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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3402

Chapter 3402 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tang Yi; Zhang Sue; Liu ShuXian; Shi XiaoHua; Song GuangCheng; X.Y.Xin; Jiang JianMin; T.L.Ming, 2000:
Detection of circulating antigen in sera from schistosomiasis japonica by immuno-gold assay with polyclonal antibodies against recombinant Sj26GST antigen

Lin XinJing; L.G.iPing; Huo HaiYing; X.F.ngQuan; L.Q.ngShan; Zhao ZhongPin; G.L.ngYun, 1999:
Detection of circulating antigen in serum and cerebrospinal fluid for diagnosis of cerebral cysticercosis

Jin WuGuan; L.Y.nZhu; Y.S.anCang; Yang HuiZheng, 2000:
Detection of circulating antigen in urine from mice infected with Toxoplasma tachyzoites by SPA-ELISA

Guggisberg, D.; Widmer, T.; Koch, H., 2001:
Detection of clenbuterol in urine of slaughter animals by biosensor BIACORE Q

Nakamichi, R.; Ukai, Y.; Kishino, H., 2001:
Detection of closely linked multiple quantitative trait loci using a genetic algorithm

Leys, N.; Bastiaens, L.; Wattiau, P.; Vanbroekhoven, K.; Gemoets, J.; Top, E.; Springael, D., 1999:
Detection of consortia of PAH-degrading bacteria in soil by PCR using strain- and genus-specific primers combined with DGGE

Boulos, L.M.; Ibrahim, I.R.; Negm, A.Y.; Aly, S.M., 2001:
Detection of coproantigen in early trichinellosis

Maudet, C.; Taberlet, P., 2001:
Detection of cows' milk in goats' cheeses inferred from mitochondrial DNA polymorphism

Lee SueJan; Chen MaoChiang; Lin ChinWen, 2001:
Detection of cows' milk in goats' milk by capillary zone electrophoresis

Anar, S.; Temell, S., 2000:
Detection of critical control points during production stages of diluted yoghurt

Qiu GuoYu; Miyamoto, K.; Sase, S.; Okushima, L., 2000:
Detection of crop transpiration and water stress by temperature-related approach under field and greenhouse conditions

Eun, A.J.; Wong, S.M., 2008:
Detection of cymbidium mosaic potexvirus and odontoglossum ringspot tobamovirus using immuno-capillary zone electrophoresis

Wang, H.L.; Wang, Y.T.; Liao, L.J., 2000:
Detection of cymbidium mosaic potexvirus by hybridization with cDNA probes or reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction

Eyigor, A.; Dawson, K.A.; Langlois, B.E.; Pickett, C.L., 1999:
Detection of cytolethal distending toxin activity and cdt genes in Campylobacter spp. isolated from chicken carcasses

Homma, T.; Watanabe, T.; Matsuo, K.; Anan, T., 1998:
Detection of damage effects on roots of tea plants by xylem potential recording at stem

D.R.i; Wang XinPing; Wang QuanKai et al., 2000:
Detection of deer mucosal disease virus using a sandwich ELISA

Salamon, H.; Kato-Maeda, M.; Small, P.M.; Drenkow, J.; Gingeras, T.R., 2000:
Detection of deleted genomic DNA using a semiautomated computational analysis of GeneChip data

Sumantri, C.; Morozumi, T.; Hamashima, N., 2001:
Detection of deletion and mutation on pig Mx1 gene (gene resistance to influenza virus) with PCR-RFLP Nar I restriction

Levett, P.N.; Branch, S.L.; Edwards, C.N., 2000:
Detection of dengue infection in patients investigated for leptospirosis in Barbados

Wu, S.J.; Lee, E.M.; Putvatana, R.; Shurtliff, R.N.; Porter, K.R.; Suharyono, W.; Watts, D.M.; King, C.C.; Murphy, G.S.; Hayes, C.G.; Romano, J.W., 2001:
Detection of dengue viral RNA using a nucleic acid sequence-based amplification assay

Rosen, L.; Drouet, M.T.; Deubel, V., 1999:
Detection of dengue virus RNA by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction in the liver and lymphoid organs but not in the brain in fatal human infection

Duan HongYuan; Yang PeiYing; Qin Ede; Y.M.n; O.W., 2000:
Detection of dengue viruses type 1-4 by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction using 3'-noncoding region universal primers

St pińska, U.; Olszańska, B., 2001:
Detection of deoxyribonuclease I and II activities in Japanese quail oocytes

Vidic, B.; Popovic, M., 2001:
Detection of dermonecrotic toxin produced by serotype D strains of Pasteurella multocida

Taka, T.; Nishikawa, A.M.; Salioni, E.M.C.; Aranha, S., 1994:
Detection of diethylstilbestrol and zeranol residues in bovine liver by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry

X.Q.anBin; Shen YongLin; Daugschies, A., 2001:
Detection of difference among Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica with RAPD

Malashenko, A.M.; Beskova, T.B.; Kovaleva, M.A.; Kovalev, L.I., 2000:
Detection of differences in liver protein composition between recombinant strains of mice with different ThioTEPA sensitivities

Uner, A.; Aksoy, U.; Dagci, H.; Babaoglu, A., 1999:
Detection of different amoeba species in formed and unformed stools using fresh preparations and trichrome staining

Shaker, M.M.; E.A.iz, S.A., 1999:
Detection of different bacteria causing decreased hatchability in turkey eggs

Gonzalez, L.; Peralta, E.L., 2000:
Detection of double-stranded RNA in plants affected by sugarcane yellow leaf syndrome

Rehman, Z.; Asma Saeed; Zafar, S.I., 1999:
Detection of dried milk powder in liquid milk

Bertho, A.L.; Santiago, M.A.; Da-Cruz, A.M.; Coutinho, S.G., 2000:
Detection of early apoptosis and cell death in T CD4+ and CD8+ cells from lesions of patients with localized cutaneous leishmaniasis

Yang HanCun; Zhang XiaoMei; L.H.a; Ren HuiYing; Gao YiYu; Chen YanHong, 1999:
Detection of early apoptosis in peripheral blood monocytes and alveolar macrophages in SPF pigs infected with PRRS virus

Narayanaswamy, M.; Gowda, R.N.S.; Jayaprakash ; Ravindra, J.P., 2000:
Detection of early pregnancy in cows by rosette inhibition test

Brown, T.M.; Mitchell, C.J.; Nasci, R.S.; Smith, G.C.; Roehrig, J.T., 2001:
Detection of eastern equine encephalitis virus in infected mosquitoes using a monoclonal antibody-based antigen-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Cassells, A.C.; Joyce, S.M.; Curry, R.F.; McCarthy, T.F., 1999:
Detection of economically important variability in micropropagation

Inokuma, H.; Ohno, K.; Onishi, T.; Raoult, D.; Brouqui, P., 2001:
Detection of ehrlichial infection by PCR in dogs from Yamaguchi and Okinawa Prefectures, Japan

Mangold, B.J.; Cook, R.A.; Cranfield, M.R.; Huygen, K.; Godfrey, H.P., 1999:
Detection of elevated levels of circulating antigen 85 by dot immunobinding assay in captive wild animals with tuberculosis

Miyazaki, S.; Fukumura, M.; Yoshioka, M.; Yamanaka, N., 2001:
Detection of endophyte toxins in the imported perennial ryegrass straw

