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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3422

Chapter 3422 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Singh, R.N.; Singh, S.K.; Bhakt, R.; Srivastava, J.P., 2001:
Effect of replacing different levels of skimmed milk powder with fish-meal on nutrient utilization

Ashok Kumar; Singh, S.K.; Thakur, S., 2001:
Effect of replacing fish-meal by soybean on growth performance of piglets

Chaudhary, L.C.; Sahoo, A.; Neeta Agarwal; Kamra, D.N.; Pathak, N.N., 2001:
Effect of replacing grain with deoiled rice bran and molasses from the diet of lactating cows

Somani, A.; Rane, A.S., 2000:
Effect of replacing groundnut cake with soyflakes on nutrient utilization in goats

Abiola, S.S., 1999:
Effect of replacing maize based diets with sweet-potato and groundnut cake with soybean meal on blood constituents and carcase yield of broilers

Kannan, A.; Sajjan Sihag; Yadav, K.R.; Khirwar, S.S., 2000:
Effect of replacing mustard cake with deoiled sunflower cake on intake and digestibility of nutrients in lactating Murrah buffaloes

Olorede, B.R.; Longe, O.G., 2000:
Effect of replacing palm kernel cake with sheabutter cake on egg quality characteristics, haematology and serum chemistry of laying hens

Aziz, M.A.; Khandaker, Z.H.; Islam, M.M., 2001:
Effect of replacing protein from fish meal with soybean on the performance of broiler chicken

Yin, Y.L.; Baidoo, S.K.; Boychuk, L.L., 2001:
Effect of replacing wheat or maize with micronized barley on starter, grower and finisher pig performance

King, J.C., 2001:
Effect of reproduction on the bioavailability of calcium, zinc and selenium

Rekiel, A.; Staniszewski, K.; Wiecek, J., 2000:
Effect of reproductive maturity on the performance of primiparous sows

Sikora, J., 2000:
Effect of reproductive performance of maternal breeds on the productivity of slaughter lambs

Ahmed, W.M.; Abdoon, A.S.S.; Shalaby, S.I.A.; Kandil, O.M.T., 1999:
Effect of reproductive status and body condition on ovarian follicles and oocytes quality in buffalo cows

Ghaly, A.E.; Ramkumar, D.R.; Sadaka, S.S.; Rochon, J.D., 2000:
Effect of reseeding and pH control on the performance of a two-stage mesophilic anaerobic digester operating on acid cheese whey

Steffens, D.; Sparks, D.L., 1999:
Effect of residence time on the kinetics of nonexchangeable ammonium release from illite and vermiculite

Vijayakumar, B.; Sangwan, R.B., 1999:
Effect of residual fat hydrolysis on the emulsifying and foaming properties of whey protein concentrates

Silva, E.C. da; Silva Filho, A.V. da; Alvarenga, M.A.R., 2000:
Effect of residual fertilizer on green corn yield in rotation with potato crop

Rita Narayanan; Dhanalakshmi, B., 2000 :
Effect of residual penicillin in milk on starter culture and its adaptability

Rita Narayanan; Dhanalakshmi, B., 1999:
Effect of residual streptomycin in milk on starter cultures and its adaptability

Ashok Bhattacharyya; Roy, A.K., 2001:
Effect of resistance-inducing chemicals in rice (Oryza sativa) against sheath blight under field condition

Rudramma, B.G.; Sanwal, P.C.; Varshney, V.P., 2001:
Effect of restraint and isolation stress on plasma transferase and phosphatase activities in Black Bengal goats

Gaughan, J.B., 2001:
Effect of restricted feed intake on early reproductive development in Large White gilts

Fujimura, S.; Sakai, F.; Kadowaki, M., 2001:
Effect of restricted feeding before marketing on taste active components of broiler chickens

Rajnish Kumar; Gupta, L.R., 2000:
Effect of restricted feeding of berseem on growth performance of Murrah buffalo heifers

Sirotkin, A.V.; Mertin, D.; Suvegova, K.; Makarevich, A.V.; Luck, M.R.; Osadchuk, L.V., 2000:
Effect of restricted food intake and blood collection on plasma levels of hormones, growth factors and related substances in female domestic nutria (Myocastor coypus)

Rodrigues, A. de A.; Godoy, R., 2000:
Effect of restricted grazing on oats on milk yield

Palmieri, L.; Mameli, M.; Ronca, G., 1999:
Effect of resveratrol and some other natural compounds on tyrosine kinase activity and on cytolysis

Valkonen, S., 2000:
Effect of retained Scots pine trees on regeneration, growth, form, and yield of forest stands

Pan YuCai; Qian FeiFan; Huang WeiHong; L.Q.n; Shen JinFang; Zhu En; Tian ZhongHe, 2001:
Effect of returning of wheat stalk to field on growth of rice

Favaretto, N.; Moraes, A. de; Motta, A.C.V.; Prevedello, B.M.S., 2000:
Effect of revegetation and of fertilization of degraded area on soil fertility and on characteristics of straw mulch

Favaretto, N.; Moraes, A. de; Motta, A.C.V.; Prevedello, B.M.S., 2000:
Effect of revegetation of and fertilizer application to degraded land on dry matter yield and nutrient uptake

Bansal, R.K.; Dahiya, R.S.; Paruthi, I.J., 1999:
Effect of rhizobacteria on Meloidogyne javanica infecting bottle gourd

Neha Chopde; Patil, B.N.; Gajbhiye, R.C.; Yenpreddiwar, M.D., 2000:
Effect of rhizome size on growth, flowering and rhizome production of Canna indica L

Bansal, R.K.; Dahiya, R.S.; Lakshminarayana, K.; Suneja, S.; Anand, R.C.; Narula, N., 1999:
Effect of rhizospheric bacteria on plant growth of wheat infected with Heterodera avenae

Candole, B.; Siebenmorgen, T.; Lee, F.; Cartwright, R., 2000:
Effect of rice blast and sheath blight on physical properties of selected rice cultivars

Ramachandran, H.D.; Narasimhamurthy, K.; Raina, P.L., 2000:
Effect of rice bran and palm oil on the lipid and fatty acid composition of brain tissue

Peng JinTorng; Lee ChienMing; Tsai YinFung, 2000:
Effect of rice bran on the production of different king oyster mushroom strains during bottle cultivation

Cai YongPing; Yang QiGuang; Huang YiDe, 2000:
Effect of rice cultivated under paddy and upland condition on photosynthesis and senescence of flag leaf and activity of root system after heading

Singhal, K.K.; Thakur, S.S., 1999:
Effect of rice polish processing techniques on nutrient degradability and rancidity development on its storage

Samar Singh; Malik, R.K.; Mangat Ram, 1999:
Effect of rice straw burning on the efficacy of herbicides in wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Thalib, A.; Bestari, J.; Widiawati, Y.; Hamid, H.; Suherman, D., 2000:
Effect of rice straw silage treated with rumen microbes of buffalo on digestibility and ecosystem of cattle rumen

Lou YongGen; Cheng JiaAn; Guo HuaWei; D.M.ngHao, 2001:
Effect of rice varieties on functional responses of Cyrtorhinus lividi pennis (Reuter)

