Effect of integrated nutrient management on yield, nutrient availability and uptake of nutrients by soybean

Navale, K.B.; Gaikwad, C.B.; Tamboli, B.D.

Journal​ ​of​ ​Maharashtra​ ​Agricultural​ ​Universities 25(1): 105-107


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-2395
Accession: 003418594

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Soyabean cv. MACS-124 was treated with N:P2O5 rates of 20:40, 40:80 and 60:120 kg/ha and 2 organic fertilizers (farmyard manure (FYM) and Leucaena loppings at 2.5 mg/ha) in a field experiment in Maharashtra, India, during the kharif season of 1996. The organic fertilizers were applied 15 days before sowing. Soyabeans were sown on 2 July 1996 and harvested on 16 October 1996. N:P2O5 at 60:120 kg/ha resulted in higher soil available N and P, seed yield and N and P uptake than the other inorganic fertilizer rates. The FYM treatment resulted in higher soil nutrient content, seed yield and N, P and K uptake than the Leucaena loppings treatment. Application of FYM and Leucaena loppings increased seed yield by 24 and 13%, respectively.