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Control of Pythium root rot on hydroponically grown cucumbers with silver-coated cloth

Zhao, Z.H.; Kusakari, S.; Okada, K.; Miyazaki, A.; Osaka, T.

Bioscience Biotechnology and Biochemistry 64(7): 1515-1518


ISSN/ISBN: 0916-8451
PMID: 10945273
DOI: 10.1271/bbb.64.1515
Accession: 003393317

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Silver-coated cloth (SCC) effectively controlled root rot that was caused by Pythium aphanidermatum in hydroponically grown cucumber plants. The presence of SCC in the hydroponic solution reduced the root rot from 100% to 10% 20 days after inoculation with zoospores of P. aphanidermatum. It was suggested that the inhibition of SCC was caused not only by the silver ion dissolved from SCC, but also by the metallic silver and silver compounds formed on the surface of the root.

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