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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3403

Chapter 3403 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hernández, F.; Hidalgo, C.; Sancho, J.V., 2000:
Determination of glyphosate residues in plants by precolumn derivatization and coupled-column liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

Hernandez, F.; Hidalgo, C.; Sancho, J.V., 1999:
Determination of glyphosate residues in soils, waters and plants by precolumn derivatization and coupled-column liquid chromatography

Banaj, ; Zimmer, R.; Ipsa, J.; Duvnjak, V., 2000:
Determination of grain losses during wheat harvesting

Turan, N.; Ylmaz, I., 2000:
Determination of green yield and some yield components of silage corn cultivars grown first and second crop in Van condition

Chang, T.; Luo, Y.; Yang, S., 2000:
Determination of greenhouse gases by open-path gas-type FTIR spectroscopy

Refsgaard, J.C.; Butts, M.B., 1999:
Determination of grid scale parameters in catchment modelling by upscaling local scale parameters

Tepeli, C.; Cetin, O., 2000:
Determination of growth, some body measurements and reproductive traits of Kangal Turkish Shepherd Dogs. I. Growth and some body measurements

Tepeli, C.; Cetin, O., 2000:
Determination of growth, some body measurements and reproductive traits of Kangal Turkish Shepherd Dogs. II. Reproductive traits

Nikbakht Broojeni, G.; Talebi, M.A., 2000:
Determination of haematological values in Lori Bakhtiari sheep

Lubas, G.; Pasquini, A.; Gavazza, A.; Gugliucci, B., 1999:
Determination of haematology and fibrinogen values in the dog, cat and horse using the QBCReg. Vet Autoread TM System

Neumann, A.; Beutling, D., 2001:
Determination of haemoglobin content in well-bled, inadequately bled and non-bled chicken breast muscle

Yamamoto, Y.; Kondo, F., 2001:
Determination of halofuginone and amprolium in chicken muscle and egg by liquid chromatography

L.Y.; Zou ChenTing; Liu HuWei, 1999:
Determination of harpagide and harpagoside in Scrophularia ningpoensis by capillary electrophoresis

Popovic, R., 1997:
Determination of harvest date for actinidia fruits (Actinidia chinensis Pl.)

Lederman, I.E.; Bezerra, J.E.F.; Carvalho, P.S. de; Alves, M.A.; Santos, V.F. dos, 1998:
Determination of harvest indices for mango cv. Tommy Atkins in the semi-arid region of Pernambuco

Zoffoli, J.P.; Gil, G.F.; Crisosto, C.H., 1999:
Determination of harvest period of Chilean kiwifruit in relation to fruit quality and temperature during maturation

Machado, S.O.; Mendez, M.E.G., 1999:
Determination of harvest time of Valencia orange (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck) in Pelotas-RS

Marisol Berti, D.; Joublan M.J.P.; Serri G.H.; Gonzalez C.M., 1998:
Determination of harvest timeliness in borage (Borago officinalis L.)

Camara Italiano, E.C., 2000:
Determination of harvesting date of seeds of Andropogon gayanus Kunth in the Meio-Norte region of Brazil

Santos, M.I.S.; Tondo, E.C., 2000:
Determination of hazards and critical control points to implantation of hazard analysis and critical control point system in lactary

Bilal, T.; Meral, Y., 2000:
Determination of heart dimensions and myocardial thickness of Arabian horses by means of M-mode echocardiographic techniques

Wallace, H., 2001:
Determination of heat tolerance in immature stages of Bactrocera aquilonis (May) (Diptera: Tephritidae) fruit fly

Turan, S.; Saygi, S.; Kiliç, Z.; Acar, O., 2001:
Determination of heavy metal contents in human colostrum samples by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Ryahi, A.; Esmaeeli, A.; Savari, A., 1999:
Determination of heavy metals (Cd, Co, Pb, Ni, Zn and Cu) in water, sediments and fish from the Karun river

Khan, I.A.; Allgood, J.; Walker, L.A.; Abourashed, E.A.; Schlenk, D.; Benson, W.H., 2001:
Determination of heavy metals and pesticides in ginseng products

Baranowska, I.; Srogi, K., 2000:
Determination of heavy metals in samples of moss by DPV

Tadeo, J.L.; Sanchez Brunete, C.; Miguel, E.; Garcia Valcarcel, A.I.; Perez, R.A.; Fernandez, M.D., 1999:
Determination of herbicide bioavailability and persistence in soil by means of a column extraction method

Perkins, L.B.; Bushway, R.J.; Katz, L.E., 1999:
Determination of hexazinone in groundwater by direct-injection high-performance liquid chromatography

Tang, S.T.krony, D.; Collins, M.M.kenna, C., 2000:
Determination of high seed moisture in maize

Bolygo, E.; Cooper, P.A.; Jessop, K.M.; Moffatt, F., 2000:
Determination of histamine in tomatoes by capillary electrophoresis

Wadud, S.; Onodera, R.; Or-Rashid, M.M.; Amin, M.R., 2000:
Determination of histidine and related compounds in rumen fluid by liquid chromatography

Alpdogan, G.; Sungur, S., 2000:
Determination of homocystine as dabsyl derivative by HPLC using precolumn derivatization; L.G.iHong; Sun DeKun, 2000:
Determination of human IgG content in milk powder with ELISA

Guber A.K.; Lyzhina M.V., 1999:
Determination of hydraulic conductivity using tension infiltrometers in field conditions

Ekberli, I.; Gulser, C.; Bayrakl, F., 2001:
Determination of hydrochemical dispersion parameter in irrigated soil

Fernández-Alba, A.R.; Tejedor, A.; Agüera, A.; Contreras, M.; Garrido, J., 2000:
Determination of imidacloprid and benzimidazole residues in fruits and vegetables by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry after ethyl acetate multiresidue extraction

Ruksri, N.; Atthi, R., 2000:
Determination of immunity of cattle to haemorrhagic septicaemia by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using a heat extract antigen

Uysal, Y., 1999:
Determination of immunogenicity of B. abortus S19 and B. melitensis Rev. 1 vaccine strains

Santos, G.T. dos; Assis, M.A. de; Goncalves, G.D.; Modesto, E.C.; Cecato, U.; Jobim, C.C.; Damasceno, J.C., 2000:
Determination of in vitro digestibility of Cynodon grasses through different methods

Karadeniz, T., 1999:
Determination of interrelationships among some important parameters by path analyse in cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.) types

Abdulmawjood, A.; Lämmler, C.H., 2000:
Determination of intraspecies variations of the V2 region of the 16S rRNA gene of Streptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus

Gondar, D.; Fiol, S.; Lopez, R.; Ramos, M.A.; Antelo, J.M.; Arce, F., 2000:
Determination of intrinsic complexation parameters for Cu2+ and a soil fulvic acid by ion selective electrode

Simonovska, B., 2000:
Determination of inulin in foods

Liu CuiYan, 1999:
Determination of iodine concentration in blood of sterile cows

Hassanein, M.; Anke, M.; Hussein, L., 2000:
Determination of iodine content in traditional Egyptian foods before and after a salt iodination programme

Baratta, E.; Easterly, D.G., 2001:
Determination of iodine-131 at low levels in milk: collaborative study

Legeai, S.; Georges, J., 2000:
Determination of iron in calf serum using bathophenanthroline and thermal lens spectrometry

Nake, A.; Reyes, M.; Cerezo, M.J.; Martin Hinojosa, M.I., 2000:
Determination of iron in virgin olive oil using an inductively coupled plasma assay

Genovese, M.I.; Lajolo, F.M., 2001:
Determination of isoflavones in soy product

Palonta, P.; Boni, P.; Varisco, G.; Dusi, G.; Belluzzi, G., 2000:
Determination of isoniazid in bovine milk by HPLC

Wisniewska Dmytrow, H.; Kozak, A., 2001:
Determination of ivermectin residues in animal tissues and plasma

Tang Jian; Ping XiaoFei; Tang FuBing; Yang BaoJun, 2001:
Determination of juvenile hormone in brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens) by GC/MS

Beissner, L.; Romer, W., 1999:
Determination of kinetic parameters of acid phosphatases in intact sugar beet roots of variable phosphorus nutrition

Beltran, F.J.; Gonzalez, M.; Rivas, F.J.; Acedo, B., 2000:
Determination of kinetic parameters of ozone during oxidations of alachlor in water

Kimura, K.; Hirokado, M.; Yasuda, K.; Nishijima, M., 2000:
Determination of kojic acid in various commercial foods by HPLC

Nakamura, Y., 2001:
Determination of lactic acid in silage with gas chromatography

Subagio, I., 1997:
Determination of land treatment and sugarcane planting time using rainfall analysis for wetlands of Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Sekitarnya

Ong, E.S.; Yong, Y.L.; Woo, S.O., 2000:
Determination of lead in botanicals/Chinese prepared medicines by using microwave digestion with flow injection-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry

Jorhem, L.; Engman, J., 2000:
Determination of lead, cadmium, zinc, copper, and iron in foods by atomic absorption spectrometry after microwave digestion: NMKL Collaborative Study

Kulmi, G.S., 2000:
Determination of leaf area and its constant in isabgol (Plantago ovata Forsk.)

Padilla R.M.R.; Pineda, J.A.; Ordonez, M., 2000:
Determination of leaf area in five coffee (Coffea arabica) cultivars using regression models

Peralta, E.L.; Arocha, Y.; Chinea, A.; Martinez, B.; Carvajal, O., 2000:
Determination of leaf brix value: a reliable diagnostic method for field diagnosis of sugarcane yellow leaf syndrome (YLS)

Servi, K.; Kara, H., 2000:
Determination of levels lead and cadmium in wild pigeons in Elazg region

Deger, Y.; Dede, S.; Kahraman, T.; Deger, S.; Ormanc, N.; Bicek, K., 2001:
Determination of lipid peroxidation, nitric oxide oxidation products and the antioxidant status in sheep infected with babesiosis

Souza, C.M.A. de; Rafull, L.Z.L.; Vieira, L.B., 2000:
Determination of liquid limit in two types of soils using different methods

Marek, J.; Paca, J.; Koutsky, B.; Gerrard, A.M., 1999:
Determination of local elimination capacities and moisture contents in different biofilters treating toluene and xylene

Thind, B.B., 2000:
Determination of low levels of mite and insect contaminants in food and feedstuffs by a modified flotation method

Rifai, H.S.; Brock, S.M.; Ensor, K.B.; Bedient, P.B., 2000:
Determination of low-flow characteristics for Texas streams

Cos Terrer, J.; Frutos Tomas, D., 2001:
Determination of macronutrients to be included in in vitro culture media according to leaf concentrations

Menkissoglu-Spiroudi, U.; Diamantidis, G.C.; Georgiou, V.E.; Thrasyvoulou, A.T., 2000:
Determination of malathion, coumaphos, and fluvalinate residues in honey by gas chromatography with nitrogen-phosphorus or electron capture detectors

Hopkins, A.; Lambert, M.G.; Barker, D.J.; Costall, D.A.; Sanders, P.M.; Scott, A.G.; Williams, W.M., 2000:
Determination of management and topographic influences on the balance between resident and 'Grasslands Huia' white clover (Trifolium repens) in an upland pasture using isozyme analysis

Sarelli, L.; Luukkanen, L.; Sankari, S., 2000:
Determination of mare colostrum quality by measuring specific gravity

Ikeda, N.; Nesumi, A., 1999:
Determination of mature leaf colours in tea germplasm with a hand-held chlorophyll meter

Freitas, A.A. de; Bezerra, F.M.L.; Fontenele, F. das C.B., 1999:
Determination of maximum and actual evapotranspiration and water deficit sensibility factor in watermelon at Caninde, CE, Brazil

Smedt, V. de; Andani, Z.; Verlinden, B.; Schenk, A.; Nicolai, B., 2000:
Determination of mealiness of apples in different cultures

