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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3424

Chapter 3424 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Chen Jenn Shing; Chiu Chih Yu, 2000:
Effect of topography on the composition of soil organic substances in a perhumid sub-tropical montane forest ecosystem in Taiwan

Pilatti, R.A.; Bouzo, C.A., 2000:
Effect of topping on the yield of greenhouse-grown tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Caicedo, J.R.; Steen, N.P. van der; Arce, O.; Gijzen, H.J., 2000:
Effect of total ammonia nitrogen concentration and pH on growth rates of duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza)

Zhang DanShen; Zhang JunTian, 2000:
Effect of total ginsenoside on synaptic transmission in dentate gyrus in rats

Bragina, T.V.; Martinovich, L.I.; Rodionova, N.A.; Grineva, G.M., 1999:
Effect of total inundation on xylanase activity in adventitious roots of maize

Estacio, M.A.C.; Reodica, M.P.; Lustria, A.R.J.; Sangel, P.P.; Silva, L.M.; Ocampo, G.D. de, 2000:
Effect of total mandibular sialoadenectomy on the copulation and fertility rates of male rats

Bozzetti, F.; Gavazzi, C.; Ferrari, P.; Dworzak, F., 2000:
Effect of total parenteral nutrition on the protein kinetics of patients with cancer cachexia

Oudhia, P., 1999:
Effect of total solar eclipse on activities of some insects and mites

Gurusamy, C., 1999:
Effect of total solar eclipse on cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis) seeds

Penchev, G.; Vitanov, S.; Georgiev, P.; Georgieva, S., 1998:
Effect of total-body gamma irradiation on some structural elements in pig testes

Olaleye, A.; Tabi, F.; Ogunkunle, A.; Singh, B.; Sahrawat, K., 2001:
Effect of toxic iron concentrations on the growth of lowland rice

Yan ZhiFen; Liu KeTong; M.C.unHong; Wei JianKun, 1999:
Effect of toxins from P. oryzae 90-2 strain to oxidative activity of wild abortive male-sterile cytoplasm in rice

Martinez Rivillas, D.; Giraldo, A.; Hoyos, R., 1999:
Effect of toxins of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides on the leaf tissue and callus formation from cell suspensions of the tree tomato Cyphomandra betacea

W.X.uFeng; L.Q.aoZhu; Wang Jing; Qiao ZhongDong, 1999:
Effect of toxoplasma infection on fetus during pregnancy

Kadar, I.; Prokisch, J., 2000:
Effect of trace element loads on the yield and element contents of potato on calcareous chernozem soil

L.J.an; Dong XinChun; Meng QingWei; Zhao ShiJie, 1999:
Effect of trace element nutrients on photosynthesis and growth characteristics in young Ginkgo biloba

E.Sayed, S.A.M., 1999:
Effect of trace elements of soil-plant and root-shoot relationship in some forage legumes

Ott, E.A.; Johnson, E.L., 2001:
Effect of trace mineral proteinates on growth and skeletal and hoof development in yearling horses

Thalib, A.; Haryanto, B.; Kompiang, S.; Mathius, I.W.; Aini, A., 2000:
Effect of trace minerals and phenylpropionic acid on performances of coccus and rod-shaped cellulolytic bacteria degrading forage fibre

Yadav, K.S.; Rajput, R.L.; Tomar, A.S., 1998:
Effect of traditional and improved water management technology on yield of summer green gram

Jansson, K.J.; Wasterlund, I., 1999:
Effect of traffic by lightweight forest machinery on the growth of young Picea abies trees

Khalil, B.M.; E.S.aikh, A.R.A.; Hamza, A.Y., 2000:
Effect of training and spacing on Anna apple trees

Beshgetoor, D.N.chols, J.; Rego, I., 2000:
Effect of training mode and calcium intake on bone mineral density in female master cyclists, runners, and non-athletes

Luis, P.E.S.; Hernandez, N.; Hecker Torres, S., 1999:
Effect of training on enzyme activities and fibrillar composition in the M.G. medius of Venezuelan Thoroughbreds

A.C.ulGeon; Kim YeongBong; Jeong ByungRyong, 2000:
Effect of training time on quality and yield of 'Sinsakigake-2' pepper

Kummerow, F.A.; Zhou, Q.; Mahfouz, M.M., 1999:
Effect of trans fatty acids on calcium influx into human arterial endothelial cells

Gardini, F.; Lanciotti, R.; Guerzoni, M.E., 2001:
Effect of trans-2-hexenal on the growth of Aspergillus flavus in relation to its concentration, temperature and water activity

Zyczko, K.; Zyczko, G.M., 2000:
Effect of transferrin (Tf) polymorphism on the activity of ceruloplasmin (Cp), content of iron and copper in the blood serum of sows during lactation and litter size

Fallah-Rad, A.H.; Connor, M.L.; Del Vecchio, R.P., 2001:
Effect of transient early hyperthyroidism on onset of puberty in Suffolk ram lambs

Kim JooHeon; Shim CheolSoo; Hong YongGeun, 1999:
Effect of transmural stimulation on motility of isolated gastric smooth muscle from rabbits

Gill, N.; Shakoori, A.R.uf, 1997:
Effect of transplantation on entire anterior tibialis muscle of rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus

Hamid, Z.H.A.; E.S.adany, G.B.; E.F.teh, R.S.M.; Romeilah, M.A., 1999:
Effect of transplanting and planting dates of cotton and the infestation levels of pink and spiny bollworms

Ray, P.K.; Yadav, J.P.; Kumar, A., 1999:
Effect of transplanting dates and mineral nutrition on yield and susceptibility of papaya to ringspot virus

