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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3381

Chapter 3381 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Arie, M.; Hikichi, K.; Takahashi, K.; Esaka, M., 2000:
Characterization of a basic chitinase which is secreted by cultured pumpkin cells

Seo HakSoo; Koo YeonJong; Lim JaeYun; Song JongTae; Kim ChungHo; Kim JuKon; Lee JongSeob; Choi YangDo, 2000:
Characterization of a bifunctional enzyme fusion of trehalose-6-phosphate synthetase and trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase of Escherichia coli

Yamamoto, Y.; Murakami, K.; Inoshima, Y.; Nakane, T.; Saika, K.; Sentsui, H., 2000:
Characterization of a bovine herpesvirus type 4 isolated from the spinal cord of a cow with astasia

Rezaie, S.; Ban, J.; Mildner, M.; Poitschek, C.; Brna, C.; Tschachler, E., 2000:
Characterization of a cDNA clone, encoding a 70 kDa heat shock protein from the dermatophyte pathogen Trichophyton rubrum

Gourdon, I.; Gricourt, L.; Kellner, K.; Roch, P.; Escoubas, J.M., 2000:
Characterization of a cDNA encoding a 72 kDa heat shock cognate protein (Hsc72) from the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas

Satake, H.; Hisada, M.; Kawada, T.; Minakata, H.; Ukena, K.; Tsutsui, K., 2001:
Characterization of a cDNA encoding a novel avian hypothalamic neuropeptide exerting an inhibitory effect on gonadotropin release

Klooster, J.W. van' t; Vleeshouwers, V.G.A.A.; Kamoun, S.; Govers, F., 1999:
Characterization of a cDNA encoding a pathogenesis-related protein PR-1 from potato (accession no. AJ250136)

Roosens, N.A.-Bitar, F.J.cobs, M.H.mble, F., 2000:
Characterization of a cDNA encoding a rice mitochondrial voltage-dependent anion channel and its gene expression studied upon plant development and osmotic stress

Louie, K.; Conrad, P.A., 1999:
Characterization of a cDNA encoding a subtilisin-like serine protease (NC-p65) of Neospora caninum

Repellin, A.; Baga, M.; Chibbar, R.N., 2001:
Characterization of a cDNA encoding a type I starch branching enzyme produced in developing wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) kernels

Djikeng, A.; Ferreira, L.; D'angelo, M.; Dolezal, P.; Lamb, T.; Murta, S.; Triggs, V.; Ulbert, S.; Villarino, A.; Renzi, S.; Ullu, E.; Tschudi, C., 2001:
Characterization of a candidate Trypanosoma brucei U1 small nuclear RNA gene

Rainov, N.G.; Koch, S.; Sena-Esteves, M.; Berens, M.E., 2000:
Characterization of a canine glioma cell line as related to established experimental brain tumor models

Edwards, M.J.; Moskalyk, L.A.; Donelly Doman, M.; Vlaskova, M.; Noriega, F.G.; Walker, V.K.; Jacobs Lorena, M., 2000:
Characterization of a carboxypeptidase A gene from the mosquito, Aedes aegypti

Xie, S.Y.; Feinstein, P.; Mombaerts, P., 2000:
Characterization of a cluster comprising ~100 odorant receptor genes in mouse

Dilbeck, V.; Berberof, M.; Van Cauwenberge, A.; Alexandre, H.; Pays, E., 1999:
Characterization of a coiled coil protein present in the basal body of Trypanosoma brucei

Merkel, U.P.ters, M.T.rawali, S.; Schultze-Kraft, R.B.rner, D., 2000:
Characterization of a collection of Aeschynomene histrix in subhumid Nigeria

Chahed, K.; Limam, F.; Gargouri, A.; Ghrir, R.; Ouelhazi, L., 2000:
Characterization of a cytokinin induced cDNA showing sequence homologies to hybrid proline (or glycine) rich proteins in Catharanthus roseus cell suspension cultures

Singh, N.J.; Alfica Sehgal; Shobhona Sharma, 2000:
Characterization of a differential immunoscreen epitope of Plasmodium falciparum using combinatorial agents

Knuepfer, E.; Stierhof, Y.D.; McKean, P.G.; Smith, D.F., 2001:
Characterization of a differentially expressed protein that shows an unusual localization to intracellular membranes in Leishmania major

Bhattacherjee, V.; Bhattacharjee, J.K., 1999:
Characterization of a double gene disruption in the LYS2 locus of the pathogenic yeast, Candida albicans

Loprasert, S.; Sallabhan, R.; Atichartpongkul, S.; Mongkolsuk, S., 1999:
Characterization of a ferric uptake regulator (fur) gene from Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli with unusual primary structure, genome organization, and expression patterns

Takechi, K.S.kamoto, W.U.sugi, S.M.rata, M.M.toyoshi, F., 1999:
Characterization of a flower-specific gene encoding a putative myrosinase binding protein in Arabidopsis thaliana

Ignotz, G.G.; Lo, M.C.; Perez, C.L.; Gwathmey, T.M.; Suarez, S.S., 2001:
Characterization of a fucose-binding protein from bull sperm and seminal plasma that may be responsible for formation of the oviductal sperm reservoir

Nocker, S. van; Muszynski, M.; Briggs, K.; Amasino, R.M., 2000:
Characterization of a gene from Zea mays related to the Arabidopsis flowering-time gene LUMINIDEPENDENS

Bordenave, B.S.; Sannier, F.; Ricart, G.; Piot, J.M., 2000:
Characterization of a goat whey peptic hydrolysate produced by an ultrafiltration membrane enzymic reactor

Finnerty, C.M.; Li, G.; Granados, R.R., 2000:
Characterization of a granulovirus from the cassava hornworm (Erinnyis ello: Sphingidae)

Lagier, M.J.; Zhu, G.; Keithly, J.S., 2001:
Characterization of a heavy metal ATPase from the apicomplexan Cryptosporidium parvum

Gough, R.E.; Hansen, W.R., 2000:
Characterization of a herpesvirus isolated from domestic geese in Australia

Leclerc, G.M.; Han KaiPing; Leclerc, G.J.; Ely, B., 1999:
Characterization of a highly repetitive sequence conserved among the North American Morone species

Drori, S.; Sprecher, H.; Shemer, G.; Jansen, G.; Goldman, I.D.; Assaraf, Y.G., 2000:
Characterization of a human alternatively spliced truncated reduced folate carrier increasing folate accumulation in parental leukemia cells

Drebot, M.A.; Lindsay, R.; Barker, I.K.; Artsob, H., 2001:
Characterization of a human granulocytic ehrlichiosis-like agent from Ixodes scapularis, Ontario, Canada

Morgan Richards, M.; Trewick, S.A.; Wallis, G.P., 2000:
Characterization of a hybrid zone between two chromosomal races of the weta Hemideina thoracica following a geologically recent volcanic eruption

Soitamo, A.J.; Rabergh, C.M.I.; Gassmann, M.; Sistonen, L.; Nikinmaa, M., 2001:
Characterization of a hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF-1 alpha ) from rainbow trout

Murakawa, Y.T.kase, K.S.kamoto, K.S.esoshi, M.N.gatomo, H., 2000:
Characterization of a lentogenic Newcastle disease virus isolated from broiler chickens in Japan

Pietrantonio, P.V.; Gibson, G.E.; Strey, A.A.; Petzel, D.; Hayes, T.K., 2000:
Characterization of a leucokinin binding protein in Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) Malpighian tubule

Ryu HyoIk; Kim ChulJoong, 2000:
Characterization of a lipopolysaccharide-protein complex of type A Pasteurella multocida

Yoon, S.; Kim, J.; Breidt, F.F.eming, H., 2001:
Characterization of a lytic Lactobacillus plantarum bacteriophage and molecular cloning of a lysin gene in Escherichia coli

Nieto Sotelo, J.; Kannan, K.B.; Martinez, L.M.; Segal, C., 1999:
Characterization of a maize heat-shock protein 101 gene, HSP101, encoding a ClpB/Hsp100 protein homologue

