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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3397

Chapter 3397 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

McMillan, F.M.; Cahoon, M.; White, A.; Hedstrom, L.; Petsko, G.A.; Ringe, D., 2000:
Crystal structure at 2.4 A resolution of Borrelia burgdorferi inosine 5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase: evidence of a substrate-induced hinged-lid motion by loop 6

Eicken, C.; Sharma, V.; Klabunde, T.; Owens, R.T.; Pikas, D.S.; Höök, M.; Sacchettini, J.C., 2001:
Crystal structure of Lyme disease antigen outer surface protein C from Borrelia burgdorferi

Mashhoon, N.; DeMaggio, A.J.; Tereshko, V.; Bergmeier, S.C.; Egli, M.; Hoekstra, M.F.; Kuret, J., 2000:
Crystal structure of a conformation-selective casein kinase-1 inhibitor

Nakagawa, A.; Tanaka, I.; Sakai, R.; Nakashima, T.; Funatsu, G.; Kimura, M., 1999:
Crystal structure of a ribonuclease from the seeds of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) at 1.75 A resolution

Frazão, C.; Bento, I.; Costa, J.; Soares, C.M.; Veríssimo, P.; Faro, C.; Pires, E.; Cooper, J.; Carrondo, M.A., 1999:
Crystal structure of cardosin A, a glycosylated and Arg-Gly-Asp-containing aspartic proteinase from the flowers of Cynara cardunculus L

Dorowski, A.; Hofmann, A.; Steegborn, C.; Boicu, M.; Huber, R., 2001:
Crystal structure of paprika ferredoxin-NADP+ reductase

Banfield, M.J.; Salvucci, M.E.; Baker, E.N.; Smith, C.A., 2001:
Crystal structure of the NADP(H)-dependent ketose reductase from Bemisia argentifolii at 2.3 A resolution

Billas, I.M.; Moulinier, L.; Rochel, N.; Moras, D., 2000:
Crystal structure of the ligand-binding domain of the ultraspiracle protein USP, the ortholog of retinoid X receptors in insects

Chrysina, E.D.; Brew, K.; Acharya, K.R., 2000:
Crystal structures of apo- and holo-bovine alpha -lactalbumin at 2.2-A resolution reveal an effect of calcium on inter-lobe interactions

Kvitek, T., 2001:
Crystallinic water regime and water quality in catchments

Chiou, C.; Davidson, E.W.; Thanabalu, T.; Porter, A.G.; Allen, J.P., 1999:
Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies of the 51 kDa protein of the mosquito-larvicidal binary toxin from Bacillus sphaericus

Adachi, O.; Toyama, H.; Theeragool, G.; Lotong, N.; Matsushita, K., 1999:
Crystallization and Properties of NAD-Dependent D-Sorbitol Dehydrogenase from Gluconobacter suboxydans IFO 3257

Santana, D.L. de Q.; Iede, E.T.; Penteado, S.R.C.; Burckhardt, D., 1999:
Ctenarytaina eucalypti (Maskell, 1890) (Hemiptera, Psyllidae): another pest introduced into Brazil

Varmanen, P.; Ingmer, H.; Vogensen, F.K., 2000:
ctsR of Lactococcus lactis encodes a negative regulator of clp gene expression

Soliman, M.F.; Romer, W.; Keller, H., 1999:
Cu, Zn and Cd uptake of three corn hybrids grown in a heavy metal-contaminated soil

Calderon Garcia, H.; Gil Saura, I.; Pons Garcia, R.C., 1999:
Cuba's positioning as a tourist destination in the Valencian autonomous community

Anonymous, 2000:
Cuban agrobiotechnology: diverse agenda in times of limited food production

Rodriguez, C.A.M., 2000:
Cuban experience in the realization of tests and experimental investigations on farm machinery

Alfonso, M.; Fuentes, V.; Aviles, R.; Gonzalez, N.; Villasana, R.; Hernandez, M.; Gonzalez, T.; Alvarez, M.E.; Perez, D.; Ruiz, M.; Lorenzo, Y.; Gonzalez, A., 2000:
Cuban molluscicidal plants and their utilization

Caspeta Mandujano, J.M.; Moravec, F.; Aguilar Aguilar, R., 2000:
Cucullanus mexicanus sp. n. (Nematoda: Cucullanidae) from the intestine of the freshwater catfish Rhamdia guatemalensis (Pimelodidae) in Mexico

Bharathalakshmi, B.; Sudha, M., 1999:
Cucullanus visakhapatnamensis n. sp. (Nematoda: Cucullanidae) from the intestine of Lutjanus johni (Bloch) of Visakhapatnam

Bhimarasetti Bharathalakshmi; Malyala Sudha, 2000:
Cucullanus waltairensis n. sp. from the intestine of marine fish Zebrasoma xanthurus (Blyth) from Waltair Coast

