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Copepod predation on Anopheles quadrimaculatus larvae in rice fields

Marten, G.G.; Nguyen, M.; Ngo, G.

Journal of Vector Ecology Journal of the Society for Vector Ecology 25(1): 1-6


ISSN/ISBN: 1081-1710
PMID: 10925791
Accession: 003394003

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Cyclopoid copepods and mosquito larvae were surveyed in rice fields in southwestern Louisiana, USA. Almost every field had a natural population of Mesocyclops ruttneri, Acanthocyclops vernalis, or Macrocyclops albidus. Judging from the abundance of pupae, 29% of the fields were responsible for virtually all Anopheles quadrimaculatus production, apparently because larval mortality suppressed production in the other fields. Mesocyclops ruttneri had the strongest negative association of naturally occurring copepod populations with Anopheles quadrimaculatus larvae, though a few fields with this species had substantial Anopheles production.

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