Eid, T., 2001:
Determination of mean diameter and stand density in stands of height classes III-V

Lee MyoungHeon; Park JongMyoung; Kim JinTaek; Kim SangKeun, 2000:
Determination of melengestrol acetate (MGA) in imported beef with liquid chromatograph

Masuzawa, T.; Fukui, T.; Miyake, M.; Oh, H.B.; Cho, M.K.; Chang, W.H.; Imai, Y.; Yanagihara, Y., 1999:
Determination of members of a Borrelia afzelii-related group isolated from Ixodes nipponensis in Korea as Borrelia valaisiana

Song JunFeng;; Guo Wei, 2001:
Determination of menadione based on its polarographic catalytic wave in the presence of potassium iodinate

Liparisi, F.; Marsico, E.T.; Santos, N.N.; Lima, F.C. de, 2000:
Determination of mercury levels in samples of cutlass fish (Trichiurus lepturus) collected near Itaipu beach at Niteroi, RJ

Jorhem, L., 2000:
Determination of metals in foods by atomic absorption spectrometry after dry ashing: NMKL Collaborative Study

Zanaty, G.A., 2000:
Determination of methionine requirements for growing New Zealand White rabbits

Achten, C.; Puttmann, W., 2000:
Determination of methyl tert-butyl ether in surface water by use of solid-phase microextraction

Petkova, D.; Donkova, R., 2000:
Determination of metribuzin-VP leaching and its effect on the microbiological activity of sandy loam soil

Sørensen, L.K.; Hansen, H., 2000:
Determination of metronidazole and hydroxymetronidazole in trout by a high-performance liquid chromatographic method

Carro, M.D., 2001:
Determination of microbial protein synthesis in the rumen: a comparison of microbial markers (Review)

Dandar, A.; Kopecky, J.; Ulicna, K.; Pawlowski, B., 2001:
Determination of microbiological contamination during saccharose extraction using an Mocrozym-L analyser

Anar, S.; Temell, S., 2000:
Determination of microbiological quality of Iskender kebab

Gonulalan, Z.; Arslan, A., 2001:
Determination of milk species in white cheese using by Polyacrylamid gel electrophoresis (PAGE)

Favaro, D.I.T.; Afonso, C.; Vasconcellos, M.B.A.; Cozzolino, S.M.F., 2000:
Determination of mineral and trace elements by neutron activation analysis, in meals served at the central Cafeteria of Faculty of Public Health/USP

Biaggioni, M.A.M.; Ferreira, W.A., 1997:
Determination of minimum airflow rates for corn drying with air at near ambient temperature, in Botucatu, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Oleskog, G.; Sahlen, K., 2000:
Determination of moisture conditions using Pinus sylvestris seeds as biosensors

Bradley, R.L.; Vanderwarn, M.A., 2001:
Determination of moisture in cheese and cheese products

Rattan, B.; Sharma, B.; Bansal, R.P., 1999:
Determination of molecular weight of genomic RNA of a virulent rinderpest virus and comparison of wavelength scans of extracellular viruses and intracellular nucleocapsids of virulent isolates and attenuated strains

Liu XiangNong; Y.B.Yu, 2000:
Determination of monosaccharides in Ginkgo exocarp by derivatization gas chromatography

Billker, O.; Miller, A.J.; Sinden, R.E., 2000:
Determination of mosquito bloodmeal pH in situ by ion-selective microelectrode measurement: implications for the regulation of malarial gametogenesis

Tatl, P.; Cerci, I.H., 2000:
Determination of most suitable baling time and use of two different protein sources instead of straw of barley-vetch hay in fattening of lambs

Kaneta, T.; Mishima, N.; Imasaka, T., 2000:
Determination of motility forces of bovine sperm cells using an optical funnel

Goncalves, T. de M.; Martinez, M.L.; Melo, C.M.R. de; Verneque, R. da S.; Oliveira, A.I.G. de, 1999:
Determination of multiplicative factors to estimate milk yield at the daily milk yield control, from the morning or afternoon milk yield

Pascale, M.; Solfrizzo, M.; Girolamo, A. de; Visconti, A., 2000:
Determination of mycotoxins in foods and beverages by means of immunoaffinity columns and high-performance liquid chromatography

Loria, L.G.; Jimenez, R.; Thellier, M., 1998:
Determination of natural boron concentration in coffee leaves, using the autoradiography by neutron capture technique

Vassiliou, N.N.; Martzopoulos, G.G.; Nikita Martzopoulou, C., 2000:
Determination of natural ventilation rate in a double span arch type greenhouse

Dodd, S.; Buist, A.; Burrows, G.D.; Maguire, K.P.; Norman, T.R., 1997:
Determination of nefazodone and its pharmacologically active metabolites in human blood plasma and breast milk by high-performance liquid chromatography

LaCroix, D.E.; Wolf, W.R.; Porter, E.; Cantellops, D.; Chase, G.W.; Woollard, D., 2001:
Determination of niacin in infant formula by solid-phase extraction and anion-exchange liquid chromatography

Nota, G.; Naviglio, D.; Ugliano, M.; Romano, R., 2000:
Determination of nicotine in the soil mixed with tobacco powder as fertilizer

Bernal, S.; Dalosto, M.; Perotti, C., 1999:
Determination of nitrate as an antimicrobial additive for cheeses

Pellet, D., 2000:
Determination of nitrate contents of stems to assess nitrogen fertilizer requirements of winter wheat. I. Is the JubilReg. method suitable for cultivars cultivated in Switzerland?

Markowska, A.; Furmanek, W.; Gackowska, L.; Siwek, B., 1999:
Determination of nitrates and nitrites in daily food rations of adults

Souza, S.V.C.; Silva, G.; Diniz, M.H.G.M.; Santos, E.V.; Lima, J.A.; Teodoro, J.C., 2001:
Determination of nitrofurazone, furazolidone and nicarbazin residues in animal tissues

Hormazabal, V.; Yndestad, M., 2001:
Determination of nitroimidazole residues in meat using mass spectrometry

Veau, E.J.I. de, 1997:
Determination of non-protein bound phenylbutazone in bovine plasma using ultrafiltration and liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection

Zhao ZhiLi; Zhou KaiYa; Wang ZhengTao; Qin MinJian; Dong Hui; X.L.oShan, 2000:
Determination of nrDNA ITS sequences of caodoukou (Alpinia hainanensis K. Schum.) and yizhi (A. oxyphylla Miq.)

Mobli, H.; Tavakoli Hashtjin, T.; Rostami, M.A., 1999:
Determination of nut and cluster detachment from ten cultivars of pistachio trees shaken by a mechanical shaker

Barabasz, B.; Gacek, L.; Zawislak, R., 2000:
Determination of nutria welfare in different management systems

Pilanal, N.; Aksoy, T., 1997:
Determination of nutritional status of cucumber plant grown in the greenhouses in the Kumluca region of Antalya

Caglarlrmak, N.; Unal, K.; Otles, S., 2001:
Determination of nutritive changes of canned mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) during storage period

Burdaspal, P.; Legarda, T.M.; Gilbert, J., 2001:
Determination of ochratoxin A in baby food by immunoaffinity column cleanup with liquid chromatography: interlaboratory study

Markaki, P.; Delpont-Binet, C.; Grosso, F.; Dragacci, S., 2001:
Determination of ochratoxin A in red wine and vinegar by immunoaffinity high-pressure liquid chromatography

Cozzani, R.; Vaccari, S.; Lullo, A. di; Ubaldi, A., 1997:
Determination of olaquindox, carbadox, nitrofuranes, nitroimidazoles, chloramphenicol, nicarbazin and clopidol in animal feed by HPLC diode array detector

Joye, D.; Hoebregs, H.; Joye, D.; Hoebregs, H., 2000:
Determination of oligofructose, a soluble dietary fiber, by high-temperature capillary gas chromatography

Chang, W.H.; Kim, J.D.; Kim, S.W.; Xuan, Z.N.; Kim, Y.Y.; Paik, I.K.; Han, I.K., 2001:
Determination of optimal dietary sulfur amino acids ratio relative to lysine for growing barrows and gilts

Sadowski, J.; Trzebiatowski, R.; Odebralska, D.; Wielopolska, M., 2000:
Determination of optimal feed rations for Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baeri) kept in cooling water

Ryeng, K.A.; Arnemo, J.M.; Larsen, S., 2001:
Determination of optimal immobilizing doses of a medetomidine hydrochloride and ketamine hydrochloride combination in captive reindeer

Narita, T.; Koshimura, J.; Meguro, H.; Kitazato, H.; Fujita, H.; Ito, S., 2001:
Determination of optimal protein contents for a protein restriction diet in type 2 diabetic patients with microalbuminuria

Piccinni,, C., 2000:
Determination of optimum irrigation regime and water use efficiency of sugar beet grown in pathogen-infested soil

Oosthuyse, S.A., 1998:
Determination of optimum leaf nutrient concentration norms for a number of mango cultivars: year I

Sahoo, S.C.; Panda, M.M., 1999:
Determination of optimum planting geometry for baby corn (Zea mays)

Voh, A.A.J.; Ogwu, D.; Oyedipe, E.O., 2000:
Determination of optimum time for fixed-time artificial insemination of zebu cows following synchronization of oestrus with prostaglandin F2 alpha

Ohmura, H.; Hiraga, A.; Aida, H.; Takahashi, T.; Nukada, T., 2001:
Determination of oral dosage and pharmacokinetic analysis of flecainide in horses

Sun FeEi; Lin FengYi; Wong SueSun; L.G.oChen, 2000:
Determination of organochlorine and nitrogen-containing pesticide residues in fish with different fat content

Schenck, F.J.; Howard-King, V., 2000:
Determination of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticide residues in low moisture, nonfatty products using a solid phase extraction cleanup and gas chromatography

Zhang ShuMing; Guo HuaiZhong; Chen JianMin, 2000:
Determination of organochlorine pesticide residues in Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. by capillary gas chromatography with electron capture detector (CGC-ECD)

Lai WenLin; Shaw JeenRu; Sheu CeShing, 1999:
Determination of organochlorine pesticides in crude drugs

Sharma, D.K.; Verma, N.; Satish Kumar, 2000:
Determination of organophosphate insecticides : a method based on the oxidative desulphurisation of their thiophosphoryl group

Chu Chien; Wong SueSun; L.G.oChen, 2000:
Determination of organophosphate pesticide residues in rice by multiresidue analysis

Luleyap, H.U.; Alptekin, D.; Kasap, H.; Kasap, M., 2000:
Determination of organophosphate resistance-dependent over-produce esterase allele type with electrophoresis in the malaria vector species Anopheles sacharovi and Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae)

Konuk, C.S.; Krsan, I.; Gurbulak, K.; Tek, C.; Senunver, A., 2001:
Determination of ovulation time using the eosinophilic index (EI) of vaginal cytology and serum progesterone levels in the bitch

Unterweger, H.; Wacha, C.; Bandion, F., 2001:
Determination of oxalic acid in honey using GC-MS (SIM)

Paturzo, F.; Bizzozero, N., 1999:
Determination of oxalic acid in vegetables by capillary zone electrophoresis

Sorensen, L.K.; Hansen, H., 2001:
Determination of oxolinic acid in marine sediment by HPLC with fluorescence detection

Yang BaoShou; Chen Yue; Jin JiuShan; Dong Mei, 1999:
Determination of oxygen free radicals in whole blood of broilers using chemiluminescence

Takeda, N.; Nishiumi, H., 2000:
Determination of oxytetracycline in meat and fish using metal chelate resin for clean-up

Garcia, C.A.; Ribeiro da Silva, N.; Silva, R.T. da; Martins, I.P.; Luquetti, B.C., 1999:
Determination of ozone in raw cow milk

