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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3410

Chapter 3410 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Solano Serena, F.; Marchal, R.; Lebeault, J.M.; Vandecasteele, J.P., 2000:
Distribution in the environment of degradative capacities for gasoline attenuation

Fahmy, A.S.; Mohamed, M.A.; Mohamed, T.M.; Mohamed, S.A., 2000:
Distribution of alpha -amylase in the Gramineae. Partial purification and characterization of alpha -amylase from Egyptian cultivar of wheat Triticum aestivum

Bulgakov, A.A.; Konoplev, A.V.; Shkuratova, I.G., 2000:
Distribution of 137Cs in the topmost soil layer within a 30-km-wide zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

Matsuura, K.; Tanabe, K.; Tamura, F.; Itai, A., 2001:
Distribution of 13C administered to a leaf of a bearing shoot of fig trees during the fruit enlargement and maturation stages at the lower nodes

Gladun, I.V.; Karpov, E.A.; Belozyerova, O.L., 1998:
Distribution of 14C-assimilates from the panicle and leaves of rice during grain filling

Kraimer, R.A.; Lindemann, W.C.; Herrera, E.A., 2001:
Distribution of 15N-labeled fertilizer applied to pecan: a case study

Grayer, R.; Veitch, N.; Kite, G.; Price, A.; Kokubun, T., 2001:
Distribution of 8-oxygenated leaf-surface flavones in the genus Ocimum

Rajamand, M.A.; Namiranian, M., 1999:
Distribution of Acer hyrcanum Fisch & C.A.Mey. Hyrcanian maple and its relationship with environmental factors on the northern slopes of Elburz

Chernyakhovskii, M.E., 2000:
Distribution of Acrididae (Orthoptera, Acridoidea) groups of life forms over meridian mountain ridges in the Tajik Depression

Rebelo, J.M.M.; Costa, J.M.L.; Silva, F.S.; Pereira, Y.N.O.; Silva, J.M. da, 1999:
Distribution of Aedes aegypti and dengue in Maranhao State, Brazil

Coetzee, M.; Craig, M.; Sueur, D. le, 2000:
Distribution of African malaria mosquitoes belonging to the Anopheles gambiae complex

Bonato, O.; Noronha, A.C. da S.; Moraes, G. de, 1999:
Distribution of Amblyseius manihoti (Acari, Phytoseiidae) on cassava in Brazil and development of a sampling plan

Manfredi, M.T.; Crosa, G.; Galli, P.; Ganduglia, S., 2000:
Distribution of Anisakis simplex in fish caught in the Ligurian Sea

Polak, J.; Zieglerova, J., 2001:
Distribution of Apple stem grooving virus in apple trees in the Czech Republic

akomy, P.; Siwecki, R., 2000:
Distribution of Armillaria species in Smolarz Forest District

Bruhn, J.N.; Wetteroff, J.J.J.; Mihail, J.D.; Kabrick, J.M.; Pickens, J.B., 2000:
Distribution of Armillaria species in upland Ozark Mountain forests with respect to site, overstory species composition and oak decline

Pawlikowski, T.; Rafa, J., 2000:
Distribution of Bombus laesus (Morawitz, 1875) (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in Poland

Wang Yan; Yang ZhenMing; Shen QiRong, 2000:
Distribution of C, N, P and K in different particle size fractions of soil and availability of N in each fraction

Liker, A.; Markus, M.; Vozar, A.; Zemankovics, E.; Rozsa, L., 2001:
Distribution of Carnus hemapterus in a starling colony

Jancar, M.; Seljak, G.; Zezlina, I., 1999:
Distribution of Ceroplastes japonicus Green in Slovenia and data of host plants

Delgadillo Reyes, J.; Ramirez Ortega, M. del R.; Rodriguez Atanacio, J.A.; Ibarra Gonzalez, M.P., 2000:
Distribution of Collembola in three types of vegetation of the Omeyocan ecological centre, State of Mexico

Debussche, M.; Debussche, G.; Grandjanny, M., 2000:
Distribution of Cyclamen repandum Sibth. & Sm. subsp. repandum and its ecology in Corsica and continental France

Jenkins, N.L.; Hoffmann, A.A., 2001:
Distribution of Drosophila serrata Malloch (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in Australia with particular reference to the southern border

Csoknya, M.; Matsushima, O.; Barna, J.; Hamori, J.; Elekes, K., 2000:
Distribution of Eisenia tetradecapeptide immunoreactive neurons in the nervous system of earthworms

Dincer, S.; Koltas, I.S.; Kar, S.; Kazanc, F.; Ozcan, K., 1999:
Distribution of Enterobius vermicularis in the Yuzuncu Yl and Guzelyurt Elementary Schools in Kahramanmaras

Rebelo, J.M.M.; Silva, F.S., 1999:
Distribution of Euglossini bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in Maranhao State, Brazil

Li, Y.; Yan, L.F.i; Xu,, 1998:
Distribution of F-actin and microtubules in pollen and pollen tube of Lilium davidii

Kamh, R.N.;, R.A.; E.K.sed, F.A.; Fawy, H.A., 1995:
Distribution of Fe and Mn fractions as affected by organic matter, nitrogen and moisture contents in soil

Kung' u, J.N.; Rutherford, M.A.; Jeffries, P., 2001:
Distribution of Fusarium wilt of banana in Kenya and its impact on smallholder farmers

Weise, F.; Stierhof, Y.D.; Kühn, C.; Wiese, M.; Overath, P., 2000:
Distribution of GPI-anchored proteins in the protozoan parasite Leishmania, based on an improved ultrastructural description using high-pressure frozen cells

Trifonova, Z., 2000:
Distribution of Globodera rostochiensis Woll. 1923 in Bulgaria

Gelyuta, V.P., 1999:
Distribution of Golovinomyces cumminsianus (U. Braun) Heluta (Erysiphales) in Ukraine

Navarro, E.; Jaffre, T.; Gauthier, D.; Gourbiere, F.; Rinaudo, G.; Simonet, P.; Normand, P., 1999:
Distribution of Gymnostoma spp. microsymbiotic Frankia strains in New Caledonia is related to soil type and to host-plant species

Ladjali Mohammedi, K.; Grapin Botton, A.; Bonnin, M.A.; Douarin, N.M. le, 2001:
Distribution of HOX genes in the chicken genome reveals a new segment of conservation between human and chicken

Vasiliauskas, A.P., 1999:
Distribution of Heterobasidion annosum and Rhizina undulata in mountain pine (Pinus mugo) plantations on Kuronian spit

Moreira, A.R.; Paolicchi, F.; Morsella, C.; Zumarraga, M.; Cataldi, A.; Fabiana, B.; Alicia, A.; Piet, O.; Dick, S. van; Isabel, R.M., 1999:
Distribution of IS900 restriction fragment length polymorphism types among animal Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis isolates from Argentina and Europe