Jing HaiChun; Bergervoet, J.H.W.; Jalink, H.; Klooster, M.; D.S.engLi; Bino, R.J.; Hilhorst, H.W.M.; Groot, S.P.C., 2000:
Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) seed performance as influenced by ovary and ovule position

Kucinskas, J.; Karbauskiene, E., 2000:
Cucumber fertilization by vermicompost

Lepse, L.; Baumane, M.; Rashal, I., 2000:
Cucumber genetic resources of Latvian origin

Hou Feng; M.D.Hua, 2000 :
Cucumber germplasm study and breeding in China

Biryukova, N.K., 1999:
Cucumber hybrids bred by the All-Russian Research Institute of Vegetable Growing for spring and summer crop rotation

Faria Junior, M.J. de A.; Araujo, J.A.C. de; Castellane, P.D.; Seno, S., 1998:
Cucumber hybrids grown under protected environment, in plastic greenhouses with different designs, in Ilha Solteira-SP

Staub, J.E.; Crubaugh, L.K., 2001:
Cucumber inbred line USDA 6632E

Stone, M.L.; Armstrong, P.R.; Brusewitz, G.H., 2000:
Cucumber moisture loss during forced-air cooling

Skoric, D.; Krajacic, M.; Perica, M.C.; Halupecki, E.; Topic, J.; Igrc Barcic, J., 2000:
Cucumber mosaic virus (Cucumovirus) and associated satRNA in weed species under the natural epidemic conditions of tomato lethal necrosis in Croatia

Xu, P.; Roossinck, M.J., 2000:
Cucumber mosaic virus D satellite RNA-induced programmed cell death in tomato

Barbosa, C. de J.; Cumani, L.A.L.; Roes, B.; Oliveira, R.P.; Silva, K.M. da, 1998:
Cucumber mosaic virus identification on banana plants in the north of Parana State

Shalitin, D.; Wolf, S., 2000:
Cucumber mosaic virus infection affects sugar transport in melon plants

Shalitin, D.; Shamay, K.; Wolf, S., 2000:
Cucumber mosaic virus movement protein modifies plasmodesmal function in transgenic melon plants

A.X.n; H.C.angZheng; Peng ZhenChun; Zhu LiLi; Shi ZhenYing; H.G.angCun, 2000:
Cucumber perfect flowers induced by silver nitrate and their applying value

Sisko, M., 2000:
Cucurbit breeding

Celar, F., 2000:
Cucurbit diseases

Gonzaga, V.; Fonseca, J.N.L.; Bustamante, P.G.; Tenente, R.C.V., 1999:
Cucurbit germplasm exchange

Brown, J.K.; Idris, A.M.; Olsen, M.W.; Miller, M.E.; Isakeit, T.; Anciso, J., 2000:
Cucurbit leaf curl virus, a new whitefly transmitted geminivirus in Arizona, Texas, and Mexico

Welbaum, Ge, 1999:
Cucurbit seed development and production

Cerne, M.; Ilersic, J., 2000:
Cucurbit varietal list

Grumet, R.; Ullah, Z.; Gal On, A.; Raccah, B., 2000:
Cucurbit-potyvirus interactions influencing virus movement and accumulation

Teppner, H., 2000:
Cucurbita pepo (Cucurbitaceae) - history, seed coat types, thin coated seeds and their genetics

Andres, T.C., 2000:
Cucurbitaceae web site

Bavec, M., 2000:
Cucurbits between tradition and novelty

Vayssieres, J.F.; Carel, Y., 1999:
Cucurbits infested by Dacini (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Reunion: a list of host-plants and preferred phenological stages of cultivated fruits for feeding

Harland, D.P.; Jackson, R.R., 2000:
Cues by which Portia fimbriata, an araneophagic jumping spider, distinguishes jumping-spider prey from other prey

Zavortink, T.J.; O'Meara, G.F., 1999:
Culex (Micraedes) biscaynensis n. sp. from Florida (Diptera: Culicidae)

Canovai, R.; Loi, G., 1998:
Culicidae (Diptera nematocera) of the G. Sacca collection of the C.D.S.L. Dept., Sect. Entomologia Agraria, University of Pisa. II. Dried insects

Brunhes, J.; Hassaine, K.; Rhaim, A.; Hervy, J.P., 2000:
Culicidae of Mediterranean Africa: list and species distribution (Diptera)

Musuka, G.N.; Kelly, P.J., 2001:
Culicoides (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) species trapped at eight sites in Zimbabwe

Mushi, E.Z.; Chabo, R.G.; Binta, M.G.; Kapaata, R.W.; Ndebele, R.T., 1998:
Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogoniadae) associated with pigs at Sebele, Gaborone, Botswana

Boorman, J.; Rawlings, P., 2000:
Culicoides clastrieri Callot, Kremer & Deduit (Dipt., Ceratopogonidae) new to Britain

Kigel, J., 1999:
Culinary and nutritional quality of Phaseolus vulgaris seeds as affected by environmental factors

Alam, M.K.; Mohammed Mohiuddin; Hassan, M.A., 1998:
Culm epidermal micromorphology of bamboos from Bangladesh