Peloquin, J.; Miller, T., 2000:
Detection of enhanced green fluorescent protein DNA in pink bollworm through polymerase chain reaction

Zhou ZhiJiang; Nishikawa, Y.; Hase, A.; Haruki, K., 2001:
Detection of entero-aggregative Escherichia coli heat-stable enterotoxin 1 gene in E. coli O157: H7

Wyss, R.; Hockenjos, P., 1999:
Detection of enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) on beef carcasses

Singh, J.P.; Singh, K.P.; Singh, A.K., 1998:
Detection of epistasis and estimation of components of genetic variation applying modified triple test cross analysis in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller)

Adetimirin, V.O.; Aken' Ova, M.E.; Kim, S.K., 2001:
Detection of epistasis for horizontal resistance to Striga hermonthica in maize

Gupta, A.K.; Vandana Sharma; Yadav, M.P., 2001:
Detection of equine influenza virus by Haemagglutinin (HA) gene based RT-PCR

Skynner, M.J.; Sim, J.A.; Herbison, A.E., 1999:
Detection of estrogen receptor alpha and beta messenger ribonucleic acids in adult gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons

Kubica Biernat, B.; Stanczak, J.; Racewicz, M.; Kruminis ozowska, W., 1998:
Detection of etiological agent of Lyme borreliosis in native mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) population

Bentancor, A.B.; Rodriguez Fermepin, M.; Skirmuntt, V.; Carloni, G.; Bentancor, L.D.; Gentilini, E.; Torres, R.A. de, 1999:
Detection of etx gene (epsilon toxin) of Clostridium perfringens for improving conventional vaccines

Rose, J.K.; Cosgrove, D.J.; Albersheim, P.; Darvill, A.G.; Bennett, A.B., 2000:
Detection of expansin proteins and activity during tomato fruit ontogeny

X.Y.Lin; Dai JianJun; L.C.engPing, 2000:
Detection of extracellular proteases of avian Escherichia coli

Bruneval, P.; Choucair, J.; Paraf, F.; Casalta, J.P.; Raoult, D.; Scherchen, F.; Mainardi, J.L., 2001:
Detection of fastidious bacteria in cardiac valves in cases of blood culture negative endocarditis

Caldas, A.P.F.; Leal, E. de S.; Silva, E.F.A.; Ravazzolo, A.P., 2000:
Detection of feline immunodeficiency provirus in domestic cats by polymerase chain reaction

Huang BingCheng; Chang Jiang; Han GuangDong et al., 2000:
Detection of filarial larvae in mosquitoes with Wuchereria bancrofti specific DNA probe labelled with biotin/PCR system

Keyes, K.; Hudson, C.; Maurer, J.J.; Thayer, S.; White, D.G.; Lee, M.D., 2000 :
Detection of florfenicol resistance genes in Escherichia coli isolated from sick chickens

Sandven, P., 1999:
Detection of fluconazole-resistant Candida strains by a disc diffusion screening test

Paprocka, G.; Kesy, A., 2001:
Detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) in biological material

Sajap, A.S., 1999:
Detection of foraging activity of Coptotermes curvignathus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) in an Hevea brasiliensis plantation in Malaysia

Chiueh LihChing; Chen YenLing; Y.J.iHwa; Shih YangChih, 2001:
Detection of four types of genetically modified maize by polymerase chain reaction and immuno-kit methods

Wei Ping; Zhang YanHai; Liu BaoQuan, 1999:
Detection of fowl TNF-cytotoxic activity using chick's liver cells as the target cells

Lee EunJoo; Volkov, V.I.; Lee CherlHo, 2001:
Detection of free radicals in gamma -irradiated soybean paste by electron spin resonance spectroscopy

Brisson, B.A.; Miller, C.W.; Chen, G.; McCutcheon, L.J.; Janzen, E.G., 2001:
Detection of free radicals in ischemic and reperfused canine gracilis muscle flaps by use of spin-trapping electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy

Thrane, C.; Nielsen, T.H.; Sorensen, J.; Olsson, S., 1998:
Detection of fungal stress responses by vital fluorescent staining

Navas Castillo, J.; Diaz, J.A.; Sanchez Campos, S.; Moriones, E., 1999:
Detection of geminivirus genomes by print PCR

Andreoni, V.; Bernasconi, S.; Colombo, M.; Beilen, J.B. van; Cavalca, L., 2000:
Detection of genes for alkane and naphthalene catabolism in Rhodococcus sp. strain 1BN

Boichard, D.; Grohs, C.; Bourgeois, F.; Cerqueira, F.; Faugeras, R.; Neau, A.; Milan, D.; Rupp, R.; Amigues, Y.; Boscher, M.Y.; Leveziel, H., 1999:
Detection of genes influencing economic traits in Prim'Holstein, Normande, and Montbeliarde dairy cattle breeds

Hamoen, F.F.; Van Kaam, J.B.; Groenen, M.A.; Vereijken, A.L.; Bovenhuis, H., 2001:
Detection of genes on the Z-chromosome affecting growth and feathering in broilers

Struss, D.; Boritzki, M.; Glozer, K.; Southwick, S.M., 2001:
Detection of genetic diversity among populations of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) by AFLPs

H.Z.enXiang; Shi JiSen; Yin ZengFang; Chen XiaoChou; Y.R.ngZhuo, 2000:
Detection of genetic markers associated with growth traits in Chinese fir

Malkawi, H.I.; al-Momani, F.; Meqdam, M.M.; Saadoun, I.; Mohammad, M.J., 1999:
Detection of genetic polymorphism by RAPD-PCR among isolates of Bacillus thuringiensis

Messens, K.; Gryson, N.; Supli, K.; Taverniers, I.; Theuns, I.; Dewettinck, K., 2001:
Detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the food chain: an overview of the currently available methods

Hagen, M.; Beneke, B., 2000:
Detection of genetically modified soy (Roundup-ReadyTM Soy) in processed foods

Stefanovicova, A.; Kuchta, T.; Siekel, P., 2000:
Detection of genetically modified soya in food using polymerase chain reaction

Lin HsuYang; Chiueh LihChing; Shih YangChih, 2000:
Detection of genetically modified soybeans and maize by the polymerase chain reaction method

Osek, J., 2000:
Detection of genotypic markers of F18 fimbriae and shiga toxin Stx2e in Escherichia coli strains by the use of multiplex PCR

Alcazar Montanez, C.D.; Rosas Ramirez, J.; Jaramillo Arango, C.J.; Pena Betancourt, S.D., 2000:
Detection of glucomacropeptide (gmp) as an indicator of adulteration with cheese whey in dehydrated milk

Snyder, A.P.; Maswadeh, W.M.; Ashish Tripathi; Dworzanski, J.P., 2000:
Detection of gram-negative Erwinia herbicola outdoor aerosols with pyrolysis - gas chromatography/ion-mobility spectrometry

Egenvall, A.; Lilliehöök, I.; Bjöersdorff, A.; Engvall, E.O.; Karlstam, E.; Artursson, K.; Heldtander, M.; Gunnarsson, A., 2000:
Detection of granulocytic Ehrlichia species DNA by PCR in persistently infected dogs

