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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3380

Chapter 3380 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Joachim, A.; Ruttkowski, B.; Daugschies, A., 1999:
Changing surface antigen and carbohydrate patterns during the development of Oesophagostomum dentatum

Leunov, V.I.; Sapelkina, S.D., 1999:
Changing the biochemical composition of carrot roots in the course of selection over many years

Johnson S.H.I.I., 1999:
Changing the guard in Mexico: transferring irrigation management to water user associations

Tucker, G., 2001:
Changing the way fruit ripens

Fineman, M.S.; Fischer, D.H.; Jeffers, J.B.; Buerger, D.G.; Repke, C., 2000:
Changing trends in paintball sport-related ocular injuries

Lutkemeier, H., 2000:
Changing use of agricultural buildings

Drinkwater, R., 2000:
Channel crossing

Mohan Jha, 2000:
Channelising people's power towards protection and management of protected areas

Devaraia, T.S., 1998:
Channels and price spread in potato marketing - a study in Hassan district

Pawar, N.D., 1998:
Channels and price spread of selected farm products in Marathwada region of Maharashtra

M.F.i; Ding ZongZe; Cheng XiaNian, 2001:
Chaos and predictable time-scale of the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) occurrence system

Jablanovic, V.D., 1999:
Chaotic model of agricultural growth

Kobayashi, J.; Sekiguchi, M.; Shigemori, H.; Ohsaki, A., 2000:
Chapecoderins A-C, new labdane-derived diterpenoids from Echinodorus macrophyllus

Newman, E.I., 2000:
Chapter 7: management of forests

Newman, E.I., 2000:
Chapter 8: Pest control

Langangen, A., 2000:
Chara fibrosa Agardh ex Bruzelius, a charophyte new to the European flora

Sasaki, Y.; Tomiki, K.; Sasaki, S., 2000:
Character and evaluation of the Japanese wild cherry (Prunus sargentii Rehder) bark for kabazaiku

Jayalakshmi, V.; Reddy, C.R.; Reddy, P.V.; Reddy, G.L., 2000:
Character association among morpho-physiological attributes in parental genotypes and groundnut hybrids

Murthy, J.S.V.S., 1999:
Character association and component analysis in Upland cotton

Mishra, U.S.; Katiyar, D.S.; Ashok Kumar, 1999:
Character association and path analysis in buffel grass

Muppidathi, N.; Paramasivan, K.; Rajarathinam, S.; Sivasamy, N.; Sevagaperumal, S., 1999:
Character association and path analysis in grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

Legesse, G.; Zelleke, A.; Bejiga, G., 1999:
Character association and path analysis of yield and its components in hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Backiyarani, S.; Subramanian, M.; Shanthi, S., 1999:
Character association and path coefficient analysis in segregating generations of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Siddiqui, M.A.; Baig, K.S.; Baig, F.M., 1998:
Character association and path coefficient analysis in sesamum

Ashok, S.; Mohamed Sheriff, N.; Narayanan, S.L., 2000:
Character association and path coefficient analysis in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Devi, I.S.; Shaik Mohammed, 2001:
Character association and path coefficient analysis of grain yield and yield components in double crosses of maize

Kalaiyarasi, R.; Palanisamy, G.A., 2000:
Character association in F4 generation of cowpea

Singha, N.; Prodhan, H.S., 2000:
Character association in green maize

Prodhan, H.S.; Rai, R., 2000:
Character association in popcorn

Chaudhari, G.B.; Patil, J.V.; Barhate, K.K., 2000:
Character association in rice bean (Vigna umbellata (Thumb.) Ohwi and Ohashi)

Ganesan, K.N., 2000:
Character association in rice hybrids involving CMS lines

Singh, K.H.; Singh, T.B., 1999:
Character association in segregating generations of bread wheat

Roy, A.K.; Agarwal, D.K.; Gupta, S., 1999:
Character association in sen grass (Sehima nervosum)

Dasgupta, T.; Biswas, S.; Das, S., 1998:
Character association of yield in chickpea

Ushakumari, R.; Backiyarani, S.; Dhanakodi, C.V., 2007:
Character contribution to diversity in cowpea

L.Y.ngYan; S.Z.enYu; Lin YingTing, 1999:
Character of growth and development in the pearl Angora rabbit

