Windsor Wunxi) from mushroom Trametes versicolor in androgen-dependent and androgen-insensitive human prostate cancer cells

Sud, R.M.; Dengler, N.G., 2000:
Cell lineage of vein formation in variegated leaves of the C4 grass Stenotaphrum secundatum

Cardoso D.A.meida, M.L.; Geuskens, M.; Pays, E., 1999:
Cell lysis induces redistribution of the GPI-anchored variant surface glycoprotein on both faces of the plasma membrane of Trypanosoma brucei

Twell, D.; Howden, R., 1998:
Cell polarity, asymmetric division and cell fate determination in developing pollen

França, L.R.; Silva, V.A.; Chiarini-Garcia, H.; Garcia, S.K.; Debeljuk, L., 2000:
Cell proliferation and hormonal changes during postnatal development of the testis in the pig

Damato, G.; Trotta, L., 2000:
Cell shape, transplant age, cultivars and yield in broccoli

Leyser, O.; Deng XingWang, 2000:
Cell signalling and gene regulation. New directions in plant signalling

Graham, C.J.; Payne, J.T.; Molnar, E.J., 2000:
Cell size and pretransplant nutritional conditioning influence growth and yield of transplanted 'Jubilee' watermelon

Lim, S.C.; Fujii, T., 1999:
Cell structures in the trunk of oil palm as examined through the optical microscope

Shaw, S.L.; Dumais, J.; Long, S.R., 2000 :
Cell surface expansion in polarly growing root hairs of Medicago truncatula

Li, Y.; Wood, N.; Yellowlees, D.; Donnelly, P.K., 1999:
Cell surface expression of urokinase receptor in normal mammary epithelial cells and breast cancer cell lines

Cao YouLong;; Zhao Jun; Chen Fang, 2000:
Cell suspension culture of Ephedra intermedia Schrenket

Chen YouQiang; Dai RongChun; Zhu JinMao; Y.B.ngYing; Pan DaRen; Chen RuKai, 2000:
Cell suspension culture of Viola diffusa Ging

Degenhardt, B.; Gimmler, H., 2000:
Cell wall adaptations to multiple environmental stresses in maize roots

Carpita, N.C.; Defernez, M.; Findlay, K.; Wells, B.; Shoue, D.A.; Catchpole, G.; Wilson, R.H.; McCann, M.C., 2001:
Cell wall architecture of the elongating maize coleoptile

Joseleau, J.P.; Lefebvre, A.; Ruel, K.; Adrian, J., 2000:
Cell wall carbohydrates of industrial yeasts

Chun JongPil; Hwang YongSoo; Lee JaeChang; Huber, D.J., 1999:
Cell wall component changes during maturation and storage in 'Tsugaru' and 'Fuji' apple fruits

Jayasinghe, C.K.; Wijesundera, R.L.C., 1999:
Cell wall degrading enzyme secretion by Cylindrocladium quinqueseptatum

Mandavia, M.K.; Gajera, H.P.; Andharia, J.H.; Khandar, R.R.; Parameswaran, M., 1999:
Cell wall degrading enzymes in host-pathogen interaction of Fusarium wilt of chickpea: inhibitory effects of phenolic compounds

Mills, P.R.; Fermor, T.; Muthumeenakshi, S.; Lincoln, S., 2000:
Cell wall degrading enzymes produced by Verticillium spp and their relationship to infection in Agaricus bisporus

Rose, J.K.C.; Ham, K.S.; Wu, S.C.; Darvill, A.G.; Albersheim, P., 2000:
Cell wall hydrolases and their inhibitor proteins: key elements in the battle between plants and their pathogens

Nakagawa, N.; Sakurai, N., 2001:
Cell wall integrity controls expression of endoxyloglucan transferase in tobacco BY2 cells

Kacprzak, M.; Asiegbu, F.O.; Manka, M., 2000:
Cell wall lignification in roots of Scots pine, Norway spruce and European larch seedlings after infection with Rhizoctonia solani and Fusarium spp

Kondo, S.; Takano, Y., 2000:
Cell wall metabolism and induction of ripening capacity in 'La France' pear as influenced by 2,4-DP

