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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3391

Chapter 3391 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Geno, B.J., 2001:
Competing forestry management paradigms in Australian state forests

Falkenmark, M., 2000:
Competing freshwater and ecological services in the River Basin perspective. An expanded conceptual framework

Cornish, A., 1999:
Competing ideas of economic success in Yala Province, Thailand

Hellin, J.; Higman, S., 2001:
Competing in the market: farmers need new skills

Kuo, R., 2000:
Competing interests in water resources - multi-national water use - strategies and agreements - case study - Hueco Bolson Groundwater Study

Reimann, M.; Palang, H., 1999:
Competing interests on a former military training area: a case from Estonia

Song DingQuan; Jiang ZhiLin; Zheng ZuoMeng; Zhao ShiRong, 2000:
Competition among dominant species in forest of Betula luminifera

Lodge, G.M., 2000:
Competition among seedlings of perennial grasses, subterranean clover, white clover, and annual ryegrass in replacement series mixtures

Chen, J.; Weimer, P., 2001 :
Competition among three predominant ruminal cellulolytic bacteria in the absence or presence of non-cellulolytic bacteria

Adamowicz, M., 1999:
Competition and competitiveness in agrobusiness. Theoretical and practical aspects

Wagner, Rg, 2000:
Competition and critical-period thresholds for vegetation management decisions in young conifer stands

Assemat, L., 2000:
Competition and harmfulness of weeds in crops

Hennessy, D.A.; Hayes, D.J., 2000:
Competition and tying in agrichemical and seed markets

Rauber, R.; Schmidtke, K.; Kimpel Freund, H., 2000:
Competition and yield advantage in mixtures of pea (Pisum sativum L.) and oats (Avena sativa L.)

Piubelli, L.; Aliverti, A.; Arakaki, A.K.; Carrillo, N.; Ceccarelli, E.A.; Karplus, P.A.; Zanetti, G., 2000:
Competition between C-terminal tyrosine and nicotinamide modulates pyridine nucleotide affinity and specificity in plant ferredoxin-NADP(+) reductase

Clausnitzer, D.; Borman, M.; Johnson, D., 1999:
Competition between Elymus elymoides and Taeniatherum caput-medusae

Espinoza Arellano, J. de J., 2000:
Competition between Mexico and Central America countries in the U.S. markets for melons and watermelons

Watanabe, M.A.; Tambasco, F.J.; Nardo, E.A.B. de; Viana, R.I.; Pereira, G.D., 2000:
Competition between Selenaspidus articulatus and Parlatoria ziziphi scales in orchards in the Citrus region of Sao Paulo State

Brooks, M.L., 2000:
Competition between alien annual grasses and native annual plants in the Mojave Desert

Martin, R.C.; Greyson, P.R.; Gordon, R., 1999:
Competition between corn and a living mulch

Doni Filho, L.; Crachineski, J.J.; Milleo, M.V.R.; Correa, C.J., 1999:
Competition between eight genotypes of chamomile (Chamomilla recutita (L.) Rauschert)

Costa, W.A.J.M. de; Chandrapala, A.G., 2000:
Competition between six hedgerow tree species and mung bean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) in the mid-country intermediate zone

E.H.ddad, M.E.; Abdel Aziz, R.A.; E.N.khal, T.H.; Nasef, M.A., 1998:
Competition between soybean and cowpea rhizobia and bradyrhizobia in nodulating soybean

Munoz, A.E.; Weaver, R.W., 1999:
Competition between subterranean clover and ryegrass for uptake of 15N-labeled fertilizer

Miura, S.; Watanabe, Y., 1999:
Competition between the mix-cropped sweet corn and several legumes in pots

James, C.S.; Eaton, J.W.; Hardwick, K., 1999:
Competition between three submerged macrophytes, Elodea canadensis Michx, Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) St John and Lagarosiphon major (Ridl.) Moss

Rizzardi, M.A.; Fleck, N.G.; Vidal, R.A.; Merotto Junior, A.; Agostinetto, D., 2001:
Competition between weeds and crops by soil resources

Ezell, A.W.; Catchot, A.L.J., 1998:
Competition control for hardwood plantation establishment

Bonn, S., 2000:
Competition dynamics in mixed beech-oak stands and expected modifications due to climate changes

Yastrebova, O., 2000:
Competition effectiveness in the Russian food market

Abul Hashem; Radosevich, S.R.; Dick, R., 2000:
Competition effects on yield, tissue nitrogen, and germination of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum)

