Section 4
Chapter 3,390

Comparison of photoperiodic effects of panicle development after panicle initiation between late japonica and early indica photoperiod-sensitive genic male-sterile rice (PGMR) lines

H.C.aoXing; Bai ShuNong; Tan KeHui

Acta Botanica Sinica 41(4): 409-413


ISSN/ISBN: 0577-7496
Accession: 003389114

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For understanding the mechanism of photoperiodic-sensitive male sterility in rice (Oryza sativa), day-length effects on rice panicle development after the initiation of the secondary branch primordia (SBP) were studied. It was found that long-day illumination after the initiation of SBP not only delayed heading, but also affected the panicle morphology of late japonica rice lines. These effects were not seen in the early indica rice lines.

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