Kondo, S.; Danjo, C., 2001:
Cell wall polysaccharide metabolism during fruit development in sweet cherry 'Satohnishiki' as affected by gibberellic acid

Avallone, S.; Guyot, B.; Michaux Ferriere, N.; Guiraud, J.P.; Olguin Palacios, E.; Brillouet, J.M., 1999:
Cell wall polysaccharides of coffee bean mucilage. Histological characterization during fermentation

Watanabe, U.; Norimoto, M.; Morooka, T., 2000:
Cell wall thickness and tangential Young's modulus in coniferous earlywood

Kerstens, S.; Decraemer, W.F.; Verbelen, J.P., 2001:
Cell walls at the plant surface behave mechanically like fiber-reinforced composite materials

Zhou, F.; Kurth, J.; Wei, F.; Elliott, C.; Valè, G.; Yahiaoui, N.; Keller, B.; Somerville, S.; Wise, R.; Schulze-Lefert, P., 2001:
Cell-autonomous expression of barley Mla1 confers race-specific resistance to the powdery mildew fungus via a Rar1-independent signaling pathway

Verdu, J.; Buratovich, M.A.; Wilder, E.L.; Birnbaum, M.J., 1999:
Cell-autonomous regulation of cell and organ growth in Drosophila by Akt/PKB

Roberge, M.; Cinel, B.; Anderson, H.J.; Lim, L.; Jiang, X.; Xu, L.; Bigg, C.M.; Kelly, M.T.; Andersen, R.J., 2000:
Cell-based screen for antimitotic agents and identification of analogues of rhizoxin, eleutherobin, and paclitaxel in natural extracts

Zhang YuanShu; Zou SiXiang; Chen WeiHua, 2000:
Cell-biological determination on opioid peptide-like activity of casein hydrolysates

Nikovics, K.; Simidjieva, J.; Peres, A.; Ayaydin, F.; Pasternak, T.; Davies, J.W.; Boulton, M.I.; Dudits, D.; Horváth, G.V., 2001:
Cell-cycle, phase-specific activation of Maize streak virus promoters

Pillay, K.; Coutsoudis, A.; York, D.; Kuhn, L.; Coovadia, H.M., 2000:
Cell-free virus in breast milk of HIV-1-seropositive women

Rajneesh Rana; Srivastava, N.C., 2001:
Cell-mediated immune response in goats vaccinated with killed Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. capri saponin vaccines

Moss, R.B.; Giermakowska, W.K.; Wallace, M.R.; Savary, J.R.; Jensen, F.C.; Carlo, D.J., 2000:
Cell-mediated immune responses to autologous virus in HIV-1-seropositive individuals after treatment with an HIV-1 immunogen

Chen, C.; Meyermans, H.; Burggraeve, B.; D.R.cke, R.M.; Inoue, K.; D.V.eesschauwer, V.; Steenackers, M.; Van Montagu, M.C.; Engler, G.J.; Boerjan, W.A., 2000:
Cell-specific and conditional expression of caffeoyl-coenzyme A-3-O-methyltransferase in poplar

Swain, S.D.; Jutila, K.L.; Quinn, M.T., 2000:
Cell-surface lactoferrin as a marker for degranulation of specific granules in bovine neutrophils

Koll, S.; Buttner, C., 2000:
Cell-to-cell movement of plant viruses through plasmodesmata: a review

Kim KyungSoo; Martin, E.M.; Lee KiWoon, 1999:
Cell-to-cell movement of plant viruses: ultrastructural aspects

Citovsky, V., 1999:
Cell-to-cell movement of tobacco mosaic virus

Ribichich, K.F.; Tioni, M.F.; Chan, R.L.; Gonzalez, D.H., 2001:
Cell-type-specific expression of plant cytochrome c mRNA in developing flowers and roots

Nemcovie, M.; Farkas, V., 2001:
Cell-wall composition and polysaccharide synthase activity changes following photoinduction in Trichoderma viride

Schneider, P., 2000:
Cell-wall deficient forms of bacteria

Ismail, F.; Gilad, A.; Weinberg, Z.G.; Yaira, H., 2001:
Cell-wall degrading enzymes beneficial for silages

