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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3382

Chapter 3382 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lee WooJong; Ryu YeonWoo; Seo JinHo, 2000:
Characterization of two-substrate fermentation processes for xylitol production using recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae containing xylose reductase gene

Corzo, G.; Escoubas, P.; Villegas, E.; Barnham, K.J.; He, W.; Norton, R.S.; Nakajima, T., 2001:
Characterization of unique amphipathic antimicrobial peptides from venom of the scorpion Pandinus imperator

Banerji, R.; Dixit, B.S.; Shukla, S.; Singh, S.P., 1999:
Characterization of unsaponifiable matter in F8 genotype of opium poppy (Papaver somniferum)

Swain, G.C.; Tripathy, P.C., 1999:
Characterization of upland hybrid and some rice cultivars in relation to their physico-chemical quality of seedlings

Fárez-Vidal, M.E.; Gallego, C.; Ruiz-Pérez, L.M.; González-Pacanowska, D., 2001:
Characterization of uracil-DNA glycosylase activity from Trypanosoma cruzi and its stimulation by AP endonuclease

Williams, T.M.; Kind, A.J.; Hyde, W.G.; Hill, D.W., 2000:
Characterization of urinary metabolites of testosterone, methyltestosterone, mibolerone and boldenone in greyhound dogs

Broda, Z., 1999:
Characterization of useful traits of tetraploid forms of red clover obtained from the crosses: 2x-4x, 4x-2x, 2x-2x

Kim, J.; Vallet, J.; Christenson, R., 2001:
Characterization of uterine epidermal growth factor during early pregnancy in pigs

Auerbach, R.H.; Kenan, D.; Davidson, G., 2000:
Characterization of varietal differences in essential oil components of hops (Humulus lupulus) by SFC-FTIR spectroscopy

Muhadjir, 1998:
Characterization of varieties in Takalar sugar factory district

Watanabe, F.; Katsura, H.; Takenaka, S.; Enomoto, T.; Miyamoto, E.; Nakatsuka, T.; Nakano, Y., 2001:
Characterization of vitamin B12 compounds from edible shellfish, clam, oyster, and mussel

Longyant, S.; Sithigorngul, P.; Thammapalerd, N.; Sithigorngul, W.; Menasveta, P., 2000:
Characterization of vitellin and vitellogenin of giant tiger prawn Penaeus monodon using monoclonal antibodies specific to vitellin subunits

Lewis, D.K.; Campbell, J.Q.; Sowa, S.M.; Chen MeiEr; Vinson, S.B.; Keeley, L.L., 2001:
Characterization of vitellogenin in the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Apocrita: Formicidae)

Miyoshi, K.; Nakata, E.; Nagato, Y., 2000:
Characterization of viviparous mutants in rice

Austin, C.C.; Wang, D.; Ecobichon, D.J.; Dussault, G., 2001:
Characterization of volatile organic compounds in smoke at municipal structural fires

Lund, P.; Holmer, G., 2001:
Characterization of volatiles from cultured dairy spreads during storage by dynamic headspace GC/MS

Mucher, T.; Hesse, P.; Pohl Orf, M.; Ellstrand, N.C.; Bartsch, D., 2000:
Characterization of weed beet in Germany and Italy

Gerowitt, B.; Mol, F. de; Moerschner, J.; Steinmann, H.H., 2000:
Characterization of weed control in arable farming systems based on costs, energy input, environmental risk due to herbicides and field vegetation

Ramirez Parra, E.; Gutierrez, C., 2000:
Characterization of wheat DP, a heterodimerization partner of the plant E2F transcription factor which stimulates E2F-DNA binding

Fedak, G.; Chen, Q.; Conner, R.L.; Laroche, A.; Petroski, R.; Armstrong, K.W., 2000:
Characterization of wheat-Thinopyrum partial amphiploids by meiotic analysis and genomic in situ hybridization

Pintado, M.E.; Malcata, F.X., 2000:
Characterization of whey cheese packaged under vacuum

Daviau, C.; Pierre, A.; Famelart, M.H.; Goudedranche, H.; Jacob, D.; Garnier, M.; Maubois, J.L., 2000:
Characterization of whey drainage kinetics during soft cheese manufacture in relation with the physicochemical and technological factors, pH at renneting, casein concentration and ionic strength of milk

