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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3395

Chapter 3395 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Makimattila, M.; Marttila, J., 1999:
Coordination strategies for Finnish oats chain

Chenier, J.; Sherwood, S.; Robertson, T., 1999:
Copan, Honduras: collaboration for identity, equity, and sustainability

Zahida Tasawar; Shahzad, M.F.; Hayat, C.S., 2000:
Copepod ectoparasites of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix from Fish Hatchery Pirowal (Khanewal, Punjab)

Marten, G.G.; Nguyen, M.; Ngo, G., 2000:
Copepod predation on Anopheles quadrimaculatus larvae in rice fields

X.Z.iHong; W.G.oYan, 2000:
Copidosomopsis Girault, a new genus to China with description of a new species (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae)

Aida, R.; Yoshida, K.; Kondo, T.; Kishimoto, S.; Shibata, M., 2000:
Copigmentation gives bluer flowers on transgenic torenia plants with the antisense dihydroflavonol-4-reductase gene

Muica, N.; Turnock, D.; Urucu, V., 2000:
Coping strategies in rural areas of the Buzau Sub-Carpathians

Campen, C.; Roberts, D.C., 2001:
Coping strategies of runners: perceived effectiveness and match to precompetitive anxiety

Park JeongKeun, 2000:
Coping strategies used by Korean national athletes

Perowne, C., 2000:
Coping under a policy of kindness

Lam WaiFung, 2001:
Coping with change: a study of local irrigation institutions in Taiwan

Anonymous, 1999:
Coping with changing environments: social dimensions of endangered ecosystems in the developing world

Thompson, B., 1999:
Coping with chronic complex emergencies: Bahr al-Ghazal, southern Sudan

Kearsley, G.; Coughlan, D., 1999:
Coping with crowding: tourist displacement in the New Zealand backcountry

Serna, L.; Fenoll, C., 2000:
Coping with human CO2 emissions

Kundzewicz, Z.W.; Kaczmarek, Z., 2000:
Coping with hydrological extremes

Russell, W.D., 2000:
Coping with injuries in scholastic athletics

Rogerson, C., 2001:
Coping with vulnerability in Africa: urban agriculture and poverty alleviation

Zietz, B.P.; Dunkelberg, H., 2001:
Copper - nutritional physiology of a trace element

Tupper, C.; Pitman, A.J.; Cragg, S.M., 2000:
Copper accumulation in the digestive caecae of Limnoria quadripunctata holthius (Isopoda: Crustacea) tunnelling CCA-treated wood in laboratory cultures

Choudhury, A.; Khanif, Y., 2000:
Copper adsorption behavior of three Malaysian rice soils

Sodre, F.F.; Costa, A.C.S. da; Lenzi, E., 1999:
Copper adsorption by tropical soils with different soil mineralogies

Huang, B.; Alva, A.K., 1999:
Copper amendments and soil pH affect distribution of different chemical forms of metals and their uptake by Swingle citrumelo seedlings

Iafigliola, M.C.; Menten, J.F.M.; Racanicci, A.M.C.; Gaiotto, J.B., 2000:
Copper and antibiotic as growth promoters in rations for broiler chickens

Linder, M.C., 2001:
Copper and genomic stability in mammals

Leonardis, A. de; Macciola, V.; Felice, M. de, 2000:
Copper and iron determination in edible vegetable oils by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry after extraction with diluted nitric acid

Mounier, S.; Lacerda, L.D.; Marins, R.V.; Bemaim, J., 2001:
Copper and mercury complexing capacity of organic matter from a mangrove mud flat environment, Sepetiba Bay, Brazil

Iskra, M.; Majewski, W., 2000:
Copper and zinc concentrations and the activities of ceruloplasmin and superoxide dismutase in atherosclerosis obliterans

Onianwa, P.; Adeyemo, A.; Idowu, O.; Ogabiela, E., 2001:
Copper and zinc contents of Nigerian foods and estimates of the adult dietary intakes

Christensen, T.H.; Astrup, T.; Boddum, J.K.; Hansen, B. O; Redemann, S., 2000:
Copper and zinc distribution coefficients for sandy aquifer materials

Kunito, T.S.eki,, S.H.yashi, H.O.aizu, H.M.tsumoto, S., 2001:
Copper and zinc fractions affecting microorganisms in long-term sludge-amended soils

Gilley, J.E.; Spare, D.P.; Koelsch, R.K.; Schulte, D.D.; Miller, P.S.; Parkhurst, A.M., 2000:
Copper and zinc in swine diets affect phototrophic anaerobic lagoons

Khamparia, R.S.; Gupta, G.P.; Sharma, B.L.; Sharma, Y.M., 1999:
Copper availability and response of wheat to its application in some alluvial soils of Northern Madhya Pradesh

Rieker, J.M.; Cooper, S.R.; Topliff, D.R.; Freeman, D.W.; Teeter, R.G., 2000:
Copper balance in mature geldings fed supplemental molybdenum

Dousset, S.M.rel, J.; Jacobson, A.B.tton, G., 2001:
Copper binding capacity of root exudates of cultivated plants and associated weeds

Gardner, M.; Dixon, E.; Comber, S., 2000:
Copper complexation in English rivers

Borgo, M., 2001:
Copper compounds: practical uses and residues in soil

Cao, Z.H.; Hu, Z.Y., 2000:
Copper contamination in paddy soils irrigated with wastewater

Bottazzi, V.; Boccelli, R.; Cattani, I.; Rebecchi, A.; Garbazza, C., 2000:
Copper contamination of milk and cheese. Chemical, microbiological and enzymic aspects

Quaglio, E.; Chiesa, R.; Harris, D.A., 2001:
Copper converts the cellular prion protein into a protease-resistant species that is distinct from the scrapie isoform

Bergmann, W.; Beringer, H., 2001:
Copper deficiency - a potential factor in BSE?