Rovelli, L.; Masci, S.; Kasarda, D.D.; Vensel, W.H.; Lafiandra, D., 2000:
Characterisation and chromosomal localisation of C-type LMW-GS

Griffiths, B.; Ritz, K.; Wheatley, R.; Caul, S.; Clegg, C., 2000:
Characterisation and consequences of soil microbial biodiversity

Martinez Carrera, D.; Bonilla, M.; Martinez, W.; Sobal, M.; Aguilar, A.; Pellicer Gonzalez, E., 2001:
Characterisation and cultivation of wild Agaricus species from Mexico

Smith, M.K.; Hamill, S.D.; Doogan, V.J.; Daniells, J.W., 1999:
Characterisation and early detection of an offtype from micropropagated Lady Finger bananas

Kutasi, J.; Bata, A.; Brydl, E.; Rafai, P.; Jurkovich, V., 2001:
Characterisation and effects of a xylanase enzyme preparation extracted from Thermomyces lanuginosus cultures

Sivri, D.; Koksel, H., 2000:
Characterisation and partial purification of a gluten hydrolyzing proteinase from bug (Eurygaster spp.) damaged wheat

Otani, M.N.; Veiga Filho, A. de A.; Souza, M.C.M. de; Bortoleto, E.E.; Veiga, J.E.R.; Fredo, C.E.; Mello, R.L. de; Silva, J.C.R. da, 2001:
Characterisation and study of family farming: the case of milk farmers in Lagoinha, Sao Paulo

Lennartsson, M.; Manchett, R.; Schauer, C.; Schuler, K.; Turner, R.J.; Vogel, R.M.; Zuna Kratky, B., 2000:
Characterisation and utilisation of secondary potato varieties for organic farming

Wieser, H.; Seilmeier, W.; Valdez, I.; Mendez, E., 2000:
Characterisation of omega -gliadins from different wheat species

Gardiazabal I.F.; Cano L.G., 1999:
Characterisation of 10 cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.) cultivars and their response to artificial pollination in Quillota, Chile

Swinburne, J.E.; Lockhart, L.; Aldridge, V.; Marti, E.; Breen, M.; Binns, M.M., 2000:
Characterisation of 25 new physically mapped horse microsatellite loci: AHT24++-48

Wagstaff, C.; Rogers, H.J.; Leverentz, M.K.; Griffiths, G.; Thomas, B.; Chanasut, U.; Stead, A.D., 2001:
Characterisation of Alstroemeria flower vase life

Ruzić-Sabljić, E.; Strle, F.; Cimperman, J.; Maraspin, V.; Lotric-Furlan, S.; Pleterski-Rigler, D., 2000:
Characterisation of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato strains isolated from patients with skin manifestations of Lyme borreliosis residing in Slovenia

Leroy, X.J.; Leon, K.; Branchard, M., 2000:
Characterisation of Brassica oleracea L. by microsatellite primers

Gabr, M.R.; Saleh, O.I., 1998:
Characterisation of Burkholderia (Pseudomonas) solanacearum isolates causing bacterial brown rot of potato in Minia and their effects on potato cultivars

Alvarez, S.; Fresno, M.; Capote, J.; Delgado, J.V.; Barba, C., 2000:
Characterisation of Canarian sheep breed

Londono, L.P.; Jones, H.B.; Vie, A.T.; McPheat, W.L.; Booth, G.; Gao, X.M.; Dougan, G., 2000:
Characterisation of Candida albicans infections of haematogenous and mucosal origin in mice lacking the interferon gamma receptor protein

Downes, J.; Munson, M.A.; Spratt, D.A.; Kononen, E.; Tarkka, E.; Jousimies-Somer, H.; Wade, W.G., 2001:
Characterisation of Eubacterium-like strains isolated from oral infections

Griffiths, S.; Cook, M.; Mallory, B.; Ritchie, R., 2001:
Characterisation of ISAV proteins from cell culture

Muthuraj, R.; Kant, K.; Dadlani, M., 1999:
Characterisation of Indian soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) cultivars for peroxidase activity

Rout, P.K.; Saxena, V.K.; Khan, B.U.; Roy, R.; Mandal, A.; Singh, S.K.; Singh, L.B., 2000:
Characterisation of Jamunapari goats in their home tract