Gyuricza, C.; Peter, L.; Laszlo, P.; Birkas, M., 1999:
Effect of ridge tillage on the physical status of the soil and on the maize yield

Tanaka, M.; Matsunaga, K.; Kadoma, Y., 1999:
Effect of rinse with calcium enriched milk on plaque fluid

Guha, D.; Bhuiyan, M.A.J., 1997:
Effect of ripening materials on mango

Guerra Pestonit, B.; Taboada Lopez, M.; Mendez Donega, J.; Fernandez Albalat Ruiz, M.P., 2001:
Effect of ripening on organoleptic characteristics of Arzua-Ulloa cheese: aroma profile

Guinee, T.P.; Feeney, E.P.; Fox, P.F., 2001:
Effect of ripening temperature on low moisture Mozzarella cheese: 2. Texture and functionality

Feeney, E.P.; Fox, P.F.; Guinee, T.P., 2001:
Effect of ripening temperature on the quality of low moisture Mozzarella cheese: 1. Composition and proteolysis

Jin YongFeng; Zhang YaoZhou; Zhang ShangLong, 1999:
Effect of ripening, wounding and ethylene treatment on expression of ACC oxidase gene of peach tissue

Purnell, J.Q.; Zambon, A.; Knopp, R.H.; Pizzuti, D.J.; Achari, R.; Leonard, J.M.; Locke, C.; Brunzell, J.D., 2000:
Effect of ritonavir on lipids and post-heparin lipase activities in normal subjects

Wenninger, E.J.; Fagan, W.F., 2000:
Effect of river flow manipulation on wolf spider assemblages at three desert riparian sites

Mrotzek, R.; Pfirrmann, H.; Barge, U., 2000:
Effect of road construction material and light on the vegetation along the roadsides and adjoining forest using the example of roads in the forest district Bramwald in Niedersachsen

Curzydo, J., 1999:
Effect of roadside belt tree plantings on the distribution of traffic pollution

Rosamalin N.R.nong; Tasnee Attanandana; Yuvaniyama Jumpol; Charoenchamratcheep Charoen, 1999:
Effect of rock phosphate and triple superphosphate for rice-mung bean cropping system in Rangsit series, very acid phase

Thakur, S.K.; Sharma, C.R.; Jagdev Sharma, 1999:
Effect of rock phosphate enriched FYM on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)-rice (Oryza sativa L.) cropping sequence in an acid alfisol

Bhuyan, M.K.; Barooah, R.C., 2000:
Effect of rock phosphates on pH of soils at two different moisture regimes under unsterilized and sterilized conditions

Umeki, T.; Ishikawa, K., 2001:
Effect of rock-containing water on the growth of wheat embryos in vitro

Johansson, A., 2000:
Effect of roe buck removal on marking intensity

Nowak, W.; Potkanski, A., 2000:
Effect of rolled rape seeds and tallow on milk composition of first calving cows

Vijayalakshmi Mojumder, 2000:
Effect of root dip treatment of tomato in aqueous extracts of neem products against Meloidogyne incognita

Samus' , V.A.; Gadzhiev, S.G., 1999:
Effect of root excision on growth of apple biennial seedlings of cv. Antei

Kumar, A.; Dunkel, F.V.; Broughton, M.J.; Sriharan, S., 2000:
Effect of root extracts of Mexican marigold, Tagetes minuta (Asterales: Asteraceae), on six nontarget aquatic macroinvertebrates

Clark, S.E.; Driesche, R.G. van; Sturdevant, N.; Kegley, S., 2001:
Effect of root feeding insects on spotted knapweed (Centaurea maculosa) stand density

Firoz, Z.A.; Hossain, M.M.; Choudhury, A.K.; Chowdhury, M.U., 1998:
Effect of root growth media and parts of shoot cutting on the success of cherry

Chen YouJian; Tao Shu; Deng BaoShan; Zhang XueQing; Huang Yi, 2001:
Effect of root system on metal fractionation in rhizosphere of contaminated soil

Campostrini, E.; Silva, P.C. da; Yamanishi, O.K., 1999:
Effect of root system restriction on nutritional status of four papaya genotypes

Yasuda, Y.; Azukizawa, H., 2000:
Effect of root temperature in hydroponics by the root spray system on the growth of 'Kyoho' grapes

Park JinMyeon; O.S.ngDo, 2000:
Effect of root zone temperature on growth of shoot and root, and physiological responses of apple trees (Malus domestica Borkh.)

Huh MooRyong; Kim YoungSuk; Seo YoungGuk; Shon YoungGoel; Park JoongChoon, 2001:
Effect of root zone temperature on the growth, mineral contents, and activities of antioxidative enzymes of tomato plug seedlings

Park JinMyeon; O.S.ngDo, 2000:
Effect of root zone temperature on the mineral contents of leaves and roots, and fruit qualities of 'Fuji' apple trees (Malus domestica Borkh.)

Kim GyoungJe; Kim JinHan; Woo InShik; Bae JongHyang, 2001:
Effect of root zone temperature on the yield and quality of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) in hydroponics

Suhail Anver; Alam, M.M., 1999:
Effect of root-knot and reniform nematodes alone and in combination on chickpea

Mika, B.; Grzesik, M., 1999:
Effect of rooting date on the development of tall perennials

Choi ByeongJin; Sang ChaeKyu; Choi EunJoo; Noh Seol A., 2000:
Effect of rooting media on rooting and root growth of rose cuttings

Souza, F.X. de, 2000:
Effect of rootstock and grafting method on the development of Spondias mombin L. plants

Scibisz, K., 1999:
Effect of rootstock and height of budding on growth and yield of 'Sawa' apple trees at different soil management

Jabkowska, H.; Gruca, Z., 1999:
Effect of rootstock and training system on the growth and yield of apple cultivars Jonagold and Melrose

Gadzhiev, S.G., 1997:
Effect of rootstock diameter on its survival and the growth of maiden apple trees

Samus' , V.A.; Gadzhiev, S.G., 1997:
Effect of rootstock diameter on the development of the root system and above-ground parts of maiden trees and two-year old apple seedlings

Bastiah Ahmad, 1999:
Effect of rootstock on growth and water use efficiency of Hevea during water stress

Kiczorowski, P., 1999:
Effect of rootstock on growth of 'Sampion' apple maiden trees in the nursery

Szklarz, M.; Ugolik, M., 1999:
Effect of rootstock on the concentration of mineral elements in leaves and fruits of mutants of apple cultivar Gala

Fang JinGui; Zhang Zhen; Gai ZhiHong; Cai BinHua, 2000:
Effect of rootstock on the growth and fruiting of Japanese apricot

Kruczynska, D.; Czynczyk, A.; Buczek, M.; Omiecinska, B.; Rutkowski, K., 1999:
Effect of rootstock, weather and soil conditions upon growth, cropping and fruit quality of 'Gala Must' apple trees

Fachinello, J.C.; Musacchi, S.; Zuccherelli, S.; Sansavini, E.S., 1999:
Effect of rootstock-scion interaction on pear isozyme patterns

Ruhl, E.H., 2000:
Effect of rootstocks and K+ supply on pH and acidity of grape juice

