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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3411

Chapter 3411 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Weinstock, M.A., 1999:
Do sunscreens increase or decrease melanoma risk: an epidemiologic evaluation

Kalirajan, K.P.; Huang YiPing, 1999:
Do the Chinese grain farmers maximise profits?

Huber, B., 1999:
Do the EAGGF support measures meet the requirements for integrated rural development?

Reif, A.; Loblich Ille, K., 1999:
Do the Fagus sylvatica forests of the Pieria mountains (northern Greece) form an altitudinal belt, or are they extrazonal? A study of the transition between temperate and submediterranean forests in northern Greece

Kraaij, T.; Cramer, M.D., 1999:
Do the gas exchange characteristics of alien acacias enable them to successfully invade the fynbos?

Vesala, T.; Sevanto, S.; Paatero, P.; Nikinmaa, E.; Peramaki, M.; Ala Nissila, T.; Kaariainen, J.; Virtanen, H.; Irvine, J.; Grace, J., 2000:
Do tree stems shrink and swell with the tides?

Avins, A.L.; Neuhaus, J.M., 2000:
Do triglycerides provide meaningful information about heart disease risk?

Hoff, G.; Thiis-Evensen, E.; Grotmol, T.; Sauar, J.; Vatn, M.H.; Moen, I.E., 2001:
Do undesirable effects of screening affect all-cause mortality in flexible sigmoidoscopy programmes? Experience from the Telemark Polyp Study 1983-1996

More, T.; Stevens, T., 2000:
Do user fees exclude low-income people from resource-based recreation?

Pushparajah, E., 2001:
Do we aim for organic farming or environment-friendly sustained farming?

Osterlund, E., 1999:
Do we have Varroa-tolerant bees in Europe?

Bensusan, N.R., 2000:
Do we know how effective is the conservation of biodiversity in protected areas

Somme, Lauritz, 2001:
Do we need Nordic national entomological journals?

Damasio, A.E., 1999:
Do we need a new model for sugar plant management systems?

Beard, S.M.; Finn, A., 2000:
Do we need to boost pertussis immunization within the existing UK vaccination schedule?

Aventin, L.; Matthys, F., 2000:
Do we negotiate human health?

Tomlinson, P.T.; Jensen, R.J.; Hancock, J.F., 2000:
Do whole tree silvic characters indicate hybridization in red oak (Quercus section Lobatae)?

Olson, B.; Wallander, R.; Paterson, J., 2000:
Do windbreaks minimize stress on cattle grazing foothill winter range?

Eaton, K.K., 1999 :
Do yeasts play any part in Candida (fungal-type dysbiosis)?: discussion paper

Meeteren, U. van; Peppel, A. van de; Gelder, A. van, 2001:
Docis: a model to simulate carbohydrate balance and development of inflorescence during vase life

Hann, P.; Kromp, B., 2001:
Dock control with dock beetles: first results

Yano, M.; Kishida, E.; Iwasaki, M.; Kojo, S.; Masuzawa, Y., 2000:
Docosahexaenoic acid and vitamin E can reduce human monocytic U937 cell apoptosis induced by tumor necrosis factor

Arrington, J.L.; McMurray, D.N.; Switzer, K.C.; Fan, Y.Y.; Chapkin, R.S., 2001:
Docosahexaenoic acid suppresses function of the CD28 costimulatory membrane receptor in primary murine and Jurkat T cells

Horrocks, L.A.; Yeo, Y.K., 1999:
Docosahexaenoic acid-enriched foods: production of eggs and health benefits

Stordy, B.J., 1999:
Docosahexaenoic acid: a dietary factor essential for individuals with dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and dyspraxia?

Anonymous, 2000:
Doctor's advice

Anonymous, 2001:
Document for the promotion of breastfeeding

Matovelo, D.S.; Chailla, A.M., 1999:
Documentation and dissemination of agricultural research results in Tanzania: avenues and challenges

Bordas, R.M.; Davis, G.A.; Hopkins, B.L.; Thomas, R.E.; Rummer, R.B., 2001:
Documentation of hazards and safety perceptions for mechanized logging operations in East Central Alabama

Gartner, M., 2001:
Documentation of intensive monitoring plots by aerial photos

Utpal Gupta, 2000:
Documentation of spike and capsule characters in large cardamom

Hubrig, M., 1999:
Documentation of storm damage on 29-6-1997 in forests of Niedersachsen, caused by heavy local storms

Rastogi, R.K., 2001:
Doe and kit performance in a small rabbit population from subtropical Trinidad

Choe MinjaKim, 2001:
Does being connected reduce the risk of teenage drinking, smoking and drug use? Survey results from Southeast Asia

Ferree, D.C.; Schupp, J.R.; Tustin, D.S.; Cashmore, W., 2000:
Does 'King Dominance' differ among apple cultivars and sites?

Platteau, J.P., 2000:
Does Africa need land reform?

Felke, M.; Langenbruch, G.A., 2001:
Does Bt-pollen harm butterflies?

Colombo, S.J.; Parker, W.C., 1999:
Does Canadian forestry need physiology research?

Pennycook, S.R., 2000:
Does Chlorophyllum molybdites occur in New Zealand?

Dodson, C.D.ncan, M., 1999:
Does FCS association size affect credit availability?

Kislev, M., 2000:
Does Jewish law permit grafting melon or watermelon on pumpkin?

Robinson, J., 2000:
Does MODSS offer an alternative to traditional approaches to natural resource management decision-making?

Hopkin, S., 2000:
Does Pholcus phalangioides (Fuesslin) lure its prey with pheromone mimics?