Bolotskikh, A.S.; Prikhod' ko, V.M., 1999:
Cultivar - the main link in adaptive technology

Uribe Escobar, J.J., 1999:
Cultivar CC 89-2000 at the Risaralda mill

Lukipudis, S.; K"sovski, T.; Nesheva, G.; Stoyanov, B., 1999:
Cultivar Virginia 300 - yield and quality of tobacco

Santos, P.R.Z.; Pereira, A.S.; Freire, C.J.S., 2001:
Cultivar and NPK fertilization on yield of fresh market tomato

Burgos, N.; Talbert, R.; Mattice, J., 1999:
Cultivar and age differences in the production of allelochemicals by Secale cereale

Zhang, S.; Hiratsuka, S., 2000:
Cultivar and developmental differences in S-protein concentration and self-incompatibility in the Japanese pear

Panozzo, J.F.; Eagles, H.A., 2000:
Cultivar and environmental effects on quality characters in wheat. II. Protein

Smith, M.W., 2000:
Cultivar and mulch affect cold injury of young pecan trees

Perkins Veazie, P.; Collins, J.K.; Clark, J.R., 1999:
Cultivar and storage temperature effects on the shelflife of blackberry fruit

Reycke, L. de; Rooster, L. de; Callens, D., 2000:
Cultivar choice of winter cauliflowers: mild winter = good quality

Hoffmann, M.H.A., 1999:
Cultivar classification of Philadelphus L

Saba, T., 2000:
Cultivar differences in amino acids in tea leaves during the non-growing stage

Percival, D.C.; Proctor, J.T.A.; Sullivan, J.A., 2001:
Cultivar differences in carbon assimilation and partitioning of primocane-fruiting raspberry

Chen, J.; Henny, R.J.; McConnell, D.B.; Nell, T.A., 2001:
Cultivar differences in interior performances of acclimatized foliage plants

Muller, R.; Stummann, B.M.; Sisler, E.C.; Serek, M., 2001:
Cultivar differences in regulation of ethylene production in miniature rose flowers (Rosa hybrida L.)

Watanabe, K.; Takagi, C., 2000:
Cultivar differences with respect to carotenoid and beta -carotene in carrots

Yan, W.H.nt, L.; Sheng, Q.S.lavnics, Z., 2000:
Cultivar evaluation and mega-environment investigation based on the GGE biplot

Goeritz, A., 1999:
Cultivar evaluation of Kentucky bluegrass using electrophoresis of storage proteins (Poa pratensis L.)

Revilla, P.; Velasco, P.; Vales, M.I.; Malvar, R.A.; Ordas, A., 2000:
Cultivar heterosis between sweet and Spanish field corn

Choer, E.; Augustin, E.; Antunes, I.F.; Silva, J.B. da; Peters, J.A., 1999:
Cultivar identification and genetic purity analysis of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) through isoenzymatic patterns

Boritzki, M.; Plieske, J.; Struss, D., 2000:
Cultivar identification in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) using AFLP and microsatellite markers

O.S.yiKuan; Song ChiaWai, 1998:
Cultivar improvement of low-chill peaches in Taiwan

Davenport, J.R.; Schiffhauer, D.E., 2000:
Cultivar influences cranberry response to surface sanding

Mille, B.; Vallavieille Pope, C. de, 2001:
Cultivar mixtures and fungicide sprays against leaf and glume blotch and brown rust in winter wheat

Dicenta, F.; Martinez Gomez, P.; Ortega, E.; Duval, H., 2000:
Cultivar pollinizer does not affect almond flavor

Correll, J.C.; Shreve, E.S.; Boza, E.J.; Cartwright, R.D.; Lee, F.N., 2001:
Cultivar reactions to rice blast isolates collected during the 2000 growing season

Sadie, J., 1999:
Cultivar registration for statutory and non-statutory purposes in South Africa

Dawson, I., 1999:
Cultivar registration in Australia

Vanparys, L., 2000:
Cultivar research of celeriac under standard cultivation

Vanparys, L., 2000:
Cultivar research of green celery for summer cultivation

Balkhoven Baart, J.; Zuidam, C. van, 2000:
Cultivar research of woody small fruits provides suitable results

Anonymous, 2000:
Cultivar resources of sugarbeet in 2000

Scagel, C.F., 2001:
Cultivar specific effects of mycorrhizal fungi on the rooting of miniature rose cuttings

Rooster, L. de; Spiessens, K., 2000:
Cultivar trial Chinese cabbage. Storage trial 1999-2000: Bilko has longest storability

Sarrazyn, R.; Degroote, J., 2000:
Cultivar trial Radicchio rosso summer cultivation 1999

Rooster, L. de, 2000:
Cultivar trial Roman lettuces, summer cultivation 1999: Remus remains the standard cultivar

Vergote, N.; Adriaenssens, W., 2000:
Cultivar trial alternative lettuce autumn 1999: searching for quality, harvest security and production

