Effect of irrigation schedules and methods of herbicide application on yield and water use of summer groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Sujith, G.M.; Ramachandrappa, B.K.; Nanjappa, H.V.; Veeranna, H.K.

Crop Research Hisar 20(2): 287-292


ISSN/ISBN: 0970-4884
Accession: 003418771

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In a field experiment in summer 1997 in Hebbal, Karnataka, India, groundnuts cv. TMV-2 were irrigated at 85 or 60 mm CPE and treated with 1 kg pendimethalin or 2 kg alachlor/ha in the irrigation water or as soil sprays. Pod, seed and oil yields and water use efficiency were higher with the higher irrigation rate. Yields were increased by herbicide treatments compared with controls, with alachlor applied in irrigation water giving the best results.