Chida, T.; Fukami, T.; Miyashita, T., 1999:
Does Phrynarachne spider attract prey insects by means of chemical substance?

Nilsen, E.T.; Clinton, B.D.; Lei, T.T.; Miller, O.K.; Semones, S.W.; Walker, J.F., 2001:
Does Rhododendron maximum L. (Ericaceae) reduce the availability of resources above and belowground for canopy tree seedlings?

Perley, C.J.K., 2000:
Does Timberlands represent a positive vision?

Frank, T.; Kühl, M.; Makowski, B.; Bitsch, R.; Jahreis, G.; Hübscher, J., 2000:
Does a 100-km walking affect indicators of vitamin status?

Buckley, J.D.; Scammell, A.W., 2000:
Does a diet of colostrum improve athletic performance?

Agewall, S.; Wright, S.; Doughty, R.N.; Whalley, G.A.; Duxbury, M.; Sharpe, N., 1999:
Does a glass of red wine improve endothelial function?

Wolf, J., 2000:
Does a higher frequency of milking result in a higher profitability?

Ebert, G.; Casierra, F., 2000:
Does a net always reduce the assimilation of apple trees?

Hassan, D.; Monier Dilhan, S., 1999:
Does a niche exist for good quality rabbits?

Maxwell, Mr, 2000:
Does a single meal affect female reproductive output in the sexually cannibalistic praying mantid Iris oratoria?

Tkachenko, A.N.; Kuznetsowa, O.V., 1999:
Does a sugar plant need railroad beet shipment terminals?

Verma, S.; Holdsworth, C.D.; Giaffer, M.H., 2001:
Does adjuvant nutritional support diminish steroid dependency in Crohn disease?

Walters, S.T.; Martin, J.E., 2000:
Does aerobic exercise really enhance self-esteem in children? a prospective evaluation in 3rd-5th graders

Drewnowski, A.; Warren-Mears, V.A., 2001:
Does aging change nutrition requirements?

Fabris, P.; Tositti, G.; Manfrin, V.; Giordani, M.T.; Vaglia, A.; Cattelan, A.M.; Carlotto, A., 2000:
Does alcohol intake affect highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) response in HIV-positive patients?

Horst, W.J.; Schmohl, N.; Kollmeier, M.; Baluska, F.; Mayandi Sivaguru, 1999:
Does aluminium affect root growth of maize through interaction with the cell wall-plasma membrane-cytoskeleton continuum?

Ma, L.G.; Fan, Q.S.; Yu, Z.Q.; Zhou, H.L.; Zhang, F.S.; Sun, D.Y., 2000:
Does aluminum inhibit pollen germination via extracellular calmodulin?

Fairchild, W.L.; Swansburg, E.O.; Arsenault, J.T.; Brown, S.B., 1999:
Does an association between pesticide use and subsequent declines in catch of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) represent a case of endocrine disruption?

Stone, J.L., 2000:
Does anthocyanin affect outcrossing rates in Datura Stramonium (Solanaceae)?

Turcsányi, E.; Lyons, T.; Plöchl, M.; Barnes, J., 2000:
Does ascorbate in the mesophyll cell walls form the first line of defence against ozone? Testing the concept using broad bean (Vicia faba L.)

Bosnak, M.; Kilinc, M.; Dikici, B.; Gurkan, F.; Kara, I.H.; Ozkan, I.; Bosnak, V., 1999:
Does axillary body temperature measurement help the children with protein-energy malnutrition?

Vleeshouwers, V.G.A.A.; Dooijeweert, W. van; Govers, F.; Kamoun, S.; Colon, L.T., 2000:
Does basal PR gene expression in Solanum species contribute to non-specific resistance to Phytophthora infestans?

McDonald, M.; Rascher, D., 2000:
Does bat day make cents? The effect of promotions on the demand for major league baseball

Biggs, I.M.; Wilson, J.R.; Keating, B.A.; Critchley, C., 2000:
Does biological N2-fixation contribute to nitrogen requirements in Australian sugarcane?

Kolodziejczyk, P.P., 2000:
Does biotechnology change the research and development organizations?

Joshi, C.; Wattanapenpaiboon, N.; Wahlqvist, M.L.; Midolo, P.; Lambert, J., 2001:
Does bovine lactoferrin inhibit Helicobacter pylori?

Ivarsson, A.; Persson, L.A.; Hernell, O., 2000:
Does breast-feeding affect the risk for coeliac disease?

von Kries, R.; Koletzko, B.; Sauerwald, T.; von Mutius, E., 2000:
Does breast-feeding protect against childhood obesity?

Brugere, C.; McAndrew, K.; Bulcock, P., 2001:
Does cage aquaculture address gender goals in development? Results of a case study in Bangladesh

Turturro, A.; Hass, B.S.; Hart, R.W., 2000:
Does caloric restriction induce hormesis?

Karlowicz, M.G.; Giannone, P.J.; Pestian, J.; Morrow, A.L.; Shults, J., 2000:
Does candidemia predict threshold retinopathy of prematurity in extremely low birth weight (<=1000 g) neonates?

Dorais, M.; Ayari, O.; Samson, G.; Gosselin, A., 2001:
Does carbohydrate accumulation affect the photosynthetic efficiency of tomato leaves?

Charles, M.A., 2001:
Does childhood obesity affect health in adult life?

Shumway, C.R.; Davis, G.C., 2000:
Does consistent aggregation really matter?

Knoke, T., 1999:
Does controlling improve the opportunities for a successful management in forest enterprises? Critical remarks on two publications dealing with this topic are presented

Ciociola, A.I.J.; Almeida, R.P. de; Stouthamer, R., 2000:
Does degradation of DNA in dead Trichogramma individuals lead to failure of their identification using ITS2 PCR?