Suprapto ; Mubien, B., 1998:
Characterisation of PS 86 varieties in paddy fields, in Cirebon area, Indonesia

Pichon, A.; Arvanitakis, L.; Birot, S.; Pages, C.; Lapeyre, M.E.; Bordat, D., 1999:
Characterisation of Plutella xylostella (L.) originating from different geographical areas

Alba, N.; Agundez, D., 2000:
Characterisation of Populus alba L. by isozymes

Bangyeekhun, E.; Quiniou SMA.B.y, J.E.; Cerenius, L., 2001:
Characterisation of Saprolegnia sp. isolates from channel catfish

Oliveira, J.A.; Lopez, J.E., 1999:
Characterisation of Spanish populations of Lolium rigidum Gaud., for agro-morphological and isoenzymatic characters

Kagiko, M.M.; Damiano, W.A.; Kayihura, M.M., 2001:
Characterisation of Vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated from fish in Kenya

Mbap, S.T.; Bawa, I.A., 2001:
Characterisation of White Fulani and Sokoto Gudali cattle breeds in Bauchi state, Nigeria

Szentivanyi, O.; Hevesi, L., 2001:
Characterisation of Xanthomonas campestris pv. Vesicatoria strains by pepper lines possessing different resistance genes

Masci, S.; Rovelli, L.; Monari, A.M.; Pogna, N.E.; Boggini, G.; Lafiandra, D., 2000:
Characterisation of a LMW-2 type durum wheat cultivar with poor technological properties

Frendo, P.; Mathieu, C.; Sype, G. van de; Herouart, D.; Puppo, A., 1999:
Characterisation of a cDNA encoding gamma -glutamylcysteine synthetase in Medicago truncatula

Swan, D.G.; Stern, R.; McKellar, S.; Phillips, K.; Oura, C.A.; Karagenc, T.I.; Stadler, L.; Shiels, B.R., 2001:
Characterisation of a cluster of genes encoding Theileria annulata AT hook DNA-binding proteins and evidence for localisation to the host cell nucleus

Lambert, C.; Bertrand, H.; Lallemand, J.; Bourgoin, M., 2000:
Characterisation of a collection of Hydrangea macrophylla using isoenzyme analysis

Jin UnHo; Jin ByungRae; Lee JinWoo; Cho YoungSu; Kwon OChang; Kim YoungKil; Chung ChungHan, 2000:
Characterisation of a methionine-rich storage protein cDNA from perilla (Perilla frutescens) seeds

Renzo, M. di; Bonamico, N.; Gesumaria, J., 2001:
Characterisation of amaranth accessions by isozymic patterns

Pandey, R.N.; Pawar, S.E., 2000:
Characterisation of anthocyanins from radiation induced black and grey seed coat mutants of cowpea

Bellon, S.; Lescourret, F.; Calmet, J.P., 2001:
Characterisation of apple orchard management systems in a French Mediterranean Vulnerable Zone

Ovesna, J.; Leisova, L.; Kucera, L.; Langer, I., 2001:
Characterisation of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) varieties and breeding lines using RAPD and QTL associated PCR markers

Singh, B.R.; Sharma, V.D., 1999:
Characterisation of broad spectrum klebocin produced by Klebsiella pneumoniae subspecies aerogenes

Sen, P.; Baruah, P.; Ray, B.K.; Deka, P.C., 1999:
Characterisation of chloroplast protein in Camellia spp

Singaravel, R.; Imayavaramban, V.; Tanunathan, K., 2000:
Characterisation of coastal saline soils for sustainable crop production

Kharche, V.K.; Sehgal, J.; Challa, O., 2000:
Characterisation of coffee growing soils in Karnataka

Simo Santalla, P.; Chu, N.T.; Georges, D., 2000:
Characterisation of crabapple clones by isozyme electrophoresis

Reis, V.M.; Reis, F.B.D.J.; Salles, J.F.; Schloter, M., 2000:
Characterisation of different polyclonal antisera to quantify Herbaspirillum spp. in elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum schun.)