Minatel, L.; Carfagnini, J.C., 2000:
Copper deficiency and immune response in ruminants

Tang, Z.; Gasperkova, D.; Xu, J.; Baillie, R.; Lee, J.H.; Clarke, S.D., 2000:
Copper deficiency induces hepatic fatty acid synthase gene transcription in rats by increasing the nuclear content of mature sterol regulatory element binding protein 1

Huang, Z.L.; Failla, M.L., 2000:
Copper deficiency suppresses effector activities of differentiated U937 cells

Ferreira, S.L.C.; Ferreira, J.R.; Dantas, A.F.; Lemos, V.A.; Araujo, N.M.L.; Spinola Costa, A.C., 2000:
Copper determination in natural water samples by using FAAS after preconcentration onto amberlite XAD-2 loaded with calmagite

Diatta, J.B.; Kociakowski, W.Z.; Grzebisz, W., 2000:
Copper distribution and quantity-intensity parameters of highly contaminated soils in the vicinity of a copper plant

Miner, C.L.; Browning, C.E.; McNeal, B.L., 1999:
Copper distribution in, and sorption by, some Lake Manatee bottom sediments

Knowles, S.O.; Grace, N.D.; Rounce, J.R.; West, D.M.; Lee, J., 1998:
Copper fertiliser increases pasture copper concentration and improves the copper status of grazing sheep

Bermejo, P.; Pena, E.; Fompedrina, D.; Dominguez, R.; Bermejo, A.; Fraga, J.M.; Cocho, J.A., 2001:
Copper fractionation by SEC-HPLC and ETAAS: study of breast milk and infant formulae whey used in lactation of full-term newborn infants

Olivares, M.; Araya, M.; Uauy, R., 2000:
Copper homeostasis in infant nutrition: deficit and excess

Fregoni, M.; Corallo, G., 2001:
Copper in Italian vineyards

Panari, G.; Pecorari, M., 2000:
Copper in Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Garcia de Lujan, A., 2001:
Copper in Spanish vineyards

Saberi, O., 2000:
Copper in mangrove forest ecosystem and its effect on the growth of mangrove plants

Poschenrieder, C.; Bech, J.; Llugany, M.; Pace, A.; Fenes, E.; Barcelo, J., 2001:
Copper in plant species in a copper gradient in Catalonia (North East Spain) and their potential for phytoremediation

Boubals, D., 2001:
Copper in the control of grapes in France

Kashin, V.K.; Ivanov, G.M., 1999:
Copper in vegetation of the Transbaikal

Shahina Kalim; Luthra, Y.P.; Gandhi, S.K., 1999 :
Copper induced effect on biochemical constituents in cowpea susceptible to Rhizoctonia species

Raes, H.; Braeckman, B.P.; Criel, G.R.J.; Rzeznik, U.; Vanfleteren, J.R., 2000:
Copper induces apoptosis in Aedes C6/36 cells

Vose, V.; Zenkevics, H.; Bucena, A., 2000:
Copper ions influence sturgeon gonadotropin functions

Kamunde, C.N.; Grosell, M.; Lott, J.N.A.; Wood, C.M., 2001:
Copper metabolism and gut morphology in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) during chronic sublethal dietary copper exposure

Leon, A.G.enn, J.; Farver, T., 2000:
Copper oxide wire particles for the treatment of copper deficiency in sheep

Reis, P.R.; Sousa, E.O., 2000:
Copper oxychloride effect on two predaceous mites species

Grobler, DG.; Swan, GE., 1999:
Copper poisoning in the Kruger National Park: field investigation in wild ruminants

L.S.iTian; Zhu ZhiGuo; Y.J.anXun; Chen JiLin; Zhou XiDong; L.Y.Bo, 1999:
Copper poisoning of pigs

Faust, M.; Christians, N., 2000:
Copper reduces shoot growth and root development of creeping bentgrass

Nordal, I.; Haraldsen, K.B.; Ergon, A.; Eriksen, A.B., 1999:
Copper resistance and genetic diversity in Lychnis alpina (Caryophyllaceae) populations on mining sites

Monni, S.; Salemaa, M.; White, C.; Tuittila, E.; Huopalainen, M., 2000:
Copper resistance of Calluna vulgaris originating from the pollution gradient of a Cu-Ni smelter, in southwest Finland

Gabriel, J.; Baldrian, P.; Hladikova, K.; Hakova, M., 2001:
Copper sorption by native and modified pellets of wood-rotting basidiomycetes

Vulkan, R.; Zhao FangJie; Barbosa Jefferson, V.; Preston, S.; Paton, G.I.; Tipping, E.; McGrath, S.P., 2000:
Copper speciation and impacts on bacterial biosensors in the pore water of copper-contaminated soils

Black, D.H., 1999:
Copper supplementation and bovine pregnancy rates three types of supplementation compared in commercial dairy herds

Black, D.H.; French, N.P., 2000:
Copper supplementation and bovine pregnancy rates: three types of supplementation compared in commercial dairy herds

West, D.M.; Sargison, N.D., 1998:
Copper supplementation of grazing cattle using pasture topdressing and individual animal treatment

Bidewell, C.A.; David, G.P.; Livesey, C.T., 2000:
Copper toxicity in cattle

Greene, L.W.; Huston, J.E., 1999:
Copper toxicosis in sheep: a review

Liao, M.T.; Hedley, M.J.; Woolley, D.J.; Brooks, R.R.; Nichols, M.A., 2000:
Copper uptake and translocation in chicory (Cichorium intybus L. cv. Grasslands Puna) and tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. cv. Rondy) plants grown in NFT system. I. Copper uptake and distribution in plants