Shin KukHyun; Lee SangHyun; Chi HyungJoon, 1999:
Determination of p-methoxycinnamic acid in Scrophulariae radix by high performance liquid chromatography

Simal-Gándara, J.; Sarria-Vadal, M.; Rijk, R., 2000:
Determination of paraffins in food simulants and packaging materials by liquid chromatography with evaporative mass detection and identification of paraffin type by liquid chromatography/gas chromatography and fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

Lopez Erroz, C.; Vinas, P.; Campillo, N.; Hernandez Cordoba, M., 1998:
Determination of paraquat in waters by enzymatic inhibition using flow-injection analysis

Cirio, A.; Méot, F.; Delignette-Muller, M.L.; Boivin, R., 2000:
Determination of parotid urea secretion in sheep by means of ultrasonic flow probes and a multifactorial regression analysis

Abourashed, E.A.; Khan, I.A.; Abourashed, E.A.; Khan, I.A., 2000:
Determination of parthenolide in selected feverfew products by liquid chromatography

Kurihara, H.; Kitagawa, Y.; Itami, K., 1999:
Determination of particle-size distribution by a laser scattering method

Kammlah, D.M.; May, M.A.; Miller, R.J., 2000:
Determination of pathways of resistance in a pyrethroid resistant horn fly colony

Keck Gassenmeier, B.; Benet, S.; Rosa, C.; Hischenhuber, C., 1999:
Determination of peanut traces in food by a commercially-available ELISA test

Moody, C.A.; Kwan, W.C.; Martin, J.W.; Muir, D.C.; Mabury, S.A., 2001:
Determination of perfluorinated surfactants in surface water samples by two independent analytical techniques: liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry and 19F NMR

Tahir, S.; Anwar, T.; Ahmad, I.; Aziz, S.; Mohammad, A.; Ahad, K., 2001:
Determination of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables in Islamabad market

Jeannot, R.; Sauvard, E., 2000:
Determination of pesticides and some of their degradation products in ground and surface waters by LC/MS

Rosenblum, L.; Hieber, T.; Morgan, J., 2001:
Determination of pesticides in composite dietary samples by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry in the selected ion monitoring mode by using a temperature-programmable large volume injector with preseparation column

Evrenosoglu, Y.; Misirli, A.; Gulcan, R., 1999:
Determination of phenolic compounds in pear cultivars resistant and susceptible to Erwinia amylovora

Kaya, Y.; Zengin, H., 2001:
Determination of phenology of some weeds in wheat fields of Pasinler plain

Fotyma Mariusz; Gosek StanislLaw; Fardeau Jean Claude, 2000:
Determination of phosphate fertilizers effectiveness, in soil solution systems

Yucesoy, M.; Yulug, N., 1999:
Determination of phospholipase activity in Candida species

Osodeke, V.E.; Kamalu, O.J., 1997:
Determination of phosphorus requirement of rubber seedlings using phosphate sorption isotherm

Bruns Weller, E.; Pfordt, J., 2000:
Determination of phthalic acid esters in foodstuffs, human milk, dust and textiles

Fife, J.H.; Gore, J.; Leonard, B.R.; Torrey, K.D., 2000:
Determination of physiological cut-out in Louisiana cotton based upon nodes above white flower

X.Z.iHao; Shou WeiLin; Huang KaiMei; Zhou ShengJun, 1999:
Determination of physiological race of powdery mildew and its virulence to different melon genotypes

Engelen, A.J.; van der Heeft, F.C.; Randsdorp, P.H.; Somers, W.A.; Schaefer, J.; van der Vat, B.J., 2001:
Determination of phytase activity in feed by a colorimetric enzymatic method: collaborative interlaboratory study

Garcia Estepa, R.M.; Garcia Villanova, B.; Guerra Hernandez, E., 1999:
Determination of phytic acid in legumes using indirect complexometry

Jiang YuQin; L.R.ngLin; Shao MingCheng; Tian LiQing, 2000:
Determination of phytic acid in the rapeseed meal with indirect atom absorption spectrum

Furiatti, R.S.; Lazzari, S.M.N., 2000:
Determination of pirimicarb diagnostic concentration in order to detect populations of Myzus persicae (Sulz.) (Homoptera: Aphididae) with different esterase levels

Krasnoborov, I.M.; Krasinsky, V.I., 2000:
Determination of plant families using fuzzy set theory

Primavesi, A.M., 1999:
Determination of plant health by their magnetic emanation and its improvement with EM

Freitas, J.A. de; Fallieri, J.; Lanza, M.A.; Silva, P.J. da; Faria, R.S. de; Goncalves, N.P., 2000:
Determination of planting dates for early cotton in the Nova Porteirinha, MG region

Faris, G.A.M.; A.D.wachi, O.S.; Said, M.O.M.; Mohammad, F.K., 1999:
Determination of plasma cholinesterase activity in cockerels by an electrometric method

Grigera, J.; Bernard, H. von; Schor, A.; Santa Coloma, T.; Acosta, A.; Gonzalez, C., 2001:
Determination of plasma parameters associated with variation in resistance to horn fly (Haematobia irritans irritans L.) and their effect on beef cattle production

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Determination of plasma triglycerides and total cholesterol levels in Brazilian breed ponies

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Determination of platycodin D of radix platycodi in different places by RP-HPLC

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Determination of ploidy levels of Citrus species using flow cytometry

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Determination of pollen quality, quantity and effect of cross pollination on the fruit set and quality in the pomegranate

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Determination of polydextrose as dietary fiber in foods

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Determination of polydextrose in foods by ion chromatography: collaborative study

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Determination of polymerization degree of maltooligosaccharides by FT-IR/ATR spectroscopy

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Determination of polymorphisms in the growth of the hormone gene in three populations of pigs

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Determination of population fluctuation of egg parasitoid, Trissolcus semistriatus Nees. (Hym.:Scelionidae) of sunn pest by using colored sticky traps in Southeast Anatolian Region

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Determination of population size for seed crop in cauliflower

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Determination of porcine microsatellite DNA marker

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Determination of porphyrin-induced peroxidation of plant lipids by oxygen electrode

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Determination of post harvest losses in sugarcane commercial variety Gulabi-95 (BF-129)

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Determination of prevalence of paratuberculosis in dairy cattle by polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

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Determination of primary sources of infection of Septoria leaf blotch on wheat in Syria

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Determination of prochloraz and its metabolites in fruits and vegetables by GC

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Determination of progesterone level in dung for the monitoring of heat in mares

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Determination of propoxur, permethrin and cypermethrin in the mixed formulation on the same column by gas chromatography

Anonymous, 2000:
Determination of protein level: standard method of the working group for cereal research, Detmold

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Determination of protein value of integral cells, total autolysate and yeast extract (Saccharomyces sp.)

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Determination of proteins in amniotic fluid of sheep using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

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Determination of pyrethroids in house dust from Leipzig dwellings

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Determination of quinine in drinks by reversed-phase ion-pair chromatography

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Determination of quinine in plasma of patients with falciparum malaria

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Determination of rare rainfall intensities of short-duration - case studies compared with maps of intense rainfall in Switzerland

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Determination of regularly distributed plant protectants in raw and drinking waters, using a multiresidue method with cyclodextrin-modified micellar electrokinetic chromatography

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Determination of relative nuclear DNA content of tef using flow cytometry

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Determination of remedial nutrient applications to enhance the quality of the fruits produced by a Tommy Atkins orchard

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Determination of residual bark in debarked pulpwood using image analysis

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Determination of residual hexane and microbiological status in de-oiled soybean meal

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Determination of residual reactive phosphate in soil

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Determination of residual stresses in medium density fibreboard

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Determination of residual virulence of B. melitensis Rev. 1 and B. abortus S19 vaccine strains by using Bonet-Maury Probit transformation test

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Determination of residues of azamethiphos in salmon tissue by liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

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Determination of residues of herbicides applied in soybean (Glycine max) through cucumber bioassay

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Determination of residues of levamisole in milk by high performance liquid chromatography

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Determination of residues of pyrethroid and organophosphorous ectoparasiticides in foods of animal origin

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Determination of resistant starch in selected grain-based foods

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Determination of resource- and energy capacity for grain forage processing in farm conditions

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Determination of responses of growing pigs to dietary energy concentration

Ahvenjärvi, S.; Vanhatalo, A.; Huhtanen, P.; Varvikko, T., 2000:
Determination of reticulo-rumen and whole-stomach digestion in lactating cows by omasal canal or duodenal sampling

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Determination of retinoids in food commonly consumed in the kingdom of Morocco by simple HPLC method

Song ZhengHua; Wang Lin, 2000:
Determination of riboflavin using flow injection inhibitory chemiluminescence

Gealy, D.R., 2001:
Determination of root distribution of weed-suppressive rice (Oryza sativa) and barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) in field soil using 13C isotope analysis

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Determination of runoff losses from conventional and electrostatic spraying in herbaceous cotton

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Determination of rutin in Hypericum perforatum extract by capillary electrophoresis

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Determination of salbutamol, terbutaline, clenbuterol in swine muscle and serum by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Determination of saleable product in finished cattle and beef carcasses utilizing bioelectrical impedance technology

Subhash Chander, 1999:
Determination of sample size for estimation of aphid population on wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Lin, Cy, 2000:
Determination of sample size for testing associations between genetic markers and quantitative traits in trait-based analysis

Kasmoglu, A.; Akgun, S., 1999:
Determination of sampling points from cheese vat, pressing cloth and canvas which are used in white cheese production

Gruszecka, H., 1999:
Determination of saponin levels in white sugar

Rosa, J.A.; Smajstrla, A.G., 1999:
Determination of saturated hydraulic conductivity in high water table soils using a simple water table level measurement device

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Determination of scutellarin by LC/MS/MS

Radi, A.E.; Hassanein, A., 2000:
Determination of secnidazole in urine by adsorptive stripping voltammetry

O.K.Won; Choung MyoungGyun; Pae SukBok; Jung ChanSik; Kim ByungJoo; Kwon YilChan; Kim JungTae; Kwack YongHo, 2000:
Determination of seed lipid and protein contents in perilla and peanut by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Anlarsal, A.E.; Yucel, C.; Ozveren, D., 2000:
Determination of seed yield and yield components in some bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) cultivars and correlations between these characters under Cukurova conditions

Sindlar, J., 1999:
Determination of selected content substances in the species Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fish

Yang BaoShou; Chen Yue; Jin JiuShan; Wang RuoJun; Wang ZongYi, 2000:
Determination of selenium content in broiler liver with wet digestion in boiling water bath by Zeeman graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry

Masowska, J.; Gawoska, A., 1999:
Determination of selenium in mineral waters with ASA method

Khaki, Z.; Rahbari, S.; Nowrouzian, I., 1999:
Determination of sensitivity and specificity of indirect fluorescent antibody test in ovine Theileria lestoquardi infection

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Determination of sensory conduction velocity of radial and ulnar nerves from clinically normal dogs

Aktas, M.; Dumanli, N.; Babur, C.; Karaer, Z.; Ongor, H., 2000:
Determination of seropositivity for Toxoplasma gondii infection in pregnant and aborted sheep in Elazg and vicinity by Sabin-Feldman (SF) test

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Determination of serum cholesterol levels in cats (Felis catus) fed on a taurine-deficient diet

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Determination of serum concentrations of glycyrrhizin in humans by semi-micro high-performance liquid chromatography after administration of a therapeutic dose

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Determination of serum insulin concentration during intravenous glucose tolerance testing of healthy bulls

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Determination of serum myoglobin by immunodiffusion in horses with recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis

Nazifi Habibabadi, S.; Gheisari, H.R.; Shakerlolmani, F., 2000:
Determination of serum thyroidal hormones of Iranian goats as influenced by age, sex, pregnancy and lactation