Gindl, W., 2001:
Cell-wall lignin content related to tracheid dimensions in drought-sensitive Austrian pine (Pinus nigra)

Kajikawa, H.; Masaki, S., 1999:
Cellobiose transport by mixed ruminal bacteria from a Cow

Faucheux, C.; Nesbitt, S.A.; Horton, M.A.; Price, J.S., 2001:
Cells in regenerating deer antler cartilage provide a microenvironment that supports osteoclast differentiation

Kemenes, G., 1999:
Cellular analysis of appetitive learning in invertebrates

Faria, E.P.; Marques, A.P.J.; Alves, G.E.S., 1999:
Cellular and biochemical characteristics of peritoneal fluid of horses submitted to experimental peritonitis

Elahi, S.; Pang, G.; Clancy, R.; Ashman, R.B., 2000:
Cellular and cytokine correlates of mucosal protection in murine model of oral candidiasis

Yu, S.M., 1999:
Cellular and genetic responses of plants to sugar starvation

Muñoz, P.; Sitjà-Bobadilla, A.; Alvarez-Pellitero, P., 2000:
Cellular and humoral immune response of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.) (Teleostei: Serranidae) immunized with Sphaerospora dicentrarchi (Myxosporea: Bivalvulida)

Eberl, M.; Langermans, J.A.; Frost, P.A.; Vervenne, R.A.; van Dam, G.J.; Deelder, A.M.; Thomas, A.W.; Coulson, P.S.; Wilson, R.A., 2001:
Cellular and humoral immune responses and protection against schistosomes induced by a radiation-attenuated vaccine in chimpanzees

Brock, J.H.; Mulero, V., 2000:
Cellular and molecular aspects of iron and immune function

Tarín, J.J.; Pérez-Albalá, S.; Cano, A., 2001:
Cellular and morphological traits of oocytes retrieved from aging mice after exogenous ovarian stimulation

Jeffrey, M.; McGovern, G.; Martin, S.; Goodsir, C.M.; Brown, K.L., 2000:
Cellular and sub-cellular localisation of PrP in the lymphoreticular system of mice and sheep

Kolosova, N.; Sherman, D.; Karlson, D.; Dudareva, N., 2001:
Cellular and subcellular localization of S-adenosyl-L-methionine:benzoic acid carboxyl methyltransferase, the enzyme responsible for biosynthesis of the volatile ester methylbenzoate in snapdragon flowers

Ramulu, P.; Nathans, J., 2001:
Cellular and subcellular localization, N-terminal acylation, and calcium binding of Caenorhabditis elegans protein phosphatase with EF-hands

Albertini, D.F.; Combelles, C.M.; Benecchi, E.; Carabatsos, M.J., 2001:
Cellular basis for paracrine regulation of ovarian follicle development

Hensmann, M.; Kwiatkowski, D., 2001:
Cellular basis of early cytokine response to Plasmodium falciparum

Helmby, H.; Jönsson, G.; Troye-Blomberg, M., 2000:
Cellular changes and apoptosis in the spleens and peripheral blood of mice infected with blood-stage Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi AS

Piyush Tripathi; Ghosh, S.; Khan, M.H., 1998:
Cellular changes in rabbits immunised with homogenates of different stages of Rhipicephalus sanguineus

Baker, S.; Newton, A.; Gurr, S., 2000:
Cellular characteristics of temporary partial breakdown of mlo-resistance in barley to powdery mildew

Lopez O.J.B.; Marquez F.M.E.; Marquez F.E.J., 1999:
Cellular chimerism in freemartins detected by RBG banding

Tobin, A.K.; Yamaya, T., 2001:
Cellular compartmentation of ammonium assimilation in rice and barley

Bowsher, C.G.; Walker, R.P.; Tobin, A.K., 2001:
Cellular compartmentation of plant metabolism: papers presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology, Exeter, UK, 27-29 March 2000

Atchley, W.R.; Wei, R.; Crenshaw, P., 2000:
Cellular consequences in the brain and liver of age-specific selection for rate of development in mice