Ono, K.; Ishimaru, K.; Aoki, N.; Takahashi, S.; Ozawa, K.; Ohkawa, Y.; Ohsugi, R., 1999:
Characterization of a maize sucrose-phosphate synthase protein and its effect on carbon partitioning in transgenic rice plants

Liu, X.; Bünger, L.; Keightley, P.D., 2001:
Characterization of a major X-linked quantitative trait locus influencing body weight of mice

Lee, S.; Reth, A.; Meletzus, D.; Sevilla, M.; Kennedy, C., 2000:
Characterization of a major cluster of nif, fix, and associated genes in a sugarcane endophyte, Acetobacter diazotrophicus

Kalmokoff, M.L.; Austin, J.W.; Whitford, M.F.; Teather, R.M., 2000:
Characterization of a major envelope protein from the rumen anaerobe Selenomonas ruminantium OB268

Kim JunHo; Kim YangSun, 2001:
Characterization of a metalloenzyme from a wild mushroom, Tricholoma saponaceum

Aragão, T.C.; Souza, P.A.; Uchôa, A.F.; Costa, I.R.; Bloch, C.; Campos, F.A., 2000:
Characterization of a methionine-rich protein from the seeds of Cereus jamacaru mill. (Cactaceae)

Richman, M.; Mellersh, C.S.; Andre, C.; Galibert, F.; Ostrander, E.A., 2001:
Characterization of a minimal screening set of 172 microsatellite markers for genome-wide screens of the canine genome

Cafasso, D.; Pellegrino, G.; Musacchio, A.; Widmer, A.; Cozzolino, S., 2001:
Characterization of a minisatellite repeat locus in the chloroplast genome of Orchis palustris (Orchidaceae)

Bonnin, A.; Ojcius, D.M.; Souque, P.; Barnes, D.A.; Doyle, P.S.; Gut, J.; Nelson, R.G.; Petersen, C.; Dubremetz, J.F., 2001:
Characterization of a monoclonal antibody reacting with antigen-4 domain of gp900 in Cryptosporidium parvum invasive stages

Kfoury, J.R.J.; Nakayasu, C.; Souza, J.C.R.; Okamoto, N., 1999:
Characterization of a monoclonal antibody specific to rainbow trout thrombocytes

Hey, S.; Napier, J.; Mills, C.; Brett, G.; Hook, S.; Tatham, A.S.; Fido, R.; Shewry, P.R., 2000:
Characterization of a monoclonal antibody that recognises a specific group of LMW subunits of glutenin

Russian, D.A.; Andrawis-Sorial, V.; Goheen, M.P.; Edman, J.C.; Vogel, P.; Turner, R.E.; Klivington, D.L.; Angus, C.W.; Kovacs, J.A., 1999:
Characterization of a multicopy family of genes encoding a surface-expressed serine endoprotease in rat Pneumocystis carinii

Glew, M.D.; Papazisi, L.; Poumarat, F.; Bergonier, D.; Rosengarten, R.; Citti, C., 2000:
Characterization of a multigene family undergoing high-frequency DNA rearrangements and coding for abundant variable surface proteins in Mycoplasma agalactiae

Romio, L.; Musante, L.; Cinti, R.; Seri, M.; Moran, O.; Zegarra Moran, O.; Galietta, L.J.V., 1999 :
Characterization of a murine gene homologous to the bovine CaCC chloride channel

Oda, Y.; Ito, M., 2000:
Characterization of a mutant from Lactobacillus amylovorus JCM 1126T with improved utilization of sucrose

Freeman, D.C.; Wang Han; Sanderson, S.; McArthur, E.D., 1999:
Characterization of a narrow hybrid zone between two subspecies of big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata, Asteraceae): VII. Community and demographic analyses

Torres, C.; Barreiro, L.; Dallagiovanna, B.; Gamarro, F.; Castanys, S., 1999:
Characterization of a new ATP-binding cassette transporter in Trypanosoma cruzi associated to a L1Tc retrotransposon

Silva, H.; Yoshioka, K.; Dooner, H.K.; Klessig, D.F., 2000:
Characterization of a new Arabidopsis mutant exhibiting enhanced disease resistance

Kim, W.S.; Jock, S.; Geider, K.; Rhim, S.L.; Volksch, B.; Paulin, J.P.; Gardan, L., 1999:
Characterization of a new Erwinia species affecting Asian pear trees

Lehmkuhl, H.D.; Hobbs, L.A.; Woods, L.W., 2001:
Characterization of a new adenovirus isolated from black-tailed deer in California

Kristensen, A.K.; Brunstedt, J.; Nielsen, K.K.; Roepstorff, P.; Mikkelsen, J.D., 2000:
Characterization of a new antifungal non-specific lipid transfer protein (nsLTP) from sugar beet leaves

Yang DongHoon; Paek KeeYoeup; Hwang JuKwang; Park HyoKeun, 2001:
Characterization of a new male sterile mutant in watermelon

Sekeyová, Z.; Fournier, P.E.; Rehácek, J.; Raoult, D., 2000:
Characterization of a new spotted fever group rickettsia detected in Ixodes ricinus (Acari: Ixodidae) collected in Slovakia

Arkblad, E.; Betsholtz, C.M.ndoli, D.R.dstrom, J., 2001:
Characterization of a nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase gene from the green alga Acetabularia acetabulum and comparison of its structure with those of the corresponding genes in mouse and Caenorhabditis elegans

Frachisse, J.M.; Colcombet, J.; Guern, J.; Barbier Brygoo, H., 2000:
Characterization of a nitrate-permeable channel able to mediate sustained anion efflux in hypocotyl cells from Arabidopsis thaliana

Clements, J.; Atkins, C., 2001:
Characterization of a non-abscission mutant in Lupinus angustifolius. I. Genetic and structural aspects

Silva, N.F.; Christie, L.N.; Mazzurco, M.; Goring, D.R., 2001:
Characterization of a novel Brassica napus kinase, BNK1

Sparla, F.; Preger, V.; Pupillo, P.; Trost, P., 1999:
Characterization of a novel NADH-specific, FAD-containing, soluble reductase with ferric citrate reductase activity from maize seedlings

Nolan, D.P.; Jackson, D.G.; Biggs, M.J.; Brabazon, E.D.; Pays, A.; Van Laethem, F.; Paturiaux-Hanocq, F.; Elliott, J.F.; Elliot, J.F.; Voorheis, H.P.; Pays, E., 2000:
Characterization of a novel alanine-rich protein located in surface microdomains in Trypanosoma brucei

Schwartz, S.H.; Qin, X.; Zeevaart, J.A., 2001:
Characterization of a novel carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase from plants

Windhovel, A.; Hein, I.; Dabrowa, R.; Stockhaus, J., 2001:
Characterization of a novel class of plant homeodomain proteins that bind to the C4 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase gene of Flaveria trinervia

Arazi, T.; Fromm, H., 1999 :
Characterization of a novel family of calmodulin-binding plasma membrane channel-like proteins

Mezquita, J.; Mezquita, B.; Pau, M.; Mezquita, C., 1999:
Characterization of a novel form of angiopoietin-2 (Ang-2B) and expression of VEGF and angiopoietin-2 during chicken testicular development and regression

Nishii, A.; Takemura, M.; Fujita, H.; Shikata, M.; Yokota, A.; Kohchi, T., 2000:
Characterization of a novel gene encoding a putative single zinc-finger protein, ZIM, expressed during the reproductive phase in Arabidopsis thaliana

Orti, R.; Rachidi, M.; Vialard, F.; Toyama, K.; Lopes, C.; Taudien, S.; Rosenthal, A.; Yaspo, M.L.; Sinet, P.M.; Delabar, J.M., 2000:
Characterization of a novel gene, C21orf6, mapping to a critical region of chromosome 21q22.1 involved in the monosomy 21 phenotype and of its murine ortholog, orf5

Ohuchi, J.; Arai, T.; Kon, Y.; Asano, A.; Yamauchi, H.; Watanabe, T., 2001:
Characterization of a novel gene, sperm-tail-associated protein (Stap), in mouse post-meiotic testicular germ cells