Martinez de Toda, F.; Sancha, J.C., 1999:
Characterization of wild vines in La Rioja (Spain)

Villard, L.; Fontes, M.; Ewbank, J.J., 1999:
Characterization of xnp-1, a Caenorhabditis elegans gene similar to the human XNP/ATR-X gene

Tsukui, M.; Nagashima, T.; Sato, H.; Kozima, T.T.; Tanimura, W., 1999:
Characterization of yam (Dioscorea opposita Thunb.) mucilage and polysaccharide with different varieties

Morales Arellano, G.Y.; Chagolla Lopez, A.; Paredes Lopez, O.; Barba de la Rosa, A.P., 2001:
Characterization of yam bean (Pachyrhizus erosus) proteins

Vizgarra, O.N.; Teran Santofimio, H.; Toll Vera, J.R., 1998:
Characterization of yield by means of clusters analysis in the main commercial cultivars of black beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in north-west Argentina

Liu BingLan; Tzeng YewMin, 2000:
Characterization study of the sporulation kinetics of Bacillus thuringiensis

Pettersson, M.; Bessonova, M.; Gu, H.F.; Groop, L.C.; Jönsson, J.I., 2000:
Characterization, chromosomal localization, and expression during hematopoietic differentiation of the gene encoding Arl6ip, ADP-ribosylation-like factor-6 interacting protein (ARL6)

Esu, I.E.; Malgwi, W.B.; Kparmwang, T.T., 1999:
Characterization, clasification and use constraints of sandy soils developed on Kerrikerri formation in Bauchi State, Nigeria

Harrop, R.; Jennings, N.; Mountford, A.P.; Coulson, P.S.; Wilson, R.A., 2000:
Characterization, cloning and immunogenicity of antigens released by transforming cercariae of Schistosoma mansoni

Bricheux, G.; Coffe, G.; Bayle, D.; Brugerolle, G., 2000:
Characterization, cloning and immunolocalization of a coronin homologue in Trichomonas vaginalis

Caterina, J.J.; Shi, J.; Kozak, C.A.; Engler, J.A.; Birkedal Hansen, H., 2000:
Characterization, expression analysis and chromosomal mapping of mouse matrix metalloproteinase-19 (MMP-19)

Hoodbhoy, T.; Talbot, P., 2001:
Characterization, fate, and function of hamster cortical granule components

Zhao, J.; Kwan, H.S., 1999:
Characterization, molecular cloning, and differential expression analysis of laccase genes from the edible mushroom Lentinula edodes

Wang Ling; Liang Shuping; L.Y.ngTang, 2001:
Characterization, physical location and expression of the genes encoding calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinases in maize (Zea mays L.)

Ikeda, T.M.; Nagamine, T.; Fukuoka, H.; Yano, H., 2000:
Characterizations of low molecular weight glutenin subunit genes in a Japanese soft wheat cultivar, Norin 61

Nitisinprasert, S.; Pornwirun, W.; Keawsompong, S., 1999:
Characterizations of two bacterial strains showing high keratinase activities and their synergism in feather degradation

Zhang HaiLin; Z.D.ngYun; M.Z.uQing et al., 2001:
Characterized distribution of Aedes albopictus and their relation with arbovirus in Yunnan province

Carvalho, L.; Mateus, E.P.; Farrall, M.H.; Paiva, M.R., 1999:
Characterizing a Thaumetopoea pityocampa attack in a Pinus pinaster stand using SPME and GC-MS

Riera, B.; Pelissier, R.; Houllier, F., 1998:
Characterizing a forest mosaic and its dynamics in an evergreen tropical rainforest

Ritter, A.M.; Shaw, J.L.; Williams, W.M.; Travis, K.Z., 2000:
Characterizing aquatic ecological risks from pesticides using a diquat dibromide case study. I. Probabilistic exposure estimates

Campbell, K.R.; Bartell, S.M.; Shaw, J.L., 2000:
Characterizing aquatic ecological risks from pesticides using a diquat dibromide case study. II. Approaches using quotients and distributions

Leung YuFai; Marion, J.L., 1999:
Characterizing backcountry camping impacts in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA

Faust, M.A.; Kinsel, M.L.; Kirkpatrick, M.A., 2001:
Characterizing biosecurity, health, and culling during dairy herd expansions

Out, L.T.mmons, M.; Vinci, B., 2001:
Characterizing bubble penetration from a falling stream

Mancini, M.; Moriondo, M.; Orlandini, S., 2000:
Characterizing climate in the agricultural business

Olson, D.A.; Corsi, R.L., 2001:
Characterizing exposure to chemicals from soil vapor intrusion using a two-compartment model

Soppe, R.W.O.; Ayars, J.E., 2000:
Characterizing groundwater use by cotton using weighing lysimeters

Guo, L.J.ry, W.; Frankenberger, W.J.; Zhang, Y., 2000:
Characterizing kinetics of sequential selenium transformation in soil

Kalluri, S.N.V.; Zhang, Z.; Jaja, J.; Liang, S.; Townshend, J.R.G., 2001:
Characterizing land surface anisotropy from AVHRR data at a global scale using high performance computing

Choi, J.; Harvey, J.W.; Conklin, M.H., 2000:
Characterizing multiple timescales of stream and storage zone interaction that affect solute fate and transport in streams

Yasuda, H.; Berndtsson, R.; Persson, H.; Bahri, A.; Takuma, K., 2001:
Characterizing preferential transport during flood irrigation of a heavy clay soil using the dye Vitasyn Blau

Chin, K.M.; Chavaillaz, D.; Kaesbohrer, M.; Staub, T.; Felsenstein, F.G., 2001:
Characterizing resistance risk of Erysiphe graminis f.sp. tritici to strobilurins

Yin, Z.; Chen, J.; Zeng, L.; Goh, M.; Leung, H.; Khush, G.S.; Wang, G.L., 2000:
Characterizing rice lesion mimic mutants and identifying a mutant with broad-spectrum resistance to rice blast and bacterial blight

Lin, J.H.rcombe, P.; Fulton, M., 2001:
Characterizing shade tolerance by the relationship between mortality and growth in tree saplings in a southeastern Texas forest

Sinsabaugh, R.L.; Klug, M.J.; Collins, H.P.; Yeager, P.E.; Petersen, S.O., 1999:
Characterizing soil microbial communities

Ma, P.W.K.; Garden, R.W.; Niermann, J.T.; O'Connor, M.; Sweedler, J.V.; Roelofs, W.L., 2000:
Characterizing the Hez-PBAN gene products in neuronal clusters with immunocytochemistry and MALDI MS

Alvarez, E.M.lina, M., 2000:
Characterizing the Sphaceloma fungus, causal agent of superelongation disease in cassava

Khopde, S.M.; Priyadarsini, K.I.; Mohan, H.; Gawandi, V.B.; Satav, J.G.; Yakhmi, J.V.; Banavaliker, M.M.; Biyani, M.K.; Mittal, J.P., 2001:
Characterizing the antioxidant activity of amla (Phyllanthus emblica) extract

Schaub Szabo, S.M.; Leonard, J.J., 1999:
Characterizing the bulk density of compost

Sommerfeld, R.A.; Lundquist, J.E.; Smith, J., 2000:
Characterizing the canopy gap structure of a disturbed forest using the Fourier transform

Rosenheim, Jay A., 1999:
Characterizing the cost of oviposition in insects: a dynamic model

Shimamoto, Y.; Abe, J.; Gao Zhong; Gai JunYi; Thseng FuSheng, 2000:
Characterizing the cytoplasmic diversity and phyletic relationship of Chinese landraces of soybean, Glycine max, based on RFLPs of chloroplast and mitochondrial DNA

Janisiewicz, W.J.; Tworkoski, T.J.; Sharer, C., 2008:
Characterizing the mechanism of biological control of postharvest diseases on fruits with a simple method to study competition for nutrients

Dieleman, J.A.; Mortensen, D.A., 1999:
Characterizing the spatial pattern of Abutilon theophrasti seedling patches

Wallace, C.S.A.; Watts, J.M.; Yool, S.R., 2000:
Characterizing the spatial structure of vegetation communities in the Mojave desert using geostatistical techniques