Vergote, N.; Zyde, K.; Bleyaert, P., 2000:
Cultivar trial autumn cultivation of lambs' lettuce. Juwabel confirms results of last year

Rooster, L. de; Spiessens, K., 2000:
Cultivar trial autumn cultivation of spinach 1999: growth power and resistance to downy mildew

Callens, D.; Rooster, L. de; Reycke, L. de; Visser, J., 2000:
Cultivar trial early autumn cultivation of leeks: hybrids are the best

Rooster, L. de; Spiessens, K., 2000:
Cultivar trial early overwintering of cauliflowers 1999-2000. Limits of the earliest cauliflower cultivation

Callens, D.; Reycke, L. de; Rooster, L. de, 2000:
Cultivar trial for early cultivation of broccoli: planting date determines cultivar choice

Rooster, L. de; Spiessens, K., 2000:
Cultivar trial for late cultivation of blanching celery: Golden Fleece remains the best choice

Sarrazyn, R.; Rooster, L. de; Degroote, J., 2000:
Cultivar trial for spring cultivation of broad-leaved endive in 1999

Sarrazyn, R.; Rooster, L. de; Degroote, J., 2000:
Cultivar trial for summer lettuce in 1999: standard cultivars prove themselves again

Rooster, L. de; Reycke, L. de; Visser, J., 2000:
Cultivar trial late autumn cultivation of leeks 1999: strong hybrids

Reycke, L. de; Rooster, L. de; Callens, D., 2000:
Cultivar trial of leeks for summer cultivation: the aim is fast-growing uniform hybrids

Rooster, L. de; Spiessens, K., 2000:
Cultivar trial of overwintering cauliflowers 1999-2000

Sarrazyn, R.; Rooster, L. de; Degroote, J., 2000:
Cultivar trial of summer cultivation of broad-leafed endive

Callens, D.; Rooster, L. de; Reycke, L. de, 2000:
Cultivar trial summer cultivation of cauliflowers: Fremont remains interesting, except for vein disease

Sarrazyn, R.; Rooster, L. de; Degroote, J., 2000:
Cultivar trial summer cultivation of iceberg lettuce 1999

Bleyaert, P.; Adriaenssens, W.; Vergote, N., 2000:
Cultivar trials of butterhead lettuce - early autumn cultivation: a surprising newcomer

Lisson, S.N.; Mendham, N.J., 2000:
Cultivar, sowing date and plant density studies of fibre hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in Tasmania

Santamaria, P.; Bonasia, A.; Elia, A.; Gonnella, M.; Serio, F.; Bianco, V.V., 2000:
Cultivar, yield, nitrate content and quality of radish

Mladenov, N.; Przulj, N.; Hristov, N.; Djuric, V.; Milovanovic, M., 2001:
Cultivar-by-environment interactions for wheat quality traits in semiarid conditions

Wilson, R.A.; Gardner, H.W.; Keller, N.P., 2001:
Cultivar-dependent expression of a maize lipoxygenase responsive to seed infesting fungi

Berg, R.G. van den, 1999:
Cultivar-group classification

Fantz, P.R.; Rouse, R.J.; Bilderback, T.E., 1999:
Cultivar-groups in Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica)

Kwaasi, A.A.; Harfi, H.A.; Parhar, R.S.; Collison, K.S.; Al-Sedairy, S.T.; Al-Mohanna, F.A., 2000:
Cultivar-specific IgE-epitopes in date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) fruit allergy. Correlation of skin test reactivity and ige-binding properties in selecting date cultivars for allergen standardization

Bakulina, V.A.; Yermakova, G.D.; Uliakina, A.V., 2001:
Cultivars and hybrids first included in 2000 into the State Roster of breeding achievements allowed for use

Volgin, V.V.; Logvinov, V.A.; Shevchenko, A.G.; Smirnov, V.V.; Mishchenko, V.A.; Deryugin, V.A., 1999:
Cultivars and hybrids for the south of Russia

Bakulina, V.A.; Kamynina, T.N., 2000:
Cultivars and hybrids included for the first time in 1999 in the State Register of breeding achievements licensed for use

Bakulina, V.A., 2000:
Cultivars and hybrids included for the first time in 1999 into the State roster of breeding achievements allowed for use

Bakulina, V.A.; Breger, E.L., 2001:
Cultivars and hybrids included for the first time in 2000 into the State Roster of Selection Achievements Allowed for Use

Anonymous, 2000:
Cultivars and hybrids of vegetable crops included for the first time in 1999 in the State Register of breeding achievements licensed for use

Anonymous, 1999:
Cultivars and hybrids of vegetable crops included in 1998 in the State Register of breeding achievements licensed for use

Ribeiro, J.L., 1999:
Cultivars and lines of herbaceous cotton evaluated in the state of Piaui

Guberac, V.; Martincic, J.; Bede, M.; Maric, S., 1999:
Cultivars and sowing rates in correlation with large, medium large and small seed portion

