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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3419

Chapter 3419 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bobek, P.; Galbavy, S., 1999:
Effect of grape pomace on alimentary hypercholesterolemia and chemically induced colon carcinogenesis in rats

Wroblewska, M.; Juskiewicz, J.; Zdunczyk, Z., 2001:
Effect of grapefruit flavonoids on utilization of diet and absorption of nutrients in the small intestine of rats

Ali, B.H.; A.Q.rawi, A.; Mousa, H.M., 2001:
Effect of grapefruit juice and cimetidine on the concentration of chloroquine in plasma of chickens

Sugar, A.M.; Liu, X.P., 2000:
Effect of grapefruit juice on serum voriconazole concentrations in the mouse

Lee, S.S.; Ha, J.K.; Kim, K.H.; Cheng, K.J., 2000:
Effect of grass lipids and long chain fatty acids on cellulose digestion by pure cultures of rumen anaerobic fungi, Piromyces rhizinflata B157 and Orpinomyces joyonii SG4

Yang, U.M.; Kim, D.I.; Fujita, H.; Chung, T.Y., 2000:
Effect of grass lipids and saponified grass lipids on fermentation characteristics and microbial growth in vitro

Stoll, W.; Jans, F., 2000:
Effect of grass silage at different wilting degrees on dairy cow performance

Stoll, W.; Jans, F., 2000:
Effect of grass silage of different wilting degrees on performance of dairy cows

Sung, K.I.; Okubo, M., 2001:
Effect of grass silage supplementation on performance in lactating cows grazing on pasture

Lapinskine, N., 1999:
Effect of grasslands on sustainability of the Lithuanian agrolandscape ecosystems

Banuelos, M.J.; Obeso, J.R., 2000:
Effect of grazing history, experimental defoliation, and genotype on patterns of silicification in Agrostis tenuis Sibth

Masson, P., 1999:
Effect of grazing on the control of the shrub stratum under cork oak trees: analysis of the land of 4 livestock farms in the Mediterranean Pyrenees

Nagpal, A.K.; Sahani, M.S.; Roy, A.K., 2000:
Effect of grazing sewan (Lasiurus sindicus) pasture on female camels in arid ecosystem

Formoso, D.; Colucci, P., 1999:
Effect of grazing systems on the selection of diet by sheep and cattle from native pastures during the spring

Bhardwaj, L.N.; Nag, N.; Sharma, S.K., 2000:
Effect of green amendments and VAM fungi on the management of white root rot of apple

Dash, D.; Pattanayak, S.K.; Jena, M.K.; Nayak, R.K., 2000:
Effect of green gram seed treatments with different doses of molybdenum and cobalt on seed yield, biomass production and their incorporation as partial green manure crop to benefit subsequent maize crop in the sequence

Singh, J.K.; Singh, R.K., 2000:
Effect of green manure and nitrogen levels on crop yield and economics of rice (Oryza sativa)-wheat (Triticum aestivum) cropping system

Klaas, L., 2000:
Effect of green manure crops to the growth and forming runners in strawberry

Vendan, R.T.; Rajeswari, C., 1999:
Effect of green manuring and inorganic nitrogen on the post harvest soil fertility

Sanjay Sharma; Dev, S.P.; Rameshwar, 2000:
Effect of green manuring of sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea L.) on rice yield, nitrogen turnover and soil properties

Sanjay Sharma; Dev, S.P.; Rameshwar, 1999:
Effect of green manuring of sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea) on transplanted rice in an acid alfisol of Himachal Pradesh

Chaphale, S.D.; Chaphale, B.S.; Yerne, A.Z.; Lanjewar, A.D., 2000:
Effect of green manuring on soil properties and yield performance of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Marinova, N.; Vitanova, I., 1999:
Effect of green manuring on the plum-tree acarofauna density

L.M.iHe; Uehre, P.; Korner, C.; Matschke, J., 2000:
Effect of green pruning on short-term diameter growth and growth dynamics

Nair, A.K.; Gupta, P.C., 1999:
Effect of green-manuring and nitrogen levels on nutrient uptake by rice (Oryza sativa) and wheat (Triticum aestivum) under rice-wheat sequence

Liaw ShyueCherng; Smith, F.M.; Hsia YueJoe; King HenBiau; Hwong JeenLian, 2000:
Effect of grid size of the Digital Terrain Model on hydrologic simulation

Kang, J.O.; Park, J.Y.; Choy, Y.H., 2001:
Effect of grinding on color and chemical composition of pork sausages by near infrared spectrophotometric analyses

Lally, M.; O.R.illy, C., 1998:
Effect of grit grade and grit source on the germination, early morphology and health of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.)