Szczesniak, E., 1999:
Distribution of Koeleria macrantha (Poaceae) in the Silesian Lowland, south-western Poland

Tanaka, T.; Katoh, T., 1999:
Distribution of Kouyawarabi (Onoclea sensibilis L.) infested with Pseudomonas plantarii in Yamagata prefecture and survival of the bacterium in plants

Jorundsson, E.; Press, C.M.; Landsverk, T., 2000:
Distribution of MHC-II and CD1 molecules in the skin of lambs and changes during experimentally-induced contact hypersensitivity

Warren, C.; Adams, M., 2001:
Distribution of N, Rubisco and photosynthesis in Pinus pinaster and acclimation to light

Jana, B.; Andronowska, A.; Kucharski, J., 2000:
Distribution of NADPH-diaphorase and nitric oxide synthase in porcine ovaries after intraovarian infusions of Escherichia coli endotoxin

Sun YingLi; Zhao Yun; Wang Jian; Zhai ZhongHe, 1999:
Distribution of NuMA-like proteins and its changes during cell-cycle in plant cells

Shastri, U.V., 2001:
Distribution of Onchocerca pandei microfilariae in the skin of buffaloes

Eagar, Stephen H., 1999:
Distribution of Ostracoda around a coastal sewer outfall: a case study from Wellington, New Zealand

Bardini, M.; Lee HyeYeon; Burnstock, G., 2000:
Distribution of P2X receptor subtypes in the rat female reproductive tract at late pro-oestrus/early oestrus

Pichtel, J.; Kuroiwa, K.; Sawyerr, H.T., 2000:
Distribution of Pb, Cd and Ba in soils and plants of two contaminated sites

Inceboz, T.; Alyanak, S.; Uner, A., 2000:
Distribution of Pediculus humanus capitis in the schools of Bornova

Ezhov, O.N.; Konyushatov, O.A., 2001:
Distribution of Phellinus pini rot in stems of pine

Hegde, N.K.; Sulikeri, G.S.; Rethnum, B.P., 2000:
Distribution of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) and performance of ginger under arecanut shade

Dugarov, Z.N., 2000:
Distribution of Phyllodistomum umblae and Phyllodistomum folium (Trematoda: Gorgoderidae) in the excretory system of fishes

Machado, R.L.D.; Povoa, M.M., 2000:
Distribution of Plasmodium vivax variants (VK210, VK247 and P. vivax-like) in three endemic areas of the Amazon region of Brazil and their correlation with chloroquine treatment

Khan, R.M., 1999:
Distribution of Radopholus similis in India, its spread in new regions and an analysis of the nematofauna of banana crop pathosystem

Matsuyama, T.; Omura, M.; Akihama, T., 2001:
Distribution of Rutaceae-specific repeated sequences isolated from Citrus genomes

Sakamoto, K.N.shio, T., 2001:
Distribution of S haplotypes in commercial cultivars of Brassica rapa

Kubec, R.; Svobodová, M.; Velísek, J., 2000:
Distribution of S-Alk(en)ylcysteine sulfoxides in some Allium species. Identification Of a new flavor precursor: S-ethylcysteine sulfoxide (Ethiin)

Mignot, T.; Denis, B.; Couture Tosi, E.; Kolsto, A.B.; Mock, M.; Fouet, A., 2001:
Distribution of S-layers on the surface of Bacillus cereus strains: phylogenetic origin and ecological pressure

White, P.F.; Smith, J.E.; Menzel, F., 2000:
Distribution of Sciaridae (Dipt.) species infesting commercial mushroom farms in Britain

Evans, J.J.; Shoemaker, C.A.; Klesius, P.H., 2001:
Distribution of Streptococcus iniae in hybrid striped bass (Morone chrysops x Morone saxatilis) following nare inoculation

Higgins, R.; Gottschalk, M., 2000:
Distribution of Streptococcus suis capsular types in 1999

Higgins, R.; Gottschalk, M., 2001:
Distribution of Streptococcus suis capsular types in 2000

Matsuyama, T.; Akihama, T.; Ito, Y.; Omura, M.; Fukui, K., 1999:
Distribution of TGG repeat-related sequences in 'Trovita' orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) chromosomes

Bulut, Y.; Tekerekoglu, M.S.; Agel, H.E.; Otlu, B.; Direkel, S.; Durmaz, B., 2000:
Distribution of Toxoplasma antibodies in Malatya during a four-year period

Wyss, R.; Sager, H.; Muller, N.; Inderbitzin, F.; Konig, M.; Audige, L.; Gottstein, B., 2000:
Distribution of Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum under aspects of meat hygiene

Tabatabaei, S.M.F.; Atri, M.; Maassoumi, T.R., 2000:
Distribution of Triticum boeoticum spp., thaoudar and its associates (Aegilops spp.) in Iran

Matsumoto, N.; Kawakami, A.; Izutsu, S., 2000:
Distribution of Typhula ishikariensis biotype A isolates belonging to a predominant mycelial compatibility group

Lee, S.W.; Choi, S.H.; Han, S.S.; Lee, D.G.; Lee, B.Y., 2008:
Distribution of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae Strains Virulent to Xa21 in Korea

He, C.X.; Li, W.B.; Ayres, A.J.; Hartung, J.S.; Miranda, V.S.; Teixeira, D.C., 2000:
Distribution of Xylella fastidiosa in citrus rootstocks and transmission of citrus variegated chlorosis between sweet orange plants through natural root grafts

McNally, W.P.; DeHart, P.D.; Lathia, C.; Whitfield, L.R., 2000:
Distribution of suramin in tissues of male rats following a single intravenous dose

Hrckova, G.; Velebny, S.; Giboda, M., 2000:
Distribution of cholesterol-labelled liposomes with or without praziquantel in mice infected with Mesocestoides corti (Cestoda) tetrathyridia

Malmberg, T.; Beukeboom, L.W.; Driessen, G.; Alphen, J.J.M. van, 2000:
Distribution of a VLP-protein polymorphism in sexual and asexual Venturia canescens populations (Hymenoptera)

Sechi, L.A.; Duprè, I.; Leori, G.; Fadda, G.; Zanetti, S., 2000:
Distribution of a specific 500-base-pair fragment in mycobacterium bovis isolates from Sardinian cattle

Wang HengBin; Wang XueChen; Zhang ShuQiu; Lou ChengHou, 1999:
Distribution of acetylcholinesterase in guard cells of Vicia faba

Essien, J.P.; Udosen, E.D., 2000:
Distribution of actinomycetes in oil contaminated ultisols of the Niger Delta (Nigeria)

Wallstrom, L.; Lindberg, K.A.H., 2000:
Distribution of added chemicals in the cell walls of high temperature dried and green wood of Swedish pine, Pinus sylvestris

