Density and mechanical properties of the juvenile and the adult wood of Norway spruce wood (Picea abies Karst.) and silver fir wood (Abies alba Mill.)

Straze, A.; Gorisek, Z.

Les Ljubljana 52(6): 185-190


Accession: 003399615

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In Norway spruce wood (Picea abies) and silver fir wood (Abies alba) oven dry density ( rho 0), bending strength ( sigma bb), compression strength ( sigma cb), modulus of elasticity in bending (Eb) and toughness (Abw) at successive growth sections in direction from pith to bark (A<=10 years, B<=20 years, C<=30 years, E - at the border of the cambium) were determined. In both species, rho 0 and mechanical properties reached lowest values in section A, and increased towards greatest and significantly different values in mature wood (E). Only in juvenile sections (A, B, C) of both species had sprucewood significantly higher rho 0 and ML than firwood. In both species and at all growth sections linear regression model ( sigma =a+bx rho 0) was statistically significant.