Casey, A.; Greenhaff, P.L., 2000:
Does dietary creatine supplementation play a role in skeletal muscle metabolism and performance?

Silvester, K.R.; Cummings, J.H., 1995:
Does digestibility of meat protein help explain large bowel cancer risk?

Smith, B.L.; Anderson, S.H., 2001:
Does dispersal help regulate the Jackson elk herd?

Jensen, P.K.; Arvidsson, T., 2000:
Does droplet size affect airborne drift and sedimentation drift to the same extent?

Butler, C.C.; MacMillan, H., 2001:
Does early detection of otitis media with effusion prevent delayed language development?

Donnelly, A.; Jones, M.B.; Burke, J.I.; Schnieders, B., 1999:
Does elevated CO2 protect grain yield of wheat from the effects of ozone stress?

Shalaby, S.I., 1997:
Does fascioliasis in buffaloes constitute a zoonotic health problem in major Cairo (Egypt)?

Calvin, S.E.; Wolf, C., 1998:
Does fasting in pregnant sheep cause a syndrome analogous to human preeclampsia?

Lomnicki, A.; Jasieński, M., 2000:
Does fitness erode in the absence of selection? An experimental test with Tribolium

Thambyrajah, J.; Landray, M.J.; McGlynn, F.J.; Jones, H.J.; Wheeler, D.C.; Townend, J.N., 2000:
Does folic acid decrease plasma homocysteine and improve endothelial function in patients with predialysis renal failure?

Barrett, C.B., 2001:
Does food aid stabilize food availability?

Zhang, T.; Hampton, J.G., 1999:
Does fungicide seed treatment affect bulk conductivity test results?

Katz, E., 2000:
Does gender matter for the nutritional consequences of agricultural commercialization? Intrahousehold transfers, food acquisition, and export cropping in Guatemala

Hoskin, S.O.; Gavet, S.; Milne, E.; Lobley, G.E., 2001:
Does glutamine act as a substrate for transamination reactions in the liver of fed and fasted sheep?

Peters, W.S.; Farm, M.S.; Kopf, A.J., 2001:
Does growth correlate with turgor-induced elastic strain in stems? A re-evaluation of de Vries' classical experiments

Knight, E.H.; Fox, B.J., 2000:
Does habitat structure mediate the effects of forest fragmentation and human-induced disturbance on the abundance of Antechinus stuartii?

Soedjanaatmadja, U.M.S.; Subroto, T.; Beintema, J.J.; Soedigdo, S., 1999:
Does hevein stabilise or destabilise rubber latex?

Walle, D. van de; Gunewardena, D., 2001:
Does ignoring heterogeneity in impacts distort project appraisals? An experiment for irrigation in Vietnam

McGlasson, W.B.; Abdi, N.; Holford, P., 1999:
Does inhibition of ACO activity in Japanese-type plums account for the suppression of ethylene production in attached fruit by the tree factor and the suppressed climacteric?

Jans Hammermeister, D.C.; Bremer, E.; Hynes, R.K., 1999:
Does inoculant formulation affect the population dynamics of Rhizobium in the rhizosphere of pea?

Kärkkäinen, M.U.; Lamberg-Allardt, C.J.; Ahonen, S.; Välimäki, M., 2001:
Does it make a difference how and when you take your calcium? The acute effects of calcium on calcium and bone metabolism

Arun, S., 2002:
Does land ownership make a difference? Women's roles in agriculture in Kerala, India

Gibbs, P.E.; Bianchi, M.B., 1999:
Does late-acting self-incompatibility (LSI) show family clustering? Two more species of Bignoniaceae with LSI: Dolichandra cynanchoides and Tabebuia nodosa

Shah, Z.; Razaullah ; Shah, S.H.; Herridge, D.F.; Peoples, M.B., 2000:
Does lentil (Lens culinaris) in the Swat River Valley need Rhizobial inoculation?

Arav, A.; Pearl, M.; Zeron, Y., 2000:
Does lipid profile explain chilling sensitivity and membrane lipid phase transition of spermatozoa and oocytes?

Goldman, M.; Cloud, G.A.; Smedema, M.; LeMonte, A.; Connolly, P.; McKinsey, D.S.; Kauffman, C.A.; Moskovitz, B.; Wheat, L.J., 2000:
Does long-term itraconazole prophylaxis result in in vitro azole resistance in mucosal Candida albicans isolates from persons with advanced human immunodeficiency virus infection?

Kwok, T.; Woo, J.; Kwan, M., 2001:
Does low lactose milk powder improve the nutritional intake and nutritional status of frail older Chinese people living in nursing homes?

Sarradin, P.; Lantier, F., 2001:
Does mad cow disease occur in sheep?

Halm, D.; Gaiser, T.; Stahr, K., 1999:
Does magnetite have an influence on measurements of water contents by time domain reflectometry (TDR)?

Borrell, A.K.; Hammer, G.L.; Douglas, A.C.L., 2000:
Does maintaining green leaf area in sorghum improve yield under drought? I. Leaf growth and senescence

Borrell, A.K.; Hammer, G.L.; Henzell, R.G., 2000:
Does maintaining green leaf area in sorghum improve yield under drought? II. Dry matter production and yield

Costa, C.H.N., 1999:
Does man play a role in the transmission of visceral leishmaniasis?

Hill, J.; Attiwill, P.M.; Uren, N.C.; O'brien, N.D., 2001:
Does manganese play a role in the distribution of the eucalypts?