H.S.uiTao; Zhou HouCheng; Zhang YaBing; Guo WeiDong, 2001:
Detection of grapevine fanleaf virus by RT-PCR

Munoz, L.A.; Cabra, J.A.; Galvez, G.; Galindo, J.J., 1999:
Detection of grapevine leafroll virus and grapevine corky bark virus in Vitis labrusca (var. Isabella), in the Valle del Cauca

Mansinho, A.; Santos, M.T.; Sequeira, Z.; Sequeira, C.; Correia, P.K.; Sequeira, O.A.; Nolasco, G., 1999:
Detection of grapevine viruses by RT-PCR of double stranded RNA templates

Lu, Yuanan.; Yu, Qigui.; Zamzow, Jill P.; Wang, Yun.; Losey, George S.; Balazs, George H.; Nerurkar, Vivek R.; Yanagihara, Richard., 2000:
Detection of green turtle herpesviral sequence in saddleback wrasse Thalassoma duperrey: a possible mode of transmission of green turtle fibropapilloma

Nielsen, K.; Yohalem, D.S.; Jensen, D.F., 2000:
Detection of grey mould in onion

Winiarczyk, S., 2001:
Detection of group A rotaviruses in field samples from diarrheic piglets using cDNA probes

Alam, M.M.; Ahmed, M.U.; Chowdhury, N.S.; Urasawa, S., 1999:
Detection of group- and subgroup-specific antigens of bovine rotaviruses in Bangladesh

Smalley, J.W.; Charalabous, P.; Birss, A.J.; Hart, C.A., 2001:
Detection of heme-binding proteins in epidemic strains of Burkholderia cepacia

Zhang Yun; Zhu Jin; W.G.angHua et al., 1999:
Detection of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome virus structural protein and gene in gamasid mite and chigger mite

MacDonald, D.M.; Holmes, E.C.; Lewis, J.C.M.; Simmonds, P., 2000:
Detection of hepatitis B virus infection in wild-born chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus): phylogenetic relationships with human and other primate genotypes

Chen Ran; W.D.; Tang Rong; Wang Jin; Mao YuMin, 2000:
Detection of hepatitis C virus RNA by circulatory reverse transcription-PCR

Pantoja, C.R.; Lightner, D.V., 2001:
Detection of hepatopancreatic parvovirus (HPV) of penaeid shrimp by in situ hybridization at the electron microscope level

Meqdam, M.M.; Todd, D.; Al-Abosi, M., 2001:
Detection of herpes simplex and varicella zoster viruses in clinical specimens using direct immunofluorescence and cell culture assays

Nogueira, M.L.; Siqueira, R.C.; Freitas, N.; Amorim, J.B.; Bonjardim, C.A.; Ferreira, P.C.; Oréfice, F.; Kroon, E.G., 2001:
Detection of herpesvirus DNA by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in vitreous samples from patients with necrotising retinitis

Knabel, S.; Seigner, L.; Wallnofer, P.R., 1999:
Detection of hop latent viroid (HLVd) using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Gratacap-Cavallier, B.; Genoulaz, O.; Brengel-Pesce, K.; Soule, H.; Innocenti-Francillard, P.; Bost, M.; Gofti, L.; Zmirou, D.; Seigneurin, J.M., 2000:
Detection of human and animal rotavirus sequences in drinking water

Gao DongQi; Cao WuChun; Zhao QiuMin; Zhang XiTan; Fang LiQun, 2000:
Detection of human granulocytic Ehrlichia 16S rRNA gene in ticks from north China

Kim YeongSik; Lee HeeJoo; Lee GwangGil; Park SuiYon; Lee GoEun; Suh JinTae; Huh JuYup, 2001:
Detection of human papillomavirus type 16 and 18 in cervical specimens by nested polymerase chain reaction

Mahmoud, M.S.E.; Ezzat, H.M., 1999:
Detection of hydatid antigen in human cyst fluid by reverse latex agglutination test

Savoie, J.M.; Besson, M.; Caluori, J., 2000:
Detection of hydrogen peroxide in cultures of the edible mushroom, Agaricus bisporus

Xia Chun; Liu Jin; Huang Jie, 2000:
Detection of hypodermal and haematopoietic necrosis baculovirus of penaeid shrimps by the one-tube multiplex PCR method

Daniels, J., 1999:
Detection of ilarviruses in the Prunus collection from Embrapa Clima Temperado, Brazil

Fernandez, P.E.; Sanguinetti, H.R.; Portiansky, E.L.; Barbeito, C.G.; Gimeno, E.J., 1999:
Detection of illegal estrogen administration through immunohistochemical markers in the bovine prostate

Mathias, R.; Costa, F.A.; Goto, H., 2001:
Detection of immunoglobulin G in the lung and liver of hamsters with visceral leishmaniasis

Suzuki, Y.; Ramirez, R.; Press, C.; Li, S.; Parmley, S.; Thulliez, P.; Remington, J.S., 2000:
Detection of immunoglobulin M antibodies to P35 antigen of Toxoplasma gondii for serodiagnosis of recently acquired infection in pregnant women

Partoutomo, S., 2000:
Detection of immunosuppression caused by Trypanosoma evansi infection and malnutrition in experimental buffaloes with skin sensitisation tests

Shin, T.; Cho, S.; Lee, C., 2001:
Detection of inducible nitric oxide synthase- and nitrotyrosine-positive cells in the lesions of pericarditis induced by porcine enterovirus serotype 3 infection

Gomez-Bautista, M.; Ortega-Mora, L.M.; Tabares, E.; Lopez-Rodas, V.; Costas, E., 2000:
Detection of infectious Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) and cockles (Cerastoderma edule)

D.G.ovanni, G.D.; Hashemi, F.H.; Shaw, N.J.; Abrams, F.A.; LeChevallier, M.W.; Abbaszadegan, M., 1999:
Detection of infectious Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in surface and filter backwash water samples by immunomagnetic separation and integrated cell culture-PCR

Bronzoni, R.V.; Pinto, A.A.; Montassier, H.J., 2001:
Detection of infectious bronchitis virus in experimentally infected chickens by an antigen-competitive ELISA

Huang GuangMing; Zhang ManFu, 2000:
Detection of infectious bursal disease viruses by in situ polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Vishnichenko, V.K.; Zavriev, S.K., 2001:
Detection of infectious viral particles in plant protoplasts inoculated with transcripts of full-length shallot virus X cDNA

Pirttilä, A.M.; Laukkanen, H.; Pospiech, H.; Myllylä, R.; Hohtola, A., 2000:
Detection of intracellular bacteria in the buds of Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) by in situ hybridization

Wunsch, C.; Kurachi, M.; Kikumoto, M.; Tashiro, H.; Wada, M., 1998:
Detection of intranuclear forces by the use of laser optics during the recovery process of elongated interphase nuclei in centrifuged protonemal cells of Adiantum capillus-veneris

Hein, W.G.; Simat, T.J.; Steinhart, H., 2000:
Detection of irradiated food. Determination of non-protein bound o-tyrosine as a marker for the detection of irradiated shrimps

Chabane, S.; Pouliquen-Sonaglia, I.; Raffi, J., 2001:
Detection of irradiated spices by different physical techniques

Chandrasekera, C.M.M.M.K.; Silva, R.P. de; Manthrithilaka, H., 2000:
Detection of land use changes through GIS functionality: a case study in Randenigala and Kotmale subcatchments