Hamal, A.; Benbella, M.; Rzozi, S.B.; Bouhache, M.; Msatef, Y.; Bulcke, R., 2000:
Competition effects within a population composed of different proportions of durum wheat (Triticum durum) and Bromus rigidus

Yastrebova, E.K., 1999:
Competition efficiency in the food market in Russia

Basson, N.J., 2000:
Competition for glucose between Candida albicans and oral bacteria grown in mixed culture in a chemostat

Allirand, J.M.; Marquez Gomez, A., 2000:
Competition for light between cultivated plants and weeds

Sindhu, S.S.; Dadarwal, K.R., 2000:
Competition for nodulation among rhizobia in legume-Rhizobium symbiosis

Sadowsky, M.J., 2000:
Competition for nodulation in the soybean/Bradyrhizobium symbiosis

Chimphango, S.B.M.; Lupwayi, N.Z., 1998:
Competition for nodule occupancy between inoculant and indigenous strains of Rhizobium in field beans

Fening, J.O.; Dogbe, W.; Danso, S.K.A., 2001:
Competition for nodule occupancy on cowpea by effective and ineffective Bradyrhizobium strains

Wong, P.; Goldrath, A.W.; Rudensky, A.Y., 2000:
Competition for specific intrathymic ligands limits positive selection in a TCR transgenic model of CD4+ T cell development

Brandes, W., 2000:
Competition in agriculture from an evolutionary economic perspective

Gianoli, E., 2000:
Competition in cereal aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) on wheat plants

Klein, S., 2000:
Competition in distribution channels in tourism. A comparison of models for online sales of scheduled flight tickets

Kotov, S.F., 1997:
Competition in halophyte communities at two levels of soil fertility

Devetak, D., 2000:
Competition in larvae of two European ant-lion species (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae)

Schmidt, M.B., 2001:
Competition in major league baseball: the impact expansion

Hu, F.D.; Jones, R.J., 2001:
Competition in pots between two tropical legumes (Stylosanthes hamata and S. scabra) and two tropical grasses (Urochloa mosambicensis and Bothriochloa pertusa) at two phosphorus fertiliser levels

Akao, T., 2000:
Competition in the metabolism of glycyrrhizin with glycyrrhetic acid mono-glucuronide by mixed Eubacterium sp. GLH and Ruminococcus sp. PO1-3

Gualberto, R.; Resende, F.V.; Guimaraes, A. de M.; Montans, F.M., 1998:
Competition of crisp lettuce cultivars at different spacings in NFT hydroponic system

Rennenberg, H.; Stoermer, H.; Weber, P.; Daum, M.; Papen, H., 2001:
Competition of spruce trees for substrates of microbial N2O-production and -emission in a forest ecosystem

Fenner, S.; Hetsch, W.; Eichhorn, J.; Schulze, I.M., 2000:
Competition of stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) with natural regeneration of beech for light and water on basaltic soils in the highland of Hesse

Edelkraut, K.; Ramseier, D.; Gusewell, S., 2000:
Competition of wetland plants as affected by shade and nutrient supply

Gill, A.S., 1999:
Competition studies between multipurpose tree species and gram raised in their interspaces

Dhaliwal, B.K., 1998:
Competition studies between spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivars and wild oats (Avena fatua L.)

Rozas, V.; Fernandez Prieto, J.A., 2000:
Competition, mortality, and development of spatial patterns in two cantabrian populations of Fagus sylvatica L. (Fagaceae)

Wielicki, W.; Baum, R., 2000:
Competitional conditions of Polish agriculture in comparison with the European Union

Stack, J.A.; Perrett, L.L.; Brew, S.D.; Macmillan, A.P., 1999:
Competitive ELISA for bovine brucellosis suitable for testing poor quality samples

Juskiw, P.; Helm, J.; Salmon, D., 2000:
Competitive ability in mixtures of small grain cereals

Grevsen, K., 2000:
Competitive ability of pea (Pisum sativum L.) cultivars against weeds

Karim, S.M.R., 2000:
Competitive ability of three grass weeds grown in upland direct-seeded rice in Bangladesh

Karim, S.M.R., 2000:
Competitive ability of volunteer crops grown as weed

Gonzalez Ponce, R.; Santin, I., 2001:
Competitive ability of wheat cultivars with wild oats depending on nitrogen fertilization

