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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3409

Chapter 3409 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Eri, S.; Khoo, B.K.; Lech, J.; Hartman, T.G., 2000:
Direct thermal desorption-gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry profiling of hop (Humulus lupulus L.) essential oils in support of varietal characterization

Phanapavudhikul, S., 1999:
Direct use of spent distillery wash liquor on paddy fields in Thailand

Shackleton, C.M.; Shackleton, S.E., 2000:
Direct use values of secondary resources harvested from communal savannas in the Bushbuckridge lowveld, South Africa

Marian, I.O.; Bonciocat, N.; Sandulescu, R.; Filip, C., 2001:
Direct voltammetry for vitamin B2 determination in aqueous solution by using glassy carbon electrode

Poor, N.; Pribble, R.; Greening, H., 2001:
Direct wet and dry deposition of ammonia, nitric acid, ammonium and nitrate to the Tampa Bay Estuary, FL, USA

Szwaczkowski, T.; Bednarczyk, M.; Kieczewski, K., 1999:
Direct, maternal and cytoplasmic variance estimates of egg production traits in laying hens

Dhakshinamoorthy, M.; Rani Perumal, 2001:
Direct, residual and cumulative effects of phosphatic fertilizers on the yield of fingermillet, maize and blackgram grown in a cropping system

Patnaik, M.C.; Raj, G.B., 1999:
Direct, residual and cumulative effects of zinc in rice-rice cropping system

Themelis, D.G.; Tzanavaras, P.D.; Anthemidis, A.N.; Stratis, J.A., 1999:
Direct, selective flow injection spectrophotometric determination of calcium in wines using methylthymol blue and an on-line cascade dilution system

Khan, S.; Mulvaney, R.; Hoeft, R., 2000:
Direct-diffusion methods for inorganic-nitrogen analysis of soil

Tashiro, T.; Sugawara, O.; Naganoma, H.; Chiba, K.; Saigusa, M., 2000:
Direct-seeding of rice (Oryza sativa L.) on Y-shaped furrow without tillage and covering soil in poorly drained paddy soil

Kurzov, Y.P.; Oleinik, N.A.; Nozhnov, M.M.; Kholyavko, V.V., 2000:
Direct-sowing seed drills

Vullioud, P.; Mosimann, E., 2000:
Direct-sown winter wheat after sown meadow: grasses may be resistant

Kusumoto, K.I.; Nogata, Y.; Ohta, H., 2000:
Directed deletions in the aflatoxin biosynthesis gene homolog cluster of Aspergillus oryzae

Tokarev, B.; Lozovsky, L., 1999:
Directed fertilization to breed plants for toxic ions resistance during pollination

Sarker, N.; Hawken, R.J.; Takahashi, S.; Alexander, L.J.; Awata, T.; Schook, L.B.; Yasue, H., 2001:
Directed isolation and mapping of microsatellites from swine Chromosome 1q telomeric region through microdissection and RH mapping

Christophe, A.; Robberecht, E., 2001:
Directed modification instead of normalization of fatty acid patterns in cystic fibrosis: an emerging concept

Nunes, C.P.; Passaglia, L.M.P.; Schrank, A.; Schrank, I.S., 2000:
Directed mutagenesis affects recombination in Azospirillum brasilense nif genes

Peck, S.; Nuhse, T.; Hess, D.I.lesias, A.M.ins, F.B.ller, T., 2001:
Directed proteomics identifies a plant-specific protein rapidly phosphorylated in response to bacterial and fungal elicitors

Robinson, G.R.; Handel, S.N., 2000:
Directing spatial patterns of recruitment during an experimental urban woodland reclamation

Katsuyama, K., 2000:
Direction of future fishery management

Chehbouni, A.N.uvellon, Y.K.rr, Y.; Moran, M.; Watts, C.P.evot, L.G.odrich, D.; Rambal, S., 2001:
Directional effect on radiative surface temperature measurements over a semiarid grassland site

Ismail, H.; Azman, H.; Shamsudin, I.; Chong, P.F.; Nazaruddin, R., 2000:
Directional felling: does it work?