Ye, Z.H.; Cheung, K.C.; Wong, M.H., 2001:
Copper uptake in Typha latifolia as affected by iron and manganese plaque on the root surface

Aresta, M.; Boscolo, M.; Franco, D.W., 2001:
Copper(II) catalysis in cyanide conversion into ethyl carbamate in spirits and relevant reactions

Silvestre, M.D.; Lagarda, M.J.; Farre, R.; Martinez Costa, C.; Brines, J., 2000:
Copper, iron and zinc determinations in human milk using FAAS with microwave digestion

Zargar, A.H.; Bashir, M.I.; Khan, A.R.; Masoodi, S.R.; Laway, B.A.; Wani, A.I.; Dar, F.A., 2000:
Copper, zinc and magnesium levels in fibrocalculous pancreatic diabetes

Ramonaityte, D.T., 2001:
Copper, zinc, tin and lead in canned evaporated milk, produced in Lithuania: the initial content and its change at storage

Hartley Whitaker, J.; Ainsworth, G.; Meharg, A.A., 2001:
Copper- and arsenate-induced oxidative stress in Holcus lanatus L. clones with differential sensitivity

Teisseire, H.; Guy, V., 2000:
Copper-induced changes in antioxidant enzymes activities in fronds of duckweed (Lemna minor)

Jansen, P.A.G., 1999:
Coppicing and pruning

Graca, M.E.; Shimizu, J.Y.; Tavares, F.R., 1999:
Coppicing and rooting ability of Eucalyptus benthamii

Staun, H.; Klitgaard, O.L., 2000:
Coppicing in Funen and Langeland-review and status

Fang ShengZuo; X.X.Zeng; LuShiXing ; L.G.angYou, 2000:
Coppicing techniques of poplars and sustainable production

Agarwal, R.K., 1999:
Copra crushing industry in West Bengal - an overview

Johansson, M.; Sterner, O.; Labischinski, H.; Anke, T., 2001:
Coprinol, a new antibiotic cuparane from a Coprinus species

Redhead, S.A.; Vilgalys, R.; Moncalvo, J.M.rc; Johnson, J.; Hopple, J.S.Jr, 2001:
Coprinus Pers. and the disposition of Coprinus species sensu lato

Fischer, B.; Yawalkar, N.; Brander, K.A.; Pichler, W.J.; Helbling, A., 1999:
Coprinus comatus (shaggy cap) is a potential source of aeroallergen that may provoke atopic dermatitis

Jiao Wei; Chai JunJie; Osman, I.; F.C.en; Q.Q.n, 1999:
Coproantigen detection on dogs infected with Echinococcus granulosus. III. A field evaluation of coproantigen detection in diagnosis of E. granulosus infection in dogs with double antibody sandwich ELISA

Espino, A.M.; Borges, A.; Dumenigo, B.E., 2000:
Coproantigens of Fasciola hepatica that are potentially useful for the diagnosis of fascioliasis

Khatri, A.; Banu, F.; Sharma, P.N., 1999:
Coprological studies in cows of Udaipur region for helminth infection

Aidar, T.; Koller, W.W.; Rodrigues, S.R.; Correa, A.M.; Silva, J.C.C. da; Balta, O. dos S.; Oliveira, J.M. de; Oliveira, V.L. de, 2000:
Coprophagous beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) collected in Aquidauana, MS, Brazil

Koller, W.W.; Gomes, A.; Rodrigues, S.R.; Alves, R.G. de O., 1999:
Coprophagous beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) collected in Campo Grande, MS, Brazil

Delgado Avila, A.E.; Pineiro Chavez, A.J.; Urdaneta Garcia, L.M., 2001:
Coprophilous fungi of Zulia state, Venezuela. Classes: Plectomycetes and Discomycetes. Division Ascomycota

Molloy, B.P.J.; Lange, P.J. de; Clarkson, B.D., 1999:
Coprosma pedicellata (Rubiaceae), a new species from New Zealand

Taylor, P.W.; Kaspi, R.; Yuval, B., 2000:
Copula duration and sperm storage in Mediterranean fruit flies from a wild population

Eady, P.E.; Wilson, N.; Jackson, M., 2000:
Copulating with multiple mates enhances female fecundity but not egg-to-adult survival in the bruchid beetle Callosobruchus maculatus

Gotoh, T.; Nakamuta, K.; Tokoro, M.; Nakashima, T., 1999:
Copulatory behaviour and sex pheromones in the sciarid fly, Lycoriella mali (Fitch) (Sciaridae: Diptera)

Gacek, L.; Barabasz, B., 2000:
Copulatory behaviour of blue arctic foxes with different temperament

Hoikkala, A.; Crossley, S.; Castillo Melendez, C., 2000:
Copulatory courtship in Drosophila birchii and D. serrata, species recognition and sexual selection

Cooper, M.I.; Telford, S.R., 2000:
Copulatory sequences and sexual struggles in millipedes

Small, R.L.; Wendel, J.F., 2000:
Copy number liability and evolutionary dynamics of the Adh gene family in diploid and tetraploid cotton (Gossypium)

Rahman, M.A.; Hwang GyuLin; Shaharudin Abdul Razak; Sohm, F.; Maclean, N., 2000 :
Copy number related transgene expression and mosaic somatic expression in hemizygous and homozygous transgenic tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Taylor, M.A.; Ross, H.A.; McRae, D.; Wright, F.; Viola, R.; Davies, H.V., 2001:
Copy-DNA cloning and characterisation of a potato alpha -glucosidase: expression in Escherichia coli and effects of down-regulation in transgenic potato

