Section 4
Chapter 3,416

Effect of commercial crossbreeding of black-and-white cows with Charolaise and Belgian blue-and-white bulls on physico-chemical properties of meat

Ostoja, H.; Korzeniowski, W.; Pogorzelska, J.; Kijak, Z.; Groth, I.; Wronski, M.

Natural Sciences 2: 201-209


Accession: 003415719

The aim of the research was to examine the quality of meat from young slaughter bulls coming from commercial crossbreeding of Black-and-White (BW) cows with two beef breeds: French - Charolais (Ch) and Belgian Blue-and-White (BBW). The muscles taken from 21 crossbred bulls: 12 BW x BBW and 9 BW x Ch constituted the experimental material. M. longissimus dorsi and m. semitendinosus were taken for analysis 24 hours after slaughter.

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