Hrotko, K.; Hanusz, B.; Magyar, L., 1999:
Effect of rootstocks and in-row spacing on growth and yield of 'Idared' apple trees

Gruca, Z., 2001:
Effect of rootstocks and planting density on the growth and productivity of 'Jonagold' apple trees

Cristinzio, G.; Iannini, C.; Scaglione, G.; Boselli, M., 2000:
Effect of rootstocks on Botrytis cinerea susceptibility of Vitis vinifera cv. Falanghina

Pietranek, A.; Jadczuk, E.; Wlosek Stangret, C.R., 2000:
Effect of rootstocks on growth and fruiting of 'Jonagold' apple trees

Poniedziaek, W.; Porebski, S.; Nosal, K., 1999:
Effect of rootstocks on growth and fruiting of 'Jonagold', 'Gloster' and 'Melrose' apple trees

Ben, J.M., 1999:
Effect of rootstocks on mineral element concentration in 'Gloster' apples

Misra, K.K.; Ranvir Singh; Jaiswal, H.R., 1999:
Effect of rootstocks on the fruit quality of lemon (Citrus limon)

Chohan, G.S.; Harish Kumar; Vij, V.K., 2000:
Effect of rootstocks on tree survival, health, vigour, yield and fruit quality of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck)

Gibbs, R.J.; Liu, C.; Yang, M.H.; Wrigley, M.P., 2000:
Effect of rootzone composition and cultivation/aeration treatment on surface characteristics of golf greens under New Zealand conditions

Pankhurst, C.E.; Hawke, B.G.; Holt, J.A.; Magarey, R.C.; Garside, A.L., 2000:
Effect of rotation breaks on the diversity of bacteria in the rhizosphere of sugarcane and its potential impact on yield decline

Zhang, W.W.bster, E.; Braverman, M., 2000:
Effect of rotational crop herbicides on water- and dry-seeded Oryza sativa

Katyal, R.; Rana, S.; Vaiphei, K.; Ojha, S.; Singh, V.; Singh, K., 2001:
Effect of rotavirus infection on lipid composition and glucose uptake in infant mouse intestine

Khodke, S.W.; Gahukar, K.B., 1998:
Effect of rotting on mineral contents of Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) fruits

Sauvant, D., 2000:
Effect of roughage level and source in diets on the risk of reversing fat and protein percentages in goat milk

Rupinderjit Singh; Balwant Singh; Wadhwa, M.; Bakshi, M.P.S., 2000:
Effect of roughage to concentrate ratio in pelleted diet on the productive performance of buffalo calves

Boa-Amponsem, K.; Price, S.E.; Dunnington, E.A.; Siegel, P.B., 2001:
Effect of route of inoculation on humoral immune response of White Leghorn chickens selected for high or low antibody response to sheep red blood cells

Yadav, A.C.; Yadav, J.S.; Dhankhar, O.P., 2000:
Effect of row and plant spacing on growth and yield of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) cv. PF-35

Mohammad Akbar; Khan, M.I.; Kakar, K.M., 2000:
Effect of row orientation on the yield of maize varieties under Peshawar conditions

Khalil, S.K.; Amir Zaman Khan; Baloch, A.R.; Paigham Shah, 1999:
Effect of row spacing and herbicides application on some agronomic characters of wheat

Esbenshade, W.R.; Curran, W.S.; Roth, G.W.; Hartwig, N.L.; Orzolek, M.D., 2001:
Effect of row spacing and herbicides on burcucumber (Sicyos angulatus) control in herbicide-resistant corn (Zea mays)

Chopra, N.K.; Nisha Chopra, 2000:
Effect of row spacing and nitrogen level on growth, yield and seed quality of scented rice (Oryza sativa) under transplanted conditions

Cheema, M.A.; Muhammad Saleem; Malik, M.A., 2001:
Effect of row spacing and nitrogen management of agronomic traits and oil quality of canola (Brassica napus L.)

Yadav, B.D.; Khurana, S.C., 2000:
Effect of row spacing and plant population on growth and yield of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.)

Ahire, N.R.; Bhoi, P.G.; Solanke, A.V., 2000:
Effect of row spacing and planting system on growth and yield of potato under surface and drip irrigation

Rajesh Kumar; Nanwal, R.K.; Naresh Kumar, 2000:
Effect of row spacing and seed rate in different varieties of moongbean (Vigna radiata) in relation to protein yield and quality parameters

Ashok Kumar; Sharma, B.B., 1999:
Effect of row spacing and seed rate on dry matter accumulation pattern in summer urdbean

Jena, S.N.; Behera, A.K., 1998:
Effect of row spacing, seed rate and fertilizer levels on weeds and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Prochaska, S., 2001:
Effect of row width on wheat yield in a modified relay intercropping system

Chen KuoLung; W.C.eanPing, 2000:
Effect of roxarsone on growth performance, liver function and leg problems in broilers

Kurkure, N.V.; Walse, S.H.; Sharma, D.W.; Mukti Richaria; Ganorkar, A.G.; Bhandarkar, A.G.; Kalorey, D.R., 2001:
Effect of royal jelly on coccidiosis in poultry: biochemical and immunopathological study

Augusthy, P.O.; Mani, A.S., 2001:
Effect of rubber factory effluent on seed germination and seedling growth of Vigna radiatus L

Szlachta, J.; Luberanski, A.; Krzys, A., 2001:
Effect of rubber liner tension on intensity of bovine teat massage and vacuum stability

Matsumoto, M.; Kobayashi, T.; Itabashi, H., 2001:
Effect of rumen degradability of feed protein on the nucleic acid contents of digesta in ruminants

Sancanari, J.B.D.; Ezequiel, J.M.B.; Galati, R.L.; Vieira, P. de F.; Seixas, J.R.C.; Santamaria, M.; Kronka, S.N., 2001:
Effect of rumen protected and nonprotected methionine on milk production and composition of dairy Holstein cows

Izumi, K.; Kikuchi, C.; Okamoto, M., 2000:
Effect of rumen protected methionine on lactational performance of dairy cows

Grega, T.; Pisulewski, P.; Kowalski, Z.M.; Sady, M., 1999 :
Effect of rumen-protected amino acids (L-lysine and DL-methionine) on processing quality of milk

Brown, M.S.; Hallford, D.M.; Galyean, M.L.; Krehbiel, C.R.; Duff, G., 1999:
Effect of ruminal glucose infusion on dry matter intake, urinary nitrogen composition, and serum metabolite and hormone profiles in Ewes

Manna, A.F. la; Owens, F.N.; Gardner, B.A.; Davidson, C.A.; Muriana, P.M.; Welty, S.D., 1999:
Effect of ruminal infusion of oxidized fat and AgradoTM on the ruminal and fecal populations of coliforms and lactobacilli

Capece, B.P.; Calsamiglia, S.; Castells, G.; Arboix, M.; Cristòfol, C., 2001:
Effect of ruminal microflora on the biotransformation of netobimin, albendazole, albendazole sulfoxide, and albendazole sulfoxide enantiomers in an artificial rumen