Burrus, V.; Roussel, Y.; Decaris, B.; Guédon, G., 2000:
Characterization of a novel integrative element, ICESt1, in the lactic acid bacterium Streptococcus thermophilus

Mulbry, W., 2000:
Characterization of a novel organophosphorus hydrolase from Nocardiodes simplex NRRL B-24074

Seifers, D.L.; Salomon, R.; Marie-Jeanne, V.; Alliot, B.; Signoret, P.; Haber, S.; Loboda, A.; Ens, W.; She, Y.M.; Standing, K.G., 2008:
Characterization of a novel potyvirus isolated from maize in Israel

Dobson, S.; Bracchi, V.; Chakrabarti, D.; Barik, S., 2001:
Characterization of a novel serine/threonine protein phosphatase (PfPPJ) from the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum

Bormann, C.; Baier, D.; Horr, I.; Raps, C.; Berger, J.; Jung, G.; Schwarz, H., 1999:
Characterization of a novel, antifungal, chitin-binding protein from Streptomyces tendae Tu901 that interferes with growth polarity

Boughton; Harrison; Lewis; Bonning, 1999:
Characterization of a nucleopolyhedrovirus from the black cutworm, agrotis ipsilon (Lepidoptera: noctuidae)

Lee, S.Y.; Söderhäll, K., 2001:
Characterization of a pattern recognition protein, a masquerade-like protein, in the freshwater crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus

Bae ChangHyu; Abe, T.; Nagata, N.; Fukunishi, N.; Matsuyama, T.; Nakano, T.; Yoshida, S., 2000:
Characterization of a periclinal chimera variegated tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)

Dugourd, D.; Martin, C.; Rioux, C.R.; Jacques, M.; Harel, J., 1999:
Characterization of a periplasmic ATP-binding cassette iron import system of Brachyspira (Serpulina) hyodysenteriae

Eguchi, T.; Doi, K.; Nishiyama, K.; Ohmomo, S.; Ogata, S., 2000:
Characterization of a phage resistance plasmid, pLKS, of silage-making Lactobacillus plantarum NGRI0101

Fey, J.; Vermel, M.; Grienenberger, J.M.; Marechal Drouard, L.; Gualberto, J.M., 1999:
Characterization of a plant mitochondrial active chromosome

Wullems, G.J.; Floyd ; Wittink, R.A.; Groot, P. de; Derksen, J.; Schrauwen, J.A.M., 1999:
Characterization of a pollen specific gene and its functional analysis in transgenic plants

Mellado, E.; Diaz Guerra, T.M.; Cuenca Estrella, M.; Buendia, V.; Aspa, J.; Prieto, E.; Villagrasa, J.R.; Rodriguez Tudela, J.L., 2000:
Characterization of a possible nosocomial aspergillosis outbreak

Subramaniam, S.; Huang, B.; Loh, H.; Kwang, J.; Tan, H.M.; Chua, K.L.; Frey, J., 2000:
Characterization of a predominant immunogenic outer membrane protein of Riemerella anatipestifer

Inoue, H.; Kamachi, H.; Yamaya, D.; Oguma, M.; Noguchi, M., 2000:
Characterization of a protease that acts specifically on the 22-kDa protein in thylakoid membranes from green spores of the fern Osmunda japonica

Peluso, J.J.; Fernandez, G.; Pappalardo, A.; White, B.A., 2001:
Characterization of a putative membrane receptor for progesterone in rat granulosa cells

Bascal, Z.A.; Cunningham, J.M.; Holden-Dye, L.; O'Shea, M.; Walker, R.J., 2001:
Characterization of a putative nitric oxide synthase in the neuromuscular system of the parasitic nematode, Ascaris suum

Unnasch, T.R.; Bradley, J.; Beauchamp, J.; Tuan, R.; Kennedy, M.W., 1999:
Characterization of a putative nuclear receptor from Onchocerca volvulus

Altstein, M.; Gabay, T.; Ben Aziz, O.; Daniel, S.; Zeltser, I.; Gilon, C., 2000:
Characterization of a putative pheromone biosynthesis-activating neuropeptide (PBAN) receptor from the pheromone gland of Heliothis peltigera

Saito, M.; Sato, K.; Kunisaki, N.; Kimura, S., 2000:
Characterization of a rainbow trout matrix metalloproteinase capable of degrading type I collagen

Cardona, C.J.; Nazerian, K.; Reed, W.M.; Silva, R.F., 2001:
Characterization of a recombinant fowlpox virus expressing the native hexon of hemorrhagic enteritis virus

Sharma, R.; Bagchi, A.; Bhattacharya, A.; Bhattacharya, S., 2001:
Characterization of a retrotransposon-like element from Entamoeba histolytica

Randeep Rakwal; Agrawal, G.K.; Jwa NamSoo, 2001:
Characterization of a rice (Oryza sativa L.) Bowman-Birk proteinase inhibitor: tightly light regulated induction in response to cut, jasmonic acid, ethylene and protein phosphatase 2A inhibitors

Ortiz-Canavate, J.G.rcia-Ramos, F.; Ruiz-Altisent, M., 2001:
Characterization of a right angle transfer point in a fruit packing line

Laemmli, C.M.; Leveau, J.H.J.; Zehnder, A.J.B.; Meer, J.R. van der, 2000:
Characterization of a second tfd gene cluster for chlorophenol and chlorocatechol metabolism on plasmid pJP4 in Ralstonia eutropha JMP134(pJP4)

Cheng, X.W.; Carner, G.R., 2000:
Characterization of a single-nucleocapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus of Thysanoplusia orichalcea L. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) from Indonesia

Bolte, S.; Schiene, K.; Dietz, K.J., 2000:
Characterization of a small GTP-binding protein of the rab 5 family in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum with increased level of expression during early salt stress

Yu,, Y.G.o, M.Z.ang, Q.S.if, Y., 2000:
Characterization of a small round virus associated with the poult enteritis and mortality syndrome

Richard, J.Y.; Vogel, T.M., 1999:
Characterization of a soil bacterial consortium capable of degrading diesel fuel

Krishnan, H.B., 2001:
Characterization of a soybean mutant with reduced levels of Kunitz trypsin inhibitor

Kuhn, G.C.S.; Bollgonn, S.; Sperlich, D.; Bachmann, L., 1999:
Characterization of a species-specific satellite DNA of Drosophila buzzatii

Papenbrock, J.; Schmidt, A., 2000:
Characterization of a sulfurtransferase from Arabidopsis thaliana

Snapp, E.L.; Landfear, S.M., 1999:
Characterization of a targeting motif for a flagellar membrane protein in Leishmania enriettii

David, K.M.; Perrot-Rechenmann, C., 2001:
Characterization of a tobacco Bright Yellow 2 cell line expressing the tetracycline repressor at a high level for strict regulation of transgene expression

Enard, C.; Expert, D., 2000:
Characterization of a tonB mutation in Erwinia chrysanthemi 3937: TonB(Ech) is a member of the enterobacterial TonB family

Rodrigues, C.O.; Scott, D.A.; Docampo, R., 1999:
Characterization of a vacuolar pyrophosphatase in Trypanosoma brucei and its localization to acidocalcisomes

Kim, W.S.; Geider, K., 2008:
Characterization of a Viral EPS-Depolymerase, a Potential Tool for Control of Fire Blight

Paunovic, S.; Maksimovic, V.; Rankovic, M.; Radovic, S., 1999:
Characterization of a virus associated with pear stony pit in cv. Wurttemberg

Kumar, P.; Jones, A.; Sreenivasulu, P.F.nton, B.R.ddy, D., 2001:
Characterization of a virus from pigeonpea with affinities to species in the genus Aureusvirus, family Tombusviridae

Chen, C.C.; Chen, Y.K.; Hsu, H.T., 2000:
Characterization of a virus infecting lisianthus

Lio Po, G.D.; Traxler, G.S.; Albright, L.J.; Leano, E.M., 2000 :
Characterization of a virus obtained from snakeheads Ophicephalus striatus with epizootic ulcerative syndrome (EUS) in the Philippines