Kimura Hiroshi; Yamaguchi Yasushi, 2000:
Detection of landslide areas using satellite radar interferometry

Martin, D.; Pazos, V.; Peralta, E.L., 2000:
Detection of latent infections of Xanthomonas albilineans (Ashby) Dowson in sugarcane explant lines in Cuba

Chiang YuChung; Chou ChangHung; Lee PeiRay; Chiang TzenYuh, 2001:
Detection of leaf-associated fungi based on PCR and nucleotide sequence of the ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) in Miscanthus

Meiser, H.; Hagedorn, H.W.; Majzoub, M.; Schulz, R., 2001:
Detection of levamisole and ivermectin in organ samples from a perished Collie

Troya, T.; Munoz Mingarro, D.; Llinares, F.; Rodriguez Borrajo, C.; Yuste, M.; Rubio, F., 2000:
Detection of lignocellulolytic enzymatic activities of Chaetomium spp

Gionfriddo, J.R.; Davidson, H.; Asem, E.K.; Krohne, S.G., 2000:
Detection of lysozyme in llama, sheep, and cattle tears

Zhang SiQing; Roy, P. le; Naveau, J.; Bidanel, J.P., 1999:
Detection of major genes in the Tiameslan pig line

Zazzo, J.F.; Troche, G.; Lienard, M.; Brosseau, M., 2001:
Detection of malnutrition on admission to hospital by medical and paramedical personnel: audit of practices

Bilge Dagalp, S.; Yldrm, Y.; Alkan, F., 2001:
Detection of maternal antibody levels against BHV-1 in calves

Cho, J.C.; Kim, S.J., 2001:
Detection of mega plasmid from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading Sphingomonas sp. strain KS14

Gómez, B.L.; Nosanchuk, J.D.; Díez, S.; Youngchim, S.; Aisen, P.; Cano, L.E.; Restrepo, A.; Casadevall, A.; Hamilton, A.J., 2001:
Detection of melanin-like pigments in the dimorphic fungal pathogen Paracoccidioides brasiliensis in vitro and during infection

Eroglu, C.; Pekbay, A.; Duyar, E.; Gunaydn, M.; Esen, S.; Sunbul, M.; Leblebicioglu, H., 2001:
Detection of methicillin resistance in staphylococci by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and oxacillin salt agar screen method

Hadrich, J.; Jarvers, J.; Podestat, U., 2001:
Detection of methoxyprogesterone acetate residues in fatty acid tissue using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)

Shilpa Bawankar; Shanti Patil; Gawande, P.P.; Raut, S.K.; Choudhari, S.D., 2000:
Detection of micromutants in Lathyrus sativus using pollen traits

Müller, A.; Bialek, R.; Kämper, A.; Fätkenheuer, G.; Salzberger, B.; Franzen, C., 2001:
Detection of microsporidia in travelers with diarrhea

Khan, A.A.; Nawaz, M.S.; Khan, S.A.; Cerniglia, C.E., 1999:
Detection of multidrug-resistant Salmonella typhimurium DT104 by multiplex polymerase chain reaction

Ying, Y.; Zhao, G.Q., 2000:
Detection of multiple bone morphogenetic protein messenger ribonucleic acids and their signal transducer, Smad1, during mouse decidualization

Xing WanLi; O.G.oRong; Jiang ZhongHua; M.L.Ren; Chao FuHuan, 2000:
Detection of multiple herbicide residues using a planar array evanescent field immunosensor

Molloy, P.J.; Berardi, V.P.; Persing, D.H.; Sigal, L.H., 2000:
Detection of multiple reactive protein species by immunoblotting after recombinant outer surface protein A lyme disease vaccination

Hirose, K.; Kawasaki, Y.; Kotani, K.; Tanaka, A.; Abiko, K.; Ogawa, H., 2001:
Detection of mycoplasma in mastitic milk by PCR analysis and culture method

Villa, A.; Gracia, E.; Fernández, A.; Albizu, I.; Baselga, R., 2001:
Detection of mycoplasmas in the lungs of rabbits with respiratory disease

Lai ChaoLing; Fuh YouMin; Shih, D.Y.C., 2000:
Detection of mycotoxin patulin in apple juice

Ozbilgin, S.; Sen, A.; Ulgen, M., 2000:
Detection of myeloid leukosis in a broiler breeder flock in Bursa region

Lipps, B.V., 2000:
Detection of nerve growth factor (NGF) in venoms from diverse source: isolation and characterization of NGF from the venom of honey bee (Apis melifera)

Nitsch, P.; Wachsmann, G., 2001:
Detection of nerve tissues (brain and spinal cord) in comminuted meat by using the cholesterol-test kit Enzym.BioAnalysis Cholesterin/R-Biopharm

Votava, M.; Skalka, B.; Woznicova, V.; Ruzicka, F.; Zahradnicek, O.; Ondrovcik, P.; Klapacova, L., 2001:
Detection of neutralizing antibodies against phospholipase D of Arcanobacterium haemolyticum in patients with acute tonsillitis

Nageswara Rao, K.; Malik, R.K.; Mathur, D.K., 2000:
Detection of non-starter lactic acid bacteria in milk and milk products

Salle, C.T.P.; Rodrigues, O.; Bavaresco, A.; Lorenzini, G.; Silva, A.B. da; Guahyba, A.; Moraes, H.L. de S.; Nascimento, V.P. do, 2000:
Detection of ochratoxin in viscera from broiler chickens using ELISA

Oelberg, D.G.; Joyner, S.E.; Jiang, X.; Laborde, D.; Islam, M.P.; Pickering, L.K., 2000:
Detection of pathogen transmission in neonatal nurseries using DNA markers as surrogate indicators

Narasimhan, K.; Thulaseedharan, A.; Kothandaraman, R., 2000:
Detection of pathogenesis related proteins in Hevea brasiliensis infected by Phytophthora meadii

Bunnell, J.E.; Hice, C.L.; Watts, D.M.; Montrueil, V.; Tesh, R.B.; Vinetz, J.M., 2000:
Detection of pathogenic Leptospira spp. infections among mammals captured in the Peruvian Amazon basin region

Das, S.C.; Kapoor, K.N.; Sikdar, A., 2000:
Detection of pathogenic S. epidermidis in apparently healthy men and animals in India

Meeusen, C.; Alocilja, E.; Osburn, W., 2000:
Detection of pathogenic bacteria in the pork industry chain using a surface plasmon resonance biosensor. Part 1: Sensor verification

Lan, Y.; Jones, C.; Nguyen, C.; Chen, J.; Garcia, S., 2000:
Detection of pathogenic bacteria using a Spreeta biosensor

E.S.ater, S.A.A.; Eissa, S.I.; Hassan, A.M., 2000:
Detection of pathogenic mycoplasmas (M. gallisepticum and M. synoviae) in samples from chickens and turkeys by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and identification by arbitrarily primed PCR (AP-PCR)

Vadas, P.; Wai, Y.; Burks, W.; Perelman, B., 2001:
Detection of peanut allergens in breast milk of lactating women

Topchiiska, M.; Marcone, C.; Seemueller, E., 2000:
Detection of pear decline and European stone fruit yellows in Bulgaria

Ghosh, S.; Armitage, E.; Wilson, D.; Minor, P.D.; Afzal, M.A., 2001:
Detection of persistent measles virus infection in Crohn's disease: current status of experimental work

Michel, M., 1999:
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Detection of preformed type A botulinal toxin in hash brown potatoes by using the mouse bioassay and a modified ELISA test

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Detection of protease inhibitory activity in legumes using X-ray film

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Detection of protein markers for identification of rice genotypes resistant to green leafhopper

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Detection of resistance to halo blight (Pseudomonas phaseolicola) in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris (Burkh)) by stem injection method

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Detection of resistance to propargite by citrus red mite, Panonychus citri Mcgregor

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Detection of rodent parvoviruses by use of fluorogenic nuclease polymerase chain reaction assays.