Huntington, G.; Poore, M.; Hopkins, B.; Spears, J., 2001:
Effect of ruminal protein degradability on growth and N metabolism in growing beef steers

Bandyk, C.A.; Cochran, R.C.; Wickersham, T.A.; Titgemeyer, E.C.; Farmer, C.G.; Higgins, J.J., 2001:
Effect of ruminal vs postruminal administration of degradable protein on utilization of low-quality forage by beef steers

Crawford, T.D.; Himelrick, D.G.; Sibley, J.L.; Pitts, J.A., 2000:
Effect of runner plantlet size on performance of strawberry plug plants

Szudyga, K.; Ulinski, Z., 2000:
Effect of running spawn in substrate blocks located out of the growing room on the volume of yield in cultivated mushroom, Agaricus bisporus

Angiras, N.N.; Rana, S.S., 1998:
Effect of safener doses and time of application of butachlor on weed control in direct seeded puddled rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Bezrukova, M.V.; Sakhabutdinova, A.R.; Fatkhutdinova, R.A.; Kil' diyarova, I.A.; Shakirova, R.M., 2001:
Effect of salicyclic acid on root hormone content and the growth of wheat sprouts under water deficit

Sushma Negi; Prasad, P., 2001:
Effect of salicylic acid on enzymes of nitrogen metabolism during germination of soybean

Pramod Kumar; Dube, S.D.; Chauhan, V.S., 1999:
Effect of salicylic acid on growth, development and some biochemical aspects of soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill); L.W., 2001:
Effect of salicylic acid on shelf life of broccoli

Mortuza, M.G.; Reza, M.M.A., 1999:
Effect of salicylic acid on spore germination and growth of Lasiodiplodia theobromae and Colletotrichum musae causing banana fruit rot

Shakirova, F.M.; Bezrukova, M.V.; Sakhabutinova, A.R., 2000:
Effect of salicylic acid on the yield of spring wheat and the phytohormone budget in plants during ontogeny

Hepaksoy, S.; Aksoy, U.; Can, H.Z.; Okur, B.; Klc, C.C.; Anac, D.; Anac, S., 1999:
Effect of saline conditions on nutritional status and fruit quality of satsuma mandarin cv. Owari

Makihara, D.; Tsuda, M.; Hirai, Y.; Kuroda, T., 2001:
Effect of saline irrigation during grain-filling period on dry-matter increase of hulled rice

Agboola, D.A., 1998:
Effect of saline solutions and salt stress on seed germination of some tropical forest tree species

Tajbakhsh, M.; Sadeghi, A., 1999:
Effect of saline stress resulted from sodium chloride on cell membrane and embryo of different barley cultivars

Hirota, O.; Villavicencio, E.; Chikushi, J.; Takeuchi, S.; Nakano, Y., 1999:
Effect of saline water irrigation at fruit maturity stage on transpiration rate and growth in sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Jagan Nath; Jhorar, B.S.; Mor, R.P.; Batra, M.L.; Dhillon, R.S., 1999:
Effect of saline water irrigation on establishment and growth of tree species on sand dunes of Haryana

Fawzia, A.; Nassar, A.M.; Hussein, N.; Sohair, M.A., 1995:
Effect of saline water on some biochemical parameters in sheep

Bilquees Gul; Weber, D.J.; Khan, M.A., 2000:
Effect of salinity and planting density on physiological responses of Allenrolfea occidentalis

Gulzar, S.; Khan, M.A.; Ungar, I.A., 2001:
Effect of salinity and temperature on the germination of Urochondra setulosa (Trin.) C. E. Hubbard

Awasthi, O.P.; Pathak, R.K., 1999:
Effect of salinity levels on survival and anatomy of four scion cultivars budded on Indian jujube

Ali, R.M., 1999:
Effect of salinity on alkaloid accumulation and some metabolites in fruits of Datura stramonium

Gaikwad, D.K.; Chavan, P.D., 1999:
Effect of salinity on carbohydrate status of three Amaranthus species

Parti, R.S.; Gupta, S.K.; Chhabra, M.L., 2000:
Effect of salinity on chlorophyll and free proline of mustard (Brassica juncea L.)

Hepaksoy, S., 2000 :
Effect of salinity on citrus

Nasir Mahmood Nasir; Riaz Hussain Qureshi; Muhammad Aslam, 2000:
Effect of salinity on emergence of sugarcane lines

Sekeroglu, N.; Kara, S.M.; Dede, O.; Askn, T., 1999:
Effect of salinity on germination, early seedling growth, Na and K constituents in chickpea

Ashraf, M.Y.; Bhatti, A.S., 2000:
Effect of salinity on growth and chlorophyll content in rice

Galeshi, S.; Abad, H.H.S.; Tahmasebi, Z.; Modarres, S.A., 2000:
Effect of salinity on growth and nitrogen fixation of Trifolium subterraneum.

Saneoka, H.; Shiota, K.; Halil Kurban; Chaudhary, M.I.; Premachandra, G.S.; Fujita, K., 1999:
Effect of salinity on growth and solute accumulation in two wheat lines differing in salt tolerance

Neerja Srivastava; Vinay Sharma, 1998:
Effect of salinity on growth, Na+ and Cl- ion content and membrane ATPases in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) seedlings

Cha um, S.; Samibhak, K.; Mosaleeyanon, K.; Vanatsakul, R.; Supiboonwatana, K.; Kirdmanee, C., 1999:
Effect of salinity on growth, leaf succulence and chlorophyll content of Eucalyptus plantlets (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) in vitro

Alamgir, A.N.M.; Ali, M.Y., 1999:
Effect of salinity on leaf pigments, sugar and protein concentrations and chloroplast ATPase activity of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Pushpam, R.; Rangasamy, S.R.S., 2000:
Effect of salinity on protein and proline content of callus and seedlings of rice

Ghoulam, C.; Fares, K., 2001:
Effect of salinity on seed germination and early seedling growth of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Singh, A.K.; Singh, R.A., 1999:
Effect of salinity on sodium, potasium and proline content of chickpea genotypes

Makihara, D.; Tsuda, M.; Morita, M.; Hirai, Y.; Kuroda, T., 1999:
Effect of salinity on the growth and development of rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties

Porchas Cornejo, M.A.; Martinez Cordova, L.R.; Naranjo Paramo, J.; Magallon Barajas, F.; Portillo Clark, G.; Unzueta Bustamante, M.L., 2000:
Effect of salinity on the larviculture of yellowleg shrimp Farfantepenaeus californiensis (Holmes, 1900) at low temperatures

Haouala, R.; E.A.uni, M.H., 2000:
Effect of salinity on water relations of a durum wheat cultivar: contribution of dehydration and rehydration phenomena to Psi pi variations

Singh, A.K.; Vijay Prakash; Sastry, E.V.D., 2000:
Effect of salinity stress on seed germination and seedling growth of wheat

Begum, F.; Karmoker, J.L., 1999:
Effect of salinity stress on the accumulation and distribution of proline in wheat

Amer, A.F., 1999:
Effect of salinity stress, increasing gradually and suddenly treatments, on plant nutrient uptake and content of some carbohydrate fractions