Brzoska, F.; Pieszka, M.; Sala, K., 2000:
Effect of ground barley, formic acid and lactic acid bacteria on chemical composition and protein degradation of lucerne silage

Antczak, K.; Petkov, K.; Kortz, J.; ukaszewski, Z., 1999:
Effect of ground seeds of amaranth in complete mixtures for fatteners on feed conversion rate and carcass quality

Shehata, M.M., 1999:
Effect of ground water depth and irrigation with saline water on sugar beet. II: Chemical constituents

Hyun, Y.; Ellis, M., 2001:
Effect of group size and feeder type on growth performance and feeding patterns in growing pigs

Wolter, B.F.; Ellis, M.; Curtis, S.E.; Augspurger, N.R.; Hamilton, D.N.; Parr, E.N.; Webel, D.M., 2001:
Effect of group size on pig performance in a wean-to-finish production system

Kumar, P.N.; Singh, B.; Sindhu, S.S.; Voleti, S.R., 1999:
Effect of growing environments on carnation flowering

Souza, P.V.D. de; Abad, M.; Almela, V.; Agusti, M., 1998:
Effect of growing media and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the vegetative growth and carbohydrate contents of Troyer citrange grafted on Marisol mandarin

D.A.drea, J.C.; Dematte, M.E.S.P., 2000:
Effect of growing media and fertilizers on the early growth of Aechmea fasciata Bak

Douglas, M.H.; Smallfield, B.M.; Parmenter, G.A.; Burton, L.C.; Heaney, A.J.; Johnstone, P.D., 2000:
Effect of growing media on the production of ginseng (Panax ginseng) in Central Otago, New Zealand

Papafotiou, M.; Garavelos, E.; Chronopoulos, J., 2000:
Effect of growing medium and fertilisation on growth habit and colour of Lavandula stoechas L

Martyniak Przybyszewska, B., 2000:
Effect of growing method on yield of Chinese cabbage (Brassica pekinensis Rupr) cultivars

Veras, M.C.M.; Pinto, A.C. de Q.; Meneses, J.B. de, 2000:
Effect of growing season and maturation stage on sweet and acid passion fruit in cerrado conditions

Sushmita Bhattacharjee; Khan, H.A.; Reddy, P.V., 2000:
Effect of growth adjuvants on in-vitro seed germination of Phalaenopsis hybrid

Tavakkolizadeh, A.; Shen, R.; Jasleen, J.; Soybel, D.I.; Jacobs, D.O.; Zinner, M.J.; Ashley, S.W.; Whang, E.E., 2001:
Effect of growth hormone on intestinal Na+/glucose cotransporter activity

Moromisato, D.Y.; Moromisato, M.Y.; Brasel, J.A.; Cooper, D.M., 1999:
Effect of growth hormone therapy in mitigating hypoxia-induced and food restriction-induced growth retardation in the newborn rat

Singh, R., 1999:
Effect of growth hormones on outcrossing of cytoplasmic male sterile lines

Urynek, W.; Buraczewska, L., 2001:
Effect of growth period at about 15 and 25 kg body weight on amino acid ileal digestibility in young pigs

Charles, S.L.; Vonnahme, K.A.; Yelich, J.V.; Dolezal, H.G.; Wettemann, R.P., 1999:
Effect of growth rate on mammary gland development at puberty in beef heifers

Bellut, J.B., 2000:
Effect of growth rate on post mortem proteolysis in lamb muscles

Sushmita Bhattacharjee; Khan, H.A.; Reddy, P.V., 1999:
Effect of growth regulating substances on in vitro seed germination of Phalaenopsis hybrid

Nobrega, L.B. da; Vieira, D.J.; Beltrao, N.E. de M.; Azevedo, D.M.P. de, 1999:
Effect of growth regulator mepiquat chloride on the cotton yield in the Sertao Region of Paraiba State

Prusinski, J.; Borowska, M.; Kaszkowiak, E., 2000:
Effect of growth regulator, N-fertility, and micronutrients on seed yield and yield components in yellow lupin

Leonel, S.; Rodrigues, J.D., 1995:
Effect of growth regulators and potassium nitrate on seed germination of Rangpur lime

Pandey, D.; Pandey, S.N., 2000:
Effect of growth regulators and zinc sulphate on floral malformation in mango (Mangifera indica L.)

Dutta, P., 2000:
Effect of growth regulators on air-layering of sweet orange Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck

Wilfret, G.J., 1999:
Effect of growth regulators on four potted Asiflorum lily cultivars

E.Din, N.M.N., 1998:
Effect of growth regulators on germination and growth of Lolium multiflorum Lam. at different levels of salinity

Nagaraja, G.S.; Gowda, J.V.N.; Farooqui, A.A., 1999:
Effect of growth regulators on growth and flowering of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) cv. Single

Madakadze, R.M.; Senaratna, T., 2000:
Effect of growth regulators on maturation of geranium (Pelargonium x hortorum) somatic embryos

Hugar, A.H.; Nalawadi, U.G., 1999:
Effect of growth regulators on morphological characters, flower production and seed yield of gaillardia

Sanap, P.B.; Patil, B.A.; Gondhali, B.V., 2000:
Effect of growth regulators on quality and yield of flowers in tuberose (Polianthes tuberose L.) cv. Single

Patil, V.N.; Chauhan, P.S.; Shivankar, R.S.; Raghuvanshi, R.T.; Wankhede, K.N., 2000:
Effect of growth regulators on rooting of cuttings in two commercial varieties of grape (Vitis vinifera L.)