Zotte, A.D.; Contiero, B.; Bini, R.P., 1999:
Characterisation of giant fibres in skeletal muscles of rabbit. Effect of type of muscle, diet, age and sire strain

Ulanowsky, S.; Gogorcena, Y.; Martinez de Toda, F.; Borrego, J.; Ibanez, J.; Ortiz, J.M., 2001:
Characterisation of grapevine accessions at germplasm banks with RAPD and microsatellite markers

Gonzalez-Mujica, F.; Motta, N.; Márquez, A.H., 2001:
Characterisation of hepatic microsomal glucose-6-phosphatase from broiler chickens

Wang, H.; Nuttall, P.A., 2001:
Characterisation of immunoglobulin G binding proteins in male Rhipicephalus appendiculatus ticks

Otenio, M.H.; Miglioranza, L.H.S.; Bidoia, E.D., 2000:
Characterisation of industrial water used by a dairy plant at Londrina, Parana in Brazil

D.A.ostino, S.; Papucci, A.; Agozzino, P.; Avellone, G.; Barbera, D., 2001 :
Characterisation of monovarietal grappas from autochthonous Sicilian white-fruited cultivars

Cantergiani, E.; Brevard, H.; Amado, R.; Krebs, Y.; Feria Morales, A.; Yeretzian, C., 1999:
Characterisation of mouldy/earthy defect in green Mexican coffee

Sanchez Garita, V.; Shattock, R.C.; Bustamante, E., 2000:
Characterisation of native Phytophthora infestans isolates of Costa Rica

Perri, E.; Lombardo, N.; Godino, G.; Alfei, B.; Pannelli, G., 2000:
Characterisation of olive germplasm from Marche Region

Eneji, A.E.; Yamamoto, S.; Honna, T.; Ishiguro, A., 2000:
Characterisation of organic matter and nutrients during composting of livestock manure

Bennett, L.E.; Sunanda Sudharmarajan; Smithers, G.W., 2000:
Characterisation of skimmed milk powders by Rapid Visco Analysis

Varga, J.; Fodor, L.; Makrai, L., 2001:
Characterisation of some Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale strains and examination of their transmission via eggs

Gupta, G.P.; Tembhare, B.R., 1997:
Characterisation of some typical alluvial soils of northern Madhya Pradesh

Sumantri, A., 1998:
Characterisation of sweet sorghum variety in North Nusa Tenggara, Lombok Island during 1997

Bononi, M.; Fossati, A.; Lubian, E.; Tateo, F.; Fasan, S., 2001:
Characterisation of synthetic triglycerides as solvents in butter flavouring

Tjakradidjaja, A.S.; Brooker, J.D.; Bottema, C.D.K., 1999:
Characterisation of tannin-resistant bacteria from the rumen fluid of feral goats and camels with restriction analysis of amplified 16S rDNA

Belov, K.; Harrison, G.A.; Miller, R.D.; Cooper, D.W., 2001:
Characterisation of the kappa light chain of the brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)

Alvarez, S.; Fresno, M.; Capote, J.; Delgado, J.V.; Barba, C., 2000:
Characterisation of the Palmera sheep breed

Rogers, I.M.; Wyk, C.J. van, 2000:
Characterisation of the aroma of the hybrid Ferdinand de Lesseps (Vitis vinifera x Vitis labrusca)

Pierre, A.; Molle, D.; Zahoute, L., 2001:
Characterisation of the casein variants in goat bulk milks using on-line RP-HPLC/ESI-MS

Johnston, M.A.; Plessis, M. du, 2000:
Characterisation of the condition of irrigated land in the semi-arid regions of Southern Africa

Izadpanah, R.; Benkó, M.; Ursu, K.; Dán, A.; Rusvai, M.; Harrach, B., 2001:
Characterisation of the fiber gene and partial sequence of the early region 4 of bovine adenovirus 2 (short communication)

Borrego, J.; Rodriguez, I.; Andres, M.T. de; Martin, J.; Chavez, J.; Cabello, F.; Ibanez, J., 2001:
Characterisation of the most important Spanish grape varieties through isozyme and microsatellite analysis

Lange, C.F.M. de, 2000:
Characterisation of the non-starch polysaccharides

Bora, P.S.; Narain, N.; Rocha, R.V.M.; Monteiro, A.C. de O.; Moreira, R. de A., 2001:
Characterisation of the oil and protein fractions of tucuma (Astrocaryum vulgare Mart.) fruit pulp and seed kernel