Navarro, J.; Botella, M.; Cerda, A.M.rtinez, V., 2000:
Effect of salinity x calcium interaction on cation balance in melon plants grown under two regimes of orthophosphate

Gibb, D.; Moustafa, S.; Wiedmeier, R.; Mcallister, T., 2001:
Effect of salinomycin or monensin on performance and feeding behavior of cattle fed wheat- or barley-based diets

San Millán, R.; Elguezabal, N.; Regúlez, P.; Moragues, M.D.; Quindós, G.; Pontón, J., 2000:
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Effect of shape factor and area of field on net return of cotton

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Effect of silvicultural techniques on growth of young masson pine plantation

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Effect of simulated rains on persistent toxicity of oxydemeton-methyl to mustard aphid (Lipaphis erysimi) on mustard (Brassica juncea) crop

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Effect of simultaneous exposure to aluminium and lead on growth in male albino rats

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Effect of single and divided ingestions of the non-digestible oligosaccharide Galactosylsucrose on transitory diarrhoea and laxative threshold in normal female subjects

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Effect of single and multi-stage incubation systems on hatching performance of broiler breeder eggs

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Effect of single grain position in working gap on energy consumption by roller crusher

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Effect of site and intensity of use on the N balance of agricultural soils

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Effect of site of semen deposition on conception rate in Ongole cows

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Effect of site preparation and reforestation method on survival and height growth of Scots pine

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Effect of situation on the phenology of Acacia nilotica (Linn.) Willd ex Del

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Effect of six site-preparation treatments on Piedmont loblolly pine wood properties at age 15

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Effect of size and number of seeds on germination and seedling size in six helophyte species

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Effect of size of shoot apical meristem on its survival and virus elimination in two strawberry cultivars Chandler and Fern

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Effect of slag and limestone on the percentage of senescent leaves in sugarcane

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Effect of slaughter age on performance of fattening calves

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Effect of slaughter weight on slaughter value and meat quality in the rabbit

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Effect of slice's thickness on changes in physical properties of the root celery during drying

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Effect of slow release fertilizer application on recovery rate of nitrogen, mineral content, fermented quality and nutritional yield of rice plant (Oryza sativa L.)

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Effect of slow release nitrogen fertilizers on yield and nitrogen use efficiency of rice

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Effect of soaking Pakchoi in La, Ce, Nd, Pr on Cr absorbed dose and green production

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Effect of soaking and germination on oligosaccharide content of redgram

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Effect of soaking of bunted seeds in water on teliospore germination of Neovossia indica

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Effect of soaking of concentrates on voluntry feed intake and nutrient utilization in buffaloes

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Effect of soaking treatments on growth, cane and sugar yields and juice quality of sugar cane

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Effect of soaking, germination and cooking on phytic acid and hydrochloric acid extractability of a pigeonpea cultivar

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Effect of soaking, germination, heating and roasting on the chemical composition and nutritional quality of soybean and its utilization in various Indian leavened products

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Effect of soapstock alone or with calcium on N balance and digestibility of rams consuming hay, a bran supplement and molasses

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Effect of socio-economic conditions on time-use patterns of rural Punjabi girls aged 6 to 8 years

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Effect of socio-economic variables on housing management practices in rural Haryana

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Effect of socio-economic variables on management of milking practices under different farming systems

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Effect of sodium alginate coating on active oxygen metabolism of apple fruits

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Effect of sodium azide and gamma rays on M1 quantitative characteristics of the productivity and their connection with M2 mutation changes in winter common wheat

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Effect of sodium azide on germination and growth of Lycopersicon lycopersicum (Linn.) Karst

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate added to diets based on concentrates on beef meat production

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate in the diet on the performance of growing finishing pigs

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Effect of sodium bisulfate on skin and hooves of horses

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Effect of sodium butyric acid, sodium valerianic acid, and osmolarity on contractility of specimens of intestinal wall obtained from the cecum and spiral colon of healthy cows

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Effect of sodium carbonate treatment and autoclaving on the nutritive value of rapeseed meal in broiler feeds

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Effect of sodium fluoride on growth and yield in wheat (Triticum aestivum)

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Effect of sodium hydroxide addition on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emissions of toluene flames

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Effect of sodium hydroxide treatment of rice straw on the composition of lignin of cell wall

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Effect of sodium hydroxide treatment on nutritive value of pelleted rye hay

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Effect of sodium hydroxide, urea, hydrogen peroxide and steam pressure combination treatments of bagasse on in vitro and in sacco dry matter digestibilities

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Effect of sodium phosphate and 2-mercaptoethanol on protein components removed during preparation of acid casein

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Effect of sodium selenite injection on selenium and magnesium concentrations in the blood serum of ewes and their offspring

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Effect of sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) on the embryonic developmental stages of zebrafish Brachydanio (Danio) rerio

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Effect of sodium-vinasse application on seed germination and growth of three species differing in salt tolerance

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Effect of soil acidification on Chinese pine growth

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Effect of soil acidification on the uptake of N, P, K, Mg and Mn in fields of summer barley

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Effect of soil acidity on zinc content and its removal by grain crops

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Effect of soil amendment and mulch on establishment of trees in sandstone mine spoils in mid hill zone of Himachal Pradesh

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Effect of soil amendment of FBN-5A mixture on control of radish yellows and its possible mechanisms for inhibition of the pathogen

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Effect of soil amendment with manure from laying hen-excrement on Meloidogyne incognita population

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Effect of soil amendment with sewage sludge on survival of Bradyrhizobium japonicum, nodulation and symbiotic N2-fixation of soybean plants grown on calcareous loamy soil

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Effect of soil amendments and phosphorus on cation exchange capacity (CEC) of roots of wheat under saline-sodic conditions

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Effect of soil amendments on bacterial wilt incidence and yield of potatoes in southwestern Uganda

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Effect of soil amendments on mineral composition (Na, K, Ca, Mg, P, N and S) of rice plant grown in saline soil of Gopinathpur, Satkhira, T.A.A.; E.K.oli, H.M.A.; Rifaat, M.G.M.; Allah, A.E.A., 1999:
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Effect of some new growth regulators on garden bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) productivity

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Effect of some organic amendments on root-knot nematode of Assamiya pan

Gabr, S.M., 2000:
Effect of some organic fertilizers on growth, yield and quality of some new snap bean cultivars (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Alphonse, M.; Saad, E.M., 2000:
Effect of some organic media and micronutrients on mineral contents of plastichouse cucumber

Dgrak, M.; Kazanc, F., 2001:
Effect of some organophosphorus insecticides on soil microorganisms

Nikolov, V., 2000:
Effect of some paratipic and genetic factors on longevity of bulls

A.C.aabi, S.; Nabilse, G.; Mezher, H.; Mezher, B.; Shnan, K.; Qweder, N., 2000:
Effect of some pesticides and leaf fertilizers on russeting phenomenon incidence of apple fruit in south of Syria

E.M.nofy, H.A.; Hamdy, A.E.A.; Yassine, M.; Amin, H.A., 2000:
Effect of some physiological and biochemical aspects on acetone butanol production by Clostridium acetobutylicum

Mehta, P.K.; Meena Thakur; Chandel, R.S., 1999:
Effect of some plant extracts on growth and development of Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata (Fabr.)

