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Effect of supplemental fish meal on milk yield and milk composition of Holstein cows during early lactation

Adachi, N.; Suzuki, K.; Kasai, K.; Hiroki, M.; Kume, S.; Nonaka, I.; Abe, A.

Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 13(3): 329-333


ISSN/ISBN: 1011-2367
Accession: 003422290

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15 multiparous Holstein cows kept at the Ibaraki Prefectural Animal Experiment Station in Japan were given diets containing soyabean meal (SBM) or fish meal (FM) from 4 weeks before expected calving date to 20 weeks post partum. During the pre- and postpartum period diets were formulated to contain 4 and 7.5% SBM or 2.5 and 5% FM. Each diet was formulated to contain similar amounts of CP, ADF, and NDF.

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