Ahlroth, M.K.; Ahlroth, P.; Kulomaa, M.S., 2001:
Copy-number fluctuation by unequal crossing-over in the chicken avidin gene family

Tisch, E.L., 2001:
Corallorhiza maculata var. ozettensis (Orchidaceae), a new coral-root from coastal Washington

Hansen, I.; Sehnal, F.S.heller, K., 2001:
Corazonin gene expression in the waxmoth Galleria mellonella

Christou, H.; Connors, J.M.; Ziotopoulou, M.; Hatzidakis, V.; Papathanassoglou, E.; Ringer, S.A.; Mantzoros, C.S., 2001:
Cord blood leptin and insulin-like growth factor levels are independent predictors of fetal growth

Jenmalm, M.C.; Bjorksten, B., 2000:
Cord blood levels of immunoglobulin G subclass antibodies to food and inhalant allergens in relation to maternal atopy and the development of atopic disease during the first 8 years of life

Sweet, D.G.; Savage, G.A.; Tubman, R.; Lappin, T.R.; Halliday, H.L., 2001:
Cord blood transferrin receptors to assess fetal iron status

Hussein, L.; Ali, M., 2000:
Cord plasma retinol level and its impact on birth weight and growth velocity in infancy

Reichrtová, E.; Ciznár, P.; Prachar, V.; Palkovicová, L.; Veningerová, M., 1999:
Cord serum immunoglobulin E related to the environmental contamination of human placentas with organochlorine compounds

Pandey, R.P.; Priyanku Teotia, 2000:
Cordia crenata Delile subsp. crenata - a taxon almost extinct in wild

Salazar, R., 1999:
Cordia trichotoma (Vellozo) Arrabida ex Steudel

Maia, V.C.; Tavares, M.T., 2000:
Cordiamyia globosa Maia (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae), population fluctuation and associated parasitoids (Hymenoptera)

Fan MeiZhen; L.C.unRu; Chen YuanYou; L.Z.ngZhi, 2001:
Cordyceps gracilioides, a new record for China

Guo YingLan; L.C.unYan, 2000:
Cordyceps kyushuensis new to China

Gedminas, A., 2000:
Cordyceps militaris Link. - fungus, parasitizing moths, forest pests

Anonymous, 1999:
Core collections for today and tomorrow

Hintum, T.J.L. van; Brown, A.H.D.; Spillane, C.; Hodgkin, T., 2000:
Core collections of plant genetic resources

Gazina, E.V.; Fielding, J.E.; Lin, B.; Anderson, D.A., 2000:
Core protein phosphorylation modulates pregenomic RNA encapsidation to different extents in human and duck hepatitis B viruses

Johnson, R.C.; Johnston, W.J.; Nelson, M.C.; Simon, C.J.; Golob, C.T., 1999:
Core utilization and development - an example with Poa pratensis L

Faiad, M.G.R.; Bustamante, P.G., 1999:
Core-collection: long term cucurbit germplasm conservation

Pursiheimo, S.M.lo, P.R.ntamaki, E.A.o, E., 2001:
Coregulation of light-harvesting complex II phosphorylation and lhcb mRNA accumulation in winter rye

Reddy, K.; Rolston, M.P., 1999:
Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) seed production: nitrogen, row spacing, sowing rate and time of sowing

Morris, M.C.; Li, F.Y., 2000:
Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) companion plants can attract hoverflies, and may reduce pest infestation in cabbages

Smallfield, B.M.; van Klink, J.W.; Perry, N.B.; Dodds, K.G., 2001:
Coriander spice oil: effects of fruit crushing and distillation time on yield and composition

Wollmann, K., 2000:
Corixidae (Hemiptera, Heteroptera) in acidic mining lakes with pH<=3 in Lusatia, Germany

Terabayashi, S.; Higuchi, M.; Okada, M., 1999:
Cork layer development and cuticle thickening in stems of the genus Magnolia subgenus Yulania

Abdelhamid Khaldi; Mohamed Lahbib, B.J.; Stiti, B., 1999:
Cork oak acorns and their pathogenic fungi: attempts of conservation and control

Gross, S.; Dreishpoun, Y.; Blachinski, D.; Shmueli, S.; Steinberg, S.; Mendel, Z., 1999:
Cork scars on fruits of the citrus variety 'Sweetie' as related to infestation by the citrus mealybug

Pereira, C.S.; Danesh, P.; Marques, J.J.F.; San Romao, M.V., 1999:
Cork taint in wines - current state of knowledge

Das, T.K., 1998:
Corm and cormel production in gladiolus as affected by spike removal and K application

Bakelana ba Kufimfutu ; Mpanda, 2000:
Corm decortication method for the multiplication of banana

Sud, A.K.; Paul, Y.S.; Thakur, B.R., 1999:
Corm rot of saffron and its management

Zarate, N.A.H.; Vieira, M. do C.; Lopes, J., 2000:
Corm yield of taro cv. Cem/Um grown at nine plant densities in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul

Oktem, A.; Oktem, G.; Ulger, A.C., 2000:
Corn (Zea mays L.) adaptation studies under irrigated conditions of southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey

Almeida, I.M.G.; Fantin, G.M.; Beriam, L.O.S., 1999:
Corn (Zea mays L.) bacterial necrosis caused by Burkholderia gladioli

Moro, F.V.; Damiao Filho, C.F.; Taveira, L.R.; Moro, J.R., 2000:
Corn (Zea mays L.) cultivars tolerance to nicosulfuron