Hartl, L.; Burstmayr, H.; Schweizer, G.; Zimmermann, G., 2000:
Characterisation of the resistance against Fusarium species with molecular markers in wheat

Macaluso, L.; Lapeyre, C., 2000:
Characterisation of the staphylococcal enterotoxin research method in a dairy product

Jedryczka, M.; Lewartowska, E.; Kachlicki, P.; Plachka, E.; Srobarova, A., 2000:
Characterisation of the strains of Leptosphaeria maculans isolated from oilseed rape in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Podlipaev, S.A.; Bulat, S.A., 1998:
Characterisation of trypanosomatids from insects and plants: UP-PCR (universally primed PCR) and cross hybridization of PCR products

Jaroslava, O.; Irena, N.; Ladislav, K.; Ladislav, D., 2001:
Characterisation of variability at Glu-3 loci in some European wheat obsolete cultivars and landraces using PCR

Rekha Das; Barthakur, H.P., 1999:
Characterisation of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal (VAM) fungi occurring in soils of Jorhat district and its surroundings

Gasic, K.; Ognjanov, V.; Boskovic, R.; Tobutt, K.R.; James, C., 2001:
Characterisation of vineyard peach biodiversity

Esteban, J.A., 1999:
Characterisation of winter beet crop

Degre, A.; Mostade, O.; Huyghebaert, B.; Tissot, S.; Debouche, C., 2000:
Characterising the spectra of spray droplets on three artificial targets using image analysis

Suh YoungKi; Youn GoangHyeon; Cho YoungHwan; Paek KeeYoeup, 1999:
Characteristic alteration by generation and use of tissue culture technique in carrot breeding

L.J.nSong; L.J.anChun; Che FengXiang; Y.X.uLing (et al ), 1998:
Characteristic and antibody response of experimental animal infected by Hantavirus aerosol

L.B.n; Zhou MeiJian; Tang ZhaoQun, 1999:
Characteristic and quality requirement of container plywood flooring

Cheng Yu; Sheng GuoYing; Shao Bo; Lin Zheng; Min YuShun; F.J.aMo, 2000:
Characteristic and sources of organochlorine pesticides from cooking smoke and aerosols

Kato, M.; Chiba, I.; Ishida, M.; Yamamori, M., 2000:
Characteristic evaluation of genetic resources of Job's tears

Fukuda, F.; Yokoyama, N.; Yoshimura, R.; Kubota, N., 2001:
Characteristic fruit development in 'Shimizuhakuto' peach in relation to physiological fruit drop

Steinhardt, M.; Thielscher, H.H., 2000:
Characteristic heart rate values and diurnal rhythm in heifers from different breeds kept on pasture. Effects of pregnancy and season

Suzuki, T.; Adachi, A.; Tomita, Y., 2001:
Characteristic intracytoplasmic material in a perianal wart that contains human papillomavirus type 56 and 16 DNA

Prevedello, C.L.; Costabile, M.S.; Strapasson, A.B.; Santos, A.P.R.; Afonso, M.A., 2000:
Characteristic mean diameter of soil particles

Puchajda, H.; Faruga, A.; Kosowska, D.; Batura, J.; Elminowska Wenda, G., 2000:
Characteristic of meat quality of slaughter turkeys from three different genetic groups

Ivanishchev, V.V.; Vaishlya, O.B., 1999:
Characteristic of photosynthesis and respiration of isogenic lines of the pea in connection with heterosis

Dimov, K.; Tzankova, M.; Alexandrov, A., 1999:
Characteristic of the morphological traits of the udder in buffaloes

Ohashi, O.M.; Oba, E.; Nogueira, J.C.; Sousa, J.S. de; Silva, A.O.A. da, 2001:
Characteristic of the reproductive development of male buffalo: testicular development, puberty and sexual maturity

Rupasova, Z.A.; Kukhareva, L.V.; Ignatenko, V.A.; Vasilevskaya, T.I.; Tytchyna, I.N., 1999:
Characteristic peculiarities of seasonal accumulation of phenol compounds in plants of sweetweed (Althaea officinalis) when introduced in Belarus

Moarcas, O.; Mansfield Williams, H.; Thomas, W., 1999:
Characteristic values and distribution of strength and stiffness of particleboard (Part 2)