Lopez, C.R.mos, L.R.madan, S.B.lacio, L.P.rez, J., 2001:
Distribution of aflatoxin M1 in cheese obtained from milk artificially contaminated

Schatzki, T.F.; Ong, M.S., 2000:
Distribution of aflatoxin in almonds. 2. Distribution in almonds with heavy insect damage

Schatzki, T.F., 2000:
Distribution of aflatoxin in pistachios. 7. Sequential sampling

Vomberg, A.; Klinner, U., 2000:
Distribution of alkB genes within n-alkane-degrading bacteria

Ahmed, N.S., 2001:
Distribution of alkaline and acid phosphatases in the mucosa of abomasum of native sheep and goats

Pellegrino, L.; Stroppa, A., 1999:
Distribution of alkaline phosphatase activity in the round side of Grana Padano cheese

Zhuravel, E.V.; Glazko, V.I., 1999:
Distribution of allelic and genotypic frequencies of the kappa-casein locus in different cattle breeds

Liu, F.S.n, G.; Salomon, B.B.thmer, R.V.n, 2001:
Distribution of allozymic alleles and genetic diversity in the American Barley Core Collection

Kumar, R.V.; Reddy, B.V.P.; Mohan, V., 2000:
Distribution of an ectomycorrhizal fungus (Pisolithus tinctorius) in association with different forest tree species in Andhra Pradesh, southern India

Lundgren, J.G.; Venette, R.C.; Gavloski, J.; Hutchison, W.D.; Heimpel, G.E., 1999:
Distribution of an exotic pest, Agromyza frontella (Diptera: Agromyzidae), in Manitoba, Canada

Sawada, T.; Hassanein, R.; Yamamoto, T.; Yoshida, T., 2001:
Distribution of antibody against Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae in cattle

Richert, M.; Saarnio, S.; Juutinen, S.; Silvola, J.; Augustin, J.; Merbach, W., 2000:
Distribution of assimilated carbon in the system Phragmites australis-waterlogged peat soil after carbon-14 pulse labelling

Wei Min; Yang JianPing; W.S.uYun; Zhang QiPei;, 2000:
Distribution of assimilates and its contribution to pod development in seed plants of Chinese cabbage

Fujii, S.; Saka, H., 2001:
Distribution of assimilates to each organ in rice plants exposed to a low temperature at the ripening stage, and the effect of brassinolide on the distribution

Ye, C.M.; Gong, A.J.; Wang, X.J.; Zheng, H.H.; Lei, Z.F., 2001:
Distribution of atrazine in a crop-soil-groundwater system at Baiyangdian Lake area in China

Khamparia, R.S.; Pandey, R.L.; Bapat, P.N.; Vaishya, U.K., 1997:
Distribution of available sulphur and micronutrient cations in skeletal soils (Lithic Ustochrepts) of Madhya Pradesh

Apun, K.; Yusof, A.M.; Jugang, K., 1999:
Distribution of bacteria in tropical freshwater fish and ponds

Wong, F.P.; Wilcox, W.F., 2000:
Distribution of baseline sensitivities to azoxystrobin among isolates of Plasmopara viticola

Suvak, M., 1998:
Distribution of beech scale (Cryptococcus fagi Barensp.) in beech forest stands

Cornish, D.A.; Voyle, M.D.; Haine, H.M.; Goodwin, R.M.; Vanneste, J.L., 1998:
Distribution of beneficial bacteria on nashi and apple flowers using honey bees

Leland, H.V.; Porter, S.D., 2000:
Distribution of benthic algae in the upper Illinois River basin in relation to geology and land use

Matsuki, T.; Watanabe, K.; Tanaka, R.; Fukuda, M.; Oyaizu, H., 1999:
Distribution of bifidobacterial species in human intestinal microflora examined with 16S rRNA-gene-targeted species-specific primers

Gillespie, T.W.; Walter, H., 2001:
Distribution of bird species richness at a regional scale in tropical dry forest of Central America

Telleria, JL.; Santos, T., 1999:
Distribution of birds in fragments of Mediterranean forests: the role of ecological densities

Lim, T.O.; Ding, L.M.; Zaki, M.; Suleiman, A.B.; Kew, S.T.; Maimunah, A.H.; Rugayah, B., 2000:
Distribution of blood glucose in a national sample of Malaysian adults

Lim, T.O.; Ding, L.M.; Zaki, M.; Suleiman, A.B.; Kew, S.T.; Ismail, M.; Maimunah, A.H.; Rugayah, B.; Rozita, H., 2000:
Distribution of blood total cholesterol in a national sample of Malaysian adults

Gnanachitra, M.; Raj, S.A.; Kandasamy, D., 2000 :
Distribution of blue green algae (BGA) in gardenland soils and their nature

Anunciado, R.V.; Ohno, T.; Mori, M.; Ishikawa, A.; Tanaka, S.; Horio, F.; Nishimura, M.; Namikawa, T., 2000:
Distribution of body weight, blood insulin and lipid levels in the SMXA recombinant inbred strains and the QTL analysis

Lim, T.O.; Ding, L.M.; Zaki, M.; Suleiman, A.B.; Fatimah, S.; Siti, S.; Tahir, A.; Maimunah, A.H., 2000:
Distribution of body weight, height and body mass index in a national sample of Malaysian adults

Rodney, C.G. de; Felton, C.C.; Crawford, D.M., 2000:
Distribution of borates around point source injections in wood members exposed outside

Martín, M.J.; Martín-Sosa, S.; García-Pardo, L.A.; Hueso, P., 2001:
Distribution of bovine milk sialoglycoconjugates during lactation

Sheshurak, P.N.; Shevchenko, V.L.; Tkach, L.M., 2000:
Distribution of capricorn-beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) in the Chernigov region

Nishi, Y.; Kitamura, N.; Otani, M.; Hondo, E.; Taguchi, K.; Yamada, J., 2000:
Distribution of capsaicin-sensitive substance P- and calcitonin gene-related peptide-immunoreactive nerves in bovine respiratory tract

Wisselink, H.J.; Smith, H.E.; Stockhofe Zurwieden, N.; Peperkamp, K.; Vecht, U., 2000:
Distribution of capsular types and production of muramidase-released protein (MRP) and extracellular factor (EF) of Streptococcus suis strains isolated from diseased pigs in seven European countries

Andrews, C.J.; Dwyer, L.M.; Stewart, D.W.; Dugas, J.A.; Bonn, P., 2000:
Distribution of carbohydrate during grainfill in Leafy and normal maize hybrids

Roy, D.V.; Chandrasekar, N.; Kumaresan, S.; Udayanapillai, A.V.; Rajamanickam, G.V., 1999:
Distribution of carbonate and organic carbon in the sediments of Tambraparani delta, Tamil Nadu