Yoshitomi, K.J.; Shann, J.R., 2001:
Corn (Zea mays L.) root exudates and their impact on 14C-pyrene mineralization

Delos, M.; Faure, A.; Guery, B.; Guignefolleau, J.P.; Henaff, G. le; Lafon, S.; Nativel, N.; Naibo, B., 2001:
Corn 2000, another easy season, buta close watch should be kept on weeds, corn-borer, snow mould and corn smut in 2001

Bertechini, A.G.; Fassani, E.J.; Fialho, E.T., 1999:
Corn QPM (Quality Protein Maize) utilization for poultry

Nadal, A., 2000:
Corn and NAFTA: an unhappy alliance

Mozaffari, M.; Rosen, C.J.; Russelle, M.P.; Nater, E.A., 2000:
Corn and soil response to application of ash generated from gasified alfalfa stems

Schild, L.N.; Parfitt, J.M.B.; Porto, M.P.; Silva, C.A.S. da, 1999:
Corn behaviour, in a Planosol, under water flooding stress. I. Agronomic traits

Liu, C.; Schingoethe, D.J.; Stegeman, G.A., 2000:
Corn distillers grains versus a blend of protein supplements with or without ruminally protected amino acids for lactating cows

Wilson, T.A.; DeSimone, A.P.; Romano, C.A.; Nicolosi, R.J., 2000:
Corn fiber oil lowers plasma cholesterol levels and increases cholesterol excretion greater than corn oil and similar to diets containing soy sterols and soy stanols in hamsters

Kanyomeka, L.; Reinhardt, C.F., 2000:
Corn genotypes show distinctive growth responses to various herbicides

Begna, S.H.; Smith, D.L.; Hamilton, R.I.; Dwyer, L.M.; Stewart, D.W., 2001:
Corn genotypic variation effects on seedling emergence and leaf appearance for short-season areas

McDade, M.C.; Christians, N.E., 2000:
Corn gluten meal - a natural preemergence herbicide: effect on vegetable seedling survival and weed cover

Ramjiganesh, T.; Roy, S.; Nicolosi, R.J.; Young, T.L.; McIntyre, J.C.; Fernandez, M.L., 2000:
Corn husk oil lowers plasma LDL cholesterol concentrations by decreasing cholesterol absorption and altering hepatic cholesterol metabolism in guinea pigs

Lauer, J.G.; Carter, P.R.; Wood, T.M.; Diezel, G.; Wiersma, D.W.; Rand, R.E.; Mlynarek, M.J., 1999:
Corn hybrid response to planting date in the northern Corn Belt

Lee, E.A.; Good, B.; Chakravarty, R.; Kannenberg, L., 2001:
Corn inbred line CG102

Lee, E.A.; Good, B.; Chakravarty, R.; Kannenberg, L., 2001:
Corn inbred lines CG60 and CG62

Baker, A.; Allen, E., 2001:
Corn market to strengthen in 2001/02

J.Z.iGuo; Duan YouSheng; J.Z.iQiang; Guo AiXin, 2001:
Corn oil emulsion for early bloom thinning of trees of 'Delicious' apple, 'Feng Huang' peach, and 'Bing' cherry

Schurgers, L.J.; Vermeer, C., 2001:
Corn oil-induced decrease in arterial thrombosis tendency may be related to altered plasma vitamin K transport

Mitich, L.W., 2000:
Corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas L.)

Anderson, J.D.; Trapp, J.N., 2000:
Corn price effects on cost of gain for feedlot cattle: implications for breakeven budgeting

Knowlton, K.F.; Erdman, R.A.; Glenn, B.P., 1999:
Corn processing influences more than starch digestion

Anonymous, 2000 :
Corn production and use to hit record highs

Zemenchik, R.A.; Albrecht, K.A.; Boerboom, C.M.; Lauer, J.G., 2000:
Corn production with kura clover as a living mulch

Cavallet, L.E.; Pessoa, A.C. dos P.; Helmich, J.J.; Helmich, P.R.; Ost, C.F., 2000:
Corn productivity in response to nitrogen application and seed inoculation with Azospirillum spp.

Hill, P.; Stott, D., 2000:
Corn residue retention by a combination chisel plow

Riedell, W.E.; Beck, D.L.; Schumacher, T.E., 2000:
Corn response to fertilizer placement treatments in an irrigated no-till system

Zhang Kuan; W.W.i; Wang XiuFang, 2000:
Corn response to potash on a Gongzhuling black soil, Jilin province

Lei, Y.; Zhang, B.; Zhang, M.; Zhao, K.; Qio, W.; Wang, X., 2000:
Corn response to potassium in Liaoning province

Sundermeier, A.; Eisley, B., 2001:
Corn rootworm insecticide comparison

Bal, M.A.; Shaver, R.D.; Al-Jobeile, H.; Coors, J.G.; Lauer, J.G., 2001:
Corn silage hybrid effects on intake, digestion, and milk production by dairy cows

Hondroyianni, E.; Papakosta, D.K.; Gagianas, A.A.; Tsatsarelis, K.A., 2000:
Corn stalk traits related to lodging resistance in two soils of differing salinity

Choi WooJung; Jin SeongAhi; Lee SangMo; R.H.eMyong; Yoo SunHo, 2001 :
Corn uptake and microbial immobilization of 15N-labeled urea-N in soil as affected by composted pig manure

Rzewnicki, P.E.; Eselgroth, C.; Thomison, P., 2001:
Corn variety performance trials for Ohio organic farms - 2000

Liu, J.P.ulsen, M., 2000:
Corn whiteness measurement and classification using machine vision