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Detection of root dysfunction by measuring electric potential in tea plants

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Detection of seasonal movement of the phytoplasma causing decimation of pear

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Detection of seed-borne Fusarium in wheat seeds

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Detection of seed-borne Phomopsis azadirachtae and its transmission in Azadirachta indica (Neem)

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Detection of serum antibodies against Marek's disease virus (MDV) in mice using indirect ELISA

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Detection of serum type BYDV-PAV immunity by electric microscope scanning

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Detection of several vitamins (tocopherol, vitamin B1, B2 and B6) in feeds (in toto/dehusked) for birds using HPLC

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Detection of species specific protein markers for Cajanus cajan and C. cajanifolius

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Detection of specific Mycoplasma conjunctivae antibodies in the sera of sheep with infectious keratoconjunctivitis

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Detection of spirochetes in, and isolation from, culicine mosquitoes

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Detection of splenomegaly in poultry carcasses by UV and color imaging

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Detection of spurious interruptions of protein-coding regions in cloned cDNA sequences by GeneMark analysis

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Detection of subclinical mastitis in camels

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Detection of sugarcane viral diseases by serological techniques

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Detection of sulfonamides in muscles of chickens from broiler farms

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Detection of sulfonamides in waste-water of swine farms

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Detection of surface cracks in shell eggs by acoustic impulse method

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Detection of ten viruses in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) growing areas in Venezuela

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Detection of the 'Russian wheat aphid', Diuraphis noxia (Kurdjumov), in Germany

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Detection of the B esterase detoxifying enzymes in Culex quinquefasciatus (Say), Boophilus microplus (Canestrini), Amblyomma cajennense (Fabricius) and Blattella germanica (L) using zymograms

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Detection of the Bacillus thuringiensis serovar japonensis strain Buibui protoxin with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and its application to detection of the protoxin in soil

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Detection of the Cryptosporidium parvum "human" genotype in a dugong (Dugong dugon)

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Detection of the acute phase of abdominal angiostrongyliasis with a parasite-specific IgG enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

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Detection of the aerolysin gene in Aeromonas hydrophila by the polymerase chain reaction

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Detection of the basement membrane-degrading proteolytic activity of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis after SDS-PAGE using agarose overlays containing Abz-MKALTLQ-EDDnp

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Detection of the black rot pathogen (Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris) and other xanthomonads in Zimbabwean and imported Brassica seed

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Detection of the diseases of Solanaceous plants in Van province

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Detection of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Tricholoma matsutake and some related species with specific ITS primers

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Detection of the exotic mosquito Culex gelidus in the Northern Territory

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Detection of the expression of c-myc mRNA by in situ hybridization in canine lymphoma

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Detection of the genotoxicity of air pollutants in and around the city of Sao Paulo (Brazil) with the Tradescantia-micronucleus (Trad-MCN) assay

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Detection of the high-pathogenucity island (HPI) in Shigatoxin-producing Escherichia coli from different habitats

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Detection of the length of telomere restriction fragments (TRF) in tumor tissue of Marek's disease

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Detection of the mRNA transcription by using in situ hybridization in the muscle of mice immunized with recombinant plasmid pcDNA3-SAG1 of Toxoplasma gondii

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Detection of the p1 expression in vegetative organs

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Detection of the polymorphisms of the insulin-like growth factor-1 gene locus in swine

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Detection of the quinolone resistance-determining region of the gyrA gene of ofloxacin resistant chicken Escherichia coli

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Detection of thermophilic Campylobacter spp. in blood-free enriched samples of inoculated foods by the polymerase chain reaction

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Detection of tomato leaf curl geminivirus in its vector Bemisia tabaci

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Detection of tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) in chrysanthemum plants using ELISA test

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Detection of tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) in Saudi Arabia

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Detection of toxic shock syndrome toxin 1 in Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from cases of bovine mastitis

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Detection of transgenic animals with the polymerase chain reaction in situ

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Detection of transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV) by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction

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Detection of transverse moisture gradients in timber by measurements of capacitance using a multiple-electrode arrangement

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Detection of triatomines (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) in domiciliary and extra-domiciliary ecotopes. Corrientes, Argentina.

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Detection of trichomoniasis through routine colpocytology

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Detection of trichothecenes in animal feeds and foodstuffs during the years 1997 to 2000 in Saudi Arabia

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Detection of trypanosomes in suspected sleeping sickness patients in Uganda using the polymerase chain reaction

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Detection of tyrosine phosphorylated proteins in Trichinella spiralis L1 larvae

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Detection of urinary trypsinogen-2 for diagnosis of canine acute pancreatitis

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Detection of verocytotoxin, thermolabile enterotoxin, thermostable enterotoxin, cytotoxic necrotizing factor and haemolysin producing strains of E. coli isolated from buffalo calves

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Detection of viable oocysts of Cryptosporidium parvum following nucleic acid sequence based amplification

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Detection of viral nervous necrosis nodavirus by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction in locally farmed marine food fish

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Detection of viral particles in feces of young dogs and their relationship with clinical signs

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Detection of viroid like-organism on olive plants (Olea europaea L.) with sickle leaf symptoms

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Detection of virulence associated genes in clinical strains of vibrio mimicus

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Detection of virulence to wheat stem rust resistance gene Sr31 in Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici in Uganda

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Detection of virus resistant winter barleys and results of genetic analyses

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Detection of viruses in grapevines imported in Missouri from Eastern European countries

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Detection of vitellogenin mRNA in estradiol-exposed zebrafish (Danio rerio)

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Detection of wheat preharvest sprouting using a pregelatinized starch substrate and centrifugation

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Detection of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) in wild captured shrimp and in non-cultured crustaceans from shrimp ponds in Bangladesh by polymerase chain reaction

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Detection of wrinkled black soyabeans using image analysis (Part 1). Feasibility of using the linear discriminant function

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Detection on surfaces and in Caco-2 cells of Campylobacter jejuni cells transformed with new gfp, yfp, and cfp marker plasmids

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Detection rate of glyphosate tolerance gene in foreign and domestic soybeans and tofu products

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Detection rates of TT virus DNA in serum of umbilical cord blood, breast milk and saliva

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Detection, damage and control of the dry-wood termites in historical furniture of the Luiz de Queiroz Museum

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Detection, identification and quantification of transgenes in foods using genetic amplification

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Detection, identification, and correction of a bias in an epidemiological study

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Detection, isolation and characterization of Orientia tsutsugamushi in Leptotrombidium intermedium