Yoshie, Y.; Wang Wei; Petillo, D.; Suzuki, T., 2000:
Distribution of catechins in Japanese seaweeds

Yamate, J.; Yoshida, H.; Tsukamoto, Y.; Ide, M.; Kuwamura, M.; Ohashi, F.; Miyamoto, T.; Kotani, T.; Sakuma, S.; Takeya, M., 2000:
Distribution of cells immunopositive for AM-3K, a novel monoclonal antibody recognizing human macrophages, in normal and diseased tissues of dogs, cats, horses, cattle, pigs, and rabbits

Popiela, A., 1999:
Distribution of character species of the Isoeto-Nanojuncetea-class in Poland. Part III. Sagina ciliata, S. subulata, Lythrum hyssopifolia and Mentha pulegium

Cardona, C.J.; Oswald, W.B.; Schat, K.A., 2000:
Distribution of chicken anaemia virus in the reproductive tissues of specific-pathogen-free chickens

Teng KeDao; L.L.anJun; Chen YaoXing; Liu JiWu, 2001:
Distribution of cholinergic nerves in nonpregnant uteri and the nervous change in pregnant goat uteri

Das, A.K.; Shyam Singh, 1999:
Distribution of citrus greening disease in Marathwada region of Maharashtra

Martinez Gomez, P.; Dicenta, F., 2001:
Distribution of coat protein and nucleic acid of Plum pox virus (PPV) in seedlings of peach rootstock GF305 and apricot cv. Real Fino

Banni, S.; Carta, G.; Angioni, E.; Murru, E.; Scanu, P.; Melis, M.P.; Bauman, D.E.; Fischer, S.M.; Ip, C., 2001:
Distribution of conjugated linoleic acid and metabolites in different lipid fractions in the rat liver

Mikac, N.; Ahel, M.; Kozar, S.; Prohic, E., 1999:
Distribution of contaminants in soil and groundwater below and downstream of the Jakusevec landfill (Croatia); Zheng ChunRong; Chen HuaiMan, 2001:
Distribution of copper and zinc fractions in red soil as influenced by fertilizer application

Cosmo, L. di, 2000:
Distribution of cork oak (Quercus suber) in Viterbo province

Stiles, C.M.; Oudemans, P.V., 2008:
Distribution of cranberry fruit-rotting fungi in new jersey and evidence for nonspecific host resistance

Ferrandis, M.; Juarez-Perez, V.; Frutos, R.B.l, Y.F.rre, J., 1999:
Distribution of cryI, cryII and cryV genes within Bacillus thuringiensis isolates from Spain

Chempakam, B.; Leela, N.K.; John, S.P., 2000:
Distribution of curcuminoids during rhizome development in turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)

Zakharov, I.A.; Goryacheva, I.I.; Shaikevich, E.V.; Dorzhu, C.M., 2000:
Distribution of cytoplasmically inherited bacteria of the genus Spiroplasma causing female bias in Eurasian populations of Adalia bipunctata L

Dicko, I.O.; Troaore, S.; Traore, D.; Dao, B., 1999:
Distribution of damage by terrestrial arthropods on groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) in Burkina Faso

Strickman, D.; Sithiprasasna, R.; Kittayapong, P.; Innis, B.L., 2000:
Distribution of dengue and Japanese encephalitis among children in rural and suburban Thai villages

Gupta, J.P.; Jalali, V.K.; Gupta, R.D.; Vinod Koul, 1999:
Distribution of different forms of sulphur in mustard growing soils of sub-tropical Jammu region

Stone Michael; Haight Murray, 2000:
Distribution of dioxins and furans in size-fractionated suspended solids in Canagagigue Creek, Elmira, Ontario

Calame, F.G.; Felber, F., 2000:
Distribution of diploid sexual and triploid apomictic dandelions (Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia) along two altitudinal gradients in Switzerland

Ramsey, JM.; Ordonez, R.; Cruz-Celis, A.; Alvear, AL.; Chavez, V.; Lopez, R.; Pintor, JR.; Gama, F.; Carrillo, S., 2000:
Distribution of domestic Triatominae and stratification of Chagas disease transmission in Oaxaca, Mexico

Abbott, J.C., 2001:
Distribution of dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata) in Texas

Vazquez, F.M.; Balbuena, E.; Doncel, E.; Ramos, S., 2000:
Distribution of drippy nuts in woodlands of Quercus rotundifolia Lam. during the acorn harvest season of 1999 in the Badajoz province (Spain)

Justi, M.M.; Bolonhezi, A.C.; Oliveira, R.C. de, 1999:
Distribution of dry matter in vegetative structures of varieties of herbaceous cotton cultivated at different plant densities

Radon, K.; Schottky, A.; Garz, S.; Koops, F.; Szadkowski, D.; Radon, K.; Nowak, D.; Luczynska, C., 2000:
Distribution of dust-mite allergens (Lep d 2, Der p 1, Der f 1, Der 2) in pig-farming environments and sensitization of the respective farmers

Ivanova, T.I.; Danilov, L.G.; Ivakhnenko, O.A., 2000:
Distribution of entomopathogenic nematodes of the families Steinernematidae and Heterorhabditidae in Russia and their morphological characteristics

Sillett, S.; Goslin, M., 1999:
Distribution of epiphytic macrolichens in relation to remnant trees in a multiple-age Douglas-fir forest

Jensen, U.B.; Elmholt, S.; Labouriau, R., 2000:
Distribution of ergosterol in organically and conventionally cultivated agricultural soils

Zhang, N.H.senstein, K., 2000:
Distribution of expansins in graviresponding maize roots

Prema, A.; Thomas, E.K., 1998:
Distribution of farm and non-farm income among rural households

Thomaeus, S.; Carlsson, A.S.; Stymne, S., 2001:
Distribution of fatty acids in polar and neutral lipids during seed development in Arabidopsis thaliana genetically engineered to produce acetylenic, epoxy and hydroxy fatty acids

A.M.ghrabi, K.I.; Anfoka, G.H., 2000:
Distribution of fig mosaic in Jordan

Hepaksoy, S.; Unal, A.; Can, H.Z.; Saygili, H.; Turkusay, H., 1999:
Distribution of fire blight (Erwinia amylovora (Burrill) Winslow et al.) disease in Western Anatolia region in Turkey

Martinez-Valderrama, Jc, 2000:
Distribution of flavonoids in the Myristicaceae

Cadiergues, M.C.; Deloffre, P.; Franc, M., 2000:
Distribution of fleas from cats in France

Eschler, B.M.; Pass, D.M.; Willis, R.; Foley, W.J., 2000:
Distribution of foliar formylated phloroglucinol derivatives amongst Eucalyptus species