Fontes, M.P.F.; Matos, A.T. de; Costa, L.M. da; Neves, J.C.L., 2000:
Competitive adsorption of zinc, cadmium, copper, and lead in three highly-weathered Brazilian soils

Zuurbier, P.J.P.; Roestel, A.J.J. van, 2000:
Competitive advantages of chain strategies in the Western European mushroom industry

Legere, A.; Bai YuGuang, 1999:
Competitive attributes of A. sativa, T. aestivum, and H. vulgare are conserved in no-till cropping systems

Schmidt, M.B.; Berri, D.J., 2001:
Competitive balance and attendance: the case of major league baseball

Rajkhowa, D.J.; Baroova, S.R., 2000:
Competitive behaviour of different legumes grown as intercrop with direct seeded upland rice

Otieno, W., 1999:
Competitive colonization of stem sections of tea by Trichoderma and Armillaria: effect on viability of the pathogen

Mostafa, B.B.; E.D.n, A.T.S., 2000:
Competitive effect of Helisoma duryi on Bulinus truncatus, the snail vector of Schistosoma haematobium in Egypt

Javanbakht, M.; Ghadiri, H., 2000:
Competitive effect of redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus L.) and broomrape (Orobanche aegyptiaca L.) on potato in greenhouse conditions

Surujballi, O.; Mallory, M., 2001:
Competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of Leptospira interrogans serovar pomona antibodies in bovine sera

Lee YoungJu; Kang MinSu; Woo YongKu; M.I.Pil; Tak RyunBin, 2001:
Competitive exclusion against Salmonella gallinarum of Salmonella enteritidis infected chickens

Rabsch, W.; Hargis, B.M.; Tsolis, R.M.; Kingsley, R.A.; Hinz, K.H.; Tschäpe, H.; Bäumler, A.J., 2000:
Competitive exclusion of Salmonella enteritidis by Salmonella gallinarum in poultry

Genovese, K.J.; Anderson, R.C.; Harvey, R.B.; Nisbet, D.J., 2000:
Competitive exclusion treatment reduces the mortality and fecal shedding associated with enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli infection in nursery-raised neonatal pigs

Unprasert, P.; Taylor, J.B.; Robinette, H.R., 1999:
Competitive feeding interactions between small and large channel catfish cultured in mixed-size populations

Miller, J.S.; Johnson, D.A., 2008:
Competitive Fitness of Phytophthora infestans Isolates Under Semiarid Field Conditions

Story, M.; Neumark Sztainer, D., 1999:
Competitive foods in schools: issues, trends, and future directions

Reed, M.; Iswariyardi, A., 2001:
Competitive forces in the Japanese beef market

Nakano, N.; Shirasaka, N.; Kurihara, M.; Takamatsu, M.; Murakami, T.; Yoshizumi, H.; Tsuboi, R.; Ogawa, H., 2001:
Competitive incorporation of arachidonic acid analogs by cultured rat keratinocytes

Tran Thi Hanh; Martin, G., 2000:
Competitive inhibition among Salmonella species

Hardré, R.; Salmon, L.; Opperdoes, F.R., 2000:
Competitive inhibition of Trypanosoma brucei phosphoglucose isomerase by D-arabinose-5-phosphate derivatives

Ros Barcelo, A.; Pomar, F.; Pedreno, M.A., 2000:
Competitive inhibitor-dissected histochemistry of the peroxidase responsible for syringyl lignin biosynthesis in Zinnia elegans xylem

E.S.yed, K.A.; E.D.n, A.T.S., 2000:
Competitive interaction between Cleopatra bulimoides and Bulinus truncatus, the snail vector of Schistosoma haematobium

Huhta, V.; Viberg, K., 1999:
Competitive interactions between the earthworm Dendrobaena octaedra and the enchytraeid Cognettia sphagnetorum

Weeks, A.R.; Hoffmann, A.A., 2000:
Competitive interactions between two pest species of earth mites, Halotydeus destructor and Penthaleus major (Acarina: Penthaleidae)

Ivancsics, J., 1999:
Competitive milk production with quantity and quality development in Hungary

Artyushin, A.A.; Ryzhov, S.V.; Mazitov, N.K.; Galiev, S.A.; Lozovskii, V.G.; Alfeev, V.R.; Leont' ev, N.T., 2001:
Competitive modular cultivators

Lin WenXiong; Kim HakYoon; Shin DongHyun; Lee InJung; Kim KilUng, 1999:
Competitive performance of hybrid rice with barnyardgrass