Gupta, R.B.L.; Shashi Sharma; Yadava, C.P.S., 2000:
Determination of shelflife and virulence of talc formulation of Metarhizium anisopliae against Holotrichia consanguinea

Kontraszti, M., 2000:
Determination of short-chain fatty acid formed at fermentation of dietary fibre

Ylmaz, I.; Akdeniz, H., 2000:
Determination of silage yield and effectual characters on silage yield of some corn cultivars grown in Van City

Navarro, S.; Oliva, J.; Barba, A.; García, C., 2000:
Determination of simazine, terbuthylazine, and their dealkylated chlorotriazine metabolites in soil using sonication microextraction and gas chromatography

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Determination of size distribution of barley starch granules using low angle laser light scattering

Dmitriyev, A.A.; Savochkin, V.A., 2001:
Determination of small oscillation of caterpillar tractor frameworks

Segawa, I.; Ikeda, K., 2000:
Determination of sodium nifurstyrenate in yellowtail serum by high performance liquid chromatography

Schubert, M., 2001:
Determination of soil contamination by non-aqueous phase-liquids (NAPLs) using radon concentrations in soil air

Dawidowski, J.B., 2000:
Determination of soil density loaded with wheels of agricultural vehicles

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Determination of soil hydraulic parameters combining outflow and suction crust infiltrometer experiments

Semetko, J.; Janosko, I., 2000:
Determination of soil stress under tractor wheels

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Determination of solvent residues in pulmonary surfactant of pigs by headspace gas chromatography

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Determination of somatic cells in milk by solid phase cytometry

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Determination of somatosensory evoked potentials (SEPs) by posterior tibial nerve stimulation in dogs

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Determination of some agronomic traits in Turkish faba bean (Vicia faba L.) lines

Saffarzadeh, A.; Vincze, L.; Csapo, J., 2000:
Determination of some anti-nutritional factors and metabolisable energy in acorn (Quercus brantii), Pistacia atlantica and Pistacia khinjuk seeds as new poultry diets

Cengizler, I.; Sahan, A., 2000:
Determination of some blood parameters in mirror carps (Cyprinus carpio, Linnaeus, 1758) living in Seyhan Dam Lake and Seyhan River

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Determination of some chemical and sensory properties of whey added to peach nectar

Akgun, I.; Tosun, M.; Sagsoz, S., 1999:
Determination of some meiotic characteristics and seed set in autotetraploid perennial rye (Secale montanum Guss.)

E.N.barawy, I.M.; Fouzy, A.S.M.; Sallam, A.A.A., 2001:
Determination of some pesticide residues in foodstuff

Peksen, E.; Peksen, A.; Bozoglu, H.; Gulumser, A., 2000:
Determination of some seed characteristics in different cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) genotypes

Papesa, S.; Jezek, D.; Kujundzic, D., 2001:
Determination of sorbitol concentration in diet chocolate by high-performance liquid chromatography

Kasimoglu, A., 1999:
Determination of sources of contamination during the manufacture of White cheese and studies on the prevention of contamination

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Determination of sowing time for herbaceous cotton

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Determination of soyabean growing regions in China

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Determination of sphinganine, sphingosine and Sa/So ratio in urine of humans exposed to dietary fumonisin B1

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Determination of spiramycin I and its primary metabolite neospiramycin I in meat, milk and fish by HPLC

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Determination of stand properties in boreal and temperate forests using high-resolution imagery

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Determination of stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) virulences in wheat areas of Central Anatolia by using trap nurseries in four locations between 1995-1998

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Determination of sugar content and firmness of apples using near-infrared diffuse reflectance

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Determination of sugarcane crop water requirements at Elguneid Sugar Scheme

Hirimuthugoda, N.Y.; Edirisinghe, U.; Gunawardana, A., 1999:
Determination of suitability of egg deposition materials and development of larval feeds for higher growth and survival of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

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Determination of suitable age for cold treatment for the extension of pupal diapause in tropical tasar silkworm, Antheraea mylitta drury

Bravo, C.E.C.; Carvalho, E.P. de; Schwan, R.F.; Gomez, R.J.H.C.; Pilon, L., 2000:
Determination of suitable conditions for polygalacturonase production by Kluyveromyces marxianus

Gul, I.; Akinci, C.; Colkesen, M., 2000:
Determination of suitable oat cultivars for grain and herbage to be grown under Diyarbakr conditions

Gaudin, V.; Pavy, M.L., 1999:
Determination of sulfamethazine in milk by biosensor immunoassay

Smallidge, R.L.; Albert, K., 2000:
Determination of sulfamethazine in swine and cattle feed by reversed-phase liquid chromatography with post-column derivatization: collaborative study

Albert, K.; Smallidge, R.L., 2000:
Determination of sulfamethazine in swine and cattle feed by reversed-phase liquid chromatography with post-column derivatization: pre-collaborative study

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Determination of sulfonamides in swine meat by immunoaffinity chromatography

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Determination of sulfur dioxide content of grape skin extract and elderberry color by capillary electrophoresis

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Determination of sulphadimidine (sulfamethazine) residues in milk, plasma, urine and edible tissues by sensitive ELISA

Ghavami, S.; Ladonni, H., 1999:
Determination of susceptibility of Anopheles sacharovi collected from Dasht Argen in Fars province to DDT, malathion, fenitrothion (Diptera, Culicidae)

Wang QuanJiu; Wang WenYan; Wang ZhiRong; Zhang JianFeng; L.Y., 2001:
Determination of technique parameters for saline-alkali soil through drip irrigation under film

Zhao Jing; Yang HanChun; L.H.a; Cha ZhenLin, 1999:
Determination of tetracycline-resistance of Escherichia coli with digoxin-labelled plasmid probes

Shindo, T.; Ushiyama, H.; Kan, K.; Saito, H.; Kuwahara, Y.; Uehara, S.; Yasuda, K., 2000:
Determination of tetramine in gastropods (mollusca) by ion chromatography and the effect of cooking

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Determination of thallium in aqua regia soil extracts by ICP-MS

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Determination of the D/H ratio in natural waters of Syria, S.; D.W.lde, C.; Van Montagu, M.; Depicker, A., 2000:
Determination of the T-DNA transfer and the T-DNA integration frequencies upon cocultivation of Arabidopsis thaliana root explants

Lindsay, D.S.; Dubey, J.P., 2000:
Determination of the activity of diclazuril against Sarcocystis neurona and Sarcocystis falcatula in cell cultures

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Determination of the activity of pancreatic lipase in the presence of morin, naringenin, naringin and rutin

Rapisarda, P.; Fanella, F.; Maccarone, E., 2000:
Determination of the anthocyanin content in blood orange juices

Primo, V.; Rovera, M.; Zanon, S.; Oliva, M.; Demo, M.; Daghero, J.; Sabini, L., 2001:
Determination of the antibacterial and antiviral activity of the essential oil from Minthostachys verticillata (Griseb.) Epling

Bendini, A.; Toschi, T.G.; Lercker, G., 2001:
Determination of the antioxidant activity of vegetable extracts by Oxidative Stability Instrument (OSI)

Kim, H.; Park SungYoun; Choi YunHee, 1999:
Determination of the antioxidant anserine in muscle of juvenile and mature rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss

Bohm, V., 2000:
Determination of the antioxidative capacity - methodical approach and evaluation

Adeyemi, O.A.; Atteh, J.O.; Ibiyemi, S.A., 2001:
Determination of the apparent and true metabolisable energy value of thevetia oil

Bilal, T.; Meral, Y., 2000:
Determination of the association between heart diameter and myocardial thickness with body weights in English racing horses by M-mode echocardiography

Bethenod, O.; Bariac, T.; Pot, V.; Goujet, R.; Cayet, S.; Richard, P., 2000:
Determination of the average zone of root absorption in a plant-adventitious system in competition for water

Bitkowska, E.; Waloch, M.; Dzbenski, T.H., 2000:
Determination of the avidity of specific immunoglobulin G in serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis

Munnich, C.; Leithold, B.; Weber, W.E.; Kopahnke, D.; Walther, U., 1999:
Determination of the basis of resistance of yellow rust resistant summer barley using classical analysis and fluorescence microscopy

Huang YiFan; Y.D.oJin, 2001:
Determination of the best concentration of Azone in the Lomefloxacin liniment of transdermal absorbent preparation

Said, S.; E.S.bbagh, M.M.A.; Ghaly, H.M.M.; Baz, T.I., 1999:
Determination of the best immunizing dose of parainfluenza-3 virus vaccine (monovalent or combined) and its validity

Pourbabaee, H.; Namiranian, M.; Zobeyri, M., 1998:
Determination of the best inventory network dimensions and plot area in a manipulated conifer (Pinus taeda) forest

Kucukozdemir, U.; Olgun, M., 2000:
Determination of the best test of viability of long-term-stored seeds of wheat cultivars

Navia, E.; Gomez, J., 1999:
Determination of the causal agent of the pink root rot of Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum) in Guambia, municipality of Silvia, department of Cauca

Saffarzadeh, A.; Vincze, L.; Csapo, J., 1999:
Determination of the chemical composition of acorn (Quercus brantii), Pistacia atlantica and Pistacia khinjuk seeds as non-conventional feedstuffs

Rodríguez-Carvajal, M.A.; Tejero-Mateo, P.; Espartero, J.L.; Ruiz-Sainz, J.E.; Buendía-Clavería, A.M.; Ollero, F.J.; Yang, S.S.; Gil-Serrano, A.M., 2001:
Determination of the chemical structure of the capsular polysaccharide of strain B33, a fast-growing soya bean-nodulating bacterium isolated from an arid region of China

Paz H.H.; Munoz, R.I., 2001:
Determination of the coffee drill-borer (Hypothenemus hampei Ferr.) tolerance of endosulfan on farms in Honduras

She YiMin; Haber, S.; Seifers, D.L.; Loboda, A.; Chernushevich, I.; Perreault, H.; Ens, W.; Standing, K.G., 2001:
Determination of the complete amino acid sequence for the coat protein of brome mosaic virus by time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Chumakova, L.N., 1998:
Determination of the consumption of water by alfalfa in the Trans-Volga Region

Sommer, C.; Juhl, H., 2001:
Determination of the content of tea tree oil in cosmetics by capillary gas chromatographic quantification of the key component terpinen-4-ol

Canakci, M.; Akinci, I., 1998:
Determination of the costs of seeding and fertilizing mechanisation in Antalya region

Naeeny, A.E.; Ghadiri, H., 2000:
Determination of the critical period of weed control in corn in Bajgah and Kooshkak Regions (Fars Porvince)

Ondrej, V.; Navratilova, B.; Lebeda, A., 2001:
Determination of the crossing barriers in hybridization of Cucumis sativus and Cucumis melo

Akinc, C.; Colkesen, M., 2000:
Determination of the effect of sowing date and sowing density on yield and yield components of durum wheat

Ulger, S.; Baydar, H., 2000:
Determination of the effects of endogenous plant hormones at different growing stages in safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)

Kizilkaya, R.; Aksoy, H.M., 1999:
Determination of the effects of pesticides on the growth of different Bacillus spp

Aktas, H.; Knac, E.; Yldrm, A.F.; Sayn, L.; Kural, A., 2000:
Determination of the effects of root and foot rot pathogens on yield components in cereals which are problems in Konya province and solutions

Gubala, N.; Grundlinger, R., 1999:
Determination of the efficacy of wood preservatives. A laboratory method to determine the performance of wood preservatives against blue stain and mould fungi

Badel, E.; Perre, P., 1999:
Determination of the elastic properties using tensile tests on micro-samples for different anatomical elements for oak

Casamajor, M.N. de; Lecomte Finiger, R.; Prouzet, P., 2001:
Determination of the emaciation state of the glass eels (Anguilla anguilla) in migration in coastal and estuarine areas

Vargas Cartagena, L., 2000:
Determination of the enzyme trehalasa in the fungi Mycena citricolor