Deckert, R.J.; Peterson, R.L., 2000:
Distribution of foliar fungal endophytes of Pinus strobus between and within host trees

Cabras, P.A.gioni, A.C.boni, P.G.rau, V.; Melis, M.P.risi, F.; Cabitza, F., 2000:
Distribution of folpet on the grape surface after treatment

Soressi, M., 2000:
Distribution of foodstuffs in Italy compared with Europe

Kakinuma, M.; Park, C.S.; Amano, H., 2001:
Distribution of free L-cysteine and glutathione in seaweeds

Hoffmann, R.; Michel, R., 2001:
Distribution of free-living amoebae (FLA) during preparation and supply of drinking water

Ofoezie, I.E., 1999:
Distribution of freshwater snails in the man-made Oyan Reservoir, Ogun State, Nigeria

Oxenius, A.; Yerly, S.; Ramirez, E.; Phillips, R.E.; Price, D.A.; Perrin, L., 2001:
Distribution of functional HIV-specific CD8 T lymphocytes between blood and secondary lymphoid organs after 8-18 months of antiretroviral therapy in acutely infected patients

Black, W.C.I.V.; Lanzaro, G.C., 2001:
Distribution of genetic variation among chromosomal forms of Anopheles gambiae s.s.: introgressive hybridization, adaptive inversions, or recent reproductive isolation?

Stefanov, V.T., 2000:
Distribution of genome shared identical by descent by two individuals in grandparent-type relationship

Rodriguez Gomez, F.J.; Rendon, M.C.; Sarasquete, C.; Munoz Cueto, J.A., 1999:
Distribution of gonadotropin-releasing hormone immunoreactive systems in the brain of the Senegalese sole, Solea senegalensis

Herrero, M.A.; Maldonado May, V.; Sardi, G.; Flores, M.; Orlando, A.; Carbo, L., 2000:
Distribution of groundwater quality in agricultural production systems in Buenos Aires. 1. Physical and chemical quality and uses of water

Hayakawa, Y.; Ohnishi, A.; Mizoguchi, A.; Yamashika, C., 2000:
Distribution of growth-blocking peptide in the insect central nervous tissue

Ferbeyre, G.; Bourdeau, V.; Pageau, M.; Miramontes, P.; Cedergren, R., 2000:
Distribution of hammerhead and hammerhead-like RNA motifs through the GenBank

Yun, S.T.; Choi, B.Y.; Lee, P.K., 2000:
Distribution of heavy metals (Cr, Cu, Zn, Pb, Cd, As) in roadside sediments, Seoul Metropolitan City, Korea

Rate, A.W.; Robertson, A.E.; Borg, A.T., 2000:
Distribution of heavy metals in near-shore sediments of the Swan River estuary, Western Australia

Kovar, P., 1999:
Distribution of heavy metals in stands of macrophytes along a cross-section gradient in the Elbe river lowland (near Podebrady, Czech Republic)

Barman, S.C.; Sahu, R.K.; Bhargava, S.K.; Chaterjee, C., 2000:
Distribution of heavy metals in wheat, mustard, and weed grown in field irrigated with industrial effluents

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Distribution of honey bees in Assam

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Distribution of incomes on the basis of labour-days (part 1)

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Distribution of incompatibility factors in the natural population of Pholiota nameko

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Distribution of infectious bursal disease virus antigens (IBDV) and CD3-T lymphocytes in the bursa of Fabricius in experimentally infected chickens

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Distribution of infestations of Prays oleae Bern (Lep., Yponomeutidae) in olive orchards in the Sais area of Morocco

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Distribution of insect attacks in biological control of weeds: infestation of Centaurea virgata flowerheads by a gall fly

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Distribution of intestinal enzyme activities along the intestinal tract of cultured Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus L

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Distribution of intestinal parasites and symptoms detected in patients in our service

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Distribution of intestinal parasites found in patients presenting at the Nigde State Hospital between 1994-1997

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Distribution of intestinal parasites in children in primary schools in Nigde and its surroundings according to age, sex and socio-economic status

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Distribution of intestinal parasites in patients presenting at the Parasitology Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine, Cumhuriyet University in one year

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Distribution of intestinal parasites in patients who presented at the Parasitology Department of the Cukurova University, Faculty of Medicine between 1997-1999

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Distribution of key ions of chloroquine biotransformation and cholesterol uptake in rat liver

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Distribution of leaf nitrogen within sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) canopy growing at different positions on a slope

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Distribution of leaf orientations in six conifer species

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Distribution of lesion nematodes associated with maize in Kenya and susceptibility of maize cultivars to Pratylenchus zeae

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Distribution of lipases in the Gramineae. Partial purification and characterization of esterase from Avena fatua

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Distribution of loads in model grain silos of smooth and corrugated steel sheet walls

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Distribution of lymphocyte subsets in the small intestine lymphoid tissue of 1-month-old lambs

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Distribution of lysozyme and protease, and amino acid concentration in the guts of a wood-feeding termite, Reticulitermes speratus (Kolbe): possible digestion of symbiont bacteria transferred by trophallaxis

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Distribution of macroinvertebrate communities in the littoral zone of a deep and oligotrophic lake in Japan

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Distribution of main plant-parasitic nematodes in sweet potato and taro fields in Kyushu and Okinawa, Japan. 1. Survey in the central and southern parts in Kyushu Island (Kumamoto, Miyazaki and Kagoshima Prefs.) and development of an effective DNA analysis method for species identification

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Distribution of mast cells in the mamary gland of bitches during lactation and in dry period

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Distribution of mast cells in the mammary gland stroma of the bitch during active and inactive periods

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Distribution of mating frequency among males of the Queensland fruit fly, Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt), in relation to temperature, acclimation and chance

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Distribution of mercury in soils at a decommissioned gas plant

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Distribution of mercury in the organs and tissues of five toothed-whale species of the Mediterranean

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Distribution of microbial biomass and phospholipid fatty acids in Podzol profiles under coniferous forest

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Distribution of microbial mass and fibrolytic enzyme activities in different size of feed particles from rumen contents of sheep

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Distribution of microorganisms, biomass ATP, and enzyme activities in organic and mineral particles of a long-term wastewater irrigated soil

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Distribution of microsatellites in relation to coding sequences within the Arabidopsis thaliana genome

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Distribution of minerals in organs of sheep after intoxication with copper from industrial emissions

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Distribution of moisture content in wood with vapor transmission conditions

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Distribution of natural enemy, Epiricania melanoleuca Fletcher, of leaf hopper on different sorghum genotypes in Pyrilla infested field

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Distribution of new methylene blue injected into the dorsolumbar epidural space in cows

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Distribution of nitric oxide synthase immunoreactivity in the nervous system and peripheral tissues of Schistosoma mansoni

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Distribution of Nitrogen-Fixing Microorganisms along the Neuse River Estuary, North Carolina

