Ecological estimation of the mobile phosphorus content levels and application of new forms of phosphorus-containing fertilizers in dernopodzolic soil

Vildflush, I.; Zyganov, A.; Ryabtsev, P.

Vestsi Akademii Agrarnykh Navuk Res iki Belarus' 1: 38-42


Accession: 003412631

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The mobility of lead (Pb) and zinc (Zn) was reduced but the cadmium (Cd) content was increased in dernopodzolic light-loamy soil with increasing pH and mobile phosphorus and potassium content levels. However, the soil content of the mobile forms of Cu, Zn, Pb and Cd in all the studied background soil fertilities and high phosphate contents did not exceed the maximum allowable concentration. The application of double superphosphate, calcium polyphosphate, supercarolinphosphate, or sulfoammophosphate in high doses (300 mg P2O5/kg soil) did not lead to heavy metal pollution of the soil. Calcium polyammophosphate and calcium polyphosphate, in comparison with phosphorus fertilizers containing phosphorus in orthoform, slightly increased Zn and Pb mobility in soil.