Miyamoto, E.; Watanabe, F.; Ebara, S.; Takenaka, S.; Takenaka, H.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Tanaka, N.; Inui, H.; Nakano, Y., 2001:
Characterization of a vitamin B12 compound from unicellular coccolithophorid alga (Pleurochrysis carterae)

Kusumi, K.; Komori, H.; Satoh, H.; Iba, K., 2000:
Characterization of a zebra mutant of rice with increased susceptibility to light stress

Chevrette, M.; Joly, L.; Tellis, P.; Knapik, E.W.; Miles, J.; Fishman, M.; Ekker, M., 2000:
Characterization of a zebrafish/mouse somatic cell hybrid panel

Bauer, S.; Tholen, A.; Overmann, J.; Brune, A., 2000:
Characterization of abundance and diversity of lactic acid bacteria in the hindgut of wood- and soil-feeding termites by molecular and culture-dependent techniques

Sawabe, A.; Minemoto, K.; Minematsu, T.; Morita, M.; Ouchi, S.; Okamoto, T., 2000:
Characterization of acetylenes and terpenoids isolated from Solidago altissima L

Fetterer, R.H.; Rhoads, M.L., 2000:
Characterization of acid phosphatase and phosphorylcholine hydrolase in adult Haemonchus contortus

Thampatti, K.C.M.; Jose, A.I., 2000:
Characterization of acid saline rice based wetland ecosystems of Kuttanad, Kerala, and their salinity protection by Thanneermukkom regulator

Misra U.K.; Saithantuaanga H., 2000:
Characterization of acid soils of Mizoram

Rahman, S.; Khan, Z.H.; Parveen, Z.; Rahman, M.S., 1998:
Characterization of acid sulphate soils from the mangrove floodplains of Bangladesh

Kaneko, T.; Takahashi, S.; Saito, K., 2000:
Characterization of acid-stable glucose isomerase from Streptomyces sp., and development of single-step processes for high-fructose corn sweetener (HFCS) production

Tsai, W.T.; Chang, C.Y.; Lin, M.C.; Chien, S.F.; Sun, H.F.; Hsieh, M.F., 2001:
Characterization of activated carbons prepared from sugarcane bagasse by ZnCl2 activation

Pari, G., 1999:
Characterization of activated charcoal from sengon sawdust charcoal with NH4HCO3 as an activator agent

Deng, S.P.; Moore, J.M.; Tabatabai, M.A., 2000:
Characterization of active nitrogen pools in soils under different cropping systems

Maksel, D.; Gooley, P.R.; Swarbrick, J.D.; Guranowski, A.; Gange, C.; Blackburn, G.M.; Gayler, K.R., 2001:
Characterization of active-site residues in diadenosine tetraphosphate hydrolase from Lupinus angustifolius

Ayroud, M.; Popp, J.D.; VanderKop, M.A.; Yost, G.S.; Haines, D.M.; Majak, W.; Karren, D.; Yanke, L.J.; McAllister, T.A., 2000:
Characterization of acute interstitial pneumonia in cattle in southern Alberta feedyards

Matsumoto, S.; Yoshiga, T.; Yokoyama, N.; Iwanaga, M.; Koshiba, S.; Kigawa, T.; Hirota, H.; Yokoyama, S.; Okano, K.; Mita, K.; Shimada, T.; Tatsuki, S., 2001:
Characterization of acyl-CoA-binding protein (ACBP) in the pheromone gland of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Smirnov, Y.A.; Lipatov, A.S.; Van Beek, R.; Gitelman, A.K.; Osterhaus, A.D.; Claas, E.C., 2000:
Characterization of adaptation of an avian influenza A (H5N2) virus to a mammalian host

Hoyer, L.L.; Fundyga, R.; Hecht, J.E.; Kapteyn, J.C.; Klis, F.M.; Arnold, J., 2001 :
Characterization of agglutinin-like sequence genes from non-albicans Candida and phylogenetic analysis of the ALS family

Zoina, A.; Raio, A.; Peluso, R.; Spasiano, A., 2001:
Characterization of agrobacteria from weeping fig (Ficus benjamina)

Abellan, G.B.; Villanueva, T.O.; Marquina, A.D., 1999:
Characterization of alaju and alfajores fat

Meena Kataria, 1999:
Characterization of alkaline phosphatase from post granular fraction of buffalo and cattle polymorphonuclear leucocytes

Paschke, A.; Kinder, H.; Zunker, K.; Wigotzki, M.; Wessbecher, R.; Vieluf, D.; Steinhart, H., 2001:
Characterization of allergens in mango fruit and ripening dependence of the allergenic potency

Yang ZhenMing; Nian Hai; Sivaguru, M.; Tanakamaru, S.; Matsumoto, H., 2001:
Characterization of aluminium-induced citrate secretion in aluminium-tolerant soybean (Glycine max) plants

Sandvang, D.; Aarestrup, F.M., 2000:
Characterization of aminoglycoside resistance genes and class 1 integrons in porcine and bovine gentamicin-resistant Escherichia coli

Lalancette, C.; Dorval, V.; Leblanc, V.; Leclerc, P., 2001:
Characterization of an 80-kilodalton bull sperm protein identified as PH-20

Wu, Y.; Hohn, B.Z.emienowicz, A., 2001:
Characterization of an ATP-dependent type I DNA ligase from Arabidopsis thaliana

Revers, L.F.; Passaglia, L.M.P.; Marchal, K.; Frazzon, J.; Blaha, C.G.; Vanderleyden, J.; Schrank, I.S., 2000:
Characterization of an Azospirillum brasilense Tn5 mutant with enhanced N2 fixation: the effect of ORF280 on nifH expression

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Characterization of bacterial strains of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae isolated from pepper leaf spot in Macedonia

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Characterization of barley starches of waxy, normal, and high amylose varieties

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Characterization of binding between the rat small intestinal brush-border membrane and dietary proteins in the sensory mechanism of luminal dietary proteins

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Characterization of boron use and distribution in the cotton plant and evaluation of the effectiveness of foliar feeding with boron

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Characterization of Branch Complexity by Fractal Analyses

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Characterization of buchnericin LB produced by Lactobacillus buchneri LB

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Characterization of bud-burst potential in Rhododendron catawbiense 'Album' plants from in vitro culture by measuring the manganese contents in the distal buds

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Characterization of cDNA clone encoding the matrix metalloproteinase 2 from rainbow trout fibroblast

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Characterization of cDNAs differentially expressed in roots of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum cv Burley 21) during the early stages of alkaloid biosynthesis

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Characterization of caEG2, a pepper endo- beta -1,4-glucanase gene involved in the abscission of leaves and flowers

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Characterization of cadmium uptake in Lactobacillus plantarum and isolation of cadmium and manganese uptake mutants

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Characterization of classical swine fever virus associated with defective interfering particles containing a cytopathogenic subgenomic RNA isolated from wild boar

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Characterization of cork growth and quality in one region of production

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Characterization of cotton gin byproducts produced by various machinery groups used in the ginning operation

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Characterization of crop growth variables in some scented rice cultivars of Assam

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Characterization of cyanic flower color of Delphinium cultivars

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Characterization of dairy producers in function of rentability: the case of dairy familiar type in Los Altos Jalisco, Mexico

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Characterization of dehydrodolichyl diphosphate synthase of Arabidopsis thaliana, a key enzyme in dolichol biosynthesis

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Characterization of determinants for the specificity of Arabidopsis thioredoxins h in yeast complementation

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Characterization of differences between two Trichogramma wasps by molecular markers

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Characterization of dispersion in an alluvial aquifer by tracing techniques and stochastic modelling

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Characterization of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in landfill leachates using fluorescence excitation-emission matrix

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Characterization of drinking water treatment residuals for use as a soil substitute

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Characterization of early follicular cDNA library suggests evidence for genetic polymorphisms in the inbred strain C108 of Bombyx mori

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Characterization of early region 4 of porcine adenovirus serotype 5

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Characterization of endoxylanase activity from Thermomonospora fusca BD25

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Characterization of enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from bovine mastitis in north-east Switzerland

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Characterization of environments based on results of spring wheat breeding experiments in the years 1981-1988

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Characterization of esterases associated with profenofos resistance in the tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens (F.)