Norsworthy, J.K.; Oliver, L.R., 2001:
Competitive potential and economic analysis of a glyphosate-tolerant/conventional soybean (Glycine max) mix

Hoper, U., 2000:
Competitive situation of the UK dairy industry

Makinen, P., 2001:
Competitive strategies applied by Finnish timber carriers following deregulation

Taragola, N.; Lierde, D. van, 2000:
Competitive strategies in the sector of greenhouse tomato production in Belgium

Goudar, C.; Strevett, K.; Grego, J., 1999:
Competitive substrate biodegradation during surfactant-enhanced remediation

Gordon, D.R.; Rice, K.J., 2000:
Competitive suppression of Quercus douglasii (Fagaceae) seedling emergence and growth

Bagnara, G.L.; Zampagna, A.; Casadei, G., 2000:
Competitiveness analysis of cooperative enterprises in horticulture

Chebil, A.; Briz, J., 1999:
Competitiveness analysis of the Spanish vegetable sector

Huber Sannwald, E., 2001:
Competitiveness and competition behaviour of plants in permanent grassland

Alvensleben, R.V.; Koester, U.; Langbehn, C., 2001:
Competitiveness and entrepreneurial activities in farming and the food industry

Alburo, F.A., 2001:
Competitiveness and sustainable growth in ASEAN

Barron Aguilar, J.F.; Garcia Mata, R.; Mora Flores, J.S.; Lopez Diaz, S.; Pro Martinez, A.; Garcia Sanchez, R.C., 2000:
Competitiveness and the effect of economic policy on hog production in 13 farms in the state of Michoacan, 1995

Bozik, M., 2000:
Competitiveness and the impact of EU accession on Slovakia's agricultural sector

Windhorst, H.W., 1999:
Competitiveness in livestock production

Svatos, M., 1999:
Competitiveness in the process of globalization

Bueno, A.P., 1999:
Competitiveness in the tourist industry and the role of the Spanish Public Administrations the case of Valencian region

Lucey, D.I.F., 2001:
Competitiveness issues affecting agro-food supply chains in the Czech Republic in the light of EU accession negotiations

Frohberg, K., 1999:
Competitiveness issues of agriculture and food processing in applicant countries

Angelo, H.; Berger, R.; Hosokawa, R.T.; Couto, L., 2000:
Competitiveness of Brazilian tropical sawnwood in the international market

Chen, K.Z.; Duan YuFeng, 2000:
Competitiveness of Canadian agri-food exports against competitors in Asia: 1980-97

Ratinger, T.; Matthews, A., 1999:
Competitiveness of Czech agriculture - commodity chain analysis

Orban Nagy, M., 2001:
Competitiveness of Hungarian agricultural products on markets in the EU

Arahata, K., 2001:
Competitiveness of Japanese agriculture from the long term aspect: its individual dispositions and the possibility of non-price competition

Grznar, M.; Szabo, L., 2001:
Competitiveness of Slovak agricultural cooperatives and the EU accession

Ramanauskas, J., 2000:
Competitiveness of agricultural co-operatives in Lithuania

Jullinen, V.; Lilover, L., 2000:
Competitiveness of agricultural enterprises in Estonia: the current position and prognosis

Grega, L., 1999:
Competitiveness of agriculture and factors in its development

Lukas, Z.; Poschl, J., 2000:
Competitiveness of agriculture in CEFTA countries: methodical principles

Lukas, Z.; Poschl, J., 2001:
Competitiveness of agriculture in the CEFTA countries and the impact on Austria

Helena, R., 1999:
Competitiveness of commodity sugar and determinants of trends in the CR regarding the EU regulation systems

Reddy, D.R.B.; Achoth, L.; Chengappa, P.G., 1998:
Competitiveness of dry land agricultural crops: empirical evidence from India

Frohberg, K., 2000:
Competitiveness of farming in countries associated with the EU under the Common Agricultural Policy

Imponen, V.; Alajone, H., 2000:
Competitiveness of general-purpose machines and special-purpose machines in logging

Garcia Sanchez, R.C.; Matus Gardea, J.A.; Garcia Mata, R.; Omana Silvestre, J.M.; Garcia Delgado, G., 2000:
Competitiveness of nine swine farms in Tehuacan, Puebla, in 1995

