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Chapter 3,391

Composting unamended poultry layer manure

Schlak, P.

Animal, agricultural and food processing wastes Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium, Des Moines, Iowa, USA, 9-11 October 2000: 610-614


Accession: 003390747

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Daylay Egg Farm, Inc. and Salmet Poultry Systems have designed a composting system to biologically process unamended caged layer poultry manure into a composted manure product. The creation of this system was motivated by the ability to enhance the benefits of raw poultry manure by producing a safe, low odour product that can be easily hauled, spread, or packaged. Complete aerobic activity was emphasized due to odours generated by anaerobic decomposition in raw manure. To achieve this goal, a combination of frequent manure removal, aeration, and routine agitation were incorporated into the system.

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