Gilbert, F.; Elsner, N., 2000:
Directional hearing of a grasshopper in the field

Sigsgaard, L.; Villareal, S.; Gapud, V.; Rajotte, E., 1999:
Directional movement of predators between the irrigated rice field and its surroundings

Kelly, M.G.; Levin, D.A., 2000:
Directional selection on initial flowering date in Phlox drummondii (Polemoniaceae)

Bucher, D.; Pfluger, H.J., 2000:
Directional sensitivity of an identified wind-sensitive interneuron during the postembryonic development of the locust

Brideau, A.D.; Eldridge, M.G.; Enquist, L.W., 2000:
Directional transneuronal infection by pseudorabies virus is dependent on an acidic internalization motif in the Us9 cytoplasmic tail

Cocroft, R.B.; Tieu, T.D.; Hoy, R.R.; Miles, R.N., 2000:
Directionality in the mechanical response to substrate vibration in a treehopper (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Umbonia crassicornis)

Demetrius, L., 2000:
Directionality theory and the evolution of body size

Armbruster, W.J.; Barry, P.J., 2001:
Directions for agricultural research and development policy

Colauzzi, M.; Tassoni, F.; Fabro, L.; Candon, P.; Neyroz, A.; Lovatti, L.; Sarti, A.; Martellucci, R.; Calzolari, P.; Cuter, M.; Bonomi, L., 2000:
Directions for varietal choice in potato

Stypinski, P.; Grobelna, D., 2000:
Directions of succession of plant communities on the degraded and abandoned grassland

Pachauri, R.K.; Batra, R.K., 2001:
Directions, innovations, and strategies for harnessing action for sustainable development

Herbert, J.T., 2000:
Director and staff views on including persons with severe disabilities in therapeutic adventure

Anonymous, 2001:
Directory for African Agricultural Research 2001

Font, X.; Haas, E.; Thorpe, K.; Forsyth, L., 2001:
Directory of Tourism Ecolabels

Anonymous, 2001:
Directory of the European Feed Industry 2001

Davin, L.B.; Lewis, N.G., 2000:
Dirigent proteins and dirigent sites explain the mystery of specificity of radical precursor coupling in lignan and lignin biosynthesis

Burlat, V.K.on,, L.; Lewis, N., 2001:
Dirigent proteins and dirigent sites in lignifying tissues

Xia, Z.; Costa, M.; Proctor,, L.; Lewis, N., 2000:
Dirigent-mediated podophyllotoxin biosynthesis in Linum flavum and Podophyllum peltatum

Schwan, E.; Miller, D.;, D.; Van Heerden, A., 2000:
Dirofilaria repens in a cat with acute liver failure

Harrus, S.; Harmelin, A.; Rodrig, S.; Favia, G., 1999:
Dirofilaria repens infection in a dog in Israel

Azarova, N.A.; Preider, V.P., 1999:
Dirofilariasis in the town of Barnaul, Altai Territory

Raccurt, C.P., 1999:
Dirofilariasis, an underestimated emerging zoonosis in France

Rhodes, A.P.; Mackay, A.D.; Lambert, M.G.; Krausse, M.K.; Willis, B.H.; Withell, B., 1999:
Dirty habits - a basis for developing sustainable productivity

Romagnoni, F.; Zuliani, G.; Bollini, C.; Leoci, V.; Soattin, L.; Dotto, S.; Rizzotti, P.; Valerio, G.; Lotto, D.; Fellin, R., 1999:
Disability is associated with malnutrition in institutionalized elderly people. The I.R.A. study

Guthrie, S.R.; Castelnuovo, S., 2001:
Disability management among women with physical impairments: the contribution of physical activity

Stone, E., 2001:
Disability, sport, and the body in China

Müller, J.; Aeschbacher, R.A.; Sprenger, N.; Boller, T.; Wiemken, A., 2000:
Disaccharide-mediated regulation of sucrose:fructan-6-fructosyltransferase, a key enzyme of fructan synthesis in barley leaves