Muthukrishnan, P.; Ponnuswamy, K.; Santhi, P.; Subramanian, M., 2000:
Effect of transplanting time on the performance of rice hybrids in Cauvery delta zone

Scott, S.L.; Schaefer, A.L., 1999:
Effect of transportation on animal welfare and meat quality

Liburd, O.E.; Polavarapu, S.; Alm, S.R.; Casagrande, R.A., 2000:
Effect of trap size, placement, and age on captures of blueberry maggot flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Makhdum, A.H.; Cock, M.J.W.; Shehzad, A., 2001:
Effect of trash mulching on the infestation of stem borer Chilo infuscatellus Snellen, its natural enemies and on over all sugar productivity in the Habib Sugar Mills area at Nawabshah, Sindh

Anjuli Aggarwal; Upadhyay, R.C., 1998:
Effect of treadmill exercise and solar exposure on sweating and pulmonary function in crossbred (Sahiwal x Holstein) cattle

Chabaca, R.; Larwence, A.; Paynot, M.; Tisserand, J.L., 2000:
Effect of treatment of wheat straw with ammonia under different conditions on p-coumaric and ferulic acid content and on in situ nitrogen degradability

Sushma Chhabra; Khahra, S.S.; Nauriyal, D.C., 2000:
Effect of treatment on haematobiochemical indices in canine acariosis

Belloc, C.; Scimia, G.; Leray, F.; Guyot, T.; Pellerin, J.L.; Laval, A., 2000:
Effect of treatment with a quinolone (flumequine) on the emergence and the evolution kinetics of resistance of faecal Escherichia coli in sows

Gentile, S.; Turco, S.; Guarino, G.; Oliviero, B.; Annunziata, S.; Cozzolino, D.; Sasso, F.C.; Turco, A.; Salvatore, T.; Torella, R., 2001:
Effect of treatment with acarbose and insulin in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus associated with non-alcoholic liver cirrhosis

Moretti, G.; Anaclerio, F.; Gardiman, M.; Lovat, L., 2001:
Effect of treatment with increasing NAA doses on grapevine rootstock cuttings

Balla Kovacs, A.; Filep, T., 2000:
Effect of treatments involving K, Ca and Mg salts with different SO42-/(SO42-+Cl-) ratios on the nutrient composition of ryegrass

Khan, T.A.; Pathak, P.S.; Gupta, S.K., 2000:
Effect of tree crown area on understorey grass production in Acacia tortilis based silvopastoral system

Manisha Kumar; Bhardwaj, S.D.; Pankaj Panwar, 2000:
Effect of tree diameter classes on seed germination and growth of Albizia lebbek seedlings

Zhukel' , T.V., 1999:
Effect of tree planting density on leaf area and yield of Welsey and Pobeditel apple trees on clonal rootstocks of different vigor

Bulley, B., 1999:
Effect of tree size and stand density on harvester and forwarder productivity in commercial thinning

Szewczuk, A., 2000:
Effect of tree spacing on growth and yield of two peach cultivars during the first three years after planting

Pitkanen, S., 2000:
Effect of tree stand and site variables on alpha diversity of ground vegetation in the forests of Northern Karelia

Aisen, E.G.; Alvarez, H.L.; Venturino, A.; Garde, J.J., 2000:
Effect of trehalose and EDTA on cryoprotective action of ram semen diluents

Volschenk, C.G.; Hunter, J.J., 2001:
Effect of trellis conversion on the performance of Chenin blanc/99 Richter grapevines

Raichur, R.R.; Vyakaranahal, B.S.; Shekhargouda, M.; Patil, S.A.; Hunje, R., 2001:
Effect of triacontanol on seed germination and seedling growth of Acacia auriculiformis, Eucalyptus citriodora and Swietenia mahagoni

Niranjana, S.R.; Pandit, A.; Prakash, H.S.; Shetty, H.S., 1999:
Effect of triacontanol on the seed quality of maize, paddy and sunflower

Takeuchi, H.; Kubota, F.; Itakura, M.; Taguchi, N., 2001 :
Effect of triacylglycerols containing medium- and long-chain fatty acids on body fat accumulation in rats

L.J.anQiang; Liu XiLi; Yang Jun; M.K.ngGuo; W.X.eHong; Liu PengFei, 2001:
Effect of triadimefon SCF on the changes of silicon and other elements in infected and non-infected sites by Erysiphe graminis on wheat leaves

Gopi, R.; Sujatha, B.M.; Rajan, S.N.; Karikalan, L.; Panneerselvam, R., 1999:
Effect of triadimefon in the sodium chloride stressed cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) seedlings

Sujatha, B.M.; Gopi, R.; Rajan, S.N.; Karikalan, L.; Panneerselvam, R., 1999:
Effect of triadimefon treatment on bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench.) seedlings under salinity condition

Zawadzki, J.; Roszak, W.; egowiak, Z.; Pietkiewicz, S., 1999:
Effect of triapenthenol (Baronet) and herbicides on growth, weed control and yield of winter oil seed rape part I. Influence of triapenthanol (Baronet) on growth and yield of winter oil seed rape

Vaz' binska, Ya, 1997:
Effect of triazine herbicides on saturated and unsaturated fatty acids bound to glycerides in stratified myrobalan plum seeds

Leite, G.L.D.; Picanco, M.; Azevedo, A.A.; Gonring, A.H.R., 1999:
Effect of trichomes, allelochemicals and minerals on the resistance of Lycopersicon hirsutum to tomato leaf miner

X.S.i' e; Chen CaiYun; Jin LiQun; L.X.uJun; Chen JiaJun, 1999:
Effect of triclabendazole on the ultrastructure of body wall and vitelline cells of Paragonimus westermani

