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Effect of the RYR 1 gene on meat quality in pigs of Large White, Landrace and Czech Meat Pig breeds

Beckova, R.; David, P.

Quality of meat and fat in pigs as affected by genetics and nutrition Proceedings of the joint session of the EAAP commissions on pig production, animal genetics and animal nutrition, Zurich, Switzerland, 25 August 1999: 151-155


Accession: 003422603

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Values of pH1 and pH24 in the longissimus dorsi muscle, the content of intramuscular fat (IF) and the percentage of lean meat (by a two point method) were measured. Genotypes of RYR 1 were determined by a DNA test and frequencies were as follows: Large White (LW) 26 NN and 8 Nn, Landrace (L) 20 NN and 8 Nn, Czech Meat Pig (CM) 13 NN, 21 Nn and 9 nn. The differences in LW pigs between NN and Nn genotypes were not significant. PSE meat was found in the Nn genotype only (5.88%).

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