Nishizaki, Y.; Yoshizane, C.; Toshimori, Y.; Arai, N.; Akamatsu, S.; Hanaya, T.; Arai, S.; Ikeda, M.; Kurimoto, M., 2000:
Disaccharide-trehalose inhibits bone resorption in ovariectomized mice

Smith, V.; Hughes, H., 1999:
Disadvantaged families and the meaning of the holiday

Brand, P.L.P., 2000:
Disadvantages of a liberal approach to the diagnosis 'food intolerance'

Houda, J., 1999:
Disappearance of Boletus calopus Fr

Nishino, N.U.hida, S., 2001:
Disappearance of Maillard reaction products during ensilage and rumen fermentation in vitro

Navarro, S.B.rba, A.S.gura, J.; Oliva, J., 2000:
Disappearance of endosulfan residues from seawater and sediment under laboratory conditions

Sado, S., 2000:
Disappearance of iprodione deposits on peppers, eggplants and tomatoes

Dash, A.; Hazra, R.; Mahapatra, N.T.ipathy, H., 2000:
Disappearance of malaria vector Anopheles sundaicus from Chilika Lake area of Orissa State in India

Eisen, D.P.; Saul, A., 2000:
Disappearance of pan-malarial antigen reactivity using the ICT Malaria P.f/P.vTM kit parallels decline of patent parasitaemia as shown by microscopy

Pienkowski, P., 2000:
Disappearance of ponds in the younger pleistocene landscapes of Pomerania

Garau, V.L.; Cabras, P.; Melis, M.; Angioni, A.; Cabitza, F.; Brandolini, V., 2001:
Disappearance of some pesticides in celery

Charmy, R.A.; Farrag, E.; Nabih, I.; Maghraby, A.S., 1998:
Disappearance of the reaction of MoAbc5c9 with Schistosoma mansoni adult worm derived from praziquantel (PZQ)-treated mice

Ouweltjes, W.; Haan, M. de; Remmelink, G., 2001:
Disappointing fertility of cattle herd on low cost farm

Massei, G.; Hartley, S.E., 2000:
Disarmed by domestication? Induced responses to browsing in wild and cultivated olive

Orchard, W., 2000:
Disas: a growing international addiction to South Africa's pride

Kee, S.H.; Cho, K.A.; Kim, M.K.; Lim, B.U.; Chang, W.H.; Kang, J.S., 1999:
Disassembly of focal adhesions during apoptosis of endothelial cell line ECV304 infected with Orientia tsutsugamushi

Drabek, T.E., 2000:
Disaster evacuations: tourist-business managers rarely act as customers expect

Anonymous, 1999:
Disaster in Seattle

Smyle, J., 2000:
Disaster mitigation and vulnerability reduction: perspectives on the prospects of vetiver grass technology

Thangam Menon; Ponnuvel, K.M., 2000:
Disc diffusion test in the identification of Candida species

Schick, M., 1999:
Discharge and distribution of silage

Swamee, P.K.; Pathak, S.K.; Talib Mansoor; Ojha, C.S.P., 2000:
Discharge characteristics of skew sluice gates

Saxen, R.; Ilus, E., 2001:
Discharge of 137Cs and 90Sr by Finnish rivers to the Baltic Sea in 1986-1996

Gabler, B.; Linde, H.J.; Reischl, U.; Lohmann, C.P., 2000:
Disciforme keratitis after Bartonella henselae associated Cat Scratch Disease: identification of a rare ocular complication by PCR

Soler Rivas, C.; Arpin, N.; Olivier, J.M.; Wichers, H.J., 2000:
Discoloration and tyrosinase activity in Agaricus bisporus fruit bodies infected with various pathogens