Kim TaeJoung; Kim HagHyun; Lee HeeDu; Lee CheolHee; Choi KwanSoon; Paek KeeYoeup, 1999:
Effect of growth regulators on secondary flowering of Phalaenopsis hybrid after cutting of inflorescence

Grewal, H.S.; Rajvir Kaur; Arora, J.S., 1999:
Effect of growth regulators on shoot and root formation in Dracaena

Das, R.; Rabha, B.K., 1999:
Effect of growth regulators on size and quality of cucumber (Cucumis sativa L.) in plastic green house during rabi season

Sahoo, S.; Das, R.; Jain, S.C., 1999:
Effect of growth regulators on steroidal sapogenin and glycoalkaloid in tissue culture of Solanum jasminoides

Lavinski, K.K.; Lapa, V.V.; Borisova, T.S.; Ivakhnenko, N.N.; Burzhanova, N.I., 1999:
Effect of growth regulators on the protein quality and biological value of spring wheat

Panwar, R.D.; Gupta, A.K.; Yamdagni, R.; Saini, R.S., 1999:
Effect of growth regulators on the rooting of cuttings of bougainvillea cv. Thimma

Kaundal, G.S.; Khalid Mustaq; Minhas, P.P.S.; Bal, J.S., 2000:
Effect of growth regulators, nutrient and wax emulsion on the storage behaviour of plum (Prunus salicina Lindal)

Samaiya, R.K.; Shukla, K.C.; Saraf, R.K., 2000:
Effect of growth retardant (CCC) on yield and yield attributes of safflower under rainfed conditions

Ghora, Y.; Vasilakakis, M.; Stavroulakis, G., 2000:
Effect of growth retardants (cycocel, daminozide and paclobutrazol) on growth and development of red raspberries, cv. Autumn Bliss, cultivated under plastic greenhouse conditions in Chania-Crete, Greece

Eyob, S.; Krishnappa, K.S., 1999:
Effect of growth retardants on dry matter accumulation, starch and sugar content of potato grown from true potato seed (TPS)

Chu Yu; Chao HsiuFung, 2000:
Effect of growth retardants on the petiole length of Caladium

Erincik, O.M.dden, L.; Ferree, D.; Ellis, M., 2001:
Effect of growth stage on susceptibility of grape berry and rachis tissues to infection by Phomopsis viticola

Ilango, K.; Mallika Vanangamudi; Vanangamudi, K.; Venkatesh, A.; Rai, R.S.V.; Balaji, S., 1999:
Effect of growth stimulants on seed germination and seedling vigour in Albizia lebbeck (L.) Benth

Bhagat, B.K.; Singh, C.; Chaudhary, B.M., 1999:
Effect of growth substances on rooting and survival of airlayers of guava (Psidium guajava L.) cv. Sardar

Oren Shamir, M.; Shaked Sachray, L.; Nissim Levi, A.; Weiss, D., 2000:
Effect of growth temperature on Aster flower development

Fonchy; Morin; Rodrigue; Muller; Chalier, 1999:
Effect of growth temperature on hydrolytic and esterifying activities from pseudomonas fragi CRDA 037 grown on whey

Reynoso, G.A.; Hasegawa, A.; Hikosaka, M.; Oda, H.; Goi, M., 2000:
Effect of growth temperature on lignotuber formation in Telopea speciosissima seedlings

Thakar Singh; Brar, Z.S., 1999:
Effect of growth-regulators and defoliant on yield and maturity of upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) under irrigated conditions

Satindar Kaur; Kaler, R.S.; Avinash Kaushal; Shuchi Kalia, 2000:
Effect of gum on the rheological behaviour of Indian molasses

Singh, A.K.; Gaur, G.S., 2000:
Effect of gypsum and distillery effluent on the growth of aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn) budlings in alkaline soil

Math, S.K.N.; Rao, M.S.R.M.; Padmaiah, M.; Patil, S.L.; Govind Prasad; Manamohan, S., 1999:
Effect of gypsum on soil properties and yield of rice (Oryza sativa) in the loamy soils of semi-arid tropic of Andhra Pradesh

Cetin, H.; Bozkurt, T.; Kaygusuzoglu, E.; Risvanli, A.; Ocal, H., 1999:
Effect of hCG administration on fourth day after insemination on pregnancy rate and serum progesterone levels in cows

Prosba Biaczyk, U.; Mydlarski, M., 2000:
Effect of habitat conditions and cultivar properties on trace elements content in potato tubers

Vandermeer, J.; Hoffman, B.; Krantz Ryan, S.L.; Wijayratne, U.; Buff, J.; Franciscus, V., 2001:
Effect of habitat fragmentation on gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar L.) dispersal: the quality of the matrix

Saxena, P.N.; Sharma, D.C., 1999:
Effect of hafen 20EC on brain cholesterol, glycogen and total lipid in albino rat

Malarkodi, K.; Dharmalingam, C., 1999:
Effect of halogenation treatment on viability maintenance and crop productivity in bajra CO 7

Ding NengShui; Zhou LiHua; Huang LuSheng; Ren Jun; Chen KeFei;, 1999:
Effect of halothane genotype on reproductive traits in pigs

Kosako, T.; Imura, T., 1999:
Effect of handling treatment during three days after birth on the subsequent reaction to humans in Japanese Black calves