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Characterization of ethylene biosynthesis associated with ripening in banana fruit

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Characterization of expandable layer silicates in humic-ferralic Cambisols (Umbrept) derived from biotite and hornblende

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Characterization of food colloids by phase analysis light scattering

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Characterization of forages by chemical analysis

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Characterization of forests in the north-central region of Entre Rios and proposal for silvopastoral management

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Characterization of four distinct monoclonal antibodies specific to BmK AS-1, a novel scorpion bioactive polypeptide

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Characterization of fungal biofilms within a municipal water distribution system

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Characterization of germination-related genes in Avena fatua seeds

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Characterization of glucosinolate uptake by leaf protoplasts of Brassica napus

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Characterization of grass cultivars by use of DNA markers

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Characterization of growth, nitrogen accumulation and competitive ability of six tropical legumes for potential use in intercropping systems

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Characterization of hepatic L-threonine dehydrogenase of chicken

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Characterization of heterosubunit complexes formed by the R1 and R2 subunits of herpes simplex virus 1 and equine herpes virus 4 ribonucleotide reductase

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Characterization of humic fractions in a 15N-labelled soil by solid-state 13C and 15N NMR

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Characterization of in vitro and in vivo antiviral activity of lactoferrin and ribavirin upon hantavirus

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Characterization of indigenous muskmelon germplasm lines based on SDS-PAGE of seed proteins

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Characterization of indigenous traditional knowledge on insect pests of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) in Northern Uganda

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Characterization of individual rice kernel moisture content and size distributions at harvest and during drying

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Characterization of industrial by-products

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Characterization of infectious laryngotracheitis virus isolates: demonstration of viral subpopulations within vaccine preparations

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Characterization of insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I, IGF-binding proteins and proteolytic activity of IGFBP-3 in normal and osteoarthritis synovial fluid of bovine

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Characterization of integrons in Escherichia coli of the normal intestinal flora of swine

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Characterization of isoforms of hexose kinases in rice embryo

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Characterization of isolated acidocalcisomes of Trypanosoma cruzi

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Characterization of isolates of Phytophthora infestans from potato and tomato in Bolivia and the Dominican Republic

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Characterization of katD, a kinesin-like protein gene specifically expressed in floral tissues of Arabidopsis thaliana

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Characterization of kinetoplast DNA minicircles of an Indian isolate of Leishmania donovani

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Characterization of lactic acid formation and adenosine triphosphate consumption in calcium-loaded erythrocytes of broiler chickens

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Characterization of landfill leachates and studies on heavy metal removal

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Characterization of leaf surface, wax composition, and control of redvine and trumpetcreeper with glyphosate

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Characterization of leghemoglobin from a mimosoid legume, Leucaena esculenta, root nodules

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Characterization of lipophorin binding to the midgut of larval Manduca sexta

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Characterization of lipoproteins isolated from the hemolymph of the spider Latrodectus mirabilis (Araneae, Theridiidae)

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Characterization of lipoxygenase extracts from Penicillium sp

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Characterization of local varieties of sweet cherry and sour cherry from the Iberian Peninsula on the basis of morphology and biochemical components

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Characterization of lymphocyte subsets from mucosal tissues in neonatal swine

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Characterization of macropore flow mechanisms in soil by means of a Split Macropore Column

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Characterization of male and female wingbeat frequencies in the Anopheles quadrimaculatus complex in Mississippi

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Characterization of mare caseins. Identification of alpha S1- and alpha S2-caseins

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Characterization of meadow x smooth bromegrass hybrid populations using morphological characteristics

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Characterization of mesophilic mixed starter cultures used for the manufacture of aged cheddar cheese

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Characterization of microbial consortia in paddy rice soil by phospholipid analysis

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Characterization of microsatellite loci in the Australian Blacklip abalone (Haliotis rubra, Leach)

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Characterization of microsatellite loci in the aflatoxigenic fungi Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus

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Characterization of microsatellite loci in western redcedar (Thuja plicata)

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Characterization of microsatellites and development of chromosome specific STMS markers in bread wheat

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Characterization of midgut fluids from Plutella xylostella resistant and susceptible to CrylAc toxin of Bacillus thuringiensis

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Characterization of midgut trypsin-like enzymes and three trypsinogen cDNAs from the lesser grain borer, Rhyzopertha dominica (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae)

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Characterization of milk composition, milk yield and conformation requirements of HF cows imported from France in comparison with local BW cows

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Characterization of mitochondria-located small heat shock protein from tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

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Characterization of mixing and dilution in heterogeneous aquifers by means of local temporal moments

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Characterization of monoclonal antibodies against Hokkaido strain tick-borne encephalitis virus

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Characterization of monoclonal antibodies against antigens shared with neutrophils and macrophages in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss

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Characterization of monoclonal antibodies against bovine herpesvirus 1 gD fusion protein expressed in E. coli

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Characterization of monoclonal antibodies against fowl poxvirus

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Characterization of monoclonal antibodies against rabies virus

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Characterization of monoclonal antibody fragments produced by plant cells

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Characterization of monocot and dicot plant S-adenosyl-l-methionine decarboxylase gene families including identification in the mRNA of a highly conserved pair of upstream overlapping open reading frames

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Characterization of mouse carboxypeptidase N small active subunit gene structure

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Characterization of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in the rat epididymis

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Characterization of the O-antigen gene clusters of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis and the cryptic O-antigen gene cluster of Yersinia pestis shows that the plague bacillus is most closely related to and has evolved from Y. pseudotuberculosis serotype O:1b

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Characterization of the Orobanche-Arabidopsis system for studying parasite-host interactions

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Characterization of the acyl carrier protein gene and the fab gene locus in Xanthomonas albilineans

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Characterization of the basic major royal jelly protein MRJP2 of honeybee (Apis mellifera) and its preparation by heterologous expression in E. coli

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Characterization of the bile acid profile in developing male and female hamsters in response to dietary cholesterol challenge

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Characterization of the binding of alpha -L-Fuc (1->2)- beta -D-Gal (1->), a xyloglucan signal, in blackberry protoplasts

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Characterization of the carp myosin heavy chain multigene family

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Characterization of the cathepsin B-like proteinases of Trichomonas tenax ATCC 30207

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Characterization of the cell adhesion site of Trypanosoma cruzi metacyclic stage surface glycoprotein gp82

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Characterization of the cellulolytic complex (cellulosome) from Ruminococcus albus

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Characterization of the chalcone synthase genes expressed in flowers of the common and Japanese morning glories

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Characterization of the chemical composition of oleoresins of Copaifera guianensis Desf., Copaifera duckei Dwyer and Copaifera multijuga Hayne

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Characterization of the chemical state of iron in the leaves of wild-type tomato and of a nicotianamine-free mutant chloronerva by X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES)

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Characterization of the coat protein gene of mite-transmitted blackcurrant reversion associated nepovirus

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Characterization of the contribution of water activity and moisture content to the population distribution of Salmonella spp. in commercial poultry houses

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Characterization of the development of Oreopanax capitatus

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Characterization of the effect of high salinity on roots of Chloris gayana Kunth: carbohydrate and lipid accumulation and growth

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Characterization of the effectiveness of a new mycorrhizal inoculant in Poaceae

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Characterization of the endoproteases appearing during barley (Hordeum vulgare L cv. Giza 124) grain germination

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Characterization of the erosive power of the suspension used within the framework of accelerated wear tests of spraying nozzles

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Characterization of the essential oil of Calamintha nepeta (L.) Savi ssp. nepeta culture in vitro

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Characterization of the ethanol-inducible alc gene-expression system in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Characterization of the expression site of the major surface glycoprotein of human-derived Pneumocystis carinii

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Characterization of the extracellular enzyme systems of Trichoderma viride AH124

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Characterization of the feline thyroglobulin promoter

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Characterization of the gene encoding both growth hormone-releasing hormone (GRF) and pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) in the zebrafish