Rivera P.J.H.; Lal, R.; Amezquita C.E., 1998:
Determination of the erodibility of five soils of the Central Colombian Coffee Zone and the use of a rainfall simulator

Aranzazu Hernandez, F.; Ospina Hincapie, E.A., 2000:
Determination of the existence of quiescent infections caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz. Sacc. in tree tomato fruits (Solanum betacea)

Santana, D.M.N.; Marques, M.M.; Rosa, C.A.R., 1998:
Determination of the fatty acid composition and trans oleic acid percentage in some brands of chipped potato by capillary gas chromatography

Hegstad, S.; Lundanes, E.; Reistad, R.; Haug, L.S.; Becher, G.; Alexander, J., 2000:
Determination of the food carcinogen 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazopyridine (PhlP) in human hair by solid-phase extraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Sutiakova, I.; Sulik, E.; Sakalikova, A.; Rimkova, S., 2000:
Determination of the frequency of micronuclei in the peripheral lymphocytes in sheep by the micronucleus test

Camorlinga Salas, J.; Iniesta Avila, J.; Cruz Meza, P.; Sanchez Alfonso, F., 1995:
Determination of the fundamental parameters for a forage cutter

Aktas, H., 2000:
Determination of the fungal flora of the barley seeds and their sensitivities against Drechslera sorokiniana Sacc. Subram. and Jain

Malik, A.K.; Malik, A.K., 2000:
Determination of the fungicide ferbam in wheat grains after adsorption onto microcrystalline naphthalene

Herrera, R.; Arias, M.; Bourke, M.; Zamudio, F., 2000:
Determination of the genetic diversity in a clonal population of Populus using the infallible technique

Thongphak, D.; Attathom, T.; Tayathum, C., 1999:
Determination of the genetic relatedness of the rice gall midge, Orseolia oryzae in Thailand using RAPD-PCR markers

Kaynak, M.A.; Unay, A.; Ozkan, I.; Basal, H., 2000:
Determination of the heterotic effects and phenotypic correlation of earliness, and agronomical and quality characteristics in cotton (G. hirsutum L.)

Takeshita Y.; Kohno I.; Yasui K., 2000:
Determination of the hydraulic properties of a multilayered aquifer from pumping test data using genetic algorithms

Vardar Unlu, G.; Unlu, M.; Bakc, M.Z.; Gur, D., 2001:
Determination of the in vitro activity of several antimicrobial agents against blood culture isolates of Staphylococcus using the biomic system

Pieczyk, C., 1999:
Determination of the infiltration rate of soils

Brka, M.; Reinsch, N.; Kalm, E., 2000:
Determination of the inheritance pattern of hyperthelia in cattle by maximum likelihood analysis

Reichardt, W.; Muller, U.; Peschke, W.; Oppermann, P.; Schuster, M.; Muller, S.; Eckert, B., 1999:
Determination of the intramuscular fat content of pork by extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide in comparison to other methods

Ake, M.; Atindehou, E.; Malan, A.K.; Mandrou, B., 1999:
Determination of the iron content of milk and local flours consumed by children in the Cote d'Ivoire

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Determination of the lactate breakpoint during incremental exercise in horses adapted to dietary corn oil

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Determination of the lethal concentration (CL50) and evaluation of four doses of Metarhizium anisopliae for the control of the coffee miner Leucoptera coffeella

Nakamura, Y.; Tsuji, S.; Tonogai, Y., 2000 :
Determination of the levels of isoflavonoids in soybeans and soy-derived foods and estimation of isoflavonoids in the Japanese daily intake

Keely, S.P.; Cushion, M.T.; Stringer, J.R., 1999:
Determination of the maximum frequency of genetic rearrangements associated with Pneumocystis carinii surface antigen variation

Gul, A.U.; Acar, H.H.; Topalak, O., 2000:
Determination of the mechanization level for forestry operations by linear programming

Fent, R.W.; Carter, S.D.; Senne, B.W.; Rincker, M.J., 2000:
Determination of the metabolizable energy concentration of three corn hybrids fed to growing pigs

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Determination of the methionine requirement of growing double-muscled Belgian blue bulls with a three-step method

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Determination of the mineral levels of feedstuffs in the Marmara region and their relation to nutritional disorders in sheep

Heungens, A.; Tirry, L., 1998:
Determination of the minimal lethal spray concentrations for methamidophos and oxamyl (LC50-LC95-LC100) for the control of the green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) on chrysanthemum (Dendranthema indicum)

Fernandez Andreu, C.M.; Pimentel Turino, T.; Martinez Machin, G.; Gonzalez Miranda, M., 1999:
Determination of the minimum inhibitory concentration of fluconazole against Cryptococcus neoformans

H.Q.Gai; Chen HuanChun; W.B.n; Jin MeiLin; Fang LiuRong; W.M.iZhou; Zhou Rui, 1999:
Determination of the minimum vaccination dose of oil emulsion inactivated pseudorabies vaccine and field experiment

Behrooznia, B.; Arshi, Y.; Khodabandeh, N.; Taherian, P., 1999:
Determination of the most suitable planting date for sunflower varieties in dry farming condition of Kalale

Feitosa, M.M.; Larsson, M.H.M.A.; Ushikoshi, W.S.; Perri, S.H.V., 2000:
Determination of the motor nerve conduction velocity of the radial and ulnar nerves in clinically normal dogs

Westphal, K.; Buschmann, R., 2001:
Determination of the nitrogen content of meat and meat products with the Dumas method

Kumar, S.; Gadagkar, S.R.; Filipski, A.; Gu, X., 2001:
Determination of the number of conserved chromosomal segments between species

Garcia, J.; Nicodemus, N.; Carabano, R.; Villamide, M.J.; Blas, C. de, 2001:
Determination of the number of replicates required to detect a significant difference between two means in rabbit traits

Yldrm, E.; Dursun, A.; Turan, M., 2001:
Determination of the nutrition contents of the wild plants used as vegetables in Upper Coruh Valley

Cafe, M.B.; Sakomura, N.K.; Junqueira, O.M.; Carvalho, M.R.B.; Bianchi, M. del, 2000:
Determination of the nutritional values of processed full-fat soybeans for poultry

Bui Huy Nhu Phuc; Lindberg, J.E.; Ogle, B.; Thomke, S., 2001:
Determination of the nutritive value of tropical biomass products as dietary ingredients for monogastrics using rats: 1. Comparison of eight forage species at two levels of inclusion in relation to a casein diet

Bui Huy Nhu Phuc; Lindberg, J.E.; Ogle, B.; Thomke, S., 2001:
Determination of the nutritive value of tropical biomass products for monogastrics using rats: 2. Effects of drying temperature, ensiling and level of inclusion of cassava leaves and sweet potato vines

Monney, P.; Evequoz, N., 2001:
Determination of the optimal load for apple trees: influence of various manual regulation methods on biennial cropping of the varieties Gala, Braeburn, Fuji and Maigold

Kouchakzadeh, S.; Monem, M.J.; Kasbdouz, S., 1999:
Determination of the optimal water distribution policy in an irrigation network (case study: Qurichay network)

Vega, S.; Diaz Gonzalez, G.; Prado, G.; Urban, G.; Gutierrez, R.; Perez, N.; Gonzalez, M.; Ramirez, A.; Pinto, M., 2000:
Determination of the organochloride pesticides in Mexican butter

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Determination of the peripheral follicle potential of the slaughtered bovine ovaries and oocyte aspiration

Criollo E.H.; Cardozo C.C.I.; Guevara, C., 1999:
Determination of the physiological maturity and storage potential of seeds of pumpkins (Cucurbita moschata (Duch. ex Lam.) Duch. ex Poir) cv. Bolo Verde

Okuroglu, M.; Orung, I., 2000:
Determination of the planning criteria for hazelnut storage buildings in the Black Sea District

Andrei, E., 1998:
Determination of the pollen amount in pollen fertility restorer sunflower inbred lines

Pinto, N.A.V.D.; Carvalho, V.D. de; Vava, B.; Moraes, A.R. de, 2000:
Determination of the potential dietary fibre content of the leaves of taro (Xanthosoma sagittifolium Schott)

Toze, S.; Zappia, L.; Davis, G.B., 2000:
Determination of the potential for natural and enhanced biotransformation of munition compounds contaminating groundwater in a fractured basalt aquifer

Mylonakis, M.E.; Koutinas, A.F.; Saridomichelakis, M.; Leontidis, L.; Papadogiannakis, M.; Plevraki, K., 2001:
Determination of the prevalence of blood types in the non-pedigree feline population in Greece

Saizar, J., 1997:
Determination of the prevalence of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) in dairy and beef cattle in Uruguay

Rennie, T.; Raghavan, G.; Vigneault, C., 2000:
Determination of the product refrigeration load in vacuum cooling of lettuce

Drimba, P.; Nagy, J., 2000:
Determination of the proportions in which different maize hybrids should be grown to reduce yield risks

Pereira, E.S.; Queiroz, A.C. de; Paulino, M.F.; Cecon, P.R.; Valadares Filho, S.C.; Miranda, L.F.; Fernandes, A.M.; Silva Cabral, L. da, 2000:
Determination of the protein and carbohydrates fractions, and in vitro degradation rates of the sugar cane, poultry litter and cottonseed meal

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Determination of the rate of allogamy in herbaceous cotton in the cerrado of Mato Grosso

Miyake, C.; Yokota, A., 2000:
Determination of the rate of photoreduction of O2 in the water-water cycle in watermelon leaves and enhancement of the rate by limitation of photosynthesis

Pfefferkorn, B.; Allgoewer, I.; Jandeck, C.; Brunnberg, L., 2001:
Determination of the refractive state of normophakic dogs and cats and pseudophakic dogs by retinoscopy

Cesurer, L.; Akkaya, A.; Cicek, A.; Yururdurmaz, C.; Demirbag, V., 2000:
Determination of the relations between yield and yield components in some second crop hybrid maize cultivars

Nguyen Thi Kim Lan; Phan Dich Lan, 1999:
Determination of the relationship between the amount of round worms in digestive tube and that of their eggs in faeces of goat

Garcia, E.; Salazar, D.M.; Melgarejo, P.; Coret, A., 2000:
Determination of the respiration index and of the modified atmosphere inside the packaging of minimally processed products

Olesen, J.K.; Kristensen, A.; Kjeldsen, A.M.; Aaes, O.; Norgard, P., 2001:
Determination of the selenium status after incidents of retained placenta and stillborn/weak calves

Schneider, D.; Stern, R.A.; Eisikowitch, D.; Goldway, M., 2001:
Determination of the self-fertilization potency of 'Golden Delicious' apple

Seido, K.; Maeda, H.; Shiraishi, S., 2000:
Determination of the selfing rate in a hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) seed orchard by using a chloroplast PCR-SSCP marker

Cocolin, L.; Manzano, M.; Rosa, M.; Comi, G.; Cantoni, C., 1999:
Determination of the sex of animals slaughtered for beef and pigmeat: the polymerase chain reaction

Dutra, I.; Medeiros, J.F. de; Porto Filho, F. de Q.; Costa, M. da C., 2000:
Determination of the soil cover factor for melon grown under different depths and irrigation water salinities

Jovel, J.; Ramirez, P.; Valverde, B.E.; Hilje, L., 1999:
Determination of the sources of tomato yellow mottle (ToYMoV), in Guayabo, Costa Rica

Garcia, M.C.; Marina, M.; Torre, M., 2000:
Determination of the soybean protein content in soybean liquid milks by reversed-phase HPLC

Setiawati, Y.G.B.; Riding, R.T.; Sweet, G.B., 1999:
Determination of the stage at which failure occurred in empty control-pollinated seeds of Pinus radiata

Dede, S.; Deger, Y.; Deger, S.; Alkan, M., 2000:
Determination of the status of lipid peroxidation and antioxidants in sheep infected with certain endoparasites (Fasciola spp., Trichostrongylidae spp., Eimeria spp.)