Barnsley, M.J.; Hobson, P.D.; Hyman, A.H.; Lucht, W.; Muller, J.P.; Strahler, J.H., 2000:
Characterizing the spatial variability of broadband albedo in a semidesert environment for MODIS validation

Trigg, S.; Flasse, S., 2000:
Characterizing the spectral-temporal response of burned savannah using in situ spectroradiometry and infrared thermometry

Moffat, S.O.; Cubbage, F.W.; Holmes, T.P.; O'Sullivan, E., 2001:
Characterizing the sustainable forestry issue network in the United States

Lucas, R.M.; Honzak, M.; Curran, P.J.; Foody, G.M.; Nguele, D.T., 2000:
Characterizing tropical forest regeneration in Cameroon using NOAA AVHRR data

Goulart, B.L.; Demchak, K., 1999:
Characterizing wine grape production and producers in Pennsylvania: results of a recent survey

Prato, O.S. del, 1998:
Characters and use of rennet and other coagulants for the coagulation of milk

Sarnaik, D.A.; Verma, S.K.; Sharma, G.L., 1999:
Characters association in ivy-gourd (Coccinia grandis)

Ito, Y.; Goto, T.; Peterson, S.W., 1999:
Characters of aflatoxigenic fungi isolated from silkworm frass and tea field soil in Japan

Zhao, Z.L.; Zhou, K.Y.; Dong, H.; Xu, L.S., 2001:
Characters of nrDNA ITS region sequences of fruits of Alpinia galanga and their adulterants

Luo YunBo; Hao SiPing; Sheng JiPing, 2000:
Characters of postharvest physiology of antisense ACS transgenic tomato fruits

Gardner, J.J.; Whitlock, C., 2001:
Charcoal accumulation following a recent fire in the Cascade Range, northwestern USA, and its relevance for fire-history studies

Pietikainen, J.; Kiikkila, O.; Fritze, H., 2000:
Charcoal as a habitat for microbes and its effect on the microbial community of the underlying humus

Kitamoto, K., 1999:
Charcoal production in the mountainous region is one form of rural resource utilization

Medeiros, J.X. de, 1999:
Charcoal-fueled steel production in Brazil: an exercise in environmental valuation

Guerineau, C.; Lespinasse, N.; Venien, S.; Scandella, D.; Hullot, C.; Nokels, L., 2001:
Charentais melon. Organoleptic characterization: some promising results

Oorts, K.; Vanlauwe, B.; Cofie, O.O.; Sanginga, N.; Merckx, R., 2000:
Charge characteristics of soil organic matter fractions in a Ferric Lixisol under some multipurpose trees

Murtaza G.; Ghafoor A.; Qadir M.; Muhammed S., 2000:
Charge characteristics of soils as affected by pH and neutral electrolytes

Datta A.; Debnath A.; Sanyal Saroj Kumar, 2000:
Charge characteristics of some soils of West Bengal and Sikkim as affected by phosphate treatment

Jiang Xin; Zhou JianMin; Zhu MaoXu; H.W.nXiang; Y.G.iFen, 2001:
Charge characteristics on the clay surface with interacting electric double layers

Sjoholm, E.N.rman, E.C.lmsjo, A., 2000:
Charge density of lignin samples from kraft cooking of birch wood

Torres Sanchez, R.M.; Okumura, M.; Mercader, R.C., 2001:
Charge properties of red Argentine soils as an indicator of iron oxide/clay associations

Dozal, A.; Keyzer, H.; Kim, H.K.; Wang, W.W., 2000:
Charge transfer complexes of K vitamins with several classes of antimicrobials

Trentmann, O.; Decker, C.; Winkler, H.H.; Neuhaus, H.E., 2000:
Charged amino-acid residues in transmembrane domains of the plastidic ATP/ADP transporter from Arabidopsis are important for transport efficiency, substrate specificity, and counter exchange properties

Perry, C.J., 2001:
Charging for irrigation water: the issues and options, with a case study from Iran

Kingwell, R., 2001:
Charging for the use of plant varieties

Gabler, H., 1999:
Charismatic personalities in sport

Ogle, B., 1999:
Charity or a right? An update on recent work towards a rights-based approach to food and nutrition security