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Characterization of the gene encoding mouse mast cell protease 8 (mMCP-8), and a comparative analysis of hematopoietic serine protease genes

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Characterization of the gene family encoding alternative oxidase from Candida albicans

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Characterization of the general odorant-binding protein 2 in the molecular coding of odorants in Mamestra brassicae

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Characterization of the genetic diversity in superficial and systemic human isolates of Candida parapsilosis by randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD)

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Characterization of the genetic variants of bovine leukemia provirus isolated in Poland

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Characterization of the heat-shock protein 60 chaperonin from Onchocerca volvulus

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Characterization of the human and mouse unconventional myosin XV genes responsible for hereditary deafness DFNB3 and shaker 2

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Characterization of the humoral immune response and virus replication in cats experimentally infected with feline foamy virus

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Characterization of the hydroxy fatty acid content of Basidiomycotina

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Characterization of the inflammatory infiltrate during IgE-mediated late phase reactions in the skin of normal and atopic dogs

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Characterization of the inhibitors effects of L. monocytogenes Scott a produced by ripening microflora of Alentejo's traditional cheeses

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Characterization of the initial production of different seeding mixtures

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Characterization of the initiation sites of both polarity strands of a viroid RNA reveals a motif conserved in sequence and structure

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Characterization of the innate and adaptive immunity to Salmonella enteritidis PT1 infection in four broiler lines

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Characterization of the insecticidal crystal protein genes of Bacillus thuringiensis YBT-1520

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Characterization of the intracellular survival of Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis: phagosomal pH and fusogenicity in J774 macrophages compared with other mycobacteria

Santos, A.F. dos; Auer, C.G.; Grigoletti Junior, A., 1998:
Characterization of the kind of symptoms associated with gummosis of black wattle (Acacia mearnsii) in south Brazil

Ingold, K.; Dai, W.; Rausch, R.L.; Gottstein, B.; Hemphill, A., 2001:
Characterization of the laminated layer of in vitro cultivated Echinococcus vogeli metacestodes

Francisco, O.; do Prado, A.P., 2001:
Characterization of the larval stages of Alphitobius diaperinus (Panzer) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) using head capsule width

Torres, M.; Jauregui, D., 1999:
Characterization of the leaf anatomy of four species of fruit tree: Anacardium occidentale L. (cashew); Mangifera indica L. (mango); Spondias purpurea L. (Spanish plum) and Psidium guajava L. (guava)

Kohlerova, P.; Tuckova, L.; Bilej, M., 1999:
Characterization of the limited specificity of antigen recognition in earthworms

Prior, J.L.; Hitchen, P.G.; Williamson, D.E.; Reason, A.J.; Morris, H.R.; Dell, A.; Wren, B.W.; Titball, R.W., 2001:
Characterization of the lipopolysaccharide of Yersinia pestis

Cerezo, M.; Flors, V.; Legaz, F.; Garcia Agustin, P., 2000:
Characterization of the low affinity transport system for NO3- uptake by Citrus roots

Allan, E.; Clayton, C.L.; McLaren, A.; Wallace, D.M.; Wren, B.W., 2001:
Characterization of the low-pH responses of Helicobacter pylori using genomic DNA arrays

Schwer, B.; Lehman, K.; Saha, N.; Shuman, S., 2000:
Characterization of the mRNA capping apparatus of Candida albicans

Corbellini, M.; Empilli, S.; Boggini, G., 2001:
Characterization of the main soft wheat varieties

Orabi, K.Y.; Walker, L.A.; Clark, A.M.; Hufford, C.D., 2000:
Characterization of the major metabolite of sampangine in rats

Gueguen, Y.; Rolland, J.L.; Schroeck, S.; Flament, D.; Defretin, S.; Saniez, M.H.; Dietrich, J., 2001:
Characterization of the maltooligosyl trehalose synthase from the thermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus acidocaldarius

Buettner, A.; Schieberle, P., 1999:
Characterization of the most odor-active volatiles in fresh, hand-squeezed juice of grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macfayden)

Bounpheng, M.A.; Melnikova, I.N.; Dodds, S.G.; Chen HePing; Copeland, N.G.; Gilbert, D.J.; Jenkins, N.A.; Christy, B.A., 2000:
Characterization of the mouse JAB1 cDNA and protein

Shannon, M.; Lamerdin, J.E.; Richardson, L.; McCutchen-Maloney, S.L.; Hwang, M.H.; Handel, M.A.; Stubbs, L.; Thelen, M.P., 2000:
Characterization of the mouse Xpf DNA repair gene and differential expression during spermatogenesis

Yoo, J.; Lee, S.S.; Jeong, M.J.; Lee, K.I.; Kwon, B.M.; Kim, S.H.; Park, Y.M.; Han, M.Y., 2000:
Characterization of the mouse dynamin I gene promoter and identification of sequences that direct expression in neuronal cells

Stein, S.; Liehr, T.; Eschrich, K., 2001:
Characterization of the mouse liver fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase gene

Manousis, T.; Verghese-Nikolakaki, S.; Keyes, P.; Sachsamanoglou, M.; Dawson, M.; Papadopoulos, O.; Sklaviadis, T.K., 2000:
Characterization of the murine BSE infectious agent

Einicker-Lamas, M.; Almeida, A.C.; Todorov, A.G.; de Castro, S.L.; Caruso-Neves, C.; Oliveira, M.M., 2000:
Characterization of the myo-inositol transport system in Trypanosoma cruzi

Uz, I.; Duan, Y.P.; Ogram, A., 2000:
Characterization of the naphthalene-degrading bacterium, Rhodococcus opacus M213

Maes, O.; Comeau, A.; Nadeau, P.; Simard, R.R.; S.P.erre, C.A., 1999:
Characterization of the natural chemical and osmotic environment of early wheat embryogenesis

Schroeder, G.F.; Elizalde, J.C.; Fay, J.P., 2000:
Characterization of the nutritive value of corn silage produced in Buenos Aires province

Bora, P.S.; Narendra Narain; Rocha, R.V.M.; Paulo, M.Q., 2001:
Characterization of the oils from the pulp and seeds of avocado (cultivar: Fuerte) fruits

Minarsih, H.; Roosens, N.H.C.J.; Jacobs, M., 1998:
Characterization of the ornithine- delta -aminotransferase gene isolated from Arabidopsis thaliana genomic library by PCR method

Clarke, S.R.; Barnden, M.; Kurts, C.; Carbone, F.R.; Miller, J.F.; Heath, W.R., 2000:
Characterization of the ovalbumin-specific TCR transgenic line OT-I: MHC elements for positive and negative selection

Kuo, C.H.; Chung, W.C.; Chang, C.A., 1999:
Characterization of the pathogen causing Choanephora wet rot of lima bean in Taiwan

Guo, Y.J.; Krauss, S.; Senne, D.A.; Mo, I.P.; Lo, K.S.; Xiong, X.P.; Norwood, M.; Shortridge, K.F.; Webster, R.G.; Guan, Y., 2000:
Characterization of the pathogenicity of members of the newly established H9N2 influenza virus lineages in Asia

Tang YanHong; Liang NaiShen, 2000:
Characterization of the photosynthetic induction response in a Populus species with stomata barely responding to light changes

Kumar, A.; Bender, L.; Neumann, K.H., 1999:
Characterization of the photosynthetic system (ultrastructure of plastids, fluorescence induction profiles, low temperature spectra) of Arachis hypogaea L. callus cultures as influenced by sucrose and various hormonal treatments

Hazra, P.; Ghosh, R.; Sahoo, P.; Som, M.G., 1998:
Characterization of the pointed gourd (Trichosanthes dioica Roxb.) clones

Rauha, J.P.; Wolfender, J.L.; Salminen, J.P.; Pihlaja, K.; Hostettmann, K.; Vuorela, H., 2001:
Characterization of the polyphenolic composition of purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)

Johansson, C.I.; Saddler, J.N.; Beatson, R.P., 2000:
Characterization of the polyphenolics related to the colour of western red cedar (Thuja plicata Donn) heartwood