Weverling, G.J.; Mocroft, A.; Ledergerber, B.; Kirk, O.; Gonzales Lahoz, J.; d'Arminio Monforte, A.; Proenca, R.; Phillips, A.N.; Lundgren, J.D.; Reiss, P., 1999:
Discontinuation of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia prophylaxis after start of highly active antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1 infection

Yangco, B.G.; Bargen, J.C. von; Moorman, A.C.; Holmberg, S.D., 2000:
Discontinuation of chemoprophylaxis against Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in patients with HIV infection

Reynolds, R.F.; Walker, A.M.; Obermeyer, C.M.; Rahman, O.; Guilbert, D., 2001:
Discontinuation of postmenopausal hormone therapy in a Massachusetts HMO

Mussini, C.; Pezzotti, P.; Govoni, A.; Borghi, V.; Antinori, A.; d'Arminio Monforte, A.;, A.; Mongiardo, N.; Cerri, M.C.; Chiodo, F.; Concia, E.; Bonazzi, L.; Moroni, M.; Ortona, L.; Esposito, R.; Cossarizza, A.; D.R.enzo, B., 2000:
Discontinuation of primary prophylaxis for Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and toxoplasmic encephalitis in human immunodeficiency virus type I-infected patients: the changes in opportunistic prophylaxis study

Berenguer, J.; Cosin, J.; Miralles, P.; Lopez, J.C.; Padilla, B., 2000:
Discontinuation of secondary anti-Leishmania prophylaxis in HIV-infected patients who have responded to highly active antiretroviral therapy

Ledergerber, B.; Mocroft, A.; Reiss, P.; Furrer, H.; Kirk, O.; Bickel, M.; Uberti Foppa, C.; Pradier, C.; d'Arminio Monforte, A.; Schneider, M.M.E.; Lundgren, J.D., 2001:
Discontinuation of secondary prophylaxis against Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in patients with HIV infection who have a response to antiretroviral therapy

Rollot, F.; Bossi, P.; Tubiana, R.; Caumes, E.; Zeller, V.; Katlama, C.; Bricaire, F., 2001:
Discontinuation of secondary prophylaxis against cryptococcosis in patients with AIDS receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy

Martínez, E.; García-Viejo, M.A.; Marcos, M.A.; Pérez-Cuevas, J.B.; Blanco, J.L.; Mallolas, J.; Miró, J.M.; Gatell, J.M., 2000:
Discontinuation of secondary prophylaxis for cryptococcal meningitis in HIV-infected patients responding to highly active antiretroviral therapy

Guex, A.C.; Radziwill, A.J.; Bucher, H.C., 2000:
Discontinuation of secondary prophylaxis for toxoplasmic encephalitis in human immunodeficiency virus infection after immune restoration with highly active antiretroviral therapy

Chown, S.L.; Holter, P., 2000:
Discontinuous gas exchange cycles in Aphodius fossor (Scarabaeidae): a test of hypotheses concerning origins and mechanisms

Duncan, F.D.; Byrne, M.J., 2000:
Discontinuous gas exchange in dung beetles: patterns and ecological implications

Roelfsema, M.R.; Steinmeyer, R.; Hedrich, R., 2001:
Discontinuous single electrode voltage-clamp measurements: assessment of clamp accuracy in Vicia faba guard cells

Dovciak, M.; Frelich, L.E.; Reich, P.B., 2001:
Discordance in spatial patterns of white pine (Pinus strobus) size-classes in a patchy near-boreal forest

Pitrak, D.L.; Bolaños, J.; Hershow, R.; Novak, R.M., 2001:
Discordant CD4 T lymphocyte responses to antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection are associated with ex-vivo rates of apoptosis

Zaharatos, G.J.; Dascal, A.; Miller, M.A., 2001:
Discordant carbapenem susceptibility in Methylobacterium species and its application as a method for phenotypic identification

Clad, A.; Prillwitz, J.; Hintz, K.C.; Mendel, R.; Flecken, U.; Schulte Monting, J.; Petersen, E.E., 2001:
Discordant prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis in asymptomatic couples screened using urine ligase chain reaction