Rajaian, H.; Kamrani, A., 1999:
Effect of tricycline B on the arterial blood pressure in dogs

Happonen, I.; Linden, J.; Westermarck, E., 2000 :
Effect of triple therapy on eradication of canine gastric helicobacters and gastric disease

Happonen, I.; Westermarck, E.; Linden, J., 2001:
Effect of triple therapy on eradication of canine gastric helicobacters and gastric disease

Kusinska, E., 2000:
Effect of triticale moisture content and slenderness ratio of a silo on pressure distribution

Kertikov, T., 1999:
Effect of triticale on the seed yield of winter peas grown in mixtures

Chen BuFeng; Lin MingXian; Qiu JianRui; W.Z.ongMin; Zhou TieFeng, 1999:
Effect of tropical mountain rainforest ecosystem on water quality of precipitation

Chase, C.C.; Hammond, A.C.; Olson, T.A., 2000:
Effect of tropically adapted sire breeds on preweaning growth of F1 Angus calves and reproductive performance of their Angus dams

Orowski, M.; Dobromilska, R.; Fawcett, M., 2000:
Effect of truss cutting on the yielding, quality and storage characteristics to tomato fruit cv. Camelia

Dede, P.M., 1999:
Effect of trypanocidal drugs on some aspects of the reproductive biology of female Glossina palpalis palpalis (Diptera: Glossinidae)

Zhong XiaoHong; Shi XueHui; Xiao LangTao, 2001:
Effect of tryptophan on the fruit quality and production of strawberry

Ponter, A.A.; Matte, J.J.; Seve, B., 2001:
Effect of tryptophan on the utilization of intra-duodenally infused labelled glucose in piglets given food at 1.35 times maintenance energy

Ezekiel, R.; Brajesh Singh, 2000:
Effect of tuber size, storage temperature and storage duration on sprout growth in seed potatoes (Solanum tuberosum)

Jung WooYoon; Kim Jung, A.; Park InSook; Kim KiuWeon, 2000:
Effect of tunic and plant growth regulators on dormancy breaking and growth of Gladiolus cormel

Gardner, D.; Branham, B.; Lickfeldt, D., 2000:
Effect of turfgrass on soil mobility and dissipation of cyproconazole

Applegate, T.J.; Lilburn, M.S., 1999:
Effect of turkey (Meleagridis gallopavo) breeder hen age and egg size on poult development. 1. Intestinal growth and glucose tolerance of the turkey poult

Applegate, T.J.; Dibner, J.J.; Kitchell, M.L.; Uni, Z.; Lilburn, M.S., 1999:
Effect of turkey (Meleagridis gallopavo) breeder hen age and egg size on poult development. 2. Intestinal villus growth, enterocyte migration and proliferation of the turkey poult

Cohly, H.H.P.; Rao, M.R.; Kanji, V.K.; Manisundram, D.; Taylor, A.; Wilson, M.T.; Angel, M.F.; Das, S.K., 1999:
Effect of turmeric (Chemical Plant Extract) on in-vitro nitric oxide synthetase (NOS) levels in tissues harvested from acute and chronic wounds

Pomies, D.; Gasqui, P.; Bony, J.; Coulon, J.B.; Barnouin, J., 2000:
Effect of turning out dairy cows to pasture on milk somatic cell count

Sharma, S.D.; Singh, M., 1999:
Effect of two adjuvant types on the distribution of 14C-glyphosate applied to model weed species

Manoranjitham, S.K.; Prakasam, V.; Rajappan, K.; Amutha, G., 2000:
Effect of two antagonists on damping off disease of tomato

Arcos Garcia, J.L.; Castrejon, F.A.; Mendoza, G.D.; Perez Gavilan, E.P., 2000:
Effect of two commercial yeast cultures with Saccharomyces cerevisiae on ruminal fermentation and digestion in sheep fed sugar cane tops

Osorio, U.A.; Rodriguez, V.A.; Alfaro, P.R., 1998:
Effect of two conditions of soil humidity after harvest in development of grape vine cv. Sultanina

Leleu, O.; Vuylsteker, C.; Tetu, J.F.; Degrande, D.; Champolivier, L.; Rambour, S., 2000:
Effect of two contrasted N fertilisations on rapeseed growth and nitrate metabolism

Samaniego, R.; Pitty, A., 1999:
Effect of two cultivation systems on population dynamics of weeds in El Zamorano, Honduras

Muscolo, A.; Panuccio, M.R.; Nardi, S., 1999:
Effect of two different humic substances on seed germination of Pinus laricio

Rezende, A.S.C. de; Sampaio, I.B.M.; Legorreta, G.L.; Moreira, D.C. de A., 2000:
Effect of two different nutritional programs on development in Mangalarga Marchador foals

Rezende, A.S.C.; Sampaio, I.B.M.; Legorreta, G.L.; Moreira, D.C.A., 2000:
Effect of two different nutritional programs on orthopedic alterations in Mangalarga Marchador foals

Das, G.; Naqvi, S.; Gulyani, R.P.reek, S.; Mittal, J., 2000:
Effect of two doses of progesterone on estrus response and fertility in acycling crossbred Bharat Merino ewes in a semi-arid tropical environment

Baldwin, E.A.; Burns, J.K.; Kazokas, W.; Brecht, J.K.; Hagenmaier, R.D.; Bender, R.J.; Pesis, E., 1999:
Effect of two edible coatings with different permeability characteristics on mango (Mangifera indica L.) ripening during storage

Rodrigueiro, R.J.B.; Murakami, A.E.; Pozza, P.C.; Scapinello, C.; Moreira, I.; Neme, R., 2000:
Effect of two feeding programs on the performance and carcass yield of two commercial strains of broilers