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Distribution of nutritive elements in waterleaf (Talinum triangulare) and juice mallow (Corchorus olitorus)

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Distribution of organic carbon and nitrogen in surface soils in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

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Distribution of organic compounds of phosphorus in particle-size fractions of mountain soils

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Distribution of organochlorine pesticides in soils from South Korea

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Distribution of ovary ecdysteroidogenic hormone I in the nervous system and gut of mosquitoes

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Distribution of overwintering curl mites on the woody parts of grapevines

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Distribution of oxalate in tobacco plantlets

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Distribution of oxygen-18 and deuterium in river waters across the United States

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Distribution of oxytetracycline resistance plasmids between aeromonads in hospital and aquaculture environments: implication of Tn1721 in dissemination of the tetracycline resistance determinant tet A

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Distribution of papG alleles among uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from different species

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Distribution of parasitism by Trichogramma pretiosum on the cotton leafworm

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Distribution of parental flocks in Croatia in 1999

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Distribution of pathotypes flora of wheat leaf rust pathogen (Puccinia recondita f. sp. tritici) in Nepal

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Distribution of peptides during the preparation of koji and soysauce with extruded and traditional substrate

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Distribution of peroxidases in durum wheat (Triticum durum)

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Distribution of persistent lipophilic contaminants in fish from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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Distribution of phaseolin types of common beans Phaseolus vulgaris L. depending on physical and geographical conditions of the territory of Bulgaria

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Distribution of phosphorus in particulate, colloidal and molecular-sized fractions of soil solution

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Distribution of photosynthetically fixed 14CO2 into curcumin and essential oil in relation to primary metabolites in developing turmeric (Curcuma longa) leaves

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Distribution of phytoecdysteroids in plants of Uzbekistan and the possibility of using drugs based on them in neurological practice

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Distribution of phytonematode and VAM fungi in the rhizosphere of pepper and its impact on nematode management

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Distribution of plant functional attributes in a managed forest in relation to neighbourhood structure

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Distribution of plant functional types along gradients of disturbance intensity and resource supply in an agricultural landscape

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Distribution of plant life forms along an altitudinal gradient in the semi-arid valley of Zapotitlan, Mexico

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Distribution of plant parasitic and soil nematodes associated with litchi fruit trees in Doon valley (U.P.) India

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Distribution of plant-parasitic nematodes in fruit vegetable production areas in Korea and identification of root-knot nematodes by enzyme phenotypes

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Distribution of plants in natural and artificial reservoirs in Kenozerskii National Park (Arkhangelsk region)

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Distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls in contaminated swine tissue

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Distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a municipal solid waste landfill and underlying soil

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Distribution of popular plants in Fukushima Prefecture, northern Japan

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Distribution of popular plants in Kyoto prefecture, central Japan

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Distribution of porcine parvovirus in porcine circovirus 2-infected pigs with postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome as shown by in-situ hybridization

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Distribution of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in stillborn and liveborn piglets from experimentally infected sows

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Distribution of potassium in Submountaine tract of Punjab

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Distribution of potassium in soils of Arunachal Pradesh

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Distribution of potential CO2 and CH4 productions, denitrification and microbial biomass C and N in the profile of a restored peatland in Brittany (France)

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Distribution of prion protein in the ileal Peyer's patch of scrapie-free lambs and lambs naturally and experimentally exposed to the scrapie agent

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Distribution of products of ecological agriculture. The case of a wholesale firm

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Distribution of prolactin-releasing peptide mRNA in the rat brain

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Distribution of protein turnover changes with age in humans as assessed by whole-body magnetic resonance image analysis to quantify tissue volumes

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Distribution of quarantine leafminers Liriomyza spp. in the Czech Republic, especially their occurrence and overwintering outside glasshouses

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Distribution of rDNA loci in the genus Glycine Willd

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Distribution of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus RNA in experimentally infected rabbits

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Distribution of races of soybean cyst nematode in Korea

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Distribution of range and cultivated grassland plants in southern Alberta

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Distribution of respiratory syndrome in calves of different age

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Distribution of reticulocerebellar neurons in chicken reticular formation

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Distribution of rhodanese in different parts of the urogenital systems of sheep at pre- and post-natal stages

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Distribution of root system of citrus rootstocks in the ecosystem of coastal tablelands

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Distribution of root system of fig plant (Ficus carica L.) in a dark red latosol, in Selviria county, MS

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Distribution of roots and zone of absorption of nutrients in banana crops

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Distribution of selenium in rats after repeated administration of sodium selenite

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Distribution of sigatoka leaf spots in Uganda as determined by species-specific polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

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Distribution of silicified cells in the leaf blades of Pleioblastus chino (Franchet et Savatier) Makino (Bambusoideae)

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Distribution of sludge-borne manganese in field-grown maize

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Distribution of snow cover over agrolandscape elements

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Distribution of soil moisture and groundwater levels at patch and catchment scales

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Distribution of soil moisture in a spring barley field at Lipki agrometeorological station in 1997 and 1998

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Distribution of soil water tension in the 'slope type system' with different angles

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Distribution of solutes, microbes and invertebrates in river sediments along a riffle-pool-riffle sequence

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Distribution of some physical, chemical and mechanical properties in a cross-section of a large zelkova tree (Zelkova serrata Makino) and occurrences of tension wood and opposite wood

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Distribution of some plants in Vaccinium vitis-idaea pine forests in relation to position in relief and light regime

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Distribution of splicing proteins and putative coiled bodies during pollen development and androgenesis in Brassica napus L

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Distribution of tannic acid degrading microorganisms in the soil and comparative study of tannase from two fungal strains

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Distribution of temperature along the milking machine pipeline at washing

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Distribution of tetracycline resistance genes and transposons among phylloplane bacteria in Michigan apple orchards

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Distribution of the Cabrera vole (Microtus cabrerae) in its first reported areas reassessed by live trapping

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Distribution of the Mo-enzymes aldehyde oxidase, xanthine dehydrogenase and nitrate reductase in maize (Zea mays L.) nodal roots as affected by nitrogen and salinity

Y.Hui, 2001:
Distribution of the Oriental fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Yunnan Province

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Distribution of the Xylocopini (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Xylocopinae) in Italy: first record from Valle d'Aosta

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Distribution of the amatoxins and phallotoxins in Amanita phalloides. Influence of the tissues and the collection site

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Distribution of the antigenic types of canine parvovirus in Switzerland, Austria and Germany

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Distribution of the apple snail and damage in rice fields of Thailand and Vietnam

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Distribution of the balsam woolly adelgid in Idaho

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Distribution of the component species and species richness along the altitudinal gradient in the lucidophyllous forest on Mt. Kurino-dake, Kagoshima Prefecture

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Distribution of the genus Ananas in Venezuela

