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Effect of protein level in the diet formulated according to ileal digestible amino acids content on the chemical body composition and utilization of protein and energy in lean pigs

Fandrejewski, H.; Raj, S.; Weremko, D.; Skiba, G.; Kamyczek, M.

Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University, Agriculture 36: 63-71


Accession: 003420829

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Two diets, identical in the concentration of ileal digestible lysine, methionine, threonine and tryptophan but differing in the crude protein content (18 or 15.1%) were fed ad libitum to 16 Pietrain and line 990 pigs. Protein and energy balance were measured by a comparative slaughter method from 25 to 70 kg body weight. Pietrain pigs consumed 0.33 kg less feed daily, gained 195 g less per day, and had poorer feed utilization by 0.23 kg daily than counterparts from line 990.

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