Hernandez, P.J.E.; Fernandez, R.F.; Escobar, M.A.I.; Ocegueda, S.V.S., 2000:
Effect of two freezing diluents, speed of freezing and defrosting on the motility of equine sperm

L.X.nHai; Jiao ShaoJie; F.J.nHua; Zhang ShiHuang; Yuan LiXing; L.M.ngShun, 2001:
Effect of two gel electrophoresis systems on polymorphism of SSRs marker

Montagu, K.D.; Woo, K.C., 1999:
Effect of two insect pests on Acacia auriculiformis tree growth and form in Australia's Northern Territory

Privitello, M.J.L.; Gabutti, E.G.; Harrison, R.U.; Sager, R.L.; Romero, M.B., 2000:
Effect of two intensities and four cutting frequencies on the productivity, vigor and persistency of Piptochaetium napostaense (Speg.) Haeckel

Kulapati Hipparagi; Nagaraju, H.T.; Basavaraju, B.S.; Bhairappanavar, S.T.; Jangandi, S., 2000:
Effect of two levels of N, P and K on bunch characters in ratoon crop of banana germplasm

Steffens, W.; Rennert, B.; Wirth, M.; Kruger, R., 1999:
Effect of two lipid levels on growth, feed utilization, body composition and some biochemical parameters of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum 1792)

Liliana Rivera, A.; Galindo, J.J.; Marmolejo, F.; Satizabal, J., 2000:
Effect of two management systems of downy mildew Plasmopara viticola, on the productivity of grape cv. Isabella in Ginebra, Valle

Valaja, J.; Perttila, S.; Partanen, K.; Kiiskinen, T.; Piironen, J., 2001:
Effect of two microbial phytase preparations on phosphorus utilisation in broilers fed maize-soybean meal based diets

Cordero, S.R.A., 2000:
Effect of two natural light regimes and nutrient addition on the forest herb Begonia decandra (Begoniaceae)

Vincenzi, S. de; Pauselli, M.; Morgante, M.; Casoli, C.; Costantini, F.; Duranti, E.; Ranucci, S., 1999:
Effect of two non-structural carbohydrate sources on the metabolism and productive performance of lactating Comisana ewes

Steffen, R.; Wolff, R.; Iltis, R.; Albers, M.; Becker, D.S., 1999:
Effect of two seed treatment coatings on corn planter seeding rate and monitor accuracy

Amerian, M.R.; Stewart, W.S.; Griffiths, H., 2001:
Effect of two species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth, assimilation and leaf water relations in maize (Zea mays)

Gomes, S.Z.; Schlindwein, A.P., 2000:
Effect of two subsequent growing seasons and stocking rates on the performance of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) in the climatic conditions of coastal Santa Catarina

Montardo, D.P.; Cruz, F.P. da; Caetano, J.H.; Lilian ; Boldrini, I.I.; dall' Agnol, M., 2000:
Effect of two treatments on dormancy breaking in seeds of five Adesmia DC species

Vasu, S.; Adithan, C.; Shashindran, C.H.; Asad, M.; Koumaravelou, K.; Topno, I., 2000:
Effect of two types of Indian breakfast on bioavailability of cefuroxime axetil

Izquierdo Corser, P.; Torres Ferrari, G.; Gonzalez Diaz, E.; Barboza de Martinez, Y.; Marquez Salas, E.; Allara Cagnasso, M.G., 1999:
Effect of two types of cooking methods on the chemical composition and fatty acids profile of Corvina (Cysnoscion maracaiboensis)

Mazzullo, A.; Rotondi, A.; Marco, S. di, 1999:
Effect of two values of light intensity on the compartmentation of bitertanol in cotyledonous courgette (Cucurbita pepo) leaf

Loayza Muro, R.; Figueroa, C.C.; Niemeyer, H.M., 2000:
Effect of two wheat cultivars differing in hydroxamic acid concentration on detoxification metabolism in the aphid Sitobion avenae

Schoettle, A.W., 2000:
Effect of two years of nitrogen deposition on shoot growth and phenology of Engelmann spruce (Picea engelmannii Parry ex Engelm.) seedlings

Nataraju, O.R.; Umakantha, B., 1998:
Effect of tylosin phosphate feeding on fertility and hatchability of broiler breeders

Nataraju, O.R.; Umakantha, B., 1998:
Effect of tylosin phosphate on progeny performance of broiler breeders

Asit Das; Ghosh, S.K., 2000:
Effect of type of bran on performance of White Leghorn layers

Harish Kumar; Mehrotra, N.K., 1999:
Effect of type of bud wood on tree vigour, health, fruit yield and quality in Kinnow mandarin

Mandal, A.; Sachdeva, G.K., 2000:
Effect of type of calf born on production and reproduction performance of Karan Swiss cows

Krzyzewski, J.; Strzakowska, N.; Ryniewicz, Z., 1999:
Effect of type of offered roughage in cow diets on daily yield, chemical composition and the selected technological properties of milk

Huang YuHung; Roan ShiiWen; Lee YenPai, 1999:
Effect of type of operation and farm scale on the production efficiency of pig farms

Nagpal, A.K.; Saini, N.; Sahani, M.S., 2000:
Effect of type of supplementation on nutrient utilization and serum profile of camels in rut

Raza, S.H.; Shafiq Ahmad; Anwar, M.; Arshad Iqbal, 2000:
Effect of types of bedding on udder and hoof health and behaviour in Nili-Ravi buffaloes

Melo, A.L.; Vieira, R.D.; Oliveira, J.C. de, 2000:
Effect of types of storage and packaging on germination and vigour of Passiflora giberti N.E. Brown) seeds