Gallagher, K.; Smith, L.G., 1999:
discordia mutations specifically misorient asymmetric cell divisions during development of the maize leaf epidermis

Alary, V.; Boussard, J.M., 2000:
Discounting, risk and cocoa: theoretical failures

Richardson, T., 2000:
Discourses of rurality in EU spatial policy: the European Spatial Development Perspective

Gorodkin, J.; Stricklin, S.L.; Stormo, G.D., 2001:
Discovering common stem-loop motifs in unaligned RNA sequences

van Helden, J.; Rios, A.F.; Collado-Vides, J., 2000:
Discovering regulatory elements in non-coding sequences by analysis of spaced dyads

Prance, G.T., 2001:
Discovering the plant world

McDevitt, H.O., 2000:
Discovering the role of the major histocompatibility complex in the immune response

Witt, J., 1999:
Discovery and development of neotame

Rathkolb, B.; Krebs, O.; Balling, R.; Angelis, M.H. de; Wolf, E., 1999:
Discovery and functional characterization of new genes by large scale ENU mutagenesis in mice

Cui Lin; Fan YinYan; X.H.iYun; L.C.engXiong; Guo ZhongXian, 1999:
Discovery and genetic identification of male-sterile oat in China

Tentori, A., 1999:
Discovery of Discina parma

Lai ChuanYa; Zhou GuoHui; L.F.Xin; Lai ChuanBi, 2000:
Discovery of Pythium spinosum on tea cutting seedlings in China and the physiological characters

Belqat, B., 2000:
Discovery of Simulium (Obuchovia) galloprovinciale and Simulium (Obuchovia) auricoma: two new species for North Africa

Fursov, V.N.; Pintureau, B., 1999:
Discovery of Trichogramma cacoeciae Marchal (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) new to England, at Chelsea Physic Garden, London

Gough, P., 2000:
Discovery of West Nile virus in Connecticut and what was learned during the first year

Takaoka, H.; Kuvangkadilok, C., 1999:
Discovery of a blackfly species with three spermathecae

Masabni, J.G.; Zandstra, B.H., 1999:
Discovery of a common purslane (Portulaca oleracea) biotype resistant to linuron

Nienaber, A.; Hennecke, H.; Fischer, H.M., 2001:
Discovery of a haem uptake system in the soil bacterium Bradyrhizobium japonicum

Zeltser, I.; Gilon, C.; Orna Ben Aziz; Schefler, I.; Altstein, M., 2000:
Discovery of a linear lead antagonist to the insect pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide (PBAN)

van der Kuyl, A.C.; Dekker, J.T.; Goudsmit, J., 1999:
Discovery of a new endogenous type C retrovirus (FcEV) in cats: evidence for RD-114 being an FcEV(Gag-Pol)/baboon endogenous virus BaEV(Env) recombinant

Hasegawa, M.; Makihara, H., 2001:
Discovery of a new lamiine genus (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) from Ogasawara Islands, Japan

Matsumoto, S.K.tahara, K., 2000:
Discovery of a new self-incompatibility allele in apple

Ding DeRong; Gai JunYi; M.Z.ongHua; Zhao TuanJie, 2000:
Discovery of a soybean alternate cotyledon mutant

Ivanov, I.P.; Rohrwasser, A.; Terreros, D.A.; Gesteland, R.F.; Atkins, J.F., 2000:
Discovery of a spermatogenesis stage-specific ornithine decarboxylase antizyme: antizyme 3

Callac, P.; Imbernon, M.; Guinberteau, J.; Pirobe, L.; Granit, S.; Olivier, J.M.; Theochari, I., 2000:
Discovery of a wild Mediterranean population of Agaricus bisporus, and its usefulness for breeding work

Arroyo, J.; Barrett, S.C., 2000:
Discovery of distyly in Narcissus (Amaryllidaceae)

Nicolussi, K.; Patzelt, G., 2000:
Discovery of early-Holocene wood and peat on the forefield of the Pasterze Glacier, Eastern Alps, Austria