Kozuh Erzen, N.K.; Kuzner, J.; Drobnic Kosorok, M., 1998:
Determination of the terbinafine hydrochloride levels in cat's plasma and hair using a new developed isocratic HPLC method

Kuzner, J.; Kozuh Erzen, N.; Drobnic Kosorok, M., 2000:
Determination of the terbinafine hydrochloride levels in hair of cats and children infected with Microsporum canis and treated with LamisilReg. tablets

Eker, S.; Gultekin, I.; Ekiz, H.; Torun, B.; Yazc, A.; Cakmak, I., 2000:
Determination of the tolerance to zinc deficiency of some barley cultivars grown in central Anatolia under greenhouse conditions

Johnson, B.A.; Johansson, C.G., 2000:
Determination of the total soluble nitrogen content of malt and beer by the Dumas combustion method: collaborative trial

Piao ChunShu; Zhou YuShu; Liu ChiLin; Zheng YunCheng, 1999:
Determination of the toxicity of several acaricides to susceptible populations of Tetranychus urticae Koch

Mazzonetto, F.; Boica, A.L.J., 1999:
Determination of the types of resistance of bean genotypes to the attack of Zabrotes subfasciatus (Boh.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Grenier, A.M.; Wajnberg, E.; Charles, H.; Nardon, P., 2000:
Determination of the variability in biological and behavioural characters in various populations of the three species of Sitophilus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) living on stored cereals and their importance to characterize the species

Turemis, N.; Derin, K., 2000:
Determination of the viability and production of pollen and suitable pollen germination medium in some blackberry (Rubus fruticosus L.) cultivars

Vozzo, J.A.; Patel, R.; Terrel, A., 2000:
Determination of the viability of Juglans nigra seeds based on images obtained via computed tomography and magnetic resonance

Veraverbeke, E.A.; Nicolai, B.; Oostveldt, P. van; Baerdemaeker, J. de, 2000:
Determination of the wax layer ultrastructure of Jonagold with confocal and raster electron microscopy

Abad, A.; Manclús, J.J.; Moreno, M.J.; Montoya, A., 2001:
Determination of thiabendazole in fruit juices by a new monoclonal enzyme immunoassay

Wang Jing; Wang Qing; Zheng Yi, 2000:
Determination of thioglucoside in cabbage by using the ultraviolet-visible light spectrophotometer

Sun, D.H.; Waters, J.K.; Mawhinney, T.P., 2000:
Determination of thirteen common elements in food samples by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry: comparison of five digestion methods

Valerio, S.R.; Soares, P.R.; Rostagno, H.S.; Almeida e Silva, M. de; Albino, L.F.T.; Lana, G.R.Q.; Goulart, C. de C.; Kill, J.L., 2000:
Determination of threonine nutritional requirement for white-egg and brown-egg laying hens

Patel, A.D.; Patel, D.J.; Patel, N.B., 1999:
Determination of threshold level of Meloidogyne incognita and M. javanica pt. 1 on banana cv. Basrai

Patel, S.K.; Patel, D.J., 1999 :
Determination of threshold level of Meloidogyne javanica pt. 2 attacking groundnut cv. GG 20

Valcarcel, L.; Noa, M., 2000:
Determination of tiamulin in lung and meal of intoxicated pigs after the consuption of medicated feed

Stobba-Wiley, C.M.; Chang, J.P.; Elsbury, D.T.; Moran, J.W.; Turner, J.M.; Readnour, R.S.; Stobba-Wiley, C.M.; Chang, J.P.; Elsbury, D.T.; Moran, J.W.; Turner, J.M.; Readnour, R.S., 2000:
Determination of tilmicosin residues in chicken, cattle, swine, and sheep tissues by liquid chromatography

Stobba-Wiley, C.M.; Readnour, R.S., 2000:
Determination of tilmicosin residues in cow and sheep milk by liquid chromatography

Piironen, V.I., 2000:
Determination of tocopherols and tocotrienols in foods and tissues

Buskov, S.; Jorgensen, S.S.; Sorensen, H., 1999:
Determination of tocopherols by packed column supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC)

Dubey, S.C.; Patel, B., 2001:
Determination of tolerance in Thanatephorus cucumeris, Trichoderma viride, Gliocladium virens and Rhizobium sp. to fungicides

Malinov, I., 1999:
Determination of topographic and soil erodibility factors for soil losses prediction

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Determination of total and fluoride bound aluminium in tea infusions by ion selective electrode and flame atomic absorption spectrometry

Vyletelova, M.; Benda, P.; Hanus, O.; Kopunecz, P., 1999:
Determination of total counts of psychrotrophic bacteria in pool milk samples and their relation to total counts of microorganisms

Hagedorn, F.; Schleppi, P., 2000:
Determination of total dissolved nitrogen by persulfate oxidation

Choi EunYoung; Lee YongBeom; Kim JaeYoung, 2001:
Determination of total integrated solar radiation range for the optimal absorption by cucumber plant in different substrates

Rodriguez Leyes, E.A.; Rodriguez Chanfrau, J.E.; Pardo Ruiz, Z.; Pavon, V., 2000:
Determination of total polysaccharides in liquid gel of Aloe vera L. for use as raw material in formulations of food supplements

McCarthy, K.; Hischenhuber, C.; Joyce, N.; McCarthy, K.; Hischenhuber, C.; Joyce, N., 2000:
Determination of total taurine in pet foods by liquid chromatography of the dansyl derivative: collaborative study

Imtiaz Ahmad; Afsheen Shamshad; Rahila Tabassum, 1999:
Determination of toxicity of neem extract cypermethrin and methyl parathion against stored grain pest, Tribolium castaneum, PARC strain

Ali, S.S.; Kazi, T.G.; Kazi, G.H.; Shaikh, M.S., 1999:
Determination of trace and toxic elements in natural and different brands of spices available in market

Ramesh, A.; Rama Mohan, K.; Seshaiah, K.; Jeyakumar, N.D., 2001:
Determination of trace elements by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) after preconcentration on a support impregnated with piperidine dithiocarbamate

Riz Haas, P.; Amarasiriwardena, D.; Xing, B., 1998:
Determination of trace metals bound to soil humic acid species by size excusion chromatography and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Tiglea, P.; Lichtig, J., 2000:
Determination of traces of chromium in foods by solvent extraction flame atomic absorption spectrometry

Buchgraber, M.; Ulberth, F., 2001:
Determination of trans octadecenoic acids by silver-ion chromatography-gas liquid chromatography: an intercomparison of methods

Souto, A.; Carneiro, M.; Seferin, M.S.nna, M.; Conz, A.G.bbi, K., 2001:
Determination of trans-resveratrol concentrations in Brazilian red wines by HPLC

Chen WeiMin; Yao XinMei; Zhang HanQing, 2000:
Determination of two coumarin contents in the root of Angelica biserrata by HPLC method

Yokley, R.A.; Shen, N.; Cheung, M.W., 2000:
Determination of two oxy-pyrimidine metabolites of diazinon in urine by gas chromatography/mass selective detection and liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization/mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry

Chaffer, M.; Leitner, G.; Glickman, A.; Creveld, C. van; Winkler, M.; Saran, A.; Yagil, R., 2000:
Determination of udder health in camels (Camelus dromedarius)

Tsai TungHu; Chen YenFei, 2000:
Determination of unbound hesperetin in rat blood and brain by microdialysis coupled to microbore liquid chromatography

Chu, J.; Choa, V.; Win, B.M., 1999:
Determination of undrained shear strength of clay by direct simple shear tests

Borges, E.; Antonino, A.C.D.; Dall' Olio, A.; Audry, P.; Carneiro, C.J.G., 1999:
Determination of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and sorptivity of a soil using a disk permeameter

Vasconcelos, T.C.; Pacheco, R.G., 1999:
Determination of urea and creatinine indices and urinalysis of clinically healthy dogs

Sohn DaeHo; N.K.Jeong; O.T.eHo; Lee HyeSook; Han HongRyul, 1999:
Determination of urinary cortisol:creatinine ratios by sequential thin layer chromatography and ELISA in dogs

Ustaer, C.; Uzunoren, N.; Unsal, A., 1999:
Determination of vaporization rate of bioallethrin (BAN) from vaporizing mosquito tablet products by gas-liquid chromatographic method

Shriatmadari, F.; Nafisi, M.; Yaghoubfar, A., 2000:
Determination of various forms of metabolisable energy of animal fat sources produced in Tehran province

Katalinic, V., 1999:
Determination of vegetable tannin fractions using solid phase extraction and UV-VIS spectrophotometric technique

Faryal, R.; Bari, A.; Qazilbash, A.A., 1999:
Determination of virulence and antibiotic sensitivity pattern of indigenous Listeria monocytogenes

Turkoglu, T.; Fidan, U., 1996:
Determination of virus diseases on chrysanthemum, narcissus, lily and tulip in Aegean Region

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Determination of vitamin B(6) in cooked sausages

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Determination of vitamin D2 and D3 in milk using HPLC

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Determination of vitamin K in milk and infant formulas by liquid chromatography: collaborative study

Ostermeyer, U.; Schmidt, T., 2001:
Determination of vitamin K in the edible part of fish by high-performance liquid chromatography

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Determination of vitamin K1 in medical foods by liquid chromatography with postcolumn reduction and fluorometric detection

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Determination of vitamins B1 and B2 in selected vegetable-fruit products

Ciccioli, P.; Brancaleoni, E.; Frattoni, M.; Cecinato, A.; Pinciarelli, L., 2001:
Determination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitted from biomass burning of mediterranean vegetation species by GC-MS

Moret, A.Y.; Ruiz, P., 1998:
Determination of volume equations for mureillo (Erisma uncinatum) at the C4 Unit of Imataca Forest Reserve, Bolivar, Venezuela

Gruda, N.; Schnitzler, W.H., 1999:
Determination of volume weight and water content of wood fibre substrates with different methods

Isk, Y.; Bilgin, N.; Deniz, Y.; Altnel, B.; Ogretir, K.; Halitligil, M.B.; Akin, A., 2000:
Determination of water and nitrogen use efficiency of bread and durum wheat cultivars in Central Anatolia conditions by using nuclear techniques

Ekberli, I.A.; Bayrakl, F.; Gulser, C., 1999:
Determination of water and salt balance in irrigated soils

Sharma, N.K.; Bhupender Singh; Singh, M.B., 1999:
Determination of water content of plant leaves by beta gauging

Kubik, L', 2000:
Determination of water retention curves in the fractal soil medium

Rahmatullah Qureshi; Bhatti, G.R., 2001:
Determination of weed communities in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) fields of district Sukkur

Boz, O., 2000:
Determination of weed flora, distribution and density of weed species occuring in cotton growing areas in Aydn

Mennan, H.; Kutbay, H.G.; Isk, D., 1999:
Determination of weed species in hazelnut orchards in the Black Sea region of Turkey

Boz, O., 2000:
Determination of weed species, frequency and density in wheat growing areas in Aydin

Kaya, Y.; Zengin, H., 2000:
Determination of weeds and their life forms and phytogeographic regions in wheat fields of Pasinler Plain

Baird, R.; Gitaitis, R.; Carling, D.; Baird, S.; Alt, P.; Mullinix, B., 2000:
Determination of whole-cell fatty acid profiles for the characterization and differentiation of isolates of Rhizoctonia solani AG-4 and AG-7

Duan XinFang, 1999:
Determination of wood color characteristics and its variation among trees of Chinese white poplar plantation

Medved, S., 2000:
Determination of wood particles size

Aydin, N.; Tugay, M.E.; Sakin, M.A.; Gokmen, S., 2000:
Determination of yield and quality traits of durum wheat cultivars under Tokat Kazova conditions