Zhou XiaoMin; Madramootoo, C.A.; MacKenzie, A.F.; Kaluli, J.W.; Smith, D.L., 2000:
Corn yield and fertilizer N recovery in water-table-controlled corn-rye-grass systems

Gong, H.; Amemiya, T., 1999:
Corneal changes in manganese-deficient rats

Rumelt, S.; Cohen, I.; Lefler, E.; Rehany, U., 2001:
Corneal co-infection with Scedosporium apiospermum and Acanthamoeba after sewage-contaminated ocular injury

Majo, M. de; Pugliese, A.; Galofaro, V., 2000:
Corneal granuloma caused by Leishmania spp. in two dogs: clinical, anatomo-histopathological and ultrastructural reports

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Correlation between soil and crop parameters

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Correlation between the affinity of flavonoids binding to the cytosolic site of Leishmania tropica multidrug transporter and their efficiency to revert parasite resistance to daunomycin

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Correlation between the dietary intake conditions, masticatory ability and abrasion of teeth in preschool children

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Correlation between the temperament of young Arctic foxes and conformation score and body weights at pelting time

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Correlation of two nonradioactive immunoassays to a radioimmunoassay technique for thyroxine measurement in equine serum

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Correlation of uses of medicinal plants by tribals of Chotanagpur with other tribals of India

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Correlation relationship of hatching eggs of layers

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Correlation studies in rice

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Correlation studies in soybean (Glycine max. L)

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Correlation study in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

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Correlations among semen quality traits and scrotal circumference of sires of the Gyr breed

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Correlations among the yield and yield components at segregating populations derived from selection based on harvest index in bread wheat

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Correlations among traits of the maize population Palha Roxa

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Correlations and path coefficient analysis for vegetative traits in Guinea grass

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Correlations and regressions between main quantitative characters in some mulberry varieties

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Correlations and variability in fruit characters of pomegranate

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Correlations between body conformation scores and skin quality evaluation scores in silver and arctic fox

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Correlations between changes in food and national nutrition and prevalence of diseases

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Correlations between feeding and leg disorders in cattle. Diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis

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Correlations between growth rate, slaughter yield and meat quality traits after the elimination of the RYR1 gene effect

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Correlations between individual reproductive traits and milk composition for cows during the first 120 days of lactation

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Correlations between measures of thermal stress resistance within and between species

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Costa Rica: forest strategy and the evolution of land use

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Costa Rica: the Mecca of gay tourism in Central America

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Costly dairy intensification in the Netherlands

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Costs and benefits of ant attendance to the drepanosiphid aphid Tuberculatus quercicola

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Costs and benefits of foraging associated with delayed dispersal in the spider Anelosimus studiosus (Araneae, Theridiidae)

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Costs and benefits of protected areas: Marsabit forest reserve, Northern Kenya

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Costs and effectiveness of mechanization on the farms of vegetable production of various intensity

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Costs and energy consumption of pig husbandry on individual farms of macro-regions in 1995-1997

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Costs and profitability of cereal sowing

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Costs and profitability of chemical protection of sugar beets on a big-area farm in years 1991-1997

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Costs and profitability of milk production on dairy farms

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Costs and returns of camels, cattle and small ruminants in pastoral herds in eastern Ethiopia

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Costs and returns of catfish pond production in the Mississippi Black Belt area

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Costs and returns of growing selected medicinal herbs in New Mexico indicate positive return to land and risk likely

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Costs and returns of turmeric production in Belgaum district of Karnataka

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Costs and returns on main and double cropping corn production

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Costs and returns on main and double cropping sesame production

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Costs and returns to small scale cheese production in Odeda local government area of Ogun State

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Costs associated with alternative cotton stripper-harvesting systems in Texas

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Costs associated with leg autotomy in the harvestmen Leiobunum nigripes and Leiobunum vittatum (Arachnida: Opiliones)

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Costs of a model 'yoghurt' department using the example of the manufacture of stirred yoghurt with fruit

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Costs of coloniality and the effect of colony size on reproductive success in Purple Martins

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Costs of dairy production - results of dairy farms in Schleswig-Holstein

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Costs of intraspecific and interspecific host sharing in acanthocephalan cystacanths

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Costs of land use for conservation in Central Europe and future agricultural policy

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Costs of mechanization on selected family farms

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Costs of milk production - results from the new Federal States and concepts of private advisory organization

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Costs of on-farm drying and storage of rice

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Costs of plans vs costs of markets: reforms in China's state-owned forest management

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Costs of plasticity in foraging characteristics of the clonal plant Ranunculus reptans

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Costs of preparing and distributing fodder with unifeed carts

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Costs of pressurized orchard irrigation vary with system design

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Costs of pro-ecological potato cultivation technology

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Costs of protein turnover and carbohydrate export in leaves of sun and shade species

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Costs of resistance

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Costs of rural construction: an essay of comparison between France and Switzerland

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Costs of sexual traits: a mismatch between theoretical considerations and empirical evidence

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Costs of sporophyte production in the moss, Dicranum polysetum

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Costs, yields, and net returns, commercial no-till cotton production, Mississippi, 1999

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Costs, yields, and net returns, commercial ultra-narrow row cotton production, Mississippi, 1999

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Cotesia (Apanteles) popularis L. parasitoids do not always kill their host

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Cotranscription of 5S rRNA-tRNAArg(ACG) from Brassica napus chloroplasts and processing of their intergenic spacer

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Cotranscriptional cap 4 formation on the Trypanosoma brucei spliced leader RNA

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Cotrimoxazole for prenatal treatment of congenital toxoplasmosis?