Garcia Maroto, F.; Ortega, N.; Lozano, R.; Carmona, M.J., 2000:
Characterization of the potato MADS-box gene STMADS16 and expression analysis in tobacco transgenic plants

Reyes Garcia, G.; Medina Santillan, R.; Teran Rosales, F.; Mateos Garcia, E.; Castillo Henkel, C., 1999:
Characterization of the potentiation of the antinociceptive effect of diclofenac by vitamin B complex in the rat

Petersen, T.K.; Smith, C.W.; Jensen, A.L., 2000:
Characterization of the priming effect by pituitary canine growth hormone on canine polymorphonuclear neutrophil granulocyte function

Yoon, I.S.; Park, D.H.; Mori, H.; Kang, B.G.; Imaseki, H., 1999:
Characterization of the promoter of the mung bean auxin-inducible ACC synthase gene, Vr-ACS6

Menéndez-Hurtado, A.; Santos, A.; Pérez-Castillo, A., 2000:
Characterization of the promoter region of the rat CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein alpha gene and regulation by thyroid hormone in rat immortalized brown adipocytes

Silva, R.P. da; Loguercio, L.L.; Paiva, E., 2000:
Characterization of the protein patterns from maize endosperm and their relationship with the physical structure of the grain

Kotomski, G.; Wedrychowicz, H., 2001:
Characterization of the proteinases released by infective larvae of Uncinaria stenocephala during in vitro exsheathment and incubation

Ferreira, R.B.; Monteiro, S.; Picarra Pereira, M.A.; Tanganho, M.C.; Loureiro, V.B.; Teixeira, A.R., 2000:
Characterization of the proteins from grapes and wines by immunological methods

Peixoto, B.R.; Mikawa, Y.; Brenner, S., 2000:
Characterization of the recombinase activating gene-1 and 2 locus in the Japanese pufferfish, Fugu rubripes

Zhang, N.; Schürmann, P.; Portis, A.R., 2005:
Characterization of the regulatory function of the 46-kDa isoform of Rubisco activase from Arabidopsis

Fuchs, W.; Ehrlich, C.; Klupp, B.G.; Mettenleiter, T.C., 2000:
Characterization of the replication origin (Ori(S)) and adjoining parts of the inverted repeat sequences of the pseudorabies virus genome

Robledo, J.A.; Coss, C.A.; Vasta, G.R., 2000:
Characterization of the ribosomal RNA locus of Perkinsus atlanticus and development of a polymerase chain reaction-based diagnostic assay

Herrmann, B.; Pettersson, B.; Everett, K.D.E.; Mikkelsen, N.E.; Kirsebom, L.A., 2000:
Characterization of the rnpB gene and RNase P RNA in the order Chlamydiales

Smiech, M.; Rakoczy Trojanowska, M.; Kubicka, H.; Malepszy, S., 1998:
Characterization of the rye collection of the Warsaw Agricultural University

Litjens, P.L.ssinger, A.; Azeredo-Espin, A.-De, 2001:
Characterization of the screwworm flies Cochliomyia hominivorax and Cochliomyia macellaria by PCR-RFLP of mitochondrial DNA

Bora, P.S.; Narain, N.; Mello, M.L.S. de, 2000:
Characterization of the seed oils of some commercial cultivars of melon

Machuka, J., 2000:
Characterization of the seed proteins of velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens) from Nigeria

Cecchi Fiordi, A.; Palandri, M.R.; Turicchia, S.; Tani, G.; Falco, P. di, 2001:
Characterization of the seed reserves in Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae) and ultrastructural aspects of their use at germination

Coleman, J.; Eaton, S.; Merkel, G.; Skalka, A.M.; Laue, T., 1999:
Characterization of the self association of Avian sarcoma virus integrase by analytical ultracentrifugation

Maras, M.; Daele, I. van; Loose, M. de; Baert, J.; Bockstaele, E. van; Roldan Ruiz, I., 2000:
Characterization of the self-incompatibility system in chicory (Cichorium intybus L.)

Pampin, M.; Edghill, E., 2000:
Characterization of the semirustic hen. Red genotype (SRR)

Pampin, M.; Edghill, E., 2001:
Characterization of the semirustic hen: Giro genotype (SRG)

Krempl, C.; Ballesteros, M.L.; Zimmer, G.; Enjuanes, L.; Klenk, H.D.; Herrler, G., 2000:
Characterization of the sialic acid binding activity of transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus by analysis of haemagglutination-deficient mutants

Masclaux, C.; Valadier, M.H.; Brugiere, N.; Morot Gaudry, J.F.; Hirel, B., 2000:
Characterization of the sink/source transition in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) shoots in relation to nitrogen management and leaf senescence

Maziak, W.; Mzayek, F., 2000:
Characterization of the smoking habit among high school students in Syria

Dwyer, E.; Pereira, J.M.C.; Gregoire, J.M.; DaCamara, C.C., 2000:
Characterization of the spatio-temporal patterns of global fire activity using satellite imagery for the period April 1992 to March 1993

Etheridge, R.E.; Womac, A.R.; Mueller, T.C., 1999:
Characterization of the spray droplet spectra and patterns of four venturi-type drift reduction nozzles

Rensburg, H.G. van; Nel, L.H., 1999:
Characterization of the structural-protein-coding region of SAT 2 type foot-and-mouth disease virus

Ali, A.; Reynolds, D.L., 2000:
Characterization of the stunting syndrome agent: relatedness to known viruses

Mann, T.; Beckers, C., 2001:
Characterization of the subpellicular network, a filamentous membrane skeletal component in the parasite Toxoplasma gondii

Suzuki, K.; Ishimoto, M., 1999:
Characterization of the third alpha -amylase inhibitor, alpha AI-3, in the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

de Parseval, N.; Casella, J.; Gressin, L.; Heidmann, T., 2001:
Characterization of the three HERV-H proviruses with an open envelope reading frame encompassing the immunosuppressive domain and evolutionary history in primates

Bricker, B.J., 2000:
Characterization of the three ribosomal RNA operons rrnA, rrnB, and rrnC, from Brucella melitensis

Kabaa, K.; Kobus, G., 2001:
Characterization of the tonoplast proton pumps in Cucumis sativus L. root cells

Espin, J.; Soler-Rivas, C.W.chers, H., 2000:
Characterization of the total free radical scavenger capacity of vegetable oils and oil fractions using 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl radical

Uza, D.V.; Umunno, N.N.; Obinne, C.P., 1998:
Characterization of the traditional management system of Muturu cattle in Benue State, Nigeria

Buczynski, K.A.; Kim, S.K.; O'Callaghan, D.J., 1999:
Characterization of the transactivation domain of the equine herpesvirus type 1 immediate-early protein

Zhu, X.; Tang, G.; Galili, G., 2000:
Characterization of the two saccharopine dehydrogenase isozymes of lysine catabolism encoded by the single composite AtLKR/SDH locus of Arabidopsis

Gallagher, M.; Luczkovich, J.; Stellwag, E., 2001:
Characterization of the ultrastructure of the gastrointestinal tract mucosa, stomach contents and liver enzyme activity of the pinfish during development

Contreras Rodriguez, S.H.; Romo Campos, R. de L.; Reynoso Duenas, J.J., 1999:
Characterization of the vegetation in the Piedras Bola area, Ahualulco de Mercado, Jalisco, Mexico

Granger, C.; Cyr, R., 2001:
Characterization of the yeast copper-inducible promoter system in Arabidopsis thaliana

Adachi, T.; Watanabe, K.; Mitsunaga, T., 2001:
Characterization of thiamin-binding protein from maize seeds

Adachi, T.W.tanabe, K.M.tsunaga, T., 2000:
Characterization of thiamin-binding protein from wheat germ

Watanabe, K., 1999:
Characterization of thiamin-binding proteins from plant seeds

Socorro Hernandez, M. del; Montoya, D.; Diosdado Baena, G.; Pinon, A., 1998:
Characterization of thirty seven accesions of Ananas in Colombia