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Distribution of the genus Anopheles in Europe

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Distribution of the genus Dicerca (Coleoptera, Buprestidae) in South Bohemia

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Distribution of the horse chestnut leaf miner Cameraria ohridella Desch. & Dimic (Lepid., Gracillariidae) in the South Tyrol-Trentino region

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Distribution of the isozyme and morphological diversity of cassava in the autochthonous agriculture of Ubatuba

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Distribution of the mating type alleles in a Greek population of Pleurotus ostreatus

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Distribution of the morphological groups of aquatic plants for rivers in the U.K

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Distribution of the mosaic structured murM genes among natural populations of Streptococcus pneumoniae

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Distribution of the outer membrane haem receptor protein ChuA in environmental and human isolates of Escherichia coli

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Distribution of the spittlebug Deois flavopicta Stal (Homoptera: Cercopidae) on wild and cultivated host species

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Distribution of the storage chain and destination of maize production from Mato Grosso do Sul

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Distribution of the sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius (Fabricius) and the West Indian sweet potato weevil, Euscepes postfasciatus (Fairmaire) in Amami-oshima island

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Distribution of the turbellarian Urastoma cyprinae on the gills of the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica

Ridge O.Connor, G.E., 2001:
Distribution of the western conifer seed bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis Heidemann (Heteroptera: Coreidae) in Connecticut and parasitism by a tachinid fly, Trichopoda pennipes (F.) (Diptera: Tachinidae)

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Distribution of three fungi colonising fallen Pinus sylvestris needles along altitudinal transects

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Distribution of three monkey species along a gradient of regenerating tropical dry forest

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Distribution of ticks and their association with Borrelia in Semnan province

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Distribution of total forms of microelements in gley mollisols improved by surface and subsurface drainage works in the Radauti Depression

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Distribution of trace and major elements in the -180+75 micro m and -75 micro m fractions of the sandveld regolith in northwest Ngamiland, Botswana

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Distribution of type A spermatogonia in the mouse is not random

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Distribution of urea-derived nitrogen supplied to apple leaves

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Distribution of various forms of sulphur in soils under forage production systems

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Distribution of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and its binding sites at the maternal-fetal interface during gestation in pigs

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Distribution of vectors of dengue fever/dengue haemorrhagic fever with special reference to Aedes albopictus, 1996

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Distribution of vehicular lead in roadside soils of major roads of Brisbane, Australia

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Distribution of verectin in Aloe vera leaves and verectin contents in clonally regenerated plants and the commercial gel powders by immunochemical screening

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Distribution of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in coal mine overburden dumps

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Do common sex markers exist in the olfactory signals of mammals?

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Do community-managed schools work? An evaluation of El Salvador's EDUCO Program

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Do cyanogenic glycosides and pyrrolizidine alkaloids provide some butterflies with a chemical defense against their bird predators? A different point of view

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Do destination images really matter? Predicting destination choices of student travellers

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Do dietary phytoestrogens influence susceptibility to hormone-dependent cancer by disrupting the metabolism of endogenous oestrogens?

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Do dietitians feel that they have had adequate training in behaviour change methods?

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Do differences make a difference? Managing diversity in Division IA intercollegiate athletics

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Do dogs respond to play signals given by humans?

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Do eating habits differ according to alcohol consumption? Results of a study of the French cohort of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (E3N-EPIC)

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Do empty Juniperus communis seeds defend filled seeds against predation by Apodemus sylvaticus?

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Do endogenous seasonal cycles of food intake influence foraging behaviour and intake by grazing sheep?

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Do enemies of herbivores influence plant growth and chemistry? Evidence from a seminatural experiment

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Do eosinophils have a role in the killing of helminth parasites?

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Do farmers get an equal bang for their buck from generic advertising programs? A theoretical and empirical analysis

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Do female broiler breeder fowl display a preference for broiler breeder or laying strain males in a Y-maze test?

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Do filarid nematodes have a vascular system?

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Do flowers shape moths?

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Do food stamps without nutrition education improve food intake patterns?

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Do forests receive occult inputs of nitrogen?

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Do fragmented coastal heathlands have habitat value to birds in eastern Australia?

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Do free radicals have a role in plant tissue culture recalcitrance?

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Do generalized visual training programmes for sport really work? An experimental investigation

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Do grasshoppers diminish grassland productivity? A new perspective for control based on conservation

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Do gravid black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) oviposit at their natal site?

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Do hair care practices affect the acquisition of tinea capitis? A case-control study

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Do health benefits explain the price premiums for organic foods?

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Do herbivore-induced plant volatiles influence predator migration and local dynamics of herbivorous and predatory mites?

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Do honest signalling models of offspring solicitation apply to insects?

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Do hornets have zombie workers?

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Do host plant traits and galling insects affect the abundance of Issus sp. on Colliguaja odorifera Mol. along an altitudinal gradient?

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Do hyphae pulse as they grow?

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Do infants really need human milk?

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Do intestinal nematodes affect productivity in adulthood?

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Do kin selection and intra-sexual selection operate in spider mites?

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Do kinetics of the humoral response to Cryptococcus neoformans proteins during murine cryptococcosis reflect outcome?

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Do lammas shoots cause false growth rings on young oak (Quercus petraea)

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Do larger fruits provide a partial refuge for rose-hip flies against parasitoids?

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Do leaf-cutting ant nests make bottom-up gaps in neotropical rain forests?: a critical review of the evidence

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Do leaves control episodic shoot growth in woody plants?

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Do legume storage proteins play a role in defending seeds against bruchids?

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Do logging and forest fires influence zooplankton biomass in Canadian Boreal Shield lakes?

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Do malaria parasites mate non-randomly in the mosquito midgut?

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Do male mice prefer or avoid each other's company? Influence of hierarchy, kinship, and familiarity

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Do males and females of the two-spot ladybird, Adalia bipunctata (L.), differ in when they mature sexually?

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Do mammalian karyotypes evolve towards equalization of relative chromosome lengths?

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Do maternally acquired antibodies protect infants from malaria infection?

Silvester, W.B.; Langenstein, B.; Berg, R.H., 1999:
Do mitochondria provide the oxygen diffusion barrier in root nodules of Coriaria and Datisca?

Detering, B.; Heimann, M.; Mocklinghoff, K.; Muller, L.; Poppe, M.; Wustefeld, B.; Wolf, J., 1999:
Do modern dust reduction approaches ensure wood dust emissions at workplaces in Germany are kept safely below the applying limit value

Prieur Richard, A.H.; Lavorel, S., 2000:
Do more diverse plant communities have greater resistance to invasions?

May Itza, W. de J.; Quezada Euan, J.J.G.; Iuit, L.; Echazarreta, C.M., 2001:
Do morphometrics and allozymes reliably distinguish Africanized and European Apis mellifera drones in subtropical Mexico?