Diaz, M.; Wethey, D.; Bulak, J.; Ely, B., 2000:
Effect of harvest and effective population size on genetic diversity in a striped bass population

Beaver, J.S., 2000:
Effect of harvest date and seed type on green-shell and dry bean yield

L.XianMing, 2001:
Effect of harvest date on the fruit characteristics of Jinshui 2 pear variety

H.Po, 1999:
Effect of harvest date on the production and fruit quality of loquat

E.H.mmady, A.M.; Abdel Hamid, N.; Nageib, M.; Salah, A., 2000:
Effect of harvest date on yield, quality and successive yield of Washington Navel orange trees

Jooste, M.M.; Taylor, M.A., 1999:
Effect of harvest maturity and cold storage period on the overall quality of Bebeco apricots, with special reference to gel breakdown and variates used to accurately establish harvest maturity

Eggleston, G.; Legendre, B.; Richard, C., 2001:
Effect of harvest method and storage time on sugarcane deterioration I: cane quality changes

Dinardo Miranda, L.L.; Ferreira, J.M.G.; Carvalho, P.A.M., 2001:
Effect of harvest period and sugarcane variety on Mahanarva fimbriolata (Stal) (Hemiptera: Cercopidae) infestation

Wang YuZhu, 2001:
Effect of harvest period on the production and quality of kernel-use apricot varieties

Asano, H.; Hirano, F.; Isobe, K.; Sakurai, H., 2000:
Effect of harvest time on the protein composition (glutelin, prolamin, albumin) and amylose content in paddy rice cultivated by Aigamo duck farming system

Jacobsen, S.E.; Jornsgard, B.; Christiansen, J.L.; Stolen, O., 1999:
Effect of harvest time, drying technique, temperature and light on the germination of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa)

Yoshimoto, M.; Okuno, S.; Suwa, K.; Sugawara, T.; Yamakawa, O., 2001:
Effect of harvest times on the vitamin content of sweetpotato leaves

Jadhav, H.D.; Mungare, T.S.; Patil, J.P.; Hasure, R.R.; Jadhav, B.S.; Jaswant Singh, 2000:
Effect of harvesting age on juice and jaggery quality and yield of different sugarcane varieties under pre-seasonal planting

Asano, H.; Isobe, K.; Tsuboki, Y., 1999:
Effect of harvesting date on the quality and palatability of paddy rice cultivated by Aigamo duck farming system

Uddin, M.A.; Bhuiya, M.S.U.; Hossain, S.M.A., 1999:
Effect of harvesting date on the yield and seed germination of main as well as ratoon crop of Sesbania rostrata

Rodrigues, A.P. d' A.C.; Maia, M. de S.; Rubin, C.A., 2000:
Effect of harvesting date on yield and quality of teosinte (Euchlaena mexicana Shrader) seed

Hassen, H.; Zewda, T., 2000:
Effect of harvesting frequency on dry matter yield of tree lucerne

Dohroo, N.P.; Korla, B.N., 2000:
Effect of harvesting stage and curing time of rhizomes on storage rot of ginger in mid-hills of Himachal Pradesh

Siddiqui, M.R.H.; Lakpale, R.; Tripathi, R.S., 2000:
Effect of harvesting stage of rice (Oryza sativa) on utera and direct-sown chickpea (Cicer arietinum) and their economics

Kushal Singh; Arora, J.S., 2000:
Effect of harvesting stages, sucrose, BAP and GA3 on bud opening and vase life of tuberose

Kuurman, W.W.; Bailey, B.A.; Koops, W.J.; Grossman, M., 2001:
Effect of hatch on the distribution for failure of an embryo to survive incubation

Dande, K.; Bogenfurst, F.; Matyas, H., 1999:
Effect of hatching and gosling stocking temperature of weight gain of geese

Bipen Kumar; Chahal, S.S.; Ahuja, K.L., 1999:
Effect of head rot caused by Rhizopus oryzae, on some bioconstituents of sunflower seed

Pandey, V., 1999:
Effect of heading back on vegetative growth and flowering of ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lam.) cultivars

Andenow, Y.; Hulluka, M., 1999:
Effect of heading date on stem rust development in durum wheat

Poniedziaek, W.; Gasto, M.; Bieniasz, M., 2000:
Effect of heading summer sprouts on the growth and fruiting of apple trees

Dionissopoulos, L.D.-Lange, C.; Dewey, C.; Macinnes, J.; Friendship, R., 2001:
Effect of health management strategy during rearing on grower-finisher pig performance and selected indicators of immune system stimulation

Bosco, J.; Aguiar Filho, S.P. de; Barros, R.V., 1998:
Effect of heat and chemical treatments on yellow mombin (Spondias lutea) seed germination

Vishnu Sharma; Sanjita Sharma; Mathur, O.P.; Purohit, G.R., 2001:
Effect of heat and formaldehyde treatment alone and in combination on in situ dry matter and nitrogen disappearance of some protein sources

Mao LinChun; Zhang ShangLong, 2001:
Effect of heat conditioning and intermittent warming on chilling injury and pectolytic enzymes in peaches