Stursa, V.; Bauer, F., 2000:
Effect of tyres on working properties of tractor-machine sets

Poma, A.P.cioni, G.C.lafarina, S.M.randa, M., 1999:
Effect of tyrosinase inhibitors on Tuber borchii mycelium growth in vitro

Thorpe, J.M.; Roberts, S.A.; Ball, R.O.; Pencharz, P.B., 2000:
Effect of tyrosine intake on the rate of phenylalanine hydroxylation in adult males

Mulkalwar, D.B.; Parkhi, C.P.; Mangle, N.S.; Kalorey, D.R.; Pathak, V.P., 1999:
Effect of udder health on pH, lactose and citric acid levels in sheep milk

Mulkalwar, D.B.; Parkhi, C.P.; Mangle, N.S.; Kalore, D.R.; Kothekar, M.D., 2001:
Effect of udder health on total whey protein, immunoglobulin, and chloride level in sheep milk

Zhao Li; Zhu Cheng, 2000:
Effect of ultradry seed preservation and biomembrane system in cucumber

Gaudreau, H.; Champagne, C.P.; Conway, J.; Degre, R., 1999:
Effect of ultrafiltration of yeast extracts on their ability to promote lactic acid bacteria growth

Davidson, C.M.; Delevoye, G., 2001:
Effect of ultrasonic agitation on the release of copper, iron, manganese and zinc from soil and sediment using the BCR three-stage sequential extraction

Kobus, Z., 2000:
Effect of ultrasonic treatment on water absorption and strength characteristics of lupin seeds

Mongenot, N.C.arrier, S.C.alier, P., 2000:
Effect of ultrasound emulsification on cheese aroma encapsulation by carbohydrates

Zhang, W.; Tu, J.C., 2000:
Effect of ultraviolet disinfection of hydroponic solutions on Pythium root rot and non-target bacteria

Lewis, P.D.; Perry, G.C.; Sherwin, C.M.; Moinard, C., 2000:
Effect of ultraviolet radiation on the performance of intact male turkeys

Nigro, F.; Ippolito, A.; Lattanzio, V.; Venere, D.D.; Salerno, M., 2000:
Effect of ultraviolet-C light on postharvest decay of strawberry

Shantha Nagarajan; Pandita, V.K., 2001:
Effect of umbel shape on root characters and subsequent seed yield in Asiatic carrot (Daucus carota)

Dhamodaran, T.K.; Gnanaharan, R., 1999:
Effect of under-water storage on sapstain control and strength properties of rubberwood

Ponter, A.A.; Douar, C.; Mialot, J.P.; Benoit Valiergue, H.; Grimard, B., 2000:
Effect of underfeeding post-partum Charolais beef cows on composition of plasma non-esterified fatty acids

Rosegard, E.; Pegg, S.; Compton, D.M., 2001:
Effect of unified sport on maladaptive behaviors among Special Olympics athletes

Jana, B.; Kucharski, J.; Kotwica, J., 2000:
Effect of unilateral, intraovarian infusions of Escherichia coli endotoxin on ovarian morphology and blood hormonal profiles in gilts

Lilja, A.; Rikala, R., 2000:
Effect of uninucleate Rhizoctonia on the survival of outplanted Scots pine and Norway spruce seedlings

D.A.aujo, A.B.lem; Hagiwara, A.; Snell, T.W., 2001:
Effect of unionized ammonia, viscosity and protozoan contamination on reproduction and enzyme activity of the rotifer Brachionus rotundiformis

Araujo, A.B. de; Snell, T.W.; Hagiwara, A., 2000:
Effect of unionized ammonia, viscosity and protozoan contamination on the enzyme activity of the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis

Apiolaza, L.A.; Burdon, R.D.; Garrick, D.J., 1999:
Effect of univariate subsampling on the efficiency of bivariate parameter estimation and selection using half-sib progeny tests

Hwang, I.H.; Kim, H.D.; Shim, S.S.; Lee, S.S.; Ha, J.K., 2001:
Effect of unsaturated fatty acids on cellulose degradation and fermentation characteristics by mixed ruminal microbes

K.K.Sung; Norelli, J.L.; Reynoird, J.P.; Boresjza Wysocka, E.; Brown, S.K.; Aldwinckle, H.S., 2000:
Effect of untranslated leader sequence of AMV RNA 4 and signal peptide of pathogenesis-related protein 1b on attacin gene expression, and resistance to fire blight in transgenic apple

Tripathi, M.K.; Agrawal, I.S.; Sharma, S.D.; Mishra, D.P., 2001:
Effect of untreated, HCl treated or copper and iodine supplemented high glucosinolate mustard (Brassica juncea) meal on nutrient utilization, liver enzymes, thyroid hormones and growth of calves

Ingratubun, G.F.; Owen, E.; Massawe, N.F.; Mtenga, L.A.; Mtengeti, E.G., 2000:
Effect of upgrading small East African goats on feed resource utilisation in the Uluguru mountains in Tanzania; a farmers' perspective

Bulinski, J., 1998:
Effect of upper link setting height in the outfit for ploughing on axle loading and tractor power requirement

E.Sayed, S.A.M., 1999:
Effect of uptake of trace elements by rice on a gypsum amended sodic soil in New Valley Governorate

Reddy, V.C., 1999:
Effect of urban garbage compost on growth and yield of tomato

Chernykh, N.A.; Popovicheva, L.L., 2000:
Effect of urbanization on the content of heavy metals in ecosystems in the south of the Moscow region

Semenova, Ga, 2001:
Effect of urea and distilled water on the structure of the thylakoid system