Hamilton, S.; Kastens, T., 2000:
Does market timing contribute to the cattle cycle?

Gallant, B.; Reale, D.; Festa Bianchet, M., 2001:
Does mass change of primiparous bighorn ewes reflect reproductive effort?

Berg, P.A.; Stein, G.M., 2001:
Does mistletoe therapy influence the defence against epithelial neoplasms? A critical immunological analysis

Geishauser, T.; Leslie, K.; Kelton, D.; Duffield, T., 2000:
Does monitoring for ketosis in dairy herds pay?

Putter, H. de; Everaarts, A.P., 2000:
Does nitrogen influence yellow bottoms?

Attiwill, P.M.; May, B.M., 2001:
Does nitrogen limit the growth of native eucalypt forests: some observations for mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans)

Cardoso-Vilhena, J.; Barnes, J., 2001:
Does nitrogen supply affect the response of wheat (Triticum aestivum cv. Hanno) to the combination of elevated CO(2) and O(3)?

Perry, D.; Egan, A.F.; Ferguson, D.M.; Oddy, V.H.; Thompson, J.M., 1999:
Does nutrition affect the eating quality of beef?

Caan, B.J.; Lanza, E.; Schatzkin, A.; Coates, A.O.; Brewer, B.K.; Slattery, M.L.; Marshall, J.R.; Bloch, A., 1999:
Does nutritionist review of a self-administered food frequency questionnaire improve data quality?

Jones, R.B., 2001:
Does occasional movement make pecking devices more attractive to domestic chicks?

Reichenauer, T.G.; Bolhar Nordenkampf, H.R., 1999:
Does ozone exposure protect from photoinhibition?

Leininger, T.D.; McCasland, C.S., 1998:
Does paraquat cause stem swellings in first-year cottonwood saplings?

Costa-Arbulu, C.; Sanchez, A.M., 2000:
Does patch density of Gnaphalium robustum Phil. influence herbivory by Helicoverpa zea (Boddie) larvae?

Marsal, J.; Mata, M.; Gelly, M.; Girona, J., 2000:
Does peach tree hydraulic resistance play any role in maximum daily trunk shrinkage?

Brooks, M.L., 2000:
Does protection of desert tortoise habitat generate other ecological benefits in the Mojave Desert?

Springer Heinze, A.; Gura, S.; Minde, I.J., 2001:
Does research contribute to rural development?

Anonymous, 1999:
Does research reduce poverty? An international workshop weighs the evidence of impact

Caballero, P.P.; Lorini, H., 2000:
Does resource concentration affect attack by galling and folivorous insects on Schinus polygamus (Cav.) Cabr. (Anacardiaceae)?

Varadharajan, A.; Ramesh, V.; Pythal, C., 2000:
Does sex influence prevalence of parasitic infection among captive wild mammals? An observation at the zoological garden, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Stidder, G., 2000:
Does sex matter? Pupil perceptions of physical education in mixed and single sex secondary schools

Stout, J.C., 2000:
Does size matter? Bumblebee behaviour and the pollination of Cytisus scoparius L. (Fabaceae)

Lancaster, J.E.; Farrant, J.; Shaw, M.; Bycroft, B.; Brash, D., 2001:
Does sulphur supply to the bulb affect storage of onions

Giacomini, C., 2000:
Does the 'protected origin' label add value to a typical product like Reggio parmesan?

Lyndon, A.R.; Toovey, J.P.G., 2000:
Does the AquasmartTM feeding system reduce sea louse (Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Kroyer)) infestation on farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in winter?

K.D.okSeo; Ahn SungBok; Hong KiJeong; Lee SungHwan; Kim JinIll, 1999:
Does the Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica Newman) distribute in Korea or not?

Badii, M.H.; Flores, A.E.; Ponce, G.; Landeros, J.; Quiroz, H., 2001:
Does the Lorryia formosa Cooreman (Acari: Prostigmata: Tydeidae) population visit or reside on citrus foliage?

Durel, C.E.; Parisi, L.; Laurens, F.; Venisse, J.S.; Jourjon, M.F., 2000:
Does the Vf gene maintain a residual resistance to apple scab despite its breakdown by Venturia inaequalis race 6 strains?

Jeangros, B.; Scehovic, J.; Troxler, J.; Bosset, J.O., 2000:
Does the botanical composition of mountain pastures differ from that of lowland grasslands?

Planes, J.; Briceno, R.; Recasens, J., 1999:
Does the cereal sowing date influence in the management of herbicide-resistant Lolium rigidum populations?

Weinstein, M.P.; Balletto, J.H., 1999:
Does the common reed, Phragmites australis, affect essential fish habitat?

Rochet, M.J., 2000:
Does the concept of spawning per recruit make sense?

Sheiham, A.; Steele, J., 2001:
Does the condition of the mouth and teeth affect the ability to eat certain foods, nutrient and dietary intake and nutritional status amongst older people?

Beekman, M.S.ratum, P.V.n, 2000:
Does the diapause experience of bumblebee queens Bombus terrestris affect colony characteristics?

Craig, W.A., 2001:
Does the dose matter?

Vonau, B.; Chard, S.; Mandalia, S.; Wilkinson, D.; Barton, S.E., 2001:
Does the extract of the plant Echinacea purpurea influence the clinical course of recurrent genital herpes?

Hogan, P., 2001:
Does the future of UK tourism lie in the hands of the DETR?

Jeangros, B.; Scehovic, J.; Troxler, J.; Bosset, J.O., 2000:
Does the grass composition of highland pastures differ from those of lowland leys?

Loch, A.D.; Walter, G.H., 1999:
Does the mating system of Trissolcus basalis (Wollaston) (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) allow outbreeding?