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Detection, isolation and maintenance of some endoparasitic nematophagous fungi and in vitro evaluation of their pathogenicity

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Detection, quantitation, and identification of residual aminopenicillins by high-performance liquid chromatography after fluorescamine derivation

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Detection, stability and redox effects of black currant anthocyanin glycosides in vivo: positive identification by mass spectrometry

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Detection, transmission and control of Drechslera teres in barley seed

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Detection, viability and infectivity of waterborne Cryptosporidium

Lokke, H., 2000:
Detergents are also pesticide additives

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Deterin, a new inhibitor of apoptosis from Drosophila melanogaster

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Deterioration in cane quality and its impact on factory performance

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Deterioration in juice quality of sugarcane due to pathotypes of red rot pathogen

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Deterioration of rain affected vegetable seeds by storage fungi

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Deterioration of soybean genotypes during heaping

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Deterioration of sugarcane varieties in Tamil Nadu due to red rot

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Deterioration rates of wheat as measured by CO2 production

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Determinants and dynamics of rural non-farm activities: a study from Rajasthan

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Determinants and impact of local institutions for common resource management

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Determinants for cap trimethylation of the U2 small nuclear RNA are not conserved between Trypanosoma brucei and higher eukaryotic organisms

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Determinants for resistance and susceptibility to microfilaraemia in Litomosoides sigmodontis filariasis

Singh, P.K., 2000:
Determinants for the failure of cooperative institution: a case of Vadpura Rural Energy Coop (Gujarat)

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Determinants for the price fluctuation of live pigs and pork in China

Sabatinelli, G., 1999:
Determinants in malaria resurgence in the former USSR

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Determinants of a firm's likelihood to innovate and intensity of innovations in the Brazilian food industry

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Determinants of activity of the antifolate thymidylate synthase inhibitors Tomudex (ZD1694) and GW1843U89 against mono- and multilayered colon cancer cell lines under folate-restricted conditions

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Determinants of agricultural investment by small-scale producers in Peru

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Determinants of agricultural protection: the role of democracy and institutional setting

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Determinants of allergen-induced late bronchial responses in mild asthmatics

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Determinants of awareness of the scheduled caste women towards improved poultry keeping

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Determinants of body composition in postmenopausal women

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Determinants of broom (Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link) abundance in Europe

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Determinants of clinical allergic disease. The relevance of indoor allergens to the increase in asthma

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Determinants of clutch size and cone in Leucadendron (Proteaceae); pleiotropy versus trade-offs

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Determinants of commercial viability of private enterprises in the OECD food processing sector

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Determinants of condom-use behaviour among STD clinic attenders in South Africa

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Determinants of cough in young adults participating in the European Community Respiratory Health Survey

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Determinants of diversification in agriculture

Owusu, J.H., 2001:
Determinants of export-oriented industrial output in Ghana: the case of formal wood processing in an era of economic recovery

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Determinants of farm households' access to informal credit in Lume district, central Ethiopia

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Determinants of farmland prices in different regulated markets - a comparison between Germany and Minnesota

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Determinants of interest for the primary-preventive examination

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Determinants of intra-firm trust in buyer-seller relationships in the international travel trade

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Determinants of leisure time physical activity in rural compared with urban older and ethnically diverse women in the United States

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Determinants of macronutrient intake in elderly people

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Determinants of maternal zinc status during pregnancy

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Determinants of mission house delivery among booked patients in a Nigerian teaching hospital

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Determinants of non-irrigated olive tree farmland values: an appraisal using the regression method

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Determinants of nutrition service utilization in health centers

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Determinants of occupational change and mobility in rural India

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Determinants of organizational commitment of B.Sc. agricultural college graduates of Shiraz University

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Determinants of oxygen delivery and hemoglobin saturation during incremental exercise in horses

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Determinants of plasma total homocysteine concentration in the Framingham Offspring cohort

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Determinants of postpartum weight gain retention: a literature review

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Determinants of price-cost-margins over the business cycle for food industries : an international comparison

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Determinants of profit variability in fed cattle grid pricing

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Determinants of public irrigation investments in the Philippines: a Granger causality test

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Determinants of ram sale prices for fine wool New Zealand Merinos

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Determinants of retailers' product monitoring activities within private label trading relationships

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Determinants of serum enterolactone concentration

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Determinants of structure in a Nigerian mangrove forest

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Determinants of sugarcane acreage in Western Maharashtra

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Determinants of sustainable agriculture in the southern coastal plains of Albania

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Determinants of sustainable development of rural areas in Poland - results of an economic-spatial analysis

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Determinants of teachers' intentions to teach physically active physical education classes

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Determinants of the farm income for the suckler cattle farms. Principal component analysis with a 64 charolais farms sample in north Massif Central

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Determinants of the practice of Zai and mulching in North Burkina Faso

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Determinants of the price of German tourist packages on the island of Mallorca

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Determinants of the tailed frog's range in British Columbia, Canada

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Determination and analysis for soil water characteristic curve of terrace on Weibei rainfed highland

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Determination and analysis of the sequences of the noncoding regions of dengue type 4 virus Guangzhou strain isolated in China

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Determination and confirmation of the amnesic shellfish poisoning toxin, domoic acid, in shellfish from Scotland by liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry

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Determination and evaluation of thiamine in grape must and partly fermented grape must (Sturm)

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Determination and evaluation on the main quality characters of wheat germplasm resources introduced from foreign countries into Inner Mongolia

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Determination and modelling of rapidly available phosphorus in calcareous soils in eastern Henan

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Determination and seasonal abundance of diptera (Diptera: Phoridae and Sciaridae) in mushroom crops in Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)

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Determination and simulation of soil moisture dynamics in upland fields in the Cerrados area (Brazil)

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Determination and taxonomic features of the Menopon gallinae Linnaeus, 1758 (Phthiraptera-Insecta) species in chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) in Bulgaria

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Determination and use of residual phosphorus

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Determination by 2D-PAGE of the protein fingerprint of Streptococcus thermophilus

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Determination by The Technical Consultant's Office of the legal ground rent for country estates

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Determination by flow cytometry of activated basophils in patients sensitized to Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Lolium perenne

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Determination key for the common ectomycorrhizae of Populus alba in the Hungarian plain

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Determination of 3 bio-active alkaloids in the Chinese drug Pericarpium Papaveris by HPLC and HPCE

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Determination of 3-chloro-1,2-propanediol in foods and food ingredients by gas chromatography with mass spectrometric detection: collaborative study

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Determination of 4-hexylresorcinol in shrimp by liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

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Determination of 96 h median tolerance limit (TLm) of Anabas testudineus for cadmium chloride, mercuric chloride and Metacid-50

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Determination of A1C haemoglobin concentration in healthy dogs

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Determination of B-group vitamins in foods by HPLC

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Determination of BHC residues in fresh litchi by gas chromatography

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Determination of BNYVV and its vector Polymyxa betae in the soil and sugar factory waste

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Determination of Bacillus cereus and its toxins from milk and milk products

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Determination of C-reactive protein by turbidimetric immunoassay (TIA) in sheep

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Determination of DNA content and genome in Cynodon species by flow cytometry

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Determination of DiazaCon in quail feed and quail serum by ion pair reversed-phase chromatography

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Determination of Fe2+ and soluble zinc as biochemical indicators for the diagnosis of iron and zinc deficiency in snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) and faba bean (Vicia faba) plants