Knoll, A.; Stratil, A.; Moser, G.; Geldermann, H., 2000:
Characterization of three PCR-RFLPs in an intron of the porcine liver- and red cell-type pyruvate kinase (PKLR) gene

Noordermeer, M.A.; Dijken, A.J.H. van; Smeekens, S.C.M.; Veldink, G.A.; Vliegenthart, J.F.G., 2000:
Characterization of three cloned and expressed 13-hydroperoxide lyase isoenzymes from alfalfa with unusual N-terminal sequences and different enzyme kinetics

Lee, C.S.; Salcedo, E.; Wang, Q.; Wang, P.; Sims, P.F.; Hyde, J.E., 2001:
Characterization of three genes encoding enzymes of the folate biosynthetic pathway in Plasmodium falciparum

Yu, L.J.ang, Y.L.w,, Z.N.m, S.; Liu, W.K.ang, J. , 2001:
Characterization of three infectious bronchitis virus isolates from China associated with proventriculus in vaccinated chickens

Haire, R.N.; Rast, J.P.; Litman, R.T.; Litman, G.W., 2000:
Characterization of three isotypes of immunoglobulin light chains and T-cell antigen receptor alpha in zebrafish

Tello, M.C.rsini, G.L.rrondo, L.; Salas, L.L.bos, S.V.cuna, R., 2000:
Characterization of three new manganese peroxidase genes from the ligninolytic basidiomycete Ceriporiopsis subvermispora

Pratta, G.R.; Zorzoli, R.; Picardi, L.A.; Valle, E.M.; Carrillo, N., 2001:
Characterization of tomato genotypes that differ in their fruit shelf life by analysis of total pericarp protein patterns at two ripening stages

MacNeil, M.D.; Short, R.E.; Grings, E.E., 2001:
Characterization of topcross progenies from Hereford, Limousin, and Piedmontese sires

Guner, N.; Myers, J.R., 2001:
Characterization of topiary (top) an architectural mutant of common bean

Xiloyannis, C.; Nuzzo, V.; Dichio, B.; Celano, G.; Montanaro, G., 2000:
Characterization of training systems in relation to water use efficiency in apricot and kiwifruit plants

Petersen, B.L.; Andréasson, E.; Bak, S.; Agerbirk, N.; Halkier, B.A., 2001:
Characterization of transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana with metabolically engineered high levels of p-hydroxybenzylglucosinolate

Rosellini, D.; Pezzotti, M.; Veronesi, F., 2001:
Characterization of transgenic male sterility in alfalfa

Berglof, T.; Koskinen, W.C.; Kylin, H.; Moorman, T.B., 2000:
Characterization of triadimefon sorption in soils using supercritical fluid (SFE) and accelerated solvent (ASE) extraction techniques

Kihurani, D.O.; Masake, R.A.; Nantulya, V.M.; Mbiuki, S.M., 2000:
Characterization of trypanosome isolates from naturally infected horses on a farm in Kenya

Fauconnier, M.; Blecker, C.G.oyne, J.R.zafindralambo, H.V.nzeveren, E.M.rlier, M.P.quot, M., 2000:
Characterization of two Acacia gums and their fractions using a Langmuir film balance

Gonzali, S.; Pistelli, L.; Bellis, L. de; Alpi, A., 2001:
Characterization of two Arabidopsis thaliana fructokinases

Gauthier, A.; Gulick, P.J.; Ibrahim, R.K., 1998:
Characterization of two cDNA clones which encode O-methyltransferases for the methylation of both flavonoid and phenylpropanoid compounds

Nakazono, M.; Imamura, T.; Tsutsumi, N.; Sasaki, T.; Hirai, A., 2000:
Characterization of two cDNA clones encoding isozymes of the F1F0-ATPase inhibitor protein of rice mitochondria

Lutziger, I.; Oliver, D.J., 2001:
Characterization of two cDNAs encoding mitochondrial lipoamide dehydrogenase from Arabidopsis

Mulenga, A.S.gimoto, C.I.gram, G.O.ashi, K.M.sao, O., 2001:
Characterization of two cDNAs encoding serine proteinases from the hard tick Haemaphysalis longicornis

Cordova, M.; Jara, J.; Del Nery, E.; Hirata, I.Y.; Araujo, M.S.; Carmona, A.K.; Juliano, M.A.arecida; Juliano, L., 2001:
Characterization of two cysteine proteinases secreted by Fasciola hepatica and demonstration of their kininogenase activity

Gentit, P.; Foissac, X.; Svanella Dumas, L.; Peypelut, M.; Candresse, T., 2001:
Characterization of two different apricot latent virus variants associated with peach asteroid spot and peach sooty ringspot diseases

Magyar, Z.; Atanassova, A.; Veylder, L. de; Rombauts, S.; Inze, D., 2000:
Characterization of two distinct DP-related genes from Arabidopsis thaliana

Vallejo, G.A.; Carranza, J.C.; Lozano, L.E.; Sanchez, J.L.; Jaramillo, J.C.; Gualtero, D.; Guhl, F., 2000:
Characterization of two distinct strain-groups of Trypanosoma rangeli circulating in domestic and sylvatic cycles in Colombia

Schultz, E.R.; Rankin, G.W.; Blanc, M.P.; Raden, B.W.; Tsai, C.C.; Rose, T.M., 2000:
Characterization of two divergent lineages of macaque rhadinoviruses related to Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus

Kim, W.; Kim, C.; Cheong, N.; Choi, Y.; Lee, K.; Lee, S.; Park, J.; Nakano,, J.; Cho, M., 1999:
Characterization of two fungal-elicitor-induced rice cDNAs encoding functional homologues of the rab-specific GDP-dissociation inhibitor

Botero, L.M.; Al-Niemi, T.S.; McDermott, T.R., 2000:
Characterization of two inducible phosphate transport systems in Rhizobium tropici

Kim, J.Y.; Mahe, A.; Guy, S.; Brangeon, J.; Roche, O.; Chourey, P.S.; Prioul, J.L., 2000:
Characterization of two members of the maize gene family, Incw3 and Incw4, encoding cell-wall invertases

Onal, U.; Langdon, C., 2000:
Characterization of two microparticle types for delivery of food to altricial fish larvae

Romaris, F.; Escalante, M.; Valinas, B.; Seoane, R.; Wang, Z.Q.; Leiro, J.; Ubeira, F.M., 2001:
Characterization of two monoclonal antibodies raised in Btkxid mice that recognize phosphorylcholine-bearing antigens from Trichinella and other helminths

Trudeau, D.; Witherell, R.A.; Strand, M.R., 2000:
Characterization of two novel Microplitis demolitor polydnavirus mRNAs expressed in Pseudoplusia includens haemocytes

Lin, G.; Rose, P.; Chatson, K.B.; Hawes, E.M.; Zhao, X.G.; Wang, Z.T., 2000:
Characterization of two structural forms of otonecine-type pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Ligularia hodgsonii by NMR spectroscopy

Krumholz, L.R.; Harris, S.H.; Tay, S.T.; Suflita, J.M., 1999:
Characterization of two subsurface H2-utilizing bacteria, Desulfomicrobium hypogeium sp. nov. and Acetobacterium psammolithicum sp. nov., and their ecological roles

Kwok, S.F.; Staub, J.M.; Deng, X.W., 1999:
Characterization of two subunits of Arabidopsis 19S proteasome regulatory complex and its possible interaction with the COP9 complex

Papenbrock, J.; Schmidt, A., 2000:
Characterization of two sulfurtransferase isozymes from Arabidopsis thaliana

Serrato, A.; Crespo, J.; Florencion, F.; Cejudo, F., 2001:
Characterization of two thioredoxins h with predominant localization in the nucleus of aleurone and scutellum cells of germinating wheat seeds

Werner, M.U.hlein, N.P.oksch, P.K.ldenhoff, R., 2001:
Characterization of two tomato aquaporins and expression during the incompatible interaction of tomato with the plant parasite Cuscuta reflexa

Wang Hai; Gong ZhiYuan, 1999:
Characterization of two zebrafish cDNA clones encoding egg envelope proteins ZP2 and ZP3

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