Effect of application rate of chemical nitrogen fertilizer on baking quality of bread wheat Annong 9192

X.Y.ngChun; Jiang TingHui; Cai DaTong; Zhang ChunLan; Wang YiBing

Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University 22(4): 49-52


Accession: 003414985

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Effects of N fertilizer rates on the baking quality of bread wheat cv. Annong 9192 were determined. In a field experiment, application of 270-360 kg N/hmsuperscript 2 gave the highest protein and gluten contents, and sedimentation value. The dough rheological score was 58-64 and Rs/E was 3.1-4.1 as determined by farinograph and extensograph, and the baking quality test indicated that the loaf volume and specific volume and bread score were 810-815 ml, 5.3-5.4 ml/g and >92.0, respectively.