Effects of a temporary water and nitrogen deficit in the soil on tomato yield and quality

Montemurro, F.; Colucci, R.; Bari, V. di; Ferri, D.

Improved crop quality by nutrient management: 127-130


Accession: 003424447

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The effects of temporary water and nitrogen stress were investigated on tomato plant (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) In a field experiment in southern Italy, tomato plants were subjected to water and nitrogen stress at 0, 50 and 100% flowering. Leaf area index, and the fresh and dry weights of plants were determined at maximum development. In addition, total nitrogen and nitrate concentrations in stems, leaves and fruits were determined at the intermediate and final harvests. The results indicated that temporary water and nitrogen stresses had significant influences on leaf area index, and the fresh and dry weights of tomato plants. Temporary stresses influenced nitrate accumulation by the intermediate harvest only, but did not influence nitrate content in the plant at the end of cropping cycle. On the other hand, total nitrogen and nitrate concentration followed different patterns in the different tissues (leaves, stems and fruits). This is evidence that water and nitrogen stresses influence plant development and nitrogen dynamics in tomatoes.