Fursov, V.N., 2000:
Discovery of four species of Trichogramma (Hymenoptera, Trichogrammatidae), new for the fauna of England

Handley, R.J.; Davy, A.J., 2000:
Discovery of male plants of Najas marina L. (Hydrocharitaceae) in Britain

Weibel, A.C.; Howard, D.J., 2000:
Discovery of new populations of striped ground crickets in western North America: distribution, subdivision, and introduction detected by allozyme data

Nelson, Dr, 2001:
Discovery of novel trimethylalkanes in the internal hydrocarbons of developing pupae of Heliothis virescens and Helicoverpa zea

Ying RongShu, 1999:
Discovery of persimmon broad-winged plant hopper damaging the fruit of Satsuma mandarin

Paulin, J.P.; Ride, M.; Prunier, J.P., 2001:
Discovery of plant pathogenic bacteria: dispute and controversy between America and Europe

L.H.iTing; Y.X.nBing; W.Z.ongDao; L.Y.n; Bao JunYing; Shao XiAo, 2001:
Discovery of several genes associated with enzymes of Schistosoma japonicum (Chinese strain)

L.S.engGao;; H.L.Ping, 2000:
Discovery of spherulitic magnetic grains and its iron oxide mineralogy in paleosols

Fleenor, S.B.; Taber, S.W., 2000:
Discovery of the female Texas beetle and notes on the ephemeral appearance of adults

Lecoq, H., 2001:
Discovery of the first virus, Tobacco mosaic virus: 1892 or 1898?

Zhang ZhiQiang; Zhang YanXuan; Lin JianZhen, 2000:
Discovery of the genus Abalakeus (Acari: Erythraeidae) in China and description of a new species from bamboo forests in Fujian, China

Volf, J.; Modry, D.; Koudela, B.; Slapeta, J.R., 1999:
Discovery of the life cycle of Sarcocystis lacertae Babudieri, 1932 (Apicomplexa: Sarcocystidae), with a species redescription

Knudsen, C.G.; Lee, D.L.; Michaely, W.J.; Chin HsaioLing; Nguyen, N.H.; Rusay, R.J.; Cromartie, T.H.; Gray, R.; Lake, B.H.; Fraser, T.E.M.; Cartwright, D., 2000:
Discovery of the triketone class of HPPD inhibiting herbicides and their relationship to naturally occurring beta -triketones

Ward, D.B.; Taylor, W.K., 1999:
Discovery of tree-form gopher apple (Licania michauxii), with implication of an arboreous ancestor

Kudsk, K.A., 2001:
Discrepancies between nutrition outcome studies: is patient care the issue?

Cieri, M.D.; McCleave, J.D., 2000:
Discrepancies between otoliths of larvae and juveniles of the American eel: is something fishy happening at metamorphosis?

Anton, S.D.; Perri, M.G.; Riley, J.R., 2000:
Discrepancy between actual and ideal body images: impact on eating and exercise behaviors

Bogerd, J.; Blomenröhr, M.; Andersson, E.; van der Putten, H.H.; Tensen, C.P.; Vischer, H.F.; Granneman, J.C.; Janssen-Dommerholt, C.; Goos, H.J.; Schulz, R.W., 2001:
Discrepancy between molecular structure and ligand selectivity of a testicular follicle-stimulating hormone receptor of the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

Cancilla, B.; Davies, A.; Ford-Perriss, M.; Risbridger, G.P., 2000:
Discrete cell- and stage-specific localisation of fibroblast growth factors and receptor expression during testis development

Y.L.angQun; Xing JiBo, 2000:
Discrete element method simulation of forces and flow fields during filling and discharging materials in silos

Oinas, S.; Sikanen, L., 2000:
Discrete event simulation model for purchasing of marked stands, timber harvesting and transportation

Schleisner, C.; Norgaard, P.; Hansen, H.H., 1999:
Discriminant analysis of patterns of jaw movement during rumination and eating in a cow