Karade, V.M.; Sawant, D.M., 1999:
Effect of some plant extracts on the spore germination of Alternaria alternata

Das, M.C.; Das, R.P., 1999:
Effect of some plant growth regulators on flowering, fruit set and fruit retention of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.)

Coskun, M.; Ozguven, A.I., 2000:
Effect of some plant growth regulators on fruit thinning in apricots

Rao, H.G.R.; Lewis, M.J.; Grandison, A.S.; Puranik, D.B., 1999:
Effect of some pre-treatments on the permeate flux during ultrafiltration of whey and buttermilk

Georgieva, V.; Denev, S.; Marinov, B., 2000:
Effect of some probiotic and nutritive means on chicken broiler productivity

Kermauner, A.; Struklec, M., 1999:
Effect of some probiotics on intestinal viscosity in rabbits

Shabana, M.K.; Wassif, M.M.; Saad, S.M.; Ashour, I.A., 1998:
Effect of some soil amendments on the quantity and some chemical properties of wheat yield under irrigation with saline water conditions

Bernal Sierra, F.; Arbelaez Torres, G., 2000:
Effect of some soil disinfectant treatments, of applications of organic material and of antagonists on vascular wilt of carnations caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. dianthi (Prill. et Del.) Snyd. et Hans

Aluko, A.P.; Abayomi, J.O., 1999:
Effect of some soil properties on Triplochiton scleroxylon (obeche) grown on alfisol of south-western Nigeria

yczynski, A.; Bartkowiak, Z.; Pospiech, E.; Urbaniak, M., 2000:
Effect of some traits estimated in vivo on the reproductive performance of sows

Azmi, M.I.; Pandey, K.C.; Bhaskar, R.B., 2000:
Effect of some treatments on the nematode fauna in an IPM experiment, S.K.M.A.; Hassan, A.A.A., 1999:
Effect of some weed control methods on weeds, yield and fruit quality of peach orchard

Umoh, E.O.; Nkang, A.E., 2000:
Effect of sorbitol pretreatment on yield and viability of protoplasts isolated from etiolated shoots of three cultivars of Sorghum bicolor

Hallak, A.M.G.; Davide, L.C.; Gavilanes, M.L.; Souza, I.F. de, 1999:
Effect of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) root exudates on development of dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) plant stems

Solaimalai, A.; Muthusankaranarayanan, A., 2000:
Effect of sorghum and weed management practices on leguminous intercrops

Baran, M.S.; Kocabagli, N., 2000:
Effect of sorghum grain on ruminal fermentation, milk yield and milk composition in dairy cows

Zoecklein, B.W.; Williams, J.M.; Duncan, S.E., 2000:
Effect of sour rot on the composition of White Riesling (Vitis vinifera L.) grapes

Farajnia, A.; Ardalan, M., 1998:
Effect of source and rate of zinc on yield and quality of potato

Puranik, D.B.; Patil, S.S., 1998:
Effect of source of fat on the quality of recombined milk

Gathungu, G.K.; Shibairo, S.I.; Githiri, S.M.; Mburu, M.W.K.; Ojiambo, P.S.; Kidanemariam, H.M., 2000:
Effect of source, time and method of nitrogen application on growth and yield components of potato in Kenya

Fenille, R.C.; Ceresini, P.C.; Souza, N.L. de; Buzetti, S., 2000:
Effect of sources and doses of calcium on peanut damping-off caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG 4 HGI under controlled environment

Preeti Hatibarua; Misra, R.L.; Voleti, S.R., 1999:
Effect of sources and doses of nitrogen on chlorophyll contents of gladiolus cv. Dhanvantari

Vadivel, N.; Subbian, P.; Velayutham, A., 1999:
Effect of sources and levels of N on the dry matter production and nutrient uptake in rainfed maize

Wang, J.H.; Song, M.K., 2001:
Effect of sources and levels of carbohydrates on fermentation characteristics and hydrogenation of linoleic acid by rumen bacteria in vitro

Albino, U.B.; Campo, R.J., 2001:
Effect of sources and levels of molybdenum on Bradyrhizobium survival and on biological nitrogen fixation in soyabean

Singh, S.P.; Sreedevi, B.; Pillai, K.V., 1999:
Effect of sources and rates of phosphorus on growth and yield of rice-cowpea sequence

Bharadwaj, A.; Sengupta, B.P., 1999 :
Effect of sources of dietary unprotected and protected protein on lactational performance of Murrah buffaloes

Owusu, E.O.; Nkansah, G.O.; Dennis, E.A., 2000:
Effect of sources of nitrogen on growth and yield of hot pepper (Capsicum frutescens)

Rajendran, K., 1999:
Effect of sources of phosphorus on hybrid rice

Sarma, T.C., 2000:
Effect of sowing and harvesting time on pulpable biomass yield of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus)

E.Shahawy, M.I.M., 1999:
Effect of sowing date and Pix (mepiquat chloride) treatment on growth, earliness and yield of Giza 87 cotton cultivar (Gossypium barbadense L.)

Padhi, A.K.; Sahoo, B.K., 1999:
Effect of sowing date and nitrogen levels on growth, yield attributes, yield and nitrogen-use efficiency of niger (Guizotia abyssinica) under rainfed condition

Roy, S.K.; Abul Hossain; Farida Begum; Ashratun Nessa, 1998:
Effect of sowing date and seed rate on growth and yield of rapeseed

Hatam, M.; Khattak, K.M.; Amanullah, 1999:
Effect of sowing date and sowing geometry on growth and yield of faba bean (Vicia faba L.)

Prodhan, M.Z.H.; Maleque, M.A.; Kabir, K.H.; Zahid, M.A.; Hossain, M.A., 2000:
Effect of sowing date and variety on the incidence of stemfly (Ophiomyia phaseoli Tryon) in blackgram

Marzouk, I.A.; E.B.wab, A.M.O., 1999:
Effect of sowing date of barley on its infestation with the corn leaf aphid, Rhopalosiphum maidis (Fitch) (Homoptera: Aphididae) and yield components

Costa, V.C.A. da; Silva, F.N. da; Ribeiro, M.C.C., 2000:
Effect of sowing date on germination and growth of sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.)

Bakare, S.O.; Kolo, M.G.M.; Oladiran, J.A., 2001:
Effect of sowing date on grain yield of crab grass, Digitaria spp

Bretag, T.W.; Keane, P.J.; Price, T.V., 2000:
Effect of sowing date on the severity of ascochyta blight in field peas (Pisum sativum L.) grown in the Wimmera region of Victoria

Aziz, M.A.; Miah, A.A., 1999:
Effect of sowing date on the yield and yield components of short duration pigeonpea

Mondal, S.M.N.; Meah, M.B.; Siddiqua, M.K.; Hossain, M.D.; Islam, K.M.M., 1999:
Effect of sowing date, irrigation and fungicides on Alternaria blight of sunflower

Haile, A.; Hofsvang, T., 2001:
Effect of sowing dates and fertilizer on the severity of stem borer (Busseola fusca Fuller, Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on sorghum in Eritrea

Chandel, S.S.; Bhardwaj, L.N., 2000:
Effect of sowing dates and fungicidal treatment on the management of Fusarium wilt of gladiolus

Yadav, K.S.; Rajput, R.L.; Agarkar, M.S., 1999:
Effect of sowing dates and irrigation schedules on yield and water-use efficiency of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea)

Rinjumoni Dutta; Gogoi, P.K.; Baroova, S.R.; Deka, N.C., 2000:
Effect of sowing dates and mulching on rabi groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) under rainfed conditions

Mann, P.S.; Vyas, A.K., 1999 :
Effect of sowing dates and nitrogen levels on growth and nutrient uptake by isabgol (Plantago ovata Forsk)

Yadav, B.D.; Khurana, S.C., 2000:
Effect of sowing dates and planting methods on plant growth and seed yield of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.)