Harris, E.D., 2000:
Cellular copper transport and metabolism

Brehélin, M.; Duvic, B., 1999:
Cellular defence reactions and their depression in insects

Trenczek, T., 1998:
Cellular defense mechanisms of insects

Chen ShaoLiang; Fritz, E.; Wang ShaSheng; Huttermann, A.; Liu QunLu; Jiang XiangNing, 2000:
Cellular distribution of ions in salt-stressed cells of Populus euphratica and P. tomentosa

Cheng, W.H.; Ho, Y.S.; Valentine, B.A.; Ross, D.A.; Combs, G.F.; Lei, X.G., 1998:
Cellular glutathione peroxidase is the mediator of body selenium to protect against paraquat lethality in transgenic mice

Fu, Y.; Cheng, W.H.; Ross, D.A.; Lei, X.g., 1999:
Cellular glutathione peroxidase protects mice against lethal oxidative stress induced by various doses of diquat

L.F.ngLi; Zheng HuanQin; Guo Hong; Chen GuanJin, 1999:
Cellular immune response in mice vaccinated with UV-attenuated Toxoplasma gondii ZS1 strain trophozoites

Suman Dey; Singh, D.K.; Behera, B.; Goswami, T.K.; Singh, K.P., 2000:
Cellular immune response of cattle to Brucella abortus

Pinelli, E.; Rutten, V.P.M.G.; Ruitenberg, E.J., 1999:
Cellular immune responses in canine leishmaniasis

Mwinzi, P.N.; Karanja, D.M.; Colley, D.G.; Orago, A.S.; Secor, W.E., 2001:
Cellular immune responses of schistosomiasis patients are altered by human immunodeficiency virus type 1 coinfection

Cao, H.; Mani, I.; Vincent, R.; Mugerwa, R.; Mugyenyi, P.; Kanki, P.; Ellner, J.; Walker, B.D., 2000:
Cellular immunity to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) clades: relevance to HIV-1 vaccine trials in Uganda

Seetharam, B.; Bose, S.; Li, N., 1999:
Cellular import of cobalamin (Vitamin B-12)

Nato, A.; Fresneau, C.; Buyser, J. de; Lavergne, D.; Ducreux, G.; Henry, Y., 1999:
Cellular integration of auxin- and light signals during wheat somatic embryogenesis

Subodh Kishore; Sinha, R.K.; Das, S.K., 1999:
Cellular interaction in the generation of suppressor cells and mitogen induced proliferation of intestinal mucosal leukocytes of buffalo

Calantzis, C.; Morandi, D.; Arnould, C.; Gianinazzi Pearson, V., 2001:
Cellular interactions between G. mosseae and a Myc- dmi2 mutant in Medicago truncatula

Ibanez de Barrett, C.I.; Bozzini, J.P.; Mariano de Bozzini, M., 1999:
Cellular interactions during the female gametogenesis of Triatoma infestans (Klug, 1834)

Nilsson, E.; Skinner, M.K., 2001:
Cellular interactions that control primordial follicle development and folliculogenesis

Augustine, P.C., 2000:
Cellular invasion by avian Eimeria species

Sinowatz, F.; Schams, D.; Kölle, S.; Plath, A.; Lincoln, D.; Waters, M.J., 2000:
Cellular localisation of GH receptor in the bovine mammary gland during mammogenesis, lactation and involution

Curry, T.E.; Song, L.; Wheeler, S.E., 2001:
Cellular localization of gelatinases and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases during follicular growth, ovulation, and early luteal formation in the rat

Suire, C.; Bouvier, F.; Backhaus, R.A.; Bégu, D.; Bonneu, M.; Camara, B., 2000:
Cellular localization of isoprenoid biosynthetic enzymes in Marchantia polymorpha. Uncovering a new role of oil bodies

Kiupel, M.; Stevenson, G.W.; Kanitz, C.L.; Anothayanontha, L.; Latimer, K.S.; Mittal, S.K., 1999:
Cellular localization of porcine circovirus in postweaning pigs with chronic wasting disease