Dixon, J.B.; Savage, M.; Wattret, A.; Taylor, P.; Ross, G.; Carter, S.D.; Kelly, D.F.; Haywood, S.; Phythian, C.; Macintyre, A.R.; Bell, S.C.; Knottenbelt, D.C.; Green, J.R., 2000:
Discriminant and multiple regression analysis of anemia and opportunistic infection in Fell pony foals

Sustar Vozlic, J.; Vasilj,, 2000:
Discriminant and principal component analysis in the classification of hop (Humulus lupulus L.) cultivars

Singh, J.P.; Rawat, S.K., 1999:
Discriminant function analysis in the loans of cooperatives with special reference to Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh

Casal, S.O.iveira, M.; Alves, M.; Ferreira, M., 2000:
Discriminate analysis of roasted coffee varieties for trigonelline, nicotinic acid, and caffeine content

Daughtry, Cst, 2001:
Discriminating crop residues from soil by shortwave infrared reflectance

Dograr, N.; Akin Yalin, S.; Akkaya, M.S., 2000:
Discriminating durum wheat cultivars using highly polymorphic simple sequence repeat DNA markers

Behboudian, M.H.; Ma, Q.; Turner, N.C.; Palta, J.A., 2000:
Discrimination against 13CO2 in leaves, pod walls, and seeds of water-stressed chickpea

Cansian, R.L.; Echeverrigaray, S., 2000:
Discrimination among cultivars of cabbage using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA markers

Hosokawa, K.; Minami, M.; Kawahara, K.; Nakamura, I.; Shibata, T., 2000:
Discrimination among three species of medicinal Scutellaria plants using RAPD markers

Chatonnet, P., 1999:
Discrimination and control of toasting intensity and quality of oak wood barrels

Zhang, D.D.rr, M.; Price, R., 2000:
Discrimination and genetic diversity of Cephalotaxus accessions using AFLP markers

Kaundun, S.S.; Lebreton, P.; Bailly, A., 2000:
Discrimination and identification of coastal Douglas-fir clones using needle flavonoid fingerprints

Burdon, J.; Lallu, N.; Wiklund, C.; McLeod, D.; Davy, M., 1999:
Discrimination and prediction of softening in Hayward kiwifruit

Buser, H.R.; Haglund, P.; Muller, M.D.; Poiger, T.; Rappe, C., 2000:
Discrimination and thermal degradation of toxaphene compounds in capillary gas chromatography when using split/splitless and on-column injection

Ullom, J.N.; Frank, M.; Gard, E.E.; Horn, J.M.; Labov, S.E.; Langry, K.; Magnotta, F.; Stanion, K.A.; Hack, C.A.; Benner, W.H., 2001:
Discrimination between bacterial spore types using time-of-flight mass spectrometry and matrix-free infrared laser desorption and ionization

Walochnik, J.; Haller Schober, E M.; Koelli, H.; Picher, O.; Obwaller, A.; Aspoeck, H., 2000:
Discrimination between clinically relevant and nonrelevant Acanthamoeba strains isolated from contact lens-wearing keratitis patients in Austria

Davis, H.; Taylor, A., 2001:
Discrimination between individual humans by domestic fowl (Gallus gallus domesticus)

Yamamoto, J.H.; Vallochi, A.L.; Silveira, C.; Filho, J.K.; Nussenblatt, R.B.; Cunha-Neto, E.; Gazzinelli, R.T.; Belfort, R.; Rizzo, L.V., 2000:
Discrimination between patients with acquired toxoplasmosis and congenital toxoplasmosis on the basis of the immune response to parasite antigens

Pallares, I.; Ferrari, L.; Ritta, M., 2000:
Discrimination between seed storage proteins of Lotus tenuis and Lotus corniculatus by P.A.G.E

Aceret, T.L.; Sammarco, P.W.; Coll, J.C.; Uchio, Y., 2001:
Discrimination between several diterpenoid compounds in feeding by Gambusia affinis