Narwal, S.S.; Sardana, V., 2000:
Effect of sowing dates and seed rates on the green forage, seed yield and quality of late sown berseem

Gautam, B.P.; Shadeque, A.; Saikia, L., 1998:
Effect of sowing dates and varieties on growth and yield of early cauliflower

Rajput, R.L.; Yadav, K.S., 1998:
Effect of sowing dates and varieties on yield and yield attributes of early pigeonpea in Chambal command area of M.P

Hazarika, D.K.; Dubey, L.N.; Das, K.K., 2000:
Effect of sowing dates and weather factors on development of leaf spots and rust of groundnut

Sawarkar, S.D.; Thakur, N.S., 1999:
Effect of sowing dates on stability, productivity and economic viability of major kharif crops in Satpura Platue Zone of Madhya Pradesh

Reddy, V.C.; Suresh, K.T., 2000:
Effect of sowing dates on summer groundnut

B.A.good, S.A.; Ghaleb, A.M.; Ali, A.M., 2000:
Effect of sowing dates on the occurrence of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci and the jassid Jacobiasca lybica on two different local cultivars of sesame in Yemen

Samanta, S.C.; Gaffer, M.A.; Kamal, A.M.A.; Samad, M.A., 1998:
Effect of sowing dates on yield and yield attributes of proso-millet cultivars

Tang WeiGuo; W.Q.ngFa, 2000:
Effect of sowing density and fertilizer application on hybrid early rice cultivar Xiangliangyou 68

Yordanov, G., 1999:
Effect of sowing density of waxy maize hybrids on yield and some of its components

Yordanov, G., 1999:
Effect of sowing density on grain chemical and technological qualities of waxy maize hybrids

Stafa, Z.; Danjek, I.; Macesic, D.; Uher, D.; Grbesa, D., 2000:
Effect of sowing density on the quality and yield of a mixture of winter pea and rye

Iovin, P., 1999:
Effect of sowing density on yield and lodging of standard and modified hybrids of maize

abuda, H., 2000:
Effect of sowing depth on plant characteristics and yield on faba bean green seeds

Rosa, L. dos S.; Ohashi, S.T.; Silva, A.S. da, 1999:
Effect of sowing depth on seed germination of rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora)

Stankowski, S.; Maciorowski, R.; Piech, M., 2000:
Effect of sowing depth on yield and yield components of hybrid and population varieties of rye

Ozpnar, H.; Sabanc, C.O.; Eginlioglu, G., 1999:
Effect of sowing rates on herbage and seed yields of common vetch (Vicia sativa L.) cv. Urem-79 and Kubilay-82

Xavier, F.; Cedron, L.; Pineiro, J.; Ruiz Nogueira, B.; Sau, F., 2000:
Effect of sowing system and irrigation on fodder maize in Galicia

Thakur, N.S.; Pannase, S.K.; Sharma, S.N., 2000:
Effect of sowing time and fertilizer on growth, yield attributes and seed yield of niger (Guizotia abyssinica Cass) under rainfed condition

Das, N.R.; Ghosh, N., 1999:
Effect of sowing time and nitrogen level on seed yield of Amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor)

Gupta, R.S.; Bhutani, R.D.; Khurana, S.C.; Thakral, K.K., 1999:
Effect of sowing time and seed rate on the production of onion setts for kharif crop

Prodhan, H.S., 2000:
Effect of sowing time and stage of harvesting on yield and quality of green cob of maize

Maleque, M.A.; Kabir, K.H.; Ahammad, K.U.; Zaman, M.F.; Prodhan, M.Z.H., 2000:
Effect of sowing time and variety on the prevalence of shootfly, Atherigona sp. in proso millet

Bolonhezi, D.; Athayde, M.L.F.; Sabino, N.P.; Kondo, J.I.; Fuzatto, M.G.; Bolonhezi, A.C.; Bortoletto, N.; Castro, J.L., 1999:
Effect of sowing time on technological characteristics of fibres of three varieties of cotton

Singh, A.K.; Jain, G.L., 2000:
Effect of sowing time, irrigation and nitrogen on grain yield and quality of durum wheat (Triticum durum)

Avijit Sen; Singh, S.C.; Sharma, S.N.; Singh, A.K.; Pal, A.K., 1999:
Effect of sowing time, its pattern and fertility level on performance of CM 111-an inbred parental line of maize hybrid in winter season

Mendhe, S.N.; Singh, R.P., 2001:
Effect of sowing time, phosphorus and potash on growth behaviour in Stylosanthes hamata (L.)

Yadav, J.S.; Jagdev Singh; Virender Kumar; Yadav, B.D., 2000:
Effect of sowing time, spacing and seed rate on seed yield of fenugreek (Trigonella foenumgraecum) on light textured soil

Kikuchi-Hayakawa, H.; Onodera-Masuoka, N.; Kano, M.; Matsubara, S.; Yasuda, E.; Ishikawa, F., 2000:
Effect of soy milk and bifidobacterium-fermented soy milk on plasma and liver lipids in ovariectomized Syrian hamsters

Verma, S.P.; Goldin, B.R., 1998:
Effect of soy-derived isoflavonoids on the induced growth of MCF-7 cells by estrogenic environmental chemicals

Pinheiro, J.W.; Junqueira, O.M.; Sakomura, N.K., 1999:
Effect of soya bean oil and toasted whole soya on meat chicken rations

Tada, O.; Yokogoshi, H., 1999:
Effect of soya protein isolate on muscle atrophy under simulated weightlessness by suspension hypokinesia/hypodynamia in rats

Mori, Y.; Saitoh, M.; Kurokawa, N.; Komiya, H.; Ikeda, Y., 1999:
Effect of soya protein isolate on the uncoupling protein in brown adipose tissue in an experiment on body weight reduction by energy restriction using OLETF rats

Kanazawa, T., 1999:
Effect of soya protein on the pressure response in hyperlipaemia

Baintner, K.; Farningham, D.A.H.; Kiss, P.; Bruce, L.; Pusztai, A., 1999:
Effect of soyabean antinutritional proteins on rats and sheep

Huang ChunYan; M.S.uMei; Zhu ChuanYing; L.B.oYing, 2000:
Effect of soyabean frogeye leaf spot on soyabean yield loss and relationships between disease severity of leaves, pods and seeds