Barkawi, A.H.; Ahmed, A.M.; E.W.rdani, M.A.; E.A.heeri, A.K.; Hamed, M.K., 1999:
Effect of heat detection regime on the cost of days open and longevity of buffaloes

D' hallewin, G.; Schirra, M.; Manueddu, E., 1999:
Effect of heat on epicuticular wax of cactus pear fruit

Mikulovich, T.P.; Kukina, I.M.; Kulaeva, O.N., 1999:
Effect of heat shock and cytokinin on greening of isolated cotyledons of pumpkin

Garbaczewska, G.; Choluj, D.; Starck, Z., 1998:
Effect of heat stress on subcellular localization of Ca2+ in tomato fruits

Ghosh, B.C.; Steffl, A.; Hinrichs, J.; Kessler, H.G., 1999:
Effect of heat treatment and homogenization of milk on Camembert-type cheese

Paramjyothi, S.; Mulimani, V.H., 2001:
Effect of heat treatment and soaking on polyphenols of redgram (Cajanus cajan, L.)

Chung PeiFang; Chen HuiYing; Yen GowChin, 2000:
Effect of heat treatment on antioxidative property of tea drink

Wang, C.Y., 2000:
Effect of heat treatment on postharvest quality of kale, collard and Brussels sprouts

Yun KiEon; Kim GyuHyeok; Kim JaeJin, 1999:
Effect of heat treatment on the dimensional stability and the bending properties of radiata pine sapwood

Zeng YongQing; Zhang WeiDe; Wang Hui; W.S.aoQiang; S.P.ngCheng, 2000:
Effect of heat treatment on the nutritional quality of soybean meal

Zheng BaoYou; Bao LiYou; Zhen Yi; Xin GuoGen, 2001:
Effect of heat treatment on vigor of Monochamus alternatus

M.J.nLian; Zhang ZiDe; Chen ZhiZhou; X.L.Qiang; Chang JianXia, 2000:
Effect of heat treatments on chilling injury and physiological responses of kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Komprda, T.; Dvorak, R.; Suchy, P.; Fialova, M.; Sustova, K., 2000:
Effect of heat-treated rapeseed cakes in dairy cow diet on yield, composition and fatty acid pattern of milk

Touzopoulou, E.A.; Tzia, C.; Oreopoulou, V.; Thomopoulos, C.D., 2000:
Effect of heating and acid on the yield and quality of cheese produced from UF-concentrated whey

Janbandhu, T.J.; Khedkar, C.D.; Ajit Singh, 1999:
Effect of heating and chilling of recombined milk on chemical composition of fat globule membrane

Wozniak, B., 1999:
Effect of heating on anabolic hormone residues in meat; Zheng ChunRong; Chen HuaiMan, 2000:
Effect of heavy metal pollution on potassium behavior in Typic Udic Ferrisol

Bhattacharyya, R.N.; Chakraborty, B.; Bhunia, S.; Mahua Misra, 1999:
Effect of heavy metals on growth and IAA production of a Rhizobium sp isolated from the root nodules of Alysicarpus vaginalis DC

Acuna P.H.; Cuevas C.G., 1999:
Effect of height and frequency of defoliation, using cutting and grazing, on the growth and productivity of three Lotus species in clay soils

Musalia, L.M.; Aggett, P., 2001:
Effect of helminthiasis on zinc metabolism

Elliott, D.A.; Marks, S.L.; Cowgill, L.D.; Kass, P.H.; Rogers, Q.R., 2000:
Effect of hemodialysis on plasma amino acid concentrations in healthy dogs

Applegate, T.J.; Ladwig, E.; Weissert, L.; Lilburn, M.S., 1999:
Effect of hen age on intestinal development and glucose tolerance of the Pekin duckling

Baird, J.P.; Grill, H.J.; Kaplan, J.M., 1999:
Effect of hepatic glucose infusion on glucose intake and licking microstructure in deprived and nondeprived rats

Wawrzynczak, S.; Kraszewski, J.; Wawrzynski, M.; Kozowski, J., 2000:
Effect of herb mixture feeding on rearing performance of calves

Arai, T.; Horii, N.; Koshirakawa, M.; Nakajyo, S.; Sako, T., 2001:
Effect of herb supplement on hepatic enzyme activities in ddY mice

Delagarde, R.; Peyraud, J.L.; Delaby, L., 1999:
Effect of herbage allowance on intake by grazing dairy cows in autumn

Wheeler, G.E.; Wilson, D.; Agrawala, S.K., 1999:
Effect of herbal animal feed supplement Livol on growth of pigs

Bae EunAh; Han MyungJoo; Kim DongHyun, 2000:
Effect of herbal medicines on the IgA production in Peyer patches

Rekha, P.S.; Girija Kuttan; Ramadasan Kuttan, 2000:
Effect of herbal preparation, brahma rasayana, in amelioration of radiation induced damage

Dobretsberger, M.; Glatzl, M.; Gerhard, K.W., 1996:
Effect of herbal preparations on broiler performance

Gnusowski, B., 1999:
Effect of herbal preparations processing on contents of organophosphorus insecticides residues