Huang, S.H.; Jong, A.Y., 2001:
Cellular mechanisms of microbial proteins contributing to invasion of the blood-brain barrier

Avarre, J.C.; Groumellec, M.L.; Aquacop ; Martin, C.; Martin, B., 2000:
Cellular models for penaeid shrimps as a tool for pathogenic studies

Takara, K.; Tanigawara, Y.; Komada, F.; Nishiguchi, K.; Sakaeda, T.; Okumura, K., 1999:
Cellular pharmacokinetic aspects of reversal effect of itraconazole on P-glycoprotein-mediated resistance of anticancer drugs

Moudjou, M.; Frobert, Y.; Grassi, J.; L.B.nnardière, C., 2001:
Cellular prion protein status in sheep: tissue-specific biochemical signatures

Funakoshi, Y.; Nakayama, H.; Uetsuka, K.; Nishimura, R.; Sasaki, N.; Doi, K., 2000:
Cellular proliferative and telomerase activity in canine mammary gland tumors

Jayachandran, G.; Chaudhari, S.; Ramakrishnan, N., 1999:
Cellular reactions of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) infected with a nuclear polyhedrosis virus involving haemocyte dynamics

Wisniewski, J.; Swiecicka Grabowska, G.; Rotkiewicz, Z.; Wojcik, R., 1999:
Cellular response of calves experimentally infected with IPV or IBR strains of bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV1)

Reghu Ravindran; Jayaprakasan, V.; Subramanian, H., 2000:
Cellular response to Psoroptes cuniculi

Barth, H.; Blocker, D.; Behlke, J.; Bergsma-Schutter, W.; Brisson, A.; Benz, R.; Aktories, K., 2000:
Cellular uptake of Clostridium botulinum C2 toxin requires oligomerization and acidification

Jackson, S.C.; Bryson, J.M.; Wang, H.; Hurley, W.L., 2000:
Cellular uptake of valine by lactating porcine mammary tissue

Truong-Tran, A.Q.; Ho, L.H.; Chai, F.; Zalewski, P.D., 2000:
Cellular zinc fluxes and the regulation of apoptosis/gene-directed cell death

Lee, H.J.; Lee, S.C.; Kim, D.W.; Park, J.G.; Han, I.K., 2000:
Cellularity of adipose tissue obtained from different sex and growth stages of Hanwoo cattle and sheep

Suzuki, K.; Miyake, H.; Taniguchi, T.; Maeda, E., 2000:
Cellularization of the free nuclear endosperm in rice caryopsis revealed by light and electron microscopy

Zhang DaYu; Zhu Yong; Cheng JiaAn, 2001:
Cellulase activities in different castes of two termites: Reticulitermes flaviceps and Coptotermes formosanus

Vadiveloo, J., 2000:
Cellulase degradation of whole rice straw

Hilioti, Z.; Lind Iversen, S.; Richards, C.; Brown, K.M., 1999:
Cellulase gene expression in ethylene-treated geranium flowers

Toyama, H.; Toyama, N., 2000:
Cellulase hyperproducers constructed from polyploids of Lentinus edodes

Piero, R.M. di; Pascholati, S.F., 2000:
Cellulase production by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum and the role in pathogenicity on cotton plants

Wang, J.S., 1999:
Cellulase production by a mutant strain of Trichoderma reesei from bagasse

Zhang LiXing; X.R.u; Shi GuiYang; Zhang KeChang, 2000:
Cellulase production by solid-state fermentation of distiller's wheat

Moalic, E.; Quinio, D.; Ru, Y. le; Lonceint, J.; Masure, O.; Flohic, A.M. le, 2001:
Cellulitis after tinea barbae caused by Trichophyton verrucosum: a case report

Tessier, M.; Fredette, M.A.; Beauchamp, G.; Boulianne, M., 2001:
Cellulitis in broiler chickens: a one-year retrospective study in four Quebec abattoirs

Han LiGang; Yuan Yi, 2000:
Cellulolytic Phialophora and Exophiala in the Changbai Mountains

Alka Gupta; Murali Gopal; Tilak, K.V.B.R., 1999:
Cellulolytic enzyme production by mungbean rhizobia, Bradyrhizobium sp. (Vigna)