Morita, K.; Hamamatsu, Y.; Kido, S.; Taketani, Y.; Miyamoto, K.I.; Takeda, E., 1999:
Effect of soyabean isoflavone on bone metabolism

Urbaniak, M.; Krol, H.; Zawadzka, B.; Kulik, M.; Frankiewicz, A.; yczynski, A.; Pospiech, E.; Wasilewski, Z., 2001:
Effect of soyabean meal, rapeseed meal and extruded field bean seeds on duodenal amino acids supply in sheep

Ninomiya, N.; Yamada, C.; Matsuda, T., 1999:
Effect of soyabean trypsin inhibitor on in vivo digestibility and oral immunogenicity of allergenic proteins

Liu ZhiSheng; L.L.Te; Tatsumi, E., 1999:
Effect of soyabean variety on yield and texture of tofu

Maurya, B.M.; Rathi, K.S., 1999:
Effect of soybean and pigeonpea intercropping and phosphorus on succeeding wheat

Ashok Kumar; Thakur, S.; Singh, S.K., 2000:
Effect of soybean feeding in place of fish-meal on feed conversion efficiency and economics of pig farming

Park, S.W.; Seo, S.H.; Namkung, H.; Paik, I.K.; Shin, I.S., 2001:
Effect of soybean oil supplementation on the performance of weanling pigs

Banaszkiewicz, T., 1999:
Effect of soybean oilmeal replacement with domestic protein components on the slaughter value of broiler chicken

Carsky, R.J.; Abaidoo, R.; Dashiell, K.; Sanginga, N., 1997:
Effect of soybean on subsequent maize grain yield in the Guinea savanna zone of West Africa

Ennin, S.; Clegg, M., 2001 :
Effect of soybean plant populations in a soybean and maize rotation

el-Aaser, A.A.; Zakhary, N.I.; el-Guindy, S.M.; Hafiez, A.R.; Halawa, F.; Mokhtar, N., 1994:
Effect of soybean, Vicia faba, and vitamin C on the carcinogenicity of DMBA

Riekert, H.F.; Henshaw, G.E., 1998:
Effect of soybean, cowpea and groundnut rotations on root-knot nematode build-up and infestation of dryland maize

Nagata, C.; Takatsuka, N.; Shimizu, H.; Hayashi, H.; Akamatsu, T.; Murase, K., 2001:
Effect of soymilk consumption on serum estrogen and androgen concentrations in Japanese men

Grasso, F.; Napolitano, F.; Rosa, G. de; Migliori, G.; Bordi, A., 2001:
Effect of space allowance and chromium supplementation on buffalo calves welfare

Korhonen, H.; Niemela, P.J.uhiainen, L., 2001:
Effect of space and floor material on the behaviour of farmed blue foxes

Maitra, S.; Mondal, A.K.; Roy, D.K.; Roy, A.; Samui, S.K., 2000:
Effect of spacing and fertility levels on upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) in Sundarbans

Patel, B.M.; Patel, B.N.; Patel, R.L., 1997:
Effect of spacing and fertilizer levels on growth and yield of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) cv. Double

Siddiqui, M.R.H.; Lakpale, R.; Tripathi, R.S., 1999:
Effect of spacing and fertilizer on medium duration rice (Oryza sativa) varieties

Karle, A.S.; Pawar, G.G., 1999:
Effect of spacing and fertilizer on seed yield of Lathyrus

Jayaraj, T.; Jaquline, A.; Selvaraj, A.; Pappaiah, M., 1999:
Effect of spacing and manurial treatments on seed yield and its seed quality attributes in PLR1 chillies

Khode, P.P.; Ghatol, P.U.; Dhumal, V.M.; Mahakal, M.M., 1999:
Effect of spacing and nitrogen levels on foliage and oil yields of palmarosa grass (Cymbopogen martinii)

Bastia, D.K.; Rout, A.K.; Mishra, J.N., 2000:
Effect of spacing and nitrogen on yield and water use efficiency of dryland gram (Cicer arietinum)

Kanjilal, P.B.; Singh, R.S., 2000:
Effect of spacing and planting time on chamomile performance

Shrirame, M.D.; Rajgire, H.J.; Rajgire, A.H., 2000:
Effect of spacing and seedling number per hill on growth attributes and yield of rice hybrids under lowland condition

Strugaa, J., 2000:
Effect of spacing on evaluation of statistic-genetic parameters of lines and F2 hybrids of a winter wheat halfdiallel

Singh, C.; Bhagat, B.K.; Singh, R.L.; Ray, R.N., 1999:
Effect of spacing on growth, yield and quality of papaya (Carica papaya L.)

Bhardwaj, S.D.; Andargae, W.; Panwar, P., 2000:
Effect of spacing on nutrient accumulation patterns of Eucalyptus tereticornis

Malarkodi, K.; Srimathi, P., 2001:
Effect of spacing on seed yield and seed quality in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor)

Poniedziaek, M.; Stokowska, E., 2000:
Effect of spacing on some morphological features and yield of chickpeas grown in southern Poland

Wadhwa, B.K.; Pandita, M.L.; Khurana, S.C., 2000:
Effect of spacing on ware crop of potato raised from seedlings

Singh, P.V.; Manoj Kumar, 1999:
Effect of spacing, depth and time of planting on growth, flowering and bulb production of tuberose cv. Double

Kumar, S.; Swaminathan, V.; Sathiamoorthy, S., 2000:
Effect of spacing, nutrition and intercrops on yield and quality of papaya (Carica papaya L.)

Balusamy, M.; Shanmugasundaram, V.S., 1999:
Effect of spacing, seed rate and N levels on yield and economics of sugarcane var. Co 8021

Srinivasan, K.; Veeraraghavathatham, D.; Kanthaswamy, V.; Thiruvudainambi, S., 1999:
Effect of spacing, training and pruning in hybrid tomato

Pundir, J.P.S.; Porwal, R., 1999:
Effect of spacings and fertilizers on growth, yield and physical fruit quality of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) cultivars

Ananda, T.S.; Krishnappa, K.S.; Shivanandam, V.N., 2000:
Effect of spacings and nitrogen and potassium nutrition on TPS transplants for seedling tuber yield

Ananda, T.S.; Krishnappa, K.S., 1999:
Effect of spacings and nutrition with nitrogen and potassium on the growth and yield of potato crop raised from TPS transplants

Sukanya, T.S.; Nanjappa, H.V.; Ramachandrappa, B.K., 1999:
Effect of spacings on the growth, development and yield of baby corn (Zea mays L.) varieties

Parihar, S.S.; Pandey, D.; Verma, V.K.; Shukla, R.K.; Chaure, N.K.; Choudhary, K.K.; Pandya, K.S., 2000:
Effect of spatial arrangement of intercropping and irrigation level on yield, economics and nutrient uptake of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) and mustard (Brassica juncea)

L.W.iDong; L.B.oGuo; Shi YuanChun; Jacques, D.; Feyen, J., 2001:
Effect of spatial variation of textural layers on regional field water balance

Ahmed, M.J.; Yousaf Ali; Shah, S.Z.; Yasin, N.A., 2000:
Effect of special pruning practices on vegetative and reproductive growth of apple

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