Rosinski, A.; Wezyk, S.; Bielinska, H.; Elminowska Wenda, G., 2000:
Effect of herbal supplements in goose diets on body weight gains and quality of carcass and breast muscles

Parani, K.; Kesavan, L., 1999:
Effect of herbicide Machete on growth and metabolism of early seedlings of Vigna radiata and Vigna mungo

Reddy, M.D.; Kumar, K.A., 1998:
Effect of herbicide application on the performance of late puddle seeded rice

Reddy, M.D.; Reddy, C.N.; Devi, M.P., 1998:
Effect of herbicide application on weed control and seed yield of green gram in alfisols during rainy season

Hertentains, L.A.; Lezcano, F.; Santiago Rios, A., 1998:
Effect of herbicide dose on the chemical control of the heliotrope (Hedichium coronarium) in Cordillera, Chiriqui, Panama. 1993

Bramble, W.C.; Yahner, R.H.; Byrnes, W.R., 1999:
Effect of herbicide maintenance of an electric transmission line right-of-way on butterfly populations

Pandey, A.K.; Prakash, V.; Singh, R.D.; Mani, V.P., 2000:
Effect of herbicide mixtures and cultural practices on maize and associated weeds under mid-hills of N-W Himalayas

Avudaithai, S.; Veerabadran, V., 2000:
Effect of herbicide mixtures on the total weed spectrum in transplanted rice

Lauk, U.; Ratassepp, M.; Lauk, E., 1999:
Effect of herbicides Stomp and Butoxone on the number of annual weeds in vetch/wheat mixture field

Ilieva, D.; Patenova, G., 1999:
Effect of herbicides and their doses on the germination capacity and laboratory germination of sunflower seeds

Wicks, G.A.; Mahnken, G.W.; Hanson, G.E., 2000:
Effect of herbicides applied in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) stubble on weed management in corn (Zea mays)

Topolovec, D., 1998:
Effect of herbicides in imidazolinone resistant and susceptible maize hybrid growing

Rana, S.S.; Angiras, N.N., 1999:
Effect of herbicides in integration with halod-an indigenous method of weed control in direct sown puddled rice

Billore, S.D.; Joshi, O.P.; Ramesh, A., 2001:
Effect of herbicides on nodulation, yield and weed control in soybean (Glycine max)

Galloway, B.A.; Monks, D.W.; Schultheis, J.R., 2000:
Effect of herbicides on pepper (Capsicum annuum) stand establishment and yield from transplants produced using various irrigation systems

Ramesh, A.; Joshi, O.P.; Billore, S.D., 2000:
Effect of herbicides on soil dehydrogenase and urease activity in soybean (Glycine max)

Kumar, R.M., 2000:
Effect of herbicides on the control of parasitic weed Cuscuta in blackgram (Vigna mungo)

Kopytovski, Y.; Yastshembska, M., 1997:
Effect of herbicides on the development of grafted apple trees

Binsfeld, P.C.; Peters, J.A.; Schnabl, H., 2000:
Effect of herbicides on the polymerization of microtubules and induction of micronuclei in Helianthus maximiliani protoplasts

Ivany, J.A.; Holmstrom, D.; Kunelius, H.T., 2000:
Effect of herbicides on two species of clover underseeded into barley

Reddy, M.D.; Reddy, C.N.; Devi, M.P., 2000:
Effect of herbicides on weed growth and crop performance in rice-blackgram cropping system

Jain, K.K.; Agrawal, K.K.; Naktore, C.L., 1998:
Effect of herbicides on weeds, crop growth and energy utilization in transplanted rice

Kandasamy, O.S., 1999:
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Effect of leaf extracts on the mortality of Meloidogyne incognita

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Effect of leaf harvesting frequency on growth and yield of sweetpotato in the Lake Zone of Tanzania

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Effect of leaf litter of poplar on Phalaris minor weed

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Effect of leaf order and position on bulblet formation in leaf cutting of Muscari armeniacum 'Early Giant'

Peng ShaoBing; Sanico, A.L.; Garcia, F.V.; Laza, R.C.; Visperas, R.M.; Descalsota, J.P.; Cassman, K.G., 1999:
Effect of leaf phosphorus and potassium concentration on chlorophyll meter reading in rice

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Effect of leaf pruning on growth and yield of brinjal

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Effect of leaf quality on fecundity of bivoltine silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) in different seasons

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Effect of leaf removal treatments at heading on vertical distribution of stem dry weight and yield component of near-isogenic lines, waxy and non-waxy rice cultivars

Mahros, O.M., 2000:
Effect of leaf retention on cuttings on rooting and vegetative growth of Ficus benjamena L. Starlight plants

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Effect of leaf rolling on transpiration and water use efficiency in rice

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Effect of leaf rust epidemics on the yields of bread wheat in the Volga Region of Russia

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Effect of leaf stimulators on the yield and quality of sugarbeet

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Effect of leaf variegation on acclimation of photosynthesis and growth response to elevated ambient CO2

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Effect of leaves and cutting type on production of Mikania glomerata plants by cuttings

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Effect of leaves and cutting type on root development in elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) cuttings

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Effect of leaves on rooting of stem cuttings of Japanese mint