Atreya, N., 2000:
Does the mere presence of a pesticide residue in food indicate a risk?

Matthes, H.D.; Pastushenko, V.; Heinrich, H., 2001:
Does the milk redox potential correlate with the variability of microbes and somatic cell counts?

Kumar, G.S.N.; Govindiah, M.G.; Nagaraj, C.S.; Bindu, A.; Rasool, T.J., 1999:
Does the natural resistance associated macrophage protein (Nramp) gene confer resistance/susceptibility in bovines against mycobacterial infection?

Yldrm, G.; Bastug, M.; Akcl, I.E.; Fcclar, H.; Koc, E.; Zaloglu, N., 2000:
Does the platelet-activating factor affect the antioxidant defense system? The possible role of hyperbaric oxygenation

Jay Robert, P.; Lobo, J.M.; Lumaret, J.P., 1999:
Does the populating of Corsica by dung beetles result from interspecific competition?

Ortega, E.; Rodes, R.; Fuente, E. de la; Fernandez, L., 2001:
Does the routine heat treatment of sugarcane stem pieces for xylem pathogen control affect the nitrogenase activity of an N2-fixing endophyte in the cane?

Joe, A.F.T.W.; Simon, L.; Summers, R.W.; Flatman, E.A.; Lunn, G.D.; Kettlewell, P.S., 2001:
Does the wheat cultivar Rialto produce pre-maturity alpha-amylase?

Sutton, W.R.J., 1999:
Does the world need planted forests?

Hatcher, S.; Atkins, K.D.; Swan, A.A.; Purvis, I.W., 1999:
Does translocating sheep between environments affect wool production and wool quality of Merino wethers?

Fraser, T.; Waters, A.; Chatrattanakunchai, S.; Stobart, K., 2000:
Does triacylglycerol biosynthesis require diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DAGAT)?

Taquet, M.; Ouellet, J.P.; Courtois, R.; Laurian, C., 1999:
Does unbalanced sex ratio in adult moose affect calf size in the fall?

Andoh, H.; Kobata, T., 2000:
Does wetting and redrying the seed before sowing improve rice germination and emergence under low soil moisture conditions?

Tao DaYun; Scripichitt, P., 2000:
Does wild rice Oryza minuta exist in Thailand?

Morgante, M., 1999:
Dog and cat obesity: an emerging problem

Hegedus, M.; Fekete, S.; Janza, F.; Zoldag, L.; Gaal, T., 2000:
Dog feeding test for assessing the nutritional adequacy of practical diets

Ghosh, R.C.; Shrivastava, S.K.; Das, K., 2001:
Dog flea dermatitis in man

Savolainen, P.; Lundeberg, J., 2001:
Dog genetic data and forensic evidence

Leney, J.; Remfry, J., 2000:
Dog population management

Chomel, B.B.; Arzt, J.J., 2000:
Dogs and bacterial zoonoses

Curtis, C.F., 2000:
Dogs and ectoparasitic zoonoses

Ashford, R.W.; Snowden, K.F., 2000:
Dogs and protozoan zoonoses

Wandeler, A.I.; Bingham, J., 2000:
Dogs and rabies

Muller, R., 2000:
Dogs and trematode zoonoses

Bartoli, M.; Monetti, D.M.; Licciardi, V.; Sorrentino, M.; Ciabrelli, M.; Veneziano, V.; Rinaldi, L.; Cringoli, G., 1999:
Dogs as reservoir for some bacterial and parasitic zoonotic agents in some parts of Campania

Goossens, H.A.; van den Bogaard, A.E.; Nohlmans, M.K., 2001:
Dogs as sentinels for human Lyme borreliosis in The Netherlands

Homan, H.J.; Linz, G.; Peer, B.D., 2001:
Dogs increase recovery of passerine carcasses in dense vegetation

Kalyoncu, I.H., 1999:
Dogwood (Cornus mas L.) production and it's importance as part of fruit growing in the Black Sea region

Smith, K., 2000:
Doing a disappearing act?

Wynn, B., 2000:
Doing battle: changing attitudes in the arena

Festing, M., 2000:
Doing better animal experiments; together with notes on genetic nomenclature of laboratory animals

Brookes, A., 2001:
Doing the Franklin: wilderness tourism and the construction of nature

Skareas, S.D.; Brooks, S.F., 2000:
Dolichopodini Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1888 (Insecta, Grylloptera): proposed emendation of spelling to Dolichopodaini, so removing the homonymy with Dolichopodidae Latreille, 1809 (Insecta, Diptera)

Flechtmann, C.H.W.; Fernando, L.C.P., 2000:
Dolichotetranychus cocos n. sp. from the perianth of coconuts in Sri Lanka (Acari: Tenuipalpidae)

Whitehead, P.F., 2001:
Dolichovespula media (Retzius) predating the brood and imagines of Dolichovespula norwegica (Fabricius) (Hym., Vespidae) in Worcestershire

Hewstone M.C.; Jobet F.C., 2001:
Dollinco-INIA: an alternative wheat for southern Chile

Wulff, B.B.; Thomas, C.M.; Smoker, M.; Grant, M.; Jones, J.D., 2001:
Domain swapping and gene shuffling identify sequences required for induction of an Avr-dependent hypersensitive response by the tomato Cf-4 and Cf-9 proteins

Wezyk, S.; Cywa Benko, K.; Krawczyk, J., 2000:
Domestic and export prospects for poultry meat and eggs in 2000-2006

