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Dietary copper effects on lipid metabolism, performance, and ruminal fermentation in finishing steers

Engle, T.E.; Spears, J.W.

Journal of Animal Science 78(9): 2452-2458


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8812
PMID: 10985421
DOI: 10.2527/2000.7892452x
Accession: 003405770

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Sixty Angus steers (391.1+/-6.1 kg) were used to determine the effects of dietary Cu concentration on lipid metabolism and ruminal fermentation. Steers were stratified by weight and randomly assigned to treatments. Treatments consisted of 0 (control), 10, or 20 mg of supplemental Cu (as CuSO4)/kg diet DM. Steers were housed in pens equipped with individual electronic Calan gate feeders. On d 86 and 92, ruminal fluid was collected from two steers/treatment for IVDMD determination. Equal numbers of steers per treatment were slaughtered after receiving the finishing diets for 96 or 112 d. Gain, feed intake, feed efficiency, IVDMD, and ruminal VFA molar proportions were not affected by Cu supplementation. Copper supplementation increased (P < .05) liver Cu concentrations, and steers supplemented with 20 mg Cu/kg DM had higher (P < .05) liver Cu concentrations than steers supplemented with 10 mg Cu/kg DM. Serum total cholesterol concentrations were reduced by d 56 and at subsequent sampling dates in steers receiving supplemental Cu. Longissimus muscle cholesterol concentrations were lower (P < .10) in steers supplemented with Cu. Backfat depth was less (P < .05) in steers receiving supplemental Cu, but marbling scores were similar across treatments. Unsaturated fatty acid composition of longissimus muscle was increased (P < .05) and saturated fatty acid composition tended (P < .12) to be reduced in Cu-supplemented steers. Polyunsaturated fatty acid concentrations were higher (P < .05) in steers receiving Cu. These results indicate that addition of 10 or 20 mg Cu/kg to a high-concentrate diet containing 4.9 mg Cu/kg DM alters lipid and cholesterol metabolism in steers but does not affect ruminal fermentation.

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