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Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)-based intercropping system under different sowing environments

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Cotton AFLP analysis with silver-staining and preliminary report of variety fingerprinting based on it

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Cotton and annual weed response from normal and reduced herbicide input practices, 1989-1998

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Cotton and heterosis

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Cotton and tropical fibres 1946-1993. Consortium volume 4

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Cotton aphid emerges as major pest in SJV cotton

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Cotton aphid response to irrigation and crop chemicals

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Cotton based socio-economic experiments in Attapady tribal tract of Kerala

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Cotton biotechnology

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Cotton defoliants and native trees

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Cotton fiber length is affected by far-red light impinging on developing bolls

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Cotton fibers: developmental biology, quality improvement, and textile processing

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Cotton fleahopper (Heteroptera: Miridae) responses to volatiles from selected host plants

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Cotton fleahopper responses to odors from selected host plants

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Cotton gin trash compost and rice hulls as growing medium components for ornamentals

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Cotton growth and boron distribution in the plant as affected by a temporary deficiency of boron

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Cotton growth and physiological responses to boron deficiency

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Cotton harvest aid trials in Arkansas

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Cotton herbicide control of Abutilon theophrasti M. in the Guadalquivir valley (Spain)

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Cotton in rotation with soyabeans in a no-tillage system

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Cotton in rotation with soyabeans in a system of direct sowing

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Cotton insect loss estimates - 1999

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Cotton insect pheromone traplines in Mississippi - 1999

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Cotton leaf curl virus - a threat to cotton cultivation in Punjab

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Cotton lint yield variability in a heterogeneous soil at a landscape scale

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Cotton mote frequency under rainfed and irrigated conditions

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Cotton performance as affected by particle film and mycorrhizae treatments

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Cotton pest management guide 1999-2000

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Cotton pest management strategies and related pesticide use and yield

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Cotton pests in the region of Novo Sao Joaquim - MT

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Cotton photosynthesis and carbon partitioning in response to floral bud loss due to insect damage

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Cotton quantity, quality and value: a comparison of hand and mechanical harvest results from a large scale south Texas test

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Cotton response to P in Alabama's long-term experiments

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Cotton response to imazapic and imazethapyr applied to a preceding peanut crop

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Cotton response to in-furrow application of AmiSorb, Asset, and PGR-IV

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Cotton response to sulfur on a Coastal Plain soil

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Cotton responses to shade at different growth stages: growth, lint yield and fibre quality

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Cotton rust (Puccinia cacabata A&H) in north central Mexico

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Cotton stem canker in North Carolina caused by Phoma exigua

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Cotton supply response to price and non-price incentives in Togo: an error correction model

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Cotton variety response to bronze wilt in Missouri and northern Tennessee

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Cotton water relations

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Cotton yield components and yield stability

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Cotton yield mapping: Texas experiences in 1999

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Cotton yield prediction improvement with remote sensing

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Cotton yield progress - why has it reached a plateau?

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Cotton yield response to MepPlus and Mepiquat Chloride

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Cotton yield response to midbloom applications of PGR-IV

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Cotton's agrotechnology - results, achievements and problems

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Cotton: a flow cycle to exploit

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Cottonseed treatment with fungicides

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Cottonseed with a high (+)- to (-)-gossypol enantiomer ratio favorable to broiler production

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Cottonwood hybridization affects tannin and nitrogen content of leaf litter and alters decomposition

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Cotyledon and collar rot of Bauhinia purpurea and its management

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Cotyledon cells of Vigna mungo seedlings use at least two distinct autophagic machineries for degradation of starch granules and cellular components

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Coughing in thoroughbred racehorses: risk factors and tracheal endoscopic and cytological findings

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Could a diet enriched with n-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids be considered a promising way to enhance the immune defences and the resistance of Penaeid prawns to environmental stress?

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Could agricultural biotechnology contribute to poverty alleviation?

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Could carob pulp be incorporated in oral rehydration solution for the treatment of acute diarrhoea?

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Could cyclic hydroxamic acids be an alternative route for iron acquisition in grasses?

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Could discrepancy in sodium in a feed mix indicate more fundamental faults?

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Could early gene flow have created similar allozyme-gene frequencies in cultivated and wild barley?

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Could fuelwood use contribute to household poverty in Nigeria?

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Could local anesthesia while breast-feeding be harmful to infants?

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Could marine resources provide a short-term solution to declining fish supply in SADC inland countries? The case of horse mackerel

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Could non-selective anthelmintic treatment programmes contribute to control of the spread of HIV infection and AIDS?

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Could the indirect competition hypothesis explain inter-sexual site segregation in red deer (Cervus elaphus L.)?

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Coulter counter cell size determination of protoplasts from Arabidopsis thaliana PIP1b aquaporin antisense lines under iso- and hypo-osmotic conditions

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Coulters and seeding units in reduced soil tillage

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Coumarin production in Mikania glomerata callus

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Coumarin-containing grass: volatiles from sweet vernalgrass (Anthoxanthum odoratum L.)