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Determination of Ig G in bovine colostrum

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Determination of Ivermectin in bovine plasma for bioequivalency studies

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Determination of Lufenuron in canine skin layers by radioluminography

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Determination of Mallophaga species on poultry in Konya

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Determination of N-Nitroso compounds in foods and beverages using HPLC

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Determination of N-nitrosodimethylamine in environmental aqueous samples by isotope-dilution GC/MS-SIM

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Determination of Omega-3-fatty acids in supplemented food samples

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Determination of PVX and PVS symptoms on some test plants and identification of these viruses using dsRNA analysis

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Determination of S-benzoylthiamine in blood and tissue by HPLC

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Determination of SOD activity and SOD isoenzymes in mice with experimental acute toxoplasmosis

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Determination of TSH and free thyroid hormones in the diagnosis of feline hyperthyroidism

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Determination of Wolbachia genome size by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis

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Determination of acaricide fractions of Bacillus thuringiensis strains

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Determination of acetochlor in technical and formulated products by capillary gas chromatography

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Determination of acibenzolar-S-methyl and its degradation product in agricultural products by HPLC

Duthie, G.G., 1999:
Determination of activity of antioxidants in human subjects

Turgut, I.; Yankoglu, S.; Kucuk, I.; Demir, H., 2000:
Determination of adaptation and stability abilities of certain promising corn (Zea mays indentata Sturt.) hybrids and cultivars under Marmara and Cukurova conditions

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Determination of aflatoxin M1 levels in cheese and milk consumed in Bursa, Turkey

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Determination of aflatoxins M1 in milk by affinity cartridges-high performance liquid chromatography

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Determination of aflatoxins in food products by the ELISA method

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Determination of aflatoxins in grains and raw peanuts by a rapid procedure with fluorometric analysis

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Determination of agricultural information needs of women farmers - a case study of North-Central Nigeria

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Determination of agricultural tyre rolling circumference using manual and electronic methods

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Determination of albendazole in oral suspension

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Determination of alditols and carbohydrates of food interest using a sulfonated monodisperse resin-based column, coupled with pulsed amperometric detection (PAD) and postcolumn pH adjustment

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Determination of aliphatic alcohols, squalene, alpha -tocopherol and sterols in olive oils: direct method involving gas chromatography of the unsaponifiable fraction following silylation

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Determination of aliphatic aldehydes in milk products and edible oil with HPLC

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Determination of alitame in food stuffs by TLC and HPLC

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Determination of alkaloids in rhizoma of some Mahonia plants by HPCE

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Determination of allelochemicals in spring cereal cultivars of different competitiveness

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Determination of alliin in rat plasma by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

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Determination of amitraz residue in fruits by high performance liquid chromatography

Cho, R., 1999:
Determination of amitrole in agricultural products by capillary electrophoresis

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Determination of amoxicillin in trout by liquid chromatography with UV detection after derivatization

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Determination of amoxicillin residues in animal tissues by solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

Danielson, N.D.; Sherman, J.H.; Schomaker, D.D., 2000 :
Determination of anions and cations in food by HPLC

Penttinen S.; Sutinen R.; Hanninen P., 1999:
Determination of anisotropy of tills by means of azimuthal resistivity and conductivity measurements

Aktas, M.; Babur, C.; Karaer, Z.; Dumanli, N., 2000:
Determination of anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in cattle in Elazg and environs by the Sabin-Feldman (SF) test

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Determination of antibodies against cytoplasmatic proteins of Brucella using ELISA for the detection of chronic cases of canine brucellosis

Kubilay, A.; Timur, G., 2001:
Determination of antibody production by IFAT and ELISA in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) immunized by Yersinia ruckeri bacterin

Kelkar, S.M.; Kaklij, G.S.; Bapat, V.A., 2001:
Determination of antidiabetic activity in Allium cepa (onion) tissue cultures

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Determination of antifungal MICs by a rapid susceptibility assay

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Determination of antigenic domain in GST fused major surface protein (Nc-p43) of Neospora caninum

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Determination of apparent amylose content in rice by neural networks based on near infrared spectroscopy

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Determination of appendicular muscle mass by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry method in women with sarcopenia and Alzheimer's disease

Erdol, R.S.; Ceylan, S., 1997:
Determination of arsenic contamination in water samples obtained from Bursa region

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Determination of arsenic in dried milk by microwave digestion-hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry

Chen SyrSong; Lee BiYu; Cheng ChieuChen; Chou ShinShou, 2001:
Determination of arsenic in edible fats and oils by focused microwave digestion and atomic fluorescence spectrometer

Vilanó, M.; Rubio, R., 2001:
Determination of arsenic in seafood by focused microwave digestion and hydride generation-atomic fluorescence detection

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Determination of arsenic levels in tobacco samples

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Determination of artemisinin in Artemisia annua L. by off-line supercritical fluid extraction and supercritical fluid chromatography coupled to an evaporative light-scattering detector

Liu YangQing;; X.B.ngJiu, 2000:
Determination of astragaloside in anisic acid-sulphuric acid system by spectrophotofluorimetry

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Determination of atherogenesis in apolipoprotein E-knockout mice

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Determination of atmospheric volume for direct field measurement of denitrification in soil cores

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Determination of avermectin and milbemycin residues in milk

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Determination of azadirachtin in agricultural matrixes and commercial formulations by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Yamazaki, Y.; Ninomiya, T., 1999:
Determination of benomyl, diphenyl, o-phenylphenol, thiabendazole, chlorpyrifos, methidathion, and methyl parathion in oranges by solid-phase extraction, liquid chromatography, and gas chromatography

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Determination of bentazone, inabenfide and flusulfamide in agricultural products by HPLC and confirmation by LC/MS

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Determination of benzyladenine content of in vitro propagated dwarf J-TE-F apple rootstock (Malus sp.) by high performance liquid chromatography

Schrotter, G.; Mostl, E.; Baumgartner, W., 2000:
Determination of bile acid in serum for diagnosis of liver disorders in dairy cows

Gil García, M.D.; Martínez Galera, M.; Pablos Espada, M.D.; Garrido Frenich, A.; Martínez Vidal, J.L., 2000:
Determination of binary and ternary mixtures of pesticides in wetland waters by gas chromatography using partial least-squares analysis

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Determination of biochemical indices, amino acid and mineral element concentration of blood in Trionyx steindachneri

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Determination of biogenic amine content of Beyaz cheese and biogenic amine production ability of some lactic acid bacteria

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Determination of biogenic amines in canned fish of the Turkish market

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Determination of biogenic amines in foods

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Determination of biogenic amines in fresh unpacked and vacuum-packed beef during storage at 4 degrees C

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Determination of biological activity of reclaimed mine spoil using the bait lamina-test

Lou Di; Zhang Le; Lin AiFen; Chen Rui; Liu JunWei; L.Q.ngHua; Wang ChangGen; F.C.i E., 2000:
Determination of biological feature and analysis on DNA contents of human Toxoplasma strains

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Determination of biotin and folate in infant formula and milk by optical biosensor-based immunoassay

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Determination of bisphenol A in canned marine products by solid-phase extraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Determination of bisphenol A in foods using GC/MS

