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Effect of Vrn and Ppd genes on frost resistance in bread wheat

Tsitologiya i Genetika 32(6): 59-62

Effect of Vrn and Ppd genes on frost resistance in bread wheat

The dominant alleles of the major vernalization requirement (Vrn) and photosensitivity (Ppd) genes of bread wheat affect the level of frost resistance. The degree of seedling injury correlates closely with the speed and rate of juvenile growth and corresponds within certain genotypes to heading date acceleration. Sets of lines congenic and isogenic for the 3 major Vrn and Ppd loci in various backgrounds were studied in the phytotron.

Accession: 003414476

Related references

Rigin, B.V., 1987: Problem of introgression of genes for frost resistance from rye into the genome of bread wheat. The following genetic barriers are identified which need to be overcome in introgressing resistance from rye into wheat: (1) the location of the genes which control frost resistance in bread wheat on chromosomes in all 3 genomes, (2) the possible...

Bondar' , G.P., 1984: Using lines isogenic for Vrn genes to study frost resistance in bread wheat. In the F3 from crosses between a near-isogenic line of cv. Triple Dirk with the 3 dominant Vrn (vernalization) genes and (1) a near-isogenic winter line without dominant Vrn genes and (2) the winter cv. Odesskaya 16, the level of frost resistance...

Voinikov, V.K. (Voynikov, V.K.; Pobezhimova, T.P.; Varakina, N.N.; Zhirov, E.G., 1987: Effect of individual chromosomes of frost-resistant winter bread wheat on the frost resistance of plants and the energy activity of the mitochondria under hypothermia. In substitution lines of the frost-susceptible Bezostaya 1 with chromosomes 1D and 6D from the highly resistant Albidum, 114, exposure to 0 degrees C for 1 h caused changes in mitochondrial activity similar to those noted in Albidum 114, while Bez...

Musich V.N.; Gerasimenko V.F., 1984: The combining ability and types of gene effect for frost resistance character in winter bread wheat varieties. The combining ability [CA] (by Griffing) and effects of veritable dominance (hrs) and epistatic deviations (yrs) (by Haman) were determined using F1 nd F2 which were obtained from diallel crosses between 5 varieties of winter bread wheat: 'Er...

Rigin, V.G.; Barashkova, E.A., 1975: Some problems of the genetics of frost resistance in bread wheat. An analysis was made of the inheritance of frost resistance in 18 hybrid combinations involving forms differing in resistance. In all cases intermediate inheritance was observed in the F1, though the hybrids were closer to the hardy parent in fros...

Veisz, O.B.; Szunics, L.; Szunics, L., 1997: Effect of bunt infection on the frost resistance of wheat varieties and of lines containing Bt genes. In artificial infection experiments carried out in the nursery in Martonvasar in 1991, 1992 and 1993, studies were made on the bunt infection of wheat varieties bred in Martonvasar and of monogenic lines containing known resistance genes (Bt1 to B...

Sasek, A.; Cerny, J.; Hanisova, A., 1984: Gliadin blocks as markers of frost resistance in bread wheat. This investigation involved 43 cultivars in which frost resistance had been determined at 3 different sites. Analysis of gliadin from grain samples by starch-gel electrophoresis revealed an association between resistance and the gliadin blocks 1D5...

Fedin, M.A.; Silis, D.Y.; Barashkova, E.A.; Migushova, E.F., 1975: Genetic aspects of frost resistance in winter bread wheat. A study of bread-wheat varieties and wild species with the genomes A, B and D revealed that the genes controlling resistance are located mainly in genome D. Diallel analysis of cultivars differing in resistance showed that the coefficient of herit...

Lavrichenko, V.G., 1978: A study of the frost resistance of first-generation hybrids of winter bread wheat. Albidum 114, Kavkaz [Caucasus], Milturum 253N63, Donskaya ostistaya [Don Awned], Severodonskaya [North Don], Rusalka [Mermaid] and Suwon 92 were intercrossed. Frost resistance in the F1 was intermediate and was controlled by additive and dominant...

Bulavka, N.V., 1988: Identifying forms transgressive for frost resistance in bread wheat hybrids. Highly frost-resistant transgressive segregates were obtained from crosses involving a wide range of resistant varieties of different origin complementing one another in respect of various factors of adaptation to low temperatures. The best possib...