Fischer, A.J.; Ramirez, H.V.; Gibson, K.D.; Pinheiro, B. da S., 2001:
Competitiveness of semidwarf upland rice cultivars against palisadegrass (Brachiaria brizantha) and signalgrass (B. decumbens)

Holatova, D., 1999:
Competitiveness of the Czech food products enterprises at labour costs

Viaene, J.; Gellynck, X., 1999:
Competitiveness of the food and drinks industry in Poland and the Czech Republic

Udovecz, G., 2001:
Competitiveness of various branches of animal production (Hungary)

Herrera, D., 2001:
Competitiveness with equity in agri-food chains

Wielicki, W.; Majchrzycki, D., 2000:
Competitor of enterprises and market forms of agricultural products price protection - terminal transaction - futures

Grant, J.W.A.; Gaboury, C.L.; Levitt, H.L., 2000:
Competitor-to-resource ratio, a general formulation of operational sex ratio, as a predictor of competitive aggression in Japanese medaka (Pisces: Oryziidae)

Stoll, P.; Gutzwiller, A., 2000:
Comphrey and vegetarian diets for fattening pigs

Luo GuiSheng, 1999:
Compilation and use of a practical value table for a conventional cableway

Bolton-Smith, C.; Price, R.J.; Fenton, S.T.; Harrington, D.J.; Shearer, M.J., 2000:
Compilation of a provisional UK database for the phylloquinone (vitamin K1) content of foods

Kasper, H., 1999:
Complaints associated with Candida albicans and nutrition

Taylor, P.R.; Seixas, E.; Walport, M.J.; Langhorne, J.; Botto, M., 2001:
Complement contributes to protective immunity against reinfection by Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi parasites

Adone, R.; Ciuchini, F., 1999:
Complement fixation test to assess humoral immunity in cattle and sheep vaccinated with Brucella abortus RB51

Han, Y.; Kozel, T.R.; Zhang, M.X.; MacGill, R.S.; Carroll, M.C.; Cutler, J.E., 2001:
Complement is essential for protection by an IgM and an IgG3 monoclonal antibody against experimental, hematogenously disseminated candidiasis

Hatakeyama, D.; Ito, I.; Ito, E., 2001:
Complement receptor 3-like immunoreactivity in the superior and inferior tentacles of terrestrial slug, Limax marginatus

Dinh Thi Bich Lan; Makino, S.; Shirahata, T.; Yamada, M.; Nakane, A., 1999:
Complement receptor type 3 plays an important role in development of protective immunity to primary and secondary Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis infection in mice

Nelson, D.R.; Rooney, S.; Miller, N.J.; Mather, T.N., 2001:
Complement-mediated killing of Borrelia burgdorferi by nonimmune sera from sika deer

Koffi Tessio, E.M., 1999:
Complementarity and competitiveness of intra and inter-regional agricultural trade: evidence from the European union (EU) and economic community of West African States (ECOWAS)

Middelkoop, M. van; Borgers, A.W.J.; Timmermans, H.J.P., 1999:
Complementarity, substitution, and independence among tourist trips

Arden, B.; Thurau, S.R.; Wildner, G., 2000:
Complementary DNA sequences encoding rat T-cell receptor delta -chain D1-, D2-, J1-, and C-region proteins

Fleming, A.E.; Barneveld, R.J. van; Hone, P.W.; Vandepeer, M.E.; Kruk, J.A., 1998:
Complementary additivity of the digestibility coefficients of feed ingredients fed to juvenile greenlip abalone (Haliotis laevigata)

Haas, L.; McClain, C.; Varilek, G., 2000:
Complementary and alternative medicine and gastrointestinal diseases

Vinod Kumar; Ghosh, B.C.; Ravi Bhat, 2000:
Complementary effect of crop wastes and inorganic fertilizers on yield, nutrient uptake and residual fertility in mustard (Brassica juncea) - rice (Oryza sativa) cropping sequence

Assadi, P.; Behroozin, M., 1999:
Complementary investigation on the effectiveness of different rates of some fungicides as seed treatment for control of barley leaf stripe in East Azerbaijan

Jeng, Y.J.; Liebenthal, D.; Strakova, Z.; Ives, K.L.; Hellmich, M.R.; Soloff, M.S., 2000:
Complementary mechanisms of enhanced oxytocin-stimulated prostaglandin E2 synthesis in rabbit amnion at the end of gestation

Coghlan, D.; Cranswick, N.E., 2001:
Complementary medicine and vitamin A toxicity in children