Porter, D.M., 1999:
Charles Darwin's Chilean plant collections

Marshall, J.R., 2000:
Charles Lewis Fox

Rankin Rodriguez, R.; Greuter, W., 1999:
Charles Plumier's drawings of American plants and the nomenclature of early Caribbean Aristolochia species (Aristolochiaceae)

Davis, M.A.; Thompson, K.; Grime, J.P., 2001:
Charles S. Elton and the dissociation of invasion ecology from the rest of ecology

Eberhart, S.A.; Goodman, M.; Yeutter, C.; Senior, L., 2000:
Charles W. Stuber: a laudation

Tsantaridis, L.D.; Ostman, B.A.L., 1999:
Charring of protected wood studs

Trotter, B.; Gordon, A., 2000:
Charting change in official assistance to agriculture

Rebeski, D.E.; Winger, E.M.; Ouma, J.O.; Pages, S.K.; Buscher, P.; Sanogo, Y.; Dwinger, R.H.; Crowther, J.R., 2001 :
Charting methods to monitor the operational performance of ELISA method for the detection of antibodies against trypanosomes

Raes, D.; Sahli, A.; Looij, J. van; Mechlia, N.B.; Persoons, E., 2000:
Charts for guiding irrigation in real time

Solantie, R., 1999:
Charts of the climatic impact of the drainage of mires in Finland

Augustine, P.C.; Barta, J.R.; Innes, L.; Muller, N., 2001:
Chasing coccidia - new tools enter the race

Jamal, V., 2001:
Chasing the elusive rural-urban gap in Tanzania

Anonymous, 2001:
Chattanooga: parks and recreation

Bernal, J.J.; Jiménez, I.; Moreno, M.; Hord, M.; Rivera, C.; Koenig, R.; Rodríguez-Cerezo, E., 2008:
Chayote mosaic virus, a New Tymovirus Infecting Cucurbitaceae

Stone, A.E.; Peeper, T.F.; Solie, J.B., 2001:
Cheat (Bromus secalinus) control with herbicides applied to mature seeds

Leaman, O., 2001:
Cheating and fair play in sport

Asan, A., 2000:
Check list of Aspergillus and Penicillium species reported from Turkey

Baert, L.; Maelfait, J.P., 2000:
Check list of the described spider species of the Galapagos archipelago (Araneae)

J.L.nZhu; Wang Miao, 1998:
Check list of water beetles recorded from Changbai Mountain area

Kasiri, H.; Javadian, E.; Seyedi Rashti, M.A., 2000:
Check-list of Phlebotominae sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae) of Iran

Petrovic, O., 1998:
Check-list of aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) in Serbia

Biocca, M., 2001:
Checking sprayer distribution efficiency - Part I

Preston, S., 1999:
Checklist for use by potential donors before giving seeds to Pacific Island countries after emergencies

Spooner, B.M., 2001:
Checklist of British galls and gall-causing organisms 6. Thysanoptera: preliminary list

Spooner, B.M., 1999:
Checklist of British galls and gall-causing organisms. 3. Nematoda: preliminary list

Sharma, R.M., 2000:
Checklist of Indian grass gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) with their host grass (Poaceae) index

Csabai, Z.; Szel, G., 1999:
Checklist of Spercheidae, Hydrochidae, Helophoridae, Hydrophilidae and Hydraenidae of Hungary (Coleoptera)

Kyak, S.; Ozsarac, O., 2001:
Checklist of aquatic and semiaquatic Heteroptera of Turkey, with a new record

McKenzie, E.H.C.; Buchanan, P.K.; Johnston, P.R., 2000:
Checklist of fungi on Nothofagus species in New Zealand

Motiejunaite, J., 1999:
Checklist of lichens and allied fungi of Lithuania

Fryday, A.M.; Fair, J.B.; Googe, M.S.; Johnson, A.J.; Bunting, E.A.; Prather, L.A., 2001:
Checklist of lichens and allied fungi of Michigan

Lin JianZhen; Zhang ZhiQiang; Zhang YanXuan; Liu QiaoYun; J.J.e, 2000:
Checklist of mites from moso bamboo in Fujian, China