Plovanich Jones, A.E.; Coombes, A.; Hoa, D.T., 1999:
Cultivars of Quercus cerris x Quercus suber: Q. xhispanica, the Lucombe oak and inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSRs)

Ohi, M.; Isomura, Y., 2000:
Cultivars of radish (Raphanus sativus L.) in Nagano Prefecture

Perez Talavera, S., 2000:
Cultivars of species of agricultural interest introduced into production derived from radiomutation breeding programmes in Cuba

Baroniene, V., 1998:
Cultivars of woody angiosperms grown in Lithuania

Baggio, C.; Pavarin, G., 1999:
Cultivars on trial at Po di Tramontana

Julian, J., 2001:
Cultivars registered to 31 December 2000

Boguslavskij, R.L.; Golik, O.V.; Tkachenko, T.T., 2000:
Cultivated emmer is valuable germplasm for durum wheat breeding

Seger, M., 2000:
Cultivated grassland of central Enns Valley in Styria from the perspective of vegetation ecology

Spencer, R.D., 1999:
Cultivated plants and the codes of nomenclature - towards the resolution of a demarcation dispute

Kurtzman, R.H.Jr, 2001:
Cultivating agarics in the student laboratory

Tamm, U.; Tamm, S.; Polluste, A., 2001:
Cultivating alfalfa mixed with timothy: changes in harvest and nutritive value

Berglund, K., 2000:
Cultivating away organic soils

Qin JianHua; Jiang ZhiLin, 1999:
Cultivating high-quality hardwood mixed plantations and sustainable forest management

Sillitoe, P., 2000:
Cultivating indigenous knowledge on Bangladeshi soil: an essay in definition

Kuria, K.A.M.; Proft, M. de; Masengo, W.; Kibwage, I.; Quirynen, L.; Maes, L.; Janssen, L.; Hoogmartens, J.; Laekeman, G.M., 2001:
Cultivating the African plant Ajuga remota in Belgium and confirming its biological activity against Plasmodium falciparum

Bonciarelli, F., 1998:
Cultivation and agronomic systematization for soil conservation

Puentes, F.; Diaz, D.; Hoya, R.D.; Gutíerrez, J.A.; Lozano, J.M.; Patarroyo, M.E.; Moreno, A., 2001:
Cultivation and characterization of stable Leishmania guyanensis complex axenic amastigotes derived from infected U937 cells

Bogusas, R., 2000:
Cultivation and development of faba beans (Vicia faba L.) using growth regulators together with a fungicide at the flowering stage of plants

Caceres Hernandez, J.J., 2000:
Cultivation and export cost of Canarian tomato

Schmitt, A., 2000:
Cultivation and fertilisation of Reynoutria sachalinensis (F. Schmidt) Nakai under particular consideration of the efficacy against powdery mildew of cucurbits (Sphaerotheca fuliginea Poll.)

Terzer, A., 2000:
Cultivation and marketing opportunities of Lagrein and Merlot

Mishra, D.K.; Naik, S.N., 2000:
Cultivation and processing of Abelmoschus moschatus

Klu, G.Y.P.; Amoatey, H.M.; Bansa, D.; Kumaga, F.K., 2000:
Cultivation and use of African yam bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) in the Volta Region of Ghana

Matsushima, K.; Wakimoto, K.; Tasaka, K.; Yoshinaga, S., 2000:
Cultivation characteristics of rice pedigree Saikai No. 232 after submerged direct sowing

Lin YanQuan; L.K.iBen; Lin XingSheng; Huang JianCheng; Chen TiQiang; Y.Y.ngRui; H.R.nFang, 2001:
Cultivation comparison and esterase isoenzyme analysis of Agaricus silvaticus

Obukhov, I.L.; Gruzdev, K.N.; Kumalagova, K.I., 1999:
Cultivation conditions and maintenance of Chlamydial strain K-1

Collina, L., 1999:
Cultivation costs in Emilia-Romagna

Buschiazzo, D.E.; Hevia, G.G.; Urioste, A.M.; Hepper, E.N., 2000:
Cultivation effects on phosphate forms and sorption in loess-soils of Argentina

Granges, A.; Azodanlou, R.; Couvreur, F.; Reuter, E., 2000:
Cultivation methods and organoleptic quality of tomatoes grown in the greenhouse and in the field

Siviero, P.; Scarparo, A., 2000:
Cultivation of 'bunch' carrots in the Agro-Pontino region

Hulinska, D.; Drevova, H.; Godova, T.; Janovska, D., 2001:
Cultivation of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato from patients in the Czech Republic

Blaszczyk, T., 1999:
Cultivation of Chinese medicinal plants in Hamm

Nautiyal, M.C.; Purohit, A.N., 2000:
Cultivation of Himalayan aconites under polyhouse conditions

Kulkarni, S.M.; Sangita Dighe, 2000:
Cultivation of Hohenbuehelia atrocaerulea (Fr.) Sing. (Agaricomycetideae): a mushroom with nematicidal potential