Layton, H.N.; Rouvinen Watt, K.I.; Iverson, S.J., 2000:
Determination of body composition in mink (Mustela vison) kits using hydrogen isotope dilution and direct carcass analysis

Ra, J.B.; Barnes, H.M.; Conners, T.E., 2001:
Determination of boron diffusion coefficients in wood

Tanaka, Y.; Hori, S., 1999:
Determination of boron in foods by ICP-atomic emission spectrometry and estimation of daily intake

Falcone, E.; Tarantino, M.; D.T.ani, L.; Cordioli, P.; Lavazza, A.; Tollis, M., 1999:
Determination of bovine rotavirus G and P serotypes in italy by PCR

Bottner, A.; Jong, A. de; Schmid, P.; Schuller, S.; Traeder, W.; Weiskopf, S., 2000:
Determination of breakpoints for veterinary antimicrobial substances for resistance assessment of veterinary pathogens

Wade, C.; Wilton, J.; Miller, S., 2001:
Determination of breeding strategies for beef cattle bull breeders selling bulls into two competing markets on a non-linear price grid

Tseng SuHsiang; Chang PiChiou; Chou ShinShou, 1999:
Determination of butocarboxim residue in agricultural products by HPLC with post-column derivatization system

Barcelo Quintal, I.D.; Solis Correa, H.E.; Gonzalez Cortes, C.; Avila Perez, P.; Garcia, J.A., 2000:
Determination of cadmium and lead species in the water column of the Jose Antonio Alzate Reservoir, Mexico

Amakawa, E.; Ogiwara, T.; Ohhashi, N.; Kamata, K.; Suzuki, S., 2000:
Determination of cadmium in rice by microwave digestion and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry

Bakrcoglu, Y.; Seren, G.; Akman, S., 2001:
Determination of cadmium, copper, and zinc by flame atomic absorption spectrometry after preconcentration using a deta (diethylenetriamine) polymer

Penalva, J.; Gabaldon, J.A.; Maquieira, A.; Puchades, R., 2000:
Determination of carbaryl in vegetables using an immunosensor working in organic media

Heo, K.N.; Odle, J.; Lin, X.; Kempen, T.A.T.G. van; Han, I.K., 2001:
Determination of carnitine renal threshold and effect of medium-chain triglycerides on carnitine profiles in newborn pigs

Cheng Tao; Sun YanBo;, 2000:
Determination of casein content in milk by biuret's method

Ozdemir, V.; Kaya, K., 2000:
Determination of cattle leptospira serotypes distribution in Turkey and studies on a vaccine preparation against leptospirosis

Wendland, J.; Philippsen, P., 2000:
Determination of cell polarity in germinated spores and hyphal tips of the filamentous ascomycete Ashbya gossypii requires a rhoGAP homolog

Szewczyk, A.; Banasiak, J.; Stawirej, J., 2000:
Determination of characteristics of auxiliary air stream for strip-grown apple trees

Honorato Salazar, J.A.; Hernandez Perez, J., 1998:
Determination of chemical components of wood of five oak species in the state of Puebla

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Determination of chemical composition and metabolizable energy values of feed ingredients for poultry

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Determination of chemical composition of Turkish propolis

Costa Junior, L.C.G.; Lima, R.R. de; Oliveira, A.C.S. de, 2000 :
Determination of chemical content of dry solids in milk products using a domestic microwave oven

Drake, C.A.; Clark, J.R., 2001:
Determination of chilling requirement of Arkansas thornless blackberry cultivars

Lautie, J.P.; Stankovic, V.; Sinoquet, G., 2000:
Determination of chlormequat in pears by high-performance thin layer chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography with conductimetric detection

Halimah, M.; Osman, H.; Ainie, K.; Tan, Y.A.; Pauzi, M.D.A., 1999:
Determination of chlorpyrifos in refined palm olein by GC-FPD and GC-ECD

Rahman, G.K.M.M.; Motoyama, N., 2000:
Determination of chlorpyrifos residue in andosol upland soils using methanol-phosphoric acid extraction

Manzambi, J.K.; Tellier, V.; Bertrand, F.; Albert, A.; Reginster, J.Y.; Balen, H. van, 2000:
Determination of choice of health centre in urban Africa: results of a household survey in Kinshasa, Congo

Duru, L.A.D.; Nwabisi, V.C., 2000:
Determination of cholecalciferol levels in cod liver oil using high performance liquid chromatography with mild saponification and reversed phase cleanup procedure

Oh, H.I.; Shin, T.S.; Chang, E.J., 2001:
Determination of cholesterol in milk and dairy products by high-performance liquid chromatography

Woollard, D.C.; Indyk, H.E., 2000:
Determination of choline in milk and infant formulas by enzymatic analysis: collaborative study

Wang Jing; Sun Tao; Zhang JingDong, 2001:
Determination of chromium in milk powder by differential pulse catalytic polarography and ICP emission spectroscopy

Malallah, G.; A.D.sari, M.; Murin, A., 2001:
Determination of chromosome numbers in Kuwaiti flora II

W.Y.; Cao JiYue; Kong Ke; Zhang ShaoDong, 2000:
Determination of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride in pig serum using reverse phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC)

Xue ChunLiang; Lou WenXian; W.C.enYun; Zhang EnYing; Xie YanHui, 1999:
Determination of circulating antigen in urine of rabbits infected with Schistosoma japonicum

Zhang Sue; Tang Yi; Shi XiaoHua; Jiang JianMin; T.L.Ming; Liu ShuXian, 2000:
Determination of circulating schistosome antigen by dot immuno-gold filtration assay with colloidal gold labelled anti-rSjc26GST polyclonal antibody

Ishimitsu, S.; Kaihara, A.; Yoshii, K.; Tsumura, Y.; Nakamura, Y.; Tonogai, Y., 2001:
Determination of clethodim and its oxidation metabolites in crops by liquid chromatography with confirmation by LC/MS

Pang, G.F.; Cao, Y.Z.; Fan, C.L.; Zhang, J.J.; Li, X.M., 2001:
Determination of clopidol residues in chicken tissues by liquid chromatography: part I. Optimization of analytical conditions and comparison with AOAC gas chromatography method

Pang, G.F.; Cao, Y.Z.; Fan, C.L.; Zhang, J.J.; Li, X.M., 2001:
Determination of clopidol residues in chicken tissues by liquid chromatography: part II. Distribution and depletion of clopidol in chicken tissues

Pang, G.F.; Cao, Y.Z.; Fan, C.L.; Zhang, J.J.; Li, X.M., 2001:
Determination of clopidol residues in chicken tissues by liquid chromatography: part III. Quality control analysis of export chickens

Polkowska, Z.; Grynkiewicz, M.; Przyjazny, A.; Namiesnik, J., 1999:
Determination of concentrations of chemical components in precipitation over nonindustrialized regions in the vicinity of Gdansk

Baklaci, C.; Vural, R., 1999:
Determination of conception rate and embryonic loss by monitoring peripheral serum progesterone levels in heifers induced into oestrus with cloprostenol

Santos, P.I.B.; Lancas, K.P., 1999:
Determination of contact area between an agricultural tire and a hard surface using the hydraulic press method

Robbertse, P.J.; Manyaga, C., 1998:
Determination of cool-temperature requirement for flowering in various mango cultivars

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