Gupta, R.K.; Arora, B.R.; Sharma, K.N., 2000:
Effect of urea and manure addition on changes in mineral N content in soil profile at various growth stages of rice

Singh, C.P.J.; Singh, S.S., 1999:
Effect of urea and sludge based compost application on the yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Meo, A.A.; Feroza Baig; Zaheeruddin Khan; Wazahat Naseem, 1999:
Effect of urea and sporadic drought on dry matter and yield of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Singh, A.P.; Misra, A.K.; Samanta, A.K.; Rekib, A., 2000:
Effect of urea and stylo addition on the nutritive value of Cenchrus cillaris silage

Sampaio, A.C.; Oliveira, O.M.; Fumis, T. de F., 2000:
Effect of urea application rate and planting date on the vegetative growth and on the floral differentiation of pineapples cv. Smooth cayenne

Ran Wei; Shen QiRong; Zheng JinWei, 2000:
Effect of urea concentration, incubation time and temperature on urea hydrolysis in 3 different soils

Czapla, J., 1998:
Effect of urea containing urolysis inhibitor on the content of some nitrogen forms and nitrogen losses from the soil

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Effect of various dairy packaging materials on the shelf life and flavor of ultrapasteurized milk

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Effect of xylophage insects on tree mortality

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Effect of year on the yield stability of wheat varieties of conventional and DH origin

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Effect of zeolite on the reduction of cadmium level in water and fish body and growth improvement in a catfish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch)

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Effect of zinc and sulfur application on their availability in soil in relation to yield and nutrition of onion (Allium cepa L.)

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Effect of zinc and sulphur application on the yield and post harvest life of onion (Allium cepa L) as affected by different methods of storage

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Effect of zinc carrier on mobilisation of foliar-applied zinc above and below the point of application in 'Kakamas' peach seedlings

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Effect of zinc feed enriched on productivity and piglets health status

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Effect of zinc fertilizers on the productivity and changes in zinc content in sugarbeet at different soil acidity levels of a sod-podzolic loamy soil

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Effect of zinc microelement on quality of some wheat cultivars grown in Central Anatolia

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Effect of zinc on the development of toad, Bufo fergusonii

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Effect of zinc, iron and boron spray along with urea on the N, P and K content in leaf and shoot of mango cv Fazli

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Effect on delivery rate of pulling a drop spreader backward

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Effect on fertilization and development by re-culture after freezing and thawing of bovine oocytes matured in vitro

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Effect on metabolism, egg production and egg shell quality of dietary aluminum in laying hens

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Effect on micronutrients application on the yield of clusterbean in a Typic Torripsamment

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Effect-related long-term monitoring of environmental pollution

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Effective and efficient exploitation of higher virgin panels in Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg

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Effective nutrition and health programmes

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Effective screening method for viviparous germination of rice

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Effective selection and regeneration of transgenic rice plants with mannose as selective agent

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Effective short term storage technique for mango seed

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Effective temperatures and duration for seed humidification in snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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Effective transport parameters for non-linear transport in heterogeneous porous media

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Effective use of organic fertilizers

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Effective utilization of bagasse in cogeneration of power in a sugar plant

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Effective utilization of distillation waste as organic mulch for weed management in the aromatic grass, Citronella java

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Effectiveness and economics of various treatments and their impact on spider population in rice ecosystem

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Effectiveness assessment of oral administration of bentonite or alginate in reducing the transfer of radiostrontium to tissues and organs of rats

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Effectiveness evaluation and combined application of land levelling technologies

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Effectiveness of 10-34-0 grade liquid fertilizer on dernopodzolic soils with different phosphate status depending on the application time

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Effectiveness of Bradyrhizobium strains for peanut under different salinity concentrations

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Effectiveness of Citrus clean against Callosobruchus chinensis (L.) infesting cowpea

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Effectiveness of Dennettia tripetala and Eugenia aromatica on stored cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) seed against infestation by Callosobruchus maculatus

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Effectiveness of FSH-p vs PMSG in controlling reproduction in the ewe

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Effectiveness of HIV prevention interventions in developing countries

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Effectiveness of Hot SauceReg. and Deer AwayReg. repellents for deterring elk browsing of aspen sprouts

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Effectiveness of ICC 035, a chlorine-based oxidant against soilborne plant pathogens

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Effectiveness of Lr genes under the conditions of the central region of Russia

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Effectiveness of OPAL liquid fertilizer on early-maturing and yield increase of strawberry under plastic tunnels

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Effectiveness of Panda Hills phosphate rock compacted with triple superphosphate as source of phosphorus for rape, wheat, maize, and soybean

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Effectiveness of Trichogramma spp. in controlling the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn.) on maize

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Effectiveness of a new therapeutic regimen with albendazole in cutaneous larva migrans

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Effectiveness of acaricide mixtures in the control of phytophagous mites on apple trees

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Effectiveness of ants as pollinators of Lobularia maritima: effects on main sequential fitness components of the host plant

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Effectiveness of ascorbate and ascorbate peroxidase in promoting nitrogen fixation in model systems

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Effectiveness of available commercial products to alleviate the toxic severity of aflatoxin diets on egg production and its quality of two local hen strains

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Effectiveness of boron and zinc foliar sprays on fruit setting in 2 almond cultivars

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Effectiveness of bulking procedures in measuring population-pairwise similarity with dominant and co-dominant genetic markers

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Effectiveness of casein hydrolysate feedings in infants with colic

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Effectiveness of certain plant extracts for their nematicidal potentialities

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Effectiveness of chemometric techniques in discrimination of lactobacillus helveticus biotypes from natural dairy starter cultures on the basis of phenotypic characteristics

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Effectiveness of cleaning buckwheat seeds on a cylindrical slotted sieve

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Effectiveness of coal combustion by-products in controlling phosphorus export from soils

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Effectiveness of cold stored pollen on seed formation in East Indian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.)