Mizuno, Y.; Hatabu, T.; Kawazu, S.I.; Masuda, G.; Ohtomo, H.; Suzuki, M.; Kano, S., 2000:
Cultivation of Plasmodium falciparum isolates under the AnaeropackReg. gas condition in a portable thermostatic incubator

Thakur, M.P.; Chaurasia, V.K.; Shukla, C.S., 2000:
Cultivation of Pleurotus columbinus (oyster mushroom) on different substrates and its correlation with prevailing weather conditions

Bermudez, R.C.; Garcia, N.; Gross, P.; Serrano, M., 2001:
Cultivation of Pleurotus on agricultural substrates in Cuba

Arias, A.; Ramirez, R.; Leal, H., 2000:
Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus hybrids resistant to 2DG obtained by pairings of neohaplonts from selected dikaryons

Iwase, K.; Umezawa, Y.; Masuda, K., 2000:
Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus with beer spent grains and utilization of carbonized waste substrate as a soil ameliorant

Fausto Guerra, S.; Garcia Lopez, P.M.; Monteon, J.A., 2000:
Cultivation of Pleurotus pulmonarius on a bed containing leaves, pods and stems of bitter and sweet lupins

Suman, B.C.; Sharma, B.K., 1999:
Cultivation of Volvariella volvacea and Pleurotus flabellatus in sub-montane and low hills sub-tropical zone of Himachal Pradesh

Tonial, T.M.; Ashok Pandey; Chiarello, M.D.; Soccol, C.R., 2000:
Cultivation of Volvariella volvacea to produce biomass from potato and cassava processing residues by submerged fermentation

Bartelt, D.; Koch, J.; Tourinho, M.M., 2000:
Cultivation of acai (Euterpe oleracea) and cocoa (Theobroma sylvestre) in primary floodplain forests of the Tocantins river (Brazil/Para)

Grote, D.; Walter, E.; Schmidt, R., 2001:
Cultivation of artichokes in North Germany

Bjornsson, I.; Hermannsson, J.; Helgadottir, A., 2000:
Cultivation of barley in Northwest Iceland

Rao, B.R.R.; Kaul, P.N.; Bhattacharya, A.K.; Naqvi, A.A., 1999:
Cultivation of cornmint (Mentha arvensis L.f. piperascens Malinv. ex Holmes) in Tamil Nadu: yield and quality of the essential oil

Biertumpfel, A.; Wurl, G.; Vetter, A.; Bochmann, R., 2000:
Cultivation of dye plants for the isolation of dye extracts for application to textiles

Philippoussis, A.; Zervakis, G., 2000:
Cultivation of edible mushrooms in Greece: presentation of the current status and analysis of future trends

L.J.ngFa; Zhang YunFeng; Zhao Min; Zhang Wei, 2000:
Cultivation of gentian and control of Septoria gentianicola

Sastry, K.P.; Sushil Kumar; Mehta, V.K.; Radhakrishnan, K.; Saleem, S.M., 2000:
Cultivation of geranium (Pelargonium spp.) in the hilly regions of Tamilnadu

Voltolina, G., 2000:
Cultivation of ginseng

Jankeviciene, D.; Lukosevicius, L., 1999:
Cultivation of goat's rue on a cultivated low peat

Mokrzecka, E., 1999:
Cultivation of greenhouse tomato using sawdust. Part II. Fruit yield, content of organic substances and organic carbon in soil and content of nutrients in soil and leaves

Dierend, W., 2000:
Cultivation of highbush blueberries

Jakubynaite, J., 1999:
Cultivation of lettuce and garden radish in unheated glasshouses

Leuto, I.; Stelmakh, M.; Vasilenok, A.; Spartak, V., 1997:
Cultivation of low productive waterlogged mineral soils

Khil' ko, L.A.; Prichko, T.G., 2000:
Cultivation of new raspberry cultivars in south Russia

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Cultural eutrophication control through water reuse

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Cultural practices for managing Bemisia tabaci

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Cultural responses to climate change during the late Holocene

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Cultural systems to aid weed management in semiarid corn (Zea mays)

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Cultural techniques for high yields in a chestnut plantation in a hillside region

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Cultural techniques for high yields in nectarines on a hillside location

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Cultural tourism: challenges for management and marketing

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Culture management interferes in the experimental error

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Culture media for immature embryos of peach, Prunus persica L., Batsch

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Curd carry over

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Current controversies

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Current development of cryopreservation for the conservation of plant genetic resources

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Current development status of furnished cages for laying hens

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Current developments in the Cuban sugar industry

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Current problems of the certification of agricultural machines

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Current situation of the forest in Cambodia

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Current situation report on the world market for table olives

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Current situation, issues and prospects for the livestock processing industry in China

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Current situation, problems and outlook of the sugarcane industry in Sao Paulo

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Current stand structure of Polylepis reticulata in the Sacha Huayco forest of Ecuador and implications for regeneration

