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Changes of backfat and body weight during lactation and their relations with littering performance in purebred sows under two traits selection

Chang HsiuLuan; Kao ZueiChuan; Lai YungYu; Lee ShyhChang

Journal of the Chinese Society of Animal Science 29(2): 191-200


Accession: 003378772

Data from 514 litters of 299 purebred sows (at 1st to 3rd parity) farrowing during 1994 and 1996 at the Taiwan Livestock Research Institute were used to study the changes in backfat (CHGBF) and body weight (CHGWT) of sows during lactation, and their relations with litter performance. Animals used in the study were selected for replacement based on performance tested on-farm in both growth rate during testing period and backfat thickness at 90 kg.

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