Huntley, A.L.; White, A.; Ernst, E., 2000:
Complementary medicine for asthma

Sugita, M.U.ui, J.T.magawa, I.K.ihotsu, I., 2001:
Complementary relationship with a convective boundary layer model to estimate regional evaporation

Pereira, D.I.B.; Riet Correa, F.; Ladeira, S.L., 2000:
Complementary studies of the infection by Mannheimia granulomatis (lechiguana) in cattle

Pittler, M.H., 2001:
Complementary therapies for chronic venous insufficiency

Pittler, M.H., 2000:
Complementary therapies for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia

Ernst, E., 1999:
Complementary treatments for back pain - the facts

Gomand, A.; Daele, G. van, 2000:
Complementary varieties for our collection of apples

Bayele, H.K.; Eisenthal, R.S.; Towner, P., 2000:
Complementation of a glucose transporter mutant of Schizosaccharomyces pombe by a novel Trypanosoma brucei gene

Guevara-González, R.G.; Ramos, P.L.; Rivera-Bustamante, R.F., 2008:
Complementation of coat protein mutants of pepper huasteco geminivirus in transgenic tobacco plants

Haneda, T.; Okada, N.; Nakazawa, N.; Kawakami, T.; Danbara, H., 2001:
Complete DNA sequence and comparative analysis of the 50-kilobase virulence plasmid of Salmonella enterica serovar Choleraesuis

Kuipers, O.P., 2001:
Complete DNA sequence of Lactococcus lactis adds flavor to genomics

Caetano, C.M.; Pagliarini, M.S.; Brasil, E.M., 2001:
Complete absence of synapsis during meiosis in maize lines grown on acidic soils

Park, S.S.; Sumi, T.; Ohba, H.; Nakamura, O.; Kimura, M., 2000:
Complete amino acid sequences of three proteinase inhibitors from white sword bean (Canavalia gladiata)

Solaimuthu, P.; Rao, V.M., 2000:
Complete automation of sugar plant through computer control system

Oturan, M.A.; Peiroten, J.; Chartrin, P.; Acher, A.J., 2000:
Complete destruction of p-nitrophenol in aqueous medium by electro-Fenton method

Yao, Z.; Yu, Y.; Dong, G., 2001:
Complete genome sequence analysis of the Hantavirus Z10 strain

Netolitzky, D.J.; Schmaltz, F.L.; Parker, M.D.; Rayner, G.A.; Fisher, G.R.; Trent, D.W.; Bader, D.E.; Nagata, L.P., 2000:
Complete genomic RNA sequence of western equine encephalitis virus and expression of the structural genes

Korstanje, R.; O'Brien, P.C.; Yang, F.; Rens, W.; Bosma, A.A.; van Lith, H.A.; van Zutphen, L.F.; Ferguson-Smith, M.A., 1999:
Complete homology maps of the rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) and human by reciprocal chromosome painting

Zhu, C.; Agin, T.S.; Elliott, S.J.; Johnson, L.A.; Thate, T.E.; Kaper, J.B.; Boedeker, E.C., 2001:
Complete nucleotide sequence and analysis of the locus of enterocyte Effacement from rabbit diarrheagenic Escherichia coli RDEC-1

Sabanadzovic, S.; Ghanem-Sabanadzovic, N.A.; Saldarelli, P.; Martelli, G.P., 2001:
Complete nucleotide sequence and genome organization of Grapevine fleck virus

Berrie, L.C.; Rybicki, E.P.; Rey, M.E.C., 2001:
Complete nucleotide sequence and host range of South African cassava mosaic virus: further evidence for recombination amongst begomoviruses

Shimizu, S.; Ikegami, M., 1999:
Complete nucleotide sequence and the genome organization of tobacco leaf curl geminivirus from Japan

Saitoh, K.; Hayashizaki, K.; Yokoyama, Y.; Asahida, T.; Toyohara, H.; Yamashita, Y., 2000:
Complete nucleotide sequence of Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) mitochondrial genome: structural properties and cue for resolving teleostean relationships

Luengrattana, Y.; Kohara, S.; Hara, H.; Mukoyama, H.; Hanzawa, K.; Watanabe, S., 2000:
Complete nucleotide sequence of a Shiba goat (Capra hircus) heat-shock protein 70-3 (Hsp 70-3) gene