Camacho Vallejo, M.E.; Delgado Bermejo, J.V.; Barba Capote, C.J., 2000:
Domestic animal genetic resources in Spain: present status and traditional management systems

orevic, N.; Koljajic, V.; Dinic, B., 2000:
Domestic experiences in agricultural and food industry by-products use for ensiling

Lopez, J.C.F.; Silva, M.L. da; Souza, A.L., 2000:
Domestic firewood consumption in Cachoeira de Santa Cruz, Vicosa-MG, Brazil

Shlomo Yahav, 2000:
Domestic fowl - strategies to confront environmental conditions

Banse, M.; Guba, W.; Munch, W., 2000:
Domestic resource costs based on CGE simulations: results for the food industries of Hungary and Poland

Dhall, S.C., 1999:
Domestic sports goods industry - a brief history

Tsartas, P.; Manologlou, E.; Markou, A., 2001:
Domestic tourism in Greece and special interest destinations: the role of alternative forms of tourism

Nina Rao; Suresh, K.T., 2001:
Domestic tourism in India

Kaosa ard, M.; Bezic, D.; White, S., 2001:
Domestic tourism in Thailand: supply and demand

Jehangir, W.A.; Mudasser, M.; Ali, N., 2000:
Domestic uses of irrigation water and its impact on human and livestock health in Pakistan

Trigg, M., 1999:
Domestic water consumption in rural Guatemala

Jaenicke, H.; Simons, A.J.; Maghembe, J.A.; Weber, J.C., 2000:
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Domestication and genetics of the yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus L.) and the biotechnological improvement of lupins

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Domestication of Lupinus pilosus Murray through mutation

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Domestication of Tibetan wild edible fungus, Coprinus ovatus

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Domestication of alpine ladies mantle (Alchemilla alpina agg.)

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Domestication of perennial lupins for northern regions

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Domestication of yams (Dioscorea cayenensis-rotundata) within the Bariba ethnic group in Benin

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Domesticity of Lutzomyia whitmani (Diptera: psychodidae) populations: field experiments indicate behavioural differences

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Dominance and diversity relations of woody vegetation structure along an altitudinal gradient in a montane forest of Garhwal Himalaya

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Dominance and overdominance

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Dominance, epistasis and the genetics of postzygotic isolation

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Dominant T- and B-cell epitopes in an autoantigen linked to Chagas' disease

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Dominant Wilty mutants of Zea mays (Poaceae) are not impaired in abscisic acid perception or metabolism

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Dominant actors in international tourism

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Dominant gene, Ssi1 expresses semidwarfism by inhibiting the second internode elongation in rice

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Dominant inheritance of downy mildew resistance in melons

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Dominant negative guard cell K+ channel mutants reduce inward-rectifying K+ currents and light-induced stomatal opening in arabidopsis

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Dominant race and pathogenicity type of cotton Fusarium wilt pathogens in Xinjiang

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Dominant role of host selective pressure in driving hepatitis C virus evolution in perinatal infection

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Dominant species in the natural whey culture for Provolone cheese

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Dominant weed species of agricultural lands in Cheju Island

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Dominant weed species on paddy levees in Kyoto Prefecture

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Dominant-negative inhibition of prion formation diminished by deletion mutagenesis of the prion protein

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Dominant-negative mutants of a toxin subunit: an approach to therapy of anthrax

Anonymous, 2000:
Dominican Republic - Sugar Annual 2000

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Domosedan (Detomidine HCl) sedation and analgesia in Egyptian buffaloes

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Don't be an April fool

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Donations as an alternative to wilderness user fees - the case of the Desolation Wilderness

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Donor inbred lines for enhancing the performance of single-cross sunflower hybrids

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Donors urged to help combat pesticide hazards

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Donors, dictators and democrats in Africa

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Doorway to dairy's future. State of the industry 2000 outlines details on category-by-category basis

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Dop cheeses carry the cheese market

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Dopamine and serotonin VMN release is related to feeding status in obese and lean Zucker rats

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Dopaminergic input to the ventromedial hypothalamus facilitates the oestrogen-induced luteinizing hormone surge in ewes

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Doppler echocardiography of chronic fibrosis of the mitral valve in a dog

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Doppler ultrasonographic features of thoracic limb arteries in clinically normal horses

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Doppler ultrasonographic studies of the vascular resistance of the uterine artery in the mare associated with vasoactive and anticoagulative theory

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Doppler ultrasonography and single-fiber laser Doppler flowmetry for measurement of hind limb blood flow in anesthetized horses

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Doppler-ultrasonographic detection of retrograde pulsatile flow in the caudal vena cava of a puppy with cor triatriatum dexter

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Doramectin efficacy on psoroptic mange, digestive and pulmonary helminths among sheep in Tunisia

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Dormancy and germination in Cistus clusii (Cistaceae): effect of biotic and abiotic factors

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Dormancy and germination in Myrtus communis L. seeds

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Dormancy and post-harvest maturation of malt barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) caryopses

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Dormancy and proliferation in Saccharum officinarum x S. spontaneum hybrids which differ in the number of the introgressed S. spontaneum chromosomes

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Dormancy break and light quality effects on seed germination of Peltophorum dubium Taub

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Dormancy breaking and germination of Acacia salicina Lindl. seeds

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Dormancy breaking in seeds of Pueraria phaseoloides (Roxburgh) Bentham

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Dormancy in seeds of red rice

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Dormancy in white-grain mutants of Chinese Spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Dormancy in yams

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Dormancy of cereal seeds as related to embryo sensitivity to ABA and water potential

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Dormancy of mango leaf cutting weevil, Eugnamptus marginellus Fst. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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Dormancy of onion as influenced by weather conditions during the growth season and maturity degree at harvest