Tosun, M.; Akgun, I.; Sagsoz, S.; Taspnar, M., 2000:
Determination of yield and yield components in some spring sown triticale genotypes

Fazekas, B.; Tar, A., 2001:
Determination of zearalenone content in cereals and feedstuffs by immunoaffinity column coupled with liquid chromatography

Jodlbauer, J.; Zollner, P.; Lindner, W., 2000:
Determination of zeranol, taleranol, zearalenone, alpha - and beta -zearalenol in urine and tissue by high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

L.J.E.; Qian WanHong; Zhang YingKuo, 2001:
Determination on the same column for mixed formulation contained EBT, tetramethrin, permethrin by gas chromatography

Stolz, P.; Krooss, J.; Thurmann, U.; Peek, R.D.; Giese, H., 1998:
Determination procedure for wood preservatives in waste wood - statistics of sampling and analysis

Karl, H.; Munkner, W.; Krause, S.; Bagge, I., 2001:
Determination, spatial variation and distribution of iodine in fish

Hsiu, S.L.; Tsao, C.W.; Tsai, Y.C.; Ho, H.J.; Chao, P.D., 2001:
Determinations of morin, quercetin and their conjugate metabolites in serum

Yamane, H.; Tao, R.; Murayama, H.; Ishiguro, M.; Abe, Y.; Soejima, J.; Sugiura, A., 2000:
Determining S-genotypes of two sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) cultivars, 'Takasago (Rockport Bigarreau)' and 'Hinode (Early Purple)'

Sanchez A.F.L.; Soca Cabrera, J.R.; Camorlinga Salas, J.; Lobato Silva, R., 1995:
Determining a typical sugar cane field with a perspective on mechanization

Castro, L. de; Vargas, E.A., 2001:
Determining aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 in maize using florisil clean up with thin layer chromatography and visual and densitometric quantification

Bazarnova, Y.G.; Kolodyaznaya, V.S., 2000:
Determining antioxidant phyto-additives in products containing fat

Zeller, K.; Harrington, D.Y.; Fisher, R.; Donev, E., 2000:
Determining atmospheric deposition in Wyoming with IMPROVE and other national programs

Masoudi Nejad, A.; Yazdi Samadi, B.; Abd Mishani, C.; Sarbolouki, M.N.; Firoozi, M., 1999:
Determining baking quality of Iranian wheat cultivars using SDS-sedimentation test

Tang ShouZheng; D.J.Shan, 1999:
Determining basal area growth process of thinned even-aged stands by crown competition factor

Sappington, T.W.; Zamora, O.R.; Nelson, D.R.; Fatland, C.L., 2000:
Determining boll weevil age with cuticular hydrocarbon profiles

Mass, S.J.; Fitzgerald, G.J.; DeTar, W.R., 2000:
Determining cotton leaf canopy temperature using multispectral remote sensing

Saral, A.; Unver, S.; Kadayifci, A.; Kaya, M.; Yavuzcan, H.G.; Yildirim, O.; Cyftcy, Y., 2000:
Determining efficiencies of different tillage systems in vetch-corn-wheat rotation

Mineev, A.P.; Arsen' ev, G.M., 1999:
Determining efficient sets of machinery in agriculture

Posage, J.M.; Bartlett, P.C.; Thomas, D.K., 1998:
Determining factors for successful adoption of dogs from an animal shelter

Deckers, T.; Daemen, E., 1999:
Determining factors reducing the host susceptibility of fruit trees for fire blight infections

Wang, X.; Wang, C.; Sang, Y.; Zheng, L.; Qin, C., 2000:
Determining functions of multiple phospholipase Ds in stress response of Arabidopsis

Wipff, J.K.; Fricker, C.R., 2000:
Determining gene flow of transgenic creeping bentgrass and gene transfer to other bentgrass species

Wermund, U.; Wainwright, H., 2000:
Determining influencing factors of hardy ornamental nursery stock (HONS) sales

Hotchkiss, R.H.; Wingert, C.B.; Kelly, W.E., 2001:
Determining irrigation canal seepage with electrical resistivity

Colaizzi, P.D.; Choi, C.Y.; Waller, P.M.; Barnes, E.M.; Clarke, T.R., 2000:
Determining irrigation management zones in precision agriculture using the water deficit index at high spatial resolutions

McGuiggan, R.L., 2000:
Determining leisure preferences: demographics or personality?

Domsch, H.; Horn, H.J.; Kuhn, R., 2000:
Determining local soil load

Cnossen, A.G.; Siebenmorgen, T.J., 2000:
Determining minimum tempering durations while maintaining head rice yield

Bohm, T.; Hartmann, H., 2000:
Determining moisture content in wood chips

Mallawaarachchi, T.; Jacobsen, B., 2000:
Determining non-market benefits in environmental management in the sugar industry: concepts and applications

Park YoungSook; Chun HeaJa; Song ByongKook, 2000:
Determining obesity frequency of rural children by skinfold thickness, analyzing their KAP related to obesity and obesity camp strategy

Tadjbakhche, H.; Mahzonieh, M.R., 1999:
Determining of Salmonella abortusovis antigens and developing a serological method for diagnosis of infection by specific antigens

Frackowiak, P., 2000:
Determining of optimal mixture proportions of environmentally friendly rape oil fuel and fuel of mineral origin

Shete, D.T.; Patel, J., 1999:
Determining optimum crop geometry of cotton on micro-irrigation

Mullins, C.A.; Straw, R.A., 1999:
Determining optimum maturity of bush Romano beans for machine harvest

Tilmon, K.J.; Danforth, B.N.; Day, W.H.; Hoffmann, M.P., 2000:
Determining parasitoid species composition in a host population: a molecular approach

Kushnir, A.V.; Melikhov, R.A., 2001:
Determining prices on the second-hand market for agricultural machinery

Xi, K.B.rnett, P.; Turkington, T.; Tekauz, A.H.lm, J., 1999:
Determining quantitative resistance of barley cultivars at the seedling stage to net blotch caused by Pyrenophora teres

Walia, U.S.; Ramanjit Kaur; Kler, D.S., 2000:
Determining residual effects of new herbicides applied to control Phalaris minor from wheat on the succeeding crops through bioassay

Sandeep Sharma; Bhardwaj, S.D.; Pankaj Panwar, 2000:
Determining seed germination in Albizia chinensis using leachate conductivity as a parameter

Nkonya, E.M.; Featherstone, A.M., 2000:
Determining socially optimal nitrogen application rates using a delayed response model: the case of irrigated corn in Western Kansas

Nkonya, E.M.; Featherstone, A.M., 1999:
Determining socially optimal nitrogen application rates using a delayed response model: the case of irrigated corn in western Kansas

Ahuja, L.R.; Rawls, W.J.; Nielsen, D.R.; Williams, R.D., 1999:
Determining soil hydraulic properties and their field variability from simpler measurements

Hellebrand, H.J.; Scholz, V., 2000:
Determining soil-born trace gas fluxes during the cultivation of non-food crops

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Determining sources of fecal pollution in a rural Virginia watershed with antibiotic resistance patterns in fecal streptococci

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Determining sport expertise: from genes to supremes

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Determining strategies for optimal reform, coppice management and land investment using linear programming

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Determining suitable method for measuring utilization level in Artemisia stands

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Determining suitable varieties for processing tomato production under Turkey ecological conditions

Saglam, N.; Yazgan, A., 2000:
Determining suitable varieties for tomato cultivation under unheated high plastic tunnel

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Determining the Rhizobium requirement and nitrogen fixation potential of Apios americana Medikus

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Determining the S-genotypes of several sweet cherry cultivars based on PCR-RFLP analysis

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Determining the base purchase price of raw cows' milk in the International Dairy Federation member countries and in Slovenia

Tishchenko, M.A.; Tokareva, A.N., 2000:
Determining the basic parameters of a multi-functional unit for dispensing green fodder and mixtures

Mamedov, F.A., 2000:
Determining the basic parameters of a soil-loosening unit combining horizontal cutting tines and a rotating auger

Vlahinja, J., 2001:
Determining the criteria for distribution of cost and profit of shared forest roads

Makhutov, A.A.; Baderdinova, T.E., 1999:
Determining the demand for repairs

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Determining the dimensionality of athletic identity: a Herculean cross-cultural undertaking

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Determining the duration of treatment of manure in the reactors of biogas installations

Maslov, G.G.; Pleshakov, V.I., 2001:
Determining the economic effectiveness of new machinery by dynamic programming

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Determining the economical harm to the environment in the production and use of organic fertilizers

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Determining the effect of soluble protein levels and urea supplementation of ruminally undegradable protein flow in a continuous culture system

Ferrero, A.; Lipiec, J., 2000:
Determining the effect of trampling on soils in hillslope-woodlands

Yashina, I.M.; Sklyarova, N.P.; Simakov, E.A., 1998:
Determining the efficiency of the initial potato material used from the results of selection for resistance to viruses and late blight

Ling BithHong; Pan YunJu, 1999:
Determining the fishery intra-industry trade in Taiwan

Joo EunJung; Kim InSook; Kim YoungSun; Seo Eun A., 2001:
Determining the frequency of obesity and eating habits of older (4th, 5th, 6th grade) elementary school students in Iksan city by some obesity indices

Khlystunov, V.F., 2000:
Determining the gap between the screws in machinery for mixing and dispensing feed

Altube, H.A.; Budde, C.O.; Urquiza, M.O.; Rivata, R.S., 1999 :
Determining the harvest indexes for peaches (Prunus persica (L) Batsch) 'Springcrest'

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Determining the hypovirulence in the isolates of chestnut blight (Cryphonectria parasitica (Murr.) Barr.) in Turkey

Ward, J.M.; Keithly, W., 2000:
Determining the impacts of adopting property rights as a fishery management tool in regulated open access fisheries

Chacko, H.E.; Fenich, G.G., 2000:
Determining the importance of US convention destination attributes

Goulding, C.J.; Trotter, C.M.; Hock, B.K.; Hitchcock, S., 2000:
Determining the location of trees and their log products within a stand

Fernandes, H.C.; Souza, A.P. de; Vitoria, E.L. da, 2000:
Determining the number of the potentially suitable days for working with forest machines

Mamatov, F.M.; Ergashov, I.T.; Ravshanov, K.A.; Islomov, S.I., 2000:
Determining the parameters of the mechanism for mounting a plough on a tractor of draught class 1.4

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Determining the physical limits of the Brassica S locus by recombinational analysis

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Determining the physiological and molecular controls of low temperature tolerance in woody plants

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Determining the picking ripeness of apples

Vlasov, A.A.; Konovalov, V.V.; Mishin, K.M., 2000:
Determining the pressure of dry feed on the bottom of a hopper

Salehar, A., 2001:
Determining the price of pigs on the basis of carcass composition, and proposals for Slovenia

Saviin, I.G., 2000:
Determining the profitability of the work of tractor/machinery stations

Kovalev, M.M.; Kozlov, V.P.; Khailis, G.A., 2001:
Determining the rigidity of springs of the crushing apparatus in flax harvesters

Koger, C.S.; Teh, S.J.; Hinton, D.E., 2000:
Determining the sensitive developmental stages of intersex induction in medaka (Oryzias latipes) exposed to 17 beta -estradiol or testosterone

Rutkowska Jurga, I.; Borkowska Opacka, B., 2001:
Determining the serotypes of Pasteurella multocida strains isolated from poultry

Fuller, J., 2000:
Determining the source of changing shrinkage rates during kiln drying

L.X.eFeng; Huang HuaZhang; Zhang WenJi; Wang ChengJu, 2000:
Determining the susceptibility of L. sativae and L. huidobrensis to three classes of pesticides

Pleshakov, V.N., 2000:
Determining the technical level of agricultural machinery with the aid of an integrated evaluation index