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Effectiveness of commercial freshwater bathing as a treatment against amoebic gill disease in Atlantic salmon

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Effectiveness of communication media for soil conservation technology in an operational research project - Chhajawa in South-eastern Rajasthan

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Effectiveness of community interaction processes in Jama Masjid integrated child development services project of Delhi

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Effectiveness of confectioner sugar dusting to knock down Varroa destructor from adult honey bees in laboratory trials

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Effectiveness of dates, methods and doses of applying zinc sulfate and its combination with the selective herbicide Titus in maize sowings

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Effectiveness of decreasing BOD5 quality by Pistia stratiotes, Echhornia crassipes and Stratiotes aloides roots form in water-regetation form of imperf wastes

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Effectiveness of different applications of Guardian 840 EC on weed control in maize

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Effectiveness of different groundcover materials to preserve soil water content in a young apple orchard

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Effectiveness of different levels of calcium, phosphorus and sodium on ossification process in broiler chickens. I. Investigations on Isa Vedetta chickens

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Effectiveness of different sources of stem rust resistance in barley

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Effectiveness of direct and residual effect of ammophosphate from different sources (field trial results)

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Effectiveness of disposal of pollutants from beet sugar wastes purifying in stable tank

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Effectiveness of doxycycline in the prevention of an experimental infection with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in pigs

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Effectiveness of elemental S fertilizers on forage grass

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Effectiveness of erythropoiesis on supervised intradialytic oral iron and vitamin C therapy is correlated with Kt/V and patient weight

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Effectiveness of exogenous microbial phytase in improving the bioavailabilities of phosphorus and other nutrients in maize-soya-bean meal diets for broilers

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Effectiveness of fast neutrons irradiation for the stimulation and induction of genetic changes in soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) genome

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Effectiveness of feeding tubes in nursing home residents with swallowing disorders

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Effectiveness of fertilizer treatments in an irrigated crop rotation with regard to conditions in the Southern Ukraine

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Effectiveness of fire, disking, and herbicide to renovate tall fescue fields to northern bobwhite habitat

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Effectiveness of fladry on wolves in captivity

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Effectiveness of forced rehydration and early re-feeding in the treatment of acute diarrhoea in a tropical area

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Effectiveness of foreign bradyrhizobia strains in enhancing nodulation, dry matter and seed yield of soybean (Glycine max L.) cultivars in Nigeria

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Effectiveness of formic acid on varroa mortality in capped brood cells of Africanized honey bees

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Effectiveness of four methods for tagging juveniles of farm-reared gilthead sea bream, Sparus aurata, L

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Effectiveness of fungicidal spray on the severity of banded leaf and sheath blight and grain yield of maize

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Effectiveness of fungicides against downy mildew disease of grapevines

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Effectiveness of genetic evaluation with transformed data by using dam-daughter pairs of Japanese quails

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Effectiveness of glycerol as a rehydrating agent

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Effectiveness of grazing management in controlling gastrointestinal nematodes in weaner lambs on pasture in Denmark

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Effectiveness of greenhouse soil solarization with different plastic mulches in controlling corky root and root-knot on tomato plants

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Effectiveness of health education in promoting the use of iodized salt in Lotkoh, tehsil Chitral, Pakistan

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Effectiveness of hearing protection devices in the hazard reduction of noise from used tractors

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Effectiveness of herbicides in controlling weeds in transplanted rice

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Effectiveness of high-pressure brining of Manchego-type cheese

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Effectiveness of home-grown feed production on poultry farms

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Effectiveness of imazapyr and metsulfuron in controlling hardwoods in a midrotation loblolly pine stand

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Effectiveness of indigenous and non-indigenous isolates of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in soils from degraded ecosystems and man-made habitats

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Effectiveness of indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) isolated from hydrocarbon polluted soils

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Effectiveness of indigenous plant products against the pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis on stored black gram

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Effectiveness of influenza vaccination of day care children in reducing influenza-related morbidity among household contacts

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Effectiveness of inoculating grain crops with Agrobacterium radiobacter as a function of nitrogen fertilizing soil and weather conditions

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Effectiveness of interlocking the differential of the LTZ-155 tractor

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Effectiveness of intravaginal progesterone inserts and FSH for inducing synchronized estrus and increasing lambing rate in anestrous ewes

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Effectiveness of introduced biocontrol insects on the weed Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae) in Australia

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Effectiveness of irrigation of fine-fibre cotton under the conditions of the Karshin steppe

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Effectiveness of juvenoid preparations (analogues of bakhuminol and juvocymene) against Californian thrips Frankliniella occidentalis and greenhouse whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum

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Effectiveness of lacewing larvae in reducing Russian wheat aphid populations on susceptible and resistant wheat

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Effectiveness of lipopolysaccharide as an intrauterine immunomodulator in curing bacterial endometritis in repeat breeding cross-bred cows

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Effectiveness of magnesite as a protectant of farm-stored oats

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Effectiveness of magnesium source and rate in the fertilization of banana grown on an Ultisol in Puerto Rico

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Effectiveness of maize antibiotic resistance to the first generation of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hbn.) (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae), and earliness of the plants

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Effectiveness of manual cleaning and disinfection of gastroendoscopes with 3% glutaraldehyde for decreasing the risk of transmission of hepatitis C virus

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Effectiveness of mechanization in agricultural production under differentiated farm management

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Effectiveness of microbial and botanical insecticides in the control of Bemisia tabaci and Frankliniella occidentalis on ornamental plants