Gonzales, F.; Dearden, K.; Jimenez, W., 1999:
Do multi-sectoral development programmes affect health? A Bolivian case study

Muller, G.; Kielstein, P.; Rosner, H.; Kohler, H.; Berndt, A.; Heller, M., 2000:
Do mycotoxins impair immune and defence reactions in pigs?

Hassan, A.R., 2000:
Do narcosis conditions and biotechnical procedures can influence the performance and fitness of artificially inseminated honeybee queens?

Ratanawijitrasin, S.; Soumerai, S.B.; Weerasuriya, K., 2001:
Do national medicinal drug policies and essential drug programs improve drug use?: a review of experiences in developing countries

Bidartondo, M.I.; Ek, H.; Wallander, H.; Soderstrom, B., 2001:
Do nutrient additions alter carbon sink strength of ectomycorrhizal fungi?

Keller, H.H.; Ostbye, T., 2000:
Do nutrition indicators predict death in elderly Canadians with cognitive impairment?

Belamarich, P.F.; Luder, E.; Kattan, M.; Mitchell, H.; Islam, S.; Lynn, H.; Crain, E.F., 2000:
Do obese inner-city children with asthma have more symptoms than nonobese children with asthma?

Hideg, E.; Kálai, T.; Hideg, K.; Vass, I., 2000:
Do oxidative stress conditions impairing photosynthesis in the light manifest as photoinhibition?

Mappes, J.; Tuomi, J.; Alatalo, R.V., 1999:
Do palatable prey benefit from aposematic neighbors?

Cronin, J.; Abrahamson, W., 2001:
Do parasitoids diversify in response to host-plant shifts by herbivorous insects?

Gellin, B.G.; Maibach, E.W.; Marcuse, E.K., 2000:
Do parents understand immunizations? A national telephone survey

Attaran, A.; Gillespie-White, L., 2001:
Do patents for antiretroviral drugs constrain access to AIDS treatment in Africa?

Basimike, M., 2000:
Do permethrin-treated screens repel sand flies from entering houses?

Mattsson, J.L., 2000:
Do pesticides reduce our total exposure to food borne toxicants?

Furuya, M.; Kim ByungChul, 2000:
Do phytochromes interact with diverse partners?

Jones, J.B.; Wathes, C.M.; White, R.P.; Jones, R.B., 2000:
Do pigs find a familiar odourant attractive in novel surroundings?

Hill, M.O., 2001:
Do plant communities exist? A reply to Wilson and Chiarucci

Wilson, J.B.; Chiarucci, A., 2000:
Do plant communities exist? Evidence from scaling-up local species-area relations to the regional level

Byers, D.L.; Waller, D.M., 1999:
Do plant populations purge their genetic load? Effects of population size and mating history on inbreeding depression

Almeida Cortez, J.S.; Shipley, B.; Arnason, J.T., 1999:
Do plant species with high relative growth rates have poorer chemical defences?

Lambdon, P.W.; Hassall, M., 2001:
Do plant toxins impose constraints on herbivores? An investigation using compartmental analysis

van Breemen Nico; Lundstrom Ulla S.; Jongmans Antoine G., 2000:
Do plants drive podzolization via rock-eating mycorrhizal fungi?

Sato, N.; Rolland, N.; Block, M.A.; Joyard, J., 1999:
Do plastid envelope membranes play a role in the expression of the plastid genome?

Pasonen, H.L.; Pulkkinen, P.; Käpylä, M., 2001:
Do pollen donors with fastest-growing pollen tubes sire the best offspring in an anemophilous tree, Betula pendula (Betulaceae)?

Holland, J.M.; Thomas, S.R., 2000:
Do polyphagous predators help control orange wheat blossom midge, Sitodiplosis mosellana Gehin (Dipt., Cecidomyiidae) in winter wheat?

Haberland, R., 2000:
Do potatoes need trace element fertilizer?

Alexander, C.; Goodhue, R.E.; Rausser, G.C., 2000:
Do quality incentives matter?

Molina Freaner, F.; Delgado, P.; Pinero, D.; Perez Nasser, N.; Alvarez Buylla, E., 2001:
Do rare pines need different conservation strategies? Evidence from three Mexican species

Poortmans, J.R.; Dellalieux, O., 2000:
Do regular high protein diets have potential health risks on kidney function in athletes?

Ruckstuhl, K.E.; Festa Bianchet, M., 1998:
Do reproductive status and lamb gender affect the foraging behavior of bighorn ewes?

Duinen, G.J. van; Bruijn, L. de; Hanzen, D.; Kleef, H. van; Kuper, J.; Scarse, D.; Esselink, H., 2000:
Do restoration measures help to restore dragonfly communities in raised bog remnants?

Boon, B.; Vogelzang, L.; Jansen, A., 2000:
Do restrained eaters show attention toward or away from food, shape and weight stimuli?

Hubbard, J.A.; McPherson, G.R., 1999:
Do seed predation and dispersal limit downslope movement of a semi-desert grassland/oak woodland transition?

Kroeger, A., 2001:
Do short relapses in antimalarial treatment favour drug resistance?

Berger, T.D.lly, M., 2001:
Do sire-dam interactions contribute significantly to fertility comparisons in heterospermic insemination trials

Salvador, A.; Veiga, J.P.; Civantos, E., 1999:
Do skin pockets of lizards reduce the deleterious effects of ectoparasites? An experimental study with Psammodromus algirus

Lloyd, J.; Farquhar, G.D., 2000:
Do slow-growing species and nutrient-stressed plants consistently respond less to elevated CO2? A clarification of some issues raised by Poorter (1998)

Moles, A.T.; Westoby, M., 2000:
Do small leaves expand faster than large leaves, and do shorter expansion times reduce herbivore damage?

Wiegand, K.; Jeltsch, F.; Ward, D., 2000:
Do spatial effects play a role in the spatial distribution of desert-dwelling Acacia raddiana?

Reich, P.B.; Tilman, D.; Craine, J.; Ellsworth, D.; Tjoelker, M.G.; Knops, J.; Wedin, D.; Naeem, S.; Bahauddin, D.; Goth, J.; Bengtson, W.; Lee, T.D., 2001:
Do species and functional groups differ in acquisition and use of C, N and water under varying atmospheric CO2 and N availability regimes? A field test with 16 grassland species

Key, A.; Lacey, J.H.; Nussey, S., 2001:
Do starvation diets lead to irreversible lung changes?

Bjerre, L.M.; LeLorier, J., 2001:
Do statins cause cancer? A meta-analysis of large randomized clinical trials

Jones, J.I.; Moss, B.; Eaton, J.W.; Young, J.O., 2000:
Do submerged aquatic plants influence periphyton community composition for the benefit of invertebrate mutualists?

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