Bao WeiJu et al., 2000:
Characteristics and characters of watermelon cv. Zhemi No. 4 and its key cultural measures

Meuser, H.; Blume, H.P., 2001:
Characteristics and classification of anthropogenic soils in the Osnabruck area, Germany

Tegene, B., 2000:
Characteristics and classification of soils of Gora Daget forest, South Welo highlands, Ethiopia

Bulan, P.; Bujang, S., 1999 :
Characteristics and cryoexposed behaviour of Leucaena leucocephala seeds

Wang DaoYong; Wang YaoPing; Huang JuFu; Wang ZhiPing; Zhong ZePu; L.J.aGe, 1999:
Characteristics and crystallization of nitrogenase MoFe protein from a nif Z deleted strain of Azotobacter vinelandii

Emeksiz, F.; Cokmez, N., 1999:
Characteristics and development of agricultural industry in Turkey and the importance of the Black Sea region

Zanin, G., 2000:
Characteristics and development of weed flora in maize

Wei QinPing; Y.B.oXing; Zhang JiXiang; Mao ZhiQuan; L.J.aRui, 2001:
Characteristics and differences in anatomical structure of Fuji apple pericarp under various ecological conditions

Nogueira, C.C.P.; Coelho, E.F.; Leao, M.C.S., 2000:
Characteristics and dimensions of the volume of wetted soil under surface and subsurface drip irrigation

Pan GuoQing, 1999:
Characteristics and effectiveness of Jiaosujun - a type of complex microbial population composed of bacteria, saccharomycetes and actinomycetes

Bokermann, R.; Kaufmann, J.; Buhse, B., 2000:
Characteristics and effectiveness of integrated development in a rural region of Hesse

Singh, H.N.; O.P.akash, 2000:
Characteristics and erodibility of some degraded soils of the hill region of Uttar Pradesh

Kortz, J.; Gardzielewska, J.; Karamucki, T.; Jakubowska, M.; Stolarek, T.; Natalczyk Szymkowska, W., 1999:
Characteristics and frequency of meat quality defects in boars, barrows and gilts

Panayotov, N.; Gueorguiev, V.; Ivanova, I., 2000:
Characteristics and grouping of F1 pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) hybrids on the basis of cluster analysis by morphological characteristics of fruit

X.GuangHai et al., 1999:
Characteristics and high yielding cultural techniques of late hybrid rice variety Xieyou 92

Liu MingFang et al., 2000:
Characteristics and key cultivation techniques of early indica glutinous rice Yuenuo No. 1

Lin QingShan; Jiang YiJun, 1999:
Characteristics and main cultivation techniques of Shentai 1, a good quality, super high yielding indica variety

Wang HuiFang et al., 1999:
Characteristics and main cultural techniques of a new autumn soyabean variety, Quqiu No. 1

Dai ChengMan et al., 2000:
Characteristics and main cultural techniques of hybrid rice Xieyou 9308

Zhou XiangSheng et al., 1999:
Characteristics and main cultural techniques of wheat variety Yangmai 158

Khaitsa, M.L.; Wittum, T.E.; Smith, K.L.; Henderson, J.L.; Hoblet, K.H., 2001:
Characteristics and management practices associated with milk production in dairy herds in Ohio enrolled in official Dairy Herd Improvement Association programs

Rongrungruang, Y.; Leelarasamee, A., 2001:
Characteristics and outcomes of adult patients with symptomatic dengue virus infections

Takahashi, M.; Ueki, A.; Kawahata, K.; Goto, T., 2000:
Characteristics and parturient conditions of Holstein calves produced by nuclear transfer embryo

Aly, M., 2000:
Characteristics and pathogenicity of Haemophilus paragallinarum isolates from upper Egypt

Huttner, K.; Leidl, K.; Jere, F.B.D.; Pfeiffer, D.U., 2000:
Characteristics and performance of village animal health workers and veterinary assistants in northern Malawi

Ivankovic, A.; Mioc, B.; Posavi, M.; Caput, P.; Pranic, D.; Vitkovic, A., 2000:
Characteristics and present situation of animal genetic resources in Croatia

Jang SukWoo; Yang TaeJin; Kim WonBae, 2000:
Characteristics and resistance to soft rot of indigenous leaf lettuce in Korea