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Current state and developmental prospects of the salt flora at the former lake Salziger See (Mansfelder Land, Germany)

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Current state and developmental trends in marketing of potatoes

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Current state and export policies for China's agro-processing products

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Current state of farming insurance in the Czech Republic

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Current state of health of oaks in Saxony-Anhalt

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Current state of knowledge of Xanthomonas campestris in cabbage

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Current state of the Altamura bread production and evaluation of bread-making properties of the durum wheat semolinas used

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Current state of the genetic improvement of domestic animals

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Current state of the sea of Azov flora and fauna: analysis of the variability trends

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Current status and competitiveness of U.S. poultry exports

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Current status and constraints to higher productivity of pulses: a review

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Current status and factors affecting the success of artificial insemination in small-holder farms in the mid country wet zone of Sri Lanka

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Current status and fluconazole treatment of pelvic fungal gynecological infections

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Current status and future perspectives of cryopreservation in Thailand

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Current status and future perspectives of plant cryopreservation in Viet Nam

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Current status and future prospects for the use of the internet in travel agents in Catalonia

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Current status and management of insect vectors of rice yellow mottle virus (RYMV) in Africa

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Current status and new natural hosts of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) in Spain

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Current status and perspectives of forest pest control in China

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Current status and perspectives of using porcine xenotransplants in human patients

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Current status and prospect in the development of breeding materials and breeding methodology of hybrid rice

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Current status and prospects for foreign investment in China's agriculture and strategic shift of modes of opening China's agriculture to the outside world

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Current status and prospects of echinococcosis control in the republic of Bulgaria

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Current status and prospects of nuclear transplantation technology for production of cloned animals

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Current status and suggestions on improvements of guava production in Taiwan

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Current status in basic and applied research on the entomopathogenic fungus, Paecilomyces fumosoroseus

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Current status in the use of hybrid rice heterosis in China

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Current status of Aedes albopictus and Aedes atropalpus in Italy

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Current status of CGN forages collection

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Current status of Metarhizium as a mycoinsecticide in Australia

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Current status of abalone aquaculture in the Californias

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Current status of agro-chemicals use and their environmental impacts in Asia and the Pacific

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Current status of anabolic hormone administration in human burn injury

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Current status of artemisinin and its derivatives as antimalarial drugs

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Current status of biological control of insects

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Current status of biological control of plant disease

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Current status of biological control of weeds

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Current status of circumsporozoite protein in malaria vaccine development

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Current status of conservation and systematics in Korean flora: a case study of Eleutherococcus (Araliaceae)

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Current status of cryopreservation in China

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Current status of cryopreservation research and future perspectives for its application in Costa Rica

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Current status of cryopreservation research and future perspectives of its application in Malaysia

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Current status of cryopreservation research and future perspectives of its application in South Africa

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Current status of cryopreservation research and future perspectives of its application in the south Pacific

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Current status of dengue/dengue haemorrhagic fever in WHO South-East Asia Region

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Current status of genome mapping in pigs

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Current status of genome mapping in ruminants

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Current status of infection-related gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary diseases in Thailand

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Current status of malaria and potential for control

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Current status of mortgage on using rights for collective farmland and some suggestions for legislation

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Current status of nickel contamination of local vegetable ghee

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Current status of nodding thistle research in Australia

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Current status of production and trade of major essential oils

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Current status of resistance breeding of japanese pine species to pine wilt disease

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Current status of rye germplasm conservation in Turkey

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Current status of sexing mammalian sperm by sperm sorting

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Current status of some virus and virus-like diseases of citrus in Chile

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Current status of sorghum smuts in Nigeria

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Current status of sugarcane mosaic subgroup of potyviruses causing sorghum red stripe in India

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Current status of the coconut industry

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Current status of the microbial control of agricultural pests with entomopathogenic fungi

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Current status of the occurrence of the insect pests in the citrus orchard in Cheju Island

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Current status of the taxonomy of Hypsipyla Ragonot (Pyralidae: Phycitinae)

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Current status of the technology for preparing and comminuting wood for board manufacture, and the possibilities of improvement

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Current status of the timber species used in the timber industry, 1990-1997

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Current status of tuberose virus research and the development of its indexing techniques

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Current status of world horticultural research. I. Overview of research

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Current strategies for the assessment and evaluation of genetic diversity in chicken resources

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Current sugar conditions in Venezuela

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Current suitability of the utilization of cutting percentage and empirical cutting percentage

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Current test results and field experiences with MerlinReg.

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Current theories regarding the influence of diet and the control of obesity

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Current tools available for analysis of lactic acid bacterial diversity

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Current total parenteral nutrition solutions for the neonate are inadequate

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Current treatment of superficial mycosis

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Current trends in dietary diversification in infants

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Current trends in downstream processing of wood based industry in Malaysia

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Current trends in pesticide usage in regulating abundance of the Colorado beetle

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Current trends in phytohormone research

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Current trends in supplies to agriculture and their consequences

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Current trends in the application of DNA technology

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Current trends in thermal and non-thermal food preservation

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Current trends of starter cultures used in fermented milks - an overview

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Current wine production analysis. I. Analysis of acreage, yield, cultivation and labour requirements

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Currently available technologies for precision agriculture

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Currently situation and priorities of the germplasm bank of cucurbits in northeastern Brazil

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Curricula equity in required ninth-grade physical education

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Curriculum planning and development in the Visayas State College of Agriculture: some insights and experiences

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Curtains for farmers' markets?