Rivas Martinez, S.; Fernandez Gonzalez, F.; Loidi, J., 1999:
Checklist of plant communities of Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands to suballiance level

Kondorosy, E., 1999:
Checklist of the Hungarian bug fauna (Heteroptera)

Porter, C.C.; Stange, L.A.; Wang HsiauYue, 1999:
Checklist of the Sphecidae of Taiwan with a key to genera (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)

Mahunka, S.; Mahunka Papp, L., 2000:
Checklist of the oribatid mites of Hungary (Acari: Oribatida)

Moya Lopez, C.E.; Leiva Sanchez, A.T., 2000:
Checklist of the palms of Cuba, with notes on their ecology, distribution and conservation

Forro, L., 2000:
Checklist, distribution maps and bibliography of large branchiopods in Hungary (Anostraca, Notostraca, Spinicaudata, Laevicaudata)

Bachmann, H.P., 2001:
Cheese analogues: a review

Anonymous, 2001:
Cheese and fresh milk products are experiencing greater sales

Stella, E., 2000:
Cheese and other milk products to the rhythm of the tango and samba

Hufner, J., 1999:
Cheese defects - damage analysis. Part 1

Hufner, J., 1999:
Cheese defects - damage analysis. Part 3: cheese defects overset, Nissler

Hufner, J., 1999:
Cheese defects - damage analysis. Part 4: cheese defects formation of splits and cracks

Wilkinson, M.G.; Meehan, H.F.; Guinee, T.P., 2000:
Cheese diversification into speciality cheeses; approaches and models in Ireland and New Zealand

Lefevere, I.; Dewettinck, K.; Huyghebaert, A., 2000:
Cheese fat as driving force in cheese flow upon melting

Smit, G.V.rheul, A.K.anenburg, R.V.n; Ayad, E.S.ezen, R.E.gels, W., 2000:
Cheese flavour development by enzymatic conversions of peptides and amino acids

Yvon, M.R.jnen, L., 2001:
Cheese flavour formation by amino acid catabolism

Valusso, R.; Crippa, F., 2000 :
Cheese from goat milk

Dillon, J.C.; Berthier, A.M.; Gueguen, L.; Thouvenot, C., 2000:
Cheese in diet

Rasmussen, K.W., 2000:
Cheese is the driving force

Merlo, B., 1999:
Cheese manufacturers use a computer

Benedito, J.; Carcel, J.; Clemente, G.; Mulet, A., 2000:
Cheese maturity assessment using ultrasonics

Bradley, R.L., 2001:
Cheese moisture: its variations and measurement

Anonymous, 2001:
Cheese production in the European Union

Nascimento, I.R. do; Oliveira, J.C.N. de, 2000:
Cheese production in the region of Poco Redondo, Sergipe State, Brazil

Pedersen, P.D., 2000:
Cheese quality and cultures

Ardo, Y.; Kelly, P., 2001:
Cheese ripening and technology

Anonymous, 2000:
Cheese ripening and technology: Abstracts of IDF Symposium held in Banff, Canada, March 2000

Gasser, P.; Muller, P., 2000 :
Cheese ripening: report on the new Gruyere ripening store at Vuisternes-en-Ogoz in Switzerland

Acerbi, G., 2000:
Cheese served by caterers still speaks Italian

Wiedemann, M., 2001:
Cheese technology. Progress in the production of cheese

Upadhyay, K.G., 2000:
Cheese texture and its development

Vandeweghe, J., 2000:
Cheese yield. Evaluation and measurement

Caro Canales, I.; Mateo Oyague, J., 2000:
Cheese yields. I. Understanding the factors that affect them

Mateo Oyague, J.; Caro Canales, I., 2000:
Cheese yields. II. Determination of yield

Hohl, P., 2000:
Cheese, the blueprint for growth

Pellegrino, L.; Resmini, P., 2001:
Cheesemaking conditions and compositive characteristics supporting the safety of the raw milk cheese Italian Grana

Tabard, J.M., 2000:
Cheesemaking equipment

Richard, J.; Desmazeaud, M.; Lenoir, J.; Remuef, F.; Schneid, N.; Hermier, J.; Cerf, O.; Maubois, J.L.; Frankinet, J., 2000:
Cheesemaking milk