Samarzija, D.; Havranek, J.L.; Antunac, N.; Sikora, S., 2001:
Characteristics and role of mesophilic lactic cultures

Supriadi, A.; Rachman, O.; Sarwono, E., 1999:
Characteristics and sawing properties of oil-palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) wood logs

Varga, G.; Toth, E., 2000:
Characteristics and tasks of land ownership and land utilization in Hungary with special regard to accession to the EU

Gyanendra Singh, 1999:
Characteristics and use of draught animal power in India

Chandrakanthi, W.H.S.; Pathiratne, A.; Widanapathirana, G.S., 2000:
Characteristics and virulence of Aeromonas hydrophila isolates from freshwater fish with Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS)

Grosu, R.; Cracea, S.; Simion, I., 1998:
Characteristics and wood properties of sound Norway spruce timber compared to timber from standing dead trees

Santos, G.M.; Oliveira, A.P.; Silva, J.A.L.; Alves, E.U.; Costa, C.C., 2001:
Characteristics and yields of snap-bean pods in relation to sources and levels of organic matter

Wang, P.C.; Huang, J.W., 2000:
Characteristics for inhibition of cucumber damping-off by spent forest mushroom compost

Nitta, H.; Ogasawara, S., 1999:
Characteristics of 'Hayward' kiwifruit vines grown on their own roots or grafted onto Actinidia polygama or Actinidia rufa

Park JooYoun; Shin NaRi; Park YongHo; Yoo HanSang, 2000:
Characteristics of Escherichia coli isolated from piglets with diarrhoea; antimicrobial susceptibility, genotypes of enterotoxins and pili and plasmid profiles

Sharma, R.C.; Arora, A.L.; Narula, H.K.; Singh, R.N., 1999:
Characteristics of Garole sheep in India

Kojima, K., 2001:
Characteristics of HPLC columns and mass spectra of LC-MS for phytohormone analysis

Beriain, M.; Horcada, A.P.rroy, A.L.zaso, G.C.asco, J.M.ndizabal, J., 2000:
Characteristics of Lacha and Rasa Aragonesa lambs slaughtered at three live weights

Karolewski, Z., 1999:
Characteristics of Leptosphaeria maculans isolates occurring in Wielkopolska region in 1991-1996

MacNeil, M.D.; Urick, J.J.; Decoudu, G., 2000 :
Characteristics of Line 1 Hereford females resulting from selection by independent culling levels for below-average birth weight and high yearling weight or by mass selection for high yearling weight

Stuczynska, E., 2000:
Characteristics of Lolium perenne cultivars related to seed production, and fluorescence of embryonic roots and its inheritance

Liu PanChen; Shyu ChingLin; Tung KwongChung; Kuo KerChung, 2000:
Characteristics of Malassezia pachydermatis and its pathogenesis in cats

Tunick, M.H.; Hekken, D.L. van; Smith, P.W.; Malin, E.L.; Holsinger, V.H., 2000:
Characteristics of Mozzarella cheeses made with fortified milk or nonfat dry milk

Shin NaRi; Park JooYoun; Park YongHo; Yoo HanSang, 1999:
Characteristics of Pasteurella multocida isolated from pneumonic lung lesions of swine; antimicrobial susceptibility, plasmid profile and distribution of toxA

Szymona, J.; Sawicki, B., 1999:
Characteristics of Polish ecological farms

Lee, F.N.; Jackson, M.A.; Walker, N.R., 2000:
Characteristics of Pyricularia grisea microsclerotia produced in shake culture

Rahimian, H.; Zarei, A., 1998:
Characteristics of Rhodococcus fascians strains isolated from Petunia and Geranium in Tehran and Semnan provinces

Perez Moreno, L.; Olalde Portugal, V.; Sanchez Pale, J.R.; Entwistle, A.R., 1999:
Characteristics of Sclerotium cepivorum Berk. sclerotia from a single infested field in Mexico

G.K.Yu; Mao XunDong; Qian Bing, 2000:
Characteristics of Suaeda glauca and its cultural techniques in desalting soils under protective ground

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Characteristics of the construction and functioning of milking machines for sheep in Sardinia

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Characteristics of the existing legal system for landscape management of national park facilities in Japan

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