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Curtisians A-D, new free radical scavengers from the mushroom Paxillus curtisii

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Curvature angular descriptor (CAD) for anomalous shape recognition

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Curvature in Arabidopsis inflorescence stems is limited to the region of amyloplast displacement

Haith, D.; Andre, B., 2000:
Curve number approach for estimating runoff from turf

Maeda, M.; Dip, T.M., 2000:
Curves of water mass percentage versus specific gravity in vegetables in nature - optimization of the industrial process using a selection test of raw materials

Zhdanovich, C.; Ravino, V., 1999:
Curvilinear motion of a tractor with rubber-track propulsion

Sasaoka, M., 2000:
Cuscus hunting in Seram Island - customary forest utilization and management in east Indonesia

Liao GwoIng; Chen MingYih; Kuoh ChangSheng, 2000:
Cuscuta L. (Convolvulaceae) in Taiwan

Kolevska, J., 1999:
Cushing's syndrome in dogs and its treatment

Henegariu, O.; Bray-Ward, P.; Ward, D.C., 2000:
Custom fluorescent-nucleotide synthesis as an alternative method for nucleic acid labeling

Croy, B.A., 2000:
Custom-built mice: unique discovery tools in biomedical research

Lakau, A.L., 2001:
Customary land tenure systems and food security in PNG

Duany, W., 1999:
Customary law and ways of life in transition among the Nuer of south Sudan

Schoorlemmer, H.B., 2000:
Customer and quality oriented thinking and operating as a starting point for quality assurance on leek farms

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Customer knowledge management in the travel industry

MacLaurin, D.J.; MacLaurin, T.L., 2000:
Customer perceptions of theme restaurants in Singapore

Imrie, R.; Fyall, A., 2000:
Customer retention and loyalty in the independent mid-market hotel sector: a United Kingdom perspective

Moller, J.J.; Sondell, J., 2000:
Customer-driven assortments call for better diameter measuring - improvements possible in the woods

Sondell, J.; Moller, J.J., 2000:
Customer-driven assortments call for better diameter measuring - sawmill technology and improvements

Herrmann, A.; Kopsch, A., 1999:
Customer-orientated product and price policy in hotel enterprises

Mai LiWei; Ness, M.R., 2000:
Customers' satisfaction and future purchase of mail-order specialty food in the UK

Lentell, R., 2001:
Customers' views of the results of managing quality through ISO 9002 and Investors in People in leisure services

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Cut rose flower longevity and its variation between plants of cv. Frisco grown in different lighting periods

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Cut rose quality as affected by calcium supply and translocation

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Cut-to-length: the next decade

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Cutaneous aspergillus invasion from sinusitis

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Cutaneous DNA vaccination against Ebola virus by particle bombardment: histopathology and alteration of CD3-positive dendritic epidermal cells

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Cutaneous Scedosporium apiospermum infection in an immunocompromised patient

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Cutaneous acanthamoebiasis: an unusual occurrence in an AIDS patient

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Cutaneous alternariosis

Yang YuanQing; Xiao ShuHua; Ren HaiNan; W.J.aTong; Feng Zheng; Hotez, P.J., 1999:
Cutaneous and subcutaneous mast cell and eosinophil responses after challenge in mice vaccinated with living infective third-stage hookworm larvae

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Cutaneous application of vegetable oil as a coadjutant in the nutritional management of preterm infants

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Cutaneous aspergillosis and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

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Cutaneous asthenia (Ehlers-Danlos-like syndrome) in a pet rabbit

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Cutaneous blastomycosis in New Brunswick: case report

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Cutaneous chytridiomycosis in dwarf aquatic frogs (Hymenochirus boettgeri) originating from southeast Asia and in a western toad (Bufo boreas) from northeastern British Columbia

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Cutaneous cryptococcosis in a patient submitted to prolonged corticoid therapy - treatment with itraconazole

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Cutaneous cryptococcosis in two patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

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Cutaneous cryptococcosis resembling molluscum contagiosum in a patient with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

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Cutaneous dirofilariosis (Dirofilaria repens) in two imported dogs in Austria

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Cutaneous infection caused by Aspergillus ustus, an emerging opportunistic fungus in immunosuppressed patients

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Cutaneous infection caused by Cylindrocarpon lichenicola in a patient with acute myelogenous leukemia

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Cutaneous larva migrans in children from a school in central-west Brazil

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis associated with pregnancy

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania major: an imported case

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by members of Leishmania braziliensis complex in Nayarit, State of Mexico

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