Luque, A.G.; Pioli, R.N.; Sianca, R.; Sachi, O., 1999:
Cellulolytic fungi associated with stubble of wheat and its relationship with some environmental variables

Naha, S.K.; Rahman, M.S.; Anwar, M.N., 1998:
Cellulolytic microorganisms of soil under deciduous and evergreen forest at Chittagong University Campus

Barbosa, A.D.; Barros, F.S.; Callou, E.Q.; Almeida, A.M.; Araujo, A.M.; Azevedo, W.M.; Carvalho, L.B., 2000:
Cellulose acetate as solid phase in ELISA for plague

Shani, Z.; Shpigel, E.; Roiz, L.; Goren, R.; Vinocur, B.; Tzfira, T.; Altman, A.; Shoseyov, O., 1999:
Cellulose binding domain increases cellulose synthase activity in Acetobacter xylinum, and biomass of transgenic plants

Desvaux, M.; Guedon, E.; Petitdemange, H., 2000:
Cellulose catabolism by Clostridium cellulolyticum growing in batch culture on defined medium

Benea, V.I.; Muntean, V.S., 1998:
Cellulose content and some wood fibre characteristics of Populusxeuramericana 'Robusta Ro-16', 'I-214' and 'Sacrau-79', tested in the Danube valley and delta

Vijaya, T.; Dev, D.V., 2000:
Cellulose conversion to ethanol by a mesophilic cellulolytic bacterium

Nobles, D.R.; Romanovicz, D.K.; Brown, R.M., 2001:
Cellulose in cyanobacteria. Origin of vascular plant cellulose synthase?

Kim NamHun; Lee KeeYoung, 2001:
Cellulose structures of primary and secondary tissues in Pinus densiflora S. et Z

Murray, J.C.F., 2000:

Kim, Y.S.; Singh, A.P.; Wi, S.G.; Myung, K.H.; Karita, S.; Ohmiya, K., 2001:
Cellulosome-like structures in ruminal cellulolytic bacterium Ruminococcus albus F-40 as revealed by electron microscopy

Milligan, A., 2001:
Cement and wood-wool combine to improve Philippine housing

Huang Chen; Cooper, P.A., 2000:
Cement-bonded particleboards using CCA-treated wood removed from service

Kirschbaum, M.U.F., 2000:
CenW: a generic forest growth model

Petrulevicius, J.F., 1999:
Cenozoic insects from Argentina

Lenzano, R.; Zamora, R., 1999:
Census methods and big-game profit optimization in Sierra Morena (Cordoba, Spain)

Neetu Singh; Rajendra Singh; Nidhi Joshi; Priyanka Bansal, 2001:
Census of allergic fungi in hospital wards of Meerut Medical College

Panichi, F.; Marchi, E., 2000:
Census of forest fire-fighting equipment and machinery in the districts of Firenze and Prato. Part 2

Panichi, F.; Marchi, E., 2000:
Census of forest fire-fighting equipment and machinery owned by volunteer associations in the districts of Firenze and Prato. Part 1

Posada Contreras, C.; Luna Gonzalez, C.A., 1999:
Census of sugarcane cultivars 1998

Patil, D.A., 1998:
Census of the genus Ipomoea L. in Dhule district (Maharashtra)

Sudhir Srivastava; Kulshreshtha, D.K., 2001:
Centdaroic acid, a new diterpene acid from Cedrus deodara

Anonymous, 2000:
Centenary issue: A hundred years of Africa

Heinemann, A.; Hoogenboom, G.G.orgiev, G.; Faria, R.-De; Frizzone, J., 2000:
Center pivot irrigation management optimization of dry beans in humid areas

Heermann, D.F.; Spofford, T.L., 2000:
Center pivot sprinkler system evaluation

Werner, H.D., 2000:
Center pivots: transforming irrigation in the Great Plains

Bijender Kumar; Kanaujia, A.S.; Khanna, A.S., 1999:
Centering date method of estimation of lactational yield from various sampling schemes

Hanna, W.W., 2000:
Centipedegrass - lazy man's grass - is adaptable, tough, and low maintenance. (So why doesn't it get more respect?)