Lefevre, I.; Gratia, E.; Lutts, S., 2001:
Discrimination between the ionic and osmotic components of salt stress in relation to free polyamine level in rice (Oryza sativa)

Tsuruta, K.; Bandara, H.M.J., 1999:
Discrimination of 3 species of Bactrocera dorsalis complex of Sri Lanka based on discriminant analysis

Orui, Yukio.; Matsuzawa, Haruo.; Koike, Yoshiaki.; Yoshimatsu, Shin-ichi., 2000:
Discrimination of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) and H. assulta (Guenee) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) by PCR-RFLP analysis, and application to surveying occurrence of H. armigera in tobacco fields of Japan

Reanwarakorn, K.; Semancik, J.S., 1999:
Discrimination of cachexia disease agents among citrus variants of hop stunt viroid

Matsumoto, K.; Hasegawa, H.; Yamanaka, N.; Sakai, T., 2000:
Discrimination of canopy gaps on digital elevation models of canopy surface generated on aero photograph

Werlein, H.D., 2001:
Discrimination of chocolates and packaging materials by an electronic nose

Geuna, F.; Scienza, A.; Hartings, H., 2000:
Discrimination of clones of Vitis vinifera L. based on the polymorphism of stilbene synthase-chalcone synthase 5' untranslated genomic regions

Komori, S.; Soejima, J.; Ito, Y.; Bessho, H.; Abe, K.; Kotoda, N., 1999:
Discrimination of cross incompatibility by number of seeds per fruit and fruit set percentage in apples

de Bruin, T.G.; van Rooij, E.M.; de Visser, Y.E.; Voermans, J.J.; Samsom, J.N.; Kimman, T.G.; Bianchi, A.T., 2000:
Discrimination of different subsets of cytolytic cells in pseudorabies virus-immune and naive pigs

Woo YoungAh; Kim HyoJin; Cho JungHwan; Chung Hoeil, 1999:
Discrimination of herbal medicines according to geographical origin with near infrared reflectance spectroscopy and pattern recognition techniques

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Discrimination of millipedes by the opossum Didelphis albiventris (Marsupialia, Didelphidae)

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Disruption of the Arabidopsis RAD50 gene leads to plant sterility and MMS sensitivity

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Disruption of the C-terminal region of EBA-175 in the Dd2/Nm clone of Plasmodium falciparum does not affect erythrocyte invasion

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Disruption of the CED-9.CED-4 complex by EGL-1 is a critical step for programmed cell death in Caenorhabditis elegans

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Disruption of the Paenibacillus polymyxa levansucrase gene impairs its ability to aggregate soil in the wheat rhizosphere

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Disruption of the cyanide hydratase gene in Gloeocercospora sorghi increases its sensitivity to the phytoanticipin cyanide but does not affect its pathogenicity on the cyanogenic plant sorghum

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Disruption of the fibroblast growth factor-2 gene results in decreased bone mass and bone formation

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Disruption of the gene which encodes a serodiagnostic antigen and chitinase of the human fungal pathogen Coccidioides immitis

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Disruption of the olfactory placode and brain conditioned medium increase the number of LHRH immunostained neurons in explants

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Disruption of the petB-petD intergenic region in tobacco chloroplasts affects petD RNA accumulation and translation

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Disruption of the protein C inhibitor gene results in impaired spermatogenesis and male infertility

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Disruption of the telomerase catalytic subunit gene from Arabidopsis inactivates telomerase and leads to a slow loss of telomeric DNA

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Disruption of the tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 gene results in altered reproductive cyclicity and uterine morphology in reproductive-age female mice

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Disruption of thylakoid-associated kinase 1 leads to alteration of light harvesting in Arabidopsis

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Disruptions of the Ustilago maydis REC2 gene identify a protein domain important in directing recombinational repair of DNA

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Dissecting the energy needs of the body

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Distillery and curd whey wastes as viable alternative sources for biosurfactant production

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Distinct and regulated activities of human Gli proteins in Drosophila

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