Characterization of naturalized population of tall wheatgrass. 2. Tillering and reproductive characters

Borrajo, C.I.; Alonso, S.I.; Mazzanti, A.; Monterubbianesi, G.

Revista Argentina de Produccion Animal 18(3/4): 183-192


Accession: 003380523

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Tall wheatgrass (Thinopyrum ponticum [Elymus elongatus]) is naturalized in several environments of the pampa grasslands. This may result in the formation of ecotypes with differentiated characteristics. In order to characterize tiller production and reproductive attributes, a test was performed in Balcarce, Argentina, with 21 naturalized populations. Number of tillers on four dates, proportional tillering rate between dates, number of reproductive tillers, flowering date, number of spikelets per spike and spike length, were determined on spaced plants from each population. Significant differences were obtained among populations for characters related to tillering and flowering cycle, but not for the other variables.