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Effect of lectins on the invasion of Ichthyophthirius theront to channel catfish tissue

Sionek, R., 1999 :
Effect of leek planting dates on damage to plants by spring generation of the leek leaf miner (Napomyza gymnostoma Loew)

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Effect of lefenuron, a chitin synthesis inhibitor, on encapsulation response of Spodoptera littoralis larvae to surplus Microplitis rufiventris larvae

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Effect of legume component, Clitoria ternatea, on biomass and crude protein yield of different pasture grasses

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Effect of legume residue incorporation and fertilizers in mungbean-safflower cropping system

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Effect of legume trees on soil chemical properties under agroforestry system

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Effect of leguminous residues on the status of a population of earthworms (Eisenia foetida) and biological characterization of obtained humus

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Effect of length of crop rotation on the control of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne javanica

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Effect of length of the period of supplementation with concentrates on pasture intake and performance of grazing dairy cows

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Effect of leptin on intestinal apolipoprotein AIV in response to lipid feeding

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Effect of leucaena aqueous extract on the development, mitotic index and peroxidase activity in maize seedlings

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Effect of leucaena hedge-row management on soil moisture status in Gangetic alluvial soil of northern India

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Effect of leucaena supplementation level, and provision of urea, on utilisation by sheep of Rhodes grass hay

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Effect of levamisole hydrochloride on serum and colostral antibody titres against foot and mouth disease virus in vaccinated buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

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Effect of levamisole on cell mediated immunity in chicks immunized with Pasteurella multocida vaccines

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Effect of levamisole on immune status in experimental aflatoxicosis in chickens

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Effect of levamisole on the course of experimental Brucella melitensis infection in guinea pigs: a pathomorphological study

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Effect of level and ratio of organic and inorganic nitrogen on yield, physical leaf quality parameters and economics of chewing tobacco

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Effect of level and time of irrigation and nitrogen on the yield attributes, seed yield and water use of linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.)

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Effect of level and type of concentrate supplementation on the performance of spring grazing dairy cows

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Effect of level of acidification by phosphoric acid, storage temperature, and length of storage on the chemical and biological stability of ground poultry mortality carcasses

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Effect of level of grain supplementation on milk production responses of dairy cows in mid-late lactation when grazing irrigated pastures high in paspalum (Paspalum dilatatum Poir.)

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Effect of level of inclusion of lablab meal in diet on carcass characteristics of Blackhead Persian sheep

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Effect of level of intake on digestibility and microbial nitrogen supply in Sarda ewes fed a pelleted diet

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Effect of level of nutrition and stage of maturity on the quality of patties from the meat of male buffalo veal during frozen storage

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Effect of level of phosphorus and potash on the performance of seed yield of 'Pusa Early Bunching' fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

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Effect of level of urea in the urea-molasses-mineral-bolus on the degradation characteristics of sugarcane bagasse

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Effect of level of whole cottonseed on intake, digestibility, and performance of growing male goats fed hay-based diets

Patel, J.R., 1999:
Effect of levels and methods of nitrogen application on wheat yield

Maitra, D.N.; Chaudhury, J.; Saha, A.R., 1999:
Effect of levels and split application of potassium on fibre yield and uptake of potassium by jute

Reddy, M.D.; Kumar, K.A., 1999:
Effect of levels and time of N application on performance of late-puddle seeded rice (Oryza sativa)

Thippeswamy, H.M.; Shivakumar, B.G., 2000:
Effect of levels and time of potassium application on nitrogen and potassium uptake pattern in fingermillet (Eleusine coracana gartn.)

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Effect of levels and times of N application on growth, development and grain yield of spring wheat 'Ghods'

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Effect of levels of chromium content in a soil on its distribution in organs of corn plants

Majumdar, S.P.; Meena, R.L.; Baghel, G.D.S., 2000:
Effect of levels of compaction and potassium on yield and quality of tomato and chilli crops grown on highly permeable soils

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Effect of levels of lime and nitrogen on production of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

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Effect of levels of nitrogen and forms of pre-conditioned urea on grain yield and N status in plant and soil of rainfed rice (Oryza sativa)

Uribe C.A.J.; Mendez A.H.; Mantilla B.J., 1998:
Effect of levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on the production of cocoa in soils of the Santander Department

Owsianny, J.; Dziadek, K.; Czarnecki, R.; Kawecka, M.; Jacyno, E., 2000:
Effect of libido and semen traits of boars of the Polish synthetic line 990 and Duroc breed on the fertility of sows mated with them

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Effect of lichen metabolites on thylakoid electron transport and photophosphorylation in isolated spinach chloroplasts

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Effect of lifting date and time of storage on survival and die-back in four deciduous species

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Effect of lifting method on first-year growth of loblolly pine seedlings

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Effect of lifting of corms after flowering on its subsequent performance in gladiolus

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Effect of light and temperature on seed germination of 6 species of Lilium L

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Effect of light and two isomers of nitrophenyl indole-2-carboxylic acid on germination of Cenchrus ciliaris seeds

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Effect of light conditions on root, shoot and plant length of selected forest tree species

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Effect of light intensity and mist interval on rooting and nursery quality of chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflorum) cuttings