Chang, P.C.; Hsieh, M.L.; Shien, J.H.; Graham, D.A.; Lee, M.S.; Shieh, H.K., 2001:
Complete nucleotide sequence of avian paramyxovirus type 6 isolated from ducks

Qiu, T.; Lu, R.H.; Zhang, J.; Zhu, Z.Y., 2001:
Complete nucleotide sequence of the S10 genome segment of grass carp reovirus (GCRV)

Snegireva, P.B.; Shiyan, A.N.; Istomina, E.A., 1999:
Complete nucleotide sequence of the V-69 tobacco mosaic virus vaccine strain

Matsuo, T.; Ogawa, Y.; Kumamaru, A.; Ochi, K.; Adachi, Y., 2001:
Complete nucleotide sequence of the cytochrome b gene of channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus and comparison of sequence homology among channel catfish and other fishes

Valdes, L.; Toledo, M.; Villavicencio, M.N. de, 2000:
Complete powdered food for sportsmen. II. Loss of vitamins B1 and C during storage

Nielsen, H.V.; Lauemøller, S.L.; Christiansen, L.; Buus, S.; Fomsgaard, A.; Petersen, E., 1999:
Complete protection against lethal Toxoplasma gondii infection in mice immunized with a plasmid encoding the SAG1 gene

Desai, U.; Achuthankutty, C., 2000:
Complete regeneration of ablated eyestalk in penaeid prawn, Penaeus monodon

Mihopoulos, P.G.; Suidan, M.T.; Sayles, G.D., 2001:
Complete remediation of PCE contaminated unsaturated soils by sequential anaerobic-aerobic bioventing

Meirelles, F.V.; Bordignon, V.; Watanabe, Y.; Watanabe, M.; Dayan, A.; Lôbo, R.B.; Garcia, J.M.; Smith, L.C., 2001:
Complete replacement of the mitochondrial genotype in a Bos indicus calf reconstructed by nuclear transfer to a Bos taurus oocyte

Yamaoka, M.; Isobe, K.; Shitara, H.; Yonekawa, H.; Miyabayashi, S.; Hayashi, J.I., 2000:
Complete repopulation of mouse mitochondrial DNA-less cells with rat mitochondrial DNA restores mitochondrial translation but not mitochondrial respiratory function

Masci, J.R., 2000:
Complete response of severe, refractory oral candidiasis to mouthwash containing lactoferrin and lysozyme

Fait, V.I.; Stel' makh, A.F., 1999:
Complete restoration of the background in lines near-isogenic for Ppd loci in wheat Mironovskaya 808

Guo, H.; Zhang, J.; Hu, Y., 2000:
Complete sequence and organization of Periplaneta fuliginosa densovirus genome

Attoui, H.; Stirling, J.M.; Munderloh, U.G.; Billoir, F.; Brookes, S.M.; Burroughs, J.N.; de Micco, P.; Mertens, P.P.; de Lamballerie, X., 2001:
Complete sequence characterization of the genome of the St Croix River virus, a new orbivirus isolated from cells of Ixodes scapularis

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Composition of some apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) kernels grown in Turkey

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Composition of the diet of Cnemidophorus tigris marmoratus (Sauria: Teiidae) in dunes in the central Chihuahuan Desert

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Composition of the essential oil of Nepeta rtanjensis Diklic et Milojevic, Lamiaceae from Serbia

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Composition of the oils from Artemisia coerulescens L. subsp. cretacea (Fiori) Br.-Catt. et Gubell. grown in different areas of Italy

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Composition of the phosphates and transformation of fertilizer P in a light-chestnut soil in the Saratov Volga region with irrigation, as a function of dose, methods of application and time of interaction with the soil

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Computer-aided control and monitoring technique for climate control

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Computerized process planning in the food industry

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Concentrate grain choice by grazing goats according to the ingested herbage quality in a free-choice feeding system

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Concentration of the nutrient solution for production of Dietes bicolor (Iridaceae) plants

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Concentrations of P, K, Al, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, and As in marl soils from south Florida

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Concentrations of apolipoprotein C-III in healthy cows during the peripartum period and cows with milk fever

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Concentrations of chondroitin sulfate epitopes 3B3 and 7D4 in synovial fluid after intra-articular and extracapsular reconstruction of the cranial cruciate ligament in dogs

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Concentrations of circulating insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and IGF-binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3) in growing gilts and barrows: purification of porcine IGFBP-3, development of IGFBP-3 and IGF-I RIAs and their utilization

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