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Effectiveness of mode of action labelling for resistance management: a survey of Australian farmers

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Effectiveness of modified Milavanov's test to assess the spermatozoan resistance and its seasonal variations

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Effectiveness of natural and engineered host plant resistance in potato to the Colorado potato beetle

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Effectiveness of natural treatment in a wastewater irrigation district of the Mexico City region: a synoptic field survey

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Effectiveness of needle cast from burnt conifer trees on reducing erosion

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Effectiveness of neem extracts and carvacrol against Thecodiplosis japonensis and Matsucoccus thunbergianae under field conditions

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Effectiveness of new seed dressings in protection of rye against snow mould

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Effectiveness of nitrogen fertilizer for barley using different time and method of application on the calcareous chernozem of South Ural

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Effectiveness of nitrogen utilization from urea solution sprayed on winter wheat in relation to application rate

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Effectiveness of nonsteroidal ecdysone mimic tebufenozide on development, reproduction and progeny of the house fly Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae)

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Effectiveness of norgestomet implants in suppressing ovulation and estrus in heifers varies with stage of estrous cycle when implanted

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Effectiveness of occlusive bedding in the treatment of atopic dermatitis - a placebo-controlled trial of 12 months' duration

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Effectiveness of organic fertilization in two tillage systems for potato

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Effectiveness of parks in protecting tropical biodiversity

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Effectiveness of pedigree selection in two environments for kernel weight, plant height and earliness on improving grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

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Effectiveness of pesticides against Rhizoctonia solani

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Effectiveness of phosphate and hydroxide for desorption of arsenic and selenium species from iron oxides

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Effectiveness of phosphorus and magnesium nutrition on the growth of Dendranthema grandiflorum (Ramat) plant

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Effectiveness of pitfall traps for sampling amphibians and reptiles in Brazil

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Effectiveness of plant growth regulators under photoselective greenhouse covers

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Effectiveness of poly(ethylene terephthalate) and high-density polyethylene in protection of milk flavor

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Effectiveness of polyacrylamide (PAM) for wind erosion control

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Effectiveness of potent antiretroviral therapies on the incidence of opportunistic infections before and after AIDS diagnosis

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Effectiveness of powdery mildew resistance genes in autumn-sown and spring-sown barley crops

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Effectiveness of pre and postharvest chitosan treatments on storage decay of strawberries

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Effectiveness of predatory mites (Phytoseiidae) in controlling two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch.) on black currants determined in field experiments

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Effectiveness of probiotics on growth of weaned piglets and deodorization

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Effectiveness of radio in Nigeria in dissemination of information on improved farming practices

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Effectiveness of reciprocal crossbreeding of pigs in the Volga region

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Effectiveness of resistance genes to the large raspberry aphid, Amphorophora idaei Borner, in different raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) genotypes and under different environmental conditions

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Effectiveness of rhizobia nodulating recent promiscuous soyabean selections in the moist savanna of Nigeria

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Effectiveness of rock phosphate and superphosphate amended with phosphate solubilizing microorganisms in soybean grown on Vertisols

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Effectiveness of scientific-technical progress on selected farms localized in southern Poland

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Effectiveness of selected RNA extraction methods for the detection of transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV) in cell culture and pig faeces using RT-PCR method

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Effectiveness of selected indigenous and exotic multipurpose trees in soil fertility regeneration of highly weathered acid soil of eastern Nigeria

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Effectiveness of selection criteria in early generation of sesamum

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Effectiveness of short-course quinine and single-dose sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine in the treatment of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

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Effectiveness of soil solarization against soil-borne plant pathogens and weeds in Piedmont (northern Italy)

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Effectiveness of some botanical extracts on vegetative growth of papaya and egg hatching inhibition of African red spider mite (Eutetranychus africanus (Tucker))

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Effectiveness of some fungicides and biocontrol agents for the management of Karnal bunt of wheat

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Effectiveness of some insecticides against Cnaphalocrocis medinalis and Leptocorisa varicornis on paddy crop

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Effectiveness of some insecticides for the control of aphids (Homoptera: Aphidoidea) on apple

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Effectiveness of some insecticides for the control of second generations of Lobesia botrana Schiff

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Effectiveness of some insecticides in the control of Macrosteles laevis (Rib.) and protection of annual ornamental plants against aster yellows (AY) phytoplasma

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Effectiveness of some modern pesticides against different stages of yellow mite, Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks) (Acari: Tarsonemidae) infesting chilli

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Effectiveness of some new herbicides for controlling dicotyledonous weeds of soyabeans

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Effectiveness of state regulation in the area of external economic relations in the Russian agroindustrial complex

Plaksin, A.M., 2000:
Effectiveness of strategies for ensuring that tractors are ready for work

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Effectiveness of strobilurins against Phytophthora nicotianae var. parasitica on carnation: preliminary results

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Effectiveness of structure improvement thinning on stand structure in subalpine Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stands

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Effectiveness of sugarcane residue incorporation at different water contents and the Proctor compaction loads in reducing soil compactibility

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Effectiveness of superovulation in heifers

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Effectiveness of supplementation of vitamin C in broiler feeds in hot season

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Effectiveness of supplementing feedstuffs for cows with selenium during the pasture season

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Effectiveness of teacher modeling to encourage food acceptance in preschool children

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Effectiveness of technical work equipment on family farms

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Effectiveness of tensiometers and electrical resistance sensors varies with soil conditions

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Effectiveness of terbinafine in cutaneous alternariosis

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Effectiveness of terbinafine in the eradication of Microsporum canis from laboratory cats

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Effectiveness of terraces/grassed waterway systems for soil and water conservation: a field evaluation

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