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Effect of light intensity and rhizobial inoculum on the performance of two tropical legumes

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Effect of light intensity on brood production of livebearers Gambusia spp

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Effect of light intensity on in vitro multiple shoot induction and regeneration of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. cv Khandawa-2)

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Effect of light intensity on the growth and metabolism of Dendrobium nobile Lindl

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Effect of light on contents of coumarin compounds in shoots of Ruta graveolens L. cultivated in vitro

Som Dutt; Sharma, A.K.; Bhupender Dutt, 1999:
Effect of light on degradation of glaucine during storage in dry conditions

Poutaraud, A.; D.G.egorio, F.; Tin, V.C.; Girardin, P., 2001:
Effect of light on hypericins contents in fresh flowering top parts and in an extract of St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

Lopes, R.P.; Hara, T.; Silva, J. de S. e; Riedel, B., 2000:
Effect of light on the quality (colour and as a drink) of dehulled coffee (Coffea arabica L.) beans during storage

Nwosu, F.M.; Holzlohner, S., 2000:
Effect of light periodicity and intensity on the growth and survival of Heterobranchus longifilis Val. 1840 (Teleostei: Clariidae) larvae after 14 days of rearing

Benvenuti, S.; Macchia, M., 1999:
Effect of light quality and oxygen availability on germination and CO2 evolution of Amaranthus retroflexus L. seeds

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Effect of light quality on the inhibition of stem elongation of plug seedlings during storage and the growth and flowering after transplanting of Salvia splendens 'Hot Jazz' and Impatiens 'Dazzler Violet'

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Effect of light regime on marginal bract necrosis in poinsettia

Cheong EunJu; Moon HeungKyu, 1999:
Effect of light, cytokinins and explant's position on adventitious bud induction from the leaf segments of Populus euphratica Olive

Sengul, T.; Konca, Y.; Yildiz, A., 2000:
Effect of lighting on growth performance and carcass characteristics of Bronze turkeys reared in intensive conditions

Barcenas Pazos, G.; Velazquez Morales, P.; Davalos Sotelo, R., 2000:
Effect of lignin content on shrinkage of four Mexican woods

Takatani, M.; Ito, H.; Ohsugi, S.; Kitayama, T.; Saegusa, M.; Kawai, S.; Okamoto, T., 2000:
Effect of lignocellulosic materials on the properties of thermoplastic polymer/wood composites

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Effect of lime additions to lake water on natural organic matter (NOM) in Lake Tervejann, SE Norway: FTIR and fluorescence spectral changes

Wang ChongHo; H.M.nFu; L.C.aoTsun; Lin YuWen; Huang WeiTin; Chiu LeeRong, 1999:
Effect of lime and borax applications on the yield and quality of wasabi Wasabia japonica (Matsum)

Stamford, N.P.; Silva, R.A. da, 2000:
Effect of lime and inoculation of Mimosa caesalpiniaefolia in acid soil of the forest zone and semiarid region of Pernambuco, Brazil

Mishra, S.N.; Paikaray, R.K.; Mishra, K.N., 1999:
Effect of lime and sulphur on rapeseed (Brassica campestris subsp. oleifera var. toria)-soybean (Glycine max) cropping sequence

Alfaro V.M.; Teuber K.N.; Dumont L.J.C.; Medone V.F., 1998:
Effect of lime application on the establishment and yield of forage grasses and legumes in Chiloe

Bhattacharya, B.; Singh, B.L., 2000:
Effect of lime pre-treatment of soil and foliar application of boron on cigar wrapper tobacco grown in northern part of West Bengal

Choudhury, M.R.; Baruah, T.C., 1999:
Effect of lime sludge of Nagaon paper mill on soil properties in a Typic Dystrochrept growing wheat

Mishra, S.N.; Paikaray, R.K.; Mishra, K.N., 1999:
Effect of lime, organic and inorganic nutrients on wheat (Triticum aestivum)-soybean (Glycine max) cropping system in acidic red soils

Lelei, J.J.; Mochoge, B.O.; Onwonga, R.N., 2000:
Effect of lime, urea and triple super phosphate on nitrogen and phosphorus mineralisation in an acid soil during incubation

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Effect of limestone calcium and magnesium ratio on micronutrients in alfalfa

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Effect of liming and gypsum treatment on the availability of phosphorus in pond water

Kandali, G.G.; Borah, D.K.; Baruah, T.C., 2000:
Effect of liming on available phosphorus, yield, P uptake by moong (Vigna radiata) in a Typic dystochrept

Abhijit Debnath; Debnath, N.C., 2000:
Effect of liming on carbon mineralisation and organic matter content in some tarai and hill acid soils of West Bengal

Mandal, S.R.; Mukherjee, A.K.; Patra, B.C., 2000:
Effect of liming on forage yield and quality of cowpea in acid oxisol

Goncalves, M. da G.; Gama, M.V. da, 1993:
Effect of liming on phosphorus availability in some soils

Nadezhkina, E.V.; Lazarev, K.K., 2001:
Effect of liming on the nitrogen regime of a leached chernozem, and the yield and grain quality of winter wheat

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