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Effect of planting density and nitrogen level on growth and yield in heavy panicle weight type of japonica rice

Kim BoKyeong; Kim HyunHo; Ko JaeKwon; Shin HyunTak

Korean Journal of Crop Science 44(2): 106-111


Accession: 003420436

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The newly bred heavy panicle large-grained japonica rice Iksan 435 and Iksan 438, HR14022-21-8-4 and HR14022-21-8-6 with many spikelets per panicle, and control Dongjinbyeo and Donganbyeo (many panicle types) were grown under standard (30x15 cm) or dense planting density (15x15 cm) with 110 or 165 kg N/ha. Percentage effective tillers decreased with denser planting or higher N rate, while leaf area index and shoot dry weight increased.

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