Effect of planting dates on grain yield and quality of dwarf scented rice varieties

Singh, S.P.; Rani, N.S.; Sreedevi, B.; Krishnaveni, B.; Pillai, K.G.

Oryza 36(4): 388-390


Accession: 003420429

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In field trials at Rajendranagar, Andhra Pradesh in the 1994 and 1995 dry seasons, rice was sown on 6 dates between 15 November and 29 January. Grain yield was greater in Pusa basmati-1 (dwarf scented cultivar) and Kasturi than in the standard tall cultivar Taroari basmati. Grain yield increased linearly up to the 30 December sowing date (3.87 t ha-1) and then decreased. Grain quality traits revealed that dwarf cultivars were more influenced by sowing date than those of Taroari basmati. Dwarf scented rice cultivars showed variation in head rice recovery with the performance being better during mid-December to mid-January sowing.