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Dormancy of yellow cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Spach) seeds is effectively terminated by treatment with 1-propanol or nitrate in combination with a warm water soak, gibberellin and moist chilling

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Dormancy of yellow cedar seeds is terminated by gibberellic acid in combination with fluridone or with osmotic priming and moist chilling

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Dormancy, ABA content and sensitivity of a barley mutant to ABA application during seed development and after ripening

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Dormancy-breaking and germination requirements for seeds of Symphoricarpos orbiculatus (Caprifoliaceae)

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Dormancy-breaking and germination requirements of seeds of four Lonicera species (Caprifoliaceae) with underdeveloped spatulate embryos

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Dormancy-breaking protocols for Cuphea seed

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Dormancy-releasing strategies for Myrica seeds

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Dormant bud formation in temperate grass species (Poaceae) cultured in vitro system

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Dormant period in hybrid embryos of Prunus L. in in vitro culture

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Dorsal coloration as an indicator of different life history patterns for striped bass within a single watershed of Atlantic Canada

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Dorsal sex pheromone glands in female Geometridae (Lepidoptera: Geometroidea): a new apomorphy of the family

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Dorsal unpaired median neurones in the insect central nervous system: towards a better understanding of the ionic mechanisms underlying spontaneous electrical activity

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Dorso-abdominal scent glands and metathoracic evaporatoria in adults of central European Rhopalidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera), with a discussion of phylogeny and higher systematics

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Dorsomedial hypothalamic lesions alter intake of an imbalanced amino acid diet in rats

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Dorylaimus baylyi sp. nov. (Dorylaimidae, Dorylaimida) a nematode collected from sediment in a freshwater rock-hole in the Northern Territory

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Dorypteryx domestica (Smithers) (Psocoptera, Psyllipsocidae) new to Ireland

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Dorytobracon toxotrypanae, Muesebeck (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Opiinae) parasite of fruit fly Toxotrypana curvicauda Gerst

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Dosage regimen for ciprofloxacin when administered after phenylbutazone in lactating cows

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Dosage regimen of methylene blue and its comparative therapeutic efficacy with tolonium chloride and ascorbic acid in induced acute nitrate toxicity in goats

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Dosages of plant protection compounds in field sprayers

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Dose and timing of brushing to control excessive hypocotyl elongation in cucumber transplants

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Dose dependency of prednisolone on the establishment of Echinococcus multilocularis infection in an alternative definitive host, Mongolian gerbil

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Dose effects of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin on reproductive performances of Djalonke var. 'Mossi' ewes

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Dose of norgestoment and its effect on the secretary pattern of hormones in Kangeyam cows

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Dose range evaluation of liposomal nystatin and comparisons with amphotericin B and amphotericin B lipid complex in temporarily neutropenic mice infected with an isolate of Aspergillus fumigatus with reduced susceptibility to amphotericin B

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Dose response and organ invasion of day-of-hatch Leghorn chicks by different isolates of Campylobacter jejuni

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Dose response curves of resistant and susceptible Bidens pilosa to ALS inhibitor herbicides

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Dose titration of an injectable formulation of lufenuron in cats experimentally infested with fleas

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Dose-dependent differential effect of hemin on protein synthesis and cell proliferation in Leishmania donovani promastigotes cultured in vitro

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Dose-dependent effect of dietary meat on endogenous colonic N-nitrosation

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Dose-dependent pharmacokinetics of amphotericin B lipid complex in rabbits

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Dose-effect of dietary L-arginine supplementation on burn wound healing in rats

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Dose-escalation, phase I/II study of azithromycin and pyrimethamine for the treatment of toxoplasmic encephalitis in AIDS

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Dose-finding study of a once-daily indinavir/ritonavir regimen

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Dose-related cardiovascular effects of isoflurane in chickens during controlled ventilation

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Dose-related upwind anemotaxis and movement up odour gradients in still air in the presence of methyl eugenol by the wild tobacco fly, Bactrocera cacuminata

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Dose-related yohimbine antagonism in high dose xylazine sedated dogs

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Dose-response effect of dietary vitamin E concentration on meat quality characteristics in light-weight lambs

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Dose-response effects of equine chorionic gonadotrophin (eCG) and human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) on early embryonic development and viable pregnancy rate in rats

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Dose-response effects of inactivated Newcastle disease vaccines: influence of serologic assay, time after vaccination, and type of chickens

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Dose-response investigations with selective flaming against weeds in different crops

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Dose-response regression lines of tridecan-2-one for Myzus persicae

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Dose-response relation of supplemented microbial phytase to extruded wheat diets on phosphorus utilization in laying hens

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Doses and methods of introduction of mineral fertilizers and carrot yield

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Doses and routes of equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG) administration to estrus synchronization in goats

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Doses of nitrogen and mepiquat chlorate for cotton in a direct planting system

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Dossier - Chestnut: soils, silviculture and chestnut canker

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Dossier. Coppicing and pruning broadleaved trees

Anonymous, 2000:
Dossier: Collective expertise on forest storm damage, the susceptibility of forests, and on their reconstitution

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Dossier: Indicators of sustainable forest management and certification in wood production systems

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Dossier: Landscape ecology and management

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Dossier: Machinery in the field. Technology for farm contract machine operators

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Dossier: Tree architecture. Biology and diagnosis

Anonymous, 1999:
Dossier: reports on horse reproduction

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Dossier: special section on oilseed rape

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Dossier: stem cracks in poplar as a result of felling

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Dot moth, Melanchra persicariae (L.) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) as an occasional pest on greenhouse crops