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Determining the thermal losses caused by safety in a vacuum-convection kiln for drying wood

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Determining the thermal physical characteristics of food fibres

Nansen, C.; Korie, S., 2000:
Determining the time delay of honey bee (Apis mellifera) foraging response to hourly pollen release in a typical pollen flower (Cistus salvifolius)

Dettmer, E.; Fragaszy, D., 2000:
Determining the value of social companionship to captive tufted capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella)

Benvenuti, S.; Macchia, M.; Miele, S., 2001:
Determining the weed seed bank in the soil

Wood, G.A., 2000:
Determining whether natural spread of apple green crinkle disease occurs, its absence from New Zealand clonal apple rootstocks, and the sensitivity of some new cultivars

Srairi, M.T., 2001:
Determinism and application of systematic research to a study of dairy farming

Shirmohammadi, A.; Montas, H.; Bergstrom, L.; Coyne, K.; Wei, S.; Gish, T., 2001:
Deterministic and stochastic prediction of atrazine transport in soils displaying macropore flow

Kapuscinski, J.; Pawua, A., 1999:
Deterministic models of a hydrologic drainage basin as an element of hydro-meterological monitoring

Jayadi, R.; Fukuda, T.; Nakano, Y.; Kuroda, M., 2000:
Deterministic optimization of irrigation water allocation in a low-lying paddy area with creek networks

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Determintaion of iodine level in salt

Nripendra Laskar; Madhuri Datta, 2000:
Deterrant effect of petroleum ether extract of Ageratum conyzoides Linn. on the larva of mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori L. race - Nistari

Anbutsu, H.; Togashi, K., 1999:
Deterred oviposition response of the Japanese pine sawyer, Monochamus alternatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), to oviposition scars occupied by eggs

Mensah, R.K.; Verneau, S.; Frerot, B., 2000:
Deterrence of oviposition of adult Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) by a natural enemy food supplement EnvirofeastReg. on maize in France

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Deterrent effects of several compounds from neem on oviposition of the apple maggot, Rhagoletis pomonella (Walsh)

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Detertion of infectious pleuropneumoniae in pigs by an indirect haemagglutination test

Henry, Y.M.; Natrajan, N.; Lauer, W.F., 2001:
Detex for detection of Escherichia coli O157 in raw ground beef and raw ground poultry

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Detomidine as a sedative in yaks

Jiang YuQin; L.R.ngLin; Zhang DaiHua; Zhou WeiRen; Shao MingCheng; Zhang ChunYun;, 2001:
Detoxication of rapeseed meal with multi-microbial solution and its application II. Effects of adding detoxicated rapeseed meal to diet on the growth of Sanhuang chicken

E.D.eb, B.A.; Soltan, S.M.; Ali, A.M.; Ali, K.A., 2000 :
Detoxication of the herbicide diuron by Pseudomonas sp

Wen GuoXi, 1999:
Detoxication test on ephedra poisoning using glycyrrhizin

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Detoxification methods of aflatoxins

Chauhan, S.; Bhargava, V., 1998:
Detoxification of aflatoxin by garlic and some homoeopathic drugs

Sohane, R.K.; Chaturvedi, V.B., 2001:
Detoxification of aflatoxin in feed

Schmöger, M.E.; Oven, M.; Grill, E., 2000:
Detoxification of arsenic by phytochelatins in plants

Sams, C.; Mason, H.J., 1999:
Detoxification of organophosphates by A-esterases in human serum

Fletcher, G.C.; Hay, B.E.; Scott, M.F., 1998:
Detoxifying Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) of the neurotoxic shellfish poison (NSP) produced by Gymnodinium breve

Zalucki, M.; Brower, L.; Alonso, M., A., 2001:
Detrimental effects of latex and cardiac glycosides on survival and growth of first-instar monarch butterfly larvae Danaus plexippus feeding on the sandhill milkweed Asclepias humistrata

Bosch, M.; Figuerola, J., 1999:
Detrimental effects of ticks Ornithodoros maritimus on the growth of yellow-legged gull Larus michahellis chicks

Chouinard, A.; Filion, L., 2001:
Detrimental effects of white-tailed deer browsing on balsam fir growth and recruitment in a second-growth stand on Anticosti Island, Quebec

Simon, D., 1999:
Detriments caused to insectivorous birds by producing damages to the nest boxes and competition for artificial nests

Foos Annabelle M.; Sasowsky Ira D.; LaRock Edward J.; Kambesis Patricia N., 2000:
Detrital origin of a sedimentary fill, Lechuguilla Cave, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico

Astot, C.; Dolezal, K.; Moritz, T.; Sandberg, G., 2000:
Deuterium in vivo labelling of cytokinins in Arabidopsis thaliana analysed by capillary liquid chromatography/frit-fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry

Battu, G.S.; Parmjeet Singh; Jaswant Singh, 2000:
Deuteromycotina (=near Nomuraea sp.) infecting Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Guenee) on rice in Punjab

Wang Qin, 2000:
Develop bamboo industry and build strong bamboo county

Adams, D.L., 1999:
Develop better motor skill progressions with Gentile's taxonomy of tasks

Chen YiChuang, 2000:
Develop superiority of bamboo countries , strengthen cultivation of resources, and accelerate managing steps of bamboo industrialization

Huang QingZhen; Shao XinXi; Zhou GuangPing et al., 2000:
Developed aerosol of pest killer with controlled release micro-emulsion

McGrath, J.W.; Mafigiri, D.; Kamya, M.; George, K.; Senvewo, R.; Svilar, G.; Kabugo, M.; Mugisha, E., 2001:
Developing AIDS vaccine trials educational programs in Uganda

Borg, J.; Sellers, R., 2000:
Developing New Fisheries in Western Australia

McIntosh, F., 2000:
Developing a beef cattle nutritional management education package for producers in northern Australia

Lamers, J.; Durr, G.; Feil, P., 2000:
Developing a client-oriented, agricultural advisory system in Azerbaijan

Skinner, D.Z.; Bauchan, G.R.; Auricht, G.; Hughes, S., 1999:
Developing a core collection from a large annual Medicago germplasm collection

Schofield, P., 1999:
Developing a day trip expectation/satisfaction construct: a comparative analysis of scale construction techniques

Hagras, H.; Callaghan, V.; Colley, M.; Carr West, M., 2000:
Developing a fuzzy logic controlled agricultural vehicle

Spurr, E.B., 1999:
Developing a long-life toxic bait and lures for mustelids

Young, A.; Marthick, J.; Chafer, C.; Caldwell, J., 1996:
Developing a management framework for wetlands: the Illawarra experience

Kapos, V.; Rhind, J.; Edwards, M.; Price, M.F.; Ravilious, C., 2000:
Developing a map of the world's mountain forests

Patterson, I., 2000:
Developing a meaningful identity for people with disabilities through serious leisure activities

Castedo Dorado, F.; Alvarez Gonzalez, J.G., 2000:
Developing a merchantable volume equation for Pinus radiata D. Don in Galicia using a taper function

Barandun, A., 2001:
Developing a mix of public and private rural extension services: the experience of Nicaragua

Davar Khalili; Abolghassem Yousefi, 1998:
Developing a model for the estimation of mean and maximum daily discharges using physiographic parameters for Atrak Watershed

Yoon HaeSuk; Goto, T.; Kageyama, Y., 2000:
Developing a nitrogen application curve for spray chrysanthemums grown in hydroponic system and its practical use in NFT system

Hayes, A.J.; McLaren, G.F.; Fraser, J.A., 1999:
Developing a preliminary model predicting thrips movement into Central Otago nectarines

Tongdee, S.C., 2001:
Developing a quality assurance system for fresh produce in Thailand

Almeida, O.T. de; Uhl, C., 1999:
Developing a quantitative framework for sustainable resource-use planning in the Brazilian Amazon

Kuester, L.; Arnold, J.; Pauly, D., 1998:
Developing a road map for integrated resource management within the Rush Lake Watershed: a case study

Barna Vetro, I.; Szabo, E.; Fazekas, B.; Solti, L., 1999:
Developing a sensitive ELISA for determination of fumonisin B1 in cereals

Kang, W.S., 2000:
Developing a small commercial vibrating potato digger (I) - assessment of kinematic design parameters

Karvi, J.N., 2000:
Developing a sound social system. Sarada valley development Samithi

Tod, I.; Parsons, S.; Goyal, V.; Sharma, G., 2000:
Developing a strategy for disposal of drainage waters

Scowcroft, W.R.; Scowcroft, C.E.P., 1999:
Developing a strategy for sustainable seed supply systems in sub-Saharan Africa: policies, stakeholders and coordination

Hugues Dit Ciles, E.K., 2000:
Developing a sustainable community-based aquaculture plan for the lagoon of Cuyutlan through a public awareness and involvement process

Korshunov, V.Ya, 2000:
Developing a technique for manufacturing and renewing parts of farm machinery using synergy principles

Chapin, M.H.; Lorence, D.H., 2000:
Developing a tropical botanical garden palm collection

Selin, S., 1999:
Developing a typology of sustainable tourism partnerships

Wissink, D.; Askin, D.; Bomai, N., 2001:
Developing a villager-focused strategic plan for food security in the areas impacted by the Ok Tedi Mine

Lindner, M., 2000:
Developing adaptive forest management strategies to cope with climate change

Flett, D.; Earl, G., 1999:
Developing an appropriate rural water entitlement regime - choices in entitlement products

Linehan, P.E.; Miller, D.L.; Jose, S., 2000:
Developing an off-campus natural resource conservation program

Christian, R., 2001:
Developing an online access strategy: issues facing small to medium-sized tourism and hospitality enterprises

Reznikov, N.A., 1999:
Developing and enhancing the personnel potential in agriculture

Smith, S.R.; Mintenko, A., 2000:
Developing and evaluating North American native grasses for turf use

Herremans, I.M.; Welsh, C., 2001:
Developing and implementing a company's eco-tourism mission statement: Treadsoftly revisited

Russell, D.A.; Kranthi, K.R.; Surulivelu, T.; Jadhav, D.R.; Regupathy, A.; Singh, J., 2000:
Developing and implementing insecticide resistance management practices in cotton ICM programmes in India

Martin, S.W.; Barnett, B.J.; Coble, K.H., 2001:
Developing and pricing precipitation insurance

Strock, J.S.; Cassel, D.K., 2001:
Developing and testing a system for studying unsaturated solute transport on undisturbed soil blocks

Peng ChangHui; Zhang, L.J.; Liu JinXun, 2001:
Developing and validating nonlinear height-diameter models for major tree species of Ontario's boreal forests

Lawrence, D.N.; Cawley, S.T.; Hayman, P.T., 2000 :
Developing answers and learning in extension for dryland nitrogen management

Mazumder, D.; Lorenzen, K., 1999:
Developing aquaculture of small native species (SNS) in Bangladesh: village level agroecological change and the availability of SNS

Daniels, L.B.; Brown, A.H.J.; Harrison, K.F.; Hubbell, D.I.I.I.; Johnson, Z.B., 2000:
Developing beef heifers during the winter months with stockpiled bermudagrass forage

McKervey, C.; Lytle, S.; O.B.yle, J.; McLauchlan, W., 2000:
Developing benchmarks for grazed beef cattle

Kinloch, B.B.Jr, 2000:
Developing blister rust resistance in white pines

Hammond, K.; Galal, S., 2000:
Developing breeding strategies for lower input animal production environments. An introduction

Silva, E.J. da, 2001:
Developing capacity - building in the biotechnologies worldwide. Part II - MIRCENS

Nzima, M.D.S.; Banga, D.J., 1999:
Developing cheap techniques for sustainable maintenance and multiplication of sweetpotato planting material by households

Jackson, R., 2000:
Developing codes of conduct for food aid: experience from the Sahel

Fleming, J.D., 1999:
Developing compliance by design and implementing a master plan