Garem, A.; Schuck, P.; Maubois, J.L., 2000:
Cheesemaking properties of a new dairy-based powder made by a combination of microfiltration and ultrafiltration

Eck, A.; Gillis, J.C., 2000:
Cheesemaking: from science to quality assurance

Correra, C., 1999:
Cheeses with Protected Denomination. Preliminary information on the decrees of adoption since the abolition of legal penalties in 1999

Mohammad Saleem; Aftab Alam; Sarwat Sultana, 2001:
Cheiranthus cheiri abrogates phorbol ester induced tumor promotion response in murine skin

Cooper, E.; Sims, J.; Cunningham, S.; Huang, J.; Berti, W., 1999:
Chelate-assisted phytoextraction of lead from contaminated soils

Santos, C.H. dos; Duarte Filho, J.; Modesto, J.C.; Grassi Filho, H.; Ferreira, G., 1999:
Chelated foliar fertilizers and salts in the absorption of boron, manganese and zinc by 'Pera' orange trees

Jarvis, M.D.; Leung, D.W.M., 2001:
Chelated lead transport in Chamaecytisus proliferus (L.f.) link ssp. proliferus var. palmensis (H. Christ): an ultrastructural study

Sciaudone, M.P.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Freake, H.C., 2000:
Chelation of zinc amplifies induction of growth hormone mRNA levels in cultured rat pituitary tumor cells

Mahmud, Y.; Tanu, M.B.; Takatani, T.; Asayama, E.; Arakawa, O.; Noguchi, T., 2001:
Chelonodon patoca, a highly toxic marine puffer in Japan

Winter, E., 1999 :
Chemical Botrytis management in vineyards

Oliveira, P.S.R. de; Resende, F.V.; Ferraz, R.A.; Alves, C.R. de L., 1998:
Chemical alterations in two soil classes due to somewhat soluble phosphate fertilizers

Demetzos, C.; Perdetzoglou, D.; Gazouli, M.; Tan, K.; Economakis, C., 2000:
Chemical analysis and antimicrobial studies on three species of Ferulago from Greece

Suzuki, T.; Haga, K.; Tsutsumi, T.; Matsuyama, S., 2000:
Chemical analysis and comparison of acid components of anal secretions of idolothripine thrips

A.Dosari, M.N., 2001:
Chemical analysis and in vitro organic matter disappearance of Avicennia marina and Salvadora persica leaves as camel forage in the Tuhama plain at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Viswanathan, M.B.; Thangadurai, D.; Vendan, K.T.; Ramesh, N., 1999:
Chemical analysis and nutritional assessment of Teramnus labialis (L.) Spreng. (Fabaceae)

Dong YunFa; Pan ZeHui; Zhuang TiDe; Liu XinTian; Feng Xu, 2000:
Chemical analysis of fatty oil and polysaccharides in seeds from the genus Coix plants in China

Evans, P.; Becerra, J.; Venable, D.; Bowers, W., 2000:
Chemical analysis of squirt-gun defense in Bursera and counterdefense by chrysomelid beetles

Chowdhury, A.R.; Khan, A.J., 2000:
Chemical analysis of the essential oil from Tagetes minuta, A.M.; Allam, R.F., 2000:
Chemical analysis, antimicrobial activity, and the essential oils from some wild herbs in Egypt

Hmamouchi, M.H.mamouchi, J.Z.uhdi, M.B.ssiere, J., 2001:
Chemical and antimicrobial properties of essential oils of five Moroccan Pinaceae

Surbhi Yadav; Bhadoria, B.K., 2001:
Chemical and biochemical assessment of some leguminous tree leaves

Shashirekha, M.N.; Rajarathnam, S.; Bano, Z., 2001:
Chemical and biochemical changes in the rice straw substrate related to the morphogenesis, cropping pattern and yield of Pleurotus florida (Block & Tsao)

Wirth, M.; Kirschbaum, F.; Gessner, J.; Krüger, A.; Patriche, N.; Billard, R., 2000:
Chemical and biochemical composition of caviar from different sturgeon species and origins

Palma, R.; Arrigo, N.; Saubidet, M.; Conti, M., 2000:
Chemical and biochemical properties as potential indicators of disturbances

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