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Dot-ELISA for detection of aflatoxin B1 in naturally contaminated poultry feed/ingredients

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Dothistroma needle blight, caused by Dothistroma septospora, of Pinus spp. in Vermont

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Dothistroma pini genetic diversity is low in New Zealand

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Double agar gel immunodiffusion diagnosis of black queen disease virus infection

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Double blind, randomised controlled clinical trial of hypo-osmolar oral rehydration salt solution in dehydrating acute diarrhoea in severely malnourished (marasmic) children

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Double duty, double detail

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Double entry stem volume tables of Taurus fir (Abies cilicica Carr.) and cedar (Cedrus libani Link.) and comparison with existing tables

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Double interlocked federalism: the case of agri-structural and agri-environmental policies in the Federal Republic of Germany

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Double suckling system for rearing crossbred dairy calves: calf and cow performance when suckling time and weaning age are varied

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Double-blind placebo-controlled trial of Mycobacterium vaccae immunotherapy for tuberculosis in KwaZulu, South Africa, 1991-97

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Double-blind randomized controlled trial of glutamine-enriched polymeric diet in the treatment of active Crohn's disease

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Double-blind randomized dose-finding study in acute vulvovaginal candidosis. Comparison of flutrimazole site-releaseReg. cream (1, 2 and 4%) with placebo site-releaseReg. vaginal cream

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Double-blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate two miconazole conditioners for the treatment of Malassezia dermatitis in dogs

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Double-blind, randomized study of the effects of influenza vaccination on the specific antibody response and clinical course of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome

Hair, W.M.; Robinson, D.M., 2000:
Double-cropped cotton following canola and wheat in South Carolina

Hanna, Hy, 2000:
Double-cropping muskmelons with nematode-resistant tomatoes increases yield, but mulch color has no effect

Hagen, J., 2001:
Double-day: if you think a 24-hour race is tough, try two of them in tandem

Kimhi, A., 1999:
Double-hurdle and purchase-infrequency demand analysis: a feasible integrated approach

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Double-phase parathyroid scintigraphy in dogs using technetium-99M-sestamibi

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Double-stranded rna elements and virus-like particles in Aspergilli

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Double-stranded RNA in vigorous-growing lateral shoots emerged from pepper plants infected with cucumber mosaic virus (CMV)

Choudhry, M.R.; Awan, A.N., 2000:
Double-throated flume: a suitable water measuring device for rectangular lined channels

Sizov, V.I.; Sizov, I.V., 1999:
Doubling of spread-out strips of flax

Patra, N.K.; Hasan Tanveer; Sushil Kumar, 2000:
Doubling the production of essential oil yielding plants and R & D framework

Srivastava, M.K.; Agrawal, M.C., 1999:
Doubtful efficacy of lithium antimony thiomalate (Anthiomaline) in schistosomosis

Suchy, J.L.kow, O.; Ingelin, M., 2000:
Dough microextensibility method using a 2-g mixograph and a texture analyzer

Anonymous, 2000:
Douglas fir as the future main tree of forests in northwest Germany

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Douglas fir plantations in the Apennine mountains: growth and yield

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Douglas-fir beetle population assessment: Idaho Panhandle National Forests

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Douglas-fir breeding in Saxony

Hadfield, J.S., 1999:
Douglas-fir dwarf mistletoe infection contributes to branch breakage

Mejnartowicz, L., 1999:
Douglas-fir half-sib family gene-bank in the Zwierzyniec and Klenica Forests

Randall, C., 2001 :
Douglas-fir tussock moth biological evaluation Palouse Ranger District, Clearwater National Forest - 2000

Sturdevant, N., 2000:
Douglas-fir tussock moth in northern Idaho and western Montana: current activity and historical patterns

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Dowel-nut connection in Douglas-fir peeler cores

Kreeger, K., 2000:
Down on the fish farm: developing effluent standards for aquaculture

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Down regulation of ethylene production in apples

Gerbaud, A.; Andre, M., 1999:
Down regulation of photosynthesis after CO2 enrichment of lettuce; relation to photosynthetic characteristics

Robson, J., 2000:
Down town

Håkansson-Ovesjö, M.L.; Collin, M.; Meister, B., 2000:
Down-regulated STAT3 messenger ribonucleic acid and STAT3 protein in the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus of the obese leptin-deficient (ob/ob) mouse

Graham, S.P.; Trees, A.J.; Collins, R.A.; Moore, D.M.; Guy, F.M.; Taylor, M.J.; Bianco, A.E., 2001:
Down-regulated lymphoproliferation coincides with parasite maturation and with the collapse of both gamma interferon and interleukin-4 responses in a bovine model of onchocerciasis

Gorochov, G.; Neumann, A.U.; Parizot, C.; Li, T.; Katlama, C.; Debré, P., 2001:
Down-regulation of CD8+ T-cell expansions in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection receiving highly active combination therapy

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Down-regulation of GATA-2 transcription during Pneumocystis carinii infection

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Down-regulation of IL-12 p40 gene in Plasmodium berghei-infected mice

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Down-regulation of Th1 type of response in early human American cutaneous leishmaniasis

Ameixa, C.; Friedland, J.S., 2001:
Down-regulation of interleukin-8 secretion from Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected monocytes by interleukin-4 and -10 but not by interleukin-13

Haldrup, A.; Simpson, D.J.; Scheller, H.V., 2000:
Down-regulation of the PSI-F subunit of photosystem I (PSI) in Arabidopsis thaliana. The PSI-F subunit is essential for photoautotrophic growth and contributes to antenna function

Tuteja, P.K.; Arya, S.; Premi, S.C.L., 2000:
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