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Cryoscopic index of buffalo milk: a parameter that must be carefully evaluated

Bubalus Bubalis 6(2): 39-41

Cryoscopic index of buffalo milk: a parameter that must be carefully evaluated

An overview is given of the use of freezing point as an indicator of milk quality and adulteration, with reference to buffalo milk.

Accession: 003395862

Related references

Cavaliere, A.; Raimondi, E.; Altiero, V.; Intrieri, F., 1995: Problems concerning buffalo milk Mozzarella cheese manufacture. Part II. Milk cryoscopic point variations during lactation. Trials were conducted with 10 lactating buffaloes of the same age, reared alike, to assess possible effects of variations in milk composition during 8 months of lactation on the cryoscopic freezing point depression value of milk intended for use f...

Sotgiu, M.R.; Piroddi, A.M.; Cerrone, A.; Puddu, G.F.; Panichi, G.; Schintu, A., 1996: Study of the cryoscopic index of milk produced by the milk station in Arborea. Analysis of 7296 samples of raw and heat-treated milk at the milk station in Arborea, Oristano, Italy during 1994 indicated that, as shown in other studies, there was an increase in the cryoscopic index (CI) towards zero with an annual mean value...

Silva, M.H.; Zucal, G.; Jesus, N.M. de, 1996: Cryoscopic index of cow milk from the Entre Rios Experimental Farm. 57 samples of raw milk from crossbred European x zebu (Bos taurus x Bos indicus) which had been fed on grazing with concentrate supplementation at the Entre Rios Experimental Farm, Bahia, Brazil, were analysed. Samples were taken to determine the...

Saito, T.; Schiftan, T.Z., 1973: Studies on the cryoscopic index of pasteurized milk, determined by the Fiske electronic method. Of 4816 pasteurized milk samples collected from dairies in the Sao Paulo area of Brazil between May 1970 and Dec. 1972 and analysed with Fiske cryoscopes, 118 had fp of -0.550 deg C or less, 2264 had fp between -0.549 deg and -0.535 deg , and 2434...

Matter, B.B.; Radwan, H.M.; Ibrahim, N.A., 2005: Soymilk as buffalo milk substitute in feeding new born buffalo calves. 1 - The effect of replacement of whole buffalo milk by soybean milk on suckling buffalo calves performance. The present study aimed to evaluate the use of soyabean milk (SBM) as a substitute of buffalo milk (BM) in feeding newborn calves. A feeding experiment was conducted using 32 newborn buffalo calves (16 males and 16 females). Animals were divided i...

Aspilcueta-Borquis, R.R.; D.P.lo, R.; Araujo Neto, F.R.; Baldi, F.; de Camargo, G.M.F.; de Albuquerque, L.G.; Zicarelli, L.; Tonhati, H., 2010: Genetic parameter estimates for buffalo milk yield, milk quality and mozzarella production and Bayesian inference analysis of their relationships. Buffalo milk has excellent physical and chemical qualities as a consequence of the high percentage of constituents. This milk property is desirable for the dairy industry because it facilitates manufacture of mozzarella cheese. We estimated geneti...

E.G.ssar, H.; Elhami, M., 1978: Comparative study on the refractive index of whole milk, skim milk and their serums in both buffalo and cow milk. Av. values for refractive index at 20 deg C were: cows' whole milk, 1.346 96; cows' whole milk whey, 1.343 23; cows' skim milk, 1.345 83; cows' skim milk whey, 1.342 39; buffaloes' whole milk, 1.347 35; buffaloes' who...

Mihai, G.; Bele, C.; Stetca, G., 2005: Quality of buffalo milk evaluated through its fatty acids and cholesterol content. This study evaluates the fatty acid composition and cholesterol content of buffalo milk samples from an organic dairy farm, the Transylvanian Natural Products, in the county of Brasov, Romania. Results showed that majority of the fatty acids were...

Joshi, B.K.; Tripathi, V.N., 1986: Reproductive status of daughters of buffalo bulls evaluated on the basis of overall economic merit vis-a-vis first lactation milk production. Data were collected on 463 daughters of 39 Murrah buffalo bulls whose breeding values were estimated from daughters' 1st-lactation milk yield or according to a selection index for economic merit based on age and weight at 1st calving, 1st-lac...

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