Kaczmarek, J.; Lesniewska, M., 1997:
Centipedes (Chilopoda) of Roztocza

Anonymous, 2000:
Central America and Northern South America switch to palm oil

Carrillo Martinez, S.A.; Antonio Aguirre, J.; Paez, G.; Caballero, M.; Mendez, J., 2000:
Central America. Role of forest authorities in the process of wood certification

Buckley, J., 2000:
Central American sugar review

O.Hara, S.L., 2000:
Central Asia's water resources: contemporary and future management issues

Brown, A.; Krause, V., 2001:
Central Australian MVE update, 2001

Revel, A., 2000:
Central European countries, centre of Europe?

Taylor, J.E.; Martin, P.L., 2000:
Central Valley evolving into patchwork of poverty and prosperity

Tanaka, T.; Nagatani, S.; Bucholtz, D.C.; Ohkura, S.; Tsukamura, H.; Maeda, K.; Foster, D.L., 2000:
Central action of insulin regulates pulsatile luteinizing hormone secretion in the diabetic sheep model

Wright, T., 1999:
Central and East African grain production

Greif, F., 2000 :
Central and East European countries - changing agricultural structures

Greif, F., 2000:
Central and Eastern European agricultural markets before EU entry

Goetz, S.J., 2001:
Central and Eastern European agricultural transformation in a global perspective

I'Anson, H.; Manning, J.M.; Herbosa, C.G.; Pelt, J.; Friedman, C.R.; Wood, R.I.; Bucholtz, D.C.; Foster, D.L., 2000:
Central inhibition of gonadotropin-releasing hormone secretion in the growth-restricted hypogonadotropic female sheep

Campfield, L.A., 2000:
Central mechanisms responsible for the actions of OB protein (leptin) on food intake, metabolism and body energy storage

Koegler, F.H.; Grove, K.L.; Schiffmacher, A.; Smith, M.S.; Cameron, J.L., 2001:
Central melanocortin receptors mediate changes in food intake in the rhesus macaque

Hwa, J.J.; Ghibaudi, L.; Gao, J.; Parker, E.M., 2001:
Central melanocortin system modulates energy intake and expenditure of obese and lean Zucker rats

Raida, S.R.; Jaensch, S.M., 2000:
Central nervous disease and blindness in Nankeen kestrels (Falco cenchroides) due to a novel Leucocytozoon-like infection

Schwartz, M.W.; Woods, S.C.; Porte, D.; Seeley, R.J.; Baskin, D.G., 2000:
Central nervous system control of food intake

Rajasekaran, A.; Loganathan, V.; Jaswanth, A.; Jayakar, B., 2000:
Central nervous system depressant activity of Strobilanthus kunthiana leaf

Caputo, S.; Yanez Garcia, J.; Oviedo, V.; Morganti, L.; Riarte, A.; Rodriguez, C., 2000:
Central nervous system lesions in HIV patients with Chagas-Mazza disease

Marlowe, M.; Ali-Ahmad, D.; Cherrick, I.; Higgins, M.J.; Kiska, D.L.; Domachowske, J.B., 2000:
Central nervous system nocardiosis in an immunocompetent child

Johnston, P.E.; Barrie, J.A.; McCulloch, M.C.; Anderson, T.J.; Griffiths, I.R., 2000:
Central nervous system pathology in 25 dogs with chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy

Vidal, F.; Mirón, M.; Sirvent, J.J.; Richart, C., 2000:
Central nervous system pneumocystosis in AIDS: antemortem diagnosis and successful treatment

Kuenzel, W.J., 2000:
Central nervous system regulation of gonadal development in the avian male

Taylor, D.E., 1999:
Central park as a model for social control: urban parks, social class and leisure behavior in nineteenth-century America

Jaouen, J.C. le, 2001:
Central region: the enterprises with creation of a flock are in the majority

Toussaint, G., 2001:
Central region: the milk control diversifies its services

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Central role of endogenous gamma interferon in protective immunity against blood-stage Plasmodium chabaudi AS infection

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