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Coumarin-related compounds as plant growth inhibitors from two rutaceous plants in Thailand

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Coumarins and antiplatelet constituents from the root bark of Zanthoxylum schinifolium

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Coumarins and carbazoles with antiplasmodial activity from Clausena harmandiana

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Coumestrol antagonizes neuroendocrine actions of estrogen via the estrogen receptor alpha

Ross, M.H., 2000:
Counselling to pregnant HIV-seropositive women with regard to feeding their babies

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Count strength and physical characteristics of fibre of new lines of cotton with coloured fibres

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Count strength and technology of fibres of the cultivars CNPA 7H and Algodao 7MH under irrigated conditions

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Counter immunoelectrophoresis for rapid diagnosis of chlamydiosis in animals and birds

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Counter measure and effect on Jilin agriculture after being a member of WTO

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Counter-protective role for interleukin-5 during acute Toxoplasma gondii infection

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Counteracting mycotoxins in cereals and feeds

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Countercurrent chromatographic separation of vitamins by cross-axis coil planet centrifuge with eccentric coil assemblies

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Countercurrent chromatography in the preparative separation of plant-derived natural products

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Countergradient variation in growth and food conversion efficiency of juvenile turbot

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Countering seasonal rural problems: integrated participatory information system; Chen YinXu; Lao ShanGen; Y.S., 1999:
Countermeasure for developing green food agriculture in Zhejiang province

Ren ShuMei; L.B.n; Feng PuZhi; Zhang LiJun, 2000:
Countermeasure to develop efficient irrigation for limited use water in Hetao irrigation area

L.L.Ping;; Han Lu, 2000:
Countermeasures to develop a modern cotton planting industry in South Xinjiang

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Counterpoint: alternative trial designs for antifungal drugs - time to talk

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Counterpropagation fuzzy-neural network for streamflow reconstruction

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Counting and size classification of active soil bacteria by fluorescence in situ hybridization with an rRNA oligonucleotide probe

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Counting domestic animals, a review

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Counting of leukocytes is a valuable parameter for the detection of classical swine fever

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Counting on recreation use data: a call for long-term monitoring

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Counting stomata to determine regenerant ploidy levels in haploid sorghum tissue culture

Houghton, R.A., 2001:
Counting terrestrial sources and sinks of carbon

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Counting users of informal recreation facilities

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Counting, isolation and identification of Bacillus cereus in prepared condiments, used in sausage (mortadella)

Ofstad, A., 2000:
Countries in violent conflict and aid strategies: the case of Sri Lanka

Sundquist, J.; Winkleby, M., 2000:
Country of birth, acculturation status and abdominal obesity in a national sample of Mexican-American women and men

Maiga, I.H.; Douro Kpindou, O.K.; Lomer, C.J.; Langewald, J., 1999:
Country practices and utilisation potential of Metarhizium flavoviride Gams & Rozsypal in the control of Acrididae in Niger

Anonymous, 2001:
Country reports and EU situation

Rasheed, C., 2000:
Country towns. Impact of farmer's expenditure on employment and population in Australian towns

Krewitt, W.; Trukenmuller, A.; Bachmann, T.M.; Heck, T., 2001:
Country-specific damage factors for air pollutants: a step towards site dependent life cycle impact assessment

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Country-specific market impacts of climate change

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Countryside Rights of Way Act : Part 1 access to the Countryside

Bentley, J., 2001:
Countryside access: strategic planning, co-ordination and Agri-Environment schemes

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Countryside initiatives and the sustainability of results of agrarian reform in Central America

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Countryside recreation provision in England: exploring a demand-led approach

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Counts, behaviour, and identity of Enterobacteriaceae present during the manufacture of 'lacon' from Galicia

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County right-to-farm ordinances in California: an assessment of impact and effectiveness

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Coupled column liquid chromatography for the rapid determination of N-methylcarbamates and some of their main metabolites in water

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Coupled effect of irrigating and fertilizing with nitrogen on field crop production

Oltean, C.; Bues, M.A., 2001:
Coupled groundwater flow and transport in porous media. A conservative or non-conservative form?

Roelandt, C., 2001:
Coupled simulation of potential natural vegetation, terrestrial carbon balance and physical land-surface properties with the ALBIOC model

Bixio, A.C.; Orlandini, S.; Paniconi, C.; Putti, M., 1999:
Coupled surface runoff and subsurface flow model for catchment simulations

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Coupled transfer of water and heat in red soil: experiment and numerical modelling

Williams, L.; Sobieszczyk, T.; Perez, A., 2000:
Couples' views about planning fertility in the Philippines

Champion, I.; Dewar, R.; Loustau, D.; Bert, D.; Danjon, F., 2000:
Coupling SAR data with forest growth models

Barra, R.; Vighi, M.; Maffioli, G.; D.G.ardo, A.; Ferrario, P., 2000:
Coupling SoilFug model and GIS for predicting pesticide pollution of surface water at watershed level

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Coupling between annual and ENSO timescales in the malaria-climate association in Colombia

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Coupling canopy functioning and radiative transfer models for remote sensing data assimilation

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Coupling diazinon volatilization and water evaporation in unsaturated soils: I. Water transport

Dong Chen; Rolston, D.E., 2000:
Coupling diazinon volatilization and water evaporation in unsaturated soils: II. Diazinon transport

Kremmer, M.; Favier, J.F., 2000:
Coupling discrete element and rigid body dynamics

Madden, L.V.; Hughes, G.; Irwin, M.E., 2008:
Coupling Disease-Progress-Curve and Time-of-Infection Functions for Predicting Yield Loss of Crops

Wang Li; Shao Ming' an; Hou QingChun, 2000:
Coupling effect of water, N and P to poplar biomass

Huang GuanHua; Feng ShaoYuan; Zhan WeiHua; Wang GuangXing; Liu ZuGui; W.H.iQing, 1999:
Coupling effects of water and fertilizer on maize yield with drip irrigation

Springer, A.E.; Wright, J.M.; Shafroth, P.B.; Stromberg, J.C.; Patten, D.T., 1999:
Coupling groundwater and riparian vegetation models to assess effects of reservoir releases

Preti, F.; Leone, A.; Garnier, M., 1999 :
Coupling nonpoint nitrate transport models to evaluate land use impacts on a lake trophic state

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